PR & Media Kit

Listed below you will find some of the adult lifestyle, health and wellness companies and professionals that Adultsmart’s blog has worked with.

VIP Interviews

Sex Toy Designers

  • Rianne S, CEO and founder of Rianne S, March 2017
  • Alicia Sinclair, CEO and founder of b-Vibe, March 2017
  • Elsva Viegas, co-founder of Bijoux Indiscets, April 2017
  • Alexandra Fine, co-founder of Dame Products, April 2017
  • Jack Romanski, CEO and founder of Gvibe, FT London LLP, May 2017
  • William Garland, CEO and founder of Doxy Massager, May 2017
  • Soumyadip Rakshit, CEO and co-founder of Mysteryvibe Crescendo, June 2017
  • Jelly Platenga, CEO and founder of Velv’Or, July 2017
  • Joe Hanson, co-founder of Empire Labs, August 2017
  • Tom Stewart, CEO and founder of Sportsheets International, September 2017
  • Mr. Hankey, co-founder of Mr Hankey Toys, September 2017
  • Isabelle Deslauriers, president and founder of Désirables Expérience Design Inc, October 2017
  • Giorgia, CEO of Sex Wooden Toys, October 2017
  • LoneWolf, founder and owner of Primal Hardwere, October 2017
  • Josh & Emma, CEOs and founders of Geeky Sex Toys, October 2017
  • Istvan Keszei, inventor and founder of Vivian Technology’s Sex Furniture, November 2017
  • Shellie Yarnell, creative director of Crystal Delights, December 2017
  • Erol Opal, director of Hologram Software & product owner Of VRotica, December 2017
  • Brian Sloan, founder and owner of Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc, December 2017

Sexual Health Product Designers

Lingerie and Costume Designers

  • Andrew Christian, CEO and founder of Andrew Christian, March 2017
  • Mariusz Senger, CEO and founder of Demoniq, May 2017
  • Brigitte Grabe, founder of Superliquid, Kinky Diapers and The GummiBar Association, October 2017
  • Aliona, co-founder and head designer of Collective Chaos, October 2017
  • Simon Aisbitt, owner of Tlclatex (TlcDesigns), January 2018
  • Simon Rose, owner, creative director and co-founder of Libidex, January 2018

Gaming and Novelty Designers

PR and Brand Managers

  • Laura Von Der Brelie, Asian and Australian sales manager of Fun Factory, April 2017
  • Cassie, international brand manager of Wicked Sensual Care, June 2017
  • Chaney Cox, brand manager of The Rabbit Company, May 2017
  • Steve Traplin, Zumio, May 2017
  • Tony Tse, director of Womanizer and Corva Technology Ltd, May 2017
  • Luz, brand manager of Jimmyjane, May 2017
  • Rob Reimer, chief marketing officer of Boneyard Toys, July 2017
  • Meghan Dunkel, ambassador of Zero Tolerance and Evolved Novelties, July 2017
  • Lynda Mort, director of business development of XR Brands, August 2017
  • Helle Panzieri, global sales manager of Baci Lingerie, Envy Menswear and Ovo Sex Toys, August 2017
  • Donna Fenaroli, brand manager of Sugar And Sass, August 2017
  • Marcus Galka, head of global sales of Noir Handmade, September 2017
  • Ellen Friedman, director of sales of MD Science Labs, September 2017
  • Jacqui Rubinoff, director of marketing and sales of Eye of Love, September 2017
  • Hannah Holmes, general manager of LELO Oceania, October 2017
  • Veronica Farmer, chief experience officer of Zumio Inc, November 2017
  • Jaiden Lillith, events organiser and promoter of Sanctuary, December 2017
  • Angela Mohlfeld, head of communication of JOYDIVISION, December 2017

Sex Therapists, Sexologists and Educators

  • Sunny Rodgers, sexologist, May 2017
  • Patrick Kriz, bachelor degree honours in the psychology of human sexuality, July 2017
  • Dr. Janet Hall, hypnotherapist, September 2017
  • Janet W. Hardy, writer, illustrator, sex educator & editorial director Of Greenery Press, November 2017
  • Cassie Wolfe, PhD and licensed clinical social worker, November 2017
  • Dr. Kat Smith, intimalogist, November 2017
  • Dr. Holly Richmond, sex therapist and co-founder of Next-Sex, January 2018
  • Lola D Houston, CEO and founder of Live A True Life, January 2018
  • Dr. Michael Picucci, co-founder of The Focalizing Institute and the NYC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, February 2018
  • Somraj Pokras, co-director of Tantra At Tahoe and author, February 2018
  • Katrina Bos, founder of Fusion Tantra, March 2018
  • Dr. Victoria Hartmann, sexologist and executive director at the Erotic Heritage Museum, March 2018

Dating and Relationship Experts

  • Lisa Clampitt, founder of Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking and The Matchmaking Institute, November 2017

BDSM and Japanese Rope Bondage Experts

Adult Entertainment Companies

Lila Luxx, director of Bombshell Burlesque and The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, January 2018

Website Owners And Bloggers

Product, Event And Service Reviews

Product Reviews

Andrew Christian, Bad Dragon, Bathmate Hydromax, b-Vibe, Dame Products, Dominiq,  Dongguan Sweetoy Co Ltd, Emojibator, Fun Factory, Fun Toys, FurryStyle, Gvibe, Hot Octopuss, Je Joue, JoyDivision, Kailash G. Exports, LELO, Mr. Hankey Toys, Mysteryvibe, Nomi Tang, Novel Creations – NU Sensuelle, Pjur, Romant, Satisfyer, The Rabbit Company, Topco Sex Toys, Womanizer, Zumio and many more!!



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