It’s Dr. Stacy Friedman: Clinical Sexologist & Certified Sex Coach – Ask Me Anything!

Would you like free professional advice from a Clinical Sexologist & Certified Sex Coach? Have a question about sexual health, lifestyle and wellness but don’t know who to ask? Ask Dr Stacy Friedman.

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If you would like to send in a question, please fill out the contact form below or email [email protected]. The alias name and question section will be the only information that will be used in the article. All other information will be kept confidential.

    About Dr. Stacy Friedman

    Dr. Stacy Friedman has a Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality, a Masters in Clinical Sexology, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is a Certified Sex Coach. She is also a member of WASC (World Association of Sex Coaching) and ACS (The American College of Sexologists). She has also worked as a sales consultant selling adult lifestyle products since 2006.

    Clinical Sexologist

    Dr. Stacy Friedman is passionate about supporting people within the community to improve their sexual lifestyles. She uses her professional knowledge and her own personal experiences to work through the problems and issues that people may face. So that individuals and couples are able to create and maintain balanced relationship based upon love, trust, respect, romance, intimacy and sexuality. Dr. Stacy Friedman says:

    “My passion is to help you create yours!”

    Examples Of Topics

    Here are some examples of topics you may consider asking questions about:

    • Intimacy problems.
    • Couples with low or mismatched sex drives.
    • Premature ejaculation.
    • Performance anxiety.
    • Managing painful sex.
    • Problems with climaxing to reach orgasm.
    • Post menopause.
    • Pregnancy sex.
    • Orgasmic issues.
    • Sexuality & LGBTQI issues.
    • Gender identity.
    • Learning about the anatomy.
    • Learn about the sexual response cycle and arousal.
    • Negative thoughts of guilt or shame.
    • Learning how to love and accept your sexuality.
    • Learning how to manage your thoughts and beliefs.
    • How to develop intimate relationships.
    • Develop different methods of communication.
    • Learn new skills to improve your sex life.
    • Dating & relationship advice.
    • Disability and sex.
    • BDSM, fetishes and porn.
    • Swinging and alternative lifestyles.
    Clinical Sexologist
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    VIP Interview With Dr. Stacy Friedman

    Stay tuned! For more information about Dr Stacy Friedman, Adultsmart will be having a VIP Interview with her!Save




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