Cumming Out – Erotic Story Part Two!

Cumming Out – Part One!

I felt so vulnerable with my legs apart and Mr Reynolds staring at my pussy with such a hungry look in his eyes. I began to softly moan, yearning for him to eat me then and there but to my surprise he stood up and took a step away from me.


“You can’t expect it’s going to be that easy do you Sarah?” he said through a smirk. “What are you talking about?” I asked feeling perplexed. One minute it seemed he couldn’t wait to taste me then all of a sudden he was backing away from me. I was stumped!!


“Well, first of all, you didn’t lock the door and that is very, very naughty of you. What if someone else had of come in?” he said, sounding stern all of sudden. “Well no one did come in, did they?!” I exclaimed, feeling frustrated and way too horny.


“Someone is acting like a naughty brat and needs to know that this is unacceptable” He swiftly shut the toilet lid, sat down and patted his thighs. “I need you to lie right here with your ass sticking out. Keep your panties down and pull your skirt up.” I giggled awkwardly, feeling a little intimidated at his assertiveness but did as he told me.


His confidence was so intoxicating. I felt like I was in school again getting in trouble but this time it felt strangely arousing unlike before. As I sprawled myself across his lap, I could feel the energy in my pussy building to even greater heights.


“I’m going to give you 5 spanks on each cheek. After I’m done, you must thank me or there will be more to come. Is that clear Sarah?” “Yes sir” I gulped, feeling a mix of apprehension & excitement at the impending spanking.


He placed his warm hand on my ass cheek and began to move it in circular motions causing a pleasurable heat on my skin. I stupidly thought he had gotten carried away and changed his mind but before I knew it he took his hand away and the first strike had come down causing me to shriek in pain. I wasn’t expecting him to hit me so hard!!


“How was that cheeky girl?” he asked, maintaining a sternness that was incredibly sexy. “It really hurt sir and my pussy feels even more tingly for some weird reason.” He began to laugh as his hand came off my ass cheek again & I braced myself for the next 9 spanks.


As they went on and despite the pain I felt myself getting more and more aroused. It was really confusing, especially as by the 8th spank I was almost begging for more. “You’re liking that aren’t you beautiful girl?” he sniggered. “I sure am sir” I managed to cry through my shrieks and moans.


When he hit my ass for the 10th time, I could feel my pussy juices dribbling down my inner thighs as I struggled to maintain all the turn on in my body. I turned to look him in the eyes and almost melted when I did-His look was one of pure satisfaction!! “Thank you so much sir” I blurted out. “You’re so welcome” he said as his hand began to run up my inner thighs towards my dripping wet cunt.


He stopped it just shy of my pussy lips and began to firmly massage my thighs. “What a tease” I thought as I looked back at him and gave the best doe eyed “more please sir” I could manage.


“Beautiful manners Sarah, how could I not oblige you now?” he said as his fingers made their way to my wanting clitoris. It had never felt this good before!! He ran his fingers up and down my pussy until I cried “I’m going to come.” Then came the most frustrating thing that could ever happen in that situation: he abruptly stopped!!


“What are you doing?!” I shrieked as I attempted to wiggle my pussy towards his hand before he pulled it away, “I was so close!!”


“See, there you go again, expecting it’s going to be that easy.” he smirked as he pulled me up off his lap and made me stand. “What do you mean easy? I let you spank me didn’t I?” I said as I bat my eye lashes in a half joking way. I was willing to do whatever he wanted, if only he would let me come!


“The reality is, I can’t fucking wait till you explode but you’re going to have to come home with me if you want more” he explained. “Ahh of course I’ll come home with you sir, let me just tell Hannah” I said as I bent down to pull my panties up.


“Don’t go doing that baby, take them off and give them to me” he said as he put his hand out ready to take them. I willingly did as he asked and handed them to him.


Panty Sniffer

“It’s going to be quite the sight having you sprawled on my bed fully naked and bound as I keep you on the brink of cumming all night” he winked as he brought my panties to his face and sniffed them. I stood there, feeling the heat rising in my cheeks and realized how glad I was to have gone out this night!!

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Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Stepping Into Stilettos – A Fetish Fanatic Is Born – PART THREE!

If you’ve been following this mini-series of mine you will know that I started out as most who choose to enter the adult industry; as a stripper. I later found my way into a club/adult store that offered only private dancing and into a world of fetishes and kinks beyond my wildest imagination.

I guess you could say I became a regular fetish fanatic for lack of a better term. Like with most other aspects of life; I have my favorites and I have those I would rather avoid. For this post, let’s just do the ones I grew to really dig, shall we?

Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is a highly popular kink that both men and women are into. In fact, It’s one of the most searched for fetishes on the internet. People who have a foot fetish are into the human foot. It’s usually a man into a woman’s feet, but as I previously stated; there are plenty of women who are into it too. I’ll admit; I’m not really much of a foot person myself, but it doesn’t bother me to have mine enjoyed. It actually intrigues me to know that something as nonsexual as my feet can turn the strongest of men into a weak submissive mess.

I mean, I never saw my feet as sexy, but I learned there are plenty out there that do! And it’s not just the foot itself that gets em going. I’ve come across men who are into the toes specifically. The arches drive others wild. For others, it’s the soles. It depends on the individual. In my opinion foot fetish, guys are also some of the t, sweetest, people you will ever meet.


By nature, I’m known as a sweetheart.

The “nice girl”.

I think that’s what I love the most about the humiliation kink. I get to drop the good girl role I’m known for and become the exact opposite. I’ll admit, at first, I had my reservations about it, but as I got more clients that were into it, it became one I really enjoyed.

From a psychological viewpoint, I understand the why’s behind it. It’s usually the men Alpha male type that wants this kind of session. They spend their day to day in charge and looked up to by everyone around them. It makes perfect sense that they get their rocks off by having a dominant woman doing the polar opposite of what they get in their vanilla lives. They want a break and for them; a Femdom session is the way to get it.

SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)

Small Penis Humiliation is precisely what it sounds like. A person with this fetish gets sexual pleasure from having their penis humiliated, mocked, and made fun of. It can be with a humiliation session or on its own. You would think it would be the ones with actual small members who get into this fetish, but it’s not. There are plenty of guys out there with a rather generous size that enjoys this fetish. To help in these types of sessions, I like to pretend the client is one of the annoying guys that think their rod is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 🙂 A common thing found in online SPH sessions is to make the guy pay what’s often called a “small dick tax”.

They measure their johnson and pay whatever the designated amount for that measurement is. Look up online Dommes and I can almost guarantee you you’ll find them charging their subs for not measuring up to size. 🙂

BDSM Angel

There are a number of others that I could include that would make my list of all time favorite fetishes, but it would end up being a book. In the last post, I told you about my first Femdom show and how much I enjoyed it. The truth is, I became hooked with the first one. Since that night, I’ve discovered so many fetishes and kinks. Some turn me on. Some turn me off. Some just make me curious to learn more about the reasons behind someone being able to achieve sexual fulfillment from them. Either way, my time working in the private club I talked about in part 2 showed me there’s a whole world of different things out there that turn people on and every bit of it excited me. However, even learning about the fetish world didn’t excite me as much as finding my way into the world of online adult entertainment.

The online adult entertainment industry is where I found my home. It all started with my getting a job as what I jokingly call a “professional dirty talker”. I’ll share that experience and more in the next post.

Angie Hardly (McDonald) true stories from the adult industry available exclusively through the adultsmart community lifestyle blog.

About the author:  Angel Hardly

I usually refer to myself as a good girl who fell in love with the spicier side of life, but you can call me Angel. 🙂

My journey in the Adult Entertainment Industry began over 17 years ago, the same as most who got into the industry back then; as an exotic dancer. ie; stripper. I did that for a few years until I discovered the world of online adult entertainment.

Since hanging up my stilettos for good; I’ve had the pleasure of being able to delve into the many exciting avenues and aspects of the Adult Entertainment Industry. This includes; webcam modeling and studio owner, phone sex operator, sexting operator, online domination with a specialization in fetish and financial domination. Currently; I am a skilled creator of adult natured content and author of erotic short stories.

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Stepping Into Stilettos Part Two!

Everyone has that moment in life where it all becomes so much clearer. For most of us, we have more than one. I myself, have had plenty of eye-opening experiences, but the one that sticks out the most is when I discovered there was more to the adult entertainment industry than just dancing on stage.

If you’ve read the first part of this story, you know that stripping is where I broke my adult industry cherry over seventeen years ago. It’s where I fell in love with the industry as a whole and it’s where I blossomed into a brand new, more exciting version of myself.

I went from being a shy, jeans and t-shirt wearing goody two shoes to a sexy, seductive woman who proudly showed off her body and more importantly knew how to work what she had. The best part is I was having a blast doing it!

However, as much as I loved stripping; it drove me crazy that most of the lust-driven eyes I was dancing for seemed to just be enjoying the free show. Needless to say; I preferred doing the private shows for that reason.

Fast forward a few years…..

A friend of mine and I were riding through a neighboring city and we came across a brightly lit sign with huge arrows pointing towards the door of what appeared to be a house. The sign said: All Nude Private Dancers. No Cover Charge. Also Hiring For Dancers. Inquire Inside.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happened next, but I will just in case you’re still in the dark.

Looking back on it now; I don’t even think the fact that I would be completely naked should I get hired even crossed my mind. I was excited to see they only did private dances.

When I opened the door and walked in, the first thing I noticed was the building was indeed once a home. You could tell it had been gutted and completely redone to fit the strip club vibe. There were two rooms that held pornographic DVDs. One for straight and the other for gay and lesbian. Sex toys of all sorts donned the walls. At the front, an older man sat at the counter.

The counter was glass and filled with various lubes, edibles, and other sex session accessories. I was in awe at it all. I mean sure I knew about dildos and vibrators, but the other stuff was completely new to me. I made a silent promise to myself to look into it all later.

I won’t bore you with the details of the application and such. It went pretty much like every other dancing gig I applied to. I introduced myself, gave a brief rundown of my experience, and danced for the owner. Luck was still on my side and I was hired on the spot. I returned later that night for my first shift. And boy, was it a shift to remember!

See, during my time doing private dances at the regular strip clubs, I learned folks are a lot more open about their sexuality when it’s just you and them. This club taught me that the more private the setting; the more open a person becomes.

My first private performance that night was one I will never forget. It is one that resulted in my eyes becoming wide open to the world of adult entertainment and human sexuality in general.

I was sitting on the couch, waiting for a customer to come in when the bell above the door rattled. A signal to the girls that a customer had entered the building. I was the only one working that shift so if this one wanted a dance, it would end up being mine for sure. And as luck would have it; he did want one. A long one. Thirty minutes to be exact.

The owner motioned for me to come over to the counter. I stood up, straightened the short tight dress I was wearing, tussled my hair a bit, reapplied some lipstick and sauntered over to him; making sure to sway my hips a little bit as I did.

I introduced myself to the customer and he did the same. He looked me up and down as if I were some sort of prize he was admiring. I’ll admit; it felt good. Really good. He nodded his head as if giving himself the go-ahead to get a dance, gave the manager the house fee, and motioned for me to lead the way.

I took my time walking towards the back and chose the farthest room. I opened the curtain, told him to have a seat in the chair and that I would return after setting the music for his dance. I chose the playlist cd a DJ friend of the owner had made for the girls and walked back into the room.

The client was sitting in the chair, hands down his pants, which was nothing new to me at this point in my career. Plus it was perfectly legal in my state as long as there was no sexual contact from either party. I went to go remove my heels and he stopped me. He asked me if I had ever done a fetish show before. I, of course, had no clue what he was even talking about. I was honest with him about my lack of knowledge of fetish shows and to my surprise, he was very understanding.

He offered to explain to me exactly what he was wanting and if I chose to not go along with it, he would still pay me for a full dance as well as tip me extra just for the hassle. The guy was pretty decent so I decided to see what he had in mind. For all, I knew I could end up liking it.

As the slow, seductive, music played in the background, he explained to me that he was into something called Femdom; or female domination to be precise. His particular kink was to have the Domme belittle, berate, emasculate, and humiliate him while he pleasured himself. I was completely shocked at this information, but it sounded awesome so I told the guy I’d be happy to try it. I felt I needed to tell him that in reality, I was actually a sweetheart who wouldn’t say a bad word to anyone unless they absolutely deserved it, but I would try my best.

The dance went as expected. He pleasured himself while I told him how horrible of a person he was, how much he sucked as a man in general, and all sorts of other mean things. I did everything in my power to make this man who seemed to be such a nice guy, feel like the lowest thing on earth at that moment. And just as he said he would; he loved it!

Angel McDaniel

I was happy he enjoyed himself but more so I was caught up in the fact that I did as well. Don’t get me wrong I hated being mean to him when he hadn’t really done anything to deserve it, but once I got over it and told myself it was just a fantasy and what he wanted, I was able to get into it pretty quickly. I’m sure you’ve already figured out that he left that club a very happy man and I ended my shift that night as a very curious woman. I just didn’t have a clue of how curious I would become.

I finished the rest of my shift, paid my fees to the bouncer and went home with the intentions of keeping the promise I made to myself to look into things. Only now; I was going to look specifically into Femdom and all that it entailed. I learned quite a bit about Femdom that night as well as accidentally introduced myself into the world of fetishes and kinks. That in turn, resulted in my becoming a fetish fanatic and like with all things, there was a choice few that stood out from the crowd and became my ultimate favorites.

Stay tuned for part three where I dish out all the dirty details

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Cumming Out – Erotic Fiction!

Toilet Sex

“I can’t come out tonight Hannah, I’m sick,” I wailed to my friend on the phone in between fake coughs.


She was begging me to spend a night on the town with her. Yes, it’s true I was lying my tits off but I couldn’t think of anything worse than being stuck in a club with a bunch of young guys groping at me on the dance floor.


“You always do this Sarah, I don’t believe you for a second!” she exclaimed. 

I had built a bit of a reputation for being somewhat of a home body but if you ask me, it was for a very good reason. You see, even though I was only 20, I had never understood the appeal of going out and having so called “fun” in a club. I saw it as a ridiculous mating ritual in disguise with immature guys and didn’t want any part in it!!


“You’re coming out whether you like it or not Sarah!!” Hannah demanded and I knew from her tone she meant it. I had avoided it for way too long and knew that if I turned her down again, I’d be paying for it for weeks.


“Fine, I’ll come out with you just because I want you to stop yelling at me!! However, the deal is, if I end up finding a sexy older man while I’m out I’m leaving you to go home with him!!” I laughed. “Alright it’s a deal!” Hannah laughed & exhaled in relief.


I met Hannah close to the train station and we made our way into the city to a bar before heading to the clubs. “I love your skirt babe” she said pointing down at the newest addition to my wardrobe as we waited to get inside. “You don’t think it’s too schoolgirl do you?” I giggled, bringing my hands to my mouth in a cutesy gesture just like those Japanese school girls you see in the movies.


“Sarah, is that you?” I heard a deep voice asking behind me in the line. I quickly turned to put a face to the voice and was met by none other than my high school English teacher!!


“Oh my gosh Mr Reynolds, how are you?” I said as I felt my cheeks becoming flushed with embarrassment. Mr Reynolds was a handsome man in his early 40’s that every single girl in high school had a crush on (myself included admittedly). “I’m doing really well thanks Sarah. It’s been a while and you haven’t changed at all” he said as he looked down at my skirt and gave me a wink. “Ahh you overheard the schoolgirl skirt thing” I said, unable to hide my still rosy red cheeks. “Don’t worry, I think it looks great on you-just like those skirts always did.” As the words slipped out of his mouth, I could feel a tingling sensation in my lower belly. Did he just say what I think he said?!


“Anyway, I better head on inside, I’m meeting a friend soon. Probably see you in there?” he asked. “I’m sure I will Sir” and realised that I wasn’t in school anymore. “Wait, should I still call you sir?” I asked half joking as he went to walk away. “I think it’s for the best, don’t you?” he said in a stern and sultry tone. “Yes sir” I answered back, feeling that tingling in my belly building and expanding down.


“Umm did that just happen?!” Hannah shrieked as we sat down to order our drinks. “He’s so sexy but he is so much older than you!! And he used to be your teacher!” “You know how much I prefer the company of an older gentleman” I stated in the most sarcastically posh accent I could muster.


After a few drinks during which all Hannah and I could talk about was Mr Reynolds, I decided I needed to find a way to approach him. He was sitting across the room from us and I did my very best to get his attention by making eyes at him but he seemed to not be at all interested. “Maybe I was kidding myself thinking he was into me. He could have just slipped up and said something he didn’t mean” I thought to myself as I made my way to the toilets, busting to pee.


The ladies’ toilets were closed for cleaning so I thought I would sneak into the disabled bathroom to pee. Just as I was almost finished, the door was flung open and I got that instant rush of regret that I had forgotten to lock the toilet door. And just my luck, it was Mr Reynolds!!


“Would you look who it is” he stated whilst smirking, not even a little bit surprised that the bathroom was occupied. I knew this was no accident as he stood looking proud, locking the door behind him. I did my best to act appalled but felt excited that he’d come up to me…even if I was half way through peeing!


“Mr Reynolds, what are you doing in here?” I exclaimed as I stood up and attempted to pull up my panties which were all the way around my ankles thanks to my tipsy carelessness. “No, don’t go doing that” he demanded as he walked towards me and crouched down so his face was staring at my crotch. “I want you to show me what’s underneath that skirt of yours” he said with a look of hunger in his eyes that made my pussy quiver. I stood there feeling so nervous and turned on at the same time, watching as his gaze did not leave my body. I grabbed the bottom of my skirt and slowly pulled it up towards my waist so that my glistening pussy was on display for him to inspect.


“I’ve been sitting with my friend for 2 hours imagining what your cunt looks like. I could never have imagined it to be this fucking perfect!” he said as he looked up into my eyes with adoration. “I bet it tastes just as perfect as it looks huh?” he inquired, and I couldn’t help but spread my legs a little wider as an unspoken invitation to decide for himself


Naked in Public
Caught in Public

To be continued…

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

The Fire Escape!

Tara’s multinational office was the typical bland, characterless type like any other such office. Over the years, she has been gotten used to the indistinct hum of printers, copiers, coffee percolators, ringing phones and stifled chatter and other such sounds. She has gotten so familiar with the sounds that they have become white noise and almost therapeutic especially when she allowed herself to concentrate amidst the noise.

Unfortunately, time was not one of the few luxuries Sara had as everything became urgent with each activity having a deadline. Like any other average career woman, Tara’s life had become the office and the office becoming her life. She had a pretty predictable and simple routine of waking up on Monday, dressing, eating, commuting, working, returning home, washing, and repeating the process over and over again. It became so predictable that she may just copy Monday and paste it through the week until Sunday when she could use some “me time” preparing for the new week.

Somewhere, somehow, Tara lost her spark and she knew it. She has always had the feeling of missing something essential even if she could not place a finger on it. She would always pat down imaginary pockets every time she leaves a room. This is a subconscious bodily tick she had picked up somewhere in the last couple of years, always having the feeling of forgetting something. She dealt with that sensation every moment of her life. However, she did not mislay her key as it was something far more significant than that.

Tara obviously had her little rebellions as she would slip out for a cigarette and enjoy its badness every now and then. She also formed the habit of wearing something sexy beneath her charcoal trouser suit every once in a while, even if she was the only one that could touch or feel it. While it might seem little, it made her stand taller, walk bolder and smile a little more than usual. She had to protect that side of her and would often trample the embers to rebel.

However, this secret and feeling were no longer enough as it seemed forever since she had a date. She had actually stopped counting the months since her last date, not to talk of a fling. Tara remains lost as to how she transited from being an adventurous and spontaneous risk taker to becoming this boring career-oriented woman that traded all the fun of this world for a T-shirt bra and a competitive wage. Expectedly, her desire was to reconnect with her old self and she knew it would only remain a fantasy unless she took a risk and made it happen.

Today seems to have something in store as she felt special and was determined to change the situation of things at all cost. A valve was to be opened to release the toxic pressure that has enveloped her over the years.

There came Mark, a new staff on the job that Tara alongside other top guys at work interviewed for the job. Tara felt uncomfortable during the interview and even embarrassed when she realized she was already flirting with the interviewee.

She remembered blushing after she accidentally said “oh really…” when he had mentioned how flexible he could be in any position. At 28 he was five years younger than. However, Mark is smart, clean, arrogant and intelligent and since she interviewed him, there had been something intangible between them, an awkwardness that had attraction written over it.

Ordinarily, Tara would probably have ignored it or even joked about it and let it slide without extending it further than a misguided kiss at an office party. However, Tara saw it as a chance to do the unexpected and break from maturity and Mark looked to be the perfect source.

Tara glanced at Mark from her desk while he was sorting through papers at his own desk and boom, she began to type a message on her instant messenger.

Tara says: Mark. There is an emergency in the office.

Tara watched as Mark read the message and his brow ruffled a little in confusion. Their eyes met as his eyes shot across the office. He could register to the mischievous smile on her face.

Mark replies: Hello Tara. What is the nature of the emergency?

Tara says: There will soon be an unannounced fire drill.

Mark says: …there is?

Sara says: Yes. Everyone is going to leave as quickly as possible.

Mark says: does that mean the office will be empty?

Sara says: Don’t you think we should both stay behind to make sure everyone is out safely. I just promoted you to assistant fire officer. Are you up to the task?

Mark says: There is only one way to find out.

Sara stood slowly as a devious smile grew across her face, sauntered nonchalantly over to the wall. She checked to see that no one was looking, grabbed the lever for the fire alarm, and pulled it. The office suddenly became alive with noise, as the unpleasant alarms began to screech and people began to move quickly away from their desks.

“Everyone out, NOW”, demanded Tara over the urgent noises.

She stood by the fire escape door, holding it open and pushing her colleagues out one after the other, like paratroopers from a plane. Mark was going to be the last to leave, but before he could do that, Tara slammed the door closed leaving both of them in the loud, empty office.  Now she was a casual sex finder in control.

She pressed her back against the door and took him by the tie, pulling him to her, and without a word, they both kissed hard and urgently. Mark wrapped one strong hand around the back of Tara’s head, gripping her long hair, as he pressed his weight into her.

It got even better as the sprinkler system came on to douse both of them as they kissed, as though the heat between them might cause them to come on fire. The cool water from the system poured over them, and drowned the fragrance of his aftershave, subsequently causing his white shirt to cling to his tall, slim frame. Tara explored his body with one hand and unbuttoned her pants with the other, sliding her hand inside.

Mark took a step back while holding her hair pressing her against the fire escape door and watched her pleasure herself while waiting for him to step in. Mark listened as Tara took her quickened breath as well as her growing pleasure as the sprinklers drenched both of them.

“We only have a few minutes before the fire brigade arrives,” she whispered, almost to herself. They locked eyes. “You need to fuck me, and you need to do it right now.”

Tara slid her suit pants down and kicked them off. Standing in heels, dark lace-top stockings shrouding her long creamy legs, silk suspenders and a lace thong with her hand inside, and her shirt and jacket, she quickly undid Mark’s belt and zipper, and found him hard, thick and ready. She immediately pulled his dick out and stroked it as she stroked herself, pulling him to her, and lifting her leg to his waist. In return, Mark held Tara’s leg around him and felt her wetness as she guided him inside her.

Tara gasped as he took control and began to push slowly inside, little by little. She definitely wanted all of Mark immediately, and she was not ready to wait. Grinding him up and down, she filled herself with him, holding him at the back of his neck for leverage with one hand and pleasuring herself with the other hand, while she enjoyed the firmness of his grip in her hair.

Mark lifted her leg a little higher, stroking long, satisfying strokes in and out of her. Tara felt his strength, as he lifted her off the ground, pressing her into the door like he was going to fuck her through it. Her body was rolled up in a familiar wave of pleasure and she began to meet his thrusts with her own as she edged closer and closer. Mark also moved closer to his peak as he entered her.

They tightened their grips on each other with Tara’s fingernails digging into Mark’s neck and Mark’s fist pulling Tara’s head to one side by her hair. Their faces were both turned up at the ceiling, with eyes closed, mouths opened, and soaking wet as they moaned loudly.

wet sex

Eventually, the wave crashed down on Tara with every muscle seizing and hot convulsions shattering her whole body, as she breathed obscenities through gritted teeth. The convulsions gripped and massaged Mark within her, which caused him to lose control and release a visceral growl as he climaxed inside her orgasm-wracked body.

Exhausted, they slumped into each other smiling under the water that poured on them, as the sounds of the alarms returned as their senses rallied.

They pressed their foreheads together and kissed and with the arrival of the fire brigade signaling the time to go. With Tara, there was always a deadline.

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