Jonas And Mistress Eve – Chapter Two – Releasing The Old

Cuckoldress Mistress

Continued from chapter one – A Cuckolds Tale

Jonas went directly home from Mistress Eve’s gothic style home silently after being picked up by an Uber ride.  The drive home took about 30 minutes and he thought long and hard on each of them as to what had just occurred. The ramifications as to the changes in his life being a cuckolded man would be.  In short, he knew that his life was going to be turned upside down – starting with right now arriving home.

It was a little past 9.30pm when the car pulled up outside the house my fiancée Grace and I had shared for the last three years.  We really should have been married by now but something always ‘came up’ and we always were going to do it ‘after’ something or another.  As I exited the car I saw her standing on the veranda with a very worried look on her face. This was the first time since we had been living together that I had gone somewhere alone at night.

Let me tell you a little about Grace.  We had been living together for the past three years ‘waiting’ to get married.  I met her whilst we were in university where she was majoring in accounting whilst I was completing my honors degree in banking and finance.  She was 21 and I was 24. She was and is an absolute knock-out coming from a Persian background her skin was the color of caramel with straight, long dark hair that fell to the small of her back.

She was the object of desire of many of the students and lecturers alike.  You would just fall into those deep dark oval eyes that always had an inquisitive look about them.  It surprised me that she even knew I existed as I was not the Alpha male type, more the nerdy man with glasses that was always shuffling papers.  I almost died the day she asked me for out for a coffee and until the last month felt blessed every day that she was in my life.

Her shoulders were in perfect symmetry to her body, her breast small but perky, a slim athletic figure were features of envy for many women.  She had full and beautifully formed lips, an exotic nose and her teeth were perfect and white. But for all her style and beauty she was not ‘into herself’ in any way and had always been a caring and thoughtful partner.  She was the total opposite of Mistress Eve!

Persian hot girlfriend
Image: Persian girlfriend

As I walked up the garden path Grace said, “What happened?  Where have you been?”

I looked up at her and said, “I told you on the phone I had to go to a meeting.”

She said, “I rang the bank and talked to Steve there.  He said you just disappeared straight after work. Nobody there had any idea where you were and it had nothing to do with work.”

I said angrily, “Why did you ring the bank?  Don’t you trust me? Why are you checking up on me?”

She said in a concerned voice, “Jonas, it’s not like that.  I am worried about you. You have not been the same person this last month.  And then. Now this. Please tell me what is going on.”

I could not look into her deep concerned brown eyes.  Instead, I ran inside saying, “Leave me alone. I need some space.”

As I brushed past her running to and locking myself in the bathroom I sat down on the toilet seat, putting my face in my hands and began to cry.  What sort of a mess had I gotten myself into.

I heard Grace walk slowly to the bathroom door and softly tap on it.

I yelled, “Go away.”

She said, ‘Jonas, I need to ask you something?’

“What?’ I spat out.

She said, ‘Did you mean what you said?’

I said in a more controlled manner, ‘About what?”

She said, “About needing some space.’

I said, “I don’t know.  I can’t think at the moment.  Please just leave me alone.”

I heard her say quietly, “Wrong answer.”

I heard some footsteps and shuffling, whilst I hid in the bathroom and after about five minutes heard the front door close and the unmistakable sound of our Mercedes start up in the driveway and then drove off.

For another ten minutes or so I waited in the bathroom and finally when I opened the door I saw a letter sitting on the floor with my name written on it in Grace’s handwriting.  I walked over to it, opened it and read it.

‘Dear Jonas,

I have been really worried about you this last month.  Your violent mood swings are so out of character. When I suggest seeing someone or asking what is happening you either get angry or sad. You have avoided being intimate with me and rejected any advances I have made except the once. And then it was worse than not having it as ‘YOU’ were not really there and it was over in minutes.

Something is different, and it is obvious that you no longer feel the same way about me that you once did.  Life is too short to live like that. I am leaving you. I am taking the car and staying at my parents house until I find a flat to rent.  We can worry about finances after but for now I would prefer that you do not contact me for at least a couple of weeks so that I too may readjust my outlook on life.

Love Always,


Although feeling somewhat sad, I also felt liberated and happy.  It would not be up to me to break up the relationship – I can always say that it was her choice. She need not ever know about Mistress Eve. Really, I should have manned up but I couldn’t.

That weekend I stayed home and it was pretty uneventful.  Although the phone rang incessantly I didn’t pick it up. I just needed to be alone.

When Monday morning came along I was quite excited by the possibility that Mistress Eve would ring with the words she had used echoing in my head.

‘I will contact you sometime next week by phone at the bank’

Monday turned into Tuesday which turned into Wednesday and I was becoming quite distressed and distraught that my personal life was in total limbo.  It was more than just good Grace that noticed something was not quite right with me, I was making many out of character mistakes.

Finally on Thursday morning my receptionist put a call through to my office from Mistress Eve.  I almost jumped through the roof in excitement,  ‘Yes, mistress Eve’, I said.

She said, ‘Jonas, have you been missing me?’

Woman who cuckolds men
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I said, ‘More than you can imagine.  Why did you take so long to call’,  I replied.

‘Jonas’, she said, ‘You are forgetting your place again.  Never question me about what I will or will not do or how I do it.  Do you understand?’

I said, ‘Sorry mistress’.

She said, ‘Now, I want you to listen carefully.  Tomorrow you will take a sick day from the bank and come to my home at 4 pm sharp.  Do not be late!  You will bring with you an overnight bag.  In it you will have a casual change of clothes and clothes you wear for the bank.  You will be staying with me over the weekend and I will allow you to leave for work on Monday morning.  Bring essential toiletries nothing more.  Have you got all that?

‘Yes, mistress Eve,’ was my responce.

She said, ‘Good.  Now, how are you going to break this to your precious (in voice imitating me) ‘I’m not married’ (her regular voice) ‘partner that lives with you at home?’

I said, “How did you know I lived with someone?’

She said, ‘Jonas, I am getting very impatient with your questions but on this occasion I will answer you.  On my first visit to your office I saw many pictures of an exotic looking woman. It was obvious that you were together and many were at the same house so putting 2 and 2 together, means you have a long-term relationship with this woman and you share a common home.’

I said, “I broke up with her.”

“Ha’ she laughed. ‘You broke up with her! You are a spineless creature. Broke up with her!  When did she leave you Jonas?”

I said, ‘Sorry Mistress Eve, I did not mean to deceive you.   She left me on Friday of last week.  After I had met with you.”

There was a long pause, then she said, ‘Where did she go?’

I said, “Mistress Eve she told me she went to her parents house.’

She said, ‘Where do they live Jonas?’

I said, ‘Why?”

She said, “Jonas, for a supposedly smart banker you do not learn quickly do you? You will answer my questions or you will not hear from me again.  All your impertinence is having me doubt whether you will in fact be suitable for the cuckold training that lies ahead.’

I said, “Yes, Mistress Eve, I am sorry’.  With reluctance I provided her with details of Grace and her parents.

Mistress Eve said, ‘Remember 4 pm sharp at my home.  Tomorrow night will be a night you will never forget’.

To be quite honest I cannot recall ever having a sick day – but after the conversation I decided it would be best if I feigned illness and went home.  That way it would throw any suspicions that I was taking a convenient ‘Friday – long weekend sickie’.

It was 2 pm when I finally left the bank and headed  home that Thursday afternoon.  My mind was buzzing with what was to come on Friday.  A night I would never forget.   My enthusiasm with this whole set up was now boiling over and I felt electrified, aroused and alive all at the same time.  In fact I had never felt this thrilled about anything previously in my life.  The clock was ticking and I was a willing participant.

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Excerpt:   Mistress Eve said, “Jonas.  I want you to understand that this is one night only.  The one night when you will be able to taste all the exotic and forbidden fruits, to experience the treasures of seduction, to sample me each and every way you want to.  To have me, to control me, to expel every last drop of desire into me until you are spent and satisfied.  To understand that you have experienced a once in a lifetime episode of total erotic satisfaction. I will be submissive to my dominant mistress.’

I looked at her in her stunning black corset and fishnets and said with passion, ‘I understand Mistress Eve.’

She said, ‘Tonight only you may call me Eve.’


Mistress Eve calls Claire to see the chained up Jonas.  Claire and Mistress Eve get it on in front of him.


Mistress Eve begins Jonas’s cuckold training in earnest


Jonas enters into his cuckold contract.


Mistress Eve is the keyholder for Jonas’s first male chastity device.


Mistress Eve locks up Jonas in a cell and uses time torture on him.


Mistress Eve takes Jonas to a BDSM event where he is publicly humiliated.


Mistress Eve has group sex and then dresses Jonas in women’s clothing and pegs him.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Jonas & Mistress Eve – A Cuckolds Tale!

cuckold lifestyle

CHAPTER ONE – Meeting Eve

My name is Jonas!   I was in a cuckolding relationship and want to share my story with you.  It began almost ten years ago when I was in my early thirties. Having a successful career in banking and a fiancee whom I intended to marry, everything seemed to be going along swimmingly.  Deposit on a house, owned my own prestige car, plans to have 2.4 kids. You know the story! A safe and secure existence.

Then she came along.  Even now, four years since our relationship collapsed I find it difficult to use her name.  Let’s just call her Eve!

Eve came into my bank one afternoon looking for a loan and was referred to me because of the ‘unusual nature’.  Ushered into my office by my secretary she sat on my leather banker’s lounge in front of my executive desk. I dismissed my secretary and she left the office.

Now let me tell you about Eve.  She was an Amazon standing 5 feet 11 inches tall with blonde hair that was parted on the side and fell to shoulder length.  Her eyes were a grey blue that pierced your sold – it was like she could see right through you when she looked at you. Her pouted lips had bright red lipstick applied which stood out more because of the white foundation applied.  Her nose was straight and perfect.

She was wearing a leather corset that accentuated her hourglass figure and size 36DD breasts.  The top of the corset had two straps that attached to an O’Collar neck and she was wearing leather gloves that came up to her elbows.  The pale skin on her bare shoulders and upper arms showed that she was muscular without being overly so. The skin tight shiny black pvc pants she wore left little to the imagination.

mistress for cuckolds
bdsm mistress

The sight of her took my breath away.  Generally I am not a nervous type but seeing this beauty had me feeling like a school boy in front of the head mistress.  I stammered, “Hello Mrs Eve. My name is Jonas and I am the bank manager here. The loans department informed me that you have come for a loan but that it does not fit into their categories of eligibility.  May I ask you the purpose you wish to make your loan application?”

She paused, looking right at me for what seemed like minutes but was actually only seconds.  It was like she was scrutinizing me, finding my measure and it felt like I had just been found wanting.

She said, “Certainly!  You may call me Mistress Eve, Jonas.  I need a load to make a dungeon.”

I recall that I was taking a sip of my coffee when she answered me and the shock of it made me splutter and some of the hot liquid spurted and landed on my shirt and table.  I flushed red with embarrassment.

She said, “Look what you have gone and done now Jonas. You wife is not going to be at all pleased with you.  If you were my husband let me assure you that this would not be tolerated at all.”

Instead of putting her in back in her place, instead I blurted out, “I’m not married.”

She said, “Is it any wonder?  You cannot even drink a coffee without spilling it on yourself.  Surely you must see that you need someone like me to take care of you as it appears that you are having difficulty doing so yourself.’

I blushed, got angry, was embarrassed and weirdly turned on by this scenario that was playing out in the place in my life where I supposedly had the most power

I said, ‘Eve, it is irrelevant to you how I live.  You have come to me for a loan. A loan that is quite different from anything I have ever been approached for before.  To be quite honest I believe it is impossible as it would go against our moral guidelines.’

Eve said, “Jonas!  I am aware of the banks moral guidelines.  It covers adult shops, sale of pornography, brothels, prostitution, pedaphilia, beastiality and non-consentual sex.    Nowhere does it mention a Mistress wishing to upgrade her dungeon.’

I said, “Isn’t being a mistress the same as being a prostitute?’

She looked at me with those piercing blue/grey eyes.  The look on her face made me want to hide underneath the table.  It actually brought fear into my soul. She continued to look at me and eventually spoke to me, in a slow measured voice, one that was like that of a parent chastising a child and said, ‘Jonas, it is obvious that you have lived in a bubble.  Ha, lived, I should say existed and you know little if anything about the real world and what is in it. Your idea of excitement would be to watch an action movie or go to a theme park – but be too scared to go on the roller coaster. Who are you to firstly make a statement of something that you know nothing about?  Comparing being a mistress to a prostitute is like comparing a collapsible tent to the foundation of a house. There is nothing wrong with being a prostitute. But a mistress is not a prostitute.’

I apologetically said, “I’m sorry Eve’.

She said, ‘You can call me mistress!  Jonas your apology is not accepted and I would appreciate it that when you talk to me you only talk about things that you actually know about or things pertinent to this loan application.  I will explain to you that a mistress does not have sex for money. A mistress accepts gifts from clients that she looks after. A mistress takes control of her clients and does what she feels is best for them, that will give them a better and higher quality life.  She allows them to relinquish control and thereby giving the freedom to live their wildest desires. A mistress will choose whom she will have sex with and when. The sex will be to please the mistress and often she will never have sex with a client. Do you understand Jonas?’

As she said this last sentence she got up from the lounge and moved over to my side of the table and sat on the corner facing me, towering over me.  Her presence was electric and overpowering.  I could not help but feel an insatiable lust and wanted to take her here and now on my desk.  These erotic thought circled my brain and my cock stood to attention and began to throb.

Sex on desk
Office Desk Sex

I answered, ‘I understand Miss Eve.”

She said, “Call me mistress Jonah.  I can see down there that you have become aroused by my closeness to you.  Let it be known that nothing is going to happen down there until all this banking business if finalized.  Do you understand me Jonas?”

I said, “Yes mistress.”

She said, “Now about that loan.  If you can get your secretary to get all my details, I will be on my way. I expect it to be approved and the funds available by the end of the week.  As a bank manager you are allowed to approve a loan up to a million dollars in house and the amount will be well under that. You do not have to concern yourself about the amount or repayments – everything will be in order.  It always is with me.”

I called my secretary in and gave her instructions and she and Miss Eve left the room. Watching her rounded ass in those tight shiny pvc pants as she sashayed out of the room had my cock standing to erection again.  The lust I felt made me feel really alive for the very first time.

Everything went to her plan, the loan was approved and funds transferred at the end of that week.  I did not see her again for four weeks. Patiently I waited, hoping she would come in to thank me, to see me, to speak to me, to be with me, but she never did.  Each day passed I became more depressed, I could do nothing but think of her and the comments she made about ‘down there’. Trying to have sex with my fiancee now became a joke at best – if I could get it up I would blow in seconds – she began to ask me why.  What was I to say?

Everyday I would go to the toilet at home and at work and fap away thinking of Mistress Eve.  It was the only joy that I could derive in life. My concentration at work began to fail, I was making mistakes.  Everybody around me was concerned for my well-being as I was not functioning the way I had before – something was missing.

At the end of the fourth week I had made up my mind.  It was imperative that I meet with Mistress Eve, Her address was on the loan application as was her telephone number.  Should I ring or just turn up. I could make out that I was just checking up on the renovations and had some additional paperwork for the loan.  Going to my computer and opening her account I could see that everything was in order. She had made her weekly loan repayments and the paperwork was in order.  My decision was made – I would visit her after work and with a superfluous document I will say required her signature. That was it – the plan was hatched for me to see her again.

Ringing my fiancee to let her know I would not be able to meet up with her that evening because ‘something had come up’ proved to be a difficult conversation.  Nothing ever ‘came up’ in our relationship we led a measured and what I now know to have been a boring existence. I could come up with no excuse except that it was an important meeting I had to attend to.

As I left the bank I opened the uber app and requested a pick-up.  Within minutes I was in a car headed to the home of Mistress Eve and thought to myself ‘what the hell are you doing?’.  You have only met this person once in your office and you are now going there unannounced to her home of an evening. Second thoughts were entering my mind.

The car stopped and the uber driver said, “Your destination sir.”

I got out of the car and my mouth dropped.  The address was an old church that had been converted to a house.  It was surrounded by large trees on both sides and the rear. The front fence was metal picket with ornate patterns.  There were two concrete pillars on either side of the entry gate that stood about 8 feet tall. There was a intercom and camera on one of the concrete pillars and I pressed the intercom buzzer.

Church Conversion
BDSM Church

The church was gothic in design and substantial. The bell tower and spire reached skywood and I could not help but take in the solid double timber doors that allowed entry into the building.  These doors had stained glass windows on either side and above and I could see a gentle light trickling through.

The intercom crackled to life and I heard Mistress Eve’s voice say, “Yes, who is it?”

I said, “Mistress Eve, it’s Jonas from the Bank.  I have a document you must sign.”

There was a pause and after a minute or so she said, ‘Can it not wait until Monday?  I can come into the bank then.’

Gaining courage I said, ‘It is quite important.’

She said, “Alright then, come in.’

The gate then buzzed releasing the electronic lock and I walked towards the front doors.  A sweet pungent unmistakable smell of jasmine came from the garden. As I walked up the five steps to the doors I again heard a buzzing sound of the electronic locks from the front door disengaging it.  Another surveillance camera was directed to this entry vestibule. My courage was waning but I continued on. As the doors opened I was greeted with the huge open plan of the living area of the church. Towards the rear of the church a second level had been built that I assumed would hold the bedrooms.  Underneath this was a huge galley kitchen with concrete bench tops, breakfast bar and lots of stainless steel appliances. Mistress Eve sat on a bar stool at the breakfast bar and I walked towards her across the vast expanse of the open living area. It must be a similar feeling to a dead man walking as she seemed to look at me with feigned interest.  It made me feel small and insignificant.

Finally, I stood before her.  She said nothing, she did not offer me a chair or a drink.  Just sat there looking at me and it seemed like she had a glint of amusement in her eye.  Like when a cat is playing with a mouse. I said, ‘Mistress Eve, there is a document that my secretary failed to get you to sign.  Sorry for the intrusion but the loan was, may I say, a little unusual, and I do not want this getting back to head office for obvious reasons.’

She continued to look at me.

I said, ‘So if I just get you to sign the document here!”

She continued to look at me, without moving.  Finally she said, “Jonas, you and I both know that there is no document that needs signing.  Everything is in order as it always is. You have realised that your pathetic life is meaningless and have come here in the hope that perhaps I can bring meaning into your life.  That you will find a real purpose and to experience more or at least something.’

I broke in, “I assure you….”

She spoke sternly, ‘Jonas do not speak whilst I am.  You will listen to what I have to say without interruption.  After I have finished if I wish it you can respond. If I do not you won’t.  Do you understand Jonas?”

I said, “Yes Mistress Eve’.

She said, ‘Okay then.  I knew you would come. It was unclear when but I could see your life was meaningless and you sought direction.  Up until now I have been thinking if I should help your pathetic existence or not but as you did get me the loan I figured why not – it should be a challenge.  I want you to become my cuckold. My previous one I disposed of a few months ago and I am desirous of having my cuckold look after me. Do you know what a cuckold is Jonas?”:

I said, “No, not really.”

She said, “I am not going to go in details now as I have a client waiting for me in the dungeon right now as we speak.’

Feelings of jealousy and anger went through me knowing there was another in the church with us now.

She laughed, “Your face is easy to read.  What did you think that I had been waiting for you and only you.  You are pathetic!”

I said, “How can you say…”

She said even more sternly, “ENOUGH!!  Did I already not tell you to speak only when asked to?  You are not giving me confidence in your insubordinate start.  Anyway continuing on, in short a cuckold is a man that serves his mistress.  His mistress will control him and choose if and when he is allowed to have sex or in fact even please himself.  Do you want me to be your mistress and you be my cuckold?”

Without thinking of the repercussions I immediately said, “Yes, mistress.”

She said, ‘Good, so listen carefully as I am only going to say this once.  A cuckolds life is not always easy so in order to make sure that we can make this relationship work we need you to undertake some cuckolding training.  If you complete your training successfully we will enter into a mistress and cuckold contract. This contract will protect you and I in this relationship. In the meantime you should prepare to get all your affairs in order as after we enter into the contract you will have to move in here with me.  Your old life will be no more. Do you understand this?”

The impact of what she said hit me.  My life would be totally different and eagerly I embraced it.  I said, “Yes I understand.”

She said, “Leave now then.  I will contact you sometime next week by phone at the bank and tell you when your cuckolding training will commence.”

I said, “Of course mistress” and left.


Jonas needs to be free from his fiancée so that he can undergo his cuckolding training.


Mistress Eve gives all of herself to Jonas for one night only.


Mistress Eve calls Claire to see the chained up Jonas.  Claire and Mistress Eve get it on in front of him.


Mistress Eve begins Jonas’s cuckold training in earnest


Jonas enters into his cuckold contract.


Mistress Eve is the keyholder for Jonas’s first male chastity device.


Mistress Eve locks up Jonas in a cell and uses time torture on him.


Mistress Eve takes Jonas to a BDSM event where he is publicly humiliated.


Mistress Eve has group sex and then dresses Jonas in women’s clothing and pegs him.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

My Lucid Dreaming Made Sex Last For Hours

Couple foreplay

One rainy morning I woke up from an incredibly erotic dream during which my boyfriend Ben made love to me for hours on end. It felt like he had been going all night whilst I slept and I felt my face flushed with a huge smile the second I woke. It was a familiar dream that I had many times previously and I usually woke to find myself with a dripping wet pussy and bursting with an almost unbearable hunger to be fucked for hours on end.

This was quickly followed by frustration at the reality of mine and Ben’s sex life. You see, Ben was an incredible lover who never failed to make me orgasm however he had an issue with the length of time he could fuck me for. The longest we’d had sex for over the 2 years we had been together was 45 minutes, with this a far stretch from the 20 minutes he usually lasted. Ben would want to fall straight asleep the split second he came which annoyed the crap out of me because I always wanted to go all night!

I rolled over to Ben for a morning snuggle and found him wide awake grinning from ear to ear. “You must have had some interesting dreams last night,” he said whilst sniggering. “You kept me awake for most of the night with your moaning.” “Ahh sorry babe, another one of those dreams” I said, feeling guilty that I’d kept him up. “Don’t apologize my love, it was super sexy, I ended up rubbing my cock until I came at like 2am” he said with a slight blush in his cheeks. “Oh wow, look at you, masturbating next to a sleeping woman” I laughed, turned on by the thought of my man cumming next to me in the middle of the night without knowing it.

Hot sex dream
Image: Sexy couple kissing

“You keep having that dream don’t you?” he asked.  I nodded, aware that I had shared it several times before with him. “It’s probably a good idea for me to do something about fulfilling this fantasy for you don’t you think?” he said, ever so seriously.  I sniggered at his suggestion, thinking that there was no way he could satisfy this one for me. “I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen” I said as I gave him a cheeky wink.

The day went on as usual and like many times before, I kept the fantasy from my dream alive to get me through the tedious tasks at work. I got a message from Ben saying that he was going to be a little late picking me up from work that evening but assuring me it would be worth it. “Hmmm, what’s he got up his sleeve?” I wondered with anticipation.

I hopped in the car at the end of the day, relieved to be done with work and looking forward to a night of movies on the couch cuddled up next to my man. Ben leant over to kiss me and I, only anticipated the usual quick peck on the lips, was shocked by the force and passion he used as he took my lips and tongue in a juicy embrace, he ran his fingers firmly through my hair which caused me to squirm in surrender. As he begun to slowly pull away, I opened my eyes and caught his gaze as he looked at me with a hunger to devour. “I’m happy to see you, beautiful woman. How was your day?” I always welcomed him paying me such attention at the end of his day considering he worked in such a high stress job. “My day has taken a dramatic turn as of 60 seconds ago when you kissed me like that.” I said right before I planted a juicy kiss on his lips, yearning to taste him again. “Well I’m glad that made all the difference to your day. Now, let’s get you home straight away so I can kiss you like that all over.”

As soon as we got home, Ben firmly instructed me to jump in the shower with him so he could wash my body – I loved when he was so dominant with me! As I let the warm water run down my body, Ben began soaping up my body on my front side, leaving almost no part untouched. As he ran his hands over my breasts and around my stomach, I felt a heat building in my pussy which caused my hips to circulate in anticipation of him touching me there. But he didn’t much to my disappointment. He told me to lean on the tiled wall with my arms up and ass sticking out so he could wash behind. Whenever he got closer to me, I could feel his hard cock prodding into me, begging for my touch. He made his way up my legs, spending a great deal of time on my inner thighs. The heat kept building and building almost unbearably so. He then finally placed his hands between my legs, rubbing my pussy ever so gently causing me to press hard onto his hands in order to feel satiated.

“You want to play like that do you?” he whispered in my ear as he placed his cock against my pussy lips, rubbing back and forth until I was begging him to fuck me. He willingly thrust his cock inside my welcoming pussy and fucked me in slow and fast rhythms for what seemed like a lifetime until I exploded into a quivering mess of pleasure.

“Dry yourself off and meet me in bed so I can spend the rest of the night with my cock inside that incredible pussy of yours.” “All night?!” I wondered out loud, thinking how he could possibly fulfil such a statement. Ben just looked at me with a satisfied smirk, his cock still rock hard waiting to enter me again. I believed him in that moment and true to his word, he kept me up all night, more than satisfying the hunger I had been holding all day after my dream. My sexual fantasy had turned into a real erotic story, it had come true.

The next morning, after calling in “sick” due to being absolutely exhausted from the longest sex marathon of my life, I asked Ben how he managed to keep going for such a long time. “That’s for me to know and you to never find out” he laughed. Little did he know I had already seen the bottle of QTTC Penis Sex Oil he’d left on the bathroom cabinet. This bottle of male excite oil was something that we could use over and over again…

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

My Slutty Mum Took My Teenage Virginity

MILF in milk

My name is Brett, I am 18 and I just started year 12 but you can call me Hardie. That’s what everyone else calls me at school. You see, I’ve never been with a girl before and just thinking about them gives me a big hard erection. I thought about them so much that I was virtually walking around school with a hard on 24-7 which is why the guys gave me the nickname “Hardie”. I don’t mind, I think it’s quite funny plus it gives me a bit of a bad boy reputation. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t know the size of my cock.

There are a couple of girls at my school I have the hots for. There’s Bree, this gorgeous blonde who has long legs that go on for days. There’s Monique, a bubbly brunette with a gorgeous pair of tits and Jess this girl who’s from France, she has this thick accent and is a bit of an airhead. My mother always tells me none of the girls at school are good enough for me. They just don’t have any of that homely nature that she does. But when I dream about them they have everything that I need.

One day, I had this great idea of using a swivel chair with a fire extinguisher. I sat with my ass extended out riding the swivel chair like a donkey and positioned the fire extinguisher behind me. I held down on the trigger and there I was moving across the class room floor charging towards the opposite end of the room. I had no idea, I was charging towards Bree. My English teacher Mr. Lawson caught me amid falling directly into her. It was like time stood still as the side of my face crushed perfectly into her chest but Mr. Lawson’s face of disapproval has forever tainted that perfect moment of sexual misconduct.

After school, I sat in detention with a bunch of other bozzos. I waited for the clock to tick past 3:20pm. A half an hour detention was totally worth it. I grabbed my backpack and proceeded happily out the door. I couldn’t help but to think about that moment in school with Bree. A feeling of shame trickled into my thoughts as I wished my first time touching breasts didn’t happen like that. I longed for almost anyone to touch me in return. I thought of Bree unzipping my pants and slowly but surely enclosing her mouth around my cock. I didn’t care whether it was messy but her enthusiasm to get a load out of me, would be the only thought I needed for the rest of the day to jerk off a couple of loads that night.

I arrived at my door step 15 minutes later with a raging erection. I held my bag in front of my crutch and hoped mum wouldn’t notice. I opened the door with my key and walked inside. My mother stood there, eyes glazed over with pure rage. I sputtered and lied “I’m sorry mum! I was held back as our whole class made a bit of a mess.”

She angrily responded “I’m just glad you’re safe. I didn’t know where you were or what had happened to you! You had me worried sick. Here let me take your bag.”

In a split second, she had grabbed my bag and my face was frozen in shock. I quickly moved my hands in front of my crotch in an attempt to shield my erection from her prying eyes. Even though I made an effort to cover it, it stuck out like an elephant in the room. Her eyebrows raised, her face went red and she dropped my bag on the ground.

In an effort to move on from that moment, she bent over to pick up my bag. Her top was a white button up and the 5 top buttons popped off. Her tight black pencil skirt was the only thing that held in the rest of her top. Her push up bra and her massive breasts spilled out. She looked up at me through her blonde long hair that rested on top of her nipples. I couldn’t help it, but my erection started to throb, it moved up and down in big strokes.

MILF in unbuttoned white top
Image: Sexy MILF

I was stuck in the entrance of the front corridor of my house, there was nowhere to walk but forward and I could not leave because I was just too embarrassed. So I tried to do what I normally do and walked forward. I picked up my bag from in front of my mum and I felt the precum leak out of my erection. The tip of my erection just kept getting stickier and stickier. I skimmed pass her in the corridor and our bodies rubbed up against each other. Even though I tried to hold my erection in my hands, it fell in between her legs. Her nipples brushed up against my chest and she let out a moan. She yearned for my cock.

Both of our eyes met, and we were both equally confused. But we couldn’t help it. She started to gently rub her vagina on my erection and I rubbed my erection on her. This was the first time any girl had paid any type of attention to me. My boner felt harder than stone. Her legs started to buckle and I caught her body in my hands. Her skirt pulled up and she landed even harder on my erection.

Hot mum unbuttoning shirt
Image: Blonde Unbuttons Shirt

My hands fumbled to unzip my pants and they fell down to the floor.  I pulled my underwear down just enough to expose my full erection. It flicked out and settled just below her pussy. I could feel the soft skin of her pussy, she was not wearing any underwear. In incredible excitement, I leaked precum onto her pussy and slowly jerked it out with my hands making each drop of cum last. I inserted my finger inside to find she was perfectly naturally lubricated. I took my finger out and licked her juices off. With her arms, she grabbed onto my waist and pulled my body into her. My erection was immediately pushed inside her vagina and her juices overflowed down my testicles. I was inside of her for the second time, the first time was when she was pregnant with me and now I am bones deep inside my mum leaking precum.

I couldn’t control myself. I picked her up in my hands, held her up against the wall and started fucking her. She was letting out louder and louder moans. She pulled herself off and bent over showing off her perfectly shaped ass. She moaned “Have me… You have to cum in my pussy quickly before your father comes home!”. I jerked off into her pussy, quickly inserted my erection and I let out on of the biggest loads I ever had. I pummelled my cock into her slowly using her waist to pull her into my body. The sound of her skin slapping on mine made me keep on cumming and cumming. With every thrust the sperm leaked deeper and deeper into my mum. My mum took my virginity and for that I am forever grateful.

My mum moaned “You are not done…” She went down on her knees and sucked both of our juices off of my cock. My cock was getting soft in her mouth. Some cum spilled out of her mouth, down her top and in between her breasts. The sight made me immediately erect and I was ready for a second round. You know… my mum was right, I need a woman with a homely nature. My mum is my very own MILF.

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Adventures With The 82 Year Old Gaping Granny!

Gaping Granny

Continued from my 82 Year Old Pole Dancing Granny…

Now for those of you unfamiliar with an equine speculum, it is a speculum used on horses and cows to open up the vagina or anus of the animal.  It was huge and made of shiny surgical steel.  As I lifted it the weight was considerable and I was thinking how the hell it was going to fit into dear old Genie.

As if reading my thoughts dear 83 year old Genie said, ‘C’mon Jim.  You don’t want me dying of old age here waiting for you.  My cunt cannot sit her gaping wide open all day for you.”

I looked over to Genie whose legs were wide apart held in the gyno stirrups.  The aged sagging skin were a victim of gravity and hung from and the deep blue raised varicose veins ran from her open hole to her ankles.  As I approached I dipped the prongs of the speculum into the bucket of J-Lube.  Bringing the now dripping medical device up I could not help but wonder how or why I had come to service these grannies in the name of community service.

Gazing at her I saw that her vulva was spread and inflamed typical of the aged estrogen deficiencies and her cervix still open giving me a clear view into her cervix.  I could see that the upper wall of the cervix was still a healthy pink and moist but sagged which appeared to me to be the early signs of getting a prolapsed cervix.

Massive Speculum
Big Speculum

As I approached she slid her bony skin sagged ass down and brought her knees up further in anticipation of allowing me to insert those massive prongs on the steel device, which I did, and my pelvic examination of her began.  Slowly centimeter by centimeter until the entire 40 or so centimetres were inside her.  The equine speculum features three prongs one fixed and two that can be widened that were inserted, a handle to hold and control the device.  At the bottom there was a wingnut and threaded bolt that controlled the movable prongs widening them or closing them up.

Slowly I began to tighten the wingnuts that caused the prongs to widen and Genies cunt to gape further. The vagina was wide open and I could see the entrance to the cervix open in time with the widening of the speculum.  As the cervix opened up I could see into her aged uterus.  This woman had the biggest pussy I had ever seen.

She began to chuckle, ‘Like what you see?  Then why don’t you get your lovely hand and start fingering me inside my uterus?”

Willing to aid and help the elderly I slipped by fist into her vagina and then opened my hand and began by inserting a couple of fingers inside her uterus.

I heard her gurgle as she said, “That’s right Jim dear.  That’s it!  Push those fingers in until you reach the end of it dear.”

I continued to put my fingers deep inside her womb until they I felt a small opening that must have been the fallopian tube.  This seemed to drive her crazy so I rimmed the tube opening from her long infertile ovary entrance.  Looking down from her vagina I noticed that her rosebud was convulsing and the ass was rhythmically opening and closing up.

I heard her chuckle as she said, “That’s right Jim.  Granny likes a bit of anal too!  Why don’t you play around with my ass?”

Leaving the speculum inside her with her vagina and and uterus open for me to see I removed my hand from inside her and dipped it in the bucket of J-Lube.  I then began to rim her puckering anus with my fingers.  The more I did this the more relaxed and open her ass became.

She said, “Stick your fingers in Jim.”

I did as she requested, first with one finger, then two, then four.  I could feel the hard steel of the speculum on my fingers with the slight lining of the rectum wall to the vaginal wall.  This granny was getting off but I could fit no more than four fingers in her ass because of the extent the speculum was widened.  I would not have in any event in case I tore her open when doing so.

She said, “Have you seen enough Jim.”

I replied, “I’ve seen what you’ve had for breakfast Genie.  Surely there can be no more?”

She said, “Okay Jim.  Let’s clean up and then I have one more thing to show you and we can be done.”

I then removed the speculum from her pussy and even after removal it gapes with her huge pussy lips hanging.  I then went over to the sink and began to wash up.  

Genie walked behind me and said, “When you finish cleaning up just take a seat at the bar over there. Pour yourself a drink.  I will be back in a few minutes.

After I finished washing up I walked over to the bar quadrant of the garage and poured myself a stiff JD and Coke and then sat on the bar stool.  The bar stool was facing a small makeshift stage that had a stainless steel pole installed like a professional pole dancing set up.  Above and below were some colored lights and it was exactly how I envisioned a seedy low class strip club to look like.

A few minutes later, after I had checked out the bar Genie walked out and she was wearing a short bright red dress with a low cut top.  It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra as her drooping breasts hung under wear the bra cup was and her wrinkled chest full of swirls that reminded me of an aged tree but that were the skin she had worn for so many years now.  As I gazed downwards I saw the deep blue varicose veins on her wrists and her fingers that were slightly arthritic curved.  

Gazing further down I noticed that she was wearing garters that were holding up her red fishnet stockings.  I could see the folds of skin hanging from her knees were obviously the elasticity had been lost until I reached her feet and saw that she was wearing high heeled shoes.  Her arthritic toes were shrivelled and curled at the front opening.  She also wore a satin choker with an amulet on it.  She had excessive amounts of makeup on.

Skin From Naked Granny
Naked 82 Year Old Granny

She said, “Jim, be a dear and switch that stereo on there behind you.  The music is pre-programmed.”

I complied and when I turned it on some loud stripper music came on.  Genie flicked on a power switch at the base of the stage and the lights came on.  She then climbed the stair and with her hunched over disposition began to move jerkily to the music.  The fluid erotic dance expected from a high class stripper were lost in this geriatrics aged body whose muscles where atrophied.  The whole thing was wrong on so many levels but in some artistic way it was right.  I could not help but become aroused and this elderly granny began to take off her dress releasing her dehydrated boobs.  Allowing the dress to fall to the ground displaying her aged marked belly and a white G-String.

As I looked closer at the G-String she was wearing I could not help but notice that neither of her labia were covered by it and they were left hanging at least two inches down either side.  This served only to turn me on even more.

A sparkle appeared in Genie’s eyes as she said ,”You naughty boy Jimmy.  Getting turned on by a geriatric stripper.  I am just going to have to go down there and give you a lap dance.”

She then descended the stairs and began to do her lap dance.  Putting here sagging bony ass in my face and then turning around and hitting my face with those humongous labia.  After a few minutes she stopped smiled at me and then to my amazement put her hand in her mouth and removed both her bottom and top teeth.  She had false teeth in and now she had none.

She dropped to her knees and undid my fly with her gnarly hands and then took my erect penis inside her mouth.  Her lips were not soft but rough and aged and her tongue although wet felt like a cat’s tongue – rough and abrasive as she sucked and licked my cock.  I began to fuck her mouth the more I got turned on the harder I thrust and the deeper I went.  With no teeth the sensation was totally different.

I got carried away and stood up, grabbing the back of her elderly head and began to fuck her throat deeply and with abandon.  I grabbed her hair to go deeper still and to my shock it came off in my hands.  Left before me was Genie with a few strands of long hair, with tears in her eyes due to my deep-throating her.  The good church boy that I was should have made me stop and check up on her health and safety but the sight of her vulnerable, a few strands on her head with tears in her eyes only fuelled my fire.

I grabbed the back of her now hairless head and thrust my rock hard cock in her mouth until it hit the back of her throat.  Not being satisfied with that I thrust it deeper so it went down her throat tunnel.  She bit down on the base of my cock but having no teeth this did not stop me but only served to further arouse me and my dick seemed to grow to the largest erection I ever had.

Fucking her furiously now in the throat I could feel her gag reflex spasming and her mouth clamped down on the base of my cock constricted it so much that I began to powerfully ejaculate deep inside her throat over and over again until I was finally spent.  It was only then that I realised that the pressure on the base of my cock had subsided and as I released Genie she fell to the floor.

Fuck Me!  I thought I had killed her but then I heard her laboured and frantic breath and after a few minutes she spluttered up my jizm coughling it out.

As I nudger her I said, “Oh God Genie, Are you Okay?  I am so sorry.  I didn’t mean it.  I don’t know what came over me.”

She looked up coming too from her near death by asphyxiation, coughed some more and said in a croaky voice, “It’s okay Jim.  I got what I deserved.  It is the devil coming out of me and you.”  She coughed and sputtered some more and finally rose to her feet and said, “Jim, if you can go over there (indicating the bathroom area) clean yourself up and let yourself out that would be fine.”

I said, “Genie, really I am sorry.”

She looked back as she was leaving the room and I could see a slight twinkle in her eye again as she said, ‘Jim, will I see you next month to help me prune the bushes.”

I said, “Sure Genie, anything to help.”

Anal Spreading Fetish
The Goatse Fetish

This became a regular tryst for me and Genie until she passed when she was 84 years old.  However by the time she drew her last breath my father had introduced me to a large number of sexy grannies that needed our community assistance like Prudence who had an extreme fetish with Goatse.  Perhaps you may want to learn more about her?

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