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So here I am a few years on!  Sadly, my dad passed away however he made sure that I was looked after as far as older women were concerned.  My granny sex experiences have literally turned me off younger women.  I cannot stand the demands, angst and basically all the prima donna shit that young women give.

Look I am not saying occasionally I don’t have sex with a younger woman but that is it. No more dates and relationships they are far too much trouble.  My dear old dad passed on his secret to sexual happiness and fulfilment when he got me involved in charity work for the elderly and over the past five years until my dad passed he has ensured that I had his entire list of fucking grannies that I regularly clean the pipes for – pardon the pun.  There have been some interesting ones and I am sure that there will be more to come.  I have kept notes in my diary of the more interesting sessions, and it is always good to remember those that have departed as well.

This brings me to my next crazy granny fucking experience after the 73 year old femdom had her way with me.   This lovely lady I will call my pole dancing granny.

So a couple of weeks after my encounter with Ethyl my dad finally came to me and said, “Son, it is time that we give back and you go and visit Genie.  She needs some help pruning”.

I said, ‘How old is Genie dad?’

He said, ‘Son she is 82 but looks much younger.  Before she found God she used to be a pole dancer so she has all the curves in the right places.  But she can be a bit of a naughty one.”

I said, ‘Dad, I don’t think that she could be any naughtier than Ethyl – it took me days to recover.  You should have at least warned me.’

He laughed and I saw that twinkle in his eye as he said, “You were a boy scout and should have known to be prepared for anything.  And you must admit that the surprise was definitely worth it.” as he laughed and gave me the address on a piece of paper.

I laughed too and said, ‘Sure dad’.

So I got into my gardening gear, grabbed a pair of pruning shears from the shed and walked to Genie’s house.  The spring day was fine, the air was fresh and I was looking forward to what was to come.  About 15 minutes later I arrived at a white cul-de-sac and did a double-take as I checked the address my dad had given me.  Yep, right number, right street but the garden was immaculate, the trees perfectly trimmed.

The first thought that entered my mind was that the poor old dear had suffered from dementia or senility and her children must be looking after the property.  Not one to procrastinate over such matters I headed to the front door and gave it a knock to find out what the real story was.

No sooner had I knocked when I heard a woman’s voice in a sing song style call out, ‘Coming.”  As the door opened my eyes for the first time viewed Genie.  My dad was right.  Genie was wearing a pink leotard that was body hugging and her body was trim and taught with curves in all the right places.  She had to body of a fit woman in her late forties or early fifties – nothing like an 82 year old.  It was only when I looked up to her face that you could see the age.  As I gazed I could see that her face was wrinkled and battered from weather and too much sun.  I could see that her features were symmetrical and I could only wonder what a stunner she must have been when her face matched her body in age appearance.   The bags under her eyes were dark, deep and saggy and her overly bright shiny red lipstick stood out in contrast from the matte foundation she had powdered on her face,

She said, “You must be Jim!  Your father has told me all about you.  Why don’t you come in – you can leave your pruners by the front door – you will not be needing them’.

I said, ‘Miss Genie.  There must be some kind of mistake.  My father said you needed some help pruning.”

Genie said, “I do Jim, I do!”

She opened the door and I followed her in.  The house was pristine and immaculate.  There was not one single thing out of place, no dust, the floor was so clean you could eat a meal off it.  She led me to the kitchen and as I followed behind her I saw that her leotard was a G-String which curved right up her bubble butt of an ass.  Her tights were a dark blue and she was barefoot.  Her hair was died black and frizzed in a 80’s hairstyle.  I noticed that although she looked fantastic body wise she walked with a gait that I put down to an arthritic or osteoporosis condition, possibly from over exercising in her youth

As we reached her kitchen she said, “I just put a pot of tea on Jim.  Sit down whilst I make you a cup and I will explain to you what needs trimming.’

As I said down I thought to myself that this is a similar situation I found myself in with Ethyl and we all know how that panned out!  Genie poured me my tea and I noticed that the joint lining in her hands had swollen and her fingers were curled.  She struggled to keep the pot stable but managed in the end.

She said, “Milk and sugar?”

I said, “Yes, please”.

After she finished serving me she said, “Jim, this is the first time we have met and I am a bit embarrassed but your father told me that I was to hold nothing back from you.  I try to live a prim and proper life since I found God but once a month I need to relive the days when I was a naughty girl.  I do it in this house so that I do not give into temptation and try to go back to my wild days – even though I am probably too old to live more than a week or two if I did.  Can you understand this Jim?”

I said, “Sure, what you do in your own home is your own business.”

She said, “Glad to hear that but there is no fun in doing it alone.  I need someone that I can trust – as an experience unshared is not a full one.  Your father has been in my trust for years now and he said I should trust in you now.”

I said, “You can trust me Miss Genie’.

She said, “Jim just call me Genie.  In any event I have a room in this house that has been set-up for this sole purpose.  I keep it locked all the time but on the first day of each month I open it, for years it has been with your father, where I allow myself to be naughty again.  Can we go to that room now that you have finished your tea Jim?”

I said, “My father has instilled in me that we should be charitable to any of our elderly parishioners and I am more than happy to share your naughty experience with you.”

Genie jumped up and down and giggled, nothing like a little girl but she clapped her hands in joy as she said, ‘Your dad said you would not let me down.  Follow me.”

She opened a kitchen draw and withdrew a single key.  She motioned for me to follow and headed towards the internal door that looked like it would access the garage.   She put the key in the lock, unlocked it, opened the door and as she walked in she turned the lights on.  As I followed her and looked inside I stopped.  I think my mouth had opened so much it was inches from the floor.  This would have cost a pretty penny to set up.

As I took it all in I noticed that room had been evenly divided into four sections.  One corner section of the room was tiled in white.  The walls were white and it was brightly lit.  It had white cabinetry and it appeared to have different types of medical equipment in and on the cupboards.  At the center of the floor was gynecological examination chair complete with stirrups.  At the next corner there was a makeshift bar with an abundant choice of liquors and bar chairs.  In the next corner was a stage set up complete with stripper pole.  And the final corner contained a large bathroom.  There were no walls so each section was visible.

Finally, I came back to reality and looked at Genie who was looking at me and I guess my reaction.

I stammered, “Sorry Genie, it was a bit of a shock and a lot to take in one go.”

She said, ‘Yes, your father had the same reaction many years ago.  Are you ok?”

I said, ‘Sure. What now.”

Granny Speculum Sex
Sex With Grannies

She said, “It is time for you to prune my bushes.  Can you turn around for a minute?  I will let you know when I am ready”

I turned around and heard her shuffling around and after about three minutes she said, “All ready you can look now.’

As I turned I saw that she was completely naked on the gyno chair.  Her legs were already in the stirrups and I could see her overly hairy twat.  It was meaty and her flaps were huge and hanging.  Next I took in her stomach and I could see the many stretch marks I assume from giving childbirth and age.  The muscle she had kept the skin taut but that did not hide the varicose veins on her legs or the enlarged knees and curled toes from the arthritis.  In front of her open cavern was a cordless trimmer and I now knew what trimming the bushes were.

Not one to dilly dally and ready for action I went straight to the trimmer and got to work.  I was amazed at the amount of pubic hair she had down there for a granny over the age of 80 and as the tufts of hair began to fly I could not help marvel as to how gargantuan her pussy actually was.  As the more hair came off I marveled at her elongated clitoris and her vajayjay slit that was massive.  I could see that her rosebud was puckering with each stroke of the clippers.

Finally after about five minutes her old cunt was free of hair.  She sighed and said, “It is time for you to examine me to make sure that I have been a good girl for the past month” as she pointed towards a large vaginal speculum that was so large it must have been for an animal that sat atop the counter.  Next to the speculum I noticed that there was some J-Lube and a bucket so I poured some of the powder into the bucket and added some water and ended up with about four liters of lube.  More than enough for what I assumed she wanted me to do.

I walked over to her as she smiled and I saw that there were traces of moisture now on the outside of those gigantic pussy lips.  She was obviously turned on as I put the bucket of lube down beside me.  I then grabbed a handful of the lubricant and put in on the outside of her pussy.  I grabbed another handful and gently began to lubricate her inside but there was no resistance.  This was something I had read about when the labia majora and labia minora muscles atrophy.  I decided to try and without the slightest resistance my fist entered until it reached the cervix and with little resistance entered the uterus.

She began to moan as I did this.  I then put my other hand in the bucket of lube and then slid it along the inserted arm repeating that same process.  This was something you could only read about – within two minutes I have both my fists up to the elbow inside Genie’s cavernous cunt.  I began to thrust in and out and Genie moaned yelling, ‘Fuck it harder!’

I wondered to myself how the hell any man could satisfy a woman with such an abundance of space in her womanhood.  But wonder or not I was on my charitable mission and was double fist fucking this 82 year old slut.  Profanities were being expelled from her mouth at a rate I had never heard of before.

Within minutes Genie yelled out, “I’m coming you mother fucking cock sucking cunt.” With that she thrust harder down on my fists and I felt her uterus tightening on my fists and then finally releasing as she grabbed my arms and stilled me.

She said, “I needed that Jim.  Now I want you to grab that speculum and open me up.  I want you to look in my love tunnel and see my pelvic floor muscles.  I want there to be nothing left unseen from my open cunt.”

I said, ‘Sure Genie.  That sounds like fun as I grabbed the equestrian speculum.

To be continued…..

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Gay Anal Virgin Made For My Personal Pleasure!


Three years ago, I used to listen to one of the local community radio stations. This particular night was different from every other night. A deeply masculine and soothing voice spoke “I am a married man secretly searching for an experienced mature gay man for a massage. I am an anal virgin made for your personal pleasure.”  I was instantly turned on by his offer. Plus it was free, so why not?  He continued “If you are interested in popping my tight cherry, contact the radio station for more details.” I hurriedly contacted the radio station who told me to meet him at the local docks in New York.

That night, I arrived at the docks and looked for him. The radio station told me to look for a man wearing a gay colour coded handkerchief in his right pocket of his jeans. I walked down the docks and looked for the man. I saw him first and watched him from a distance. He had short blonde hair with a fringe, his muscular body was perfectly outlined through his tight white shirt and tattoos covered his arms. Our eyes met for the first time, he smiled through his beard and adjusted his shirt in hopes that I would be the lucky candidate he had asked for.

I walked up to him and we spoke for a long time. I found out that he worked on the docks and frequently traveled out of New York. He had been married for five years but fantasized about his previous sexual encounters with his childhood friends. The sexual experimentation with his friends went no further than peeking at each other’s penises. Ever since then he had countless sexual thoughts of experiencing anal sex with a gay man for the first time. He appeared uncertain about what he was doing, he was so timid and almost powerless.

Since he was a beginner, I did not want to rush him. I decided to invite him over to my house for a drink and personal massage to see if he would like things to progress. I have worked professionally as a part time masseuse for the past couple of years and I had found that it is an extremely pleasant, nonthreatening approach to become more acquainted with somebody. We drove over to my place.

I gave him a cold beer and we chatted for some time until he was relaxed. At that point, I led him downstairs to where the massage table was. I instructed him to undress while I retrieved the oil and towels from another room. When I got back, there he was on the table, absolutely stripped and spread out like a smorgasbord. I took a gander at his ass knowing nobody had ever been in there before. I salivated.

I gave him one of my best and most sensual massages that I possibly could. He began to moan with every stroke. He rolled over onto his back and he placed his hard erection into my hand. I made him spread his legs with my free hand and plunged my mouth onto his cock. I slowly licked, slurped and drooled my way down to his rosebud.

I became harder knowing nobody had ever rimmed him before. I began to do my specialty, he lifted his legs lifted off the table which allowed me to get my tongue into his sweet asshole. He was squirmed and groaned in absolute delight as I twisted and moved his ass checks down into my face, almost like a dog in heat. When he was overwhelmed and could scarcely talk, I slid my tongue right into his rose bud and moved his body back and forth. I stroked his cock until he was about to cum. I quickly placed his cock down my throat and he came in immense spurts down my throat which I was pleased to swallow. As he rested, he groaned with relief.

I was in sweats and my shirt was soaked through. As he got dressed, he told me that nothing he had ever experienced before compared to the massage. He noted down on my calendar the times he was available. As he exited my house, he swore he’d be back.

1st Gay Sex Experience
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Early the following week I got a call from him. His wife was going away, he needed to come over and see me once more. He asked “Would it be okay if I spend the night? I’d truly love to.” I of course said yes.

On Thursday, he appeared at my doorstep. He gave me a big embrace and laid a sweet kiss on my cheek. We talked for some time, this time he appeared to be exceptionally eager so I took him down the stairs for another massage. When I got him downstairs it was obvious he wasn’t there for another massage, if his erect cock was any guide.

I ate him out again until he was on the verge of moaning. I peeled my garments off while I went down on him. I placed some SuperSlyde lubricant onto my fingers and inserted them inside. I began to finger him, moving them in and out. He groaned as his ass tightened around my fingers. I slowed down, moved my mouth to his ear and said “Do you want me to top you?” I inhaled into his ear. “Would you like to get fucked by a man?”

“Hell yeah!” he replied. I was hard as stone from listening to him groan and his words simply made me harder. I got the lube and rubbed it on my cock. I moved up on the table and settled between his legs. I pulled at his hips until he was up on his knees with his face still on the table. I gazed down into his totally gaping ass. His hole was a bit red and swollen from the fingering I’d effectively done. It almost sparkled in the low light with the lube I’d placed there. It looked like heaven’s door to me and he moved his hips forward and backward. His gape opened and closed as if it were winking at me. It opened and shut automatically as he knew what was about to happen to him. I grasped my cock at the base and swiveled my hips forward. The tip of my cock touched the wet entrance and simply kissed his gaped ass.

“Alright, I’m going to slide in. Push out, as if you’re taking a dump.” I said.

He kindly pushed out and when I saw his little gape open, I quickly began to squeeze the tip in knowing this would be his very first gay anal experience. At first I felt the resistance, but it began to give way which gave me a chance to slide it further into him. His little gap was only able to tolerate the head of my prick. When I popped it further inside, he snorted like he’d been punched. I halted totally still for a minute and he began to move his hips once more. He backed into me and pushed a couple of inches of me into his cherry butt. He whimpered a bit under his breath. His back was completely covered in sweat, the inches that he inserted had inspired him to push even deeper back onto my cock.

Hot shirtless man
Image: Shirtless Man

I was completely inside of him, my balls were tight against his ring and my pubes scratched up against his butt cheeks. He groaned and gasped for a moment or two. I kept still and absorbed the mind boggling warmth and tight hold of his virginity. I ran my hands up his sides and down his spine which calmed and unwound him to get him prepared for more. I was going to ride his virgin ass hard, however I needed him to be completely invested so that he could always remember the hot and steamy moments of his first time.

I stayed still until he began to move under me. Then I slid myself out by only an inch and inserted it once more deeply inside. I rested as his hot ass grasped onto my hard cock. After every two breaths, I would move out and then back in. He groaned even louder and snorted each time I thrusted into his virgin cheeks. Each time I would go as deep as possible, with a throaty snort I rammed my cock right up into his pelvis. He began to move his butt once again into me and countered my strokes. His back broke out in shivers.

I was delicate with him but I used incredible power. I needed him to realize that it was a man in his rear end, that his virginity had been taken and there was no retreating. He angled his bum up into my groin with a full stroke and made a higher pitched groan. He did it again and made a little snort when it bottom. He was somewhat freer now, his virgin gape took me in more easily and it was beginning to feel great. The floods of joy were beginning for him and I knew the time had come to turn up the power a bit.

I lifted him up a little on the following stroke. This time I massaged my cock over his prostate. He made a startled sound. He moved once again into me and I pushed somewhat harder back in. His head swung to the side, his eyes were shut however his mouth was open and a little dribble spilled out the side of his lips which wet the sheets. I went into him quicker and harder this time. His body quivered under the blow, yet he continued to groan.

I thrusted in hard, his head lifted off the table somewhat and he groaned louder. I reached around his waist and held onto his prick which was rock hard. It spilled out with pre-cum. I massaged his pre-cum everywhere on his cock head and stroked it with a tight grasp. He intensely shivered as he yanked his head back hard when I pummeled into him.

After a few more hard strokes, I hauled my cock out of him. He grunted as I dragged him off the table and I pushed him down over it. I kicked his lower legs apart and slid into his rosebud with one hard stroke. I continued to stretch around and jerk his throbbing prick. I used his own pre-cum as lube. I fucked his butt for the following 20 minutes, blending short hard thrusts and long moderate strokes. He adored every moment.

At long last, his groans got louder and higher pitched. He thrusted back into me harder on every stroke. His head was going here and there on every stroke. I fucked harder into him, his prick swelled significantly harder and it knew it wouldn’t be much longer. I wasn’t too far away myself, I could feel my nuts tighten and the humming sensation that lets you know it will be a huge load.

All of a sudden he was there. I extended my body over him, I beat my hips into him and jacked him hard. With a profound snort, his prick spasmed in my grasp. He raised his head back. He spurted and spurted all of his seed over my massage table. His rosebud held me inside as firmly as it had when we’d initially begun. He discharged cum out everywhere on the table, his entire body writhed like a snake and his ass spasmed on my cock.

I beat two more strokes into the tight grip his ass had on me. I held myself hard and deep inside. I hammered out a hot and substantial load into his virgin ass. I shivered and gasped. It felt sweat and smooth. My cock pulsated in him as his ass drained out the last drops of my cum. I held him tight in my arms, one hand placed on his chest and the other cupped his balls. I lay forward over his back and simply inhaled into his neck for a minute. I rubbed my facial hair against his delicate skin for a minute.

He turned his head and looked at me. He wore a grin of a sexually fulfilled man – a bit timid, however extremely fulfilled.

That was the story of how a man of the docks lost his cherry for the very first time.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

A Tickle Torture Virgin’s Cuckold Session

Sexy french maid in costume

If bondage and submission is what gets your toes tingling then have you ever tried tickle torture?

What Is Tickle Torture?

Tickle torture is the use of tickling to abuse, dominate, harass, humiliate or interrogate an individual. The victim laughs even if he or she finds the experience unpleasant because the laughter is an innate reflex rather than a social conditioning. Tickle torture can either be consensual or forced, depending on the circumstances.

Does it intrigue you to be completely suspended and incapable of movement as you give somebody else the power to do as they wish to you?

Then have I got a story for you!!

My Erotic Tickle Torture Story

As a sales consultant at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, I was given a gift to review called the Zumio. It looked like some sort of pen, I had to admit I was a little confused. I began to read the box…..

  • Invented by and designed by women
  • 8 speed settings to adjust the intensity
  • Slender ergonomic design for comfort
  • Quiet operation
  • Vibration free handle
  • SpiroTIP revolution technology
  • Designed for solo and partner play
  • Washable, waterproof and durable
  • Made with medical-grade silicone and ABS plastics
  • Water based lubricant safe
  • Induction re-chargeable by USB
  • Long lasting battery life
  • 1 Year Warranty

After reading all of this, I now realise this is perfect for my partner as she loves a quite intense vibe play and the Zumio has the option for insertion. I feel I could be holding her new favourite sex toy…

Later that night once I arrived home I showed her this new sex toy. As I pulled a box with classy packaging out of a black plastic bag, I could see that her eyes began to wonder what it was. She began to read the box and I could see her mind taking in all the information on what this device could be capable of. She smirked at me, threw it at me and told me to “Open it up then!“.

Opening up the box, I could see how perfect it was designed to be packed away and charged, it is an amazing portable clitoral stimulator. The recharging unit uses any android charger to power it as the Zumio sits inside. I took it out of the box and showed her how intense the vibrations were and how quiet the device was. She was stunned and just as curious as I was to how it would work. I couldn’t wait to try this out on her, the idea of her tied up with her legs spread with no stopping me from forcing her to reach total climax was too much.

She smirked at me and said “Get upstairs, take off your clothes and wait for me to come up” I looked back at her with excitement as I begin to dart upstairs to get ready. I grabbed the ZUMIO, she stopped me and said in a firm voice “No, no! This stays here with me. I’ll see you in 10 minutes. You better be ready!”

Confused but intrigued I turn around and ran upstairs. I lit a few candles to set the mood and undressed myself. I lay there naked and waited for her, it felt like the longest 10 minutes of my life! The door swang open and there she was. She stood there in a skin tight black latex dress and bright red heels with an extremely large whip that I had never seen before.

Dominatrix with a submissive man
Image: Man Restrained On Bed

She ordered me to lay on my stomach. I rolled over *Whack!* I felt a hit from the whip send a sharp sting that tingled a cold sensation throughout my body. I heard the sound of tape being pulled out. My legs are pushed together and I felt her tape my ankles together. She then taped my knees together. After she’s done wrapping me in tape she flipped me over, held my hands above my head, and taped them together to the bed head. She looked at me with a smirk and said “I’ll be back soon”. She placed a blindfold over my head. I could hear her heels click on the floor as she left the room and slammed the door!

After about 10 of the longest minutes of my life I heard her heels come back up the stairs and the door opens. She said in a sarcastic voice “Aww… look at my helpless little pet“. I squirm to test the tightness of the tape she giggles “Your definitely not going anywhere are you?” As I begin to reply the moment my mouth opened I felt something get stuffed into it. She then wrapped tape around my head at least 4 times. I hear her giggle “Do you like the taste of my gym socks?”. I muffle as she laughs “I’ll take that as a yes…”

I hear a vibrating sound…. she began to tell me “I know you brought this toy home for me but as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it” She laughed. At this point in time I felt a little bit of fear as to what she has planned for me. I am currently helpless with my ankles and knees tapped together, wrists taped to the bed head with a dirty gym sock jammed into my mouth. There is nothing I could possibly do to stop her. She asks me if I’m scared. I nod my head. She laughed “So you should be! We’re going to have some fun tonight…. Well, I guess I am!”.

I can hear a quiet vibrating sound. It sounds no louder than the vibration of a mobile phone call in your pocket. Then I felt the vibration of the ZUMIO on the arch of my foot. I scream as loudly as I can but all you can hear is a muffled scream. She giggled “Aww, baby! Does that tickle? Just tell me to stop if it’s too much for you okay?”

I was on my knees, the Zumio is held on my feet. I screamed and am going insane but nothing is coming through this sock gag. She said “You don’t seem to be having fun.. But yet you’re not telling me to stop” she laughed. After a constant 10 minutes of vibrations on my feet it became unbearable. She stopped and said “Do you think you’ve had enough?” I nod my head telling her yes as I am unable to speak but she replied “Use your words like a big boy”. She begins to tickle some more…. I scream under the gag. I can try to escape.

She removed the blindfold and jumps off me for a second and says “If you really don’t like it then why is your dick so hard?” Dripping in pre cum I was about to explode she began to lightly touch the Zumio against the tip of my shaft. The vibration is too intense to hold back my orgasm. She can see how close I was getting. She whispered in my ear “If you cum without my permission I’m going to soak it up in my other gym sock and swap it with the one already in your mouth and leave you like that to sleep the night! Is that what you want?” I shook my head trying to beg for no more. She moved the ZUMIO towards the tip of my cock, I begin to cum….. As soon as my orgasm begins she takes the ZUMIO off and watches the cum squirt out of my cock dripping down and pulsing she laughs and said “Aww baby! Did I ruin your orgasm” I nod my head to reply yes. She replied “But did I say you are allowed to cum” I look at her in fright as she wiped the cum up with her other gym sock and placed it next to me while I am still tied up.

Man wearing BDSM blindfold
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She picked up her phone and ignored me for about 5 minutes she then tells me that her girlfriends are having some drinks at a friend’s house down the road. She starts the Zumio back up, puts a condom over my cock and taped the Zumio around my leg pressing it up against the shaft of my cock and whispered in my ear “Let’s test out the battery life and see how long it will keep running for… I’ll be back later you better not cum again and if you do your only filling this condom for me” With a wink she grabs her jacket and puts on some lipstick. I look at her with puppy eyes which beg her not to leave me here like this. She slapped my face and showed me the cum filled sock and said “Consider yourself lucky this isn’t in your mouth!! You better not cum otherwise you’ll have a full condom to enjoy when I get back” I hear her laugh as she left. The door slammed shut, I heard it being locked with a key from the outside and the clink of her heels as she walked away….

The Experience

Compared to the soft tickle of a lace teaser or from the hands of your partner the Zumio will take you to an indescribable level of tickle torture to have such a strong vibrating force from such a small product that can fit into some of the most torturous places. I guarantee you are in for some fun. To anybody that is into the tickle torture scene I highly recommend this women’s sex toy for your next torture.

Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

The Biggest Dick I Ever Had!

huge cock teen sex

When I was 15, my neighbors had a few visitors for the mid-year. I figured they were close with them or something, I don’t truly know. In any case when they arrived, I saw a fine looking fellow who looked about my age arrive.

The following day I saw him sunbathing in their yard with his shirt off but his jeans still on.  The neighbours did not have a pool but we did so I called out, “Hey, you want to come over here and have a dip in our pool”?

He said, “Sure that would be a great idea! My name is Joe.  Let me check with my parents”.

A short time later he returned, he said “Do you want me to wear board shorts or speedos?”

I replied playfully “I think I would like to see you in speedos” for no other motive than to see the outline of his cock in that body hugging swimwear.

He said “Sure, no problem” and he went into his home.

A short time later he came along the side of our house with a swimming bag still wearing his jeans and no shirt, whilst he extended his hand he said “I’m Joe from Essendon.  I’m 14”.

I said “My name is Angel and I’m 15.  Pleased to meet you!  You haven’t put your speedos on yet?”, whilst shaking his hand.

He said “Where are your parents?”

I said “They have gone out to lunch today as it is their anniversary.  I don’t expect them home until tonight.”

He said, “Is it OK that I am here without them?”

I said,”Of course.”

He then walked to the side of the house and said, I’m going to change here, so turn away if you don’t want to see anything, don’t look OK’.

Obviously, I needed to see something, so I looked. His back was turned, so I couldn’t see that much, yet he had an extraordinary ass, and his dick was hanging down between his legs, similar to his balls. It was the hugest dick I had ever seen. Nearly 20 years later it is still one of the hugest dicks I had ever seen.  Being an inquisitive young lady I yearned to see more.

Having put on his speedos he turned around and he saw me staring at the outline of his cock.

He said ‘Ha! Ha ha I have caught you looking!’

I said sorry ‘I couldn’t help it!  You are massive.”

His dick wasn’t even hard and he had a huge one, and I mean immense, bulge in the front of his speedos. He saw me continue to look at it. I am sure that my mouth had dropped and was open in shock when I heard him laughing.

He said “Why don’t you get in your bikini.  It is not fair that you are staring at me in my speedos when you have not even put on your bathing suit”.

Obviously I was a little more prudish than he and I went up to my bedroom and put on my bikini.  When I was 15 I had not shot up yet so was slim and just over 5 feet in height but my breasts had developed.  I was quit self conscious about my whopping size 34C’s that looked even huger because of my thin and short frame.  The bikini top barely covered my enormous juggs and the G-String bottom showed off my tight and taut posterior.  Looking back my ass was incredible, especially when I was tanned.

Man By the Pool

I heard a splash, I looked out my window that overlooked the pool and backyard. I saw him swimming and then jump onto the inflatable raft.  He then positioned himself so that he was lying on his back and began to sun bake.  From my position I could see his enormous package and the water had made his speedos see thru and I could see his cock in detail.  I watched him, he turned me on. I made a promise to myself that his dick would be mine before the end of the day.

After perving for quite a few minutes I made my way back to the side of the pool making sure my bikini was just right and asked  him ‘What do you think?”

He opened his eyes and gazed at my breasts. He said “You have a fucking amazing rack!”

I could see he was telling the truth because that ginormous cock started to get larger, but before I could get a decent look at it erect he slid off the raft and into the pool.  He helped me in, we swam and played in the pool for about 30 minutes.

I said “Do you want to play a game of pool volleyball?  It’s similar to basketball and we have a hoop that floats in the water.  We can make it interesting by making a wager.  Whoever losses has to take off their bathing suit. ”

He grinned and said “I like what you are thinking and where you are going with this.”

I got the floating hoop and ball, I placed it in the pool and we began to play.  The rules were first to 5 wins the game.  I scored first but then he blocked me and scored twice so it was 2-1 his way.  We then battled and soon we were all tied up at 4 each.  The battle was on but finally he managed to get past me and scored.

I said “Top or bottom?”

He said, “I want to see that rack.  Your boobs are out of this world”

I then took off my top and my boobs floated upwards in the water.  Being just 15 they did not drop and stood proudly.  Because of the water and probably because I was turned on my nipples protruded.  It was time to continue the game.

This time, I think because he was distracted by my bare breast he was easy to beat and I triumphed over him with a score 5-2.  Without further ado he removed his speedos and tossed them to the beach chairs by the side of the pool.  Because we were in the water I could see the shape of his cock but not with any clarity.

I said ” Its not fair.  you can see my boobs but I cannot see your cock.”

He said, “Let’s get out of the pool and go inside.  Then you can look at my cock as much as you want.”

I got out first and sat on the beach chair. I turned around to see him leaving the pool.  For the first time I saw his cock in it’s entirety and it was a  monster.  In its flaccid state and after being in a pool filled with cold water it was 8 inches or more, but it was not the length it was also the thickness.  If there was a titan of cocks Joe had been given it.  He walked right up to where I was sitting so that his cock was literally inches from my face.

He said “So what do you think of it now?”

I did not have words.  My mouth had dropped again.  I was stunned.  He held out his hand, which I grabbed and he walked me inside – I was still in a daze and then I led him to my bedroom.  He was totally naked and I just had my G-String on.  I looked at his dick and it was beginning to get erect, I watched it as it slowly lifted and increased in size, it became more solid.  This thing was a fucking beast.  It was more than two inches thick on one side so I could only imagine what the entire circumference would be. It now stood a good 10 inches in size.  It was hard to believe that a 14 year old could have such a tool on him and I wondered if I could ever possible take something that large in my pussy – which by the way had  gotten wet in anticipation.

A 14 year old testosterone levels can be unpredictable however Joe was not embarrassed at all as his cock became fully erect. I said “Joe, sit down on my bed will you.”

He did and I dropped to my knees. I began to first lick and then suck his giant member.  As I sucked it, there was no way I could take the entire thing in my mouth, in fact I think I only got it half down before I started to gag so I used both hands to hold the base of his cock and stroked it whilst I gave him head with my mouth.  My oral services obviously pleased him because he began to moan in delight.  I increased the vigor in which I stroked his shaft and after about 5 minutes he started to cum.

His white hot semen spurted as I tried to guzzle it all down.  I squeezed his balls and cock which increased the delivery of his hot jiz. It flowed down my throat.  I became his cum bucket as he filled my guts with his seed.  Like his cock, never before or after had I seen someone with so much cum.  He spurted at least 8 full cum shots, each and every one of them hitting the back of my throat as I swallowed.  There was so much cum that the last two shots I could no longer swallow and his hot white stream dripped down the sides of my mouth, onto my breasts and onto the floor.

After a few moments his cock began to go limp but it never became small – that was never going to happen.  After a short time he laid me on the bed and took off my G-String revealing my nearly hairless teen pussy.  My youthful pink lips happily parted as he spread my legs and revealed the wetness that had came from my aching pussy during his head job.  He then went down on me and began to lick my delicate clitoris, he then licked the lips of my vagina and finally made his tongue dart in and out of my pussy.

The feeling was astounding and astonishing. I yelled out his name many times as a way of encouraging him more.  I came at least three times and as my vaginal juices gushed from my gaping hole he lapped them all up.  He became my cum bucket and was eagerly drinking all my love juices.

After the third time I had squirted, I needed him inside me and I said. “I can see your cock is hard again.  How about you try and put that monster in.”

He smiled and said “I thought you would never ask.”

With the amount of foreplay that he had given me my hole was hot and open, ready to take anything.  However when he put his massive head at my opening I was not quite so sure.  I was not a virgin but it felt like I was a virgin again.  He put the head of his cock on my pussy and slowly and steadily pushed.  It seemed like ages and suddenly it ‘popped’ in.  It hurt a whole lot but I was on fire and needed his cock more than anything I had ever desired before.  He continued pushing his shaft in and out of my cunt slowly until it began to feel alright.

Joe must have sensed that I was okay with his cock inside me probably because I was pushing my hips towards him as he drove his cock in and I swayed back as it went outwards.  Our sexual rhythm became one and increased in speed. He pumped his cock in hard, grinding it in 10 or 11 inches deep.  My poor teen pussy had never been so stretched before or beaten by a monster of a cock.  We had hard fucking sex for about ten minutes, I saw the expression on his face and knew that he was about to cum.

I said “Cum inside me you fuck.”

He yelled ” Fuck yeah!” and with that he began to spurt. He moaned and screamedg as he wildly fucked my little pussy with that adonis of a cock.  Yum, I was astounded! There was as much cum if not more than when I had given him head.  It took him a whole three minutes or more of cumming until he finally lay beside me exhausted and trembling.  I could feel his jism run down between my legs.

Now that we had stopped I could feel pain in my pussy and looked down to see jism mixed with blood running between my legs.  His huge cock had ripped my poor pussy.  He said “Shit. I’ve injured you.  We have to get you to a hospital.” and jumped up.

I said “Joe, relax.  It is probably just a small tear.  What did you think would happen fucking me like that with your god sized dick?”

He did not relax and turned white.

I again said “It’s nothing to worry about Joe.  I will get a pad and it will be fine.”

He then settled down and left about 30 minutes after.

I was fine and it was just a small tear that healed itself within a couple of days.  Joe stayed with the neighbors for two weeks so we revisited similar sexual trysts at every available opportunity.  Now, 20 years on we still keep in touch with each other even though I am happily married.  I would never tell my husband but Joe was/is incredible.  Never have I met a man like him sexually nor do I think I will.  On one of his visits in the years that followed we measured his cock – I think he was 18 then – and it was over 12 inches long.

Just writing this and thinking about his cock made me salivate and get wet again.  Goodness, you have to excuse me whilst I grab one of my toys and get myself off.  Ahh.. Joe, you’ve done it again!

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Wild Wandering Fetish Fantasy – Part Two

Woman in black bondage gear

This is part two of the erotic story series Wild Wandering Fetish Fantasy.

As we continued driving towards the start of the trail, Josh made a turn in the opposite direction. “Where are we going?” I exclaimed, wondering if he had any idea where the Crystal Falls trail was. “We need to go to a different track, one where we won’t run into anybody. There’s no dogs allowed in the park remember?” he said as he leant over and put his hand on my thigh, grabbing at my flesh with the same vigour as his intense kiss previously.

By this stage, my heart was racing with excitement and anticipation. I had never had a man use such force with me and as hard as it was for my strong-willed self to admit, I loved it!! So many guys I had been with in the past seemed scared when I asked them to be more dominant to powerfully control my submissiveness, it was like I was asking them something they were completely incapable of rising to. Being dominant seemed so natural for Josh, as if he was getting to be his most authentic self. It felt so good to be around, my body fully surrendering in his presence as we drove to our destination.

As we pulled up to the start of an unfamiliar track, Josh turned to me as I went to grab the door handle. He looked at me with an assertive expression “You wait for me to get you puppy, ok?!”  I nodded my compliance and sat in the car as he grabbed supplies out of the boot. I was sure he would be packing the rope for some fun in the bush!

Josh came around to my side and grabbed the lead as soon as he opened the door. “Cannot have you running away from me” he grinned as he ran his fingers through my hair, pulling my head back and burying his mouth into my neck. I let out a loud moan, squealing with delight at this unexpected devouring. “Now, because you’re a special puppy and it’s your first trip out, I won’t make you walk on all fours however if I see that you’re misbehaving, you’ll be getting down on the ground and staying there for the rest of the day. Got it?” By this point, I could feel heat building in between my legs, my heart racing at the possibility of what was to come. I never imagined how turned on this would make me!

Woman Wearing BDSM Collar
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We started walking along the trail, the lead attached to the collar in Josh’s hand as I strode slightly behind him. He walked with such confidence that was powerful and strong, I felt completely safe in his presence. By this stage, the sun was shining brightly and I noticed beads of sweat forming at the back of my neck. I had worn a long sleeve top with denim shorts and hiking boots, thinking it was going to be a cool day.

“Oh my god, this day is becoming ridiculously hot, what was I thinking wearing this top?!” I said in a frustrated manner. “Are you whingeing puppy?!” Josh said as he turned around, and approached me. He went straight to the collar, unclipped the lead and told me to lift my arms above my head. I did as he asked and with a swift motion he pulled my shirt off revealing the sports bra I had underneath. I didn’t mind one bit walking around in this and was just relieved I wouldn’t be sweltering under a top.

As I went to place my arms down, assuming he was done and wanted to put the lead back on, he grabbed my wrists and told me to leave them up. “Ahh hell no!!” I squealed as he pulled my bra over my head, revealing my breasts for what felt like the whole world to see. I was confident with my body but the thought of running into some old couple out hiking made me nervous. “Relax puppy, no one ever comes out here. Besides, you don’t want to have to walk on all fours, do you?” he said as his hands made their way towards the button of my shorts, undoing my pants and pulling them down along with my underwear. “You have a beautiful sexy body and should be proud of it.” As he bent down and made me step out of my shorts I noticed his eyes consuming the sight of my wet pussy. His gaze made me melt inside and I stood there yearning for more.

Here I was in the middle of the bush, wearing nothing else but hiking boots & a collar and I had never felt more alive. Josh clipped the lead back on and we continued to walk along the trail, this time at a slightly faster pace. “I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine puppy, we’re about an hour from our first rest point and I sure can’t wait to teach you some tricks when we get there.”  My body was buzzing all over, electrified by his words and manner. I couldn’t wait an hour to have his hands touch my body, to have him satiate this building hunger between my legs. It seemed I had no choice but to wait. Besides, I didn’t want to risk saying something and having to walk on my hands and knees the rest of the way…

Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

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