73 Year Old Granny FemDom Sex!

Sexy Granny In Lingerie

Continued from Charity Granny Sex!

…. Huh!…  Geez, I must have dozed off – as I slowly came back to reality.  What the!  I can’t move my hands.  Looking around I now realized that I was stark naked and my hands were tied to the back of the chair and my ankles were tied to each leg of the chair.

I realized where I was now and looked up to see dear Ethyl smiling at me.  Now I was worried.  Ethyl was dressed in a shiny vinyl skirt, wearing a shiny vinyl hat, with shiny riding boots and a whip.  She had a belt and attached to the belt on a hook was a ball gag.  I could see on the table there were an assortment of sex toys.  She slashed down the whip onto her hand and a loud crack could be heard.  My 73 year old Charity Sex Granny was a domme.

She said, ‘Jim.  Your father used to tell me of all the bad things you used to do.  Are you a naughty boy?”

What was I to say, so I said, “Not really”.

Slutty Granny The Dominator
Image: Granny Is A Dominatrix

She yelled, “Liar, I will have none of that’ as she used the whip to crack across my chest making sure that I knew she was a gran femdom.  I struggled as she came up to me removing the ball gag from her belt as she said, “If you are going to lie to me, then I do not want to hear from you.”  She roughly forced the ball into my mouth and then secured the clasp around the back of my head.

She said, ‘I told you I was going to teach you a thing or two about love,’ and with that she lifted her skinny granny leg, complete with age spots and wrinkly skin and kicked out with her riding boot to my chest.  I could not believe the strength in those grandma legs as my chair toppled over backwards and I was left facing the ceiling.

Sweet Ethyl walked towards me and then straddled me so that she was directly above me.  I looked up and saw that she was wearing no underwear.  She saw me looking and said, “You are a dirty little boy aren’t you?”

I could not answer with the gag in my mouth but again there was movement down below.  She then parted her legs further and I could see her aging cunt with her labia lips hanging down.  Her asshole, complete with protruding hemorrhoids could also be seen.  She moved her hand and began playing with her cunt and I could see her granny juices were starting to flow.  Watching her wrinkled hand I watched as she put one finger, then two fingers, then three and four up her hole.  She began to moan as the trickle turned into a flow and felt droplets of her aged pussy juices fall upon my face.  Her moaning grew louder and she threw back her head and said,”I’m coming you dirty little boy!”

Naked Man Using BDSM Ball Gag In Mouth
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She began shaking and her pussy juices together with her white cum could be seen on her four fingers.  She withdrew her fingers from her now gaping cunt and wiped them clean all over my face.  It felt sticky and warm and I could distinctly smell something slightly metallic.  She began to laugh as she bent over and took off my ball gag.   My cock was standing erect and hard.

She then sat down on my chest with her legs spread.  I had to lift my head in an uncomfortable position to watch her.  I could see her slightly open pussy, surrounded by greying pubic hair that had obviously thinned out because of age.

She said, “I am going to give you a show and then you are going to eat me out.  Do you understand?”

I nodded yes.

She then began to play with herself and started with the finger thing again.  However this time she did not stop at four but put her whole fist inside her cunt with ease.  She began to fist fuck herself harder and harder and her moans became louder and louder again until she roared, “I am coming”.

She then pulled her fist out and started to squirt all over my face. She would then shove her fist back into her wrinkled old cunt and then back out again.  She was squirting or pissing all over my face but to me it felt like rain in the sunshine.  Having only bedded young women before I was used to seeing the elasticity in fresh pink pussies.  Poor old Ethyl’s cunt had obviously seen better days and when she took her fist out of her pussy it barely closed at all.  Her gaping hole remained open each time she took her fist out and I could see past the greying labia and clit inside her cavernous and long dead womb.  Her pelvic muscles had seen better days decades ago.

Finally she stopped fisting herself but remained with her legs open and her cunt gaping wide.  She said, “Are you having a bit of a look up my love tunnel are you?”

I nodded yes.

She said, “Well now it is time to get up close and personal and you are going to lick me clean.  And make sure you clean the inside too!”

With that she sat on my face and I ate first gingerly and the with zealous began to lick her clean. Her cunt remained open and I managed to penetrate it with my chin.  She liked this and began to chin fuck me, causing the back of my head to thump against the floor each time she thrusts.  With my face nestled in her aged pussy I could smell an ‘old peoples smell’.  To be quite honest it did not turn me off, it was a mixture between grassy and metallic odor.   Since I have learnt that the smell is from ‘noneal’ production or in simple terms it is caused by the deterioration of skin and the antioxidant defenses.

Ethyl then moved her ass over my face and said, “Lick my arsehole you whipper snapper”  which I eagerly complied with.  It was not the smooth anal canal I had seen when doing doggie with my younger women but full of character.  There must have been 3 or 4 hanging hemorrhoids.  I earnestly licked her ass, moving the hanging roids with my tongue until I was able to penetrate her old rosebud and tongue fucked her asshole.  She moaned and giggled with delight.

She then moved herself back on my chest and said, ‘Now you have been a good boy haven’t you?  And I can see that you may want a bit of relief so I am going to untie you and allow you however you have a choice to make.  My pussy is old and with all the use it is a bit sore so do you want a hand-job or fuck me up the ass?”

I replied, “Why not both.”

She said, “You are a naughty boy but I like it’.

She then untied me but motioned for me to stay lying down.  My cock at this stage was harder than a metal rod.  It throbbed and actually hurt because of how hard it is.  Ethyl inspected it and said, “My, my.  What a state you have got yourself in.”

She then touched my cock with her wrinkly finger and I almost exploded immediately.  She grabbed some superslyde lubricant from her table and rubbed it in her hands and began to stroke me cock.  The sensations were exquisite and I think with 90 seconds I was already in the throes of ejaculation.  Again I spurted over and over again, never in my life had I cum so much and whilst I was squirting by jism she lowered her face so that I was cumming all over her cheeks, and eyes which made me cum even more.  Finally, I finished and saw Ethyl started to rub my cum into her skin.

She said, “There is nothing like a bit of young spunk to apply to my old face.  Best rejuvenation cream ever.’

Even though I had cum, my cock was semi-erect and dear Ethyl began to get up, “Help and old dear will you Jim.’  I got up and helped Ethyl up and could hear the bones crackle with the effort.  She said, “One day you will be like me.  This damned arthritis.”  Finally she was up and hobbled over the table and bent forward lifting her skirt and revealing her bony ass.

She said, ”Now come over here Jim and stick that thing up my ass before it decides it wants to go to sleep.”  With one hand leaning on the table she moved her other hand onto one her saggy ass cheeks and pulled it apart.  As she pulled it apart her asshole began to open.  I thought to myself this is not going to be a tight butt fuck.

I grabbed the superslyde and covered my cock with it and her ass. I began to push against her and within minutes it slipped inside.  I was giving my Charity Domme Granny anal sex and within moments I was hard as concrete.  I began to pound that geriatric ass and it kept getting larger and larger.  It felt like my cock was a single match in a matchbox but rather than turn me off it was actually turning me on.  I grabbed the sagging skin on her other ass cheek that caused to open her butthole even further.  It was a case of trying to touch the sides but as I looked down at this cavernous anus it triggered something inside me and again I began to cum.  I took my cock out whilst Ethyl held one cheek and I held the other and watched as my hot semen spurt shots in and around her anal pecker.

Finally, I was done and spent.  I sat down on the chair and Ethyl walked away.  A couple of minutes later she returned again in her dressing gown.  She carried my clothes and placed them in front of me on the table where moments ago I was ass fucking her and said, ‘Give my best to your father dear.  And remember I need re-mulching next month” and she toddle off.

I dressed quickly and walked home.  My father was waiting for me sitting at the dining room table.  I could not bear to look him in the eyes and he said, “How did you go with Ethyl, Jim?”

I said, “She sends her regards Dad!”

He said, “Oh Really.  Remember, next week you have to help old Genie pruning the trees.”

I said, “Sure dad, anything to help.” Still no able to look him in the eyes.

He said, “Be careful though.  Genie can be a bit of a naughty one.”

I looked up.  Was that a twinkle in my dad’s eye.  Perhaps this Charity work was not such a hard deal afterall.





Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

My Charity Granny Sex!

Granny Sex

It was a few years back now.  I was just 19 years of age, brought up in a strong Christian family that attended the local Church weekly.  My dad used to do a lot of volunteer work, helping the elderly and needy. I often thought he spent more time helping others than with us.  In some way I was jealous of those he helped as he gave without thought and unconditionally.

Around that time he started to feel a bit the worse for wear but being the person he was did not want to disappoint anybody and so he came to me and said, “Son, I am not feeling the best.  Do you mind over the next few weeks if we share the workload with my volunteer work?”

Being the dutiful son I said, “Of Course’.

He nodded thankfully and handed me a paper that gave me the details of an elderly lady named Ethyl.  She was in her 70’s and needed someone to help her around the garden, she has all the tools.  He said, ‘If you could get around there about 9am tomorrow that would be perfect.”

Tomorrow was Sunday so it looked like it was going to be evening mass for me which I disliked because of the larger crowd.  I went to bed early and woke up refreshed at 8am the next morning.

Ethyl’s house was a fifteen minute walk from our house so I had some breakfast and left at half 8.  Enjoying the sunshine, birds and trees on the way there I arrived at her house 10 minutes early and knocked on the front door.  A short time later Ethyl opened the door.  She stood about 5’4” tall, grey hair but with purple rinse, slim build wearing a see through white sleepwear.  I could see her bossom’s that sagged with elongated nipples and the noticeable V of pubic hair.

Granny Having Sex
Sexy Granny

She said, ‘You must be Jim.  How’s your dad?  I have been a bit worried about him lately!’

I said, ‘He is fine Mrs Atkinson.  Think he just needs a bit of time.’

She said, “Call me Ethyl dear.  No-none ever calls me Mrs. Atkinson anymore.”

I said, ‘Sure Ethyl.  Where would you like me to start?”

She looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, “If I was 10 years younger I would be sure telling you where to start.  You are a handsome lad”  I must have blushed and she continued “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.  There’s a shovel over there by the garage and some mulch over there.  If you can just mulch up the garden you would be a darling.’

With that she turned around and walked back into the house.  I cannot lie and say I didn’t look at her bony ass as she walked away and I could swear that she did a little sashay to emphasize.  There was movement down below that I found strange as I had never fantasized before about fucking a granny.

So up to it I went and with 90 minutes of hard work and sweat had mulched up her garden a treat.  I called out to her to come outside and inspect it which she did.  She looked at me all dirty and sweaty and said, ‘Oh Jim, I cannot send you home like that.  We better run you a nice hot shower!”

I said, “No Ethyl.  I’m fine.  I can have a shower when I get home.’

She said, ‘Nonsense. I will have none of that.  I am not sending you home like a dirty homeless person.  Come inside I will run you a shower and whilst you have a shower give you clothes a quick wash and then in the dryer.  You will be off within the hour.  Think about your poor mum looking after your dad.  She has enough on her plate without me sending you home looking like that.’

She had a point so I went inside to her bathroom – took off my clothes and as requested threw them out the door so dear Ethyl could wash them.  I had a steaming hot shower and after about 10 minutes felt fresh and a clean as a daisy.  I wrapped a towel around me and I could hear Ethyl singing in the kitchen.  As I entered she turned around – she now had a pink dressing gown on.

She smiled and said, ‘My, my.  You look just delectable, good enough to eat with all those young rippling muscles.  Sit down, I have made you a cup of coffee.’

That was just what I felt like and I helped myself to the fresh coffee on the table.  It was delicious.

Ethyl said, ‘You look very much like your father, god bless him.  He knows how to help the elderly out.”

I said, ‘Yes, he sure is a giving man.”

She said,  ”Indeed, in more ways than you know.” As she chuckled. “If you don’t mind me asking – I am a naughty old bird – have you had much experience with the ladies?”

I could feel myself blushing but thought what the hey and replied, “I have had a couple of girlfriends and I am definitely not a virgin.”

She said, “Good, I want to show you something so you can tell me what you think.”

I said, “Okay.”

With that she dropped her dressing gown to the ground and she was standing in front of me start naked.  My jaw dropped and I think bounced back off the floor but I could do nothing but stare at her and I could feel movement down below again, and wearing a towel there was nowhere for it to hide.  The things I noticed about her were how tiny her feet were.  They were a size four if that and her massively protruding brown areolas that looked to be an inch if not more.  Although she had hanging skin you could see that in her day she would have been a very fit and pretty woman.  The prettiness was long gone but she still held herself well and you could see that she had known she had power over men in her earlier years.

I looked down and could see that her pubic hairs were mostly grey and had thinned out with age.  Her prepuce was massive and gave the impression that her clitoris was too, but they were not the fresh pink I was used to with my teen conquests but more grey.  She watched me looking down there and I saw her move her hand down there and swipe her vaginal opening.  She then brought her hand up so I could see that it was wet from her cunt juices.

She said, “Ahh, that down there is all I needed to know.”

And without further ado she parted my towel and my erect cock sprung up like a rooster crowing dawn.

She said, “Now that is one hell of a cock for a young fella.  You mind if I take a closer look.”

I had no words but indicated by nodding no.  The shock I felt when I saw her pull out her false teeth and kneel in front of my cock was second to none.   She then eagerly swallowed my cock in her mouth and started to deep throat me.  I had only been with younger women before and the feeling was different – especially the drier lips – but regardless it felt really good.

I looked down and saw her getting more and more into eating my meat.  I grabbed her purple rinse hair and began to force it back and forth, forcing my cock deeper and deeper until I felt the back of her throat.  From past experience this is where all the women have gagged and stopped giving me head, either abusing me for making them gag or letting me know that it was too uncomfortable but not this time.

I felt my cock go past the tonsils and back of her throat and into the windpipe.  This granny did not have any gag reflex and I was able to put the whole length of my cock down her throat and fuck it.  What an unbelievable sensation this was.  I fucked her aging throat harder and harder and could hear her moan underneath me until finally I started to explode.  Wave of cum after another – it was like the dam had burst.  I think I spurted semen down her throat and into her gut 10 or 11 times until finally I fell into the chair behind me totally spent.

She looked up at me with some cum dribbling by the side of her face whilst she put back in her false teeth and said ,’Bet you never felt anything like that before?’

Again I could not reply and simply nodded no.

She said, “Well that was Act One.  On this day I am going to teach you a thing or two about loving and the next Act starts in five minutes.  Just enough time for you to recharge.’

With that she stood up, about faced and walked to her bedroom with her bony ass sashaying down the hallway.

I didn’t know what to think.  I didn’t know what to do.  But one thing I did know I was sticking around to see what the hell Act 2 entailed.

To be continued at 73 Year Old Granny Femdom Sex.



Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

How To Pick Up MILFS!

M.I.L.F. $

Everybody wants to know where one can find a MILF for myself? But it seems like an almost Herculean feat. After all, how can you tell if someone is, in fact, a MILF? Where do you find them? Are they real? Well put those worries away because I can assure you that when you finish reading this article, you will be able to pick and choose any MILF that you please. Become a living legend and a shining beacon of hope to all the poor MILF-less men of the world.

Before You Can Become A God Among Men

Firstly, you need to actually find a MILF. I can attest to the fact, that this can be very tricky business. One wrong move and you can suddenly find yourself ostracized from several reputable establishments.

I mean, I’m sorry, since when is hitting on tight brunettes at Applebees, in front of their kids wrong? By the way was it really necessary to throw me out? Jesus, who the hell even gets kicked out of Applebees?

Nobody that’s who and it’s an embarrassment to America, when fascists like them get to stomp on the dreams of the working man so easily. Outrageous injustices aside, it was clear that I would have to use a little more finesse in acquiring a MILF.

Fergie's Hot MILF Ass
Photo: Fergie in M.I.L.F. $

After My Failed MILF-hunting Ventures At Applebees

I decided to head over to the local soccer fields. This is a great place to find bored moms who want to live dangerously, and can be a goldmine for fathers with their kids. I, unfortunately, have no offspring to call my own so I would have to work a little harder to get what I wanted. I spotted an uninterested mom on her phone and walked towards her. If you do happen to be a father of a kid who’s practicing with hers, this would be the point where you start a conversation about what a pain it is to drive the youngsters to and from practice. Once you open up the conversation, you should get to know her. Find out whether or not she’s single and if she is then great. If not, continue anyway. Try setting up a carpool situation, wherein she drives your kids one day and you drive hers the next. If she agrees then you’re golden and you can figure things out from here. If not then move on to someone else.

I myself have no kids, so this didn’t exactly work out exactly as I was hoping. When I approached the MILF that I had seen earlier, she asked me which kid was mine. When I told her that I just enjoy watching the women at the game, she gave me a strange look and moved away. If this happens to you, don’t be discouraged and try to realize that some women are just plain rude. You’ll find that some women are simply not willing to submit to your advances, so please try to find another target.

The Art Of MILF Hunting Can Be Used At Different Places

Just don’t pursue people that don’t want anything to do with you because there are definitely plenty of steaming hot MILF fish in the sea, just waiting to be caught. There are many places to have sex. Some of the best places I would want to have a close encounter with them include an elevator or a bathroom or may be even a kitchen. I mean, Moms that cook food are meant to be tastier.

Anyways, Imagine An Elevator

I am inside it with a hot MILF Rebecca with big tits, round ass and tight clothes. Now you may argue about the practicality of having all those traits in one Mum, but trust me, when you have the eyes, every mum is just perfect. Coming back to the elevator, I am an income tax agent and while we are traveling to the ground floor, she receives a call from her boss who tells her to destroy the current audit report as it showed great profit and tax to be paid. She is tensed and worried about the consequences if anybody comes to know about the orders. I press the stop button while the lift is somewhere in between the 3rd and 4th floor and tell her that I am an income tax officer and she could be jailed for abetting her boss. She pleads for forgiveness and says she would do anything for getting out of the mess. And I use this opportune moment to ask her to have sex with me then and there. She resists the request and asks if there is any alternative. I simply tell her that its either this or jail. She agrees but pleads that nobody else gets to know about it and why would I have any objections to that.

Fuckable Kim Kardashian Showering
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I remove her panties and lick her pussy. Totally turned on, she removes her bra and spreads her legs wider. I go deeper with tongue making her want it more. After making sure she just can’t get enough, I get up and ask her to give me a blowjob. Her round full breasts bounce up and down when I push my dick deep into her throat. With both of us at our peak excitement levels, I ask her to bend over and insert my dick into her tight vagina. Suddenly the lift somehow starts again. I press the stop button but it just doesn’t seem to work.

Disappointed we dress back just in time. I stop her from going out and I am amazed to see another one of her MILF colleague get into the lift. The lift starts is journey to the 15th floor and just as we start, Rebecca tells everything to her colleague. Before her MILF colleague can help, I press the stop button, get her mobile phone out of her clutch and threaten her that she too will be in trouble. A lift with two hot MILFs is a feast for me. I undress both of them and we have nice threesome and I cum all over the mums. We go all on our separate ways, with MILF desires satisfied for the time being.



Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Rose & Amy At The Hidden Tea Fields of Taipei

Beautiful Tea Harvesting Land

Lakewood, California

Bill Jake had long been fascinated by an exceptional Tea Field of Taipei in Taiwan, a country of many exotic sights and sounds with friendly people inhabiting this paradise. A company memo concerning a continental trip to Taiwan had just been issued the previous week. As head of marketing for the consortium, he was among the first candidates but his boss Tyler Kellerman had other preferred people for the trip. Oh well, tough luck. He thought. They party would be transported by the company’s private jet

Taipei Countryside
Taipei Village

Maokong village, Taiwan

Rose Cheng had grown up pretty first for her age and was now sick and tired of the catcalling. All she wanted was someone to treat her well- not a boyfriend- someone to accompany her in the unending adventures. A tom boy from as early as she could remember, time had transformed her into a luscious beauty that was very attractive.

This was exactly the problem. The many friends she had now turned distant immediately after she spurned their sexual advances. They could not be friends any more. She felt really sorry for Jim Chuan. He was her friend from childhood but now had transformed into a lusty man that always felt that he had some kind of right to see her naked and who also wanted much more.

The last time she was with Chuan a very bitter argument ensued when Rose for the umpteenth time refused to get intimate. He tried to grope her which culminated in a bitter division. Now Rose was all alone and lonely. Little did she know that things were about to change in few days.

The farmer’s on the Tea Field of Taipei had organized an international expo to showcase their special tea varieties and also help expand other markets globally. Everyone around the village was extremely anxious for the day and just could not wait for it. For most people this would be their first time to be the focus of attention. It is all too easy to get caught up in all the excitement. A sleepy village town parched high in the remote mountains certainly had a lot to gain from the forthcoming event.

Lakewood, California

The incessant ringing on the phone jostled Bill Jake from sleep. It was the middle of the night and quite chilly outside. The rain had not relented and now this. He seriously considered ignoring the phone and later on disconnecting it from the main line but then decided against it.

It was Amy’s high pitched voice at the other end of the line. The company’s VP whom he had long had a thing for but never had the courage to tell her outright. He would definitely lose his job. That is what exactly would have happened. Amy had a reputation as an uptight but gorgeous lady who had by sheer grit risen through the ranks of C.H. Tyler Kellerman Consortium to the position of VP.

She apologized for calling so late but was left with no choice. Her colleague had fallen ill and therefore could not participate in a networking event. Their boss had specifically asked for an instant replacement for this crucial foreign trip. Amy Harper could not think of anyone else to turn to on short notice.

When cornered in such a tricky situation, Bill was not a man to back down. As soon as the VP mentioned Taiwan Jake knew that he’d be in for a long flight.

Being the workaholic that she was, Amy had called in while at the airstrip. A private jet would take the two to their destination. After rushing towards the rendezvous, the two hugged happily and were soon ready to take off.

En route

Sitting opposite Bill gave the perfect opportunity to really check him out closely. She had seen him a few times during the office parties and business hours but that was just about it. In person he seemed like a nice guy with that trademark black leather jacket bringing out an adventurous bad boy aura.

Hot Man In A Leather Jacket
Photo: Man In Leather Hoodie

After a few drinks and a little chit chat Amy felt a real connection. All she wanted now was take off her panties and wrap her legs around his heavy muscular torso and really fuck him.

Wait. That isn’t the way to go. She kept on reminding herself. Junior staff is out of limits for a high flying career lady such as I. Unconsciously she unbuttoned her blouse. The bright red skirt suit was becoming more unbearable.

The tensions were apparent to Bill Jake who felt that there was definitely some spark that they were both trying hard to suppress.

Maokong, Taiwan

The organizing committee announced the list of people that would be helping out with the preparations as officials. Rose was especially pleased to hear that her name was in the list. Notably absent was Jim Chuan. How that happened she could not fathom. Jim’s father was after all the head of the Tea Field of Taipei growers and hence had notable influence. The pay was not a big deal but the opportunity provided the perfect getaway to escape that
oppressive disillusionment.

The Big Day

Upon arrival it was already sunrise. Taiwan scenery is the jewel Bill Jake expected to see. The vast mountainous heights covered with unending lush green landscape offering a breath of much needed fresh air. The trip was to last one day which meant that luggage was minimal for both visitors.

A bumpy half an hour ride brought the two on location. Here we go: a long day ahead. Amy thought. She was pleased to see that a magnificent looking stand had been pitched on site bearing their corporation’s emblem and colors. A friendly local introduced himself as Jim Chuan-their interpreter.

On the itinerary Bill was assigned a field assignment. He had his own interpreter as well- Rose Cheng. His course would be to go over the plantation and collect as much information through taking photos. He would be required to write a report later on. Amy’s role would be to remain at the stands to handle PR with the help of Jim.

Travelling Via Motorbike
Photo: Woman Going On A Motorbike Journey

The first shooting location was a few miles into the dense tea plantations. A motor bike ride helped Bill and Rose get across the rough trails with Rose clinging tightly on as they took sharp turns.

The ride was brief but intense. The pair was separated from other delegations that were a considerable distance away. Bill was taken by surprise when Rose gently turned onto him and gently kissed him on the lips. Just like that. He acted surprised but both knew that there was something simmering on the surface ever since their eyes met for the first time.

The knee length dress was soon in a heap as the two embraced and kissed longingly. Bill was soon naked as well and the two took refuge at a nearby clearing. Indeed this magical place has many nature’s sights and sounds that soon engulfed the two lover’s intimate groans and lustful gasps.

Back at the camp, Amy was wondering where the hell his most trusted partner had disappeared to. There were some important things to be discussed and her colleague was not answering his two way radio call.

Jim Chuan is suave when he wants to be. He somehow managed to convince Amy to let handle part of the work load. Despite some initial apprehension about this idea, Jim worked well and proved himself a tremendous help.

It was afternoon and by the look of things Bill and Rose had not grown tired of each other. None was willing to resume work and was more enthusiastic to continue the lovemaking. Rose pillow breasts gave Bill great joy as he stroked and squeezed them gently. This made her even hornier and the lovebirds rolled against each other to continue fucking.

By evening Amy had given up on finding Bill. He most probably experienced some accident and was making his way to camp on foot. Jim on the other hand was up to the task. He seemed more of an employee for the consortium than a translator. She promised herself to reward him- one way or another.

It came as a big surprise when Jim Chuan refused to accept extra payment for the immense service he had provided. It was a long way off to the nearest town center and he instead offered to let Amy stay at his place. In the morning they would mount a search for Bill and his aide.

Jim’s accommodation was very simple but comfortable. Being in the middle of a large plantation it was slightly elevated off the ground to give an open bird’s eye view of the surrounding hills.

All that was in Amy’s mind was to get a good night’s rest. After changing into Jim’s T-shirt she lied on the bed but sleep simply would not come. She could make out distantly the light from the TV and figured out that Jim was probably awake as well.

After joining Jim on the couch they both lost interest in the TV and focused on each other. Deep kisses ensued. It was Amy’s turn to unwind at last. She grabbed his large member and licked it up and down again and again.

Hot And Heavy Tantric Sex
Photo: Man And Woman Having Tantric Sex

As she was half naked, it was easy to fondle her huge breasts behind the t-shirt. The teasing felt like a burning fire that could not be contained any more. Amy sat right on Jim’s huge dick and began to control the pace of sex with tantra like a perfect toy boy. At first the rhythm was gentle followed by intense jerking up and down. They fucked hard and long not caring about the noise they made. After several rounds of pleasure each could not contain themselves anymore.

Double orgasms ensued while they clutched tightly onto each other letting their juices mix up. Several rounds of unabated sexual pleasure followed each other in turn leaving little time to rest. In the end exhaustion took over and the two slept on the couch.

Meanwhile Rose and Bill decided to stay on outside on the Tea Field of Taipei. Bill’s love for the outdoors made him carry a few provisions to get them going. In the light of the night fire they both stared deep into each other’s eyes. They could not believe the luck that had brought them together. Bill was especially pleased with her forwardness.

Before sunset they fucked one more time before getting back to work. This would be the most ideal time to get started on photography.

Amy Harper was not pleased at all by the sight of the two riding back to the camp meeting point. Bill was quick to explain engine trouble but it was clear to everyone that something else had been at play. After saying their hurried goodbyes to both translators, the two sat down to complete the report. Hours later they were done and ready to pack their gear and make the return

Amy had one last strange request. She needed to check out a previously obscure location within the Tea Field of Taipei. As they two disappeared into the hills again, Bill sensed that something exciting was about to happen but could not figure out what exactly it was.

After they were safely out of sight, Amy requested that they pull over to a specific location. The motor bike screeched to a halt near a thick clump of trees. The two colleagues retreated to this nest and began to undress each other. Bill could not believe his luck but he knew it best not to object. He might lose his position if he dared.

A shrill moan pierced the air when Bill rammed his huge cock inside Amy’s tight pussy. They began fucking just like that without any foreplay, each desiring to have a piece of uninhibited pleasure before returning back home. He made sure to fuck her as hard as he could. It felt so good to vent his desire after years of anticipation.

Amy came first, squirting a lot of much cum in her wake. Bill still wanted more but it was a short while before he too came hard screaming in pleasure almost like a spiritual sexual experience. The trip definitely would be a memorable one. The two made a promise to keep things on the low.






Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Love Lost On Elephant Mountain!

Tourist on Elephant Mountain

Marcos and Carolina met a few years ago while at the Taipei American School in Taiwan.  Taipei American School is both for ex-pat children as well as locals but it one of only 8-10 schools in Taiwan that is English speaking.  Marcus had a crush on Carolina for a long time but was afraid to express his feelings to her. His friends, Kevin and Smith advised him to approach her courageously and tell her about his feelings. One day he decided that it was time to tell Carolina how he felt.

Carolina was the most beautiful girl in the school. All boys admired her and each one of them made advances towards her but she never accepted them. She was a simple, rich and more focused on her study books. She never gave a damn to any nuisance person in her life. She had cool friends, Akisha and Nadia.

2 high school lovers
Carolina in Uniform

Marcos declares his feelings to Carolina

I decided to approach the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She was sitting with her friends at a table having lunch. It seemed like she was really having a lot of fun hanging around with her friends.

“Hello ladies?” I greeted them as soon as I reached the table they were seated.

“Hello Marcos,” they replied in unison.

“What brings you here? “ Nadia asked.

“Do you mind if I talked to Carolina for a second? “ I asked them.

The all indicated that they didn’t mind because they rose and went away almost in unison giving me a cautionary look to handle their friend well.

The day awaited for had finally come, there she was the most beautiful girl I had ever set my eyes on. She seemed a little bit shy being alone with me and all that time she was staring at her hands.

Finally I broke the silence and said, “How is your day going?  Are you well?”

She replied in simple words, ‘Just fine.”

“Carolina, there is this thing I have always wanted to tell you,” I said.

“Go on, I am listening” she replied.

“I have always had strong feelings towards you and I want you to know I like you very much. I have always admired how you carry yourself around. I mean you are beautiful, unique and hardworking,” I said.

All along she kept on staring at me with blank mind not believing what I told her. I waited for her to comment on whatever I had told her but she was just silent. This made me feel guilty and regretted for approaching her and expressing my feelings.

Finally she said, after what seemed an eternity, “Marcos I really appreciate you for liking me. It’s a huge a message to take in and I wasn’t expecting it, but I hope all will be well as we continue knowing each other”.

I felt something strange in my stomach as she uttered those words. For the rest of the lunch period we talked, laughed and shared a lot about school, home and also future plans. She really avoided the relationship topic since she was not comfortable talking about it at this time. She was a cool girl to hang out with and that made me like her a lot. The bell rang and we went back to our particular classes since we were in different classes.

Carolina’s feelings and reaction

I saw Marcos approaching our table from a distance. He was a cute and handsome guy that any girl could have fallen for him. He was medium height, curly hair and soft lips that could make you yearn for his kiss. He greeted us and asked if he could talk to me for a second. At first, I was
confused and felt uneasiness being with him alone in the same table. As soon as he started talking I started being comfortable around him.

He declared his feelings towards me and this caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect such a good looking guy to have strong feelings towards me. His reputation in school was not good – known as a bit of a player. He has been known for using girls and dumping them soon after. This made me feel uneasy till I decided to remain silent for a while thinking about it all. All that time he was staring at me waiting for a response. I felt a little bit shy and guilt formed inside me. Finally I decided to break the silence by telling Marcos how the message got me by surprise and it was a really heavy message to take in all in a short while. We talked, laughed and shared more about ourselves. I found out that he was a different from the other boys who approached me, he laughed to every joke that I made and he was a cool person too.

Marco Asks Caroline Out Again

After two days I asked Carolina if we could go out. Most people would think it was a date but it wasn’t. It was like spending some quality time with the person whom you like the most and have strong feelings towards.  She finally accepted the invite after long persuasion. She was not just comfortable hanging out with for the whole day. I took her to a park which was on a hill-top. From there you could see the entire landscape of Taipei City from a distance. It was really amazing.

She really liked the place and that made be happy too. We talked about everything; the things that make sense and the ones that didn’t. All in all we made each other happy and I felt that we were comfortable with each other. I really liked her lips and couldn’t wait for the day she will be ready to kiss me. She caught me admiring her and she smiled.

“Why are you looking at me like that Marcos?” she asked. “Is there anything
wrong?” she continued with a confused look.

“No” I replied. “It is just that I like you a lot and my world would not be complete without you. Will you be my girlfriend, Carolina?”

This made Carolina more confused and surprised at Marcos’ statements. That was the least of her expectation. Her answer was not immediate. She sat on the bench thinking and a lot and tears started flowing from her eyes.

“The thought of my mother being beaten senseless by my father just made me cry.”  She said.

I sat next and hugged here reassuringly to help her to calm since this made me confused. I did not know about this domestic dispute and decided not to talk about it again till she was ready to open up.

Carolina’s declaration

We met every day over lunch and after classes in the evening for many months. This has drawn us closer together and made me like him so much. He truly loves me and cared for me so much. He made me smile every moment we were together. He made me forget my problems which I had at home and I was not willing to share with anyone else but him and not even him fully. One day we were in a café having lunch and then I decided to declare my feelings to him. How he made me feel and that he really meant the world to me.

This made him so happy and he told me, he will take me to a special place during the weekend. I tried to convince him to tell me the name of the place but he said it was a surprise. He finally placed his lips on mine and he kissed me passionately as he deepened the kiss. This sent a shiver in my body making me yearn for more. He was really a good kisser, it was almost as if he had taught how to kiss again. We kissed for more than ten minutes.

He then said, “You are really amazing and I love you so much.”

The word love was really heavy to say at our age, what I see at home and since it was still the beginning of our relationship. I just smiled showing a sign of appreciation. We decided to go home and he dropped me at our house. He bid me goodbye and gave me a goodnight kiss before he left. I had a lot to learn about the true meaning of love.

Marcos reaction

I didn’t believe she said I really meant the world. This was really amazing and it made me feel the luckiest guy in the world. I placed my lips on hers and kissed her passionately. Her lips were very soft and charming that I didn’t want to stop the kiss. She reciprocated by kissing me back which made it more real and awesome.

Marcos Elephant Mountain

The weekend had come and it was time to take Carolina on the special date for a weekend. We were going camping on Elephant Mountain where I used to come with my parents when I was younger. Elephant Mountain is the longest hike within Spur Ranch Conservation area, Taiwan. It has plenty of nature and history along the way of the trail. Streams, lakes, a guerrilla base and an overall picturesque natural views are more of what visitors can enjoy at
Elephant Mountain.

About Elephant Mountain

The Elephant Mountain was named after two bodies of fabled lovers, K’Lang and Ho-biang. The two loved each but came from different aboriginal tribes Lach and Chil so although they were madly in love with each other were forbidden from getting married.  They ran away together and stayed on Elephant Mountain vowing never to separate.

K’Lang was at one with nature and he could tame animals and produce magnificent crops.  He tamed two wild elephants that stayed with them at their mountain top hideaway.  However Ho-biang became seriously ill a K’lang managed to keep her alive but could not cure her illness so he walked her back to her tribe where the shaman managed to cure her.  The Chil and Lach tribes were very happy for them and all gave them permission to marry.

Ho-biang’s father was a chief of the Chil and was the only one against their marriage. He was so incensed at the thought of these two getting married that he took out his bow and shot an arrow at K’lang.  Ho-biang saw this and jumped in front of K’lang the arrow piercing her heart killing her instantly.  K’lang was so upset he cried inconsolably and finally made a great scream – now called the Dankia – and died from sorrow.  It is rumored that the 2 elephants died too of broken hearts!

Elephant Mountain brings a nostalgic tone to its place because of the sad love story that fable says happened a long time ago, the adventure that visitors experience brings about fun and memorable memories they will treasure for always.

Tourist Travel Destination In Taiwan
Photo: Elephant Mountain Trail


Marco Climbs Elephant Mountain

We go there early on the Saturday morning and had breakfast at the base of Elephant Mountain as it has restaurants around the area. We were ready for getting into some hiking and put our backpacks on and began the steep trip up the mountain.   The vegetation was thick, the air humid.  Carolina was not her usual chatty self and after about an hour I said, “Carolina, is everything okay?”

Carolina sat down beside the trail and began to cry.  She said, “Marcos, I have never told anyone about his before, but my father beats up on my mother.  Last night it was particularly bad.  I do not think I can live there anymore.”

I held her, and the tighter I held her the more body shaking sobs she release.  Holding her for about fifteen minutes she was all cried out and she looked up at me and said, “I love you Marcos.”

The world was now wonderfully colorful to me, the birds singing sound more in tune and louder.  I was truly and deeply happy but then I heard something – truly weird.  I said, ‘Do you hear that?’

Carolina said, “Yes, I thought it was my imagination.  You hear it too?”

Man And Woman In Cultural Clothes In Taiwan
Photo: Couple Wearing Historical Taiwanese Clothes

We listened and we could hear laughter and chatter but not in Mandarin, or English or any language that seemed to be of this earth.  It was coming from the deep forest just off the path.  I looked at Carolina and she nodded yes.  Without thinking or further ado we pushed through the undergrowth under the canopies of the tree’s and then we saw them.  There was no doubt, we knew who they were, it had to be, there was no other explanation.

News Reporting Company For Taiwan
Banner: Taipei Times

Couple Go Missing On Elephant Mountain

Rescue Officers are still searching for the bodies of Carolina Summers and Marcos Ironbottom who went missing after going on a hike on Elephant Mountain last Saturday.  Officials say that the likelihood that they will be found alive are slim…….








Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

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