First Timers Part Two

Continued From Part One…

Jon didn’t warm the oil up in his hands like he did the other times. Instead, he held the little bottle near her, and let the viscous fluid drip onto her skin.

Bec suppressed a little squeal, her body tensing, her arms tugging at the restraints. The cool oil began to warm as it ran along down her thighs. Jon was quick to move, his hands swiftly taking up the lotion, he could feel Bec relax beneath his palms. He took long strokes, following the length of her legs, his fingers covering most of the top. He was using just enough pressure to call it a massage, but almost light enough that Bec felt like it was a whisker from being a tickle.

As his hands made their way up her legs, along the inside of her thighs, Bec tried to squirm, tried to pull her knees together. She was trying to force his hand to touch her, she was so wet already.

But to no avail.

Jon heard her breath, heavy, quickening.

His hands slid right by her throbbing pussy, up and along the front of her hips, over the lightly protruding bone. Jon twisted his hands around, and brought the back of his finger tips running across her sides.

Bec couldn’t hold back any further, letting out a little squeal from her lover’s tickle.

Her restraints drew taut.

And suddenly, nothing.

She couldn’t feel his touch. Her own breathing was to loud to hear his. She tried to calm her breaths, slow them down, but her body was electric, still tingling from his touch.

What was he doing now?

Bec cursed her blindfold. She had no idea Jon could keep this going for as long as he had. She thought he would have gone straight for her pussy when he started massaging her legs. And yet, he hadn’t even touched her nipples!

While she wasn’t usually too reactive to much breast play, her nipples were so erect they were almost sore. She needed him to lick them, touch them, anything. She just wanted, no, she needed, a firmer touch, somewhere erogenous.

Her whirring mind did nothing to help regulate her breathing. She still couldn’t work out where Jon was, or what exactly he was doing. She squirmed a little on the but the restraints didn’t allow much movement. For a moment, she thought she could feel extra pressure upon the bed.

Bec let out a muted scream of shock as the cold massage oil dripped onto the middle of her chest, oodles of it, quickly running along the curves of her breasts, along her ribs, under her armpits.

Jon let the bottle continue dripping over her body, stopping just at Bec’s trimmed bush. He snapped the lid closed and tossed the bottle aside. All that time Bec was wondering where he was, he’d been applying the lotion to the front of his own body.

He climbed on top of her, his legs on the inside of hers, but just high up enough that he wasn’t entering her.

Bec shuddered. His mass wasn’t completely upon her, but he warmed her inside and out. She felt his warm breath lingering near her face. She inched her chin up, her lips parting. She felt his tongue extend to the opening of her mouth. She latched her lips around his tongue and sucked hard.

She wished it was his cock!

Jon pulled his head back, amused to watch Bec’s blindfolded face desperately searching for his tongue again. But he had other things in mind. He lowered his chest against hers, drawing his body side to side.

Finally, Bec had her desire for proper contact satisfied. Sort of. Jon rocked against her, slowly, with deliberate movements, only using his body, not his hands, which were propping him up and shifting him around.

Bec could feel his balls just touching her swollen clit, his erection firm against her belly. She moaned loudly, like a siren call, beckoning this sailor to clamour to her. To give in and enter her. To save her from this frustration.

But Jon was being strong willed. Stubborn. His body slid easily across hers, grazing her nipples, awakening every inch of her flesh.

Finally, she felt his weight shift, and the top of his thighs press against the back of hers. He drew his body along hers, down, letting his arms slowly follow thereafter, his fingers stopping briefly to caress her breasts, circle her nipples.

‘Oh yes,’ Bec whispered. She could feel his cock hard against her wet lips. His fingers journeyed further down, along her below and just as they were centred to hit her clit, he let them glide on either side instead, before they left her body completely.

Jon grabbed his cock and pushed it forward, the head pressing against Bec’s moist lips. He couldn’t remember being so turned on before. He thought he could explode at any time now.

But this was about Bec.

‘Just get in my guts,’ Bec cried out to him.

‘Well,’ Jon thought, ‘It’s about what she doesn’t realise she wants.’

Bec felt Jon pull away from her, and his weight lift up from the bed. The room fell silent again, except for her almost panting breath.

A familiar buzz broke the silence. Bec new it instantly. It was her little blue bullet.

‘Oh my god,’ she gasped.

To be continued…

Femdom Dating: How to Attract Dominant Women

Most books, movies, and TV shows these days tend to portray women as submissive individuals who always do everything their man commands. Also, a lot of men in the real world are attracted to this type of women and they celebrate their obedience. However, there are guys out there who are not interested in submissive ladies. These fellas want to be with a girl who will dominate them in every aspect of life and that’s why they want to be with a lady from the femdom dating scene. Sadly, considering the nature of these unique women, attracting them is not always an easy and simple task. Therefore, if you’re interested in seducing a dominant woman, here are some of the tips that will help you with this endeavor.

You Need to Know What You’re Looking for

Before you decide to date a dominant woman, you need to define exactly what you’re looking for. Are you searching for a girl who is simply confident and outspoken during social occasions, a strong woman who is aggressive to her partner, or a gal who will be the dominant one in your bedroom? You have to know that these three things are very different. These women may seem the same to an untrained eye, but they are three completely different types of dominant gals. Why is it so important to know what you want in this situation? Well, if you choose the wrong type of dominant lady, you’ll have a very unpleasant experience with her. So, in order to attract the right kind of domme and really enjoy her company, you have to definite what you’re looking for and be honest about it when talking to these girls. This is the only way you’ll find someone who will be able to satisfy your needs.

Visit Local Clubs Where You Can Meet Dominant Women

After you’ve figured out what you want from a domme, it’s time to visit some of the BDSM locations in your town. Most of them are specialized “dungeons” with hired dominatrix women, but there are also certain clubs where BDSM enthusiasts and other kinky men and women can express themselves without being judged by others. Finding a dominant woman in a regular pub can be quite difficult and that’s why you should try your luck at a place that welcomes kinky individuals.

Show Your Interest but Don’t Make the First Move

Assuming that you know where these BDSM locations in your town are, now it’s time to teach you how to attract these dominant ladies. The best way to do this is by being submissive in front of them. These gals love to dominate a man, and if you’re able to display your submissive qualities, these women will notice you. The first thing you should do, when you find yourself in the presence of a dominant woman, is to show your interest, but let her make the first move. This way, you’ll give her control over the situation, and these women love to be in charge. A lot of men are impatient and they usually approach their date first. This is a mistake you should definitely avoid. Remember, all you have to do is smile at your date and wait for her to come to you. A true and experience domme will appreciate this type of submissive behavior.  

Ask Her Permission Whenever You Want to Do Something

Once you start talking and flirting with a dominant woman, it’s important to allow her to lead the conversation. For example, you shouldn’t ask her questions about her. Instead, you should only speak when she asks you something. Also, if you want to order her or yourself a drink, you should ask her permission to do that. Trust us, if you’re able to be this submissive, every dominant woman out there will be interested in dating you.

Find a Dominant Woman via Dating Site

We’ve already talked about the ways you can attract dominant women and places you can find them in your town. However, you should also know that these beautiful women are sometimes really hard to find. Ladies who are into BDSM are usually not very appreciated in today’s society, which means they have to know how to hide and flirt with men in a very discreet manner. Unfortunately, this means that recognizing them in public is not a simple task. Therefore, if you can’t find a domme on your local dating scene, you should definitely try finding one on many specialized websites out there. On these platforms, you can talk honestly about your fetishes regarding these gorgeous and unique women. These sites represent a safe environment where you can find yourself a perfect dominant woman to date.


First Timers!

They both knew things had been going stale. Not inactive as such, but that their sex had become quite routine. Finally, while stuck for what to watch on Netflix, they began to talk about it, snuggled on each side of the lounge.



Mostly, and Jon was first to admit as much, it was on his part. Before he’d met Bec, his experiences had only been one off, almost always while drunk, and never overly concerned about his performance or satisfying his partner.



Bec craved more. She missed the passion from their early times, when he would actually try to go down on her, or at least make an attempt at it. But she loved him, and pushed aside her deep sexual desires, instead merely fantasizing about them when she snuck in a solo session.



That night, on the lounge, sometimes unable to look each other in the eyes, they poured out their desires, their ideas, and pondered together about what they were to do next. They decided to peruse some online sex stores, but didn’t really know exactly what they were after. Overwhelmed, Bec suggested they just visit their local adult shop. Jon was hesitant. Almost more hesitant than when he’d said, with his eyes glued to the floor, that he’d like to try ‘some butt stuff’.



Bec explained to him that adult shops aren’t a scary place. Having been on the receiving end of young men like Jon used to be, she relied on toys to get her through her younger years (and sometimes still she digs out her favourite little blue bullet).



The following night, the couple went up the stairs to the adult shop, albeit Jon weighed down with trepidation. He was happy, and relieved, to find it nothing like his mind had imagined. There was no seedy old man in leather pants behind the counter, no pale skinned men perusing through magazine racks (there weren’t any magazines!) and everything was nice and clean.



Most surprising though, was the young man that greeted them, his smile and personality shining through his clipped hair, his close cropped beard. Jon let Bec do all the talking, and after she explained why they were in, the shop clerk smiled broadly at them.

‘I’m so glad you’ve come in here, guys,’ he said. ‘And while I’ve got plenty of things I can show you tonight, let me just say you’ve already done my job for me. You’ve talked about it. You’ve opened up a line of communication that will bring you closer together than anything I can sell you here tonight.’



Jon smiled to Bec, who shared the same look back to him. It had been a hard conversation the night before, but it had brought them here, and brought them closer together already. They both knew they were going to be in for sex after visiting the store, but when they went to bed the night before, they kissed with a passion they both felt was long lost. They held each other close, their hands longing stroking the other’s body.



The clerk gave them a tour of the store, to get them used to the place, to help make them feel comfortable. He took them through everything, from bullets to bunnies, from dongs to douches, and everything in between.



‘Now, I’d love to sell you a WeVibe Sync,’ he said as they stopped in front of a glass cabinet. ‘But this is a journey you’re taking, and I’d rather make sure you two leave happy than make one good sale tonight and never see you two again.’



At the suggestions of the clerk, the couple left with a few nice little things: A sexy board game, a Kama Sutra DVD, massage oil, scented hemp candles and loose rose petals. While they loved what they got, they were also excited about the satin ties he suggested for their next visit, and moving into sensory deprivation play.



That night, perched on either side of their little dining table, they jumped straight into their board game. They laughed a lot, they answered questions in the game that caused moments of awkwardness but, just as the man in the shop had said, it got them communicating even more. It got them excited to hear what the other was thinking about various fantasies.



Afterwards, Jon gave Bec a massage as they played their Kama Sutra DVD in the background. While the DVD was meant to be more educational, Jon also saw it as a way forward towards watching regular porn together.



As he felt the warmth of her soft skin flourish beneath his hands, he could feel his hardness pressing against his pants. Not for naked couple on the screen, which he’d since stopped watching, but just from enjoying his lover’s body. Paying close attention to all those curves of hers that he loves.



Bec fought against herself to not wriggle against his touch. Not that she was ticklish, but just as the wax in the candle, she could feel herself melting all over. She couldn’t remember a time, if ever, he had been so single minded in simply trying to make her feel good.



And it was working.



The massage set the pace for the rest of their evening. Sensuous, slow, loving. For the first time, they made love there on the lounge, lingering on each touch, every caress, every kiss.


They had re-lit the spark, and never looked back.

Jon and Bec were very pleased with the way things were going between them now. In and out of the bedroom. They didn’t always use the things they bought from the sex shop, but Jon had learned to slow down and pay his lover as much attention as he could muster.

Even still, it was only two weeks after their first visit that they returned to the adult shop.

They were eager to start with sensory deprivation play.

‘I want to be the first to tie you up,’ Jon said as the pair left the store, their bondage starter kit tucked into a large black bag.

‘You mean I’m just going to lay there and let you completely please and satisfy me?’ Bec laughed, ‘Yeah, that sounds horrible.’ She had no idea about what Jon was planning to do, what he had been imagining for some time now.

As they had found themselves frequently doing recently, they prepared themselves by sharing a shower. Lathering each other up, kissing as the steaming water runs along their bodies. When Bec’s soapy hand found Jon’s semi erect cock, she took extra care to wash it, lightly stroking him. She bit her lower lip, trying to hold herself back, as she felt him grow firmer beneath the touch of her fingers.

Jon pressed his forehead against hers, savouring her touch. His eyes dropped down, seeing streams of water shoot off from her erect nipples, before flowing down to where her hand was stroking him. He soaped his hands, starting from her shoulders, he moved them down to her silky breasts, before continuing on over her hips. Her skin was so smooth, encased with water and lubricated with soap.

Bec pushed back against his forehead, raising his chin so she could kiss him. She pulled her hands off him, wrapping them around his back, pulling him close. His own hands grabbed hold of her ass.

He squeezed her cheeks.

She could feel his erection poking against her belly. He longed to be inside her, and she needed him just as much.

Bec forced her tongue inside his mouth, drawing circles, craving him.

They barely towelled off before making their way the bedroom.

With the style of their bed, they had to buy an under-mattress restraint system, since they had no headboards to tie off against, which Jon had set up beneath the mattress before they had even jumped in the shower

‘Where do you want me?’ Bec said as she crawled into the middle of the bed.

‘Right there, on your back, spread out.’ His tone was unwavering, enough to make Bec do exactly as told.

He walked around the bed, and Bec’s gaze followed him, and his semi erect cock slapping against each leg as he took a step. Jon gently took her left hand and pulled it diagonally towards the corner, where he fastened the velcro cuff around her wrist.

‘How’s that?’

Bec yanked her hand against the cuff. ‘You can go tighter,’ she smiled.

‘You sure?’

She simply nodded her head yes. He did so, and followed suit with her other wrist before moving towards her ankles. Here, he made sure he had her legs spread as wide as he could get them.

Bec felt completely exposed. Stark naked, bound, her pussy wide open. Her nipples were rock hard, a mix of excitement and hesitation. But at the suggestion of the store clerk, they had come up with a safe word. Something they felt was appropriate for them, a reminder of where they had been sexually before, and where they were progressing to now. ‘Vanilla’.

She was glad they had the word in place, but at the same time, she trusted him completely. Besides, she was also interested to see what Jon had in store for her, and just how far she felt she would be able to go.

Jon laid the remaining pieces of the kit out on the bed, slowly, deliberately, making sure Bec could see each item. She couldn’t help but smile at the little feather tickler, a smile that soon faded as he took at the little leather flail. He already had some of their other goodies out, namely massage oil.

The last thing Bec saw was the plush lined blindfold, which Jon pulled over her head, softly kissing her cheek as he did so. She stretched her neck to try to kiss him, but he pulled away.

Bec couldn’t see the smile on Jon’s face.


Part Two of The First Time…

An Unexpected Turn Of Events!

I had never been to Singapore, but due to some business affairs last February I had to spend close to a week in this beautiful country. A business trip on your own isn’t the most fun thing in the world, so I thought of a way of making the trip easier for me. My mind kept bringing me to the idea of hiring one of the Singapore escorts, as a colleague previously told me he had great experiences with them.


He told me about hiring a transsexual escort, he did it and said it was a really amazing experience, although I personally am not going to take that step. I took a look to see if I really dared, but I couldn’t find any escort that would attract me as much as a young girl with a penetrating look, that I instantly fell in love with. She was a native Singaporean escort from the área, and I contacted her through the erotic ads website


I have to be honest and say that it was not the first time that I hired an escort since in my country I had done it many times before. The first time can always be a little intimidating.  Perhaps you may think that the girl is going to do it by obligation and without desire or it is going to be something that may lead to violence or robber, but it is not like that at all.  In contact networks most of the girls are independent and there is no one behind to extort them or you. They can do what they want, rejecting some specific services, or those that they do not trust. Therefore, they do their work with more desire and joy that agency escorts, and their service is magnificent.


What happened was that I met a young, very helpful girl who seemed desperate to please me. The girl was really beautiful. She would be between 20 and 25 years old, but I had the feeling that she had been doing this for a few years. She looked comfortable, fearless, enjoying her work. She would be no more than 1.60 cm tall, and her skin was a very subtle brown tone. She had a young girl’s face, although her eyes were very sexual. Just one look could make you have an erection. Everything was perfect until the hotel room door was knocked on. At first ,I assumed it would be hotel staff who wanted to clean up or something… but all of a sudden I heard the voice of the client I had met that afternoon.


The meeting with this guy was good. In addition to business deals, we also hit it off immediately, which always helps close deals. When we said goodbye I gave him my hotel address and told him if he wanted to go out for a beer. Although I liked the guy I said it rather out of cordiality since he was not from the city either and was in the same lonely situation as me. But I never thought he would come without warning.


I opened with a perspiring face and told him I was doing some exercise. He asked if I wanted to go out for a drink and explore Singapore’s night, to which I answered yes, but I asked him to wait downstairs so I could say goodbye to the girl and pay her. At the time I thought it was a shame, as I really liked the girl and was looking forward to having sex with her. But I didn’t like the idea of one of my clients knowing that I was doing business and sex tourism at the same time, so I paid the girl, got dressed and went out for a beer with my client and colleague.


Unfortunately, after a few beers and a few shots in a bar… I ended up confessing everything between laughter and alcohol. We laughed a lot, but the best thing was that he told me to call her back and to share her.  And so we did. I called the same girl again, explained the situation to know if she offered services for more than one person at a time, (to which she said yes – she would be delighted to for an extra fee).  She soon arrived and we ended up having a threesome with my client and an escort from Singapore. It was all so much fun. The girl was delighted, as her rate for being with the two together was higher, plus having already charged for me previously without getting to have sex. The girl was horny, or at least she pretended to be. We got carried away, and although my dream trio is more of 2 girls, I have to confess that I liked it.


What was going to be a boring business trip turned out to be a fun experience that will be difficult to repeat.

When I got back, the boss was waiting for me, anxious to bring him the good news, which is the same thing… new clients. And of course, my Singapore sex buddy didn’t fail me by giving me a big fat contract.  So the trip was perfect, new customers, a happy boss, and new sexual experiences from another country in the world.


I look forward to my next business trip. Although I really know it’s going to be almost impossible to be better.

BIZARRE Sex Stories!

I am amazed at the popularity of these true sex stories so which to include a new category of some of the bizarre sexual activities I have experienced.


In my life, I have been lucky enough to meet some liberated women that are not afraid to explore what they want sexually, nor to partake in some of my fantasies.   Some of the women have been what is contentiously known as ‘squirters’.  Some experts say that this is just a woman in the throes of ecstasy releasing her bladder (peeing).  In my experience, it is definitely not and there are many experts as well as studies to confirm that this is a real female phenomenon – female ejaculation.

So most of the women I have had the pleasure to be with that have been squirters have varied in the amount of ejaculation fluid they release as well as how far they gush.  The fluid generally has no smell and or color.  I have been gushed on, gushed at, been inside whilst a woman is gushing and it is amazing knowing that a woman is completely relaxed and comfortable with you to ejaculate with or in front of you.  It is certainly a real turn on as well as compliment.

One night I had been out and met a special little lady.  We had drinks and were comfortable enough to go back to my place where we became amorous and go butt naked together.  Being a bit in a kinky and voyeuristic mood I lay down flat with my back on the bed and lay her on top of me, her back to my stomach side with her vajajay facing my face.  From here I instructed her to play with herself, talking dirty to her.  I encouraged her to tease herself until she came and the more she got turned on, rubbing her clit, putting her fingers on and in her vagina the more I talked dirty to her.

She was squirming and writhing in delight on top of me.   She started rubbing her G-Spot and I asked her with her other hand to place a finger gently inside her ass and curve it upwards – like she was doing with her G-Spot.  Many men and even women do not know that there is a gland called ‘skene’ that is very similar to the male prostate which also can be ‘milked’ and cause female ejaculation.

This woman had obviously never done this before and when she hit the skene gland and started massaging it whilst rubbing her G she began to yell and scream in ecstasy and began to ejaculate.  But this ejaculation was unlike any I had or have ever witnessed before or after.  She began ‘shooting’ loads of cum from her pussy towards my face.  These ejaculations were projectiles of cum delivered with such a force I put my hands up to protect being hitten in the face by them.  This ejaculation lasted for at least a minute and probably closer to two.  My hands and the pillow on each side of my head were covered in her cum.

This was not the usual gushing of liquid  with different levels of waves I had experienced before but full on shots like a nerf gun.   When it was over she lay on top of me quivering, shaking  and moaning.  She was totally spent and lay there for some time as I slipped out from under her and cleaned up….


I get the foot fetish, shoe fetish and leg fetish thing.  A ladies slender foot can be a sensual thing and Japanese geisha girls have bound their feed from an early age to have dainty small feet.  The sight of a stiletto evokes images of sexuality and for me domination.  A pair of pins slender, muscular on a woman in a short skirt is always going to make me take a second look.  Generally I tend to think of these fetishes being a man’s desire for a woman.

I started ‘dating’ a girl quite a few years back and obviously we had consummated our relationship a number of times.  The old saying when sex is bad it is still pretty good does not quite apply, but certainly it was sparklers rather than fireworks in bed.  That is until…..

One night we had been out and on our return I jumped in the shower and then lay on the bed naked.  I was just chilling whilst she also had a shower.  She came out looking pretty sexy all wet with a towel around her but instead of laying beside me she went to the foot of the bed.  This is new I thought, maybe I was going to get a massage or a nice head job before we got into some of the serious action.  But she stopped gazing, looking at me feet.

Tentatively she kissed my feet, and then started to lick between the toes.  I could see that she was getting more and more into it as she began to suck my toes, putting most of her energies into the big one.  Whilst she was doing this her body began to sway sensually with her ass up in the air – giving me a great view because of the mirror behind her.  But then she began to moan and her sucking became more vigorous.  I was amazed at my self control as generally I get ticklish on my feet.

This continued on for about five minutes as her moans became louder, then grabbing my feet hard she yells out, ‘I’m cumming’ and I watch as her body convulsed with her orgasm.  She was hot and wet and jumped on top of me and those sparklers became fireworks and it was some of the best sex I had ever had.

Obviously this became part of ‘our’ foreplay ritual for the remaining time I saw her and each and every time she went off, sucking ‘this little piggy’s’ toes