A Seaside Adventure

My name is Frikki Aya.  I am an erotic author who is going to be posting some of my writings here on adultsmart.  I hope you njoy them!!!

I’m a submissive girl from Fla. I’ve worn my Mistress’ collar since December of 2009, her name is Artic (Michelle) Hamer, and I love her to bits. The following is a true roleplay that I had with my friend Mando. He gave me his permission to turn it into a story to share with you. Enjoy.


I have been working too hard, this vacation is just what I need. I’d planned this visit to this swanky beach resort a year in advance. While everyone is freezing their asses off back home this winter I am in Central America at an upscale surfing resort. I leave my hotel room and walk towards the beach. It’s full today. It’s almost noon and the sun is perfect for me to work on my tan. I find a good spot to put my towel down next to a small table where I place my bag with my phone, keys, tanning oil and brush. I take off my cover-up and place it on the table as well.


There is a steady stream of people walking in the narrow sandy corridor of beach between me and the next line of sunbathers. After them there is nothing but beach until you reach the water, which is gently lapping up and the down the dark-sand beach.


My bikini feels a little tight. It’s a string bikini with very little fabric covering my breasts and my nether-parts. After all, I want to get a good tan and avoid those ugly tan-lines. I sit on my towel and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin while I adjust the top of my bikini so that it’s a little looser and doesn’t bother me anymore. I reach for the suntan lotion and start to pour it generously over my legs. My oily legs shimmer in the intense sunlight. While I apply lotion to my ass cheeks I notice a handsome guy wearing reflective-mirrored aviator Raybans. He’s very handsome and sitting on the next row of towels behind me. I can’t be sure if he’s looking at me or not because of his glasses, though.


I decide to find out. While applying lotion to my ass, I part the cheeks wide and slide my hand down deep between my crack, with my fingers I slide the string of my bikini to the side slightly while my fingertips slide up and down my asshole quickly, then I adjust the bikini again to cover up my exposed starfish. My eyes glued to his crotch to see if there is any reaction.


I see his cock jump up to attention, and a nervous smile on his lips which confirms that he IS looking at me. I smile to myself because he really is very handsome and it excites me to see that I was able to get such a raw, and instant reaction from him. I continue to apply lotion on my body, and turn around to give him a good look at my body. My hands caress my abdomen applying lotion all over my tummy and down into my bikini bottom.


I move the string bikini to the side quickly to give him a good look at my wet pussy lips, and part my lips for him, then quickly cover up so that nobody else sees me. I can see his bulge start to grow and throb, and I lick my lips. He crosses his arms, which I like because his forearms are very sexy and strong and he looks very handsome in that pose, especially with a thick and hard bulge in his swimsuit, getting harder because of me.


Continuing to apply lotion on my breasts I make sure to move the bikini top enough to let one of my nipples peek out. I leave it out and pretend to not notice so that he gets a good look at my pink, puffy nipple. I keep looking at his face and lick my lips seductively trying to get a reaction from his face. I already know his body reacts well to me, I wonder if his face will too.


He rises, from his towel awkwardly because of his very stiff manhood stretching his swimsuit, and starts to make his way across the sand towards me. My heart jumps and I feel a warmth wash over my body from the excitement of meeting somebody for the first time, especially a sexy man like this. His first words to me are, “I think you missed a spot, can I help you?” in a deep voice with a thick British accent that made my legs weak.


I smiled as best I could and replied, “Well, there are some very hard to reach places”. I hand him the bottle of lotion and say, “I appreciate the offer to help,” and turn my back to him waiting for his hands to start touching me. The anticipation of his touch sendling tingles all along my back.


He places one knee on the ground behind me and begins applying lotion on my back. His hand is warm and very secure in its movements. He works his way expertly around my shoulders, sending little sparks of electricity down my spine with his strong grip and his fingers caressing my skin. His fingers make their way underneath my bikini strings as he says in his deep manly voice, “this will make a sexy tan line.” His hands work the lotion all over my back and start to work down to my lower back and hips. His fingers sneakily make their way underneath my bikini bottom and stretch it out while he applies lotion on my hips and ass cheeks.


I look back at him, raising an eyebrow and notice that his eyes are indeed pointed down towards my bare, pale ass. Before I can say anything, he quickly ads, “You know, if you’re not a fan of tan lines, there’s a more isolated part of the resort I could invite you to, where you can sunbathe privately  without tan-lines.”


As he finishes massaging my lower back I spin around quickly to be face to face and smile. “Tell me more about this private place you have here,” I say in a soft voice.

I see my nervous, blue eyes reflected in his glasses, and also notice that my nipple is still exposed. I blush and try to look around to make sure that nobody else is looking at me but of course a lot of our neighbors are staring right at my exposed nipple. I feel my face start to get warm from my blushing.


I continue to look around and notice that a few of the peeping toms around us have erections starting to show in their shorts, which only makes me more excited and wet. It also somehow triggers my exhibitionist tendencies which give me the determination to not cover up and keep exposing that nipple to the world. Looking again at my new friend, I smile when I see my red nervous cheeks reflected on his glasses. He seems to be enjoying my awkwardness.


He stands slowly and says, “It’s not far from here, just around the beach. It is so private that you can sunbathe in your birthday suit if you wish.”  He winks with a naughty smile that gives me butterflies in my stomach. He stretches out his hand to help me up from my towel. I see my exposed nipple reflected on his glasses. Holding his hand I get up and begin gathering my things.


I bend over to pick up my towel from the sand, because he is standing very close to my towel I decide to move my ass back a little so that while I am picking up the towel, his struggling bulge is parked right between my ass cheeks. I can feel him get harder and start to poke my ass with his hardness. I stand up with all my things and smile.


“I think I got everything, how about you?”, I ask in a cheery voice.


“I am always ready, I travel light,” he says with a delightful laugh.


As I stand in facing him, I ask, “What can I call you, Mr. Handsome?”


“Mando,” he says, smiling, “and you?”


“I’m Frikki”, I smile sheepishly, “in name and in behavior.” I run my hand over his firm butt as I say the word behavior.


“Allow me,” he says, holding my hand and guiding me through the maze of sunbathers. We walk for a bit exchanging small talk, his hand playfully releasing mine and moving towards my waist. He pulls me closer at one point, to fit through a tight spot of sunbathers, but decides to not release me once we’ve gone through the tight spot. I don’t complain, his cologne is perfect, and his body feels just right next to mine. We reach a tall stone wall separating the beach. Part of it is man-made, but most of it is natural volcanic rock formations. It truly separates the beach well into the water.


We reach the man-made part of the wall, where there’s an iron gate and a card reader. Mando produces a hotel card from his pocket and places it atop the reader, immediately after a loud metallic clunk, the gate opens for us. We make our way though, and the door locks behind us with another satisfying clunk. As we emerge from the doorway, we are greeted with a spectacular view of an unmolested beach. The pristine sand is a smooth surface without all the footsteps that  brand the beach we were just previously on. There is nobody here and the only sound in this part of the resort is that of nature.


“This place is amazing, how did you find this?” I ask.


“Membership has its benefits,” he replies and winks.


We walk across the private beach to the center where he lays my towel down and declares, “Your beach now, enjoy.” and proceeds to sit and lean on his elbows looking at me.


“Thank you, Mando.” I say and quickly scan the whole beach suddenly feeling a little bit worried that this beach may have peeping toms. I sit on the towel Mando has set up. “How long have you  been at the resort?” I notice that Mando is pretty relaxed, which relaxes me too.

I think he noticed my nervous scan of the beach because he says,  “Don’t worry, no one comes here. That wall goes back a mile in the jungle. It’s pretty tough to enter this beach without a passkey.” He takes off his sunglasses and places them between us. “I consider myself as local. I bought a cabin here. I’ve been here since last August.” He gazes out into the ocean, “I’m working on my first novel.”


“A novel?” I ask as I take a look at his eyes for the first time, now finally revealed to me. He has happy eyes, with a glint of trouble. I think he has a mischievous look, which is very attractive in a man like him. “What kind of novel is it?” I put my things down and take the lotion out again, my hands working behind my back to undo my bikini top and release my breasts to the natural salty air of the beach. I hand the bottle of lotion to Mando and whisper… “you missed a spot.”

Secluded sex beach

“A science fiction novel,” He says as he takes the bottle of lotion from my hands. Puzzled he asks, “Which spot did I miss?”


I turn around, “You already did my back, remember? You never did my front.”


Mando Chuckles, “Sorry, my bad.” He puts lotion on his hands and proceeds to gently spread the oily mess all around my breasts and nipples in slow hypnotizing circles. “So, soft,” he whispers feeling the skin of my natural breasts as he kneads them around and around ending at the tip of my nipples then working his way back around to the base.


I let out a soft moan as I feel his warm hands caressing my breasts so delightfully. His squeeze is just right. He makes me feel sparks all the way down to my pussy. I feel my crotch start to heat up in expectation of his hands there. I slowly start untying the strings that are holding my bikini bottom together. Very slowly I expose the top of my mound for Mando, “You also missed a spot down here.”


He tugs on my nipple playfully, making me gasp for air. He lets my nipples slip between his fingers as his hands start to make their way down my waist to my hips. He seems lost in concentration on my body and what his hands are doing. I moan and take deep breaths, arching my back a little I lean back slowly and finally lay flat on the towel.


His hands pull on my bikini strings and finish tugging it out from between my legs so that my lips are exposed. I help him by opening my legs and allowing his hands easy access to my mound. He glides his fingers up and down my clean shaven outer lips. The lotion making his fingers glide with ease between them and right onto my inner lips. I gasp for air as his fingers find my clit and glide over it and around it. I close my eyes and feel a drop of my wetness escape my pussy lips and move slowly down onto my asshole, tickling me as is trickles all the way down..


“Don’t move,” Mando says, I feel his fingers exploring my pussy’s entrance and slowly peeking inside it. He slides the tips of two fingers inside of me, and I feel a bigger drop of moisture escape my pussy and glide down the now wet path to my ass. His fingers stretch my pussy as they continue their slow and deliberate motion deeper into me. I start to moan and tighten my muscles around his fingers, gripping at them and trying to pull them deeper and deeper inside me. My hips move up and down trying to guide his fingers onto my g spot and onto the base of my pussy. My hands find their way onto my tits, caressing them and caressing my now slippery nipples, oily from the lotion. My oily body makes me even hornier.

Seaside Adventure Part Two….

Truckin’ And Fuckin’ In China!

“Are you from Taiwan or China?”

He looked at her as she asked the question. Ling was not always the talking type. Ever since he got this delivery job a couple of months ago, he had always done his best to do his work with every sense of responsibility as he could. He was not ready to lose this second chance again.

He had lost his job at a construction company because of the recklessness of his employers. The gossips and rumours had been everywhere within the company back then. They had over borrowed from the banks and then ended up embezzling all of the company’s funds. It was recklessness of the highest order. A lot of his colleagues had felt they would be ready when the bubble would burst. They were all mistaken. When the police came for their bosses, they were all too shocked like they never knew it was going to happen. A few days after that, Ling was unemployed.

He had searched for several weeks until he was able to get this delivery job with a major courier company in Taiwan. They had looked at his size and felt that with his huge biceps and strong back he would do well with handling one of their trucks. Ling had not complained. Back at the construction company, he had been a mason. He was used to lifting heavy stuff and working hard which gave rise to his muscular physique. To drive a truck was going to be like eating pancakes to him.

His new employers had taken him and other fresh hires on several induction training  runs where they were taught the need to be extra nice to their customers. They were the reason why the courier company was existing they had been told.

Ling was thinking about that, about being nice to his customers as he gazed at her with a smile.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked.

The lady who sat behind the table was obviously an expatriate. Ling could easily tell. Her face was long and so were her legs which seemed to stretch forever under her mini skirt. Her blouse was open at the top and because he was standing in front of her while she was seated, he could see the two round mounds of her breasts peeping through the top of the black bra she was wearing.

“I am just amused, that’s all,” Ling said.

“Amused?” Why?”

“Because that seems to be the only question that everyone would ask people like me whenever they meet me for the first time. And it makes me wonder, why is that so?”

“Really? What else am I supposed to ask?”

Ling shrugged. “Any other thing, like how was my day, do I have a family. But not if I am from China or Taiwan.”

She stopped what she was doing. All this while, even right from when he had been directed into her office, she had been busy with her PC while nodding and acknowledging his delivery. Even when she pointed to him where to set down the package, she hadn’t looked away from her screen. And when he had come to her to sign off, she had not looked up. When she had asked him where he was form, she had not looked up either.

But now, as she asked the last question, she had not only looked up but she had looked away from the screen that had been her focus all this while.

“Really?” she asked as she gazed at him. “So I shouldn’t have asked you if you were from China or Taiwan.”

Ling shook his head. “I don’t think you should have started a conversation with me like that. Let me ask you, how would you feel if I had asked you where were you from, America or Britain. How would you have felt?”

She made a face at him. “I don’t think I would have felt anything. Maybe I would be suspicious.”


She nodded. “Yes, maybe. Gosh, I don’t really know. Okay, let me apologise for being so intrusive.”

Ling raised his hands defensively. “No, no, you don’t’ have to apologise. It happens. People would always ask that.”

“I see. So I was just being like other people then?”

Ling shrugged. “I guess so. But you don’t look like other people.”

She crossed her legs and studied the man in front of him. “Really? Well, you don’t either.”

“I don’t’?”

She shook her head. “No, not at all. How do you maintain these strong arms of yours?”

Ling could feel his face redden as he blushed. “I work out once a while. And then again, the job I do keeps me fit.”

“As a truck driver?”

He nodded. “Yes, as a truck driver from China.”

She smiled and snapped her fingers. “I see. The Chinese truck driver. You have now told me where you are from.”

Ling smiled. “You can say that again. My name is Ling.”

She offered her hand. “Mine is Melissa, and I am an America.”

Ling grinned. “It’s nice to meet you, Melissa.”

After he had left, he thought about his encounter with Melissa. She seemed to be such a nice girl. And she was so friendly, unlike many of the other expatriates in their country. He felt that maybe it was because of her role in that company he had made delivery to. She was their receptionist and she dealt with so many people every day. Maybe that was why she had to be very friendly to all of them.

Melissa the American girl, he thought with a smile.

A week later, Ling’s company took delivery of another consignment. It was supposed to be delivered to the same company that Melissa worked for. Unlike him, Ling could not help but feel excited as he drove his truck to her company.

When he got there, he was surprised to meet the place all locked up and quiet. As the security man walked up to him, he could feel butterflies fluttering in his stomach. The silence and deserted car park he saw all around reminded him of the construction company that had gone under.

“Howdy. What can I do for you?” the uniformed security man asked.

Ling pulled out the manifest. “I have a delivery in the back, a consignment for this company. Is anyone around to receive it?”

“Are you kidding? Don’t you know it is weekend? They don’t work on weekends, dude.”

Ling slapped his forehead. He had completely forgotten what day of the week it was – it was funny that these expatriates still worked Monday to Friday – there was not such luxury in China. In his new line of work, he had to make deliveries every day, except when he was off which could be any day of the week. Somehow, he felt relieved that nothing had happened to the company; that they were still in operation. This meant that he was still going to see Melissa some other day.

“Alright, I guess I’ll just come back by Monday then,” Ling said.

But as he was about to back up, there she was. It was Melissa. She had just alighted from a taxi and was walking up to the gate.

Ling could feel his heart begin to beat rapidly. She looked gorgeous in the red overall coat she had on with matching black high heels.

When she got to him she smiled, revealing those pure white set of teeth of hers. “Why, what a surprise, Ling. What are you doing here today?”

“I have a consignment for you,” Ling replied waving the manifest at her.

“On a weekend?” she asked with a smile.

“We don’t do weekends at our company or in fact China. Every day is a workday for us. We do it for our customers.”

Melissa nodded. “Yes, for your customers. Let’s go inside then.”

The security guard opened the gates to let Ling drive in. Once inside, he offloaded the eight cartons and took them into the building.

“You can just leave them in my office,” Melissa said as she slid out of her coat. Underneath, she was wearing a mini dress.

“You came to work today?”

Melissa nodded as she removed the ribbon that held her hair together at the back. As she did so, her hair became loosed and tumbled down all over her shoulders. “I suspected that you were going to come in today.”

Ling frowned and gazed at her. She was seated on her chair but she was not behind the table. She had pushed her chair away from the table and was now seated away from it.

Ling saw that she had parted her legs and in the process her mini dress had ridden up her thighs exposing the smoothness of her inner legs.

He felt a lump rise up his throat as he discovered that she was not wearing any panties. “You suspected that I was going to come here today?”

Melissa nodded as she continued to play with her hair, with her legs still parted facing him. “Yes, I was expecting this consignment to come in. And even though today is weekend, I decided to come over and receive them.”

Ling struggled to take away his eyes from her open legs. He turned to the cartons he had brought in. “Yes, The consignment came in today. You know, we don’t keep customer’s consignments at the warehouse, except if we have to like when a customer is not around. Otherwise we do everything possible to see that we get them delivered as soon as we receive them.”

Melissa nodded and cocked her head as she watched him. She was acting like someone studying something of interest. But it was just Ling that was there. She could see that he was uncomfortable, standing there by the cartons he had brought in.

“That is a real nice policy you have in your company.”

“Policy?” Ling asked, trying not to look at her.

Melissa nodded. “Yes, customer policy I mean. You seem to do everything you can to please your customers.”

Ling smiled and managed to nod. “Yes, it is all part of our training too. We do everything possible to satisfy our customers.”


Ling nodded. “Yes, Melissa. Everything possible; including weekend deliveries.”

She got up suddenly and Ling held his breath as she walked up to him. Whether it was deliberate or not, she allowed her hand to brush the front of his trouser. It was as if someone had passed electricity through him. Ling felt his body jolt at her touch. He felt electrified, like an electric device that had suddenly been turned on to maximum capacity. He felt himself jolt and shiver and shook his head vigorously, as if trying to shake off the effects of her soft caress.

She seemed to enjoy the effect she had on him as she walked past him to the cartons he had brought in.

She was still standing when she bent over to reach one of the cartons on the floor. “Do you know what these are?”

China Panties

As she bent down, her mini dress rose up again. Unlike before when she was seated and facing him, this time she was backing Ling and the effect was amplified. Her dress had ridden up her tings up to her waist. As she bent over he saw her white panties which she slowly slid to the floor and stepped out of.  Because she was no longer wearing any panties, he could see her whole ass sticking out at him. First was her asshole, it was squeezed tight like some tight brown mouth that had been obstinately shut close. A few millimeters underneath it was her pink pussy. It was like a pair of lips, moist, glistening, and inviting.

“Do you?” Melissa asked again.

Ling’s mind was no longer with her. He was imagining all that he could do with this hot secretary that was exposing herself to him so brazenly.

“Do you?”

Ling blinked. “What?”

“I know what you do, Ling. You are a truck driver working for a courier company. But do you know what I do?”

“You are a secretary,” he managed to utter, still transfixed by the ass and pussy that were opened wide at him. He was transfixed and could not move, stuck in one place like a statue.

“Well yes and no.  I am bringing sex toys into Taiwan” Melissa said still backing him and opening one of the boxes.

“Sex Toys?”

Melissa nodded. “Yes, sex toys. These cartons here contain a variety of them for our own customers.”

Sex toys?”

“Yes, that is what my company is into. We import them and then sell to those that need them – especially ex-pats. We have a variety of adult toys here. That is what we do.”

“Sex toys.” he again said for the third time.

She turned to look at him still bent over and giving him a full view of her pussy. “You do know what they are, don’t you?”

Ling managed to nod hurriedly. She smiled and allowed her gaze to fall towards his groin. Ling followed her gaze and saw that there was already a huge bulge in his trousers. It was as if he was hiding a huge pipe there.

“We sell all sorts of sex toys,” Melissa continued. “Including bondage gear, bondage toys; just all kinds of sex toys.”

Bondage gear?”

“Yes, some of these cartons contain bondage gear for sale. That is what we do here give pleasures. And we do it for our customers.”

“I see,” Ling said as he tried to adjust his erection.

“And do you know what?”

“No, what?”

“Who needs a sex toy when you can have the real thing?” Melissa asked, as she knelt down and dropped her head towards the ground, allowing her ass to push out and up, parting wide for him to see inside her moist pussy.

“The real thing?” Ling repeated confusedly.

“Yes, Ling. Can you do me a favour?”

“What do you want?”

“Come and take care of me, your customer. Come and fill me up with that dick of yours. Please.”

Her plea sounded more like a command and not a plea.

Ling did not need further urging. He almost flew to where she was kneeling down with her ass up in the air.  He did not need to pull off his trousers. He only unzipped his fly an out came his erect dick. He directed his erection into her inviting pussy and almost gasped as her muscles encircled his erection.

As he moved in and out of her like a battering ram, he could hear Melissa gasping and moaning at the same time. It was as if she was in a trance and was not going to wake up anytime soon.

Ling held her ass in both hands tightly as he continued to pound her from behind. It was as if he was worried that if he did not hold her so tightly, her ass might break free and run away from being fucked.

Soon, he could feel his legs vibrating. He was going to soon come and she knew it as well.

As he came, he held her ass so tightly that his fingers dug deep into her ass cheeks.

When he pulled out of her, his cum began to spill out and splash on the floor.

Melissa turned around. Still on her knees, she lapped up his cum from the ground like a hungry dog. Then she came to him and sucked his dick with relish. It was as if she did not want to waste any drop of his come wherever it was located.

When she was through, she straightened her dress and stood up. “There, now that is how you treat your customers, Ling. I hope you would always be available to treat me well.”

Ling grinned. “Always. You bet I will.”

As he left the company that day, he could not help but feel happy that he had served his customer right that day. He wondered if his company was going to give him a raise for taking care of Melissa the way he did.

Getting Dirty In Pleasures Resort!

When Ben got into the office of the Singapore Resort,  he slammed the door hard that he could feel the vibration in his bones.

He was mad and there was no denying how he felt. As he began to pace around his office, he could feel his chest heaving up and down underneath the long sleeve Polo he was wearing. He always kept fit by going to the on-site  gym and in the city gym on weekends for workout sessions that lasted at least two to three hours a stretch. This fact was evidenced in the bulging biceps and wide thick chest underneath his Polo.

But he was not mindful of his admirable physique as he paced to and fro inside the office like a caged lion waiting to pounce out into freedom.  He was furious and he clenched his fists tightly and began to shake his head. He stopped in front of the window. looking at his reflection as he ran a lose hand through his hair which reminded him of a well cut garden of black grass.

What was he going to do, he wondered. What had happened was simply not acceptable and he had to do something about it.

He stopped pacing around and pulled out his leather chair from behind the wide desk. He sat down heavily and starred up at the ceiling.

Just then, he heard a knock on his door.

“Who is it?” he hollered.

In response the door opened and a Singaporean woman popped in through the ajar door. She came in and closed the door behind her. Ben sized her up. She was wearing a black and white apron which served to conceal and perhaps protect whatever attire she had underneath. In her hands were a brush and a napkin. He felt slightly annoyed at himself that her work tools reminded him of something a little more erotic than just cleaning utensils. She was always with them, just like the other resort cleaners, ready to clean up any mess that they found anywhere in their Pleasure resort.

“Nina, what are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be busy at work?”

The woman smiled, revealing a set of white teeth accentuated by her asian complexion. “I have already completed my round of chores for this morning. I decided to come and check up on you.”

“I see. You’re welcome then,” Ben replied as he studied her briefly.

She was petite to medium sized and no matter how tall she stood, Ben knew she would always end up under his chin, which made her at least five foot tall. Her legs were straight and firm and reminded him of athletes who were good at athletics and other sports – obviously a result of being on her feet all day. He remembered her easily. She was one of the several cleaners that worked there. She was a native of Singapore and he always seemed fascinated by her round face, slanted eyes and broad smile.

She smiled again. “I am really sorry about what happened back there.”

“You mean with that guest?” Ben asked before dismissing the talk with the wave of his hand. “It was nothing.”

“But I saw you were quite angry, sir.”

Ben sniggered. “Angry? No, I wasn’t angry. Or was I? Hell no, I wasn’t. I was as mad and angry as a raging bull.”

As he said this he slammed his fist down on his table, an action that startled Nina. She backed away and held her brush and napkin close to her bosom like a frightened pet.

Ben saw her reaction and shook his head. “I apologise. I mean, I didn’t mean to startle you or anything like that. But the truth is that I don’t like how Mr. Mendez treats us staff like we are…we are…we are…” He was searching for the right word but could not just get it.

“Trash or dirt?” Nina offered.

He snapped his fingers. “Exactly. Yes, you got it right – trash, dirt, scum of the earth. What does he take us all for?”

“Dirt,” Nina said simply and he noticed that she seemed a bit more relaxed, as she lowered her hands. “He owns this resort, doesn’t he? So everyone working in here must be his dirt, to be trampled on anyhow.”

“Really? That is wrong, completely wrong,” Ben insisted. “I mean, everyone could see that it was the guest who was at fault. He should have booked for a room in advance. I mean, who ever does such a thing – to come to a resort as big as this and just begin to expect and demand for a room of your choice?”

“Well, he is Mr. Mendez’s…” Nina began to say.

“Bosom friend or associate,” Ben offered. “Who cares if he is our employer’s father? The fact is that there were already other guests here. What am I supposed to do – throw them out simply because he is in town and needs a room?”

“I think you did the best you could do by pointing all that out to him.”

Ben nodded. “Yes. I know I did my best. I was very polite too. But clearly he did not like my approach. And what does the douche bag do? Right in front of me he calls Mr. Mendez. And what does our employer do? He orders – Nina can you imagine that – he actually orders me to get him a room at all costs. At all costs, even if it meant moving our VIP guest or even worse sending them away.”

Nina shook her head. “Sometimes, Mr. Mendez could be difficult.”

“Sometime or all the time?” he repllied.

“Let me get you something to cool off with,” Nina announced and stepped towards the cabinet opposite his table. As she moved he caught sight of her hips as they undulated underneath her apron. He could not help but wonder if she was really as endowed as he imagined. Or was it just her apron that was making him see things?

Ben had always seen her as a dedicated staff of their resort. Right from the first day that she was employed to join the cleaning department, she had always been on his mind. He couldn’t quite place it. She was very hard working, willing to take instructions and corrections, and even work late.

But he knew there was something more to her than her diligence and willingness to work.

Maybe it had to do with her looks. Like all the other female Singaporeans he knew of, she was good looking, if not quite beautiful.Her eyes, her lips, and her long strong legs seemed to stir something in him whenever he happened to encounter her.

And then there was her companionship. Nina was fond of coming around to see him in his office. At first he had felt that it was unusual, because none of the other cleaners came to see him in his office except when he specifically asked them to. But with time, he began to get used to seeing her around.

The first time he had asked why she bothered coming around; she had simply smiled and said that she was grateful to him for selecting her to work in the resort. He hadn’t thought much of it and he had made her know this. But on her subsequent visits, he began to think more about her and her looks.

Of course he did not yet think of anything else could be behind her visits. He didn’t want to be involved with anyone in the resort, not to talk less a junior female employee for that matter.

But now, as he watched her lean over and check through his cabinet, he could not help feel a strong urge to reach for her and a stirring in his pants.  Her ass seemed to be jotting out at him, perhaps touting him or even daring him to make a move for her as she scanned through the shelf in the cabinet.

Ben licked his lips. It was as if he had suddenly woken up from a long slumber. Damn, this girl had got some ass, he muttered silently to himself. If she had been inanimate like one of those sex dolls, he was sure he would have ravaged her with abandon right here and now. And with her napkin and brush at the ready just reminded him of some knky sex toys.

Nina, Nina, Nina. She really looked like one of those asian love dolls for sale. Did she like sex toys as well, he wondered.

“Which of the drinks would you prefer?”

Ben seemed shocked at her question. He blinked away his gaze from her backside and tried to concentrate on her face as she turned to look at him. “Anyone would do,” he managed to say.


“I think the champagne is okay. Give me the champagne.”

As she nodded and stood up, he felt his manhood twist some and then rise hard in his pants. He frowned at himself. He was getting aroused already and there was no need to ask what was the cause of it.

“You only brought one glass?” Ben noticed as she began to pour the drink for him.

She smiled. “I don’t drink while I am working.”

Ben grinned at her. “But you are not working in my office now, are you?”

She handed the drink to him. “You can say that I am. After all, I am here, am I not?”

Ben nodded. “Yes, you are here. But are you working here or what?”

“You can say I have come to see my boss and sympathize and comfort and encourage him.”

Ben took a sip of the drink. “Yeah, thanks so much. I really appreciate that, Nina. Everyone knows we all need support sometimes, if not every time. Especially when you work for such a resort.”

Just then, Ben began to cough. He had taken another sip too quickly and the drink had gone down the wrong way.

As he sputtered, Nina came over to him and patted his back. As he dropped the cup on the table, it toppled and fell on the ground, spilling the bubbling drink all over the tiled floor.

“Damn, how careless of me,” Ben muttered.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of it,” Nina said and in a flash she was already on the floor in front of him.

As she began to clean the drink with her napkin, Ben felt his manhood stir again. He did not have to wonder why. This was the second time in less than two minutes that he was staring at her ass. And this time, it was close up.

Instinctively, Ben sat up in his chair. As he watched her scrub the drink from the floor with her napkin, her ass began to undulate like a sachet of water. Her ass was bobbing up and down like a ball on a wave of water.

He smacked his lips and sat up. But this time it wasn’t because he wanted to get a better view. He needed to adjust himself because of the bulge that had risen in between his legs. His erection was straining against the fabric of his trouser, like an animal caught in a trap, struggling to burst free.

Ben cursed. All the emotion he felt inside him from the incidence with the guest seemed to want to burst free just like his demanding cock. He wasn’t sure he was thinking when he unzipped his trouser and let his erect cock out to get some fresh air. As his member literally jumped out, he grinned to himself as he studied the one-eyed monster.

“Do you need help with that too?”

Startled, Ben looked up to see Nina. She was still on her knees. But this time she did not have her back turned. Rather, she was facing him from the floor. There was a coy smile on her face as she watched him holding his erect cock like someone with a whip wondering what to do with it.

“I don’t know –,” Ben began to say.

“Don’t worry, sir,” Nina cooed. “If you don’t know, then let me help you out.”

Ben was agape as he watched her crawl up to him on all fours. She was not in a hurry, but rather took her time to approach him, all the while maintaining eye contact with him. By the time she got to his chair, Ben was already panting heavily with anticipation, like a tired wild animal that had run out of breath and strength.

She pushed his hand away and grabbed his cock with both hands. To Ben, his huge erect cock in her small hands seemed like a child holding onto a huge pink snake. He knew that Nina was small sized, like so many other Singaporean women he had met. But he didn’t know just how small she was until just now that she was so close to him.

It was as if she was holding a massive dildo like the ones he has seen used by some of the women on line by bad dragon.

But if he thought that his size was going to be a problem, Nina didn’t seem to bother. She did not blink an eye as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to sock.

Ben threw his head backwards and slapped his forehead. He gasped softly as she began to suck him with so much passion and experience. While she was sucking him, she groped underneath and grabbed his two balls. She then began to squeeze them softly, and then stroke them at the same time.

Ben looked down at her bobbing head and gasped in ecstasy. Nina was killing him with so much pleasure. But there was something else he wanted. He caught sight of her ass as it lay behind her, curled away out of sight.

Singapore Panties

No, you are not going to evade me this time, Ben said to himself. He reached down and grabbed a pound of her backside in his hands and squeezed it. She squirmed and pulled away from his dick. “What are you looking for?”

Ben grinned. “You don’t know for how long I always wanted to do that.”

“Is that all you have always wanted to do?”

Ben did not need any further urging. It was crazy he knew, but this damn, crazy things do happen. Just like in the reception with Mr. Mendez’s friend. And now here in his office, with this smoking hot girl called Nina.

He kicked aside his trousers and turned her around. He then lifted the hem of her apron to reveal the silly thin black thong she was wearing. With two fingers he pushed it aside to reveal a pussy that was not only pink, but moist and glistening.

He remembered how many times she had come to his office in the name of offering companionship, gratitude, and today, comfort. He wondered how long she had been waiting for him to make this move.

He did not wonder anymore as he knelt down behind her and thrust his dick inside her pussy. He did not know if he was going to fit in properly. But surprisingly his huge dick fit in well.

At first, he went in gently, not trying to be hard or rough. But Nina wasn’t playing for hard and soft. She wanted him and she wanted all of him. With her hands placed firmly on the floor, she moved her huge ass backwards forcing his dick to sink deeper and deeper into her. And then she pulled out slowly. She then moved backwards again and he went deeper.

Ben shook his head in disbelief. It wasn’t just that she was riding him in reverse cowgirl. It was how she was taking him all inside her without wincing a bit. How deep was she, he wondered.

As Nina rode him, he grabbed her ass and held on as if for dear life. After a couple of more thrusts, he could feel he was going to soon explode. Nina felt this and continued to thrust her hips.

Eventually, Ben let out a soft moan as he exploded inside her like a volcano.

When she pulled off him, all he could do was grin.

She cleaned him up by expertly wiping away his dick and herself with her napkin.

As he picked up his trousers and pulled it up his legs, she poured him another drink.

“There,” she said as she handed it over to him. “I am sure you would be fine now.”

Ben grinned. “Fine? I am better than fine now. And it’s all thanks to you.”

She smiled. “I was only doing my job, Mr. Ben.”

He threw a gaze at the floor where the drink had spilled. It was sparkling clean. You mean with cleaning up dirt?”

She smiled at him. “What has dirt got to do with it?”

Erotic Fiction Or Fact?

The best kind of erotic stories are one that’s based on the truth. Now i’m not guaranteeing that everything in this story is fact, but what i’m suggesting is that there were certain events that led to this story. . . Here goes.

A chance encounter while shopping reconnected me with an old friend. In the past we had a friend’s with benefits kind of relationship. And to be honest I had some experience as a slightly older boy having turned 18 a while ago and she had none. But jump forward 12 years and here we are catching up over a coffee, chatting about people and places from our past and it didn’t take long for one of us to mention our more personal adventures.

It was then that I learnt I was her first, it was news to me and I took the opportunity to give a cheeky compliment that she made all the right moves and seemed to know what she was doing, a natural.

Fast forward to a few days after our catch up and I receive a text from her, she quite openly asked during our coffee date if I was tempted to go off with her to some private place and relive some of those benefits we shared before or was she alone in that thought? I replied that the more we spoke about old times the more it crept into my mind – and i left it open to flirt.

In the days that followed we continued to exchange texts that where getting more and more on the subject of reconnecting sexually. One night the phone goes off again and it’s a simple but exciting question on my screen. “what do you want to do to me?” and to tell the truth I was shook, I didn’t know how to answer, was she expecting some descriptive play by play of a sexual encounter? Or was I expected to reply in a way that I can’t even begin to understand?

For the first time in many years I felt nervous, and decided to reply with a bit of a dodge “I want to fulfill your desires, whatever you want I will do”. If her first question didn’t make me feel nervous enough her next text had me completely questioning my self-image as a experienced sexual being, she began to describe how she wanted me to tie her hands above her head, kiss & bite her as I removed her clothes, and I thought well this isn’t anything new to me, all things I had done before. But that’s were my experience ended and I began to realized she had become a lot more experienced in exploring herself sexually than I.

The following texts all described how she will want me to choke her, spank her if she does not give the desired response, call her names & use all manner of devices on her, she ended out stating “I want you to completely dominate me” Not knowing what to say I responded with a joke “my safe word is keep going” to witch I was told safe words are useless when she is gauged.

I was both excited and nervous, she was defiantly requesting a kind of play I had never done. And I was running though my head, how do I go about this? How do I completely dominate someone and be in total control of another’s body, and that’s when I realized, she is the one who is in control here. She had outlined exactly what she wanted and I was putting all my thoughts and effort into how to successfully do this to her satisfaction. I had become so obsessed with making sure she was satisfied I didn’t even care if I enjoyed it. I felt like I was the slave here not her.

This was the first time my confidence as a dominant sexual being was challenged. She had told me that when we first had sex I was her first. But now I felt like I was the new one, nervous and scared of getting it wrong. And so I did what a lot of people would do, I completely hid my worries from her and acted like it was nothing new, not wanting her to know that this was new ground for me. Fake it till I make it I had decided.

Sex Stories

And so came the day when she invited me around. By this point there was no beating around the bush in how she spoke to me. “bring something to restrain me, and plenty of toys to fuck me with”

For a moment I considered the irony, she is the one completely in control of this situation in which I am to play the part of the one in control and boy had the tables turned from all those years ago where I was the one who knew what they were doing. A very new road lay ahead of me as I drove to her house, bag of toys sitting in the seat next to me, trying to compose myself and squash my clear nervous excitement. I received one final text before I arrived “the door is unlocked, I’m waiting”…..

Sissy Boy Fetish Awakening Part 2

Sissy Boy Awakening Continued…..

It took the girls roughly 2 hours to find out about my shoe/foot fetish, I now have 2 socks shoved deep into my mouth and one spread over my nose, All I can taste and smell are the feet off these girls, I am beginning to grow confusion as to why I am enjoying this so much I mean it doesn’t taste good? It sure doesn’t smell like roses? Why am I waiting for more?

The girls remove the socks and pull out the bag of makeup they had waiting for me, they begin to hold colours up to my face making cheeky comments about what would suit Michelle  better I said with a  frustrated voice “my names mitchell!”  Shoving the sock back in again one of the girls replies “ of coarse it is darling now don’t speak we need to get you ready for our friends they are already on their way over…


I panicked, what friends? Who? Do I know these people? What have I gotten myself into?

As the girls are adding the finishing touches to my make up the doorbell rings…

“This is going to be fun”, I hear one of the girls say as they leave the room to answer the front door

foot fetish with blue show polish
Beautiful Feet for stylish foot fetish

I can hear giggling coming from downstairs, followed by footsteps coming up towards the room I am in,  struggling to get myself lose, the door to the room begins to open but then slams back shut..  I panic, Do the girls know I’m in here or are they hiding me from they’re friends, I begin to wonder if I scream for help will their friends hear me and they will have no choice but to let me go, I begin to try and scream through the sock gag but barely any sound is coming out, I try to shuffle my chair towards a wall so I can bang myself up against it to try and make a sound but as I’m shifting towards the wall my chair is caught on a bit of carpet and I fall onto my side still attached to the chair I begin to feel a light breeze blowing onto my lower areas, I look down and realise the dress has flown up and I am completely exposed I start to panic and attempt to wriggle backwards so the dress will flap back down but nothing is working, panicking not to be found in a position like this I keep quiet whilst trying to flap my dress back down to cover myself but nothing is working.


I hear footsteps coming towards the door, The door slowly opens I hear a giggle “ oh Michelle what have you gotten yourself into?” i feel my chair being pulled back up and my dress being re adjusted, she then put a pair of high heels on my feet and put a padlock through the straps I heard a click followed by a giggle “that should keep them on for a little while” she begins to untie me from the chair “so Michelle, here is the deal we have some of our friends over for a movie night and you are going to do anything we say and if you don’t ther’s lots of things I think we can easily make you do.” She tells me whilst Staring at me with an evil look I would be stupid not to agree.  I stand up in the heels and almost fall flat on my face, “ don’t worry you’ll get use to them sweetie, lets get you down stairs and ready to meet the girls” she attached a dog leash around my neck and began to pull me towards the door, I try and beg her not too do this but she giggles and yells out “girls I have a surprise for you” I swallow my pride and followed her downstairs.


Walking into the lounge room I hear a “ click click click “ and see 3 flashes the girls are laughing , I realise they had just taken 3 pictures of me, “now he has to do everything we say unless he wants a new myspace picture” the girls burst out laughing,  back in the days when myspace was everything I began ton panic I beg the girls to delete them they reply “ as soon as you finish all your chores and tasks like a good girl well consider deleting them until then wait in the corner until your needed” I sit in the corner in the room while they all sit back and laugh at me, the eldest one comes down the stairs and I hear her yell “what do you think your doing”, everything went silent I wasn’t sure who she was talking to, I hear her yell Michelle it took me a few seconds to realise she was talking to me I look at her and she walks over towards me and slaps me in the face and says since when do we sit on our bottoms??  she grabs me by my hair and lifts me up onto my knees, she then pinches my cheeks and whispers in my ear  “I know how much you enjoy this,”  giggling as she walks away.