Kate’s Urethral Play Story – PART ONE!

Urethra Foreplay

Hey all, my name is Kate, and sex with my long term partner Mark has been really great. Considering that we have been married for a couple of years now and one gets into a certain routine and things  can get some what boring. This does not imply that our sex got boring, as the two of us made sure of that. We both have loving sex and we both like to explore different avenues and test boundaries with each other. We have attempted pretty much any position and in any opening, conceivable.

Sex toys, in the same way as vibrators and dildos have been a part of our love making regime for quite some time now.  It has probably been around two years when Mark first introduced a lady called “Ty” to me.  I think he probably saw a few photos on the web of her too.  She is certainly not the most attractive porn star out there but when he showed me he was so excited about the whole concept.  She was a ‘gaping queen’ and inserted objects into her urethra or as Mark likes to say her ‘pee gap’. I recollect him saying that he wished his little finger would fit into my urethra a number of times after watching her on screen.

After several weeks he surprised me by bringing home two or three catheters, which I had never seen before and did not know much about.  He told me he had bought them online, they were ‘foley’ catheters in two sizes.  One was relatively small and the other a bit thicker – they were in sterile packaging.  When I went to unwrap them Mark told me not to touch them until we were ready to use them to avoid them getting any dirt of bacteria on them.

Never having experience urethral play before I was excited yet a little scared when the night came and I saw Mark put on some sterile white latex gloves.  He asked me to spread my legs wide with my knee’s bent similar to the position when put in stirrups in the gyno’s surgery.  He took up a position between my legs and I saw him carefully unwrap the smaller of the two catheters.  With a simple, ‘Here we go’ he began to test my pee gap with the tip of the catheter and within moments had inserted it an inch or so up inside me.

Pee Hole Story
Urethra Erotica

Feeling it slide inside me caused me no stress or pain however I could feel my clit getting harder and  a wonderful ‘pins and needles’ feeling inside my pee hole.    It was enjoyable so I asked me to put it further inside me.  As he did so I had the incredible urge to pee and, not able to control myself relieved myself all over the bed.  Luckily Mark had the foresight to place a towel underneath me and looking up at his smiling face I could see that watching me urinate had greatly pleased and aroused him.

The catheter was now about 3 inches inside me and the urination had ceased so he gently began pushing it further in.  He used a little plastic syringe filled with sterile water putting it on a clip and began to squeeze the liquid through the tube.  I could feel a little bag expanding just past the entrance of my bladder.  It was a weird but in no way uncomfortable experience and Mark said, ‘It’s in now.  Get up, have a walk around’.

I got up and walked around the bedroom with the catheter handing out of my you know what feeling fascinated at this bizarre event.  We kept it in for about an hour whilst Mark vigilantly brought me glasses of water to drink when eventually I felt the incredible urge to pee but could not.  Mark mischievously opened a small valve at the catheter and we watched as the bag quickly filled with my pee and the relief for me was overwhelming.

Knowing that Mark now had the power over whether I would wee or not made me extremely horny and I began playing with my clit.  In just a few strokes I orgasmed and I could see Mark also playing with the bulge that was so evident at the front of his pants.  This was our first foray into catheter play and I have to say I was already a fan.  There was no pain, and I hate pain.

Needless to say we had a big sex session afterwards and both my holes were well accommodated by his hard and thick cock.

About a week had passed when Mark asked if I would like to try the catheter game again.  Of course I was interested and even more so when I saw he brought the thicker one into the bedroom.  I assumed the position wondering if this would go in as easily as the first one and this time I noticed that he also had a large bottle of lubricant with him.  If possible I was more turned on than the previous week as I knew what was about to happen and was much more comfortable.  Mark quickly unwrapped it, generously put lube all over the tip and began to very slowly worm his way into my urethral opening.  My urethra was dilating to allow access to the catheter and I climaxed before it was even an inch inside me, gushing all over marks face and hands.

This was so weird, he had not even touched my clit but I had a earth shattering explosion as I yelled our how much I loved my husband.  After I had finished orgasming I could not hold back and eagerly grabbed Mark’s cock and put it in my mouth.  Encouraging him to throat fuck me by grabbing his buttocks and forcing him to thrust his hard cock in my mouth.  He was deep-throating me and in minutes he too shot his load down my eager throat.

Now we had both cum I asked Mark to test how far he could stretch and go up my urethra with this thick catheter.  Now I have to be honest, part of this was for me but I also wanted Mark to realize his fantasy of sticking his finger in my urethra just like in the Amazing Ty video we watched.  What a feeling that would be as I knew how much of a turn-on this was for him.

Over the next few weeks we trialed a whole heap of different things in my urethera (always making sure they were sterile) like a toothbrush handle,  a pen, a texta all with differing results but all ultimately resulting both in my sexual satisfaction and Marks.  He would insert them and take them out replicating a smooth thrusting motion and on many occasions, for reasons unknown to me, I would orgasm through the urethra it would set off a blended orgasm and my sphincter would go into spasms of delight.

It was such a turn on that I began to experiment when Mark was not home with some solo play and it was not long before I managed to graduate to some ‘pinky’ play and would finger fuck my urethra.  The only drawback with my pinkie finger fucking was that it was not long enough so I began to experiment with my other fingers slowly graduating to thicker and longer fingers until I achieved my pointing finger, all the way up to the last knuckle.  It took a few of these sessions till I finally  ‘came clean’ with Mark to let him know what I had done.  At first I thought he may be a little angry with my solo sexual escapades but he surprised me by being all the more enthused and asked if he could watch…..



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My Cock Trap Story

Cuckolded cleaner

You need to see precisely how these chastity devices you buy can be abused in the hands of the wrong lady. How they can indeed be utilized to obliterate a man’s life. The particular case that destroyed my life is fundamentally designed after The Cock Trap. You have probably heard about The Cock Trap from another person already, though if you haven’t it is made of solid titanium. Lightweight, yet completely difficult to cut the material.

Let me introduce you to Sheila

Sheila is the sort of lady who ought to never have gotten her hands on that damn thing. I met her at work. We both had jobs at the same office complex and we both had gotten to know one another over the past six months or thereabouts. She was truly appealing and appeared to be pulled in to me, so I had regularly asked her out on a couple of dates. We had a great time, and inevitably wound up in the sack together a few times. However, after for a little while it was evident to me there was no potential for it to be over the long haul. She simply wasn’t exactly my sort – she was either on the verge of or excessively requesting and inclined to touchiness, if you catch my drift. I didn’t formally cancel it or anything, however I simply let things take their course and in the end quit calling her. Meanwhile, I had met a truly perfect chick named Martha who I was getting to be extremely inspired by.

Hot wife
Image: Hot Mistress Sheila

Yet Sheila wouldn’t release it. She would call me and attempt to rev things up once more. She would stop me in the lobby at work and rub up against me, attempting to entice me to return. Her hand constantly discovered my groin in those experiences, and I would need to physically separate myself from her. What was more terrible, she began sending “presents” to me at home. They generally had some sexual implication, dependably toward the unusual side. Like a paddle, a couple of cuffs, or a butt plug, without any end in sight. There was always a note about how she needed to get together with me to play with these toys. I was nauseated that she wouldn’t stop. Instead of discarding the crap, I generally took care of her gifts and sent them back to her, trusting that would send her a message.

Then she sent me the The Cock Trap

Then she sent one more present. It was the The Cock Trap. I didn’t realize what the hellfire it was when I initially opened it. After I read the guidelines and made sense of what it was, I was more disturbed than any time in recent memory. I couldn’t accept the fact that any gentleman would really wear such a thing wilfully. At this point I saw the note from her. I don’t recollect the careful words she choose, yet this one was diverse in tone. Rather than her normal culpable welcome to come play with her and her toys, she appeared to at last recognize that things were over for us, and that this was her goodbye blessing. She was sending it to me in light of the fact that she thought each man ought to have one. “Don’t send it back” she said. On the off chance that I didn’t need it, I should discard it, however at any rate attempt to use it at least once just for the experience. I pushed it away and got prepared to go out with a few companions. It was Friday night.

So… I tried it on

I was all around inebriated when I returned home, and saw her little gift sitting on the table where I had abandoned it. I lifted it up, aiming to throw it. What got into me next I don’t know, yet it was the greatest oversight of my life. For some insane reason, I choose to place it on. It was probably because of the liquor, I figure, making me sufficiently inquisitive to perceive how it felt. Also, to check whether it truly worked the way it should. So I really put the damn thing on. I fitted the pieces together, placed my cock inside the bended tube and it brought me some completely unforeseen energy. At that point I thought “What the hell! I should get the full experience!” and without further thought got the little metal latch and bolted it on.

I wore it around the house for a little time, just to see how it felt on. No major ordeal, truly. It was well made and agreeable to wear. Also, it obviously performed its expected capacity. Whatever starting energy I had begun to die down. After around a half hour I wanted to place Sheila’s goodbye gift on top of a junk pile, and go to bed. I dumped the three lock keys out of the container and got one to open it.

Cuckold in chastity
Image: Man in chastity

The key didn’t work. It wouldn’t even go in the keyhole. I didn’t crack at first on the grounds that I figured it simply wasn’t manufactured properly, and I thought that one of the alternate keys would pop the lock open. Anyway, they didn’t work either. None of them would even go in.

I didn’t crack. I was certain I could get the thing off some other way. Yet to make a long story short, after an hour of taking a stab at all that I could consider, including pulling, extending, soaping, lubing and more. I acknowledged there was no chance in hell that this thing would come off of my cock, without getting the key to the lock. I began thinking about whether I would need to call the manufacturer, to get them to send me the right key.

I attempted all the keys once more. It was awful. At this point I took a look at them closely. They were indistinguishable to one another, yet they weren’t even the same brand as the lock. I could see how the wrong arrangement of keys may wind up with the wrong bolt at the lock manufacturing plant. Yet how the hell could keys from alternate manufacturers arrive in the one package. Unless somebody deliberately set me up.

Sheila set me up

In one of those stunning breakthrough moments, I abruptly knew precisely what had happened. Sheila had deliberately exchanged the keys, on the off chance that I would attempt to wear the chastity device and lock it. I was in disbelief. Sheila had the keys to the chastity device that now detained my penis. I didn’t realise in this moment she is my chastity keyholder.

This was a monstrosity. I spent one more hour wildly attempting to get the thing off, without success. At last, depleted, I went to bed. When I woke in the morning, it was like in penis jail where I couldn’t get an erection. I spent the entire day attempting to consider approaches to get it off. By late evening, I acknowledged I was going to need to do what I ridiculously loathed doing. Go request that Sheila let me out.

I went to Sheila’s house

She opened her doorway, radiating in happiness. I’m certain she had spotted me through her peephole. With fake blamelessness she asked, “Whatever brings you over, dear? Did you come to play with me?” I pushed pass her into her loft. “You know damn well why I’m here,” I said. As I passed by, her hand went to my groin and measured it. She quickly could tell what I wore under my jeans and she chuckled generously so everyone could hear. “At long last you choose to use one of my presents?” she asked and snickered. “I’m touched, dear, I truly am.”

“Hold on!” I snapped. “Give me the keys so I can escape from here.”

Sheila said “Well, that is barely the tone to use with somebody who holds the way to your future, if you catch my drift. Also, I guarantee you sweetheart, if that little lock ever does get opened, it will be by me and not by you.”

I frowned at her. “See, Sheila, you know it’s over between us. This was a clever little joke, and yes I succumbed to it, yet now it’s over. You’ve had your chuckle. Simply issue me the keys if you don’t mind?”

Sheila retorted “It’s no joke, and this is not over. This whole situation is on you, and I’m one who can take it off. Also, you should quiet down, in light of the fact that the keys aren’t even here. In case you’re a decent boy, I may go get them for you. Anyway we have a couple of things to do first. For one thing, I simply need to see how it looks on you. Take off your garments.”

I glared. What the fuck did she need? She was more troublesome than I anticipated. Be that as it may I understood that for the time being at any rate, she was on the high ground. I stripped and exposed myself before her. Anyhow it was totally mortifying to give her a chance to see me with that contraption on. She looked at me up and down. She grinned the whole time. At that point she stopped to analyse my cock. She fingered all the fittings, pulled it and pulled on my balls until she knew that it was on for good.

“I have a couple of errands,” she said. “Maybe I’ll have some room in my schedule to recover the keys, but maybe not. Meanwhile, I’ve got a couple of errands I need you to do while I’m out.” She took me to the kitchen. The sink was loaded with grimy dishes. “Apologies, the dishwasher’s broken. You’ll need to do it the way our forefathers would have done it. When you’re done, dust and vacuum the foyer and storeroom. I’ll require the washroom cleaned. The supplies are under the sink. That ought to be sufficient to keep you occupied until I get back.”

I tried to talk, she raised her hand to cut me off. “This is the only chance you have to get it off, sweetheart. I won’t consider letting you out if your jobs are not done when I get back.” Then she got together my garments, placed them in a little travel bag, and was out the entryway before I could do or say anything. She wanted me to do all the jobs naked. I was insulted at the way she was exploiting my situation, however there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. My brain simply kind of went on auto-pilot and I became acquainted with it. I had to submit to her dominaton.

I was completing my job in the washroom when I heard her arrival. I stayed where and continued to work. I wasn’t ready to see her. I could hear her moving around in the flat, most likely examining my work. She put her head in the washroom entryway. “Looks radiant, dear. When you’re set in here, return to my room.”

When I strolled through her room’s entryway, I discovered her nestled on the bed, grinning bashfully at me. “What the hell!” I thought. It’s accurate to say that she was going to need a goodbye fuck after she takes this thing off me? By then I was willing to do about anything to get this scene over with. Furthermore, I need to concede, she truly was dazzling and unbelievably attractive. I felt my cock attempting to become erect in the chastity device. “Alright Sheila, I’ve played your games to your amusement. Your loft’s cleaner than my home ever was. Where’s the keys?”

Sheila said “The keys? Gracious, I totally overlooked them. I’ll get them later.” As she was talking, she inclined back against the cushions heaped up against her headboard and spread her legs out wide. She pointed towards her pussy and said, “Do one more thing for me, sweetheart. After, we can discuss letting you out.”

We had intercourse multiple times, yet this was one little thing I had never performed on her. Damn it, she’s going to drain this for everything it is worth. I slithered up between her legs and went to take a shot at her. In spite of myself, I got turned on sexually by the entire scene, which made my cock strain relentlessly against the chastity device. It took a considerable measure of diligent work and quite a while to make her orgasm. Be that as it may I at last got her off.

She laid back with her eyes shut, murmuring cheerily. I began to lift my head up however her hands discovered the highest point of my head and pushed my face over into her pussy, making me flounder in her pussy. At that point she began stroking and tapping my head like I was her little pet. “Such a decent boy” she mumbled.

Finally, she swung her legs over my head and got up. She hurled my garments on the bed. “You can get dressed now, dear, and hurry along home. I have a few companions impending over for supper. I considered having you stay to cook for us, however I’ve chosen to spare that task for next time. Much obliged for the cleaning, however.”

Cuckold working
Image: Cuckolded man

I asked “Yet shouldn’t something be said about …?” She quickly responded “It’s not going to happen. Not today. You have to get used to wearing it. Be that as it may dear, if your execution today is any sign, you’re well on your approach to gaining a couple of minutes out of it at some point.”

Sheila wouldn’t give me the key to the chastity device!

Be that as it may what really mattered was that she declined to deliver the key, and there was nothing I could do about it. The following week I was damned. I needed to figure out how to live with a cock in chastity twenty-four hours a day. My morning wood, or what ought to have been erections, were fiercely painful. At work she would stop by my office, teasing me and asking me how her little detainee was doing. On Friday, she instructed me to come over on Saturday. It was the ideal time to perform some tasks once more. I went. She let me get dressed before her companions came over, however I needed to tend to them in every way under the sun through supper and drinks. I had to clean up afterwards in the kitchen.

It has been three months now, she still won’t let my penis out of the chastity device. Not even once. For three months, I’ve had no erections or climaxes. Not that my cock doesn’t strain and attempt to. I’ve never seen the key which could discharge me from my torment, and she has guaranteed me that I will never, ever, discover it. I’ve implored her to take that horrendous thing off of me. I’ve argued. I’ve attempted to dissuade her, to arrange it with her. I’ve offered to issue her anything she needs, to pay her any total of cash. I’ve asked her what issues she had with me, given her the privilege to answer them discretionarily and she continues to deny me of my masculinity. Nothing gets me anywhere. She is the most unflinching lady I have ever met once she makes the decision to something. She undauntedly declines to discharge me. She is totally inflexible in her will. “I adore seeing you like this, sweetheart. It’s a good time for me.” That’s all the clarification she will issue me.

For the time being, I have no decisions in the matter, and I realize that my desire to be discharged from this life of chastity lies in keeping her satisfied so I have learned how to be the perfect submissive in chastity. She’s made that unmistakable to me. She helps me to remember it regularly. So I serve her. I’ve kept on performing my obligations week by week at her home, both work tasks and sexual tasks. She cherishes to straddle me and ride my face to her climax, her fingers profoundly intertwined in my hair. She’s told her companions about me. Sometimes if I am lucky she changes me into a surgical stainless steel chastity device.

Last week, she shut down her condo and moved into my home with me. So now my subjugation is performed in my own home, where she has assumed responsibility of all family choices. She has ordered that we live as sweethearts, with the exception of the detained status of my masculinity. What’s more, I found out that she kept all the sex toys I had sent back to her. As a rule she spares those for weekend play sessions, however I know I may feel the sting of the paddle whenever my execution level tumbles off.

Every night I lick her out. We lay together and we caress and stroke one another as though we were genuine sweethearts. She likes to pet my balls as she nods off, and again when she wakes in the morning.

We’re getting hitched in two months. I don’t love her, however I need to concede I’ve built up an abnormal desiring for her being around and an odd overwhelming need to satisfy her. It’s strange on the grounds that I can remember when I had none of those affections for her. However at times the silliness and boldness of what she is doing to me just overpowers me inwardly. I’ve come to levels of disappointment so extreme that I’ve really cried.

In the event that I keep on being a decent kid, she’s guaranteed to consider letting me out incidentally on our wedding night. “I’ll be secured” she says. So that my little penis jail can go right back on later. Also, she isn’t promising a climax. It may just be a chance for my pee-pee to be out in the open for a long teasing session. She alludes to my penis as my “pee-pee” and demands that I do too. In light of the fact that, peeing is all that it does now.

I think about it here and there. The future alarms me. I sincerely don’t know to what extent I can persevere through the life that Sheila has picked for me. Yet, I must choose between limited options, other than to persevere. I take each day by itself thus far I have figured out how to survive. I serve her obediently and I appeal to God for any benevolence she wants to demonstrate to me. I can hardly wait for our wedding night. I’m trained to be her cuckold for life.

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Jonas And Mistress Eve – Chapter 3.5

Ass Up Sex

Chapter One – Meeting Eve

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I opened my eyes slowly,  must have dozed off!  Glancing at the bedside clock I saw It was now a few minutes after 11pm and knew that the night would soon be over.  In the morning it would be cuckold training school for me, and now, after having sample Mistress Eve wondered what life would be like after this unbelievable night.

I turned over and saw Mistress Eve still naked in the bed beside me with her luscious boobs exposed pertly on her athletic frame.  “had a bit of a nanna nap did we Jonas?” she said as she smiled.

I said, ‘Yes, sorry.”

She said, ‘To me it is no bother but you have less than an hour to do with me what you will before the real fun of your training starts.  What would you have me do?’

After having had my way with her I felt confident and masculine.  This cuckold training stuff may not be as demanding as I first thought.  “Get up and kneel on the side of the bed for me please!” as I got myself off the bed.

Immediately she complied and rolled over seductively onto her stomach.  Slowly she raised her tight ass up into the air and went up with her knees slightly apart.  She moved her ass from side to side and I had a clear view of her perfect rosebud and pink vagina lips.  I could see that her cunt was still wet and could only assume it was from the deep throat experience that she had given me.

She looked gorgeous in the doggy position and I felt my cock stiffen.  I began to massage her ass cheeks pushing them upwards and spreading them making her little rosebud gape slightly and her cunt up so I could see a little open hole that led to her womb.  The more I did this the more she moaned and it was not long before her pussy was sodden wet – dripping with her cum – inviting me inside.

Instead I spat on her ass, in the groove made between the ass cheeks and began to dry hump her.  Her silky smooth skin was exquisite and my cock began to throb.  I would bring my cock slowly down until the head just touched her gorgeous ass-hole and then put it back in the groove and hump it upwards.  Each time I did this her tight sphincter seemed to relax a little each time – I did this for five or so minutes until each time I brought it down to that delicate hole a little bit of my cock would slip in.  First it was just the tip of my head poking into that tightness, then a little further until finally the head of my cock would slip into her delicate love hole.

spit a lube
spitting on ass

As I continued to do this spreading her cheeks her hole began to open on the upstroke until finally it remained gaping open waiting for my cock to return.  I spat in her open hole and on my cock spreading the saliva as I would lubricant onto my erect penis and brought it back to her welcoming ass-hole where I placed the head of my cock and pushed – slowly – with even force and watched as my member entered her anal cavern.

Slowly, I continued the pressure until my cock was balls deep in her ass, then slowly took it out.  The pressure on my cock was exquisite and all I wanted to do was cum in that forbidden hole but somehow I managed to stop myself and actually increased the speed that I was going in and out of the butt.   The pace quickened and without realizing it dirty words I had never used before whilst fucking spewed from my mouth.  Some of the profanities that I yelled out were foreign to me and in all honesty do not think have ever been uttered by me in my life.

Far from turning Mistress Eve off these profanities seemed to excite her and she began to push back on my cock as I entered her and we became a synchronized thrashing machine as my cock pounded her nether regions.  I allowed one of my hands that had been grabbing her ass to move under her and found her erect clitoris that I began to tickle and then pinch.  It drove her wild and she was moaning and I could feel her sphincter spasming on my cock, the contractions and releasing of those muscles driving me insane.

I began fucking her like a wild dog, using my hard-on as a weapon intent on destroying her ass – but rather than cry in pain she took it all and she cried out , “I’m cumming’ and I felt her gush from her pussy whilst her sphincter closed down on my cock.  It was so tight that I could hardly move my cock in and out but this drove me wilder and my cock was as hard as a metal rod and I forced it in and out of her with more vigour.  Her hole was so tight it was almost painful as I began to jerk uncontrollably feeling my orgasm coming to the point of no return.

Previously I had used cock rings and I enjoyed the sensations that they bring as you cum.  The restriction forcing a harder erection and your cum to spurt to its freedom at the end of the cock.  That experience was nothing compared to this, and as I tried to cum her ass if anything tightened even more onto my cock and I began to spurt in ecstasy.  My orgasm was cataclysmic, nothing I had ever experienced before and I shot about 8 loads before I finally collapsed on my back with my cock still deep inside her ass.

She then lowered herself onto the bed with me lying on my back and in moments I was again asleep.  She had literally allowed me to fuck the life out of myself.

It seemed like moments, but I woke me from my satisfied slumber.  ‘Jonas, wake up’ she said.

‘Hmm,’ I wasn’t quite with it but turned to see her now dressed in her trademark Mistress outfit with her black shiny PVC pants and corset that accentuated her 36DD breasts and hour glass figure.

‘Wake up!  It is a couple of minutes to 12.”  She said.

“Oh, sorry – I must have dozed off again.” I said.

She said, “Tomorrow we start your training.  You must be thirsty after all that fucking.  Here drink this.”

She was right, I was thirsty and eagerly I drank from the glass she offered me.  It was water but with a strange tangy taste to it.  I said, ‘What was in the drink?” as everything around me became foggy, the world began to spin and I became incredibly sleeps – then everything went blank.

It was so cold, what a strange dream I was having.  What was that around my wrists, my ankles – somehow I managed to move my arms, could hear metal rattling?  My head hurt, it was pounding.  I had only ever had one hangover in my life and this felt far worse.  My eyelids were heavy but I concentrated hard and slowly, with an effort that felt super-human I finally lifted them.

St Andrews BDSM
Bondage Cross

Where was I, it was dark – I was freezing.  Over the next few minutes I slowly regained my composure and remembered the night before – the sex – THE DRINK.  She had drugged me. Why?  I was doing this voluntarily – I wanted to be her cuckold.  It was then that I realized I was stark naked – in my birthday suit and my hands were shackled in metal cuffs.  I looked at the cuffs and saw that a chain was attached to them and the other end was fixed to pins in the wall about my head height.  My ankles were also cuffed and chained similarly pinned to the wall about knee height.  Slowly I got my bare ass off the cold concrete floor and took in my surroundings.

The walls were brick and painted a dark green and black.  There were all sorts apparatus fixed to the walls like whips, collars and other devices I did not even want to think what there use was for.  There was a St Andrews cross against another wall and in the middle was a bench and a bed.  At different points in the ceiling pins that had chains dangling downwards.

This must be the dungeon that Mistress Eve had taken out the loan for.  Never did I expect to be a prisoner in the dungeon that I had approved the loan for.  If my bank employees could see me now!


Excerpt:  How could she have done this to me?  Here I was stark naked, shackled and humiliated and Mistress Eve has brought my fiancee to see me.  What sort of sick twisted shit was this, that I had gotten myself into.



Mistress Eve begins Jonas’s cuckold training in earnest


Jonas enters into his cuckold contract.


Mistress Eve is the keyholder for Jonas’s first male chastity device.


Mistress Eve locks up Jonas in a cell and uses time torture on him.


Mistress Eve takes Jonas to a BDSM event where he is publicly humiliated.


Mistress Eve has group sex and then dresses Jonas in women’s clothing and pegs him.

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I Fucked A Rockstar And Didn’t Even Know It!

Rockstar having sex

Okay you guys, I want to take you to a time when I was a little unhinged, or should I say my wild child persona was in full swing! Now bare in mind I’ve been in the promo industry a long time so I’ve met every type of person. VIP status, to your generic lowlife. But I wanna tell you about the one night I had with a certain rockstar who shall not be named, and a very beautiful temptress.

One night I was with said girlfriend a quick description of this goddess. Think hour glass body with a Peruvian background. She had opaque blue eyes and looooong dark hair right down her back. Her cheekbones were supermodel high and a smile that could stop anyone in their tracks.

My friend was a knock out and we always got along incredibly well.

We had partied together a few times before, now bare in mind this was roughly 8 to 9 years ago and these days I am more of a reformed bad girl who dates but back then I knew how to let my hair down. She did too.

We sat at her then apartment having a few glasses of wine getting ready, now I’m no wino in fact I hate the stuff however my when in Rome attitude on that particular night made it completely acceptable to consume a drink I had always pretty much despised.

Should we hit town before or after the Hyatt asked my pretty friend out. She had told me earlier about catching up with an old friend at a hotel centre in the CBD who she use to party with. At this point I was slightly inebriated off my friend pino gris I nodded in agreeance and reapplied my signature baby pink lip stick one last time.

We stopped off at one bar nearby the hotel, I’ll get the Daiquiris I said to my friend as I headed to the bar. Now back then I had to have been a size 6-8 however I could handle my liquor pretty damn well but even at this point I was beginning to get my happy on.

I walked back towards the table that my girlfriend was pulled up at. I saw her in deep discussion on her phone. She glanced up at me and let out a warm smile, I sat down.

“Everything okay?” I questioned her after she plonked her phone down. She had been going through a great deal of shit with her ex-boyfriend and was still continuing to battle constant phone calls consisting of jealous taunts and abuse.

“It will be soon.” she said “Let’s get the fuck out of here and go see my friend.” Skulling our cocktails till the very last drop we picked up our purses and proceeded to leave on our merry way.

Signalling a cab down and we were off. “We won’t stay for long!” my friend declared stating she had to work the next day. I was content on cheering her up after the friendly call she received earlier.

“Let’s just have a goodnight and worry about work later on.” I told her.

Rockstar threesome with 2 girls
Image: Rockstar threesome

Arriving at our destination I looked up at the entrance it was lit like a pathway to some soon to be sinning.

“Let me call him.” my friend murmured.

I hadn’t heard grave detail about this person keep in mind. As I mentioned before that I’ve literally met every type of Tom, Dick and Harry so nothing surprised me at this point.

As we walked further into the lobby, a shadowy figure appeared from the direction of the lift.

“Ladies, where have you been all my life?” he sang out. My friend seemed startled and excited at the same time.

The man standing before us had to of been in his late 40s or early 50s. He looked like he had had a fairly hard existence however he oozed confidence and had a charm about him like he was someone of importance.

I stopped and looked at my friend embracing with this person I’d just met. Then I was blinded by the shine coming off his watch or perhaps it was the alcohol.

“Let’s go upstairs” he said waving us to the elevator.

While in there we briefly chatted about our evening before my girlfriend proceeded to tell him just how much of an ass her ex had been.

“I’m sorry to hear that darling, let’s just chuck all the bullshit aside and have a great night.” he said.

Famous person rocking out
Image: Rockstar concert

Room 106 was our destination, I had no idea what was going to transcend but in my core or much lower than that told me that it could be a good night in the midst.

Walking into the suite there was a table full of the latest electronic goods lay sprawled out, with two massive projectors on the wall. I looked to my left and saw money, real money and a lot of it. “Who the hell is this guy?” I wondered.

At that time and age I had no recognition of fear nor did I understand the depth of good or bad situations fully. Call me naïve but I took shit face value always and even at that moment I was bewildered.

“Help yourself to whatever you please ladies.” the rugged figure before me exclaimed. I poured a glass of Champagne and made myself comfortable.

“So what exactly is it that you do?” I asked out of sheer curiosity.

“I’m a musician in a band” he said with a smirk on his face, that’s nice I retorted. “Anyone I’ve heard of?”

“Well….” He laughed “As a matter of a fact yes you may of.” It was then that he told me exactly who he was and what he was associated with. I looked at him still unsure and half drunk, my girlfriend giggling.

“Look I’ll show you” he exclaimed, grabbing the remote he turned the projectors on and low and behold there he was centre stage actively performing. One of the most iconic rock bands in the world, and I’ll be totally honest with you it still never hit me. He winked “See darling I don’t talk shit.” I nodded and then took another sip. I now know whose penthouse suite I was sitting in.

After about an hour of conversation and way too many bubbles I went to the bathroom to fix my makeup and to make sure I didn’t look like a total bumbling mess.

Walking out the door it was then that I saw my girlfriend, the goddess entangled by tongue and fingertips with Mr. Rockstar. I took a minute to absorb what I was seeing meanwhile he started undressing her and I wondered if they would still continue when I walked back into the room.

My heels clicked as I stepped forward breaking the sexual trance they had formed. They both stopped and my friend looked over at me, her eyes meeting mine. I stood still my heart pounding and I could feel the blood flowing to other parts of my body.

She stepped forward putting her hand on my shoulder, gently grazing my collarbone with her fingertips. Her opaque blue eyes looking into my green eyes with nothing but pure lust. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long she whispered softly as she went in to kiss me. Her lips were soft and tasted edible I wanted more.

Girlfriends kissing each other
Image: Girlfriends kissing

Running my fingers down the front of her dress, I brushed them around her crotch my nails slightly digging into her. She moaned softly almost immediately triggering her to push me onto the bed, my body melted into the bed spread. Feeling the heat of her breath wandering up my body as she climbed on top of me her long hair either side of my face as she planted her lips on mine kissing me all the way down. Her friend Mr. Rockstar by now had totally stripped off and had a look of animalistic satisfaction on his face.

“Show me how much you want her baby” he echoed the words to my friend. Her face now directly in front of my pussy still kissing me softly. I had no idea this night would take a turn like this and somehow I didn’t want it to end.

As she continued pleasuring me I could see him behind her taking great pleasure himself. He wanted to watch her and I as one. My beautiful friend and I indulging in each other’s bodies. She took her time massaging and kissing every part of me with her tongue until I couldn’t handle anymore.

Rockstar rocking out at a concert
Image: Rockstar sex

“Let me taste you baby” she said as she took me to climax heaven. At this point, I resigned to the fact that this would be a night for the record books. It would be my personal erotic sex adventure.

As Mr. Rockstar continued getting his rocks off (no pun intended) he decided it was his turn to feel the insatiable appetite of both my girlfriend and I had gathered over the course of the evening. Now this is something that will no doubt humour you guys as it did me. During this wild sexual frenzy in the backroad still playing centre stage was none other than Mr. Rockstar. I glanced for a short second at the screen and thought there had to of been 60 odd thousand people at the concert watching him perform and had a little giggle to myself.

Bestfriends having sex
Image: Bestfriend sex

He lay there in anticipation as my friend and I kissed over the top of him. By now we were all naked about to be one and I had not a single regret in the world. I hopped on him and together they kissed all over my body, I was fucking a rockstar and I still really had no idea who he was. The whole scene was like something out of a movie and I knew it would probably never happen again.

Wild night of sex
Image: Hot sex

For the next few hours we engaged in one of the most amazing threesomes I’ve probably ever had, however a lot of that was mostly thanks to my girlfriend that Peruvian goddess.

After we were done we got dressed and gathered all our things before leaving. I picked up my purse off the counter top and thanked Mr. Rockstar with a big kiss goodbye after all he shook us all night long 😉 This was my very own real erotic story.

Channelle xo

Author: Channelle is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

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Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.