2020 Best Gay Sex Positions

gay sexual positions

Are you ready to find out the best gay positions you can replicate with your partner to have a very good and intense sexual experience together. These are some of the best 2020 positions.

Daddy and Daddy

Gay version of the straight “dad and mom”, the two men face each other and whoever is penetrated gets their legs around their partner. With this position, the two can exchange many kisses, caresses and look each other in the eye, which makes the moment much more special.

Pile driver

This is certainly one of the most pleasant positions! Similar to “Daddy and Daddy”, the passive stands with his legs raised while the active penetrates him from above. The penetration gets even deeper and the angle stimulates the passive prostate.If you want delicious anal penetration, face-to-face contact and the opportunity to kiss your partner during sex, this position is ideal, as it allows all this type of contact, making sex much more pleasurable for you. both, given the level of intimacy.


It is perfect for couples who like to snuggle up right after sex. They lie together on the bed, facing the same side, and the asset penetrates from behind. Penetration is easier because the muscles of the pelvic region are relaxed. The active boy, while penetrating, can masturbate his partner guaranteeing maximum pleasure. A sexual position that both will enjoy.

Spider man

Ideal for the situation where the asset has an upward curved penis. The liability is suspended by pressing one wall with the back and the other with the feet. The asset is in front of you, penetrating from the bottom up


There would be no way to leave the classic 69 off that list. The idea is to encourage the partner in every way possible while he strives to give back. Lying down, each one has their face in the other’s groin, having oral sex.

Bite and Blow

One of the men lies with his hips on the edge of the bed, while the partner comes in front of him and penetrates him. To make things even better, whoever is penetrating can bend over to have oral sex on their partner.

Perfect soulmates

Also known as “Perfect Fit”, this position is super romantic and allows many kisses and caresses. One sits while the other sits facing him, on top, and surrounds him with his arms and legs.

Electric drill

The penetration is much deeper in this position! The passive stands with his leg raised while the active penetrates him from the front. In this way, the asset is very free to control the movements


Another classic position that could not be left out of the list! In it, the active is behind, penetrating and embracing the companion, guaranteeing a lot of pleasure to both.

Big tiger

Penetration is very simple and the two partners are close together. The liability lies on its stomach and the asset comes over the top and penetrates it.

This is a classic and infallible position in anal sex, a kind of puppy, but lying down. To perform it, the active boy must have strong arms to be able to move during penetration, while the passive must raise his chair slightly. To ensure the comfort of those who are penetrated, it is best to place a pillow at the level of the abdomen, so it is not necessary to force the cervical, obtaining a much more intense pleasure.

Leg wrench

A variation of the “Piledriver” , in this pleasurable position, the passive wraps the legs around the partner as he penetrates him. The two are very close and the passive manages to control the intensity of the movements.

Legs in the air

It can be done on a chair. While the active is seated, the partner goes over the top with legs raised. The penetration is very deep and the two can look each other in the eye and exchange affection during the relationship.

We hope that this article has proven very useful and that it has given you and your gay partner a lot of new ideas to spice up your sex life in a very fun and safe way.

That Kiss

kiss on beach
As my kiss lingered on your neck and you felt my hot breath along your throat. Your areolars tingled with excitement and Nipples protruded erect in anticipation as I slowly continued kissing down your bossoms.  Slowly, deliberately undoing each button until your breasts were exposed and I gently took those teats in my mouth one at a time…..
As you took my nipple into your hot mouth, electric sparks filled my body and coursed through the core of me. My hands found your shirt and pulled the ends out of your pants so that I could feel the skin of your back and torso with my palms and my finger tips. Arching my back towards you, needingly, I found your pelvis with mine and pressed myself against your hardness, my hands against your taut bottom. I gasp as you flick my nipples with your tongue…
She gasps as I take my mouth from her nipples and she places her hands on the top of my head… gently pushing me downwards I kiss her stomach and belly button releasing the button to her pants and slowly opening the zipper.  She lifts her hips as I slide down her pants and remove them from her body leg by leg.  She has black nylon panties on – that do nothing to hide the beginnings of her vulva.
I place my lips on her belly but she again forces my head downward.  Resisting I move my head to the side and kiss her inner thighs, and lick each side of her groin.  She moans and I rest my mouth on her clit and breathe deeply through her nylons – the wetness and womanly taste and scent of her intoxicating my mouth and nose….
Completely overcome by instinct, he tears off my panties with his teeth in one motion, exposing the deep pink of me, swollen and glistening with moisture. My heart pounds with excitement and my yearning intensifies as I watch him taking me in with his eyes.
He covers my labia with his mouth and flicks his tongue over my clitoris over and over again, building my arousal and taking me to the brink of climax, my whole body shuddering in ecstasy. With one more suckle of his tongue and lips, my core spasms wildly in orgasm and shock waves course through my entire being.
I cry out “More!” as my orgasmic convulsions continue. Looking down into his eyes, I see his delight as he sees my rapture. His lips are swollen and wet and I kiss him deeply, rolling his tongue in mine, tasting him, tasting me. I then push him backwards and he falls on the sand.
I can see the length of his penis straining against his jeans. I take off his belt, then his jeans, quickly and his boxer shorts. Completely naked, I take him in with my eyes, the colour of his erection and the hard smoothness of him I enjoy with my hands. He groans and gasps as I squeeze his hardness in my hand and I delight in his arousal.
There is precum capping the top of his penis and I devour it, placing my mouth over his penis and savouring the taste and smell of him. I breathe in the scent of him and release him. He lifts his hips off the sand, thrusting and groaning. My tongue, hot and wet, I lick up his entire length and feel him throbbing. I flick my tongue across his penis, flicking and sucking, all the way up to the top and then I envelop his penis again with my mouth. 
He is watching me and I hold his gaze as I Lolly-pop and suck him, filling up my whole mouth. Hungrily I devour his juices.
Watching her go down on me my lustful urges over take me and I force her further down on me feeling the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.  Her throat muscles spasm as her gag reflex kicks in sending shockwaves of ecstasy throughout my body as my dick becomes a solid rod off steel.
I rise and as one we rise in unison, she still hungrily devouring my erect penis.  I grab hold of her wrists and place them in my hand pushing her backwards.  She lay with me on top of her, her hands held tightly above her head.  Trying to move them I could see in her eyes she knew that there was no contest in strength and that she was mine in that moment to do with as I pleased.
Slowly, delicately I rubbed the tip of my rock hard cock up and down her wetness as she moaned.  Pushing her hips forward in what appeared to be an attempt for my cock to penetrate her dripping cunt I backed away just allowing the head to enter her velvety warmth.
Slowly and rhythmically I allowed the head to go in and out of her as she writhed her body in anticipation.  As the speed increased I allowed my dick to penetrate deeper and deeper within her.  She felt so good, hot, moist and began breathing heavier and heavier calling out to her god.
I began exploring her inside by changing my thrusting motions from side to side, going deep within her filling her and trying to touch all her inner boundaries.  Her heavy breathing turned to screams and curses as I felt her pelvic walls begin to contract….
There was no freeing my wrists from his firm grasp and surrendering completely to his desire only intensified my excitement. 
I wanted to be his, in that moment, to do with me as he pleased and more. To succumb to his every desire. To be his every living fantasy!
Filling me up with his solid rod of steel, stretching me further than ever before, pounding his way deeper and deeper inside me. And with every thrust I cry out in wild abandon. His strong hard body moving over me is glistening with sweat and I inhale the fragrance of our unison, my ears fill with his moans and grunts and I feel his body quaking over mine.
Our bodies move as one, pounding and slapping together, faster and faster, his groans getting louder and deeper. I scream in ecstasy as my vagina contracts and convulses, just as he  pounds inside me in the pinnacle of orgasm, kicking his head back and straining every fibre in his body as he releases hot jets of cum inside me. My orgasm milking his and we ride the waves of climax together. Both our bodies quivering with release.
My body quivered in spasms, in jolts after my orgasm.  Uncontrollable yet somehow satisfying.  I remained inside her feeling our fluids mix together the wetness like home.  We smelt of sex and what an aphrodisiac that scent was.
We lay together, our sweet sweat cooling our bodies and kissed.  Passionately, deeply.  Our tongues exploring each other.  I lick her lips and she smiles.
I can’t help but be aroused as we continue to kiss whilst she turns her back to me in the spoon position.  I hold her tight as I entered her again.  Slowly, deeply…
Rubbing my bum against his still wet and hard penis, he grabs hold of my hips from behind me and enters me, slowly and deeply. He fills my deliciously tender core and I breathe in deeply, becoming intoxicated by the smell of our sex.

After Hours!

Escort Sex

To be fair, I hadn’t broken any rules. She had crossed the bar to come and talk to me. Why she was in that particular bar, at that particular time, was beyond me. After all, I was legally obliged to not even acknowledge her at first.

She was a customer at my place of work; an adult shop. In the past two months, she had spent easily a few grand on toys. As is my personality, and a job requirement, I had made no judgements. More than anything, I had been concerned that I was selling her toys that weren’t doing the trick. But yet she kept coming back to the store.

At the bar, after she had introduced herself as Michelle, none of our conversations at work were brought up. I can barely remember what we spoke of that night, in detail, except that we connected. We whined about exes, spoke of possible futures and dreams. She told me about her two children that she was raising alone, their ages seemed far beyond comprehension with how she looked. Gorgeous, blond, Instagramably curvy.

I remembered on her visits to the store the way she would linger at the counter after her purchases and how we chatted. And I certainly remembered that, without agenda, I had mentioned where I relax after work with a drink. In the back of my mind, some part of me kept reminding me of that moment. Was that why she was there that night?

Michelle was being text-book flirty that night; laughing at my stupid jokes, regularly touching my shoulder, my thigh. I palmed it off to that time of night, because we’re all flirty by then, right up until she asked what I was going to cook her for breakfast.

She took my hand as we walked back to her flat, stealing an occasional kiss that made me feel like a teenager all over again. Historically when I go home with someone that finds out where I work, shit gets kinky real quick.

But not with Michelle. None of those toys came out to play. Not the under-bed restraints. Not the Njoy Pjur Wand she told me had made her squirt, nor the Doxy Number Three wand. Not even the WeVibe Sync she bought in a pack with a Womanizer Premium. It was the most vanilla sex I’d had in a long time.

And it was amazing. Our clothes came off slowly as our lips devoured each other. Explorative hands lingered and stroked, lips followed shortly thereafter, or were entangled within each others. Her pussy was like salted French fries; I couldn’t get enough. I engorged myself like she was a free for all smorgasboard. The folds of her vulva were delicious parentheses to sucking on her clit.

Oral sex was not some demanded reciprocal act, she noursished herself on my cock like a trooper. She sucked hard on my shaft, but progressed to tracing her tongue along my shaft, my balls, my perineum. Mindfulness makes sex so much more enjoyable, but I had to take myself out of the moment lest our evening ended with me exploding in her mouth.

The addition of some Super Slyde lube helped me ease into her pussy. Or more accurately, helped her to slide down onto my shaft. She knew what she wanted, and sure wasn’t afraid to tell me that going cowgirl was guaranteed to get her off. She was right. Within two minutes, she was waking the neighbours as she revelled in an explosive orgasm, before resting her shuddering body on top of mine.

But then things took a very different vibe. She rolled onto her side, with me still inside her, and we just gently rocked back and forth. Our lips were either locked or our foreheads pressed together, gazing into each others eyes. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, her fingers combing through my hair as I cradled her hips, my fingers running along her back. With our rhythm slow, I was hyper aware of each and every movement. Enough so I could even differentiate between the silicone lube and her natural juice.

The muscles of her pelvic floor gripped me like a fist, her words egged me on to come inside her. How she craved it. But I took my time. I couldn’t conjure a memory that felt as good as that moment, and I certainly didn’t want it to end any time soon. Beneath my fingertips, her skin was silky, welcoming.

For some reason I was drawn to her ear as I came. My breath heavy and laboured, my words boringly explaining that I was coming. Her enthusiasm to these remarks only drew me in further, her cunt draining every last drop of me. Even when there was nothing left to give, I still moved gently inside her, relishing every sensation, her dripping labia entangled around my cock, her short sharp kisses on my upper lip.

When I awoke at the breaking dawn, she was no longer lying beside me. My hands clung to the pillow, wondering if I had merely dreamt the whole night. But then I heard her. At the end of the bed, sitting upright, her slender legs slung over the end. She was crying. I lifted myself from the sheets and wrapped my arms around her waist.

‘I’m so sorry,’ Michelle finally let out.

‘What for?’

Her breath revealed she had more to say, but her silence had me concerned. Was she married? Had she farted? Had she been buying toys online?

‘I have to tell you something. And I understand if you hate me when I tell you, I’ll even understand that it will probably make you angry. But I have to tell you.’

She had my attention.

‘I really like you,’ she segwayed. ‘Like, a lot more than I thought I would. More than I should.’

‘I like you too,’ I admitted, my throat coarse, awaiting the bombshell she was about to drop. ‘A lot.’

Michelle shifted her body until her brown eyes held mine. Her eyes were filled with emotion, but not a single one that I could put my finger on. There was fear, but I didn’t know if it was for her or me. ‘I’m an escort,’ she finally said.

I watched her as she tried to read my response. A million thoughts raced through my mind as I held her gaze. Escorts, or as we refer to them in my industry, ‘working girls’, were our bread and butter. I’d helped many over my time working in the shop, suggesting a range of items to help them get through a twelve hour booking. Lingerie, bullets, wands, throat spray, sponges.

I pushed my brain chatter aside and finally, I simply said, ‘I wish you had told me sooner.’

Michelle could barely hold my gaze. It was clear to me she had no idea how I would react, or what I was to say next.

‘Because working girls get a discount in the shop,’ I added. She raised her head, holding back tears as her gorgeous smile returned to her face.

‘You don’t hate me?’

‘Are you kidding? Piecing together our conversations, with this knowledge, I am awed by you.’

I wanted to say more, but she threw her arms around me, held me so tight I thought I’d have to tap out of a choke. I could taste the salt of her tears when she kissed me, my hands tried their best to reassure her of my feelings.

Round two was nothing like the first. It was somehow more impassioned, my hand couldn’t leave the soft skin of her face. Even my finger managed its way into our kisses. With my mouth, my fingertips, my palms, my cock, I tried to express my heart as fully as I could.

That amazing night we had was a year ago yesterday, and I’m thankful for every night we’ve shared since.

Everything Butt!

Looks like george clooney

He stood to the side of his bed looking over at the woman strewn across it. He was in disbelief that someone so gorgeous would be laying there on his bed, wearing just her matching black lingerie. He was about to lift his shirt off, but hesitated.

‘What’s wrong?’ she asked.

He breathed deeply. ‘My dad bod,’ he replied meekly.

‘Oh my god, seriously?’ She was almost giggling. ‘Let me be the judge of that. Get it off.’

He paused for a moment, but then noticed the honesty in both her voice and her expression. He felt every one of his forty years as he slipped his top over his head, intoxicated just enough to not bother sucking in his belly. The beers and the years had taken their toll, but he wanted to start this with honesty.

She laughed. As she had done for all the hours preceding. Honestly, whole heartedly. Some would say maniacally like a witch, but he thought it was cute. True emotions were rare these days, regardless of what they were. ‘That,’ she said when her laughter subsided, ‘that is not a dad bod. Come here.’

He followed her signalling fingers, crawled into her open arms. Her body was hot, in both ways. His arms wrapped around her waist, his lips to hers. Her remarks were genuine, and she showed her appreciation with her hands and her mouth.

She wondered how she could get so lucky. Funny, smart, devilishly good looking. Somehow this George Clooney lookalike despised himself so much he had lowered himself to her level.

He couldn’t understand how an angel like her was so receptive to him. Sure, he’d made her laugh, even managed to completely be himself. When she introduced herself as Lana, he’d even made a joke about her name played out backwards, and she didn’t freak out, in fact she laughed and high fived him. Crass humour is so hit or miss.

She felt his hands fumble and undo her bra, tossing it aside. Her hands whipped up to cover herself. She apologised for her deflated breasts, he moved her hands aside and kissed them, savoured them, devoured them. She let herself indulge in the moment.

He couldn’t believe the night. His mind disallowed the reality, the dream he was living. He wasn’t himself, or he was the ultimate version of himself. One of her favourite songs had come on hours earlier and when she asked him to dance, he didn’t hesitate. He cared not for the watching eyes or cameras, just to live in the moment. For a change. Twirling her, feeling her rhythm. Just as he did now.

She pressed herself against him. She longed to move forward, progress the evening to the next stage, while simultaneously wanting to linger in each and every moment. She couldn’t help her arching back as his tongue travelled south of her breasts. When he reached her stomach she stopped him.

‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered.

‘What for?’

‘My scars.’ They were hard words to put out in the open. She knew how this played out; with judgement. His eyes widened, as did his smile.

‘This?’ he said, tracing his finger along a small scar on her belly.

She tried to resist her stomach flinching in the spotlight. ‘One of my babies didn’t want to come out the natural way.’

He looked up at her from her flat belly. ‘And that’s why there’s  no apology needed. For any reason, really,’ he added. He saw the look on her face, she wasn’t buying it. He regarded her for a moment, and then propped himself up on his knees. He pointed to the two deep scars just above his waist. ‘Bone grafts,’ he said before flexing his right leg forward. ‘But that’s nothing on this.’

She looked at his leg, the knobby scarred tissue consuming half his leg. She ran her fingers along the bumps and dimples. ‘What is this?’

‘I nearly died in a motor accident. This here is my thigh tissue.’ She regarded the skin even more thoroughly. He couldn’t feel the touch; the nerve endings had never rebuilt themselves.

‘Your scars came from giving life,’ he said, ‘As mine saved my life.’

She kissed his scar, then pulled him close for a kiss on the lips.

From that moment, they moved on, indulging and engorging themselves upon one another. Explorative and passionate, savouring each and every moment before the breaking dawn stole them from their reveries. She didn’t know what he was doing with his fingers, beyond that if felt amazing, as he felt when she took him within her mouth.

As the morning sun crept through the curtains, dappled and broken, he wrapped his arms around her. Their naked bodies pressed close. He still couldn’t believe this angel had shared his bed with him. Which was when he heard her exhales, sleeping, snoring, dribbling slightly along his arm. He pulled her closer, kissed her neck, and fell asleep wondering what angels dreamt of.

Coffee Hit!


As he slowly began to remove his clothes, Sam couldn’t help but wonder how the hell exactly he got to this place. Beyond the physicality of driving to her house, being sneaked in through the backdoor, but how did he get to this moment? How did they progress from their recurrent but brief interactions to this?

Cara was nearly ten years his junior, though that kind of age difference seemed to matter less as he got older. Sure, they spoke every day, while she made his coffee and longer if her cafe was empty. But the conversations could get quite deep, secrets unexpectedly shared, flirty remarks, from both sides.

Sam’s mind was still trying to figure things out when he noticed the shower in the next room had stopped. By now he had stripped off everything bar his boxer shorts. His thumbs tucked under the elastic at the top, hesitant. Was it too forward for him to be completely naked? Or was it expected?  He realized he had no real idea about these kinds of situations.

He needn’t have worried. With his thumbs still beneath the elastic, Cara entered her room, still half soaking wet, completely naked. Sam tried to be a gentleman and look away, but he had fantasized about this moment for so long, and dared not miss the opportunity. Her brown hair now seemed almost black from the shower, only further drawing attention to her big brown eyes, resting above a gorgeous smile.

‘Well this is awkward,’ she grinned, her eyebrows signaling to his boxers. Though well and truly aroused by the idea of the evening, Sam was thankful for the visual stimulation that gave him a half chub as he dropped his underwear. Far less embarrassing.

Cara’s grin broadened as she took in his visage. He was not what she was expecting. Despite the out-of-the-blue literal booty call that took place not so long ago, Sam realized they’d not even kissed yet, as she moved closer to him. He maintained eye contact while staring at her luscious breasts in his peripheral vision.

Her olive skin was smoother than he ever envisioned, as his hands wrapped around her waist and took a hold of her back. Her full breasts squished against his woolly chest as her fingers found the back of his hair. Sam felt the warmth of her breath. She inched closer to his lips, her eyes locked on his.

As he prepared for her kiss, Sam couldn’t help but think of the meme she had texted him earlier, the picture that eventually set all of this in motion. The words of the image simply read: ‘Love your woman like her creepy regular wishes he could’, followed by her own additional message of, ‘Thought of you instantly’.

Sam tried to push the thought from his mind: ‘Nobody could ever love you like I do.’ He allowed his eyelids to close as her lips pressed against his, savoring every sensation she had to offer him. Her tongue darted between those wet lips, stronger than he had ever pictured, more impassioned than he had dreamed.

Cara was taken off-guard by the softness of his beard, countered by the urgency of his kisses. He seemed to be doing his best to not just straight out devour her. And she wanted him to. She felt the corner of her mattress against the back of her knees.

Push me…’ She let the words stay silent in her mind. But when his fingers fell gently upon her cheek, their lips still entwined, she felt the electricity surge through her body. She took matters into her own hands, literally, and holding Sam, she let herself fall backwards onto the bed.

With his naked body on top of hers, there was certainly no denying his eagerness for her. It was kissing her lips. It was pressing into her belly. Cara wanted to touch his cock, wrap her mouth around it. But she wanted him to make the moves now, settling on simply pulling his body harder against hers.

Sam’s mouth left her lips, and he let his kisses and hands explore her body. Behind her ear, down the length of her stretched out neck, her shoulders. His tongue circled across the fine hairs around her nipples, cupping beneath her breasts and continuing his way down.

Cara flinched as his beard brushed down her side, that fine line between ticklish and tantric. That line was solidified to the latter as his head moved between her thighs. Sam lingered there, far longer than she could take, his breath warm on her glimmering pussy. He felt her try to push herself towards him, to close that tiny gap. He resisted a little longer.

Finally, with the air filled with Cara’s preemptive moans, he pressed his tongue against her labia, slowly lapping up each side. Her skin tasted like almond body wash, but her juices were natural, and Sam tried to hold himself back from diving into her too quickly. With a broad stroke, he brought his tongue to her clit. Her whole body shook, something unintelligible expelled from her mouth.

Sam was thankful for the small light coming in through the windows, all the better to see her with. With two fingers he eased back her hood, and circled her clit with the tip of his tongue. The more she reacted to him, the more he gave. He gently entered her pussy with a finger, drawing another moan from her. Her g-spot was where he expected, and he pressed against this little textured area, not losing contact, but maintaining that magical ‘come hither’ motion.

‘Harder finger, softer tongue,’ Cara managed between labored breaths. He followed her directions happily, and slowly took his fingers away from her hood. She felt them leave her, and was about to ask him to bring them back, until she heard him pulling his cock. Such a turn on to hear.

‘Fuck, just like that. Right there.’ Her words fell on his attentive ears. He felt her body move into a rhythm. ‘You’re gonna make me come,’ she panted. He dared not change pressure or positions and within a few more moments, she shook and shuddered around him, her thighs trembling against his ears.

Cara savoured every climatic moment, her whole body simultaneously flexed and relaxed. Sam was still between her thighs, slowing down his tongue and gently easing his finger from her pussy. ‘Get up here,’ she said, tugging at his shoulders. She tasted herself on his beard when he returned to kiss her. She loved it.

Her hand pushed between their bodies and guided his cock inside of her. ‘Oh god,’ Sam moaned, her naturally lubricated pussy drawing him further and further within. Her orgasm had perfectly loosened her for him, giving them enough freedom of movement, while holding onto one another’s texture.

This was not the kind of first encounter Cara was used to. The man diving right in to offer up a blow job, followed by his slow and gentle thrusts. All the while gazing into her eyes, punctuated by passionate kisses.

‘You can go harder,’ she whispered to him.

‘I intend to,’ he grinned back while maintaining this softer connection. Cara was enjoying this far more than she expected. Not just the slow movement, but this night with Sam. The buildup, the tease, the lusting. And of course, that orgasm. She smiled up to him, her hand gently touching his cheek.

And with that, Sam mixed it all up, driving his cock as deep as he could, his arm over her shoulder holding her closer for maximum penetration. Her eyes lit up immediately, and he followed up with repeated deep thrusts, ever gaining momentum and speed. Cara couldn’t keep her mouth closed as she watched him watch her with a relentless yearning.

‘You gonna come for me baby?’

‘You want me to?’ he managed through heavy breaths.

‘Fill me up,’ she grinned.

Sam was unsure if it was the permission or that gorgeous smile, but he suddenly realised he was far closer to coming than he had hoped. He shifted his positioning inside of her and with the contraction of her kegels, he was drawn rapidly to climax. He moaned and groaned as his cock exploded within her. Cara felt the hot cum spurting into the depth of her, each and every spasmodic ejection, the whole time unable to take her eyes off Sam’s ‘o face’.

For nearly a minute, he kept going, both in motion and ejaculation. He was amazed at just how much she had drawn from him, and let her know so by softly kissing her as hips slowed down until at last, their naked bodies lay entwined, lips locked, his cock softening inside her.

‘Grazie,’ he whispered in her ear.

‘Prego,’ Cara replied, kissing his cheek, his nose, his mouth.