Truckin’ And Fuckin’ In China!

Ling is a Taiwanese truckie – the strong silent type.  He works hard for a living after losing his well paying job in the construction industry.  Still maintaining his muscular physique and chiselled looks made him popular with the ladies but now with the long hours he social life had come to a big fat zero.

But this day his luck was to change.   Whilst doing a delivery on a public holiday he came across a horny American girl.  Dressed in a skin tight mini skirt she led him on a sexual adventure he had never been on before.

Enjoy all of Ling’s sexual adventure where he was lucky enough to go Truckin’ And Fuckin’ In China!

Brandy In Taipei City!

Asian Sex

Brandy is a bit of a prima donna.  If there was an award for whining she would probably win it.  It was no wonder that her friend was dubious about travelling with her to Tapei on a holiday – but having been friends for so many years what choice was there really to make.

After touring the city Brandy’s friend dumped her at the accommodation they were staying at and it was the best thing that they could do.  Venturing out into the night she came into a park wihere there were ‘Regeneration DIY’ containers and had an unexpected erotic tryst with a Taiwanese man.

She never did tell Brandy her secret but you can have all revealed by reading her erotic adventure leaving Brandy in Taipei City!

Rose & Amy At The Hidden Tea Fields of Taipei

Beautiful Tea Harvesting Land

Reaching the Maokong Village Rose Cheng was about the attend the Expo that had been organized for the farmers on the Tea Fields of Taipei.  It was a sleepy village and Rose did not expect much excitement until she met Bill from America.

Bill had hired a motor bike and asked Rose to ride with him.  The opportunity was too much and Rose accepted – being prepared and a lover of the outdoors the journey allowed Bill to explore more than the tea fields and his huge cock was used as a tool not to grow tea but to be used inside both Rose’s and Amy’s pussies.

Enjoy reading Rose and Amy’s Hidden Tea Fields of Taipei Erotic Story.

Love Lost On Elephant Mountain!

Tourist on Elephant Mountain

Marcos finally garners the courage to tell Caroline – his high school crush – his true feelings.  And after a couple of days Caroliine sucuumbs to his charms and daily they meet and spend time together.  It is teenage love and the passion becomes unbearable as they kiss deeply and with their all.

Finally, they decide that it is time to take their relationship to the next level but as they both live at home with their parents, plan to camp on Elephant Mountain on the weekend.  Little did they know that their passion would ignite the spirit world and their lives would become intertwined with the fabled lovers K’Lang and Ho-Biang.

It was sad for the parents that their bodies were never found but you can read what truly happened to these lovers in Love Lost on Elephant Mountain.

In Her Jeans At Shillin Night Markets, Taipei!

Sexy Asian Woman

A former traveler to Taipei recounts his experiences of the beautiful city and its people.  But one story is the fondest of all and that was when he visited the Shillin Night Markets. He had never met her or anyone else like her before or after. She was stunningly beautiful and luckily spoke perfect English having been a student at the famed Ming Chuan University.

It did not take long before they knew where this encounter was leading so she took him to her place off campus.  When she took her clothes off he realised just how tiny she was – he was almost too scared to touch her in case he hurt of broke her.  But her persistent advances soon put an end to that and he soon learned how experienced she was and how little he knew in the sexual prowess games.

Read about his erotic night at the Shilling Night Markets, Taipei.

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