Truckin’ And Fuckin’ In China!

“Are you from Taiwan or China?”

He looked at her as she asked the question. Ling was not always the talking type. Ever since he got this delivery job a couple of months ago, he had always done his best to do his work with every sense of responsibility as he could. He was not ready to lose this second chance again.

He had lost his job at a construction company because of the recklessness of his employers. The gossips and rumours had been everywhere within the company back then. They had over borrowed from the banks and then ended up embezzling all of the company’s funds. It was recklessness of the highest order. A lot of his colleagues had felt they would be ready when the bubble would burst. They were all mistaken. When the police came for their bosses, they were all too shocked like they never knew it was going to happen. A few days after that, Ling was unemployed.

He had searched for several weeks until he was able to get this delivery job with a major courier company in Taiwan. They had looked at his size and felt that with his huge biceps and strong back he would do well with handling one of their trucks. Ling had not complained. Back at the construction company, he had been a mason. He was used to lifting heavy stuff and working hard which gave rise to his muscular physique. To drive a truck was going to be like eating pancakes to him.

His new employers had taken him and other fresh hires on several induction training  runs where they were taught the need to be extra nice to their customers. They were the reason why the courier company was existing they had been told.

Ling was thinking about that, about being nice to his customers as he gazed at her with a smile.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked.

The lady who sat behind the table was obviously an expatriate. Ling could easily tell. Her face was long and so were her legs which seemed to stretch forever under her mini skirt. Her blouse was open at the top and because he was standing in front of her while she was seated, he could see the two round mounds of her breasts peeping through the top of the black bra she was wearing.

“I am just amused, that’s all,” Ling said.

“Amused?” Why?”

“Because that seems to be the only question that everyone would ask people like me whenever they meet me for the first time. And it makes me wonder, why is that so?”

“Really? What else am I supposed to ask?”

Ling shrugged. “Any other thing, like how was my day, do I have a family. But not if I am from China or Taiwan.”

She stopped what she was doing. All this while, even right from when he had been directed into her office, she had been busy with her PC while nodding and acknowledging his delivery. Even when she pointed to him where to set down the package, she hadn’t looked away from her screen. And when he had come to her to sign off, she had not looked up. When she had asked him where he was form, she had not looked up either.

But now, as she asked the last question, she had not only looked up but she had looked away from the screen that had been her focus all this while.

“Really?” she asked as she gazed at him. “So I shouldn’t have asked you if you were from China or Taiwan.”

Ling shook his head. “I don’t think you should have started a conversation with me like that. Let me ask you, how would you feel if I had asked you where were you from, America or Britain. How would you have felt?”

She made a face at him. “I don’t think I would have felt anything. Maybe I would be suspicious.”


She nodded. “Yes, maybe. Gosh, I don’t really know. Okay, let me apologise for being so intrusive.”

Ling raised his hands defensively. “No, no, you don’t’ have to apologise. It happens. People would always ask that.”

“I see. So I was just being like other people then?”

Ling shrugged. “I guess so. But you don’t look like other people.”

She crossed her legs and studied the man in front of him. “Really? Well, you don’t either.”

“I don’t’?”

She shook her head. “No, not at all. How do you maintain these strong arms of yours?”

Ling could feel his face redden as he blushed. “I work out once a while. And then again, the job I do keeps me fit.”

“As a truck driver?”

He nodded. “Yes, as a truck driver from China.”

She smiled and snapped her fingers. “I see. The Chinese truck driver. You have now told me where you are from.”

Ling smiled. “You can say that again. My name is Ling.”

She offered her hand. “Mine is Melissa, and I am an America.”

Ling grinned. “It’s nice to meet you, Melissa.”

After he had left, he thought about his encounter with Melissa. She seemed to be such a nice girl. And she was so friendly, unlike many of the other expatriates in their country. He felt that maybe it was because of her role in that company he had made delivery to. She was their receptionist and she dealt with so many people every day. Maybe that was why she had to be very friendly to all of them.

Melissa the American girl, he thought with a smile.

A week later, Ling’s company took delivery of another consignment. It was supposed to be delivered to the same company that Melissa worked for. Unlike him, Ling could not help but feel excited as he drove his truck to her company.

When he got there, he was surprised to meet the place all locked up and quiet. As the security man walked up to him, he could feel butterflies fluttering in his stomach. The silence and deserted car park he saw all around reminded him of the construction company that had gone under.

“Howdy. What can I do for you?” the uniformed security man asked.

Ling pulled out the manifest. “I have a delivery in the back, a consignment for this company. Is anyone around to receive it?”

“Are you kidding? Don’t you know it is weekend? They don’t work on weekends, dude.”

Ling slapped his forehead. He had completely forgotten what day of the week it was – it was funny that these expatriates still worked Monday to Friday – there was not such luxury in China. In his new line of work, he had to make deliveries every day, except when he was off which could be any day of the week. Somehow, he felt relieved that nothing had happened to the company; that they were still in operation. This meant that he was still going to see Melissa some other day.

“Alright, I guess I’ll just come back by Monday then,” Ling said.

But as he was about to back up, there she was. It was Melissa. She had just alighted from a taxi and was walking up to the gate.

Ling could feel his heart begin to beat rapidly. She looked gorgeous in the red overall coat she had on with matching black high heels.

When she got to him she smiled, revealing those pure white set of teeth of hers. “Why, what a surprise, Ling. What are you doing here today?”

“I have a consignment for you,” Ling replied waving the manifest at her.

“On a weekend?” she asked with a smile.

“We don’t do weekends at our company or in fact China. Every day is a workday for us. We do it for our customers.”

Melissa nodded. “Yes, for your customers. Let’s go inside then.”

The security guard opened the gates to let Ling drive in. Once inside, he offloaded the eight cartons and took them into the building.

“You can just leave them in my office,” Melissa said as she slid out of her coat. Underneath, she was wearing a mini dress.

“You came to work today?”

Melissa nodded as she removed the ribbon that held her hair together at the back. As she did so, her hair became loosed and tumbled down all over her shoulders. “I suspected that you were going to come in today.”

Ling frowned and gazed at her. She was seated on her chair but she was not behind the table. She had pushed her chair away from the table and was now seated away from it.

Ling saw that she had parted her legs and in the process her mini dress had ridden up her thighs exposing the smoothness of her inner legs.

He felt a lump rise up his throat as he discovered that she was not wearing any panties. “You suspected that I was going to come here today?”

Melissa nodded as she continued to play with her hair, with her legs still parted facing him. “Yes, I was expecting this consignment to come in. And even though today is weekend, I decided to come over and receive them.”

Ling struggled to take away his eyes from her open legs. He turned to the cartons he had brought in. “Yes, The consignment came in today. You know, we don’t keep customer’s consignments at the warehouse, except if we have to like when a customer is not around. Otherwise we do everything possible to see that we get them delivered as soon as we receive them.”

Melissa nodded and cocked her head as she watched him. She was acting like someone studying something of interest. But it was just Ling that was there. She could see that he was uncomfortable, standing there by the cartons he had brought in.

“That is a real nice policy you have in your company.”

“Policy?” Ling asked, trying not to look at her.

Melissa nodded. “Yes, customer policy I mean. You seem to do everything you can to please your customers.”

Ling smiled and managed to nod. “Yes, it is all part of our training too. We do everything possible to satisfy our customers.”


Ling nodded. “Yes, Melissa. Everything possible; including weekend deliveries.”

She got up suddenly and Ling held his breath as she walked up to him. Whether it was deliberate or not, she allowed her hand to brush the front of his trouser. It was as if someone had passed electricity through him. Ling felt his body jolt at her touch. He felt electrified, like an electric device that had suddenly been turned on to maximum capacity. He felt himself jolt and shiver and shook his head vigorously, as if trying to shake off the effects of her soft caress.

She seemed to enjoy the effect she had on him as she walked past him to the cartons he had brought in.

She was still standing when she bent over to reach one of the cartons on the floor. “Do you know what these are?”

China Panties

As she bent down, her mini dress rose up again. Unlike before when she was seated and facing him, this time she was backing Ling and the effect was amplified. Her dress had ridden up her tings up to her waist. As she bent over he saw her white panties which she slowly slid to the floor and stepped out of.  Because she was no longer wearing any panties, he could see her whole ass sticking out at him. First was her asshole, it was squeezed tight like some tight brown mouth that had been obstinately shut close. A few millimeters underneath it was her pink pussy. It was like a pair of lips, moist, glistening, and inviting.

“Do you?” Melissa asked again.

Ling’s mind was no longer with her. He was imagining all that he could do with this hot secretary that was exposing herself to him so brazenly.

“Do you?”

Ling blinked. “What?”

“I know what you do, Ling. You are a truck driver working for a courier company. But do you know what I do?”

“You are a secretary,” he managed to utter, still transfixed by the ass and pussy that were opened wide at him. He was transfixed and could not move, stuck in one place like a statue.

“Well yes and no.  I am bringing sex toys into Taiwan” Melissa said still backing him and opening one of the boxes.

“Sex Toys?”

Melissa nodded. “Yes, sex toys. These cartons here contain a variety of them for our own customers.”

Sex toys?”

“Yes, that is what my company is into. We import them and then sell to those that need them – especially ex-pats. We have a variety of adult toys here. That is what we do.”

“Sex toys.” he again said for the third time.

She turned to look at him still bent over and giving him a full view of her pussy. “You do know what they are, don’t you?”

Ling managed to nod hurriedly. She smiled and allowed her gaze to fall towards his groin. Ling followed her gaze and saw that there was already a huge bulge in his trousers. It was as if he was hiding a huge pipe there.

“We sell all sorts of sex toys,” Melissa continued. “Including bondage gear, bondage toys; just all kinds of sex toys.”

Bondage gear?”

“Yes, some of these cartons contain bondage gear for sale. That is what we do here give pleasures. And we do it for our customers.”

“I see,” Ling said as he tried to adjust his erection.

“And do you know what?”

“No, what?”

“Who needs a sex toy when you can have the real thing?” Melissa asked, as she knelt down and dropped her head towards the ground, allowing her ass to push out and up, parting wide for him to see inside her moist pussy.

“The real thing?” Ling repeated confusedly.

“Yes, Ling. Can you do me a favour?”

“What do you want?”

“Come and take care of me, your customer. Come and fill me up with that dick of yours. Please.”

Her plea sounded more like a command and not a plea.

Ling did not need further urging. He almost flew to where she was kneeling down with her ass up in the air.  He did not need to pull off his trousers. He only unzipped his fly an out came his erect dick. He directed his erection into her inviting pussy and almost gasped as her muscles encircled his erection.

As he moved in and out of her like a battering ram, he could hear Melissa gasping and moaning at the same time. It was as if she was in a trance and was not going to wake up anytime soon.

Ling held her ass in both hands tightly as he continued to pound her from behind. It was as if he was worried that if he did not hold her so tightly, her ass might break free and run away from being fucked.

Soon, he could feel his legs vibrating. He was going to soon come and she knew it as well.

As he came, he held her ass so tightly that his fingers dug deep into her ass cheeks.

When he pulled out of her, his cum began to spill out and splash on the floor.

Melissa turned around. Still on her knees, she lapped up his cum from the ground like a hungry dog. Then she came to him and sucked his dick with relish. It was as if she did not want to waste any drop of his come wherever it was located.

When she was through, she straightened her dress and stood up. “There, now that is how you treat your customers, Ling. I hope you would always be available to treat me well.”

Ling grinned. “Always. You bet I will.”

As he left the company that day, he could not help but feel happy that he had served his customer right that day. He wondered if his company was going to give him a raise for taking care of Melissa the way he did.

Brandy In Taipei City!

Asian Sex

I’ve never been much of a traveler. Not at all actually. Even my first ever flight was when I was 16 –and it was too basically just visit a dead aunt in India. It wasn’t that I hated flying, -didn’t mind it much besides the odd screaming child on board-, it was the hassle of planning and executing an overseas trip that frankly irritated me. All that back and forth of exchanging currencies, writing out itineraries, having to xplore’ a whole new country just for the sake of gallivanting and boasting to your friends when you got back; nothing about travelling enticed me in the least.

“But it’s not going to be like last time!” Brandy had a knack for whining. She knew that it was one of her vices, but it got her the results she wanted when people had to give in and make her stop. We’ve been friends for a huge mother load of 6 whole years, from huddling with bowls of soup in freshman university till reaching the ripe age of 24 –still only being able to afford the same soup. She whimpered and flopped face first onto my back.

I glared at her. “According to you, the last time wasn’t supposed to be like the last time either,” I puffed, pushing her off me. Much like the undiscovered opera star she was, Brandy made a show of falling off the bed into a starfish position on my bedroom floor. No wonder my energy was non-existent. I had a best friend that could fill the quota for both our personalities.

“We looked too much into Adelaide. Where to go, what to eat,” Brandy pulled herself upright and clutched onto a pillow. “This time, we’ll do everything spontaneous. Just like you wanted right?”

Brandy made a compelling point. We travelled to Adelaide last Christmas when her parents decided to cancel on their plans to go skiing. I indulged her then only, partially because I felt really bad about leaving her to be alone in our room while I’m surrounded with mistletoe and turkey; and because the only thing worst than a hyped up Brandy was a sopping, sad and self-pitying version of her. Adelaide turned out disastrous on my end because little miss sunshine had chosen a whole holiday package that involved –doing things. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad thing if we just winged it?

Brandy could tell when the machines in my head were turning in her favor. She smiled hopefully, and I returned it slowly. “You have to promise me that we’re going to work things on our time,” I went on. “No funny lake tours and trips to human Holocaust museums, Brandy I swear to Go-,” I was immediately cut off from a yelp that escaped her mouth.

“I promise, I promise, I promise!” She clapped her hands rapidly together, like some water seal with Parkinson’s.

“Taiwan –here we come!”

Why was there so much of food?

That was my only thought as the Uber took Brandy and I to our Airbnb. The flight was bearable, but economy seats were all that’s available on short notice so it was a little bit of a struggle to get comfy.

I might’ve been thinking about food since I barely got anything to eat on the trip here but some sandwiches. Brandy was ranting about a kid kicking her seat, halfway stopping to snore in between her trashy romance novel. What was it about the both of us that made best friends? I’ll never know.

Our Airbnb was smack dab in the middle of Taipei City, and a little bit over a 10-minute drive to the Taipei 101 Center. The Uber dropped us off at the gates of a gorgeous double-storey villa, complete with large and embellished wooden gates, fish fountains and lush flowers to match in the garden. I had to give it to her. Brandy was a whole lot of things, but un-resourceful was not one of them.

She gave me a little grin as she pressed the doorbell. “Have enough energy left in ya for happy hour later?” I took snapped off my cap and smacked her in the face with it. She scoffed and tried to elbow me, but not before the doors opened.

A warm looking Chinese woman in about her 60’s greeted us. She wore a long sleeved blue blouse, cream silk pants and a megawatt smile on her face. “Hello! You must be here under the Brandy Tong reservation?”

Brandy grinned back at her. The woman extended her hand. “I’m WayLin, it’s very nice to meet the both of you! Let me show you around,” She said as she led the both of us in.

The villa was considerably much huger than it looked from the outside. WayLin rattled on about the historic features of the house, how many generations of her family lived here and other things that went right over my head. I realized just how much I wasn’t equipped for travelling in foreign lands as tiredness seeped through my bones and I yawned. I’m sure WayLin was amazing, but she was too much for my shutting down brain at the moment.

“I’m going to head upstairs to the room if you don’t mind,” I blurt out as Brandy scowled at me. “Flight was really long and I should get some rest. Brandy can stay and learn about the rest of the house!” I added and smiled sweetly.

Dorothy returned my grin, not harsh in any way. “Your room would be on the first floor, dear. Second is where my son and I are staying,” She gestured to the end of a long hallway. “You can shower and sleep there. The bathrooms are attached.”

I gave Waylin a firm but awkward handshake and stuck my tongue out at Brandy. Making my way down the hallway, I was enchanted by how warm and welcoming this Taiwan house really was. Most Airbnb’s that Brandy picked were gorgeous no doubt, but they always had odd paintings, clinically clean squeaky floors and weird lounge music that came from somewhere, giving it this hotel-feel. This place looked lived in, home-y; so instead of turning right into the room, I found myself making my way into the kitchen.

WayLin mentioned that we could help ourselves to whatever’s in the fridge –so I grabbed a mango rice pudding from the cooler and started to dig in. My grumbling stomach whined in appreciation, and it was so loud that I didn’t hear the voices at first. It was coming from the gazebo near the coy pool, carried by the strong winds. That’s when I realize it was just one. One voice. Sharp, angry, masculine. Tortured. The sliding door was ajar, but I didn’t want to test my luck going outside. I snuck a peek from behind an ancient wooden pillar in the far end of the kitchen, but couldn’t determine where it was coming from. Then bit by bit, it got louder.

A tall Asian man on a phone call, in his late twenties to early thirties stomped out of the gazebo. Do you ever get the weird feeling where you’re in the middle of falling asleep and being awake, when your entire body suddenly feels like its dropping into thin air? That’s exactly what it was like when I laid eyes on him. Dark brown hair tousled from his fingers, face flushed and his slim but muscular body tensed and poised from anger.

He turned around –and for a minute I felt my blood run cold.

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Sexy Taiwan Man

His eyes were piercing, hooded eyelids masking two rivers of secrets and stories that knocked the air right from my lungs. I hurled back around the pillar, my feet unable to move. It’s only when I craned my neck around it 3 minutes later was he gone, nothing to signify him ever being there.  His eyes haunted me – silver grey in an otherwise oriental appearance.

“Do you know how old May Lin’s son is?”

We had just come back from a night market, full of sounds, sights, smells and all the best of Taiwan. After the night market, we hailed a cab to Taipei 101 to head through the observatory deck to watch the night sky. Brandy was right, Taiwan was a great idea. Tiring –but a great idea.

Brandy turned from unpacking, facing me in confusion. “What do you mean?”

I shrugged. “Just thought I might ask.  He gave me the weirdest sensation.” My mind went back to our bizarre encounter at the gazebo and my body tingled again. Why was this man giving me so much of a reaction? It didn’t make any sense- oh wait. I groaned inwardly as I realized what it was. My boyfriend and I had broken up close to 3 years ago, and I have never really been with anyone since. I never found the need to. Guys at the club didn’t really do much to interest me; and I was never really attracted to someone well enough to have a one night stand with them.

But the fact remains; I haven’t had sex for 3 years.

Brandy noticed my slacked jaw. “Everything okay?” She sat next to me.

I laughed it off. Nervously. “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just a little tired that’s all.”

Brandy offered a small smile. “You’re excused this one time. I forced fed you fried grasshoppers on a stick, so you get to turn in early without me nagging. I’ll continue tomorrow,” she said and threw a pillow at me.

I threw it back to her and made my way to get a shower. I couldn’t help it, my mind drifted back to the mystery man in the gazebo. How tense he was when he fought on the phone, how his hands fingers clenched and unclenched. And those eyes. It sent a shiver through my body –that travelled all the way to between my legs. The water pressure was hot, heavy even and I moaned. My hands inched closer to my legs and I sucked in a deep breath. I was soaking wet. It wasn’t from the water.

A hand pounded the door. “What’s taking so long?!”

Honestly, if I didn’t love Brandy as much as I did –I would’ve have gone to far extents to commit murder and dump her body without evidence.  It was almost like the time she disturbed me when I was watching the top porn sites at sexreviews.

I tossed and turned all night. The heat of Taiwan was sweltering –and the  comforters in Dorothy’s house weren’t helping. Pushing off the covers, I made my way to the kitchen. The kitchen was so much cooler from the ajar sliding door; as the air wafted in from the-

Wait. Why was the sliding door open?

“Water filter’s down. Use the jug.”

I froze in my steps. The same voice from the afternoon now stood right behind me. I swallowed. “Thanks,” I said drily. I grabbed the jug from the cooler and slowly braced myself to turn around.

Yet again, the air was filled with electricity as our eyes met. He wore a slight smirk. “Have we met before?” The animosity from this afternoon seemed to have ebbed away. He inched closer and my breath hitched in my throat once again.

I moved back. “I don’t think so,” I said and chugged water to keep my throat from drying out. He smiled this time and whispered.

“How would you feel about a midnight snack?”

I don’t know exactly what it was that made me say yes.

Maybe it was the fact that I was lonely, tired and in a foreign city looking for someone to count on besides my snoring best friend. Or the fact that I was horny out of my mind.

We ended up getting fried ice cream from a local shop open late –settling down on a park bench. “My dad used to take me here all the time,” he started to reminisce. “Daan Forest Park, one of the largest in the city,” he continued and looked at me again.

Largest park in the city? Felt awfully small sitting next to this man. What was it about him? I never acted this way around anyone. “We don’t have many parks back home. Nature is so 2012,” I joked.

Wait… I joked? Since when do I do that?

He laughed. “What brings you here?”

“My best friend mostly. We come in a duo, but she’s much more of the spontaneous type. I tried my best to protest, promise,” I gave him a small smile.

His laugh faded and he stared at me once again with those piercing eyes. “Do you not find yourself exciting?”

My throat closed up. I didn’t know how to respond. I was never in a position to be fiery or spontaneous, I always left that up to Brandy. This man, this man brought out emotions in me that I don’t remember feeling.

He caught on to my hesitancy answering the question and spoke up. “Do you want to leave?”

I nodded and we made our way to the car in silence. He settled down in the driver’s seat and started up the ignition.

“Excitement isn’t dependable. It hurts when the party’s over.” I breathed out those words in a whisper.

It wasn’t too soft for him. His head turned to my direction and took me in. Really took me in. His eyes traveled from my legs, arms, chest and finally rested on my lips.

I’ve never seen a man so sexy. I’ve never seen a man so hungry.

He brought his lips down on mine, fast. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I kissed him back feverishly, as if my life depended on it. Biting, squeezing and tugging at his lips sent him into a craze. His fingers moved quick, unbuttoning my blouse and trailing kisses down my neck. He did everything so quick –but it wasn’t enough for me. I pulled his hands from kneading my tits and guided them between my legs.

He growled in response, practically ripping my shorts as he pulled them down. Everything about this man was insatiable, I realized as he smiled mischievously. He teased the moment out, pinching the inner of my thighs as he made his way to my pussy.

“Spread your legs,” he said –and boy if that voice couldn’t make me cum. His mouth still focused on my neck, he slipped two fingers inside me.

“Holy shi,” his eyes widened in surprise. “You’re dripping wet,” he went on and his voice strained as he struggled to keep his momentum. “You want this don’t you?”

I whimpered in need. Taking that as a yes, he increased his speed –faster and faster until I got close. Pulling myself back together, I willed myself back in the moment and stopped him.

“Not yet. Let me take care of you first,” I reached for the growing bulge in his pants.

He stopped me.  “Not yet. Let’s go into the regeneration container.”

Taiwan City
Regeneration DIY

In the park were a number of green shipping containers with wording in English and China ‘Regeneration DIY’.   What they were I had no idea, another strange thing in a strange can.  He led me to one and drew out a set of keys and opened the side double doorway and after we walked in closed it.  It was dark and I could just see his silhouette.

Everything was moving too fast, and I loved it. I pushed him down on a chair that was there and lunged at him once. Straddling him, I kissed him over and over again until the slickness between my legs got unbearable. I started to grind on him, bucking my legs against his hips –trying to get some sort of friction. He pulled on my hair and set me back so that he was on top of me. He maneuvered me till he was on top; and slowly but surely kissed up to my thighs.

Then his tongue teased my clit. I all but erupted in pleasure, as he lapped me up again and again –driving me insane. He held me down by the hips as he continued his pussy licking torture. Just when I was about to cum, he pulled back. I took that as a queue to reach for him once again, but he stopped me. “It’s about you tonight,” he winked.

He took off his jeans, throwing them to the floor. With that same hungry look that I couldn’t get enough off, he bent over to kiss me –and slowly slid into my wet heat. I groaned, biting into his shoulder to keep from screaming out. He pulled away and brought one hand over to choke me.

“Stop holding back. Let go.”

That was all the incentive I needed. I locked my legs around him and pulled him closer to me. He moaned, loudly this time and started to move faster. I screamed out in pleasure. All my life, all my relationships.

There was no man on earth who could fuck me like this.

I could tell he was close by how fast he kept getting. He fucked me mercilessly, as his hips got faster and faster and I felt my own orgasm building. With a cry of pleasure, I came hard. He followed suit, groaning into my shoulder.

After a few minutes of bliss, he rolled off. We looked at each other and laughed.

“So. How do you like Taiwan?”

The rest of the week went by in a blur.

Brandy and I made trips to the mall, parks (ehem) and even though she promised, Brandy dragged me to the National Palace museum in Taipei city. I didn’t care. I was so high from spending time with my stranger that I went through the entire week smiling from ear to ear.

Brandy noticed my demeanor when we were loading our stuff into the back of the Uber to head to the airport. “Why are you smiling so much?”

I rolled my eyes at her. “It was a good trip, what’s wrong with me being a little happy?” Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of brown hair in a window.

I never found out his name. Nor did I bother asking. He gave me something more than just good conversation. He gave me sex appeal. A new fire to see the world and explore.

Regardless, I really think I enjoy travelling now.  And this was not just another Taiwan erotic story!!!

Rose & Amy At The Hidden Tea Fields of Taipei

Beautiful Tea Harvesting Land

Lakewood, California

Bill Jake had long been fascinated by an exceptional Tea Field of Taipei in Taiwan, a country of many exotic sights and sounds with friendly people inhabiting this paradise. A company memo concerning a continental trip to Taiwan had just been issued the previous week. As head of marketing for the consortium, he was among the first candidates but his boss Tyler Kellerman had other preferred people for the trip. Oh well, tough luck. He thought. They party would be transported by the company’s private jet

Taipei Countryside
Taipei Village

Maokong village, Taiwan

Rose Cheng had grown up pretty first for her age and was now sick and tired of the catcalling. All she wanted was someone to treat her well- not a boyfriend- someone to accompany her in the unending adventures. A tom boy from as early as she could remember, time had transformed her into a luscious beauty that was very attractive.

This was exactly the problem. The many friends she had now turned distant immediately after she spurned their sexual advances. They could not be friends any more. She felt really sorry for Jim Chuan. He was her friend from childhood but now had transformed into a lusty man that always felt that he had some kind of right to see her naked and who also wanted much more.

The last time she was with Chuan a very bitter argument ensued when Rose for the umpteenth time refused to get intimate. He tried to grope her which culminated in a bitter division. Now Rose was all alone and lonely. Little did she know that things were about to change in few days.

The farmer’s on the Tea Field of Taipei had organized an international expo to showcase their special tea varieties and also help expand other markets globally. Everyone around the village was extremely anxious for the day and just could not wait for it. For most people this would be their first time to be the focus of attention. It is all too easy to get caught up in all the excitement. A sleepy village town parched high in the remote mountains certainly had a lot to gain from the forthcoming event.

Lakewood, California

The incessant ringing on the phone jostled Bill Jake from sleep. It was the middle of the night and quite chilly outside. The rain had not relented and now this. He seriously considered ignoring the phone and later on disconnecting it from the main line but then decided against it.

It was Amy’s high pitched voice at the other end of the line. The company’s VP whom he had long had a thing for but never had the courage to tell her outright. He would definitely lose his job. That is what exactly would have happened. Amy had a reputation as an uptight but gorgeous lady who had by sheer grit risen through the ranks of C.H. Tyler Kellerman Consortium to the position of VP.

She apologized for calling so late but was left with no choice. Her colleague had fallen ill and therefore could not participate in a networking event. Their boss had specifically asked for an instant replacement for this crucial foreign trip. Amy Harper could not think of anyone else to turn to on short notice.

When cornered in such a tricky situation, Bill was not a man to back down. As soon as the VP mentioned Taiwan Jake knew that he’d be in for a long flight.

Being the workaholic that she was, Amy had called in while at the airstrip. A private jet would take the two to their destination. After rushing towards the rendezvous, the two hugged happily and were soon ready to take off.

En route

Sitting opposite Bill gave the perfect opportunity to really check him out closely. She had seen him a few times during the office parties and business hours but that was just about it. In person he seemed like a nice guy with that trademark black leather jacket bringing out an adventurous bad boy aura.

Hot Man In A Leather Jacket
Photo: Man In Leather Hoodie

After a few drinks and a little chit chat Amy felt a real connection. All she wanted now was take off her panties and wrap her legs around his heavy muscular torso and really fuck him.

Wait. That isn’t the way to go. She kept on reminding herself. Junior staff is out of limits for a high flying career lady such as I. Unconsciously she unbuttoned her blouse. The bright red skirt suit was becoming more unbearable.

The tensions were apparent to Bill Jake who felt that there was definitely some spark that they were both trying hard to suppress.

Maokong, Taiwan

The organizing committee announced the list of people that would be helping out with the preparations as officials. Rose was especially pleased to hear that her name was in the list. Notably absent was Jim Chuan. How that happened she could not fathom. Jim’s father was after all the head of the Tea Field of Taipei growers and hence had notable influence. The pay was not a big deal but the opportunity provided the perfect getaway to escape that
oppressive disillusionment.

The Big Day

Upon arrival it was already sunrise. Taiwan scenery is the jewel Bill Jake expected to see. The vast mountainous heights covered with unending lush green landscape offering a breath of much needed fresh air. The trip was to last one day which meant that luggage was minimal for both visitors.

A bumpy half an hour ride brought the two on location. Here we go: a long day ahead. Amy thought. She was pleased to see that a magnificent looking stand had been pitched on site bearing their corporation’s emblem and colors. A friendly local introduced himself as Jim Chuan-their interpreter.

On the itinerary Bill was assigned a field assignment. He had his own interpreter as well- Rose Cheng. His course would be to go over the plantation and collect as much information through taking photos. He would be required to write a report later on. Amy’s role would be to remain at the stands to handle PR with the help of Jim.

Travelling Via Motorbike
Photo: Woman Going On A Motorbike Journey

The first shooting location was a few miles into the dense tea plantations. A motor bike ride helped Bill and Rose get across the rough trails with Rose clinging tightly on as they took sharp turns.

The ride was brief but intense. The pair was separated from other delegations that were a considerable distance away. Bill was taken by surprise when Rose gently turned onto him and gently kissed him on the lips. Just like that. He acted surprised but both knew that there was something simmering on the surface ever since their eyes met for the first time.

The knee length dress was soon in a heap as the two embraced and kissed longingly. Bill was soon naked as well and the two took refuge at a nearby clearing. Indeed this magical place has many nature’s sights and sounds that soon engulfed the two lover’s intimate groans and lustful gasps.

Back at the camp, Amy was wondering where the hell his most trusted partner had disappeared to. There were some important things to be discussed and her colleague was not answering his two way radio call.

Jim Chuan is suave when he wants to be. He somehow managed to convince Amy to let handle part of the work load. Despite some initial apprehension about this idea, Jim worked well and proved himself a tremendous help.

It was afternoon and by the look of things Bill and Rose had not grown tired of each other. None was willing to resume work and was more enthusiastic to continue the lovemaking. Rose pillow breasts gave Bill great joy as he stroked and squeezed them gently. This made her even hornier and the lovebirds rolled against each other to continue fucking.

By evening Amy had given up on finding Bill. He most probably experienced some accident and was making his way to camp on foot. Jim on the other hand was up to the task. He seemed more of an employee for the consortium than a translator. She promised herself to reward him- one way or another.

It came as a big surprise when Jim Chuan refused to accept extra payment for the immense service he had provided. It was a long way off to the nearest town center and he instead offered to let Amy stay at his place. In the morning they would mount a search for Bill and his aide.

Jim’s accommodation was very simple but comfortable. Being in the middle of a large plantation it was slightly elevated off the ground to give an open bird’s eye view of the surrounding hills.

All that was in Amy’s mind was to get a good night’s rest. After changing into Jim’s T-shirt she lied on the bed but sleep simply would not come. She could make out distantly the light from the TV and figured out that Jim was probably awake as well.

After joining Jim on the couch they both lost interest in the TV and focused on each other. Deep kisses ensued. It was Amy’s turn to unwind at last. She grabbed his large member and licked it up and down again and again.

Hot And Heavy Tantric Sex
Photo: Man And Woman Having Tantric Sex

As she was half naked, it was easy to fondle her huge breasts behind the t-shirt. The teasing felt like a burning fire that could not be contained any more. Amy sat right on Jim’s huge dick and began to control the pace of sex with tantra like a perfect toy boy. At first the rhythm was gentle followed by intense jerking up and down. They fucked hard and long not caring about the noise they made. After several rounds of pleasure each could not contain themselves anymore.

Double orgasms ensued while they clutched tightly onto each other letting their juices mix up. Several rounds of unabated sexual pleasure followed each other in turn leaving little time to rest. In the end exhaustion took over and the two slept on the couch.

Meanwhile Rose and Bill decided to stay on outside on the Tea Field of Taipei. Bill’s love for the outdoors made him carry a few provisions to get them going. In the light of the night fire they both stared deep into each other’s eyes. They could not believe the luck that had brought them together. Bill was especially pleased with her forwardness.

Before sunset they fucked one more time before getting back to work. This would be the most ideal time to get started on photography.

Amy Harper was not pleased at all by the sight of the two riding back to the camp meeting point. Bill was quick to explain engine trouble but it was clear to everyone that something else had been at play. After saying their hurried goodbyes to both translators, the two sat down to complete the report. Hours later they were done and ready to pack their gear and make the return

Amy had one last strange request. She needed to check out a previously obscure location within the Tea Field of Taipei. As they two disappeared into the hills again, Bill sensed that something exciting was about to happen but could not figure out what exactly it was.

After they were safely out of sight, Amy requested that they pull over to a specific location. The motor bike screeched to a halt near a thick clump of trees. The two colleagues retreated to this nest and began to undress each other. Bill could not believe his luck but he knew it best not to object. He might lose his position if he dared.

A shrill moan pierced the air when Bill rammed his huge cock inside Amy’s tight pussy. They began fucking just like that without any foreplay, each desiring to have a piece of uninhibited pleasure before returning back home. He made sure to fuck her as hard as he could. It felt so good to vent his desire after years of anticipation.

Amy came first, squirting a lot of much cum in her wake. Bill still wanted more but it was a short while before he too came hard screaming in pleasure almost like a spiritual sexual experience. The trip definitely would be a memorable one. The two made a promise to keep things on the low.






Love Lost On Elephant Mountain!

Tourist on Elephant Mountain

Marcos and Carolina met a few years ago while at the Taipei American School in Taiwan.  Taipei American School is both for ex-pat children as well as locals but it one of only 8-10 schools in Taiwan that is English speaking.  Marcus had a crush on Carolina for a long time but was afraid to express his feelings to her. His friends, Kevin and Smith advised him to approach her courageously and tell her about his feelings. One day he decided that it was time to tell Carolina how he felt.

Carolina was the most beautiful girl in the school. All boys admired her and each one of them made advances towards her but she never accepted them. She was a simple, rich and more focused on her study books. She never gave a damn to any nuisance person in her life. She had cool friends, Akisha and Nadia.

2 high school lovers
Carolina in Uniform

Marcos declares his feelings to Carolina

I decided to approach the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She was sitting with her friends at a table having lunch. It seemed like she was really having a lot of fun hanging around with her friends.

“Hello ladies?” I greeted them as soon as I reached the table they were seated.

“Hello Marcos,” they replied in unison.

“What brings you here? “ Nadia asked.

“Do you mind if I talked to Carolina for a second? “ I asked them.

The all indicated that they didn’t mind because they rose and went away almost in unison giving me a cautionary look to handle their friend well.

The day awaited for had finally come, there she was the most beautiful girl I had ever set my eyes on. She seemed a little bit shy being alone with me and all that time she was staring at her hands.

Finally I broke the silence and said, “How is your day going?  Are you well?”

She replied in simple words, ‘Just fine.”

“Carolina, there is this thing I have always wanted to tell you,” I said.

“Go on, I am listening” she replied.

“I have always had strong feelings towards you and I want you to know I like you very much. I have always admired how you carry yourself around. I mean you are beautiful, unique and hardworking,” I said.

All along she kept on staring at me with blank mind not believing what I told her. I waited for her to comment on whatever I had told her but she was just silent. This made me feel guilty and regretted for approaching her and expressing my feelings.

Finally she said, after what seemed an eternity, “Marcos I really appreciate you for liking me. It’s a huge a message to take in and I wasn’t expecting it, but I hope all will be well as we continue knowing each other”.

I felt something strange in my stomach as she uttered those words. For the rest of the lunch period we talked, laughed and shared a lot about school, home and also future plans. She really avoided the relationship topic since she was not comfortable talking about it at this time. She was a cool girl to hang out with and that made me like her a lot. The bell rang and we went back to our particular classes since we were in different classes.

Carolina’s feelings and reaction

I saw Marcos approaching our table from a distance. He was a cute and handsome guy that any girl could have fallen for him. He was medium height, curly hair and soft lips that could make you yearn for his kiss. He greeted us and asked if he could talk to me for a second. At first, I was
confused and felt uneasiness being with him alone in the same table. As soon as he started talking I started being comfortable around him.

He declared his feelings towards me and this caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect such a good looking guy to have strong feelings towards me. His reputation in school was not good – known as a bit of a player. He has been known for using girls and dumping them soon after. This made me feel uneasy till I decided to remain silent for a while thinking about it all. All that time he was staring at me waiting for a response. I felt a little bit shy and guilt formed inside me. Finally I decided to break the silence by telling Marcos how the message got me by surprise and it was a really heavy message to take in all in a short while. We talked, laughed and shared more about ourselves. I found out that he was a different from the other boys who approached me, he laughed to every joke that I made and he was a cool person too.

Marco Asks Caroline Out Again

After two days I asked Carolina if we could go out. Most people would think it was a date but it wasn’t. It was like spending some quality time with the person whom you like the most and have strong feelings towards.  She finally accepted the invite after long persuasion. She was not just comfortable hanging out with for the whole day. I took her to a park which was on a hill-top. From there you could see the entire landscape of Taipei City from a distance. It was really amazing.

She really liked the place and that made be happy too. We talked about everything; the things that make sense and the ones that didn’t. All in all we made each other happy and I felt that we were comfortable with each other. I really liked her lips and couldn’t wait for the day she will be ready to kiss me. She caught me admiring her and she smiled.

“Why are you looking at me like that Marcos?” she asked. “Is there anything
wrong?” she continued with a confused look.

“No” I replied. “It is just that I like you a lot and my world would not be complete without you. Will you be my girlfriend, Carolina?”

This made Carolina more confused and surprised at Marcos’ statements. That was the least of her expectation. Her answer was not immediate. She sat on the bench thinking and a lot and tears started flowing from her eyes.

“The thought of my mother being beaten senseless by my father just made me cry.”  She said.

I sat next and hugged here reassuringly to help her to calm since this made me confused. I did not know about this domestic dispute and decided not to talk about it again till she was ready to open up.

Carolina’s declaration

We met every day over lunch and after classes in the evening for many months. This has drawn us closer together and made me like him so much. He truly loves me and cared for me so much. He made me smile every moment we were together. He made me forget my problems which I had at home and I was not willing to share with anyone else but him and not even him fully. One day we were in a café having lunch and then I decided to declare my feelings to him. How he made me feel and that he really meant the world to me.

This made him so happy and he told me, he will take me to a special place during the weekend. I tried to convince him to tell me the name of the place but he said it was a surprise. He finally placed his lips on mine and he kissed me passionately as he deepened the kiss. This sent a shiver in my body making me yearn for more. He was really a good kisser, it was almost as if he had taught how to kiss again. We kissed for more than ten minutes.

He then said, “You are really amazing and I love you so much.”

The word love was really heavy to say at our age, what I see at home and since it was still the beginning of our relationship. I just smiled showing a sign of appreciation. We decided to go home and he dropped me at our house. He bid me goodbye and gave me a goodnight kiss before he left. I had a lot to learn about the true meaning of love.

Marcos reaction

I didn’t believe she said I really meant the world. This was really amazing and it made me feel the luckiest guy in the world. I placed my lips on hers and kissed her passionately. Her lips were very soft and charming that I didn’t want to stop the kiss. She reciprocated by kissing me back which made it more real and awesome.

Marcos Elephant Mountain

The weekend had come and it was time to take Carolina on the special date for a weekend. We were going camping on Elephant Mountain where I used to come with my parents when I was younger. Elephant Mountain is the longest hike within Spur Ranch Conservation area, Taiwan. It has plenty of nature and history along the way of the trail. Streams, lakes, a guerrilla base and an overall picturesque natural views are more of what visitors can enjoy at
Elephant Mountain.

About Elephant Mountain

The Elephant Mountain was named after two bodies of fabled lovers, K’Lang and Ho-biang. The two loved each but came from different aboriginal tribes Lach and Chil so although they were madly in love with each other were forbidden from getting married.  They ran away together and stayed on Elephant Mountain vowing never to separate.

K’Lang was at one with nature and he could tame animals and produce magnificent crops.  He tamed two wild elephants that stayed with them at their mountain top hideaway.  However Ho-biang became seriously ill a K’lang managed to keep her alive but could not cure her illness so he walked her back to her tribe where the shaman managed to cure her.  The Chil and Lach tribes were very happy for them and all gave them permission to marry.

Ho-biang’s father was a chief of the Chil and was the only one against their marriage. He was so incensed at the thought of these two getting married that he took out his bow and shot an arrow at K’lang.  Ho-biang saw this and jumped in front of K’lang the arrow piercing her heart killing her instantly.  K’lang was so upset he cried inconsolably and finally made a great scream – now called the Dankia – and died from sorrow.  It is rumored that the 2 elephants died too of broken hearts!

Elephant Mountain brings a nostalgic tone to its place because of the sad love story that fable says happened a long time ago, the adventure that visitors experience brings about fun and memorable memories they will treasure for always.

Tourist Travel Destination In Taiwan
Photo: Elephant Mountain Trail


Marco Climbs Elephant Mountain

We go there early on the Saturday morning and had breakfast at the base of Elephant Mountain as it has restaurants around the area. We were ready for getting into some hiking and put our backpacks on and began the steep trip up the mountain.   The vegetation was thick, the air humid.  Carolina was not her usual chatty self and after about an hour I said, “Carolina, is everything okay?”

Carolina sat down beside the trail and began to cry.  She said, “Marcos, I have never told anyone about his before, but my father beats up on my mother.  Last night it was particularly bad.  I do not think I can live there anymore.”

I held her, and the tighter I held her the more body shaking sobs she release.  Holding her for about fifteen minutes she was all cried out and she looked up at me and said, “I love you Marcos.”

The world was now wonderfully colorful to me, the birds singing sound more in tune and louder.  I was truly and deeply happy but then I heard something – truly weird.  I said, ‘Do you hear that?’

Carolina said, “Yes, I thought it was my imagination.  You hear it too?”

Man And Woman In Cultural Clothes In Taiwan
Photo: Couple Wearing Historical Taiwanese Clothes

We listened and we could hear laughter and chatter but not in Mandarin, or English or any language that seemed to be of this earth.  It was coming from the deep forest just off the path.  I looked at Carolina and she nodded yes.  Without thinking or further ado we pushed through the undergrowth under the canopies of the tree’s and then we saw them.  There was no doubt, we knew who they were, it had to be, there was no other explanation.

News Reporting Company For Taiwan
Banner: Taipei Times

Couple Go Missing On Elephant Mountain

Rescue Officers are still searching for the bodies of Carolina Summers and Marcos Ironbottom who went missing after going on a hike on Elephant Mountain last Saturday.  Officials say that the likelihood that they will be found alive are slim…….








In Her Jeans At Shillin Night Markets, Taipei!

Sexy Asian Woman

People often ask me about my travels in Asia to Taipei, Taiwan. I have not been there for almost a decade and I love recounting all the stories I picked up in my time there. I loved the vibe, the people, the scenery… but there is one encounter that I have always kept to myself. Until now.

It was ten pm on a beautiful summer evening in Taipei when I met her. I had gone on holiday to Taiwan previously with my parents but I was too small to really remember anything. So when I turned nineteen I decided that I wanted to see Taipei again. I wanted to see all the local tourist attractions and I was most excited about Shillin Night Market. I had been putting off going there until the Friday as I knew it was going to be so exciting. I just didn’t have any idea how much.

The market only really starts getting busy around dark. I left the Les Suites Grandee Hotel at 7pm and arrived just as the market started filling up. I took some photos and uploaded it to Facebook. I enjoyed looking at every little thing they had to offer, picked up many items and tried to bargain with a couple of stall owners. It was everything that I expected and much more.

At about ten I looked through my Facebook again and that’s when I noticed her. She had long flowing hair and a tight denim with a dark pink top. Strappy shoes. I like when women wear sandals or strappy shoes, it’s the weirdest thing that turns me on. The thing was that she was in all of my photos, looking at me. Wanting me. My dark brown hair and green eyes have gotten me far in this country and I suspected that this girl just had a little crush on me because I was different and foreign. In every photo she was there. She stood out to me, with her pink lips and innocent face.

I have only had sex with my girlfriend back in America but she had to go to a college out of town and so we broke up. My heart was still a bit broken but hey! I was on holiday and I decided to get to know the Asian Mystery a little better. As I looked up from my phone, it was easy to spot her. The market was buzzing and loud but suddenly it was just her and me, our eyes locked.

I was startled when she held out her hand and said, ‘Ssu-ying! Nice to meet you!’

I said, ‘Great, and you?’

We started talking. Her English was almost perfect and I found out that she was a student at the Ming Chuan University.  Every so often she would subtly put her hair behind her ear and she constantly touched my arm. At one point, I took her hand.

Even I was surprised to hear myself ask her, ‘You want to get out of here with me?  Maybe get a bit to eat?’

I was sure she would leave me right there and kept an older brother to beat me up.

Instead she said, ‘Happy to get out of here with you but I think I have a far better plan than eating’.  With that she grabbed my hand and ran with me, not always avoiding innocent bystanders leaving some Chinese people obviously shouting expletives at us of which I had no understanding.

She took me to a secluded spot and asked me three questions while standing next to a wall. ‘Do you like fun?’


‘Do you like me?’


‘Do you want to have fun with me just for tonight?’

‘Ýes, yes, yes!’

She took my hand kissing my fingertips. Then she suddenly gripped my hand hard and put it between her legs. I have heard that women enjoy wearing jeans sometimes as the seam is hard and can be perfectly manipulated to stimulate the clit. I took over, unbuttoned the waist and shoved my hand inside her jeans. They were tight on but I managed to get my fingers down her panties and she was wet and moaned with either pleasure or anticipation, I’m not sure which. I fumbled for a while. She seemed to enjoy it, I can’t say for sure but touching her perfectly placed clit with my thumb and with two fingers inside her, turned me on like never before. I just wanted to give her pleasure, I would have counted myself lucky if I could have merely made her moan some more.

She was more experienced than what I was and she helped me with the rhythm. Until her hips started to move. I pushed her back against the wall and felt her tremble. Her whole body was responding to me and I had never felt such pleasure while pleasuring myself or my girlfriend. This was magic. I must have done a good job because after she held me tight for a couple of minutes, her orgasm gently giving way to waves of smiles and satisfaction.

She held the back of my head in her hands and said, ‘Now we can get away from here.’

I often think of how different things could have turned out had I gone another evening. Even if I had met Ssu-ying on a different evening, she might have had to go to university the next day and what happened next would never have taken place. She took me to her apartment. Luckily the University was close and she was staying just off site. Her place was immaculate but I didn’t have any time to admire the apartment as she took me to her bedroom with an almost violent manner. I loved the idea of a woman wanting me so much that she couldn’t help herself. She was so tiny, there was no way that she could have hurt my so I let go and enjoyed the games she was playing with me.

Her bed was a normal double, but that evening it felt like a king size. She stood in front of me, at the edge of the bed as I sat down totally naked.  I took in her Chinese Asian beauty, her hairless body, the long straight black hair and the dark brown eyes.  She only stood about 5’ 4” and her hips were narrow – more like a boys and her skin was pale and silky.  I started kissing her breasts. I hadn’t even noticed, but she wasn’t wearing a bra before. They perked up and the energy flowing from them to my lips were tangible. I bit her just slightly too hard to spark a reaction and I got the reaction I hoped for. I undressed and that’s when the teasing started.

Photo: Asian Woman In Lingerie

I should have known that someone with Ssu-ying’s experience would know just how to make me go mad. What Ssu-ying did to me, should be used as a torture method. This sexual technique slows sex down. She made me lie down naked and then touched herself with her left hand while gently tracing one finger all over my body, avoiding the places you’d want touched in a situation like this. I shook and my dick grew. You know how sometimes it’s a little bigger than normally? I don’t know if it was a young man’s hormones or something in the water, but I suspect the relentless teasing had something to do with the monster that was growing between my legs. She took note and started to trace a pattern from under my balls with her finger. Like a kiss from a butterfly, she almost didn’t touch my skin but the electricity was palpable and the energy in the room so sexual. When her finger reached the tip of my dick I lost control. I felt ashamed for the noises and moans that escaped my mouth. She seemed to enjoy the pain I was suffering.

She came again of course. I was starting to suspect that we wouldn’t have intercourse and I was already making up excuses in my head. I just needed to go to the bathroom for two minutes to relieve myself. I was a young man after all with needs! But she had timing. Boy, she had timing down to an art. I was still thinking about masturbating when she spread her legs revealing her pink wet womanhood and sat on top of me. She took over and gently rocked her hips, just a little bit too slow for me to orgasm. I was enjoying the view of her breasts, the feel of her soft skin on my hands and every now and then, she would lean down and just kiss me. During one of those kisses, I grabbed her hips and finished up inside of her. It was almost desperate, the way I held her tight. I wanted to feel every inch of her body and her inside. I wanted to touch her body and feel her skin and take in her beautiful shape with my eyes, I wanted to have her moan in my ears again. I didn’t just orgasm. I exploded. The grin on her face told me that this was her plan all along. She was a subtle dominatrix in a way.

I hugged her and we held each other for a moment. I thought that this was it, now back to the market or to my hotel or whatever. But Ssu-ying had only just started having fun with me. She was full of ideas and surprises and we had the whole weekend. She texted her flat-mate and asked her not to come home that evening, apparently they had an understanding.  Aw, the flatmate could have joined us – I wouldn’t have minded but I am glad she didn’t push me that far. I was experiencing so many different things for the first time and I think I would have been overwhelmed had another person joined us. She told me that making me orgasm was just the beginning. I wanted to know more about her and I wanted to explore her mind, but she had other plans. She had an attractive young American in her bed and she was going to enjoy me until she had her fill.

The next thing she did was so switch the lights on. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. Could I trust her? She opened her cupboard and took out a box. Pretty pink box that you would give a gift in. She took out a small golden vibrator and then gave me a lesson in female and male anatomy that they don’t teach you in school. Her right hand was always either on my dick or her clit. I lost count of how many times she pleasured herself. There was one more thing that I need to share with you. The last time we made love in her apartment that night.

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Technically it was the next morning, the sun was too quick in ending our evening but Ssu-ying had one more trick up her sleeve and it was a big one. We were getting kind of tired and I thought for sure she was going to throw me out. She did the opposite. She clearly liked being on top but this time she touched herself, her breasts, then my chest, as she was moving on top of me she made herself orgasm. As she drew near, I felt her spasms inside. I reached for the golden vibrator on the night stand and placed it on top of her clit, forcing her hand away. It was time for me to take over a bit. Driving her mad. I kissed, sucked and bit her nipples. I licked her neck and kissed her just underneath her ears. We were mad with passion and I exploded the moment I felt her orgasming. I nearly blacked out, the pleasure was so intense that it was painful. Her body was a roller-coaster and her pleasure doubled with the little golden vibrator stimulating both her clit and my dick. I made sure to maximize the pleasure for both of us.

Did you know that some women cry when they orgasm?

Ssu-ying only cried that last time. I held her so close and started thinking that there was going to be trouble, maybe I hurt her? But she held on to me tightly and thanked me. I should have been the one thanking her. We exchanged numbers and email addresses but we don’t communicate. I didn’t invite her on my Facebook and right now I am happily dating a local real estate agent back in the USA. The sex is great, mostly because of what Ssu-ying taught me.

I will always think back to that holiday and smile when I get to tell people I went there. They will never know how much that holiday meant to me. The fact that my smile hides an erotic encounter turns me on every time. I revisit Ssu-ying often in my dreams and I hope that she still enjoys trapping young tourists and giving them a holiday to remember!Save