My Loving Uncle at Mardi Gras

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It all started when I was a 17 year old boy. I used to attend Sydney Mardi Gras LGBT pride parade festival every year and would stay at my 32 year old uncle’s place in Sydney. I had learned a lot about self acceptance from Sydney Mardis Gras, and I was not afraid to admit to anyone about who I really was. My uncle used to leave me all by myself in the house while he went to work. One day as I was going through his movie collections I came across a collection of XXX videos with a Sydney Mardis Gras labeled stuffed in between magazines. It was almost my uncle’s time to get home so I decided to hide them and watch them later after he retired to bed. My uncle was not married so it was just me and him in the house.

After about 30 minutes he walked through the door and sat down next to me on the couch. He told me to go get him some coffee which I did in a hurry because I always knew he would take nap after his coffee. As I was coming back from the kitchen, I noticed my uncle was looking at me in a weird way but I brushed off the thought. I gave him the coffee but instead of taking it, he told me to place it on the table, which I did. He continued looking at me for sometimes before he cleared his throat and said “Harry, you took something that belongs to me, please give it back”. At the back of my mind I knew exactly what he was talking about but I chose to pretend not to know a thing. I told him I only used some of his whiskey and that was all. He continued staring at me but this time, he was slowly sipping his coffee. He spoke again, this time not looking at me but at his fingernails “Harry, did you take porn DVDs from the magazines on the top shelf?”. This time I did not see any use in denying it and I accepted. To my surprise my uncle was not angry at all, in fact he was smiling. He asked me to go get them, and I did so blushing thoroughly. I handed them to him and stood glued to the spot waiting on his next move, probably a scolding. That did not happen, instead he told me to put play them. At this point I was hesitant but I decided that I deserved the punishment. He then asked me to join him on the couch so that we could watch them together.

At first, all we did was watch the flick but afters sometimes, my uncle started saying how the movie was making him horny. He then turned to me and asked me if I wanted to feel it. I didn’t know exactly what he meant by this so I just smiled and continued watching the movie. I could feel my uncle’s eyes on me but I chose to ignore the feeling. By this time, I already had a hard on myself but all I could do was shake my leg and hope it goes away soon. My uncle noticed the bulge on my trousers and whispered to my ear “You feel it too? Do you like it? Come on don’t be shy, it is very normal”. Then he did something that I did not expect. He started rubbing the top bulging part of my trouser. He then took my hand and placed it on his erect dick inside his trouser. This was all too much for me and so arousing at the same time. He also inserted his hand inside my jeans and started stroking my cock. It felt so good and so wrong at the same time. I couldn’t hide it anymore and I started stroking his cock too. Yes, I wanted this as much as he did.

Suddenly, he stood up and pulled down his trousers. What I saw made me almost pass out. His erect cock was the biggest penis I had ever seen in my life. It stood at a magnificent 8 inch. He saw the shock on my face and told me that even mine would grow one day. This I doubted. He asked me to pull down my jeans which I did but by this time, the blushing has subsided. We then sat down back at the couch again but this time, our naked knees were touching. My cock was just about 6 inches long, which was a considerably big size for a young man my age. We continued to watch the movie while jerking off each other. At some point, I almost nutted but my uncle noticed this in time and stopped stroking my cock. He instead concentrated on his own while throwing back his head in pressure. I was so into this and I didn’t want it to end. So this time, I was the one who started the action by placing his hand on my cock. This time I wanted to cum, this time, I would not shy off. It’s like my hot uncle read my mind because he changed his position and knelt down before me. He placed his mouth on my dick and started sucking my cock. It was the most ecstatic feeling I ever experienced and in no time, I shot my load into his mouth. He licked his lips and swallowed my load and to my surprise, this made me horny again. He then whispered “your turn” and sat back up at the couch. It’s like I was waiting for the green light because in no time, I was down on him sucking his oversize cock and licking his balls. To my amazement, my uncle took a lot of time before cumming which made me desire him even more.


Sexy Men Photo
Photo: Hot Men on Couch


“Yes, fuck me, yeessss fuck” moaned my hot uncle, “You are a natural cock sucker, you are my own cock sucker now, you understand? Fuck, take it, take all of it” he continued while rubbing my head. I sucked to the best of my ability and I could tell that my uncle was really enjoying this from the way he was moving his hips. All of a sudden, he took my head in both of his hands and started moving it up and down in a very high speed. I almost gagged but he didn’t stop. He continued thrusting more and more deep in my throat. I didn’t know how much more I could take but in no time, I felt a warm fluid flowing down my throat and my uncle gave a soft groan and I knew it was over. We stayed in this position for sometime then my uncle asked me to lick his balls clean. I licked all the spit and cum that had overflowed from my mouth. “Good, that will do for now” said my uncle as he stood up and left for the kitchen. To be honest, I was somehow frustrated as I didn’t want it to end there. But I knew there would be a next time so I decided to practice patience.

After that scenario, our relationship grew even more intense and each evening after work, my uncle would come and suck my cock and I would do the same. Sometimes he would make me lay on the couch and pump his cock down my throat. I found this so hot and I would jerk off while sucking his cock. He would then let me do the same and I would fuck his throat and spray my load all over his mouth and lips. He seemed to enjoy this just as much as I did. Slowly but surely, I was falling for my hot uncle, I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t help it. We would also go to the Sydney Mardis Gras movie theaters and we would kiss while seated in the back seat and jerk off each other and an occasional cock sucking. Unfortunately, the holidays were coming to an end and it was time for me to go back to college. I have never felt so bad as I did when the day finally came and my dad came to collect me. I could tell that my uncle didn’t want me to leave either because that day he stayed home instead of going to work. I almost cried but since my dad was present, I just gave my uncle a quick hug while my dad wasn’t looking and walked away very fast into my dad’s car. I did’ want to look back at my uncle as this would surely make me cry. I didn’t know why I had become so emotional.

Just as the holidays had ended, the school days passed just as fast. I was so happy that I didn’t even spent the night of the closing day at home. I went straight to Sydney. I didn’t even wait for my dad to drop me there, I went by bus. Saying that my uncle was pleased to see me is an under statement. He was overjoyed. We hugged for a long time then kissed passionately. I told him I had to take a bath and he smiled and followed me in the bath. We continued kissing and caressing in the bath tab. My uncle had an unexplained effect on me. I couldn’t think when he was around. I couldn’t feel. All that mattered was his kiss and touch. We had a chat and I told him all about my college life. He was keen and attentive and he also told me about his work and that he had been promoted. I was honestly happy for him. My birthday was coming up in a few days and my uncle said that he had a surprise for me. I just knew that I would love the surprise, no matter what it was.

My birthday finally arrived and that day my uncle didn’t go to work. Instead he stayed at home and cooked some of my favorite dishes. Finally evening came and my uncle said it was time for my surprise. He told me to go wait in the bedroom, which I did in a hurry because I honestly was looking forward to the surprise. He followed me upstairs and didn’t waste any time, in a short time, he was completely naked. He unbuttoned my shirt and my jeans all this time while kissing and licking my ears. I loved it when he did that. After I was completely naked, he pushed me down the bed and knelt with his legs astride my body. His dick was so hard as usual and I couldn’t resist stroking it. It was so hot and hard and soon my own cock was hard as a rock.

“Today I want to show you how much I love you Harry. I will show you another way I want us to be loving each other” he said and beckoned me to turn around and lay on my belly. I trusted him with my whole life so this was no trouble at all. He stated kissing my neck and my back and I could feel his warm breath on my skin. I wanted this so much. Slowly, using his legs, he spread my legs apart and started touching my asshole. This was a new level sweetness that I had not experienced before and I loved it. My uncle stopped touching my asshole and instead placed his mouth on it. He kissed it for a while the started inserting his tongue in it. It felt so warm and nice and I didn’t want it to end. After some moments, I felt the head of his large cock pressing against my anal ring. “Relax and enjoy it, I will be gentle on you” my uncle said. I did that and sure enough, he slowly and gently slid his cock deep in my ass. It was a little uncomfortable at first but my muscles soon grew accustomed to the feeling. He then started pumping gently up and down and soon I too picked up the rhythm. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but give soft moans. Uncle heard my moans and increased the rhythm. It was not long before I felt him shoot his load deep in my ass. It felt so good. He then asked me to do the same to him but to my surprise, his asshole was already gaping open, ready to receive my cock. We made love the whole nigh and the days that followed. Today, we are both members of Sydney Mardis Gras LGBT pride parade. It is the best decision I have made in my entire life because I got the chance to be a part of a larger group of people who makes me feel like I belong somewhere.



Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

My First Gay Massage


This was around three years back or somewhere in the vicinity.  At the time, I was utilizing a neighborhood phone connect line extensively! it was free, so why not? One night I was on ‘the line’ and a voice advertisement for a wedded fellow searching for somebody for a man-to-man liaison came up. Being a dynamic lover of wedded men, I answered immediately.

It turned out he was a longshoreman on the docks up here in NY, working at getting a percentage of the great many compartment vans that go through our port consistently. He was brown haired and around thirty eight or so. He had been married for five years but fantasized about his boyish sexual encounters with his mates. I conversed with him for some time and found out that the sexual experimentation with his child-hood friends went no further than peeking at each others penises. He said it still aroused him and he wanted to experiment for the 1st time in a gay sex experience.
After chatting with him for some time I welcomed him over to my house for just a massage to see how things may progress as I work part time as a masseuse. I find that offering a massage is an extremely pleasant, nonthreatening approach to become more acquainted with somebody.

So he came over that first night, extremely apprehensive and uncertain about what he was doing, so timid and powerless. I gave him a brew and we sat and chit chatted for some time, and I could see him unwinding. At that point I took him down the stairs to where the massage table was situated up and instructed him to undress while I cleared out the space to get the oil and different necessities. When I got back, there he was on the table, absolutely stripped and spread out like a smorgasbord. Taking a gander at his ass and knowing nobody had ever been in there, I was salivating.

Thus, I gave him one of my best and most sensual massage, and he was just about murmuring when I moved him back over on his belly, he was putty in my grasp. I had him spread his legs a little and simply plunged face first onto his cock and then slowly working my way down to his rosebud. I figure nobody had ever rimmed him and as I began to do my specialty his legs lifted off the table allowing me to get my tongue into him sweet asshole, He was squirming everywhere and groaning with delight, twisting his ass and making it move down into my face like a dog in heat. When he was so hot he could scarcely talk, I slid a small tongue right into his rose bud and moved him back over and drew him until he was about to cum when I put his cock down my throat and he came in immense spurts down my throat. He simply laid there quiet for some time, attempting to rest and making small groaning clamors. I was still in my sweats and muscle shirt. I figured it would be less demanding for him to trust me as I wasn’t attempting to do him that first time. In the wake of clarifying that nothing had ever felt so great to him, he let me know what his available calendar was while he got dressed, and as he exited the entryway, he swore he’d be back.

Early the following week I got a call from him. His wife was going away, it appeared, and he needed to come over and see me once more, and “Would it be OK if I spend the night? I’d truly like that.” Hell better believe it, that would be okay, I let him know.

That Thursday, he appeared at my doorstep once more. He gave me an embrace and laid a sweet kiss on me. We talked for some time, however he appeared to be exceptionally eager and fretful, so I took him down the stairs for another massage.

When I got him downstairs it was obvious he wasn’t there for another massage, if his erect cock was any guide. I ate him out again until he was verging on crying, and peeled my garments off while I was going down on him. With a little lubricant, I got my fingers into him and began to finger him in and out and he was groaning continually and his ass was contracting on them. I slowed down my fingering and moved my mouth to his ear and said, “Do you need me to top you?” I inhaled into his ear. “Would you like to get fucked by a man?”

“Hell yeah!” he replied, I was hard as stone from listening to him groan and his words simply made me harder. I got the Superslyde lube and put it on my cock then moving up on the table and settled between his legs. I pulled at his hips till me was up on his knees with his face still on the table, and I gazed down into the totally gaping ass. His hole was a bit red and swollen from the fingering I’d effectively done, and sparkling in the low light with the lube I’d put there. It looked like heaven’s door to me and he was moving his hips forward and backward, and his gape opening and closing, it was winking at me, opening and shutting automatically as he knew what was about to happen to him. I grasped my cock at the base and swiveled my hips forward, and my cock head touched the glow and wetness of his rear-end, simply kissing his gaping ass.

“Alright, I’m going to slide in. Push out, similar to you’re taking a dump.”

He kindly pushed, and when I saw his little gap pooch out, I quickly squeezed forward knowing this would be his very first gay massage. I felt the resistance, and afterward I felt it giving way, giving me a chance to slide into him, his little gap opening and tolerating the head of my prick into him. When I popped through, he snorted like he’d been punched, and halted totally still for a minute, and afterward his hips began moving once more, pushing into me and allowing me to put a great many inches of me into his cherry butt. He was whimpering a bit under his breath, and his back was secured with sweat, yet he was taking it, inspiring himself back onto it deeply.

When I bottomed out in him, my balls tight against his ring and my pubes scratching all around his butt cheeks, he simply groaned and gasped for a moment or two, and I kept still and absorbed the mind boggling warmth and tight hold of his virginity. I ran my hands up his sides and down his spine, calming and unwinding him and getting him prepared. I was going to ride his virgin ass hard, however I needed him in the interest of personal entertainment, needed him to always remember the hot sentiments he was having at this moment. So I stayed still until he began to move under me, and after that I slid out only an inch and once more into him, again socketed deeply and simply resting in his hot, hot ass grasp. After two breaths, out and afterward back in, and his groaning began to go up a touch of, then a snort when I hit bottom once more. A bit farther on the following stroke and right once more into him, with a throaty snort when I rammed my cock right up into his pelvis once more into his virgin cheeks. He was beginning to move his butt once again onto me now, countering my strokes into him and I saw his back break out in shivers.


1st Gay Sex Experience
My First Gay Massage with Happy Ending


At that point my cock head was in him all the way in, full length yet at the same time I was moderate and delicate, yet with somewhat more power – I needed him to realize that it was a man in his rear end, that he’d been taken and there was no retreating. He angled his bum up into my groin and bore the stroke with a higher pitched groan, and again that little snort when I hit bottom. He was somewhat more free now, his virgin gap taking me somewhat more effectively, and it was beginning to feel great, that those floods of joy were beginning for him, and I knew the time had come to turn up the power a bit. I lifted up a little on the following stroke, raking over his prostate and he made a startled sound and moved once again into me, and I pushed somewhat harder back in. His head was swung to the side, and his eyes were shut however his mouth was open and a little dribble was spilling out the side of his lips and wetting the sheet. I went into him quicker and harder this time, and his body shocked under the blow, yet he kept right on groaning.

Still marginally above him, I beat in hard and his head lifted off the table somewhat and he groaned louder. I came to back with one hand while adjusted on the other and got his prick he was rock hard and spilling intensely with pre cum. I spread his outpouring everywhere on his cock head with a tight grasp and he shivered intensely, and his head yanked back hard when I pummeled into him this time.

After a few more hard strokes, I hauled out of him, whispering sweetly as he made disillusioned sounds and dragged himself off the table and I pushed him down over it, kicking his lower legs apart and afterward sliding once again into his rosebud with one hard stroke. I could stretch around and jerk his throbbing prick with his own pre-cum as lube.

I fucked his butt for the following 20 minutes, blending short hard thrusts and long moderate strokes, ceasing now and then to simply hold it in him the distance and pounding my hips around. He adored it all.

At long last, his groans got louder and higher pitched and he began striking once again into me harder on ever stroke. His head was going here and there on every stroke I fucked harder into him and his prick swelled significantly harder, and it knew it wouldn’t be much longer. I wasn’t too far away myself, I could feel that my nuts were tightening, that humming that lets you know it will be a huge cum.

All of a sudden he was there. I was bowed forward over him, beating my hips into him and jacking him hard, and with a a more profound snort, his prick spasmed in my grasp and he raised his head back and he spurted and spurted all his breeding seed over my massage table. His butt held me as firmly as it had when we’d initially begun, and he was discharging cum out everywhere throughout the side of the table, his entire body writhing like a snake and his ass spasming on my cock.

I beat two more strokes into the tight grip his ass had on me, and afterward held myself hard and somewhere down in him, hammering out a hot, substantial load myself. I was shivering and gasping, sweat smooth and as yet flexing in him, draining out the last drops of my ejaculation. I had him tight in my arms, one hand around him and laying on his midsection between his tits and the other down and measuring his balls. I lay forward over his back and simply inhaled into his neck for a minute, rubbing my facial hair against the delicate skin there for a minute.

When he turned his head and took looked at me, he wore the grin of a fulfilled man – a bit timid, however extremely fulfilled.

That was the way the wedded longshoreman lost his cherry for the very first time.


Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Strip Searched By Policeman

They say it only happens in the movies. It doesn’t. It had been a long night, my mate and I had had a movie night with a few beers. It was nothing special, but my mate was hot and also unavailable. So I’d been pretty horny most of the night – more so after a few beers.  It was a pretty straight forward way home to Penrith – and I’ll freely admit I was daydreaming about my mate; his skin and wicked smile, his facial fuzz and his tracksuit pants which did nothing to try and hide what appeared to be a decent bulge. I was horny and trying to get home.

I didn’t notice the police car on the side of Northern Road, Penrith until I saw the lights flashing behind me. Needless to say I was slightly irritated. I pulled over and he curiously parked in front of me and turned his off his flashing lights. I didn’t think much of it until he stepped out of the car and started towards my window. He was hot. My cock sprang back up of its own accord and I wound my window down – he shone his flashlight into the car, checking for other occupants or whatever it is that they do. I could have sworn the light froze on my crotch for half a second too long.

‘License mate, I clocked you going 66 in a 60 zone’.

I groaned and reached over for my wallet as he walked around the back of my car. I was holding my license when he came back.

‘What’s that on your back seat?’ I looked over and saw that I’d left a gay DVD I’d just got from an Adult Lifestyle Centre on the backseat – I had thought it might get my mate going that night but it didn’t. Still, it was one of my favorites and I wasn’t letting it go. My night was clearly going splendidly – NOT. I responded that it was just a book.

He said, ‘Get out of the car!”

I started to protest but he repeated the request again, this time much more firmly and in a no nonsense attitude.

‘Stand beside the car and put your hands on the roof. Do you have any drugs on you or in the car?’

I shook my head and buried it onto the car roof hoping that he wouldn’t find the pills taped under my seat for tomorrow night’s party. He quickly and methodically checked the car, popped the boot and rummaged around, poked around in the front seat and grabbed something from the glove box and then started checking the back seat. He pulled my erotic magazine and started flipping through it – pausing at a couple of the photos with his flashlight. I couldn’t help but check him out, his face was clean shaven and his hair trimmed neatly, early thirties with the arrogance of an 18 year old, his nose twitched and his throat bobbed as he swallowed. ‘You sure you haven’t got anything on you’? His firm voice interrupted my thoughts.

I again shook my head to the negative. Within seconds he was behind me, firmly pushing my legs apart as he started to search me. His hands started with my ankles and quickly moved their way up, I couldn’t help it. I was horny and my cock stood to attention after having been denied fun all night. I let out a soft, quick moan. His movement paused for a second and before I knew it his hands brushed over my rock hard cock and paused there and I had to wonder whether this was a Gay Policeman.

Police Man Open Shirt
Police Men Kissing

I didn’t resist. I couldn’t resist. He’d sensed that I’d wanted him – for fucks sake my cock was on display beneath my shorts the entire time. A large point that I’m sure he didn’t miss. His hands were still around my cock – he began squeezing my balls and feeling it – I tensed it. Hoping that he’d do more. I could feel his breathing on the back of my neck.

There was a slight jangle as he undid his belt, and I knew what was about to happen. He released my cock and jerked my shoulder around to face him. Wordlessly I slid to my knees and closed my eyes. I didn’t even see his cock as he slid it into my mouth and pushed it deep. It slid to the back of my throat and I sucked it hungrily and aggressively – my tongue darting and dashing wildly around his cock head as I pulled it in and out and deep. He was using my mouth to milk cum slowly. I didn’t think, I just did. My mates face came into my mind as I sucked, I imagined that it was him. It was an average cock but that hardly bothered my hunger, my need and my thirst. I sucked that cops cock for all it’s worth right there on the side of the road as he stood there and held it for me. When he’d had enough he pulled me up by the chin, twisted me back around and handcuffed me.

I was confused for a moment as he pushed me towards the bonnet and pushed me down. He ripped down my pants and buried his face in my ass. My cock twitched and started dripping over the warm bonnet, I loved my ass being tongued. He was spitting in my ass and rimming it, and then shoved his finger into my hole, it didn’t sound pretty – sex rarely does. He sounded like a pig rummaging through the trough grunting and slurping and eating whilst I moaned heavily and didn’t budge – I couldn’t move with him against me. I was only half aware of what was happening – it was like trying to snap awake. He was there for a while, making sure my hole was hot and ready.

He whacked on a condom, threw the wrapper on the bonnet, it was one I generally got from Oh Zone at Penrith. He obviously got it from somewhere inside my car maybe the glove box where I normally keep my sex supplies. He ripped my head back by the hair and shoved his cock in – I was Being Fucked By A Cop. A little too roughly and i winced in pain. But he held me firm and continued to fuck and as my asshole relaxed, I started to get that familiar pleasure and warmth trembling through my body. My little car groaned under each of his merciless thrusts, but they were nothing compared to my own cries. It didn’t take him long. It must have been a slow night, and as he whipped his cock out and tore off the condom, his cock in my ass was replaced by his finger. He stroked his cock as he ploughed my hole and the jets of cum squirted onto the side of my car Four long spurts. He was done. Wordlessly, he redid his belt, unlocked my handcuffs so my hands were free and started back for his car.

‘Get your brake lights fixed’ he said.

He disappeared into his car and as his he drove off I was left to wonder what the fuck just happened. It didn’t take me long, I grabbed my cock and soon my cum joined his on the edge of my car, dripping happily onto the side of Northern Road at Penrith. I hope I meet another cop like this one in my gay lifestyle.



Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Gay Gang Party Felcher

Milk Spilling Over Himself

So I had been invited to a Gay Gang Bang Sex Party and I had been nominated as the bottom. Sure I had anal sex before but the thought of being drilled and pounded by a group of horny men really appealed to me. So off I went, dressed down and ready and went to the address specified. I think I found it really appealing that all these different types of men of all different ages and backgrounds just wanted to orgasm with my body. I love being sexually the centre of people’s attention and I love milking a man’s seed.  I really like the idea of being used for someone else’s pleasure.

Ringing the doorbell I was surprised to see that the action was already happening in the living room when I got there, there was another bottom already there getting drilled. I was feeling a sense of envy, I was kind of mad because I was told I would be the only bottom there but then the guy at the door indicated to me to get on my knee’s and start sucking the tops’ cocks in preperation to demolish my kindred bottom. The command turned me on and a began to get hard straight away. They were going to use me and all I wanted to do was milk them and feel their warmth inside of me.

Milk Spilling Over Himself

I started doing this but seeing these hunky guys pounding the bottom and then throwing out cocks that spluttered and spurted rich cum all over his back started to get me really horny. Sure I had also sucked a cock or two in my life but now I saw the opportunity of trying something new and soon as I saw an opening, I grabbed the top that was just pulling his cock out of the bottoms ass, shoved and sucked that cock like I was a vacuum cleaner. His leg’s began shaking as he used my mouth by forcing his cock down my throat as deep as it could possibly go. I gagged on his cock and he moaned.

His butt clenched tight as he started to cum and I felched his cock dry, trying to take down every single drop of that precious semen. Not only did my strategy work in doing my first hardcore felch but the other guys must have been really turned on with the zest and vigor that I undertook this task and the line-up for the bottom was less than the amount of lovely men with their cocks out masturbating over me.

All the men surrounded me as they masturbated. A man I couldn’t see was grabbing my ass and dragging his had down my legs, he placed his hard cock upon my body as it leaked precum. I grabbed the nearest cock and started sucking it as I felt the first warm jism spurting in my face as one of my mystery men started to ejaculate over me. He must have started a chain reaction as I started to feel warm spurts splashing all over me and I was having the ultimate bukake shower as the cock in my mouth reached the back of my throat and as I gagged it simultaneously released it’s warm payload down my throat.Everyone was getting off to each other cuming, it was like being in a sex fantasy.

I had become a gay cum bucket with wads of spunk dribbling down my body, it was warm and made me feel good. Having vanquished more than half the men at this gay gang bang sex party I decided in for a penny out for a pound and went down on the other bottoms ass, licking it and sucking out the very last drops of jism left by the gang bangers. Seeing me face down in the other bottoms ass and my rear up in the air must have turned the tops on as within seconds I felt the first hard dick entering my anus and start pounding my open bottom. So my anger subsided as I was supposed to be the bottom and after a great deal of felching I did became the bottom at that gay gang bang sex party after all.


Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Gay Electro Sex Fury

Connection with Lightbulb

‘So you want to experience some Gay Electro Sex Fury?’  I say.  On your knees” I command as the door closes. You obediently drop down and assume the position. “Suck my cock.”  You fish out my hardening cock and stare at it. “You like that ‘pierced cock’ don’t you?”

“Yes sir, I love your hot, pierced cock.”

“Then suck it!”  Taking it into your hot mouth you concentrate on playing with the PA ring with your tongue, moving it back and forth through my cock head. Although it feels fantastic, I soon take your toy away.

“You can have more of that later. Get undressed and present yourself.”

“Yes sir!” you reply.

After you’ve shed your clothes I inspect the goods. “Good, you followed my instructions to shave your balls and around your cock” I say. “If the electrodes can’t sit tight against your flesh it burns instead of tingles.”  Grabbing both of your balls with one hand I stretch them down as far as they will go.  “These should do nicely. Just perfect for a little electro play.”

“Oh, please” you moan.


“Oh please wire up my cock sir!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to that” I reply. “But first let’s pay some attention to these nips.” Releasing your balls, I begin to tweak and chew on your nipples, getting them nice and hard an eliciting a low moan. Releasing them from my mouth I coat them with some lube and place snakebites on them. As I squeeze then release the the snakebite you feel it sucking on your nipple.

“ah… ah… AH…” you moan.

LA Pump Deluxe Package

I get out my LA Pump and begin using it and by the second pump it heightens the sensation as the vacuum increases. “That should make sure those bad boys are ready for some serious play later” I say as you feel your nipples, swelling bigger than you’ve ever felt them before. Moving down your body I stretch a cock ring tight around your cock and balls. “That should keep them at attention for a while” I say. “Better be sure you’re good and hard before we start.” I bend down and slide your cock into my mouth, causing another involuntary moan to escape from your lips. Working my tongue around the head to get it good and wet, I move forward and take your whole cock into my throat in one smooth motion.

“Oh god!” you gasp. “Don’t stop.”

I stick out my tongue and lick your balls, making you moan. To make sure you don’t get carried away I grab your balls and stretch them out until you gasp. Taking my mouth off your cock I sit you down for your electro session. “Ready to have your cock shocked?” I ask with a mischievous smile.

“I’ve been ready since the first time you e-mailed me and mentioned electro. Since then I’ve woken up at night with my hard cock throbbing thinking about it. I’ve driven past my house because I was distracted thinking about it. I’m way past ready already.”

“Good! We’ll start with this electrode. It will make it seem like your whole groin is vibrating.” I say as I lube and wrap a rubber electrode around your balls and the base of your cock. I lubricate a second electrode that looks like a metal ball on a rubber stick. “This one will sit right on your prostate. I guarantee you’ve never felt anything like it before in your life” I say with a smile as I slide it into your ass.

“I can’t believe this is going to actually happen!” you say as I hook the electrodes to the power box.

“Oh it’s happening” I reply with a smile. “But first some ground rules. If you want me to stop at any time just say the word ‘stop’ or ‘off.’ If you want me to back off the power say ‘back off.’ ‘More’ should be self explanatory. Are you ready?”

“Damn straight I’m ready – bring it on!”

Controlled Stimulator Kit

I flip the switch on. “Everything feel OK?” I ask.

“I don’t feel anything yet”

“Oh don’t worry, you will. Just let me know if there are any hot spots or places where it stings more than others” I say as I turn up the power. “Let me know when you start to feel it.”

“I’m feeling a little tingle.”

“Now it’s more of a buzz.”

“Wow – that’s amazing!”

“You want more?” I ask.

“More” you beg. “Harder sir… Please shock my cock harder!

I turn up the power until your cock is bouncing with each jolt of electricity exciting the nerves of your cock and balls. I play with the power and frequency to keep you on edge. “You like that?”

“Holy shit!” you exclaim as as your brain struggles to comprehend the pleasure washing over your groin.

“Time to up the ante.” I say as I back off the power to let you catch your breath. Meanwhile I prepare to add another electrode. I take some sterile lube and squirt it directly into your slit and work it down inside your piss hole, running my hand down your cock to force it lower into your dick. After you’re lubed up I line the electrode up with your slit and slowly slide it in until the base is resting on your cockhead. “If you liked it before, you’re going to LOVE this!” I exclaim. “Ready?”

“Hell yeah” you say as I turn the power back on.

“Aaaaaah” you call as you struggle to catch your breath.

“Want more?”


“Good – I knew you could take it. Let’s see how much of a shock your cock can take. I’m going to slowly turn it up” Grabbing the power box I reduce the time between shots to zero. It is know just one continuous buzz across your cock and ass. Then I start to turn the power up. “Let me know if you need me to turn it down or off” I remind you.

“Let… Me… Have… It” you say, each word punctuated by a sharp breath as you have to concentrate on speaking due to the strength of the sensations coming from your cock and ass. “…Harder!” “Unghhhh!” you gasp as waves of pleasure and pain roll over you as your cock, bouncing with the waves, drips pre-cum. It’s like your whole being is vibrating and buzzing, rendering you incapable of rational word or thought. There’s nothing in the world but your cock – it’s like your entire body’s been turned into one giant cock. Moving up your body I take a snake bite off and start sucking on your engorged nipple, biting it harder as I turn up the power.

“Aaaaaargh” you moan as you lose yourself in the moment. The buzz in your ass, the zing all up and down your cock, the squeezing in your nuts, and the sharp shots of my teeth on your nipple do their work and you experience an out of body moment. It’s like you’re floating above the scene, awash in pleasure. Another twist of the knob brings you back to earth as even more power is applied across your prostate and up the length of your cock. “Ah… ah… ah…” you stutter as your orgasm starts to build. “I’m going to… to…. to… CUM!!!!” you shout as shot after shot of hot cum forces it’s way past the intruding electrode and shoots into the air. “Aaaargh” you gurgle as I reduce the power back to a light tingle then turn it completely off.

“How was that?”

“Fucking incredible! Even though it’s turned off I can still feel the buzzing as if it’s still going”

“Don’t worry, it will go away. In the mean time get over here and clean my cock. I’m leaking so much I’m making a mess.”

“Instead of cleaning it up, why don’t you work it up my ass?”

“I like the way you think” I reply. “You know I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my cock up an ass while it’s having spasms from an electro onslaught to the cock and balls. Maybe next time we’ll try that.”

“Um – sounds great!” you say as my cock slides into your ass and the PA hits your prostate.

“Sounds absolutely great! And thanks for the Gay Electro Sex Fury!

Article Written by Fred Jones

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.
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