Glory-Hole Sex Encounter!

The corridor was narrow, barely enough to walk past someone shoulder to shoulder. Thankfully no one else was in there, so I didn’t have to test that theory out at all. There were a few holes at differing heights spread across the length of the wall. It was a little tricky at first to figure which one would suit best, but I eventually settled on one after two laps of the wall.

I think it was a combination of my nerves and the chill of the air conditioning that had me taking out my still flaccid junk, both meat and veg. The scent of pine let me know that the place was hygienic, a nice reminder as I pushed my cock and balls through the opening.

The other side of this thin wall was just as cool, and I felt my breath quicken with anticipation. She was nice enough to warm up the lube in her hands first, but as her soft skin ran along the length of my shaft still took me a little by surprise.

She gently massaged me, my cock beginning to swell beneath her slow firm strokes. She caressed my balls, softly fondling me until I truly started rising to the occasion. She wrapped her small hand around my base, and kissed the head, rolling her tongue along each side.

I was as hard as I get by the time she took me in her mouth. But her technique was completely unexpected. I guess I’ve seen too many glory-hole porn videos, but this woman took long, slow and steady slurps along my shaft. Not rapid fire bobbing, trying to stuff as much in her mouth as she could. Instead it was rhythmic, perfectly paced, and with enough suction to climb a glass building with.

The whole idea that we were anonymous to each other was hot and exciting, yet I longed to see her. See her eyes looking up at me. Maybe grab her hair a little, instead of having my palms flat against the wall as her mouth drew me closer and closer to her.

Given the level of power and passion she sucked me with, I was picturing a voluptuous woman, curves in all the right places, fiery red hair and a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks.

She must have felt my cock beginning to pulse as she drew me closer to the edge, her kneading of my balls became more intense, more deliberate. I never thought I’d get to this state with her slow and deliberate sucking, most fail even when trying to swallow me whole at a rate to put dance music to shame.

But here she was, rolling me around the brink. Slow and steady wins the race. She knew exactly what to do. Where to linger, her pace, her technique. All perfect.

Like a porn star I announced my imminent orgasm, though I had no idea if she could hear me through the thin wall, especially given the slurping sounds.  I shot my hot load deep into the back of her throat, and not once did she flinch or pull away. She sucked it all down like a trooper.

My knees trembled and threatened to collapse as KI emptied myself into her mouth, yet still she didn’t stop. Just sucked me dry, stole my soul through the eye of my cock, emptying me like a beer after last drinks were called.

Post coitus, she still didn’t let me go. Her tongue licking my head, rolling around the shaft, not wasting a drop like there was a semen drought. It was easily the most explosive orgasm I’d ever experienced, and she was proud of her work. And so she should be.

It wasn’t suggested or recommended, but after I’d zipped myself back up, I managed to linger in the communal area. I needed to know who this blowjob beast was! No one else had entered the room while I was there, so I knew she wouldn’t be long until she exited. Given her gift, no doubt not to move onto another venue, but instead refresh herself.

Finally she stepped out of the room, and my confidence drained away like my cock just minutes ago. She was neither red headed nor curvy. Something about his appearance made him seem younger, his unwrinkled skin, his whispy facial hair. He knew how to suck a cock, because he had one.

I definitely didn’t freak out at this realization. Instead I found the nerve and asked him when he would next make an appearance. Anyone with skills like that is worth a repeat visit.

Make sure your glory hole encounters are safe and get condoms and lube from the adult lifestyle centers.

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