Ghosts at Sister’s Island Singapore

Victoria Secret Angels Kissing on Runway

I was just three years old when my parents settled at the heart of New York city. I was lucky to have two big brothers Garison and Luke. While at New York We loved every moment of it because we would play at the New York Parks have a great time chasing around with our dog Trufie and so much more. It was a memorable moment because we spent so much time playing. Also, I had the biggest protection in school because no one would have liked to upset Garison or Luke and mostly, because they were a part of the football team. I always hoped that I would be their cheerleader some day.

I remember playing cheer-leader and they would cheer me on. Therefore, by the time I was eight years old my parents had to relocate to Singapore specifically, the Sister’s Island. I hated the whole idea right from the word go. I hated having to do away with memories of New York and mostly, because I wanted to be a cheerleader to my brother’s football team. Anyway, it was a drag moving out because I wanted to remain there and my mom had to keep shouting at me that I had forgotten to pack this or that or whatever else. I had done my best to show them that I hated the whole idea.

I remember asking mom, “Who lives in Singapore, Mahatma Gandhi or what? Oh, I think I will be dancing around the north Pole cheerleading for the darn sea gulls and perhaps, meet the famous Pingus.” She was flabbergasted by my questions, “Brittney, if you don’t pack in the next five minutes, you will not only lose your scholarship to study anywhere in the world but you will spend the rest of your life in some of the shelters.” I think I hated her but my father’s stare was enough to tell me I would be in hell if I didn’t do what mom asked.

I grumbled all the way from J.F.Kennedy International Airport to Edward Bodden Airfield. My brothers would hear none of it. In fact, they spent half of the flight on their earphones and the other half asleep. Oh, Garrison had to leave his girlfriend of one and a half years (Hazel) and Luke had to erase the memories of his crash, Sidney. They loved their girlfriends a lot and they hang out a lot together.

The first few weeks at Sister’s Island were boring because there was nothing interesting to do besides a weekend trip to the marine parks and some other stuff. Obviously, we were still mad. No one wanted to show the excitement of being in a new place especially after getting into hundreds of arguments prior arriving to the island. However, everything changed when we visited one of the museums where we heard about the history of the Sisters Island. We spent half of the time making fun of each other, I dressed like Linah, put on a white sheet and I would say, “Woooooo! Oh, Luke, where have you been all this time.” After that we would laugh till our ribs hurt.

We went on like that until Garison had a strange encounter. Garison was walking along the house’s hallway when he saw girl rush to dad’s room. He thought he was seeing his own things or just had a bad day.The second night, he actually felt something touch his face. At first, he thought I was pulling a prank on him but when he saw I was asleep he began having second thoughts about the whole experience. He heard a soft a voice, whisper into his ears, “Come into my embrace and let’s kiss till noon where sun shineth bright and rush through the meanders of the great seas.”

He thought he was seeing his own things or just had a bad day.The second night, he actually felt something touch his face. At first, he thought I was pulling a prank on him but when he saw I was asleep he began having second thoughts about the whole experience. He heard a soft a voice, whisper into his ears, “Come into my embrace and let’s kiss till noon where sun shineth bright and rush through the meanders of the great seas.”

During the Singapore Nights, in his sleep he would see a lady in his visions who was so beautiful. He swam in the seas as a Pirate and Luke had another girl besides him. The two pairs would run through the deep forests and dive into the deep seas doing all manner of heavenly things. He wanted her as every night grew intense with passion. They felt each other in a new spiritual realm, in another time dimension and in a new space where both loved every bit of it. There were nights when the sisters made it impossible for Luke and Garison to sleep through a night because they did very naughty things on them and they would mourn for more.


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Photo: Victoria Secret Angel Singapore


The giggles on the hallway were inevitable as I saw my brothers kiss the walls and shove themselves into invisible things. To them it was so real. My brother Garison seemed to feel everything. He felt Linah’s caresses, her eyes, her lips, and her entire being. He Liked stroking her hair and danced with her every night they got a chance. He seemed to have gone into another world. He was unusually happy and joyful that my parents started getting concerned. I remember Dad, going through their rooms just to ensure they were not hooked to anything.

Luke spent time with Minah or at least from the description the Museum guide gave us. They were both beautiful but what surprised me the most were the little chi-chats that I could hear from their rooms, anyone would have thought they were having a good time with real girls. Minah, would say, “My fairest, prince, where thou art from, for such a strong caress to feel my bossoms with so much strength and lust,” and Luke would say in gentle whispers, “Say my name?” The passion envisaged was so powerful that I felt the floor crack into two.

After that, everything was still as if nothing happened. I had to ask myself what would happen if the sisters really fell in love with Garison and Luke. I hated the idea of loosing them because I wouldn’t imagine spooked things hovering all over the place would be worth it. They loved the ghost sisters and I wanted to tell them that they had to be more careful because I know of other things I had heard about the ghost sisters from Sister’s Island.

It wasn’t the first time the sisters haunted families with brothers especially those that visited the Sister’s islands. Tales from the towns had it that, the girls used their beauty to charm whoever they preyed on. As soon as the brothers gave in to their charms they would mysteriously disappear and in some cases, their bodies were recovered at the sea shores. It wasn’t the easiest time for me because I had never seen anything like this in my entire life. I can’t recall the number of times I tried to warn my brothers about the issue but they seemed too hard bonked by the girls that everything I said was utter rubbish.

I always felt as if I was talking into space whenever I tried to tell them that the girls would make them one of them. I remember, Luke saying, “I don’t care, I will do anything to spend my eternity with her.” As for Garison it was worse because for the first time, he kicked me out of his room and told me to never bother him again about his life. In fact, I created an email from Hazel telling him how much I loved him hoping it would trigger something like “reason” in him but it was not only deleted but he had the email blocked.

I always felt as if I was talking into space whenever I tried to tell them that the girls would make them one of them. I remember, Luke saying, “I don’t care, I will do anything to spend my eternity with her.” As for Garison it was worse because for the first time, he kicked me out of his room and told me to never bother him again about his life. In fact, I created an email from Hazel telling him how much I loved him hoping it would trigger something like “reason” in him but it was not only deleted but he had the email blocked.

However, as time went by, their love with the Singapore ghosts sisters grew so strong that I bet I saw Garison become invisible and sometimes, the girls were as real as a human being. Therefore, they seemed to dance between two realms the realm of the living and the realm of the dead and at times, it was difficult to tell who they really were. I think I should have mentioned that to my parents but knowing Luke I would have ended up in a mental asylum. So I thought of something else, I decided to put up a camera on all the rooms particularly at my brothers’ hallway.

Luckily, my plan worked and my parents were humongously shocked… because they never thought they had mentally ill babies. They obviously took the tape to a psychiatrist who thought that he had concrete evidence of delusional disorders. So the following morning my brothers were sedated and taken to a mental asylum for further examination. After several nights in the asylum, my brother knew what they saw and instead of reacting to the ghost visitations they acted more normally than all the other mentally ill patients. Surprisingly, I later found out that the Singapore Ghosts sisters never visited them there.

When they came back from the hospital they became more discreet about their secret love life and spent more time, inside their rooms. I could hear some movements, whispers and little laughs. This time round, I couldn’t do anything else other than watch the sisters have a great time in the realm of the living dead or whatever that was. I saw my brothers less and my parents didn’t know what to make of their withdrawal. However, they seemed at ease but when you looked at them in their eyes you could tell their minds were somewhere else as if lost in space and time.

There were days, they were cheerful and days when they were just quiet. Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night only to find one of ghost sisters look at me. I almost peed on myself the first night but after some time I had to much anger to be spooked. So they would smile at me and then wave at me “Good Bye.” I didn’t know what to make of that. They started doing it more often and one night I deliberately followed them. They took to the end of the hallway and they pointed out to the window as if pointing to the sea then they disappeared.

After several months of being with the sisters I remember looking at my brothers one more time. I just said, “Good night” then I went to bed. However, that was the last time, I saw my brothers. They said good night too but the following morning they were nowhere to be found. I desperately looked for them at the sea shores but even after months of looking for them I never found anything even Luke’s navy blue jersey or Garisson’s White handkerchief. Whatever happened to them, the sisters must have won their end-game.

I wanted to scream my lungs out with pain and anguish. Sometimes, I wished I could just be a ghost too but that was all. There was an evening I went to the sea shore and I swear I saw my brothers with the ghost sisters at further parts of the sea and I screamed my lungs out, but they only had more romantic moments there. They shoved each other into the sea and then back up again like a pair of sea whales. Suddenly, they disappeared. I even recall some people staring at me strangely as if I had gone insane or something like that. I had to compose myself, when I remembered that I may have been the only one who knew what happened. The tape took Luke and Garison to a mental asylum, my story would have left me locked up forever.

So I take a bottle of whiskey just to forget them. Perhaps, they are happier wherever they are and I can only wish them eternal bliss. Some old person said there was time for everything and it was time, for love in another space of time. I still remember the giggles, the little whispers, and the little games they played in their rooms. It seemed more enchanted than an ordinary couple in love. They even sang songs that I had never heard before, I was shocked they sang to Shakespeare’s English and ran along the Singapore beaches like a bunch of mustangs. I hope I will forget everything one day but mostly, I don’t know what to tell my parents. They wonder a lot too.


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Witchery At Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore

Attractive Witch

Cassandra looked at the steaming cauldron before her, watched that her insurance charms to ward of unwanted demons were firm and took a full breath. It was the last week of the Hungry Ghost festival and she had ensured she set up her coven was in the most unholy of grounds the ‘Village of the Dead’ at Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore.  On the off chance that she couldn’t use the witch craft of evil spirit summoning in one week from now’s finals she would never pass her Advanced Witching Degree and would be returning to a 9 to 5 job of fortune telling and herbal remedies. She was resolved with this opportunity to hit the nail on the head, after past endeavors had brought about just cerebral pain and disappointment.

It would help obviously if her witchery book wasn’t so singed and dirty with powder recolors that she could scarcely make out the antiquated script. It was imperative to get the words right. There was that tale about the witch who had got her articulation wrong and wound up summoning the devil himself. Precisely how that meeting went nobody knew as all that had stayed of the witch was a little heap of fiery debris. The story could simply be an urban myth, yet Cassandra wasn’t taking any risks. She kept her eyes on the page as she presented the Summoning Charm in ancient languages, going back so that the now-bubbling water didn’t sprinkle onto her bare skin. Despite the fact that she would wear a robe to the witching exam, it was customary for a witch to work naked, and as she was just summoning a low-level Goblin, it was unrealistic to think about her absence of apparel.

Yet the measure of warmth and steam that abruptly ascended from the pot as she completed the Charm were significantly more than she had anticipated. Hacking and wiping her eyes Cassandra looked on to see a well-built, man molded ascending from the cauldron, bearing no connection to the photo of the goblin in her book. The steam cleared, uncovering a bare man devil who looked every last bit a well-endowed man. Just the brilliant sheen to his skin and the crimson shade of his hair demonstrated he was a heavenly creature. That and the certainty Cassandra had never seen a human male so perfectly well-made. He stood naked and looked upon Cassandra his cock looking the size of a horses dick.

Cassandra acknowledged she was gazing upon him and become flushed; considerably all the more so when the devil’s eyes voyaged over her own body, his look waiting on her bosoms and lips, flushed and sodden from the warmth, before at long last meeting her eyes.

He looked verging on eased. “You have summoned me and now we must finish off this spell and complete your erotic dream.  I am Incubus,” he said.

Cassandrs looked down at her book and flipped through a couple pages, totally muddled. Nope, Incubus generally came to women in their sleep and had devils wings.  He was however around six foot tall devil with thighs like tree trunks and that massive cock.  He walked over to her and delightfully tousled hair.

“It appears to be right around a disgrace to send you back,” she considered, and the evil spirit looked shocked.

“Send me back? Obviously you have case the wrong spell.  I am Incubus and until we engage in sexual relations, there is no sending back?”

Cassandra speedily dropped the book and hid her bosoms with her hands, all of a sudden intensely mindful of her own bareness.  “Do what? I was simply honing my witchcraft, I have an exam one week from now. Precisely what kind of evil spirit would you say you are? I was expecting a Goblin.”

At that the man looked attacked, then delighted. “Indeed, I’m not a Goblin. I am Incubus one of the oldest demons.  Your witchcraft may have summoned me but until my deed is complete you will not be rid of me.”

Cassandra looked at the massive horses dick that Incubus had and her eyes watered up and she began to cry.  Hers eyes went wide as he ventured out of the cauldron. The steaming water trickled off his rigid thighs, his penis becoming erect as he moved towards her. Leandra was attached to the spot, her mouth dry as she felt warmth originating from his body, for some unknown reason she began to feel hot and wet between her thighs.   Demon magic for sure.


Witch Magical Evil Demon
Summoned Demon


“You will be mine now,’ he said, halting only a couple inches away, “Until you formally Release me, by giving yourself to me I cannot leave, however I can guarantee that I will delight you.”

“I see.” Oh my, she thought, licking dry lips. Her hands drifted down to her sides and his look went to her bosoms, eyes craving them. It had been too long, she understood, since her last sexual encounter.

The evil presence bowed down to kiss her, pulling her towards him. His skin was hotter than any human’s, and his fingertips left torching trails along her back and over her butt cheeks as his hands wandered her body. He abandoned her mouth to lay a way of butterfly kisses down her neck.

“I am Cassandra,” she managed to whisper out how, panting as he asserted her mouth once more. His tongue dashed between her lips and she was glad that it wasn’t forked. It was however more pointed than a man’s and considered how it might feel on her clit sent her over the edge. His teeth also were pointed.  She was groaning as she grasped a bunch of his hair and pushed her body into his, remaining on tiptoes. She was totally under his spell and her silky smooth juices were running down her leg in anticipation of taking his monster cock.

In a smooth motion he lifted her off the ground, his hands measuring her rear end, as though she did not weigh anything. Wrapping her legs around him Cassandra felt his prick squeezing against her wetness and groaned once more. He was so huge she did not know if she could take him but she felt smoking hot there as well and she was all of a sudden edgy to know how he would feel inside her.  Incubus the demon conveyed her over to the table where her herbs and potions were and threw them aside and placed her on it. He separated her legs, taking a look at her now open pussy that was dripping wet.  He looked at her as though her body were a banquet and that he proposed to appreciate every last bit of.

He brought down himself over her, his mouth setting off to her bosoms, a hand slipping between her legs, and Cassandra covered a hand in his hair and shut her eyes, giving herself over to the delightful sentiments winding through her body. He orbited one areola with that hot, pointed tongue then sucked it forcefully into his mouth as master fingers discovered her sweet spot and stroked her tenderly. His touch was immaculate, and she kicked against his hands and mouth, curving her back like a feline.

Incubus stooped between her legs, his thumb circumnavigating her clit now while he plunged fingers inside her. Leandra went after his prick, felt the hot weight of him in her grasp not able to hold it within her fingers as it was so large, however when she went to sit up, planning to try to take him in her mouth he tenderly pushed her withdraw.

His voice was very nearly a snarl as he said ‘lay back’ and pushed her forcefully back onto the table, his yearning self-evident, yet he brought down himself between her legs and tasted her gradually, his tongue dashing around and over her clit until she thought she would shout with the delight of it.  She did shout, when three fingers went  inside her, then four and then five whilst he sucked on her nipples and as her climax peaked, so she writhed under him and let go, surrendering herself to her orgasm as his fist slipped inside her. He kept his mouth on her until she completed, then came up and kissed her with an astonishing force. She could taste her own cum juices on his lips.

“Did you enjoy that he said?” Without waiting for a reply he said , “Now you are ready to take me’ as he withdrew his fist from her pussy.  He began opening her legs more and wrapping them around his waist, Cassandra pushed his cock to meet hers with her thighs.  “I need you inside me,” she whispered, and he moved, his body pushing as the pressure of his cock on her gaping vagina grew more and more.  After perhaps half a minute an audible pop could be heard as he began entering her in one quick and profound stroke that about sent her over the edge once more she screamed in both delight and pain. She moved with him, her hands grasping at his ass cheeks, feeling his muscles fix and flex as he dove all through her with the mammoth cock. The warmth from his prick appeared to fill her own particular body, transforming her into fluid warmth from the back to front. When she returned again it went on longer than she suspected conceivable, until she was a trembling, boneless wreckage in his arms, groaning delicately as his entire body fixed and he nipped at her neck, peaking himself with a low snarl.   She trembled spent and abused.

They lay not speaking as the phosphorescence of the moment subsided at the coven at Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore, then she moved once again into his arms and grinned.  “That was better than I ever thought possible,” she said, smiling as he flushed at her achievement of taking all of him.
She watched as he rose and said, “I must leave now but I have left you a gift.”

Cassandra passed her witchery examination with flying colors and is a now practicing witch.  Now three months along and a noticeable bump can be seen.  She wonders what it will be like to bring up a demon child in Singapore.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Blow Job In a Mount Faber Cable Car

Mount Faber Peak Singapore Eatery

I had always admired the beauty of that cable car that rode all the way up to Mount Faber in Singapore. A friend had told me that there was even a Japanese restaurant at the peak but I had never really gotten the time or interest to go exploring this really majestic as well as beautiful place that my friend always felt the urge to remind me every time I looked out of my office window and saw that cable car ride up. It actually looked pretty cool just to be in that ride going wherever it took you. The town sometimes could get a little boring and to get out, you needed something wild to do or where to be. That cable car sure did look like the place to be but at the moment I would never step there because I just simply didn’t feel like taking that ride without someone special to do it with. So, I just kept to myself most of the time as I wished that one day, I would find the perfect partner to go up that mountain and just stare down as the car moved up and up as we took photos or just goofed around in it.

It was on a late summer evening when I saw her taking the elevator; she had always given the “eye” that my friend said it meant that she liked me. That day I had been staring at that cable car all afternoon and the temptation to go ride in it by myself just seemed so irresistible but here was the chance that I had been squandering for three months right in front of me. I had to ask her out and hope against hope that she was going to say a least a maybe. As I approached her while she waited for the elevator to come up she gave me an awkward smile and I knew she was mine. I got to her and asked if she would like to have a drink with me. Said it’d be nice to go out for a change and so we went to a restaurant just across our office building and decided to have some drinks there. She wasn’t into any alcoholic beverage so I also decided to relent on that. This woman was the most beautiful one I had ever seen all my life and at one time, I had had the privilege of going to a beauty pageant but none came close to her. Perfect legs, face, body and she had the mind to keep an intelligent and kept a fun conversation going.

We decided that we should go ride that Mount Faber cable car after a week together. It was late in the evening as we boarded the Mount Faber cable car and as it cruised to the top, she had no idea that I had booked a table at the Dining Room at Mount Faber Peak. This was one of the best dining places in the whole of Singapore, especially with the view and the incredible services that were offered and the food is just amazing. I could have chosen the Garden or Moonstone Japanese Restaurant but The Dining Room was just the place that would set the mood right for later on tonight. The ride up was just breathtaking and she just wowed at the scenery that she was seeing and I could see that she could get used to this just like I did, which was amazing considering how beautiful she looked that evening. I would have made love to her right there if it wasn’t for the other passengers but we kissed and one of the tourists on board got our camera and took a photo which was really cool


Cable Car Singapore Oral Job
Blow Job in See Through Cable Car Singapore


After enjoying the meal, we went to The Merlion still right there at the peak of Mount Faber. It was a really great place and we had the time of our lives just running around and me chasing her. It was just romantic later on to take the ride down the cable car on our way to Sentosa Island from a performance from one of the local groups which were a really popular gathering.

To our surprise the ride down Mount Faber Cable Car was even more romantic as we had somehow managed to get a car all to ourselves and as the cable car was just gliding down, we held hands as we stared at all the lights below and how beautiful it was and how lucky we were. Looking into her eyes, I could see why I had waited that long to take that ride and how amazing I had been doing it with a person who meant the world to you. She just couldn’t stop smiling and I knew that the night had been a total success. The cable car seemed to go in slow motion and I couldn’t have asked for anything more at the moment, at one point I wished it would stop right there mid air and we could all just stare down at the beauty of Sentosa Island though it was even harder just saying goodbye to Mount Faber Peak which was even more breathtaking.

To my surprise as we were enjoying the warmth and closeness of each other she knelt down in front of me looking at me with her eyes that seemed to bottomless.  She smiled as she slowly undid my zipper and my cock immediately sprang to life.  I gasped in amazement as she slowly slid down my undies and my penis shot up and she slowly took my manhood into her mouth.  At this time I wished the cable cars could stop and that this moment could last forever – however we began to descend to the arrivals and she quickly resumed her seat whilst I arranged myself and somehow managed to put my rock hard cock back in my pants.  She smiled mischievously at me.

We got down safely and we had to sand there just looking at it as the next batch of passengers that was boarding the cable car and thinking about what we had just got away with. It was just incredible to see it glide once again to the top and the scene was just amazing. I wasn’t surprised when she said, let’s do it again. Not tonight though, there was a lot that we had to and she had certainly got me in the mood. As we exited to our dismay we saw still tourist images on screens of passengers that had come down the cable car and the most recent one to appear was of us with her head in my lap.  We hurriedly left and giggle as we entered the taxi to go to our evening performance.

After the performance and looking back once again at that cable car with the light on now, we just held each other having had one of the best moments of our lives and Emily was just mesmerized by everything. We went back to my place and spent the night there, which was even more exhilarating considering the fact that I got to see her naked which was as amazing as looking at Mount Faber itself but just better. As she lay in my arms fast asleep, I knew that there were many more moments to come when we would ride another cable car again and again till none of us could take it anymore which I doubt would ever happen.


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Erotically Charged Night Safari Singapore

Safari Adventure Antelopes

It was early afternoon and I had just checked into my hotel room some 4.I am 1 mile from the Singapore night time safari, on Mandai Lake road. It was the best hotel that I have ever stayed in. Though my itinerary was to begin the following day, I decided to check out on the most talked about Singapore night safari. I made inquiry from the hotel attendant who without hesitation brought me a brochure containing all the vital information I needed. Before the room attendant left, I asked him whether there were ladies at the event. He shook his head in agreement and added “Seeing is believing sir” as he shut the door behind him. Though the hotel offered arrangements for the night safari, I opted to do it myself because there were things I wanted to take care of. From the brochure, I noticed that I could have as well booked for the event from New York, my hometown.

I called and a smooth soothing voice with a strong Singaporean accent answered. “Hello Singapore Night Safari, Zin speaking. Who am I talking to and how can I help you?” I introduced myself and made it clear that I desperately wanted to join the night safari. Zin attended to me professionally and answered all my questions about the night safari.

“One more question before you hang up” I said.

“Shoot” Zin answered.

“Are there beautiful ladies in the entourage?” I asked.

“Are you a ladies man?” Zin asked before I could even open my mouth, Zin said that she also enjoys the tour and was privileged to lead our group. So I waited impatiently for the hour and all that the Singapore night safari had to offer. I was picked from my hotel to the park at around six in the evening.

It was exactly half past six that I finally met Zin, a beautiful Asian lady with all that it takes to make it to the top ten most gorgeous women in the universe. For a moment, I felt lost on what to look forward to, whether it was the exciting night safari or Zin. In our group, we were fifteen, six men and eight women, myself and Zin excluded. I knew the tour will be exciting even before we set off. From where I was, there were bevies of people engrossed in different activities. I instantly grasped why Night Safari Singapore is classified as one of the popular tourist attraction and reputable as of being the world’s first ever nocturnal zoo. Nestled in 40 hectares, Singapore night safari is a lush forestry with landscaped gardens and a home to 130 different animal species.

“Okay, here we go!” beamed Zin, as she cheekily looked towards my direction. I sensed something in her smile but couldn’t tell what exactly it was. With a strong Singaporean accent she continued. “We will set off at exactly 8 pm, but in the meantime, you can enjoy some refreshments” She said pointing towards Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant. I invited her for the meal and it was one of the finest evenings I ever had. Zin was exactly what I wanted for the day; Beauty and friendliness all packaged together. Finally, it was time to begin our safari. I wondered how time flew so fast when, there are interesting things to see, engrossing people and events all around at the night safari.


Asian Model
Singapore Beauty


Singapore night safari has just too much to offer and all can’t be sampled in one night so we had to rely on our tour guide for the best experience. She assured us that we had the best deal of all. The tour started at some fifteen minutes past eight and we wondered through. Wandering through the constructed boardwalks and paths, we enjoyed sight-seeing through themed landscaped enclosed by barriers virtually unseen by almost all the visitors. Tightly holding Zin’s hand, we watched nocturnal and non-nocturnal animals including sloths, bears, striped hyenas, Asian Rhinos, wolves, vultures, Himalayan Tahrs and Bharals among other animals go about their endeavors in the moonlit environment, completely unaware of our presence. It was truly an eye-opening experience to all of us and I began to see why for years running, Singapore night safari have received numerous accolades and awards including the best the best leisure attraction experience and the best natural and man-made attraction in the world. The park experience took better portion of our evening. As events were unfolding, so was I getting cozier with Zin. Frankly speaking, she had aroused some of my long forgotten emotional and sexual feelings.

“Come on guys, let keep moving, this just a tip of an ice burg,” Zin shouted to the group which I think was getting emotionally involved than the night safari experience. Come on guys, we have to hurry up to board a tram to enjoy more, Zin said pulling me towards a half way packed tram. We were getting cozier every minute and I was a few minutes from exploding.

“I like you,” Zin whispered close in my ear, the warmth of her mouth making me to tightly clench my teeth.

I whispered back ”This is just too much for me I can’t hold back anymore.”

“You have to wait, I am working now and don’t you know work can’t be mixed with pleasure”  Zin asked in a teasing manner touching my earlobe. The tram took us to several places making stopovers now and then for its occupants to have a closer view of the animals. I had it all, the creatures of the night, Leopard trail, fishing cat trail. I have to confess that most of the time I was engrossed with Zin’s unbearable warmth. Finally, we got to the venue of Singapore Thumbuakar tribal dance. I had never seen anything like it before. It was an electrified death-defying traditional dance that proved to be an icing on the cake for me. It’s a harmonized traditional dance accompanied by blowpipe music with breathtaking acrobatic moves and fire eating displays through it all.

“Let’s go, my work is done and am damn tired,” Zin said pulling me to darkness. I didn’t even ask where we were going. I knew very well that I was more than safe in her hands and indeed my feelings were later confirmed to be true. I had her right there behind a small bush and she cried like a baby as I penetrated her. It was the sweetest lovemaking I had ever made to a woman.

“Thanks for great sex and I want to go back to New york with you” Zin begged amid tear as she woke up next to me in my hotel room bed. I hold her tightly and had more and more sex escapades with her till I couldn’t anymore. Looking back nostalgically at the erotic encounter I had at Singapore night safari, I can’t really believe that Zin became my wife.


Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Blow Job at Mount Faber Singapore

Mount Faber

The day started out as a normal one. I went to work and found myself swamped with meaningless tasks as always. I went about my day only thinking about one thing; that beautiful girl I am taking to Mount Faber.

We had planned this out for a while now but our schedules finally matched up (or so she says) and we will be staying in a great hotel on Mount Faber this weekend. I plan to take her on a tour of the site and to ride the famous cable cars. I am scared of heights but when it comes to a sexy woman I will do anything to get the ball rolling.

I was excited with the thought of being up and close to her. She always smells like peaches; I love it. When she come by to see me I try my hardest to take a good whiff of her hair. I will hug her and sniff her neck as if it was an actual fruit. She’s into me but it’s a bit confusing at times due to her lack of affection. She is a sexy thing though, her long creamy legs and her dyed blue hair. When she talks to me I can only notice her playing with her hair and running her hand down her legs as if calling for me to touch them. Some of the girls I work with tell me she has a boyfriend but to be honest, I don’t care.

It’s been a year now since I’ve moved to Singapore and she completely fills my mind at all times. I met up with her Saturday morning and we made the long ride to Mount Faber. Once we got there we went up to the best hotel in town and booked it for two nights. We went upstairs to change as it was a hot day and all I could concentrate on was the sweet drops of sweat running down her back…….she has no idea what I would do if she would just let me kiss her all over. As if to frustrate me further she decides to wear one of those schoolgirl skirts and a shirt that showed a bellybutton ring. “I would run my tongue down her chest and grab her belly button ring with my wet lips” were my thoughts.


Tartan Skirt Model
Singapore Woman with Tartan Skirt


We didn’t realize how many people would be at this place. It seemed everyone within a 30 mile radius decided to ruin our day and come to the same exact spot we were at. It was 2 p.m. and the sun was beaming on us, this called for a drink. We sit down in a hole in the wall type diner and I ask for a beer. She asks for one of those drinks with the cherries on the top of it (I don’t care for the name they give those fancy drinks) as I take a sip of my beer she is looking straight into my eyes while licking the cherry with her tongue. She takes the cherry between her teeth and laughs; as if she knows what I’m thinking. We got a few drinks and decided to walk around town. She took me by the arm and started running towards a huge billboard that said “Special! Ride to Mount Faber tonight 50% off” so we decided to finally go and try out the famous ride.

There was a long line but I waited patiently with her, which I did not mind at all as she was snuggled up to me and I could smell her scent with every breath. She told me stories about her friends and family and about how happy she was that we took this trip. Half-way down the line she just grabs me and kisses me!

We made out until we got to the cable car. Most people were just looking at me probably thinking “get a room!” but I didn’t mind. I was going to get lucky tonight and I knew it. This was totally worth it.

So I paid the clerk $60 for both our tickets round trip (no 50% off as I imagined). The view was beautiful. You could see all of Singapore in its glory and we caught a view of the iconic Merlion. I’ve been here a whole year and this is the first time I actually am learning and seeing a bit of how awesome this place is. She held my hand as we spoke about how beautiful this place was and before I knew it we were making out. I laid her down on the seat and started kissing her neck slowly, as I reached her breasts she moaned and groaned with pleasure. I ran my tongue down her chest and kissed her bellybutton ring as to let her know I noticed it earlier. I lifted her skirt and she grabbed my head and pressed it against her body.

All of the sudden she jumped up and threw me down where she was laying just a moment ago. She whispered in my ear “I want to suck you right now” I got hard just thinking about it and she started taking my shirt of slowly as she kissed my chest.
She grabbed my legs with both her hands and started licking the tip of my dick while watching my face. Her lips wrapped around the head and as it grew it started going deeper and deeper into her mouth. She realized she had to use her hands it was so hard.

I put my hand behind her head and slowed her movements down to enjoy every last bit of her sweet mouth. We realized our ride was coming to an end and so was I. Hear head moved faster and faster until she tasted that I came all over her mouth. As she swallowed me while I was shaking, it was so good and we were just getting started. Once we got off the car we were both red and blushing. Her hair was all over the place and I had the biggest grin on my face. The clerk asked “how was the view?” I responded “the best I’ve ever seen my friend” and it most definitely was.


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