sex party

The alarm clock made a loud noise that woke Frank from his deep sleep. He was so much enjoying his dream and he wished he could just reach out his hand to stop the alarm clock from making more noise. However, the alarm clock was far away.

Today was a special day for him and that was because it was his birthday. He was now eighteen years old. His friends have a lot of fun planned for him and even though he had tried everything he could to know what the plans were, the only snippet he got was that they were going to make sure he lost his virginity today.

Remembering that made him smile. Of all of the members of his circle of friends, he was the only one who was still a virgin. He didn’t even have a girlfriend. He couldn’t wait to lose his virginity. He had gotten into college the year before. He had felt like a kid; now, it was time to feel like a man.

He checked his phone and saw so many birthday messages from friends and family members. While he appreciated all the messages, the one thing on his mind was sex and losing his virginity. He decided to reply the messages in the evening when he was done having fun.

He had his bath and prepared for lectures. When he walked out of his room later, two of his friends, Pete and Jake were waiting and they both had goofy grins on their faces.

“Happy birthday!” the two screamed.

They both grabbed Frank and led him out of the building. Outside, a car was waiting and so were two more of his friends, Daley and Mike. They got out of the car and screamed “Happy birthday!” too.

“What are you guys doing here? You know I have to get to class right?” Frank said.

“No, no, no, no,” Daley said. “No class for you today, my friend. Today, you are going to have sex for the first time in your life and you are going to limit the number of masturbations you do daily.”

While the friends laughed loud and hard, Frank looked around to make sure no one heard what Daley had just said. Frank smiled. He really had weird friends. Daley was the son of a very rich man and he could get almost anything he wanted.

“Come on, let’s go,” Daley said. He got into the driver’s seat while Mike sat in the passenger seat.

Pete and Jake bundled Frank into the backseat and they sat on either side of him. Daley drove off.

“Where are we going exactly?”

“You will see,” Mike said.

“And you are going to love it,” Jake said.

After about twenty minutes, they arrived in front of a building which was a bar in the day and a nightclub in the night. The building also provided other pleasure options that only a select few people knew about.

The friends all got in and then all the people inside stopped whatever they were doing to shout, “Happy birthday, Frank!”

Frank was both surprised and moved. He couldn’t believe that his friends could do this for him. People came to meet him and wished him a lovely birthday. The party soon moved into full swing as people drank and danced.

Daley led Frank towards a room. “You are to go in there and have all the fun in the world. You are not to come out until you have achieved pleasure.” Then he pushed Frank inside the room.

As soon as Frank was inside the room, the door was shut. In the room was a bed and on the bed was the sexiest lady Frank had ever seen. She was dressed in a very skimpy bra and panties. She lay on her side while her legs pulled close to her breasts.

Frank could not take his eyes off her sexy buttocks. Beside the lady was a sex doll which was dressed in the same manner as the lady too.

“Happy birthday, handsome,” the lady said breathily. The voice alone made Frank’s dick rise against his pants. “I am yours for today. Come over and enjoy your gift.”

Frank rushed to remove all of his clothes. Soon, he was naked and his dick was painfully erect. He rushed towards the lady and pushed her back. He wanted to tear off her panties and slam himself inside her but he told himself to calm down and make sure that she enjoyed as much as he.

He kissed her and then move his lips down her chest and then her stomach. He continued his way down to her panties and kissed her pussy through the panties. She moaned and he loved the sound.

He helped her take off her bra and as her breasts spilled out, he sucked the nipples in his mouth one after the other. She rubbed her hands all over his hair. After sucking the nipples, he kissed her stomach and this made her shiver. He slowly and gently pulled off her panties.

Her pussy was shaved and he licked the outer lips before pushing his tongue deep inside. He moaned loudly. She came.

“Let me return the favor,” she said.

When Frank lay down, she bent over his laps and took his dick in her mouth. Frank had never received a blowjob in his life and this was mind-blowing. When he was about to cum, he warned her.

She straddled him and pushed his erect dick in her pussy. Frank felt he was in paradise as his dick penetrated her folds. She placed her hands and either sides of his shoulders and began to move back on forth as she rode him. Being his first time, Frank came hard and quickly.

“Wow!” Frank said. “I didn’t know sex was so amazing!”

The lady laughed. “That’s an understatement. You haven’t seen anything yet. I like you and I would love to meet with you again so that we can have more fun.”

Frank was shocked. “What? I came quickly. Aren’t you disappointed?”

“I like how gentle you were. I have never been treated that way before,” she said.

“Wow. Thanks. I would love to meet you again,” Frank said.

They exchanged phone numbers and then she grabbed the sex doll. “Here, keep this and have fun with it until we meet again. Practice whatever you want to do to me with it.” She kissed him and left the room.

Frank lay on the bed and slept off but not before thinking about how this was the best birthday party ever.

That Kiss

kiss on beach
As my kiss lingered on your neck and you felt my hot breath along your throat. Your areolars tingled with excitement and Nipples protruded erect in anticipation as I slowly continued kissing down your bossoms.  Slowly, deliberately undoing each button until your breasts were exposed and I gently took those teats in my mouth one at a time…..
As you took my nipple into your hot mouth, electric sparks filled my body and coursed through the core of me. My hands found your shirt and pulled the ends out of your pants so that I could feel the skin of your back and torso with my palms and my finger tips. Arching my back towards you, needingly, I found your pelvis with mine and pressed myself against your hardness, my hands against your taut bottom. I gasp as you flick my nipples with your tongue…
She gasps as I take my mouth from her nipples and she places her hands on the top of my head… gently pushing me downwards I kiss her stomach and belly button releasing the button to her pants and slowly opening the zipper.  She lifts her hips as I slide down her pants and remove them from her body leg by leg.  She has black nylon panties on – that do nothing to hide the beginnings of her vulva.
I place my lips on her belly but she again forces my head downward.  Resisting I move my head to the side and kiss her inner thighs, and lick each side of her groin.  She moans and I rest my mouth on her clit and breathe deeply through her nylons – the wetness and womanly taste and scent of her intoxicating my mouth and nose….
Completely overcome by instinct, he tears off my panties with his teeth in one motion, exposing the deep pink of me, swollen and glistening with moisture. My heart pounds with excitement and my yearning intensifies as I watch him taking me in with his eyes.
He covers my labia with his mouth and flicks his tongue over my clitoris over and over again, building my arousal and taking me to the brink of climax, my whole body shuddering in ecstasy. With one more suckle of his tongue and lips, my core spasms wildly in orgasm and shock waves course through my entire being.
I cry out “More!” as my orgasmic convulsions continue. Looking down into his eyes, I see his delight as he sees my rapture. His lips are swollen and wet and I kiss him deeply, rolling his tongue in mine, tasting him, tasting me. I then push him backwards and he falls on the sand.
I can see the length of his penis straining against his jeans. I take off his belt, then his jeans, quickly and his boxer shorts. Completely naked, I take him in with my eyes, the colour of his erection and the hard smoothness of him I enjoy with my hands. He groans and gasps as I squeeze his hardness in my hand and I delight in his arousal.
There is precum capping the top of his penis and I devour it, placing my mouth over his penis and savouring the taste and smell of him. I breathe in the scent of him and release him. He lifts his hips off the sand, thrusting and groaning. My tongue, hot and wet, I lick up his entire length and feel him throbbing. I flick my tongue across his penis, flicking and sucking, all the way up to the top and then I envelop his penis again with my mouth. 
He is watching me and I hold his gaze as I Lolly-pop and suck him, filling up my whole mouth. Hungrily I devour his juices.
Watching her go down on me my lustful urges over take me and I force her further down on me feeling the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.  Her throat muscles spasm as her gag reflex kicks in sending shockwaves of ecstasy throughout my body as my dick becomes a solid rod off steel.
I rise and as one we rise in unison, she still hungrily devouring my erect penis.  I grab hold of her wrists and place them in my hand pushing her backwards.  She lay with me on top of her, her hands held tightly above her head.  Trying to move them I could see in her eyes she knew that there was no contest in strength and that she was mine in that moment to do with as I pleased.
Slowly, delicately I rubbed the tip of my rock hard cock up and down her wetness as she moaned.  Pushing her hips forward in what appeared to be an attempt for my cock to penetrate her dripping cunt I backed away just allowing the head to enter her velvety warmth.
Slowly and rhythmically I allowed the head to go in and out of her as she writhed her body in anticipation.  As the speed increased I allowed my dick to penetrate deeper and deeper within her.  She felt so good, hot, moist and began breathing heavier and heavier calling out to her god.
I began exploring her inside by changing my thrusting motions from side to side, going deep within her filling her and trying to touch all her inner boundaries.  Her heavy breathing turned to screams and curses as I felt her pelvic walls begin to contract….
There was no freeing my wrists from his firm grasp and surrendering completely to his desire only intensified my excitement. 
I wanted to be his, in that moment, to do with me as he pleased and more. To succumb to his every desire. To be his every living fantasy!
Filling me up with his solid rod of steel, stretching me further than ever before, pounding his way deeper and deeper inside me. And with every thrust I cry out in wild abandon. His strong hard body moving over me is glistening with sweat and I inhale the fragrance of our unison, my ears fill with his moans and grunts and I feel his body quaking over mine.
Our bodies move as one, pounding and slapping together, faster and faster, his groans getting louder and deeper. I scream in ecstasy as my vagina contracts and convulses, just as he  pounds inside me in the pinnacle of orgasm, kicking his head back and straining every fibre in his body as he releases hot jets of cum inside me. My orgasm milking his and we ride the waves of climax together. Both our bodies quivering with release.
My body quivered in spasms, in jolts after my orgasm.  Uncontrollable yet somehow satisfying.  I remained inside her feeling our fluids mix together the wetness like home.  We smelt of sex and what an aphrodisiac that scent was.
We lay together, our sweet sweat cooling our bodies and kissed.  Passionately, deeply.  Our tongues exploring each other.  I lick her lips and she smiles.
I can’t help but be aroused as we continue to kiss whilst she turns her back to me in the spoon position.  I hold her tight as I entered her again.  Slowly, deeply…
Rubbing my bum against his still wet and hard penis, he grabs hold of my hips from behind me and enters me, slowly and deeply. He fills my deliciously tender core and I breathe in deeply, becoming intoxicated by the smell of our sex.

I Want!

i desire

I want to take you out for a late breakfast in the morning. Talk shit over craft coffee and smashed avo. I want my eggs to go cold while I’m lost gazing into your big beautiful eyes, hooked on every word that dances from your lips. I want the world to fall away, where only you and I exist in our little bubble.

I want to sit at the bar with you and sip martinis, dirty of course, our toes tapping to the live jam from the corner. I want to feel your hand within mine. We chat when the band takes a break, but happy to enjoy listening to them once they resume, perfectly comfortable to sit silent in each other’s company.

I want to hold you throughout the night, our naked bodies pressed close together, kisses both short and long, but always impassioned. Your lips, as soft as gossamer, lilt my body, and my soul. I want to wake with the perfume of your hair filling my nostrils.

I want to go on a bushwalk with you, soaking in the scent of gums in the air, the sun dappling through the treetops. Our picnic upon the cliff top, homemade baba ganoush, deli meats and cheeses, gluten free crackers, picture perfect without the intrusion of an actual camera.

I want to tie you down to my bed and tease you until you beg for an orgasmic release. I want to cover your body with strawberry massage oil, before licking it all back off. I want to roll a wartenburg wheel slowly over you, along your hips, your sides, your thighs. You will find that fine line between ticklish and erotic.

I want to tongue fuck your dulcet pussy, lavish in her folds and keep you on edge, withholding your climax. I want to give you release only once my fingers latch onto your g-spot, with my mouth still engorged on your clit, and your body lashes about in seizure.

I want to see you take total control. I want to see you slide that harness up onto your hips, and watch as you slide the dildo into my ass and peg me. Thrusting at your own choice of pace, working my cock as you do. I want to see your tits bouncing as you do, the pleasure plastered to your face as you make me your own.

I want you to relish in the orgasm you deliver me, watching my cum spurt up onto my belly. The thick milky flow entangling itself in my snail trail. But I don’t want you to stop there. I want you to keep riding my ass, wrapping your hands around my ankles to raise my legs in the air, enough so you can better sink the dildo in even further.

I want to kiss and cuddle you after. My cum smearing all over our naked bodies as we make out like teenagers. Thirsty. Unbridled. Passionate. I want to twist your nipples until you’re ready for more, sliding my leg between your thighs, your cunt rubbing on my flexed quad.

I want to use my fingers elsewhere, so I’ll clamp your nipples up, stretch them out further. I want you on your knees, so I can eat out your ass while finger banging your pussy. Your whole body is a delightful smorgasbord, a variety of scents and flavours that nourish me, yet keep me ravenous for more.

I want to slowly awaken with you the next morning, our bodies exhausted and battered. I want to summon the strength to make you banana pancakes while you get the kettle on. I want you to grab me from behind while a flip the batter, and grab onto my cock while you kiss my neck. I want to smack your ass when you turn away back to our coffees.

But most of all, more than any of the above things, I just want you. Exactly as you are. Just the way you were when we first discovered each other, and all that may entail. That woman bursting with life and energy that sucked me in like I didn’t even know was possible.

The Muse

Japanese Muse

My muse is like no other woman I know. Or have ever known. Once a week I am blessed by her presence, for a three hour block. More than enough. But far less than I wish for. She is the reverse of all others before her. She bares her body, but conceals her soul.

The bristle of my brush caresses the canvas in the same way I long to do to her. Long gentle strokes. Short dot work. But either way, a work of art. An expression of passion. Emotion given shape, given form, visualized. Sometimes I am lost within the moment, using my fingers to smear my vision, my paints, between the tiny cracks. And I hate getting my fingers dirty; I eat pizza with a knife and fork.

But not for her. Nothing is taken for granted nor immune to the very thought of her. I go all in, every fibre of my being finds its way to that canvas, pining for the three dimensional version. By now I could paint her from memory. I know every curve of her body, the location of every mole, the precise point her hair brushes against her slender neck.

Without her, my canvas remains blank, no matter how hard I try. How high I get. The white frame just stares back at me. They say if you stare into the void long enough, it begins to stare back at you. So what then, becomes of staring into desire? Into love?

She is my inspiration. And in the cold of night, my perspiration. Alone in body, but not in mind. I’ve attributed her the skill of the soft touch. With my hand stroking the length of my cock, mimicking her gentle ways. Slow yet purposeful. Impassioned, yet lingering. Indulging myself in the moment, longing for release, but savouring the moments.

I take my time with myself, like never before. No internet. Just my thoughts. My filthy, dirty, unrequited thoughts. She lays herself before me, everything laid bare, except her mind, her soul, her being. Just her perfect form. Naked, for none others to see by me. Unless I paint her. Unless I share her with the world. Allow them to see what I am blessed to see.

My muse has a body worthy to commit to stone, had I that skill. Not the surgically enhanced, app filtered duck faced shit we are forced to endure on a daily basis. She is a woman, with everything that brings with it to the table. She gets rolls on her belly when she sits, but doesn’t try to reposition herself to hide them. No awkward reclining, just natural curves, the way a body was meant to be.

While my brush can nearly mirror each of those curves, where I struggle is to capture the light in her eyes. She has a love of life that permeates beyond anything my art can reveal. A spark, as it were, and as whimsical as that sounds, I can find no other words. That’s not my forte.

Until yesterday.

Something changed yesterday. Not in our lack of conversation, not in my ability to paint this divine being. Something deeper. Something, beyond her body, that I couldn’t put my finger upon. A change my mind hadn’t even acknowledged, but then my mind was never really on my art when I painted her. It was just sprawling, strokes and swirls, my hand acting from outside my being. It was nothing I put a logical mind to, just a feeling I let my hand take hold of. Much like my nightly solo visitations with her.

At the end of our session, when I was sure I had captured her spirit once again, she shuffled over towards her clothes, hesitating before she reached them.

‘May I please see?’ her husky voice echoed through my studio. It took me by surprise, her time after posing was something she always enjoyed in silence. And never, within the past year or so, had she asked to see my work. For all she knew, I was doodling finger paintings while perving from not so far away.

Not entirely untrue.

‘Of course,’ I stammered. As she moved closer towards me and my canvas, I tried to ignore her state of undress, and bumbled some excuses for my weak skills. She either ignored them or didn’t hear me, and continued to approach regardless. I felt my heart stop beating, my breath escape me, the nearer she got. Not for my midnight infatuations with her, but that she would see my art. And once seen, that meant it could be judged. And by her, at that.

As she stepped around the easel, I shuffled back a few steps, terrified of her nakedness. Well, her nakedness in close proximity to me. What she saw was closest related to what I would call, ‘the lazy thinker’. Her right foot propped up onto the chair, her matching arm dangling uselessly over it. Her other appendages hung limp on the other side, her face, almost vacuous. She regarded it for a moment, and my breath was still yet to return.

Finally, within a minute, or a lifetime, she reacted. And not at all the way I anticipated. Her hands clasped her face, trying to withhold the tears welling within as she sank to her knees. Her strong facade crumbled, as her body, and the uncontrollable shaking of her shoulders told me all I needed to know.

It was then I realised her face hadn’t been expressing emptiness, but in fact the very opposite, and somehow my futile little brush had managed to perfectly encapsulate that moment. That emotion I hadn’t been able to see with my own eyes, but my brush knew. My heart knew. My spirit knew. I’d perfectly stumbled across expressing exactly how she felt that whole time while sitting upon her chair: not at the circumstance, but at whatever she had carried inside her that day.

I’d often wondered, beyond my own very fleeting fantasies that it was to tease me with her perfectly formed body, what kept her turning up each week. Perhaps it wasn’t the dollar value of her time, but the chance to sit and let the world roll on by. Three hours of forced meditation, as it were. But whatever was going on in her life at that point, could no longer be contained solely within her heart and mind. Because there it was, exposed for all, or me, to see.

Of all the times I’d longed to wrap my arms around her naked body, this was unlike any of those. My own fantasies were rapidly cast aside, as I engulfed her within my arms, as a fellow human that has previously suffered. She let everything go, and sobbed uncontrollably. That kind of sobbing some call ugly: tears streaming from eyes and nose and mouth, shoulders convulsing, chest trembling.

I don’t know how long I cradled her for, nor did I ever find out why. ‘The Muse’ was the only piece of art I have ever sold, months down the track, when I could finally allow it to leave my side. Send it out into the world so it no longer watched me, hurt me.

The creation of ‘The Muse’ was also the last time I ever saw her.

On Your Back!

Fifo Hooker

When I was younger, I used to live by a saying, ‘Never pay for water or sex, because both are freely available on tap’. Needless to say, I ended up paying for water. Bottled water is just super convenient and always tastes better than what comes out of the tap. Especially in the remote Western Australian mining town of Newman.

Which also happens to be where I met Jacinta. As a lifelong Blues supporter in the State of Origin rugby game, those three games a year were my highlight. And as a mining town, Newman was full of us engineers and workers from all over the country, most of whom are FIFO workers, Fly In, Fly Out. So there was a great crowd supporting both sides at the local watering hole. But because miners are typically all cashed up men, so they’re not the only FIFO workers in these towns.

Jacinta was one such worker. She travelled through remote mining towns, typically as topless or lingerie waitress, picking up extra cash with private shows and very occasionally, overnight stays. She was a dream to behold. The kind of figure you only don’t even see in porn. Her features were perfect. Her oval face seemed lost with her huge blue eyes, sat beneath surf-bleached blond hair. A smile to die for and teeth worthy of a toothpaste commercial.  She reminded me of some of the Russian escorts that I had been told about by some of my co-workers Singapore stories.

As she strutted around the open air pub, delivering drinks to patrons and receiving ridiculously large tips, I somehow found myself watching her more than the game. When she returned with my own drink order, I decided to just throw my whole old saying out the window and asked about the kind of services she offered outside of this establishment. She told me about her hourly stripper rate and what that entailed, but I asked about more than that.

‘You can’t afford more than that,’ Jacinta said.

‘Try me.’ And with her response to that, I had her booked in until eight the next morning, from the moment the game ended and she clocked off. Which was perfect. While those Maroon supporters drowned their sorrows after their loss, Jacinta was perched on a stool next to me sipping a cold beer (bonus points!), now dressed in a short dress that was so tight I figured it must have been painted on. She was very touchy feely, as per our financial arrangement, where I’d paid extra for the GFE and PSE, the girlfriend experience and pornstar experience for those of you that are unfamiliar with the terms as I hadn’t been not so long before.

All eyes were on us. Not just because of her beauty, but drowning me with envy. My own gaze never left her. Bewildered. Never before in my life had I even spoken to someone as dazzling as Jacinta, nor would I again. Except under circumstances such as these. This is why we men spend such vast sums of money in strip joints. It’s less about the dance, but the chance to stand around having drinks while gorgeous women come up and talk to you. It’s these women with a gift of the gab, like some perfectly trained geisha, that lead more men into the backroom. We’re suckers for someone who can feign interest in us.

As we knocked back a few more beers, her hand would brush my bare arm, or rest briefly on my thigh. Her infectious laugh would buckle her forward until her head fell on my lap. I know I’m not that funny, but she was a damn good actress. Occasionally she would lean forward and nibble my ear, eventually asking when I was going to take her home.

My shitty house seemed even shittier when Jacinta walked in, but there’s not much to keep a place clean in a town like this. Besides, I knew just how much dirtier it was about to get. As per requirements, I jumped in the shower before she briefly inspected me and remarked on my size. Like I said, she was a good actress.

She pushed me onto my bed, naked and still mostly wet. Her phone started blaring some Top 40 shit when she returned in front of me, wriggling her hips roughly in sync with the beat. Next she peeled off that little black dress, revealing the body of a goddess. The red lacy set now on display was definitely a step up from what she was wearing while serving drinks. Sure, her breasts were now covered, barely, but the tease was all the better for it.

Jacinta did well to keep eye contact as she continued to sway her body, her hands running along those impossible curves. At least she spun around, her rump so close to my face, watching each cheek take turns to rise and fall, the red thing swallowed whole within. I hadn’t even noticed she’d unclipped her bra until she turned around, holding onto the cups before slowly letting it fall to the floor. Sure I’d seen them earlier when she would do the topless ten minutes, but like this, in front of only me, her breasts were even better. Fake, sure, but it was a good job, and those big perky mother fuckers sat there firm, staring me in the eye.

She took hold of my head and sank my face into her cleavage. Heaven. I would have been happy to die right there in that moment, my ears muffled by her golden skin. When her pressure released from my head, I decided to start taking advantage of my money, finally tasting her flesh, rolling my tongue around the under curve of her tits. Jacinta moaned as I licked and lapped her up, and sucked on her erect nipples.

Her arms wrapped around my head, holding me close as I suckled like a piglet. She tasted like coconut, apt given the size of her tits. Her arms fell away from my head and moved to my shoulders, pushing me back onto the bed. She slipped her thong off and bending at the hips, leaned forward and took a gentle hold of what felt the hardest boner I’d ever had in my life.

The soft skin of her hand wrapped around my cock sent a shiver up my body. A welcome contrast to the usual battered and worn old hand that touches my cock. She licked up along the side of my shaft, no doubt feeling the pulsations shuddering along. When she took the head into her mouth, I was thankful to pay the extra for the blowjob to be condom-free. She was indeed a master of her art and while I have no idea exactly what she was doing, it had me reeling and forced my eyes shut as I fell into the sensations.

There really is no way to describe a great blowjob that can do it justice. It was like my entire being was being sucked from my body, causing my arms and legs to shift uncontrollably, like a turtle on their back. All centred to that one area we men focus so much of our thoughts upon. I learned long ago that I couldn’t return for round two, and subconsciously taught myself to not cum during oral sex. Otherwise this show would’ve been over long ago. Instead she held me right there, on edge, so close I was almost ready to pull out to save for the main event.

I didn’t have to wait long. Deciding I was good and ready, Jacinta rolled a condom down my shaft and climbed onto the bed, her knees pressing into the mattress on each side of my hip. With one hand, she guided me as she lowered herself down. Even through the latex sheath, I felt her damp tightness. Like a good actress, she remarked on how much I filled her, before she began rocking against me, grinding on my pelvic bone.

Looking up at this Aphrodite felt surreal, this golden beauty riding on my cock, tossing her blond hair about, moaning like I was actually pleasing her, her tits bouncing as much as the silicone would allow. This view was almost enough to get me there, because the position wasn’t my preference. She must have read my mind. Her hands fell upon my chest and she leaned in and kissed me. Then she moved forward, letting my erection thwack against my belly, and she continued to crawl forward, her shaved pussy nearly brushing right across my nose.

I spun around onto my knees, turning to face her. Jacinta was at the top end of the bed, her arms up against the wall, her round ass protruding towards me. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a smile that could launch a thousand ships. I grabbed her by the hips and eased myself into her pussy.

‘Oh fuck yeah,’ she groaned. I hammered away at her until her tits were also pressed up against the wall. This was our second of many more positions, the Pornstar Experience price tag being well and truly used up. Our crowning position had Jacinta on her back, her knees nearly straddling her ears and me using her hips to gyrate as deep as I could. I was on my knees, parted to each side of her, and I could feel my balls bouncing off her perineum.

Looking down, here was this goddess, breasts squeezed together, gazing back at me, my cock driving into her shaved pussy. It was an exquisite moment, that ended abruptly as I came like a hurricane, thighs quivering, my cock pulsating as it spewed forth the contents of my sack, surge after surge, draining me completely dry.

I spooned her to sleep that night, inhaling the scent of her hair, her neck. She gently stroked the arm I had wrapped around as I fell into a post coital coma. I awoke in the morning as she kissed me goodbye on my forehead.

‘See you in two months.’ And with that, she was gone.

This was a girl that I think I could fall in love with!!!

The night had chewed up two weeks wages, but worth every second. Obviously, since I’d gone ahead and booked her for her next three visits.

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