The Biggest Dick I Ever Had!

When I was 16 I experienced the Biggest Dick I ever had.  My neighbors had a few visitors for the mid-year. I figured they were close with them or something, I don’t truly know. In any case when they arrived, I saw a fine looking fellow who looked about my age arrive.

The following day I saw him sunbathing in their yard with his shirt off but his jeans still on.  The neighbours did not have a pool but we did so I called out, “Hey, you want to come over here and have a dip in our pool”?

My Name Is Joe

He said, “Sure that would be a great idea! My name is Joe.  Let me check with my parents”.

A short time later he returned, he said “Do you want me to wear board shorts or speedos?” I replied playfully “I think I would like to see you in speedos”.  For no other motive than to see the outline of his cock in that body hugging swimwear.

He said “Sure, no problem” and he went into his home.

A short time later he came along the side of our house with a swimming bag still wearing his jeans and no shirt.  Whilst he extended his hand he said “I’m Joe from Essendon.  I’m 16”.

I said “My name is Angel and I’m 16.  Pleased to meet you!  You haven’t put your speedos on yet?”, whilst shaking his hand.

He said “Where are your parents?”

I said “They have gone out to lunch today as it is their anniversary.  I don’t expect them home until tonight.”

He said, “Is it OK that I am here without them?”

I said, “Of course.”

The Biggest Dick
Beautiful Woman Relaxing

He Walked To The Side Of the House

And said, I’m going to change here, so turn away if you don’t want to see anything, don’t look OK’.

Obviously, I needed to see something, so I looked.

His back was turned. So I couldn’t see that much but he had an extraordinary ass.

And what was the biggest dick ever hanging down between his legs, next to his balls.  It was the hugest dick I had ever seen.  Nearly 20 years later it is still one of the hugest dicks I had ever seen.  Being an inquisitive young lady I yearned to see more.

Having put on his speedos he turned around and he saw me staring at the outline of his cock.

He said ‘Ha! Ha ha I have caught you looking!’

I said sorry ‘I couldn’t help it!  You are massive.”

The Biggest Dick 

His dick wasn’t even hard and he had a huge one, and I mean immense, bulge in the front of his speedos.  He saw me continue to look at it.  I am sure that my mouth had dropped and was open in shock when I heard him laughing.

He said “Why don’t you get in your bikini.  It is not fair that you are staring at me in my speedos when you have not even put on your bathing suit”.

Obviously I was a little more prudish than he.  I went up to my bedroom and put on my bikini.  When I was 16 I had not shot up yet so was slim and just over 5 feet in height but my breasts had developed.  I was quit self conscious about my whopping size 34C’s that looked even huger because of my thin and short frame.

My bikini top barely covered my enormous jugs

And my G-String bottom showed off my tight and taut posterior.  Looking back my ass was incredible, especially when I was tanned.

The Biggest Dick
Man in speedos

He Was Swimming

I heard a splash, I looked out my window that overlooked the pool and backyard. I saw him swimming and then jump onto the inflatable raft.  He then positioned himself so that he was lying on his back and began to sun bake.

From my position I could see his enormous package and the water had made his speedos see thru and I could see his cock in detail.  I watched him.  He turned me on. I made a promise to myself that his dick would be mine before the end of the day.

After perving for quite a few minutes I made my way back to the side of the pool making sure my bikini was just right and asked  him ‘What do you think?”

He opened his eyes and gazed at my breasts.

He said “You have a fucking amazing rack!”

I could see he was telling the truth because that ginormous cock started to get larger.  But before I could get a decent look at it erect he slid off the raft and into the pool.

He helped me in, we swam and played in the pool for about 30 minutes.

I said “Do you want to play a game of pool volleyball?  It’s similar to basketball and we have a hoop that floats in the water.  We can make it interesting by making a wager.  Whoever losses has to take off their bathing suit. ”

He grinned and said “I like what you are thinking and where you are going with this.”

I got the floating hoop and ball, I placed it in the pool and we began to play.  The rules were first to 5 wins the game.  I scored first but then he blocked me and scored twice so it was 2-1 his way.  We then battled and soon we were all tied up at 4 each.  The battle was on but finally he managed to get past me and scored.

I said “Top or bottom?”

He said, “I want to see that rack.  Your boobs are out of this world”

I then took off my top and my boobs floated upwards in the water.  Being just 15 they did not drop and stood proudly.  Because of the water and probably because I was turned on my nipples protruded.

It was time to continue the game.

This time, I think because he was distracted by my bare breasts he was easy to beat and I triumphed over him with a score 5-2.

Without further ado he removed his speedos and tossed them to the beach chairs by the side of the pool.  Because we were in the water I could see the shape of his cock but not with any clarity.

I said ” Its not fair.  you can see my boobs but I cannot see your cock.”

He said, “Let’s get out of the pool and go inside.  Then you can look at my cock as much as you want.”

I got out first and sat on the beach chair and I turned around to see him leaving the pool.  For the first time I saw his cock in it’s entirety and it was a  monster.  In its flaccid state and after being in a pool filled with cold water it was 8 inches or more. But it was not the length it was also the thickness.

the biggest dick
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If there was a titan of cocks Joe had been given it.

He walked right up to where I was sitting so that his cock was literally inches from my face.

He said “So what do you think of it now?”

I did not have words.  My mouth had dropped again.  I was stunned.  He held out his hand, which I grabbed and he walked me inside – I was still in a daze and then I led him to my bedroom.  He was totally naked and I just had my G-String on.

I looked at his dick and it was beginning to get erect.  As I watched it as it slowly lifted and increased in size, it became more solid.  This thing was a fucking beast.

It Was 10 Inches Long

It was more than two inches thick on one side.  So I could only imagine what the entire circumference would be. It now stood a good 10 inches in size.  It was hard to believe that a 16 year old could have such a tool on him.  I wondered if I could ever possible take something that large in my pussy – which by the way had  gotten wet in anticipation.

A 16 year old testosterone levels can be unpredictable. Joe was not embarrassed at all as his cock became fully erect.  I said “Joe, sit down on my bed will you.”

He did and I dropped to my knees.

I began to first lick and then suck his giant member.  As I sucked it, there was no way I could take the entire thing in my mouth.  In fact I think I only got it half down before I started to gag.  So I used both hands to hold the base of his cock and stroked it whilst I gave him head with my mouth.

My oral services obviously pleased him because he began to moan in delight.  I increased the vigor in which I stroked his shaft.  After about 5 minutes he started to cum.

His Cum Was Hot

White hot semen spurted as I tried to guzzle it all down.  I squeezed his balls and cock which increased the delivery of his hot jiz. It flowed down my throat.  I became his cum bucket as he filled my guts with his seed.

Like his cock, never before or after had I seen someone with so much cum.

He spurted at least 8 full cum shots.  Each and every one of them hitting the back of my throat as I swallowed.  There was so much cum that the last two shots I could no longer swallow.  His hot white stream dripped down the sides of my mouth, onto my breasts and onto the floor.

After a few moments his cock began to go limp.  But it never became small – that was never going to happen.  After a short time he laid me on the bed and took off my G-String revealing my nearly hairless pussy.

My youthful pink lips happily parted as he spread my legs

Revealed the wetness that had came from my aching pussy during his head job.  He then went down on me and began to lick my delicate clitoris.  Licked the lips of my vagina and finally made his tongue dart in and out of my pussy.

He Went Down on Me and I Came

The feeling was astounding and astonishing and I yelled out his name many times as a way of encouraging him more.  I came at least three times and as my vaginal juices gushed from my gaping hole he lapped them all up.  He became my cum bucket and was eagerly drinking all my love juices.

After the third time I had squirted, I needed him inside me and I said. “I can see your cock is hard again.  How about you try and put that monster in.”

He smiled and said “I thought you would never ask.”

I felt like A Virgin Again

With the amount of foreplay that he had given me my hole was hot and open, ready to take anything.

But when he put his massive head at my opening I was not quite so sure.  I was not a virgin but it felt like I was a virgin again.  He put the head of his cock on my pussy and slowly and steadily pushed.  It seemed like ages and suddenly it ‘popped’ in.

Hurt a whole lot. But I was on fire and needed his cock more than anything I had ever desired before.  He continued pushing his shaft in and out of my cunt slowly until it began to feel alright.

Joe must have sensed that I was okay with his cock inside me probably because I was pushing my hips towards him as he drove his cock in and I swayed back as it went outwards.  Our sexual rhythm became one and increased in speed.

He pumped his cock in hard, grinding it in 10 or 11 inches deep.

the biggest dick
Big Cocks: Fact or Myth

A Teen Pussy

My poor teen pussy had never been so stretched before or beaten by a monster of a cock.  We had hard fucking sex for about ten minutes, I saw the expression on his face and knew that he was about to cum.

I said “Cum inside me you fuck.”

He yelled ” Fuck yeah!” and with that he began to spurt. He moaned and screamed as he wildly fucked my little pussy with that adonis of a cock.  Yum, I was astounded! There was as much cum if not more than when I had given him head.

It took him a whole three minutes or more of cumming until he finally lay beside me exhausted and trembling.  I could feel his jism run down between my legs.

Now that we had stopped I could feel pain in my pussy and looked down to see jism mixed with blood running between my legs.  His huge cock had ripped my poor pussy.  He said “Shit. I’ve injured you.  We have to get you to a hospital.” and jumped up.

Blood Ran Between My Legs

I said “Joe, relax.  It is probably just a small tear.  What did you think would happen fucking me like that with your god sized dick?”

He did not relax and turned white.

I again said “It’s nothing to worry about Joe.  I will get a pad and it will be fine.”

He then settled down and left about 30 minutes after.

I was fine and it was just a small tear that healed itself within a couple of days.  Joe stayed with the neighbors for two weeks so we revisited similar sexual trysts at every available opportunity.

Now, 20 years on we still keep in touch with each other even though I am happily married.

I would never tell my husband but Joe was/is incredible.

Never have I met a man like him sexually nor do I think I will.  On one of his visits in the years that followed we measured his cock.  I think he was 18 then – and it was over 12 inches long.

Just writing this and thinking about his cock made me salivate and get wet again.  Goodness, you have to excuse me whilst I grab one of my sex toys and get myself off.

‘Ahh.. Joe, you’ve done it again!’

13 Replies to “The Biggest Dick I Ever Had!”

  1. I have a thick Cock infact very thick and it’s over. 14 inches long when stimulated which takes some doing getting the blood going. I can fuck for ages but it’s getting it the vagina all the way which causes pain but satisfying pleasure when it’s up to the hilt. Downside it like an clowns pocket after a good session and fanny red raw.Shaun

  2. This is terrific. I had both a laugh as well as enjoying the story. There are some hilarious anecdotes about big dicks. Keep up the good work Adultsmart.

  3. If you want a dick as big as the guy in this story why not contact Dr Olo? He helped me and now my nickname is ‘horse’.

  4. Remarkable story! I had a similar experience several years ago, but with a professor at my college. After swimming in the indoor pool, I found myself quite alone in the large shower area within the locker room. I noticed a rather average man walk in wearing a blue Speedo and carrying a towel. After hanging his towel on the hook next to mine, he nonchalantly lowered his wet Speedo to reveal the most amazing, larger-than-life penis I have ever seen.

    Never having encountered anything of such breathtaking proportions in my life, I was instantly both mortified and thrilled. It just seemed so abnormal, so utterly freakish. I have no idea as to its dimensions, but it hung heavily from a small patch of thick pubic hair reaching well past mid-thigh. Perhaps the most unsettling aspect was its thickness and the ridiculously massive circumcised head. I wondered how something so “meaty” and outlandish could possibly be useful. As he made his way to the shower next to me, I was practically hypnotized by his mighty flesh as it swung mightily from side to side with each stride.

    Looking back, it was with increasing alarm that I realized that I was now fully erect and nearly panicked. The wave of conflicting emotions was overwhelming, and I felt powerless and confused. Not sure what to do, I continued to rinse off as I stole sideways glances at the monstrous specimen dripping water next to me. I partially recovered my senses after a couple minutes, and I turned off the tap and reluctantly retreated toward the entry way.

    While drying off, I heard the shower shut off, and I could feel the professor walking up behind me. I stepped aside so he could reach his towel, and I froze as something hard poked me from behind. Swiftly looking down, I saw his magnificent member extending at a right angle from his body, now invading my personal space. I was also fascinated by his extremely large, low-hanging scrotum….

    Needless to say, within seconds I was on my knees and fondling his lovely sac while flicking my tongue all over the swollen, salty head of this most perfect male specimen. Eventually, I found myself performing a passionate blowjob, which was drenched with irony considering I had not received one myself even at the age of 20. Unable to accommodate more than half of his turgid shaft, I did the best I could, occasionally looking up at him for his approval. While stroking him with two fists and nursing the soft flesh of his glans, I felt the inevitable pulsing and release of his incredible organ. Wave upon wave of salty goodness shot against the back of my throat as I greedily swallowed as much of his seed as I could manage. I had to release him as the last couple of spasms coated my face and chest. I licked the remnants of his offering from the tip of his lovely penis while trying to figure out what had just happened.

    I realized out over time that I am not the least attracted to men, nor do I desire the intimate company of a man. I have never felt the way I did that cold February night. I think I was simply paying my due to a primal respect we all have for something so exceedingly rare and beautiful. It was if I was paying homage to what it is to be a man, and I never felt the act was unnatural or perverted in any way. I was acknowledging and celebrating the ideal male form, and it seemed perfectly natural to take some of him into me so that it could be a part of my masculinity. That’s the best I can explain my thinking.

    The few women with whom I have shared this experience insist that I am secretly bisexual, but I reject that notion. However, if I were to encounter the professor again, I would not hesitate to renew my profound admiration for his breathtaking endowment.

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