Adultsmart Kogarah Experience

Adultsmart Kogarah Customer Review

Let me set the scene.  About my Adultsmart Kogarah Experience

It’s a late night, you and your partner are feeling a little kinky but you’re craving to try something different, something new. You talk to your partner about doing something naughty in a spot of the house that has yet to be “christened”. You talk about wearing something that might get the juices flowing or even trying some toy play. You think about for it for a second and you realise that nothing in your immediate vicinity is going to do the job that you know could be done if you had that something special. You discuss it for a moment and you remember that just down the road is a store that has all you’re wants and needs in the one place. You jump in your car and take a little trip, you turn into a dark and quiet street, secluded from the judgey eyes of those boring old regular people who just enjoy missionary for 10 seconds until the top busts a nut and it’s all over for another 2 weeks.

You park, step out of the car, and take a breath as you prepare yourself for what’s to come. You take your first steps in as you here a sound to notify the shopkeep of your arrival, as you walk through the doorway your taken aback.

The room hits you with shelf after shelf, product after product, everything your every fantasy could ever possibly desire, right there for you to see.

You hear a voice that says “Hey, how’s it going, is there anything I can help you with?” In this rich, beautiful South African accent.

You turn your head and there he is, my boy Eon. A beautiful, sophisticated man with the looks of a chiselled god, the knowledge of a scholar who’s studied every sex book you can imagine and the wisdom of a man who’s lived for centuries and will tell you it was HIM who told Adam and Eve they should embrace their beautiful, naked bodies as they frolic through the Garden, a true enthusiast of the natural form. As he talk, his voice washes away all the fear and worry you felt when stepping through those doors. You immediately feel safe, with no judgement upon you and you know that you’re home once more.

You say back to him “nah mate, just looking” as you and your partner take your first steps into a world you may never leave.

You don’t know where to begin, do you go left, do you go right, do you head straight for the glass box with a life sized naked sex doll in it (I did), options are limitless! To your right; silicon moulds, lubes of all types, butt plugs, butt plugs with tails, silicon boobies, silicon pussies (of every nation and pornstar you can think of!) To your left; dildos, vibrators, dongs and the wild shit, Bluetooth enabled vibrators, multi-stage vibrators, “rabbits” (dongs with little bits that vibrate on your clitoris), mini vibrators.

And then back of the store… let me tell you about the back of the store.

Monster dildos, shapes and sizes you could never imagine in your wildest dreams, whips of every type, chains, sounding equipment, cock cages, handcuffs, pussy and cock moulding kits, swings, masks, gags, ropes, costumes of all types and sizes, MORE DONGS, sex games, PARTY SEX GAMES the list just keeps going. By the time you’ve decided you’ve got everything you want for the night you realise 3 hours have past and between the amazing conversations you’ve had with the staff to seeing the incredible array of items, you’re ready to go home and absolutely destroy your lover!

This store isn’t just for those seeking a wild night with their partner or themselves, it’s for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of sex and sexual freedom and it’s for those seeking help with intimacy and find new ways to spice up their sex life. Don’t ever feel like you can’t shop at an adult store, because it’s places like these that can never be replaced by online shopping and it’s places like these that show you what’s really important and that’s you and your own body, mind and soul, which I know you will find something here to satisfy all.

Good luck and Safe Sex✌🏻

Short answer:
Yeah it’s sick. 10/10


Tabsky V

Asian Silicone Sex Dolls vs. European Silicone Sex Dolls

Over the course of the years, I had the opportunity to speak to a few people about how they felt about silicone sex dolls. One-half of these people were not shy about talking about their sexual experiences with artificial things; the other half felt insecure speaking about such subject matter. However, one thing was clear from the study: several people make use of artificial toys or dolls to help with their sexual desires.

Sex dolls are artificial robots created or built in a human-like structure and used to enhance or stimulate sexual experiences with a human partner. Therefore, your sex doll can be whomever you want it to be. An Asian silicone sex doll is a type of sex doll built to suit one’s preference.

On USBBdoll, with many sex dolls created for individual satisfaction and convenience, you can easily navigate through the website and purchase your preferred sex doll.

The Characteristics of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls get featured frequently due to their size, physique, hair, capabilities, and a host of other categories. However, this is essential because this category is also seen in our modern society.

There are preferences when it comes to sexual partners, as there are for sex dolls. For example, A loves women with thick thighs, big butts, and hips, and in contrast, B might prefer a slender woman with a culpable butt and thighs. This does not change anything. If everyone on earth was made to exercise, eat, sleep, and act the same way, we could not still be the same. This is why preference is important.

However, for this article, we are going to focus on preferences based on race. As such, we have

  • European Silicone Sex Dolls, and
  • Asian Silicone Sex Dolls.

European Silicone Sex Dolls

European silicone sex dolls mean you are getting features that are likened to Europeans. As a continent, you can expect a mix of diverse ethnicities. However, Europeans are identified by some means. In other words, there are physical attributes that set a person apart as a European.

Additionally, Europeans are known to have oval faces that are full and symmetrical, with narrow noses, high-defined cheekbones, a sharp chin, small and almond-shaped eyes, thin lips, and so on.

As such, if you are looking at getting a European Silicone Sex Doll, you should be mindful of these little details. They can help you sharpen the bond you have towards your doll, and also help increase the attraction or drive towards your sex doll.

Asian Silicone Sex Dolls

Getting an Asian silicone sex doll is more than just getting a sex doll. It also means getting a sex doll likened to that of an Asian, and this includes every little detail.

Asian sex dolls are known to be very attractive and compelling. Their physique and body features are known to attract people and enhance the sexual desires of other parties quickly.

Normally, Asians are known to have long straight black hair, long straight legs, a small nose, dark eyes, a flat face, less body and facial hair, wider cheekbones, double eyelids, a V-line face shape, etc. It is important to understand that this feature is used to describe the commonly identified facial attributes of Asians and does not in any way mean there are no Asians that do not fall within this category.

Therefore, if you are in search of an Asian sex doll, do well to take note of the following physical attributes: However, USBBdoll highlights two categories that fall under the Asian silicone sex doll. These are Japanese sex dolls and anime sex dolls.

Your preferences are not far-fetched. You can always get what you want. And that is the most beautiful thing about sex dolls.

Importantly, after choosing your preferred sex doll, you can customize your sex doll to your taste and preference. In other words, apart from the physique, you can also control the attraction of your sex doll. You can choose the height and weight, skin color, use of implanted hair or not, eye color, hand type, Areola Color, Vagina Option, Pubic Hair, Vaginal Depth, and so many more customizable features.


In other words, the preference of your partner does not have to end with racial features.

Asian Silicone Sex Dolls In Today’s World

These types of dolls are made up of silicone, which is used to creatively improve the physical components of the sex doll. This is generally different from other kinds of dolls because sex dolls are made as realistically as possible.

Silicone is used to build sex dolls. They are used to form the skin of the sex dolls in such a way that they look very human-like and not in any way robotic.

Asian sex dolls are quite pretty and commonly selected. However, it is unclear as to what causes this common preference, but it can be traced to one’s individual choice and preference.

Between Asian silicone sex dolls and European silicone sex dolls, there are no better dolls. Apart from the different physical features, they both perform the same function and purpose. In other words, they are built to act similarly. The major reason why sex dolls get featured is to enhance individual attraction to them.

Therefore, there is no competition. European sex dolls are as good as Asian sex dolls.

As such, you can explore various sexual fantasies, places, positions, etc. with your preferred sex doll. These sex dolls are made out of silicone, so you can explore every means of intimacy with them with no worries.


The introduction of sex dolls to the world has brought numerous advantages to people. These benefits range from a reduction in loneliness, the creation of a sexual partner, a decrease in sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), a decrease in abortions and unwanted pregnancies, etc.

The benefits of sex dolls can not be overemphasized. And as such, these benefits should be steered into continuity. Individuals should be allowed to select their choice from a wide range of other categories.

On this note, a proper sex doll website should have a proper organization of sex dolls based on classes of things. In this way, customers can easily move to the right page and select the perfect and most suitable sex doll.


Asian Silicone Sex Dolls are among the top-selling shelves of sex dolls. This is in no way a prejudice to other silicone sex dolls. As earlier stated, it depends on preferences. Preference is quite important because it helps you purchase the right sex doll for you. USBBdoll has a catalog of various silicone sex dolls made just for you.

How to look good naked: post covid

Let’s be real, you’ve probably got a covid bod going or maybe it started long before the pandemic and want to make sure you look good naked.  Body dysmorphia has been a struggle for everyone at least once in their life and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Confidence is difficult to earn and sometimes it’s harder to keep, especially when you’re stuck in quarantine with food delivery services everywhere.


The first step: achieving maximum comfort in the nude

This is probably the most difficult step.

I’m not saying you need to surround yourself with mirrors, this isn’t American Beauty and you may have a hard time picturing yourself like Mena Suvari covered in rose petals seducing Kevin Spacey on a ceiling. No, we’re not there yet, but get the rose petals anyway (just in case).

All we’re doing in this step is living without clothes, and preferably in our bedrooms away from housemates and family (this isn’t a social thing), but if you live alone or with a partner who works different hours to you; nipples to the wind, baby!


Some tasks you can do during this time could be, but definitely not limited to

  • Housework (e.g. vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry, etc)
  • Watching television or playing video games
  • Work from home (make sure there aren’t any zoom meetings scheduled)
  • Exercise (busty babes be careful)
  • Online shop
  • Wash the dog
  • Start a new hobby (knitting in the nude has a nice ring to it)


The point of this exercise is to be yourself, but naked. This means doing house-chores in the nude, and lounging about with a tit out. It’ll feel weird and you’ll want to put something on but resist. The more you see your fleshy bits, the more you’ll be desensitised to caring about what you look like (sounds easier than it is). Avoid mirrors and reflective surfaces at the beginning, it’s easy to give up after seeing yourself, it’s confronting and can do more damage than good.

This step isn’t a one-off, loving yourself takes time and each person is different, it all depends on you. Try and intertwine this practice daily or weekly. Make the time for yourself; no excuses! It’s 2022, if we aren’t attempting to think of our bodies as holy temples, then what are we doing with our time besides continually hating ourselves. We cut off toxic people, but what if we’re what’s toxic? Try and be kind to yourself, negatively thinking of your body isn’t going to change the fact that it’s yours.


The second step: acceptance

It’s okay to accept yourself at this current phase in your lives. If this isn’t the body you want, that’s okay too. It’s not about ‘liking’ yourself, it’s about realising you’re more than cellulite and caring less about what you or others think of your appearance. The goal is; going to a nudist beach and feeling like a king (this means not being embarrassed or feeling shame).

You’ll know you’ve reached this step when you look in the mirror and your reaction is more of “meh” instead of a “ew”.


When you spend less time worrying about your appearance, the better quality of life you’ll have. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, your dream rig is going to take time, and the sooner you stop overthinking and worrying about trying to squeeze into those jeans you desperately want to keep from 2010 (please just donate them, it’s not worth the reminder of what you were and what you wish you could be. It does more damage mentally and it doesn’t matter how much you spent on them or if they’re designer labels~ let it go).


Now that you’ve accepted your current body and cleared out your wardrobe, start living (you can wear clothes this time). This means enjoying things you always had to stress about before; treat yourself to that ice cream or go to the beach shirtless/in a bikini. You’ll feel like all eyes are on you, but try to remember that those people are more concerned about themselves and how they look. We all have our internal struggles and shortcomings, the only way to change how you react is purely through building confidence. The more you walk about being yourself in all your glory (please keep in mind public nudity is illegal), the more normal you’ll feel. Confidence isn’t given, it’s made.


The third step: enjoying yourself

This is the BIG one. We’ve spent the time, and we’ve done our best at loving our bodies on our own. Now it’s time for someone else to love your body.

Regardless of what you may think of yourself, you are wanted. Put yourself out there and start talking to people. Remember; nothing ventured = nothing gained! If you’re on a dating app, I highly suggest bad pick-up lines. It’s an easy way to break the ice and can set you up with a good first impression. Flirting out in the wild can be a bit intimidating and if you get turned down- please keep trying with other people. It can be disheartening at first but life isn’t like the movies and that’s okay. Just keep swimming around this crazy world until you hook someone worth keeping.


Not ready to let another person raid your holy temple? That’s fine, no rush. Luckily technology has come a LONG way from basic masturbation routines. Give yourself a break and get to your nearest adult store (adult stores will often give you more advice and better suggestions than shopping online). We’re all different and it’s important to find something worth your time.

Remember; you’re finding a toy/toys that’ll make YOU feel like a KING. Save your money by avoiding the cheaper/low quality items and invest in yourself. Sex toys are supposed to be fun and easy, sex shouldn’t be complicated unless you want it to be.

Roughly, this can cost you anywhere from AUD $150-$500 and should be a one-off purchase until you’re ready to explore yourself/others further. Stay away from battery operated and non-waterproof toys; they don’t last long and generally gather gunk/other nasties around the battery seal. If you can’t justify the purchase for yourself; think of it this way- you’d roughly spend that much on someone you love but not on yourself? Seems like a double standard to me… Let’s crush the stigma of ‘wasting money’ on yourself and see it as a necessary need. Would you buy a car or laptop knowing it’ll die within a few months? No, so why start now with a trash toy? Remember to explore your options and try to be open with new experiences. Tap into your inner-hedonist and get freaky!


Hopefully after following these three big steps you’ll see yourself in a new light and if you don’t then go back to step one and take it slow. You’re worth the time and effort, don’t rush yourself. Please be safe and don’t let negative comments undo the hard work you’re achieving. This is meant to be a slow process, the point is to rewire your mental attitude from years of body dysmorphic damage. Now get naked and comfortable, you got this!

How to Get The Most Out Of your sex cam sites

Sex Cam sites are one of our favorite ways to make money online. It’s an amazing way to connect with clients, show off your work, and maybe even find a nice person who wants to pay you for your time! However, there are some key tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your webcam site.

9 tips on how to get the most out of your webcam site.

The following are quick tips on how to make money with your web cam.

Open up a premium account for your webcam site.

with a premium account, you get additional benefits, such as auto-message recording, higher limits, and other awesome features.

Make sure you’re able to talk.

One of the first things that people will notice when they come to your webcam site is whether or not you can talk! If they can’t hear you or they can barely hear what you are saying, then they probably won’t stay on your website for long, and there’s no point in having them there at all. Take a moment to identify any issues with your voice and fix them as soon as possible.

Use your video to get other people to buy.

The best way to get people on your website to buy is through a video that you have created! This will allow you to advertise and promote your website, which will increase its popularity.

Make sure you have good internet.

Internet is one of the most important things when it comes to your webcam site. If you have bad internet, then your webcam site might not work correctly. Therefore, make sure you are connected to a high-speed internet.

Be confident in what you are saying on camera.

You need to be confident that you’ll get other people on your webcam site, because if they aren’t, you won’t make any money.

Promote your webcam site.

You need to promote your website online to get more people on it! You need to let people know about your webcam site so that they will come and check it out!.

Have some fun!

You are on camera for many hours a day, so why not have some fun with it? Be yourself, talk about what you’re doing, etc. It will make the website more popular and it will help you get more money too!

Respond to people in a timely matter.

People want a response from you and they want it as soon as possible! In addition, if you become more popular, there may be a lot of people that come to your webcam site. Therefore, you will need to be able to answer everyone’s questions in a timely manner.

Promote your webcam site on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, promote your webcam site through them. If you have a lot of followers on Facebook or Twitter, it will let other people know about the website, and they will be able to come and get more information about it!

How to make your webcam videos great.

Webcam videos are a great way to promote your webcam site, and they are a great way to learn how to get more people on it. You need to be able to tell people about your website in an interesting manner, and if you can do that, then you will be able to get more customers, which will make you money!

The following are a list of tips on how to make your webcam videos great:

Make sure your video is in good quality.

If you don’t know how to make a video look great, then you need to find someone who can help you edit it! In addition, if you have a webcam site where people can come and see you, then the video on it needs to be in good quality or else people won’t watch it.

Show your skills.

Yes, you are selling on your webcam site, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your skills! In addition, if you are selling artwork, then you can show it off in the video. Just be careful not to talk too much about your skills and focus more on getting people to come onto your website.

Show off your personality.

Yes, this is a business related website that you’re working with, but it’s still important for people to like you as a person. They may be buying something from you, but they need to like you before they can do so. Therefore, it’s important that you make sure that people like you and they want to come onto your website.

Be interesting.

You can’t just talk about the same thing over and over again! Instead, why not make up a new story each day?

Keep your videos short.

Webcam videos are a great way to promote your webcam site, and they will get more people onto it.

Be on camera.

Yes, you might be selling an item from your webcam site, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be in front of the camera! In fact, it’s important to be open and honest in front of the camera.

Apply make up.

Yes, you will be on camera for many hours a day, so you need to make sure that you wear make up to look nice.

Final thought.

With a good webcam site, you can make some good money. However, you will need to make sure that you stay on camera for many hours a day, use good quality videos, and stay professional. Furthermore, if you want to make more money with your webcam site, try asking people on the street or at places like Facebook and Twitter if they know where they can find it!

How Weight Affects Your Sex Life

Our body weight affects Your Sex Life and health and performance in multiple modes. Having a healthy and better sex life is linked to both emotional and physical health. Amongst many biological reasons that affect sex between couples, weight is one o the common uttered issues. Being overweight can disturb not only the quality of life but also the sex life. And the good news is, it can be treated. Desire, pleasure, sex drive, and performance all are linked to obesity and body weight. Excess weight can hamper sex life and also create psychological obstacles during sex.

Now keeping this in mind, let us know about how weight actually affects sex life between couples:

It Can Limit Your Positions

Trying out a variety of different positions during sex works wonders for relationships. There is difficulty in trying out and exploring new positions during intercourse. By being overweight, experiencing physical limitations hinder sex and intimacy. If one of the partners has obesity or excess fat the other can feel uncomfortable, and the sex should not be uncomfortable in any way. What happens is both the couple due to overweight find difficulty in getting to the climax which may lead to very decreased or no sexual satisfaction. Thus, losing weight by having proper healthy lifestyle habits might help to enjoy every sense of it.

Erectile dysfunction

Another main and common effect weight has on men is erectile dysfunction. It is believed that body fat lowers testosterone levels in men which can cause erectile dysfunction. Although it can be treated easily. In fact, low levels of testosterone can also cause a high risk of cortisol and estrogen which can lead to impotence, lower libido, and hair loss. And the best and healthy way to restore erection is to lose weight. Eating less and working out more can bring drastic changes to sexual activity.

Heart risks

All excess weight increases your risk of cardiac disease, even if you’re otherwise healthy and don’t have other risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. People with cardiac diseases are often very concerned about their sexual performance. The primary fear they have is that they might cause a heart attack while having sex. Moreover, cardiovascular diseases affect men’s ability to achieve orgasm and both partners find it hard to experience sexual pleasure in a broad range. In order to cope with this and promote better heart health, supplements may be useful and convenient. Mitchelle Morgan, whose articles published on popular health news sites pointed out that the ingredients present in some supplements not only enhance cardiovascular activities but also trigger the body’s natural metabolism to promote weight loss.

Low sex drive

When it comes to sex drive our body weight can impact a lot on overall sexual performance. As mentioned above an increased weight decrease the testosterone level which is a sex hormone in males and thus, libido drops drastically, which leads to low or poor sex drive. And it is believed that both men and women who go through a weight loss journey have relatively improved sexual function and experience. Weight sabotages the sex life which is vital for a relationship. Apart from weight, stress, chronic illness, injury, intoxication, or hormonal balance also temporarily decrease sex drive.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is having a deep personal connection with a sense of belonging. And this intimacy can be affected by a variety of reasons such as trust, dishonesty, abuse, lack of self-esteem, and one major reason is being overweight.

Being overweight or weight gain can influence even penis size as well due to fat forming near genitals. People who are overweight quite often scrutinize their body, and it’s not always about the weight and other factors, how one feels about the body and body image also matter a lot. Being overweight or also somehow associated with other diseases as well such as diabetes and heart ailments which not only adversely affects the sex life but also the quality of life.

Disrupts hormonal balance

The main hormones that affect and influence sex drive are mainly cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones. Hormones basically act as signaling molecules that have a greater contribution to the maintenance and overall well-being of the body and involve almost all aspects of the body. Men, due to weight gain are more likely to face low testosterone levels and low fertility. With weight, certain lifestyle habits and diet can also eventually affect hormonal balance. The food we eat and the diet we follow can immensely affect our health. This piece presents the best weight loss diet plans and one can easily tailor it according to their preferences.


Our body goes through a lot of changes while gaining weight. It incredibly has a serious impact on our body and overall health. And with the top of it, sexual experience also has a great effect on both the couples. Obesity can affect sex and sexual performance dampening the desire for better and pleasurable sex. Excess body fat can take a toll on both physical and mental well-being which is a bad sign altogether. Therefore, a good healthy weight is important for a better and improved sex life. Although some changes in lifestyle would help toward better sex drive and arousal. And if the conditions are more worsen, then getting treatment or consulting a good doctor regarding sexual health would be a much better option.

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