How to Get Sexy Inspiration from Audio Porn

Is your sex life at a standstill then Get Sexy Inspiration? Are you looking for some new and naughty sexual inspiration? Look no further than audio porn. A fairly new but equally erotic form of pornography, audio porn takes erotic storytelling to an entirely new level! 


Narrators with seductive and captivating voices read hot and steamy sex stories aloud for your listening pleasure. Without visual cues from videos or photographs, your imagination is left to run wild (along with your hands). Audio porn allows you to imagine yourself in the narrator’s shoes or watching from afar like a sexy spectator.


Whichever role you embody, audio porn can offer plenty of naughty inspiration to help bring passion to your relationship, both with your significant other and yourself. 

Listen with a Partner as Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of any intimate relationship, especially for women who often need sexual build-up and an emotional connection to get aroused enough for sex. Heavy petting, groping, and dry humping excluded, audio porn is an intimate type of foreplay both partners will love. Guys get their pornography fix while women are treated to sexy and seductive stories that let their naughty imaginations run wild.


Slip into bed and bring your earbuds along. Dim the lights, light some candles and lay beside one another. Now, share the earbuds, use wireless AirPods, or just press play on the erotic audio sex story of your choosing. Let the narrator’s sexy voice fill your ears and travel throughout every inch of your being. You can touch, tickle, and caress their body during especially steamy portions of the story. Close your eyes and briefly get lost in your own erotic world. Audio porn lets you enjoy a shared experience as well as a completely private and personal one all at the same time.


By the time the story ends, you’ll be begging your partner to ravish you! 

Safely Experiment with Different Fantasies and Scenarios

Speaking of ravishing one another, have you been dying to try a new sex fantasy? Is it a little racy or taboo? Audio porn lets you not only explore these fantasies safely without commitment or reserve but introduce your naughtiest desires to your partner in a non-intimidating way.


Start by choosing an erotic sex story in your desired category. Audio porn is available in every niche from BDSM and cuckold to gay, fetish, and beyond. Now, lay back and listen. Imagine yourself exploring uncharted territory. Can you envision yourself acting these scenarios out in real life or is the fantasy enough to satisfy you? Either way, audio porn is a healthy way to venture outside your sexual comfort zone. 


If you decide a threesome or cuckold fantasy is something you’d like to experiment with, use an audio sex story to bring it up to your partner. Have them listen to a particularly steamy sex scene and see how they react. Are they equally turned on or do they seem appalled? Their reaction will tell you a lot about whether or not you can comfortably suggest whatever naughty fantasy you have in mind. Who knows, they might be more than willing to indulge you — all thanks to audio porn! 

Take Notes and Find Inspiration in Your Favorite Stories

Are you tired of using the same old moves in bed or are worried that your partner is getting bored? Or maybe you’re just hitting the dating scene again and want some pointers before your next sex session. Whatever the reason, audio porn is a great resource for tips, tricks, and techniques that’ll “wow” your lover.


Pay attention to how the characters speak to one another. Find inspiration in the words and phrases they use. After listening to a few erotic sex stories, you’ll be a dirty talk master! You can also get tips on how to seduce your partner. Lighting candles, blindfolding them, or surprising them in the shower are just a few sex scene scenarios to help you surprise and arouse your significant other.


You can also use audio porn to push the envelope. Have you always dreamed of getting spanked but can’t find the right words to ask for it? Take note of how the characters in the stories get their naughty needs met. Perhaps the woman comes to bed wearing a sexy leather bodysuit or handcuffs herself to the bed. If you think your partner is receptive to a more straightforward approach, bring a beautiful stranger home to live out your threesome fantasy. 


Find a character in your favorite audio porn that’s relatable and then take their lead. Just be sure to always respect your partner’s boundaries. 

Embody the Sex God (or Goddess) You’ve Always Wanted to Be and Experiment with Roleplaying 

Speaking of finding a relatable character, some of the hottest sex involves roleplaying. There’s something exciting about pretending to be someone you’re not or embodying the personality of someone who’s your complete opposite.


For those who are normally reserved or shy in the bedroom, it’s time to get aggressive! Listen to a few sex stories with strong and powerful characters that aren’t afraid to ask (or demand) what they want. Borrow some of their catchphrases and all of their confidence to recreate the sexy scene. This works best when your partner is also familiar with the character and story. Find one that you’ve enjoyed listening to together and then act it out. Become the star of your own, real-life sex story.


You can also ask for what you want and cite an audio porn story as your inspiration. Tell your significant other that you want them to tie you up and pour hot oil on you just like the two characters you listened to. Audio porn offers a safe lead-in to expressing your deepest desires. 


Explore Your Limits with Audio Porn 

Sex, foreplay, and fantasies have never been more fun or more satisfying. Audio porn offers plenty of naughty ideas and inspiration to take your sex life to the next level. 


If your relationship lacks sizzle, erotic sex stories are the perfect way to connect on a deeper level (literally). Incorporate some of the scenes and characters into your own bedroom routine. Learn to be more assertive and seductive by listening to the techniques they use.


Whether you’re experimenting on your own or with someone else, audio porn can help you let your guard down and unleash the sexual being inside!

How to watch Live Porn Safely At home During Lockdown

There are lots of different live porn sites on the internet, but not all of them are created equal so ensure you watch Live Porn Safely.   Most people would be surprised to find out that predator sites exist to do nothing less than scam you out of your money while you’re looking for your adult fix. It’s just the way that it is and these sites will always be around. Sitting in lockdown most likely has you searching for more porn sites than usually, so you might just come across these scam sites. Here’s how to go about keeping yourself safe.

White label sites exist

The first thing to realize is that white label cam sites exist and there’s nothing at all wrong with them. These are sites that offer you free live porn from the big premium sites. If you ever come across a cam site that looks like it’s just giving you feeds from Chaturbate with the same interface and everything, it’s probably a white label site. It’s a great way to get the kind of cam feeds that you want without having to search for them. They may come off like a scam, but they can be your very best friend.

Avoid redirects

No legitimate site is ever going to rely on redirects to get you to your live porn. This is a trick that the scam sites use to get you onto a premium site that you don’t need. They’re usually scams on top of being premium and people figure them out after a while. When you have a site that’s a well-known scam, the traffic eventually dries up. That’s why they end up making other sites that redirect you to them. If you click on a link and end up on a different site, make your way out of it as quickly as you can.

Never use a credit card as an ID

One of the most common scams you’re going to come across is the one that tells you a credit card is a valid way of proving your age. They claim that you have to provide a form of identification to show that you’re over 18. This comes in the shape of saving your credit card information on their servers. That’s always a dead giveaway that you’re looking at a scam. Your card is going to be charged and you’ll be out a lot of money.

Keep your information private in public

If you like to spend your time talking to your favorite cam models in the public chat room, it’s best to keep all of your private information to yourself. That means never talk about where you live or work. Any tiny bit of information that you give out can be used to scam you and steal your identity. Just keep your mouth shut when it comes to your details and you won’t have to deal with any bad news in the future. If you want to talk about specifics, do it in private.

Use third party rebillers

Most real cam sites that you use are going to utilize third party rebillers for all of your financial information. That lets you share your information with companies that are used to dealing with it and can keep it safe. It’s much better than uploading your credit card numbers directly to a site that you’ve never used before. Look for a third party logo and do a little research on it. You want to make sure that it’s secure and that there haven’t been any recent data breaches for you to worry about.

Only share your cam with the performer

If you want to go cam to cam on the site, don’t make the mistake of making your cam public for everyone. Make sure that it’s only being shared with the performer so you’re not being seen by strangers all over the world. You never know what they’re going to be able to do with your feed after they record it. If you don’t give them a chance to blackmail you then you just don’t have to worry about it. Keep it simple and just play with your favorite performer when you want to show yourself off.

Remember to have fun

No matter how much time you spend being safe, the most important thing that you can do is make sure that you still have plenty of fun. If you’re being safe then you can enjoy the time with your performer without having to worry about anything else. That’s really what you’re going after. Do your due diligence at the start and then just enjoy your live porn. It’s the best way to keep yourself sane and safe during the lockdown. You’ll also walk away with a whole lot more sites in your bookmarks.



Tips for Men to Increase Their Confidence around Women

There are countless men out there who are looking to improve their Confidence around Women and their dating lives. Whether they’re in the process of coming out of a bad relationship or not yet comfortable with themselves, men must understand what makes women tick.

Women want men with confidence. This might seem like a stereotype, but it’s true. If a woman thinks you’re too afraid to approach someone or that your body language is submissive to her, she’ll be turned off.

Here are some tips men can use to become more confident around women

  1. Don’t “Sales Pitch.”

Women aren’t interested in hearing a sales pitch. They’re not at the bar to buy something; they’re at the bar to meet someone. If you open with an unsolicited sales pitch, your date will be turned off instantly. Your conversation will be much more pleasant if you connect on something casual.

  1. Avoid the “I’m Alone” Fallacy

Women like men who are confident because that means they can take care of themselves. But there’s a difference between being assertive and overbearing. Don’t walk around with the attitude that you’re better than everyone else.

  1. Read Her Body Language

Women are attracted to men who understand what their body language means. If you’re unsure if she’s interested, watch her body language. If she seems turned off or agitated, use the “broken record” technique. This is when you simply repeat your statement over and over again in a light-hearted and humorous way.

  1. Be Yourself

That means you don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. If you’re a bit shy at first, show her that you’re a bit different. Girls aren’t attracted to men who are exactly like them; they like dating people different from them.

  1. Keep Your Sense of Humor

Women love guys who know how to laugh with them. Avoid using sarcastic jokes, as women often find that offensive. Instead, make light-hearted jokes that show you’re comfortable in your own skin.

  1. Avoid “Drama.”

When a man starts talking about the drama he’s had in his past relationships, women are turned off. They want a man who is in the present moment and who enjoys life.

  1. Be Proactive

Women are used to men leading the show. If you’re proactive, you’ll show her that you can take charge in social situations. You don’t need to be overbearing about it; just make a suggestion and take action.

  1. Practice using a doll

Yes, we’re talking about using love dolls. Why would you do such a thing? You’re trying to give yourself a confidence boost when you’re in the bedroom with a woman. If you don’t have much experience in the bedroom, it can feel like the world is closing in on you.

Performance anxiety is a real thing, and the only way you avoid it is through practice. Practicing your lovemaking skills on a doll will boost your ability, and that will make you feel more confident around women. You won’t shy away from talking to a woman because you’ll know that if you get her in the sack, that you’ll be able to satisfy her every need.

There you have it, follow these tips, and you’re sure to be a hit with the ladies. But, above all else, enjoy the process of meeting new women and use every opportunity you get to make a connection with someone new.

Two Sexy Toys for Women – Rose Queen And Big Dildo

sexy toys for women

In the process of female masturbation, if you use sexy toys for women, you will get a lot of fun. Women’s sexual pleasure mainly comes from the clitoris and vagina. There are many sex toys on the market that stimulate these two sensitive parts. I would like to recommend two practical female masturbation toys to you. They are Rose Queen and a 10-inch dildo.


Rose Queen is An Upgraded Version of Rose Vibrator

 Take the Rose As the Prototype, a Design Toy Belonging to the Rose Series

The rose is a symbol of love. In ancient Greek mythology, the rose is a combination of love and beauty. It is not only the incarnation of the god of beauty but also the blood of the god of love. In the world, roses are the universal language used to express love. Rose queen is the most beautiful and practical rose vibrator in the rose series. Both the appearance and the cost-effective use are considered from the perspective of female users.

The Rose Queen‘s design concept based on roses is a female sex toy that meets the spiritual needs of women. Its appearance, color, and use function are highly compatible with women. As we all know, women are the messenger of love flowers, their genes contain this flower-loving nature. Therefore, they will be very happy to receive flowers from their boyfriend, lovers, relatives, and friends at various festivals. Although men are not born to love flowers, they also know that sending flowers can please girlfriends and wives well. Rose queen means the elegance of love. This is an upgraded version of ceremonial elegance for true love. Therefore, it is also a great gift for men to women.

Double Orgasm Stimulation

Rose Queen’s flower buds stimulate the clitoris, separate the labia slightly, enclose the clitoris with the suction head, experience a stronger thrill than real oral sex. And the vibratory rod of the flower handle stimulates the vagina, it’s double stimulation.

This means that Rose Toy Pro can be used not only for foreplay flirtation and stimulating libido but also for women to enjoy vaginal G-points and P-point orgasms. The vibrating rod is hard at both ends and soft in the middle. The middle part can be bent and folded. It can be put into the vagina while sucking the clitoris with the petal mouth to reach the climax of the double sensitive zone.

100% Waterproof Performance

 Many women like to enjoy sexual pleasure in the water, and the comfort in the water is more likely to stimulate women’s sexual desire and orgasm. Surprisingly, Rose Queen is made of silicone material which is 100% waterproof, so women can put it directly in the bathtub when they take a bath and heat the temperature of the sex toy to stimulate their clitoris.

The warm temperature will make your clitoris more sensitive, of course, you can still use it when you take a shower, you can directly hold it in your hand and use it under the showerhead.

10-inch-dildo is the Basic Standard of a Big Dildo

Rose Queen is a relatively elegant female masturbation toy. It can be easily carried. Even if you take it out and put it in a public place, no one will associate it with a sex toy. The big dildo is the most primitive sex toy that stimulates the vagina. Some women like this kind of sex toy that realistically imitates the male penis, especially the large size of the big dildo will stimulate women’s most primitive desire for the penis.

So what is the concept of a 10-inch dildo? Dildo usually has 6.5 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and over 10 inches. Generally speaking, a dildo over 10 inches is a big dildo, including 10 inches. If you want a stronger sense of sexual satisfaction, it is better to choose a big dildo. I recommend Sohimi’s 10.6″ Huge Liquid Silicone Dildo which can catch a woman’s pleasure well and fuller.

Basically, for women, the insertable size of this 10.6inches is about 8.26inches and the width is 1.96inches, which can bring women a very refreshing sense of filling. It feels like your first bite of a juicy cheese and beef burger, and its satisfying happiness fills your whole senses. When a woman uses it to masturbate, she feels the pleasure and comfort of it gradually entering the vagina. The real visible vascular folds on the dildo are like a real penis swimming in your vagina, leading you to enter the climax of sexual desire faster.

Sexy Toys for Women

Rose Queen and big dildo are different types of female masturbation toys. Rose Queen has a more clitoral stimulation function than a big dildo, and it is more elegant and beautiful. It is very suitable for women who like to masturbate and have a sense of ritual, while the size of the big dildo is larger. It is easier to meet the female vagina’s demand for penis and stimulate A-sport.

Standardising Sex toys

There has long been speculation and arguments about Standardising Sex toys. The adult toy industry was roughly worth AUD$44.69 Billion worldwide during 2020 and it is projected to grow to AUD $69.61Billion by the year 2028 (Grandview Research, 2021).

LBTQ Sexual Wellness

Acceptance of LGBTQ+, sexual wellness and acceptance, sexual experimentation, even Fifty Shades of Grey and lets not forget COVID, the global sex toy market increases to grow and expand. All of these reasons and more can be attributed to the rise of the purchase and use of adult toys. But with the increase in mainstream use and attention.

At this point it is important to note that it is an unregulated corner of consumerism. That’s fine and well for me to say, but what does that mean? Simply put, anyone can make an adult toy and sell or market it as such. It does not have health standards to meet or safety standards. That alone is pretty scary though, because I mean, these toys are more often than not, going near our nether regions where we have sensitive, delicate organs that are very important to our everyday function as well as for pleasure and sometimes for reproduction. These organs aren’t even all external, some are internal which brings a whole new spin to the question “do you know what you’re really putting in your body?”

So we immediately think and agree that we need to put good quality if not premium quality grade materials in or out of our body during our pleasure time. And that is a great consensus. A brilliant, amazing solution to the aforementioned problem.

But then there is the cold hard grossly more concerning fact that is the problem without regulations.

Anyone can state an adult toy’s materials is one thing, on the packaging, and nobody, no regulation, no standard or government body can stop them or pull them up on it. Yes, they cannot say that a dong is made of silicone when in actual fact it is made of pvc. But it does not need to be 100% silicone, for a company to label an adult toy “silicone”. Factories are legally able to add fillers in and cut corners and costs to produce more and cheaper toys, bringing in a bigger revenue or convincing you that you can get away with a cheaper product when in fact, that material is no better for your body than if you chose a product that was made with “bad” materials in the first place.

Even tags such as BodySafe or MedicalGrade are a little bit dependent on who has deemed it so. BodySafe silicone for instance is deemed body safe in each individual factory or lab, therefore will have different and varying grades across the world.

So how do you pick!

All is not lost and there are safe toys out there. The best way to ensure that you are using a quality product is by investing money in a product. Yes it may seem like a bit of money but we consider things such as shoes or a car, the money we put into them is the quality we often see in return. When we skimp on these things, we aren’t surprised when they don’t work, or they break or we end up injured.

Buy from reputable brands. While we may not have regulations, there are reputations. Not having regulations has not stopped some pretty amazing companies from developing products that are safe, made from high grade materials and amazing for your body. Least of all forgetting the literal orgasmic nature of them. These big companies have worked hard on their reputations to bring you products that will last a long time, and be amazing and work hard in improving sexual wellness at the unprecedented incline that the market is working at.

Not sure what makes a reputable brand? Talk to our sales consultants. This is all part of our job. We extensively train with representatives from companies and research the companies that are being sold in our stores to ensure that we can give you the best information regarding the safest product experience for you and for your body.

Warranties. Another good indication of quality is a warranty. If a product doesn’t have a warranty, give it a wide berth. When a company puts a warranty on their products it’s somewhat telling you that they have faith in their product.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long though, with so much traction, popularity and exploration within the world with adult toys it was no wonder that soon there would be a consensus that adult toys needed standards.

Swedish Institute of Standards

Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) approached the International Standards Organization (ISO) and in 2019 a committee was created for discussions surrounding this. ISO/PC 325 Sex toys – Design and safety requirements for products in direct contact with genitalia, the anus, or both. Standardization in the field of sex toys This document  will specify safety and user information requirements relating to the materials and design for manufactured products intended for sexual use. This will cover only manufactured products that are intended to come in direct contact with genitals and/or the anus.

So how will this change the industry? It can only mean good things for the industry! Or at least, for our health and safety. Unfortunately, yes it will mean that adult toys and products will most likely become more expensive because not every man and his dog can make them any longer. It will also mean that companies will be held liable for producing safe and good quality products for “consumption”.

Already, there are a number of “admittance’s” to hospital or medical related issues that have come down to materials used in cheaply or poorly made toys that unfortunately can not be liable followed up on or known for absolute certainty if they were the cause. Currently, American law dictates that only serious injury or death as a consequence from a product can warrant investigation and prosecution. With standardisation this will be a thing of the past.

These are yet again why it is so important to shop in store, to be able to ask the relevant questions regarding material composition with our sales consultants and discuss the differences between the companies and factory origins of individual products to ensure that you are getting and putting the best companion for your body to make for the ideal play partner.

I can only imagine that having a set of standards to abide by will also drive the industry forward to be more innovative and produce more specialised products that are improved in both material, design and functionality. I think the amount that the sex toy industry has already changed and evolved so much since the 90’s I for one cannot wait to see where these next decades will take us, especially with an introduction of standards that are there to work for us as consumers.


At your Service


OhZome Sales Consultant, Educator and Standards Advocate.