The Training Room

Secretary Sex

A ‘Lunch N Learn’ is never much fun. Firstly, your employer wants you to give up your lunch time for some training, and second, you just never know how quality the food is going to be that the educator brings. Sometimes last night’s leftovers is way tastier.

Not this time. I couldn’t have asked for anything tastier. And I didn’t even see the food. I could only keep my eyes on April. But keeping my gaze on her eyes proved quite the challenge. Her low cut top revealed a deep cleavage, her breasts still big even for her magic curves.

Ordinarily, when confronted with such a beautiful woman as April, I’d hang back and admire from afar. But as there had been a crisis out on one of our sites overnight, most of my team were there on site ‘putting out fires’. They had left me to man the phones and be able to quickly and easily fetch any engineering drawings they may urgently need.

Which is how I found myself in Conference Room 4, alone with April. She tried to talk to me about the stainless steel expansion joints that her company made, but the only thing expanding was in the front of my pants. It seemed like every single little thing she said had a double meaning behind it: ‘Pressure build up’, ‘restraining rods’, ‘compression’, ‘hot fluids’ and ‘slurry’.

April’s black dress was as tight as it could possibly be, and I kept imagining tugging down the front zipper and letting her fun bags pop right out in my face. But as distracting as those breasts were, she kept drawing my attention right back to her gorgeous face with a flick of her dark curly hair. A hair toss that would reveal the fine curve of her neck, her sharp jawline which only further accentuated her thick red lips.

After her initial product overview, April moved over beside me, telling me she was originally going to do a slideshow, but since I was the only one there, she’d just go through it with me on her phone. She flicked through images of expansion joints, her hair brushing over my shoulder. She smelt of peonies and pink grapefruit. I fought the urge to press my face through her locks and nibble on her ear. Barely.

Her being so close made it very hard to pretend to pay attention to her scrolling pictures, until one finally popped up that demanded my attention. It was a naked picture of April, clearly taken from the guy whose cock she had in her mouth.

‘Oh my god,’ she said, but nearly as panicked as it should have been.

‘Oh wow.’ My words dribbled from my mouth. April took her time to swipe the photo away.

‘Did you like what you saw, then?’

‘Since I first met you in here,’ I smiled back. In these close quarters, she merely leaned her face to meet mine, and those thick lips were as soft as they looked. My fingers gripped her hair to draw her even closer, her tongue pushed its way into my welcoming mouth.

She wasted no more, hoisting up her dress and climbing up onto my lap, her lips still plastered against mine. While straddling me, she gently rolled herself back and forth along my shaft.

April dropped her hands down and opened up the front of my pants. She groaned as she worked my hard cock out and by simply shifting her little g-string aside, led me inside of her hot wet pussy.

She righted herself, leaning back a little and supported herself with her palms on my knees. I decided to live my earlier fantasy and slowly eased the zipper down on the front of her dress. Her huge breasts exploded through the opening, popping out to say hello. I greeted them with my mouth and tongued her erect nipples.

April surged forward, wrapping her arms around my head, sinking me completely within her tits. It was a struggle to even breath, but truth be told, that would probably be the greatest way to ever leave this life. Using her elbows on my shoulders for traction, she ground her pussy deep and hard on my cock. I could feel her juice creaming down the front of my pants.

Totally worth the dry cleaning that it would require.

Her groans, right next to my ear, were getting louder and louder. I felt her kegels tightening and retracting around me. I was too close to coming myself, and tried to delay myself to make sure she came first. I wondered how she was so close so quickly, immediately deciding there wasn’t much I was doing beyond being used like a warm dildo. Perhaps that was the answer, the power she felt in controlling the whole situation. Or the eyes that could be upon us from any number of buildings out the window.

‘Fuck, just there, just there,’ her words dragged me from my prolonging thoughts. Her pussy shuddered and convulsed. In a move that reminded me of Carter Cruise, April’s face went red as she stopped breathing, her eyes open and rolling back, she was completely overcome by her orgasm. She quaked and clenched me tight, forcing me to follow quickly after her.

I mumbled some nonsensical crap as my cock exploded deep within her. April’s eyes lit up, biting her bottom lip as she watched me come. For another minute, she remained there on my lap, slowly gyrating while I was shrinking inside of her.

Finally, with one more big kiss, she climbed off my lap, letting my load drip out on me, and zipped up her dress and straightened her g-string.  Only once had something like this happened to me before but that is another Taiwan Erotic Story.

‘Well, I don’t think there’s anything left for me to teach you today,’ April said, before quietly collecting her things and leaving the room.

I looked down at the mess all over the front of my pants, on my lap, even the little bit on the floor.

‘What the fuck just happened?’

The Wine Glass!

Erotic Stories

I’ve always been a kinky person. All throughout High School I kept getting in trouble because I couldn’t keep from humping everything, saying the wrong things at the wrong time, and just basically being intrigued about everything related to sex, which, coming from a very religious family, is not something that usually went unpunished. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I ended up getting grounded a lot. So by senior year I was becoming an expert at avoiding getting into trouble while still trying to figure out why I felt so curious about this carnal sin called sex.

I somehow managed to graduate with pretty good grades and was accepted to a pretty awesome college far away from home. In fact, the distance from my home was a factor that I valued a lot when making my decision on which school I wanted to attend. I finally wanted to be free from the judging gaze of my parents and family. Finally liberated, I must admit I went a little nuts with this newfound freedom. Let me tell you about one of these moments, this is the time I learned a new Japanese term at college.

During my college years I made a group of pretty loyal friends that closely resembled the group that I had in High School. In my experience geeky boys have a tendency to be secretly kinky, and they also lack the ego to be jerks or assholes to me after they learn of my kinks and hang-ups. In High School I learned that the popular crowd will quickly turn on and destroy people in their own group for much less than being a sexual deviant, so I always kept my distance from them. The geeky kids were always sweet and glad to have any kind of female attention and friendship. They were all hopelessly single, hopelessly sweet, and hopelessly horny, which was just the kind of friend I was looking for.

My college group of friend consisted of five really close friends. We called ourselves the O.R.G. (Oppidan Research Group). Not because of we were researching anything related to Urbanism or anything like that, we just found it hilarious that it sounded like the word “orgy”. If there was any research that our group would do, then it was usually related to sex and deviant/perverted sexual practices. The internet had just recently become “a thing” and information about sex had never before been as readily available as it was back then.

In our group we had: Roger, the rich, Asian kid. He had a round-face, was short, pale, and was the king of all the tech and gadgets. His house had Internet built in, which was a big deal in a world of dial-up Internet. Next there was Tom, the tall, pale, and thin-as-a-stick kid from Florida. Nowadays there are jokes on the Internet about “Florida Man” doing some fucked up thing, I think it may actually be Tom! I’m joking of course, but he was an odd looking kid. Very quiet, but always had a glint of mischief in his eyes. Sam was a skinny, geeky black kid. If I had to describe him I would say he looked like a less goofy looking Steve Urkel. And rounding up the O.R.G. was David. He had long curly hair, was somewhat built, and came from a huge family New Jersey. I was the only girl in the group. And maybe it was because I was the only girl brave enough to hang out with these geeky perverts.

It was a Thursday night, we’d gathered to “study” at our usual meeting place: Roger’s house.

Roger was a local boy, he had always lived close to the college because his parents were both doctors and one of them was a professor at our college. His house was huge and mostly empty all the time because his parents were often out working or traveling, which was just perfect for us; a big, beautiful house all to ourselves with great furniture and many places to study or goof off. Also, during the warmer months, the pool was one of our favorite places to chill out.

Roger’s parents were both out, as was usual, so we had the house to ourselves. Roger was extremely giddy and joking around with the rest of the crew. I’d been the last to arrive to the house and they were giggling and making jokes about some strange word that sounded like “go-koon” to my ears. They were joking about getting some more go-koon from the fridge, which immediately drew out groans and “eww” from the others. After a few more mentions of this word related to food or drink, I finally gave up an asked what they were talking about. And they all burst out laughing, which only doubled my determination to find out what the joke was.

Roger served us all lemonade as we sat down to at the round table in the middle of the breakfast nook. His face dramatically illuminated by the hanging lamp. As he took his seat, he explained that the word was Gokkun, and that it was Japanese. And he explained that there is a whole sub-genre of Japanese porn where a group of men would ejaculate into a glass, or a plate, or a bucket. Once they had all filled the vessel, a girl would then take it and swallow the whole thing. My mouth was agape. Which only made them all laugh even more, and I guess that is when I realized that my mouth was open and my cheeks immediately turned red from embarrassment.

“No fucking way that’s a real thing,” I said as I finally regained my wits. My mind was racing and quickly switching from disgust to intense curiosity.

I’m not sure if the boys could tell the conflict going in my brain. But it almost seems like they were prepared for me to doubt them. “I have proof!”, said Roger, and he produced a VHS tape from his backpack and put it in the center of the table. Sam quickly picked it up and inspected it.

“Where the hell did you get this?”, Sam asked, turning the tape over and over. It had a black label with red Japanese symbols all over it.

“My dad brought it back from his last trip to Japan,” said Roger coyly, “He still has no idea that I know where he stashes his porn collection.”

The next few minutes the boys argued over international video formats, but Roger assured everyone that the video was in the correct format and that we would be able to watch it. The boys chugged their lemonade down and we quickly filed after Roger to the den. Roger fiddled with the VCR while we all sat on the couch. I sat smack dab in the middle of the couch with Sam and David to my left, and Tom to my right. The video started, and Roger came and sat on the floor in front of us all.

After a lot of “artistic shots” of a Japanese garden and some cheesy music, a very busty girl walks into the garden and proceeds to strip naked, then a group of men come and surround her. They also disrobe and begin to stroke their dicks. The girl in the center kneels and takes turns fellating the men. So far there was nothing I had not seen before in regular pornos. I could tell the images were working their magic on the boys though, as they all shifted in their seats, adjusting their crotches.

I’d watched porno with the boys before. And while I do enjoy watching the films, I enjoy watching they boys reactions to the film much more. Their dicks get hard and there is a lot of adjusting of bulges that goes on. Depending on the film some boys get a little more adventurous and start to actually stroke the outline of their dicks through their pants, which excites me much more than what’s going on in the film. Tonight was one of those nights, the boys were all over their junk, petting and caressing their boners over their jeans. Pretty soon there was four boys with their eyes glued to the screen, and their hands squeezing their boners over their jeans… and one girl with her eyes glued to their crotches and her hand down the front of her leggings sliding her index finger up and down her slit.

It was Sam that noticed first what I was doing. He pretended to not see me, but his coordination is pretty awful, and he did a double-take and quickly glued his eyes back to the TV. His eyes darting quickly from the TV to my lap. I turned my head to face him and grinned. I was hoping he would understand that I didn’t mind if he saw me, after all I was enjoying watching him stroking his dick through his pants. He gave me a very nervous smile and nodded, squeezing the outline of his dick, which was very large and growing against the leg of his tight jeans. The head of his dick was clearly distinguishable under his pants.

On the screen, the Japanese girl was stroking dicks all around her, sometimes sucking, sometimes licking and trying to please too many men to count. She rubbed their dicks all over her pale face while the men were groping her tits, and fingering her extremely dark-bushed pussy. She simply submitted and let the men use her like a toy. Pretty soon a lady in a white kimono and a large glass bowl showed up on the screen. As the kneeling girl sucked cock to the point of orgasm, the men would quickly pull out of her mouth, aim at the glass bowl, and would cum into the bowl. One after another, the men would cum into the bowl making a larger and larger puddle of viscous, clear liquid with white streaks in the bowl.

After they’d all cum into the bowl, she took the milky, sticky soup and proceeded to drink it down. She didn’t chug it down, but rather took many sips from it while her friend in the white kimono would help clean her cheeks and lips, when the cum would inevitably dribble out. The boys were transfixed to the screen, and I was transfixed to their throbbing dicks. I could not hold it in, and finally said, “This Gokkun shit really gets your guys horny, doesn’t it?”

They turned to me and were about to probably say something, but I’d forgotten that I had my hand down my pants and they all instantly focused on my crotch, their eyes wide. I could feel my face turning red and warm. And I closed my eyes. Then I heard it, “Yeah? How about you, sticky fingers?”. Even Sam chuckled, but thankfully came to my rescue, “Don’t be hypocrites guys, you were all jerking through your clothes.”

“Yeah, but she’s actually touching her stuff”, said David.

Even though I was ashamed, I could not help but find it incredibly adorable that David could not find it in himself to say vagina, or pussy, or cooch, or something like that.

My boys had caught me red-handed, as it were, but I was still horny even if I was a little bit ashamed. However, shame had never killed my arousal in the past. In fact, it usually tended to make me feel even hornier so I proposed, “Tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” And proceeded to quickly slide my leggings and panties down my thighs to my knees. My hand covering my well groomed bush, and my middle finger lodged over my clit while my fingertip rested between my pussy lips, parting them.

All four of them stared wide eyed at my mound. I moved my finger up and down my slit grinding my fingertip back over my clit and then down the clitoral hood, sending millions of tiny sparks all over my body.

Sam was again the first to unzip. I guess that little moment we had earlier had somehow given him the courage needed to follow my lead. He fished around in his fly and underwear with his hand until a huge black pole of a cock flung out from the fabric of his pants. It was a glorious, black cock with big veins running all around the length of his shaft. His glans was a pink-brown color, and was very moist. His hand was stroking the base, making his head bob up and down with each stroke. I was happily surprised to learn that Sam had such a beautiful specimen hidden in his pants, and absentmindedly licked my lips.

Tom was next, he unzipped and his cock practically flew out of his pants. I guess I should have known that Tom was the kind of guy to not wear underwear. His cock was very pink, in definite contrast to Sam’s. It too was large, which I guess only made sense considering how tall and lanky Tom was. He was uncut, and his foreskin reminded me of a little turtleneck. Whenever he stroked his cock, though, his foreskin would come completely down revealing his head, and then slide right back up to cover it again. I was mesmerized.

I leaned forward to slide my leggings down to my ankles when I heard two more zippers come down. When I sat straight up again there were four happy cocks being stroked around me. On the screen the movie was still playing. Another girl was repeating pretty much the same scenario we had seen previously, but this time the Japanese men were taking turns fucking her. Her exaggerated porno moans were the perfect soundtrack for our own activities. Nobody watched the screen this time, however. I was too busy admiring the happy cocks around me glistening in their precum. I opened my legs to let the boys get a better look at my puffy labia and my hardening clit, but still kept on grinding my fingertip up and down and left and right over my clit.

David was stroking pretty damn fast, which must’ve warned Roger that something was going to happen, because he warned, “Don’t fucking cum on my dad’s couch, Dave.”

Dave looked pale, he’d already passed the point of no return. “Too late Rog, I can’t stop now”.

Roger looked alarmed and got up quickly towards the bar. He grabbed a wine glass and quickly handed it over to David. “You owe me a new wine glass, asshole”.

David grabbed the glass just in time, sat up on the couch and tilted his dick down into the opening of the glass and exploded into it. The head of his cock forcefully shot out rope after rope of the most gloriously white spunk I’d ever seen. It was pretty amazing. Not even in the pornos had I seen a dick shoot cum out with that much force. “Oh wow,” I said, “You could kill somebody with that Dave.” The rest of the boys chuckled.

“That’s nothing,” Said Roger, who motioned for David to hand over the wineglass. David leaned forward and handed the glass to Roger, his white spunk swirling around at the very bottom of the wine glass. Roger kept stroking while looking at me grinding away at my clit. Soon he took his eyes off of me and positioned the glass in front of his dick. He also spurted furiously into the glass, his little white ass contracting as his whole body convulsed with each spurt. His white spunk slowly slid down the sides of the wineglass to mix with Tom’s.

“Oh shit,” I chuckled while furiously grinding my clit. “What the fuck? Since when do you guys cum bullets?”

Tom motioned to Roger for the wineglass, Roger obliged. Tom got up from the couch to reach for the glass. My legs were against his legs, so as soon as he got up from the couch my legs opened up wide. I took the opportunity, with my legs now wide open, to slide two fingers in and out of my pussy. It felt really good. Even though rubbing my clit sends sparks all over my body, feeling my aching pussy get stuffed feels really great too.

Tom, now with wineglass in hand, turned to face me. The sight of me finger-fucking my pussy drove him quickly over the edge. He positioned his dick’s head inside the wineglass and exploded as well. Because he was right in front of me, I didn’t get a good look at his ejaculation, but he made up for it with his sounds. He really grunted and put on a show for me. It sounded almost as exaggerated as the actors on the film.

As he took the head of his cock out of the wineglass, I noticed that there was a rather large puddle of swirling goo at the bottom of the glass. I was impressed. “You boys really cum in buckets, don’t you?”.

Sam reached his hand out and Tom handed him the glass. As I looked around the room I noticed that the other boys, even though they’d cum forcefully just seconds ago, were not going flaccid. In fact their cocks were still at attention and throbbing up and down at the spectacle of my finger fucking, and to the sounds of a shrill Japanese actress getting fucked by an army of men. Sam sat at the edge of the couch, he grabbed the wineglass and pointed his dick downwards into it, he then looked directly at my glistening fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, and came. He also shot rope after rope of cum inside the glass just as I was shuddering from my very own orgasm. My body trembled as I managed to whimper out, “Oh yes!”.

I could feel every inch of my body twinkle in and out of existence. It was a very intense orgasm. When I opened my eyes and looked at my boys, and they looked at me I could tell they had no idea what just happened, so I explained, “I just came too.” Then all opened their eyes wide and nodded.

“I was almost expecting for you to ask for the wineglass in order to cum into it,” chuckled Roger, as he turned toward the TV to turn off the VCR and retrieve his tape. That’s when I turned to Sam, who was still recovering his breath from his own orgasm, and asked for the wineglass.

Roger almost lost his balance when heard me ask for the glass and quickly spun around on his heels.

Sam obliged.

I swirled the slimy white goo at the bottom of the wineglass like a fine wine. It felt heavier than I expected, and was indeed a larger quantity of cum than I would have though my boys were capable of producing. I placed the edge of the glass to my lips and tilted the salty, sticky mess onto my tongue. My eyes darted from boy to boy as I sipped the cum into my mouth and swallowed it little by little. Their mouths were agape. They couldn’t believe what I was doing.

I steadily swallowed the entire load, waiting for it to slide slowly down my throat. When I finished, my boys clapped and cheered.

Roger reached for the wineglass, and asked if I wanted anything. “Seeing as to how you have a wineglass in your hand, some wine would taste pretty good right about now,” I said. And he served me some of his dad’s wine from the wine cooler. It tasted like heaven after all that salty cum.

We never had another Gokkun session with the boys after that. But we did a whole lot more masturbation sessions soon afterwards.  Here is one of them entitled pool time with the O.R.G.’s.

A short-lived relationship between incredible sexual exploration and music

band orgy

I had just turned 16 and was in full swing of the whole “teenager” thing. School wasn’t all that exciting, however, I was very involved with various sports, obviously, girls showed some interest because of the teams I played for, but not anything special.

I had been dabbling with playing the guitar for a few years and that’s when the decision was made, its time to start a garage band. I approached two of my close friends with the idea and they agreed wholeheartedly. The search was on for a rhythm guitarist and a drummer, eventually, the spots were filled and we were off.
One of the most challenging things was a place to rehearse as we played a rather strange eclectic mix of Grunge, underground and metal music. Fred (we will call him), our Bassist, had just finished school and started his own business and owned a medium-sized warehouse in an industrial area not very far from where we all lived and subsequently we turned an aria of the warehouse into a rehearsal/studio. This was ideal as we did not have to worry about Nabours complaining about the noise and we were not limited to when we could practice.
Before long the news that we had started this “band” and that we had access to this warehouse in a rather secluded area spread like wildfire. We grew more and more popular, with that our appearance changed, more suited to the expectation of everyone around us, in my case especially what the girls wanted, therefore the long black hair became a necessity. At this time I had all but given up on performing well at school and also dropped out of all sports activities I was involved in. My goal was to focus on the music and enjoy the attention of the girls on the side. Boy was I in over my head, after just our first live show at a music bar, things changed drastically. Our practise sessions (which we had at least one every day after school, as two of the members had work commitments during the day) were constantly bombarded with kids of all ages wanting to come an listen and indulge in the alcohol and weed that was free-flowing, this is also where a lot of “questionable” females made there presence known. Arriving in very “skimpy” outfits, to say the least, this I just could not resist and so my ticket on the sexual experiences train was stamped.
Practice after practice I had to interrupt our flow as I would be given a “look” by a girl and just know that NOW would be the time, we would slip off to the office area of the studio and we would go to town like there was no tomorrow. Oh my God, we shagged allot. Theses experiences with naughty girls were only topped by a couple of times that multiple girls would approach and group sessions became the norm.
It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in LUST with one of these girls, at that time I was 17 years old and our band was making a name for itself in the town were lived, we had been invited to a few festivals and did a few larger shows at easter events and so on, all the time keeping our weekly spot at the local underground metal bar. One of these nights were busy setting up for the show, and during a soundcheck, I was approached by a girl who had become a bit of a groupie, I accepted and she dragged me outside, we could not wait to find an appropriate place to succumb to the lust, this is when she pushed me up against a glass window, dropped my pants and started sucking me off, at some point during this activity I turned my head to see what building I was leaning against, to my horror (and a bit of pleasure) it was the side window with a full view of the kitchen to the local restaurant, it must be the quickest I had ever pulled my pants up and started running. After that particular show, the same girl and one of her friends invited me to there apartment for some nefarious activities.
All of this came crashing down not long after I turned 18, as work became a necessity and the band split up. It was around that time that I also met my future wife, and as they say, the rest is history.

My Malaysian Sex Tutor

Sex Lessons

Sometimes as hard as you try you cannot get the results you strive for.  A student at the UCSI In KL, Malaysia just could not get his head around the math.    His parents wanting their son to have the best opportunities in life sought the services of a tutor to help him with his grades.

The tutor had not only and insatiable thirst for knowledge but also of you Malaysian male cocks.  So began some lessons that would be hard to forget but always raising a smile when remembered.

Check out this free Malaysian adult story…..

That First Night Part Two

sexy couple
Oh she loves him saying her name.  The tingling those words cause immediately make her nipples erect.  He see’s this and kneels in front of her as he gently licks and sucks each nipple, taking them fully into his mouth.
‘Ohhhh fuck’ she says.  Omg, she thinks as her innards begins to contract and she feels spasms of ecstasy course throughout her body.  Omg, wtf she thinks as she his hand rubs her pussy through her pants and cums for the first time……
He hears himself say, “well you are full of surprises missy”, and her smile broadens when she hears her name. Her smile gives fuel to his body, his urgent need to satisfy her desire for him and his desire for her. He kneels before her and wraps his strong arms around her waist, drawing her close to him.
He takes her hard, erect nipples into his mouth. As she gasps, his dick grows harder and strains against his jeans in demanding! But she feels and tastes so good and he wants to pleasure her so much. Savoring the scent of her arousal, he wants more of her and she pushes her fanny into his chest.
This sends electric currents shooting through his body and his shaft gets even harder and pulses urgently. He begins rubbing her pussy with his hand and because she is already so drunk with desire, he takes her over the edge of climax and she cums. Her vagina and her whole body convulsing uncontrollably.
Ohhhh! Her eyes are closed in ecstasy and her lips are open and glistening and she holds onto his broad shoulders to keep her steady. He stands now before her and she reaches down to his hard on and rubs her palm against his rod like dick. He gasps as she does this and pushes his dick into her hand.
He looks into her eyes and says “I want to be inside you!” With that, they undress each other. Frantically, feverishly, he picks her up and she wraps her legs around his hips and her arms around his strong shoulders. With his hands under her arse, he can’t get inside her fast enough. He wants to take her and fuck her with all his being and every fibre in his body.
With her back against the wall, he thrusts inside of her, hard and fast. They both gasp with longing, her pussy, completely wet and hot and he fills her, deeper and deeper with every thrust, bringing her to that delicious brink of orgasm once again. She climaxes with her head against the wall, calling out “Ohhhh God!”
He can feel himself on the edge of orgasm and takes her to his bed. The smell of their sex is intoxicating. He wants to cum inside her. He wants to take her and own her, right here and right now….
She convulses in  orgasmic delight as he fumbles to undo her jeans.  The button is undone and like butter her jeans and undies fall to the floor.  He picks her up in his arms.  She feels herself opening up to him even before he has entered her.
She looks down and sees his hard and angry cock.  Without hesitating she reaches down and clasps it in her hand.  He slams her against the wall and the force only serves to turn her on more – igniting a desire to be ravaged.  She wanted him more than anything to ram it inside her.  The juices were flowing and innards primes for those moment.
At last she felt him enter her.  Fuck that felt good.  Her eyes closed as her head rose to face the heavens and deep within her, from a place never reached before she heard and felt a guttural sound come out as she moaned ‘ohhhhh fuck.’
He swung her round and they collapsed onto he beds as they feverishly made love.  He thrust his manhood deeper and harder into her.  She responded by opening her legs wider and raising them.  It felt like his cock was going to pierce her womb and exit her through the throat.  She moaned in delight as he took her nipple between his finger and first squeezed then and then pulled it.  It was enough to send her over the brink and her second orgasm began.
He had no mercy and continued to fuck her like an animal and one orgasm merged with another, until she her multiple orgasms became one long intense delight.
Time seemed to not be relevant anymore lost in passion as He began to grunt and yelled  ‘I’m going to cum’.  She did not think it possible but somehow managed to open herself more, more than she had ever with another human being wanting to feel  his hot jism spurt inside her.
‘Fucccckkkkkkkk’ he yelled as his strokes became harder – she felt like he was going to break her in half and then felt delicious hot spurts of his cum deep within her.  She clawed at his back as she felt something totally foreign and began to squirt in unison with him……
Her squirting gave him a second wind.  What had gotten into him.  His erection didn’t subside but grew even harder after cumming.  He was panting out of breath.  So slowed down and kissed her deeply, passionately.
His strokes slowed and he felt the luxuriously velvety wetness inside her…..
She could not fathom what had just happened. Never had she experienced anything like this before. All of her bodies intensity became concentrated in the centre of her vortex and culminated in a mighty release of ejaculation. All of this as his powerful jolting drove so deeply inside her, bringing them both to climax as one.
He became breathless and she struggled to catch her own breath. She became increasingly aware of the delicious soreness within her and moaned in sweet agony as his dick grew harder still within her. Their bodies were covered in sweat and their panting filled their ears…
She was not sure.  Had she drifted off?  Time seemed irrelevant an irrelevant concept.  Her mind was clear, all she could feel and think of was the delicious feeling of him being inside of her.
Somehow they had managed to get in the spoon position, his front to her back, and she pushed gently on his penis that was still inside her.  She heard him moan in pleasurable response.
She caught her breath and realised that she had been taking short sharp gasps – this is what it meant to be breathless, to have the air taken away from you by wanting to be with someone so much.
She manoeuvred herself allowing her to push her butt even harder against his hips, his dick penetrating her even further.  She felt him starting to find a slow rhythm pushing his cock inside her that brought a smile to her face.
Insatiable!!! That was the word.  She was insatiable for him.  The more he made love to her… no fucked her… the more she wanted it, him.  Not only could she get used to this, she could become addicted to this passion.  It was lighting a fire, an inferno of lust and desire when only recently there had been smoldering coals.
She wanted to be ravaged uncontrollably, in every single way by him and left conquered by him.  She wanted, no needed this more than anything at this particular moment in time…..