A Seaside Adventure Part Two!!

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I turn my head and notice the big and dripping head of Mando’s cock peeking out of the leg of his shorts as he has knelt beside me to caress me. I reach for it with one hand, my oily fingertips caressing the tip and the base of the head and watch a big dollop of precum escape the tip. I catch the moisture with my fingertips and spread it around the smooth head. I gently stroke the head with my fingertips from the tip to the base watching as more and more precum escapes the tip. I spread it evenly all over to glaze it and leave it glimmering.


Mando slides his fingers out of my pussy to take his shorts off, his cock comically springs up to attention. He has a thick, manly cock; and his pubic hair is well trimmed and groomed. He lays down next to me and kisses me, his tongue hungrily searching for mine in my mouth. He places one of his hands on my oily breast and the other glides over the entrance of my pussy and over my clit. My hand wanders onto the tip of his penis, my fingers lightly caressing it, feeling its warmth and it hotness almost like steam coming off of it. My fingers lightly travel from the tip of his penis head to the base, then back to to the head, not really stroking it, just barely caressing it, feeling how his balls suddenly get hard and tight at my touch.


Mando kneels, and takes his dick into his own hands stroking it. He says, “Would you like to taste it?”


“Yes,” I reply, “but only if you will eat my pussy too”. I kneel and straddle Mando pushing him down onto the towel. I part my legs and place my knees on either side of his head, lowering my dripping pussy onto his mouth. I lower myself onto Mando’s cock, teasing it with my tongue, taking quick licks at the drops of precum that form on the tip.


Mando sucks my pusys lips into his mouth. His tongue parting them and entering my hole expertly. His nose pressed into my wet ass, makes me crazy with lust. I open my mouth and greedily suck Mando’s cock in as far as it will go. My tongue swirling around it. His slippery, tasty precum sticking to my tongue. I stroke his shaft quickly with my hands while noisily slurping up and down his cock. Mando’s nose pressed hard into my ass as his tongue slides in and out of my pussy is too much for me. I start to tremble.


I hear Mando moan loudly as an explosion of warm wetness splashes around my mouth. I swallow quickly and just in time for the second explosion to splash around in my mouth. My legs go weak as I feel my own orgasm washing over me. His tongue flat on my clit as my hips grind into his face. I try to concentrate on swallowing his cum and licking his cock clean when once again, his cock tightens up and another burst of warm stickiness fills my mouth.


I feel my orgasm finally take control of my body and pull my hips away from Mando’s mouth to protect from the sensitivity. My knees shake and his mouth finds me again. I moan loudly as my orgasm takes control of me. I can’t concentrate enough to swallow the last explosion of Mando’s cock and let it dribble out of my mouth and onto Mandos’ cock, down his shaft and onto his manicured public hair. Mando must have felt my orgasm for he too has stopped licking and is just kissing my inner thighs and mound. Still shaking I try to adjust my stance and feel my trembling arm give way to my weight, landing my cheek on the puddle of Mando’s sticky cum on his pubes.


I turn around laughing with a wad of Mando’s white cum on my face and hear him break into laughter too. I bend down to kiss Mando’s cock lovingly and lick it clean, continuing to suck it lightly. He says to me, “Wanna swim?”


Still feeling my legs weak from the my orgasm I smile and think that maybe wading in the water will give my legs a chance to wobble around and start to feel normal again. “Sure, Mando,” I say and give his now flacid penis one last suck to clean the last drop of cum from the tip of it.


Mando starts to get up, and instead of waiting for me to get off of him, his strong arms pick me up and carry me like a baby. “You don’t seem ready to walk just yet,” he says. He carries me all the way into the water, where he wades in and slowly lowers me in.


“Such a gentleman, thank you,” I say and feel the cool water wash up around my naked body. Water forms beads around my breasts from the oil. My nipples are very hard from the water on my skin. I follow Mando deeper into water. We wade in until we can no longer touch the sand with our feet, we then wade around in the shallow waves for a bit, hugging and kissing. After a short time of swimming Mando says, “I’ll race you to the beach”.  And starts swimming toward the beach again.


I swim after him, the salty water splashing on my face. We reach the sand, the warm sun quickly warming my body. His wet, naked body looks great with his long dick dripping with the salt water. I wonder to myself if his dick will be salty from the water. He notices my eyes looking directly at his dick, and he smiles. “I have a surprise for you, follow me.”


We make our way through a densely vegetated path and onto a beautiful garden. A natural waterfall splashes down onto a lagoon that merges with an estuary. There are large rocks that the resort has fitted into the pond making it easy to walk toward the waterfall. Mando wades into the lagoon and I follow, the water barely covers our hips. We make it to the cool waterfall.


The cool water catches me unprepared and I take a deep breath and hug Mando. He hugs me and we kiss under the cool water. I feel his cock getting hard again against my legs and I grip it between my inner thighs to trap it there. Mando’s pre-cum lubricates my inner thighs and I squeeze his cock to make it slip and slide between my legs, making it get harder and start to throb.  Mando kisses my mouth, neck and chest. He makes his way to my nipples and begins to lick and suckle on them. His warm tongue is a great contrast from the coldness of the waterfall washing the salt water away from our bodies.


Mando kisses my mouth passionately, then says, “Come, let’s get more comfortable.”


I don’t say a word, but follow my new lover closely, out from under the waterfall and onto a shady path that leads to beautiful wooden bed with white curtains that are tied all around the long bedposts. There is a white linen sheet extended above the bed that has a few leaves that have fallen from the trees that surround the bed. The trees make the area cool and shady, and the sea breeze makes the leaves rustle in a magical way.


Mando guides me onto the bed, where I lay on my back. He immediately joins me, kissing me and mounting me. His wet dick rubbing up and down my wet slit. Our juices mixing together. My pussy itches for his cock to enter me, and I guide my hips upwards to help him find the entrance quicker. The tip of his cock nestles my entrance and he pushes in. It feels heavenly. His thick dick stretching out my pussy feels amazing. I gasp.


He moans, “You are so tight, it’s driving me crazy.”


I move my hips instinctively up and down guiding his cock onto all my favorite spots. Mando begins to pound into me. His balls slapping onto my taint. The sounds of our lovemaking filling the air. He leans down and kisses me.


I whisper, “let me get on top.”


He stops and smiles, and says in his rough voice, “As you wish.”


I mount him, and feel his hard cock slide deeper inside me. I start to rock back and forth guiding his cock to all my favorite places inside me. I watch the expression on his face change when he realizes he has very little control over what I’m doing to him. I slap my ass up and down on him loudly, fucking him; hard, deep, and fast. After a moment of this I go back to rocking back and forth quickly, my body warming up to a big orgasm. I arch my back, close my eyes and feel the orgasm wash over me like a wave from the ocean. I squirt my juice all over his chest as I continue to shake from the powerful force. Then I slump down next to him, hugging him with a big grin on my face.


I kiss Mando and then lie next to him relaxing in the warmth of my afterglow, when I notice a group of young men hidden through the jungle vegetation. They’re smiling and putting their phones down. I think they have filmed us in our passion. I quickly turn face-down on the bed, and look at Mando. “Oh my god, what do we do?”


Mando quickly gets up from the bed, and walks towards the group of boys. As my heart is pounding in my chest I hear mando conversing and arguing with the young men. After a long and what seems like a frustrating conversation in Spanish, Mando returns to the bed and hold my hand. He says, “I convinced them to erase the video, but they want something in exchange.” His face turns somber as he says the next words, “they want to see your pussy up close, it’s ok if you say no.  But I can’t be sure of what will happen if I come back with a negative answer.”


At first I feel shocked and I can feel my face grow warm with indignation, but before I can speak I give myself a few deep breaths and start to think; These guys have probably already seen me naked fucking Mando, so watching me naked is not something they have not already seen. But if we give them time to copy or send that video, then the whole world will see me naked.


I turn around, covering my body with my towel, and sit. I nod and say, “Ok, but give Mando the phone right now, or no deal.” I whisper to Mando, “Please erase the video as soon as you get the phone and make sure they haven’t sent it.”


Mando translates what I said to the boys, and they speak amongst themselves for a few seconds, quickly coming to an agreement, and showing their phones to Mando and saying something to him. He translates, “They say that you need to start and they will hand their phones one at a time to me once you are naked.”


I can feel my face getting red, and my heart racing. I feel a little bit of shame and nervousness, but as I start to unwrap the towel I realize that I also feel arousal. My nipples are hardening, and my pussy is getting moist with expectation. I kneel down and unwrap the towel and let it drop to the floor. My body naked now in front of complete strangers.


I hear them say encouraging comments and compliments on my body, but I don’t listen. I don’t raise my eyes, but I can tell that all of them are starting to get erections. Including Mando. Mando is still naked so his hardening dick is obvious. He tries to cover it with his hand, but it’s so big he just grabs it to the side. With his other hand he is collecting the boys’ phones, one at a time, and working on them to erase the files.


They begin to direct me on what to do. Mando transates, “they want you to open your legs!”, “they say to spread that pussy”, “they want you to touch your tits”.


I open my legs and my arousal must be visible, because I am very wet and my labia is swollen and open. I cover it with my hand, but that just stimulates my clitoris even more. I start to move my fingers around and pull up my hood to show my rosy exposed clit to the boys.


Mando’s dick is fully erect now, he can no longer cover it all, and his head is starting to accumulate drops of precum. He’s still holding it in his hand but has absentmindedly started stroking it. The boys see this and figure it must be ok, because they start to drop their shorts, take their hard dicks into their hands and begin to stroke. Each of them masturbating while watching me touch myself.


I am extremely horny now, my hands touching my pussy, caressing my folds, and swirling in endless ecstasy over and around my very hard clitoris. I see so many hard, excited, pink dicks being stroked all around me. Their heads bobbing up and down as everyone strokes them watching me. In my mind they are nodding in approval of my actions. One of my hands is caressing my pussy, the other is on my breasts, pinching my very hard nipples.


Suddenly, a familiar delicious dick appears from the pack and moves closer to me. It’s Mando. I hungrily reach for it and lick the precum from the head giving the boys a good show. I decide I wont suck it right away, but instead lick it so that it is very visible to all of them. I lick all around it, giving it loving kisses and making sure that the boys can see what a man’s cock looks like. He drips his delicious clear liquid all over my tongue and I let it cover my my lips and chin. Mando holds my hair back with his hand guiding my head onto his dick just the way he likes it.


Soon, one of the braver boys stands closer to get a better look. The smell of his cock is very arousing. Young men’s cocks smell very different. I reach for it and begin to stroke it with my hand while I slurp as much as I can of Mando’s cock into my mouth. I am now sucking Mando’s cock greedily, harder, deeper down my throat, while stroking the young man’s dick with my left hand and touching my pussy with my right hand.


Before I know it another of the boys has moved forward looking for my attention. I stop masturbating and reach for his little dick and begin to caress it. His is the smallest of the dicks in the group. It’s very cute, and not circumcised. I caress his dick carefully and tenderly, and his dick responds by covering my hand in his clear precum. I play with his foreskin pulling it back and exposing his very wet and purple head.


Mando’s cock is deep inside my throat, and I’m stroking two young men’s dicks with each hand. The remaining two boys kneel in front of me and touch me. One massages and caresses my breasts clumsily, almost as if it’s his first time touching a woman’s tits. The other boy’s cold, nervous hands touch my pussy and my ass. He seems to know what he’s doing, because he is very caring and teasing, rubbing very light circles around my asshole, and very light circles around my clit.


My eyes try to find Mando’s eyes. I moan with pleasure at being ravaged by all these men and lick the underside of Mando’s huge cock.


I look up and see Mando smile, and I think to, “Oh no Mando, you’re not cumming too early this time.” I release his cock from my mouth and watch it jump up and down wanting my attention. I look into his eyes and begin to suck one of the other dicks, my now free hand runs up and down Mando’s leg, being careful to not excite him much more. I want him to relax a bit so that he can keep going.


The boy’s face is white. I can tell he did not expect that I would suck his cock. But he moves forward to make it easier for me to suck him. Mando still has his hand in my hair. I wonder if he’ll continue to guide my head when I am sucking this young man’s dick while looking at him. Mando releases my hair and begins to slowly stroke his own cock while watching me.


In the meantime, the two boys touching me are now both sucking on my nipples. Each one has one of my nipples in their mouth, they stroke themselves and touch my pussy, taking turns. One’s rougher and puts two fingers inside my pussy, the other is more tender and caresses my outer lips and my clitoris. I like both their approaches, and they’re going to make me cum soon.


The last remaining boy’s cock is rock hard. His foreskin has now exposed his small penis’s head and he is dripping clear precum all over my arm. I turn my head and switch hands and begin to lick and suck his small dick, it’s very sweet, wet and slick. His entire cock fits inside my mouth without going into my throat. I take this opportunity to lick his dick all around inside my mouth. He really does taste wonderful. His hips begin to move in and out of my mouth.


I now hold Mando’s huge dick in my hand and stroke it very softly, caressing him. I hold the other boy’s dick in my other hand, stroking him, and am devouring completely the smaller boy’s dick with my mouth. I can feel his tension and release his dick just in time for him to cum onto my cheek. His warm sticky cum runs down my cheek and onto my neck. After many splashes of hot cum dumped on my face, he stands back. One of the other boys releases my tit and stands up to take his place. I immediately grab his dick and begin to stroke. I turn to Mando and smile and begin to suck on his dick again. His glorious enormous cock. “These boys are toys compared to you Mando,” I say to myself  and lock onto his eyes while I lick and suck him.


The boy on my left takes his dick into his own hand and starts to stroke faster aiming for my left cheek. He splashes very long ropes of cum onto my hair, ear and neck. It all drips and crawls down my face slowly. He stands back for a few moments but then kneels behind me and leans his face into my ass to lick my asshole. It’s his warm tongue on my ass that triggers my orgasm.


My body trembles, and I breathe and moan loudly. But I try to continue sucking on Mando’s dick.


I think Mando can tell that I’ve just cum, because he gets very excited and starts to thrust his hips pushing his cock quickly into and out of my mouth. He moans loudly and a his dick jerks up and down while explosions of his warm cum fill my mouth, one right after the other, quickly. He then grabs my hair and pulls my head back and says to me, “Show them the cum, then swallow.” His stern tone sends amplifies my orgasm sending electricity down my spine, and I do as I’m told.


I release his cock and open my full mouth, a little bit of his cum starts to dribble out onto my chin, but I slurp it back into my mouth, then I swallow his sticky, warm cum down my throat. I open my mouth again to show you that I have swallowed it completely. I begin to lean back onto the towel, grabbing and stroking the two remaining boys dicks in my hands. I guide them around me while I reposition myself.


I lie down on the bed with my legs spread wide. The boy who made me cum by licking my asshole, starts to lick and explore my pussy with his fingers, sending shivers all over my body. His friend with the small dick kneels down beside him to get a better look and to touch my breasts.


The other two boys are kneeling with their dicks in front of my face. I pull them closer to suck on their cocks greedily at the same time.


sex on the beach

I can see that they are a little bit ashamed to touch their dicks together close to my mouth, but I pull them close so that I can lick them both at the same time. I rub both of their very wet and slippery cock heads together while I kiss and lick the bottom of their shafts. I try to put both of their dicks inside my mouth at the same time, they are almost thin enough to fit.


I take turns sucking one into my mouth, then the other, all the time making sure that they touch and that they can feel each others penises. I see in their facial expressions that they did not expect this and are very much turned on by the intimate, almost bisexual experience. First one of them starts to cum hard, his warm cum splashing everywhere. All over my face and all over the other boy’s cock too, this seems to also trigger the other boy, who starts to explode his cum all over my hands, arms and face. I point both of their cumming dicks onto each other, rubbing their heads together and watching as their cums mix and land on my waiting tongue. I slurp as much of their cum as I can, and swallow it down. Their bodies are still twitching as I release them and they sit down. It does not take me very long to cum again from the boy who’s eating my pussy and clit.


I wipe as much of their cum off my face as I can with my fingers and lick them clean. Their cum tastes very sweet and youthful. I see that Mando has sat down as well. I gently move the boy who is still eating my pussy away from my groin. His face is completely drenched with my juices, and he has a very big grin on his face.


He also sits back. I reach for my phone from my bag, and pick it up. I wrap a towel around my body and gather everyone together for a selfie.


Later, when I see that picture at home after my vacation, I can clearly still see everyone’s cum in my hair. And that is enough to bring the memory back and turn me on for a night of naughty behaviour.


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A Seaside Adventure

My name is Frikki Aya.  I am an erotic author who is going to be posting some of my writings here on adultsmart.  I hope you njoy them!!!

I’m a submissive girl from Fla. I’ve worn my Mistress’ collar since December of 2009, her name is Artic (Michelle) Hamer, and I love her to bits. The following is a true roleplay that I had with my friend Mando. He gave me his permission to turn it into a story to share with you. Enjoy.


I have been working too hard, this vacation is just what I need. I’d planned this visit to this swanky beach resort a year in advance. While everyone is freezing their asses off back home this winter I am in Central America at an upscale surfing resort. I leave my hotel room and walk towards the beach. It’s full today. It’s almost noon and the sun is perfect for me to work on my tan. I find a good spot to put my towel down next to a small table where I place my bag with my phone, keys, tanning oil and brush. I take off my cover-up and place it on the table as well.


There is a steady stream of people walking in the narrow sandy corridor of beach between me and the next line of sunbathers. After them there is nothing but beach until you reach the water, which is gently lapping up and the down the dark-sand beach.


My bikini feels a little tight. It’s a string bikini with very little fabric covering my breasts and my nether-parts. After all, I want to get a good tan and avoid those ugly tan-lines. I sit on my towel and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin while I adjust the top of my bikini so that it’s a little looser and doesn’t bother me anymore. I reach for the suntan lotion and start to pour it generously over my legs. My oily legs shimmer in the intense sunlight. While I apply lotion to my ass cheeks I notice a handsome guy wearing reflective-mirrored aviator Raybans. He’s very handsome and sitting on the next row of towels behind me. I can’t be sure if he’s looking at me or not because of his glasses, though.


I decide to find out. While applying lotion to my ass, I part the cheeks wide and slide my hand down deep between my crack, with my fingers I slide the string of my bikini to the side slightly while my fingertips slide up and down my asshole quickly, then I adjust the bikini again to cover up my exposed starfish. My eyes glued to his crotch to see if there is any reaction.


I see his cock jump up to attention, and a nervous smile on his lips which confirms that he IS looking at me. I smile to myself because he really is very handsome and it excites me to see that I was able to get such a raw, and instant reaction from him. I continue to apply lotion on my body, and turn around to give him a good look at my body. My hands caress my abdomen applying lotion all over my tummy and down into my bikini bottom.


I move the string bikini to the side quickly to give him a good look at my wet pussy lips, and part my lips for him, then quickly cover up so that nobody else sees me. I can see his bulge start to grow and throb, and I lick my lips. He crosses his arms, which I like because his forearms are very sexy and strong and he looks very handsome in that pose, especially with a thick and hard bulge in his swimsuit, getting harder because of me.


Continuing to apply lotion on my breasts I make sure to move the bikini top enough to let one of my nipples peek out. I leave it out and pretend to not notice so that he gets a good look at my pink, puffy nipple. I keep looking at his face and lick my lips seductively trying to get a reaction from his face. I already know his body reacts well to me, I wonder if his face will too.


He rises, from his towel awkwardly because of his very stiff manhood stretching his swimsuit, and starts to make his way across the sand towards me. My heart jumps and I feel a warmth wash over my body from the excitement of meeting somebody for the first time, especially a sexy man like this. His first words to me are, “I think you missed a spot, can I help you?” in a deep voice with a thick British accent that made my legs weak.


I smiled as best I could and replied, “Well, there are some very hard to reach places”. I hand him the bottle of lotion and say, “I appreciate the offer to help,” and turn my back to him waiting for his hands to start touching me. The anticipation of his touch sendling tingles all along my back.


He places one knee on the ground behind me and begins applying lotion on my back. His hand is warm and very secure in its movements. He works his way expertly around my shoulders, sending little sparks of electricity down my spine with his strong grip and his fingers caressing my skin. His fingers make their way underneath my bikini strings as he says in his deep manly voice, “this will make a sexy tan line.” His hands work the lotion all over my back and start to work down to my lower back and hips. His fingers sneakily make their way underneath my bikini bottom and stretch it out while he applies lotion on my hips and ass cheeks.


I look back at him, raising an eyebrow and notice that his eyes are indeed pointed down towards my bare, pale ass. Before I can say anything, he quickly ads, “You know, if you’re not a fan of tan lines, there’s a more isolated part of the resort I could invite you to, where you can sunbathe privately  without tan-lines.”


As he finishes massaging my lower back I spin around quickly to be face to face and smile. “Tell me more about this private place you have here,” I say in a soft voice.

I see my nervous, blue eyes reflected in his glasses, and also notice that my nipple is still exposed. I blush and try to look around to make sure that nobody else is looking at me but of course a lot of our neighbors are staring right at my exposed nipple. I feel my face start to get warm from my blushing.


I continue to look around and notice that a few of the peeping toms around us have erections starting to show in their shorts, which only makes me more excited and wet. It also somehow triggers my exhibitionist tendencies which give me the determination to not cover up and keep exposing that nipple to the world. Looking again at my new friend, I smile when I see my red nervous cheeks reflected on his glasses. He seems to be enjoying my awkwardness.


He stands slowly and says, “It’s not far from here, just around the beach. It is so private that you can sunbathe in your birthday suit if you wish.”  He winks with a naughty smile that gives me butterflies in my stomach. He stretches out his hand to help me up from my towel. I see my exposed nipple reflected on his glasses. Holding his hand I get up and begin gathering my things.


I bend over to pick up my towel from the sand, because he is standing very close to my towel I decide to move my ass back a little so that while I am picking up the towel, his struggling bulge is parked right between my ass cheeks. I can feel him get harder and start to poke my ass with his hardness. I stand up with all my things and smile.


“I think I got everything, how about you?”, I ask in a cheery voice.


“I am always ready, I travel light,” he says with a delightful laugh.


As I stand in facing him, I ask, “What can I call you, Mr. Handsome?”


“Mando,” he says, smiling, “and you?”


“I’m Frikki”, I smile sheepishly, “in name and in behavior.” I run my hand over his firm butt as I say the word behavior.


“Allow me,” he says, holding my hand and guiding me through the maze of sunbathers. We walk for a bit exchanging small talk, his hand playfully releasing mine and moving towards my waist. He pulls me closer at one point, to fit through a tight spot of sunbathers, but decides to not release me once we’ve gone through the tight spot. I don’t complain, his cologne is perfect, and his body feels just right next to mine. We reach a tall stone wall separating the beach. Part of it is man-made, but most of it is natural volcanic rock formations. It truly separates the beach well into the water.


We reach the man-made part of the wall, where there’s an iron gate and a card reader. Mando produces a hotel card from his pocket and places it atop the reader, immediately after a loud metallic clunk, the gate opens for us. We make our way though, and the door locks behind us with another satisfying clunk. As we emerge from the doorway, we are greeted with a spectacular view of an unmolested beach. The pristine sand is a smooth surface without all the footsteps that  brand the beach we were just previously on. There is nobody here and the only sound in this part of the resort is that of nature.


“This place is amazing, how did you find this?” I ask.


“Membership has its benefits,” he replies and winks.


We walk across the private beach to the center where he lays my towel down and declares, “Your beach now, enjoy.” and proceeds to sit and lean on his elbows looking at me.


“Thank you, Mando.” I say and quickly scan the whole beach suddenly feeling a little bit worried that this beach may have peeping toms. I sit on the towel Mando has set up. “How long have you  been at the resort?” I notice that Mando is pretty relaxed, which relaxes me too.

I think he noticed my nervous scan of the beach because he says,  “Don’t worry, no one comes here. That wall goes back a mile in the jungle. It’s pretty tough to enter this beach without a passkey.” He takes off his sunglasses and places them between us. “I consider myself as local. I bought a cabin here. I’ve been here since last August.” He gazes out into the ocean, “I’m working on my first novel.”


“A novel?” I ask as I take a look at his eyes for the first time, now finally revealed to me. He has happy eyes, with a glint of trouble. I think he has a mischievous look, which is very attractive in a man like him. “What kind of novel is it?” I put my things down and take the lotion out again, my hands working behind my back to undo my bikini top and release my breasts to the natural salty air of the beach. I hand the bottle of lotion to Mando and whisper… “you missed a spot.”

Secluded sex beach

“A science fiction novel,” He says as he takes the bottle of lotion from my hands. Puzzled he asks, “Which spot did I miss?”


I turn around, “You already did my back, remember? You never did my front.”


Mando Chuckles, “Sorry, my bad.” He puts lotion on his hands and proceeds to gently spread the oily mess all around my breasts and nipples in slow hypnotizing circles. “So, soft,” he whispers feeling the skin of my natural breasts as he kneads them around and around ending at the tip of my nipples then working his way back around to the base.


I let out a soft moan as I feel his warm hands caressing my breasts so delightfully. His squeeze is just right. He makes me feel sparks all the way down to my pussy. I feel my crotch start to heat up in expectation of his hands there. I slowly start untying the strings that are holding my bikini bottom together. Very slowly I expose the top of my mound for Mando, “You also missed a spot down here.”


He tugs on my nipple playfully, making me gasp for air. He lets my nipples slip between his fingers as his hands start to make their way down my waist to my hips. He seems lost in concentration on my body and what his hands are doing. I moan and take deep breaths, arching my back a little I lean back slowly and finally lay flat on the towel.


His hands pull on my bikini strings and finish tugging it out from between my legs so that my lips are exposed. I help him by opening my legs and allowing his hands easy access to my mound. He glides his fingers up and down my clean shaven outer lips. The lotion making his fingers glide with ease between them and right onto my inner lips. I gasp for air as his fingers find my clit and glide over it and around it. I close my eyes and feel a drop of my wetness escape my pussy lips and move slowly down onto my asshole, tickling me as is trickles all the way down..


“Don’t move,” Mando says, I feel his fingers exploring my pussy’s entrance and slowly peeking inside it. He slides the tips of two fingers inside of me, and I feel a bigger drop of moisture escape my pussy and glide down the now wet path to my ass. His fingers stretch my pussy as they continue their slow and deliberate motion deeper into me. I start to moan and tighten my muscles around his fingers, gripping at them and trying to pull them deeper and deeper inside me. My hips move up and down trying to guide his fingers onto my g spot and onto the base of my pussy. My hands find their way onto my tits, caressing them and caressing my now slippery nipples, oily from the lotion. My oily body makes me even hornier.

Seaside Adventure Part Two….

Stepping Into Stilettos – A Fetish Fanatic Is Born – PART THREE!

If you’ve been following this mini-series of mine you will know that I started out as most who choose to enter the adult industry; as a stripper. I later found my way into a club/adult store that offered only private dancing and into a world of fetishes and kinks beyond my wildest imagination.

I guess you could say I became a regular fetish fanatic for lack of a better term. Like with most other aspects of life; I have my favorites and I have those I would rather avoid. For this post, let’s just do the ones I grew to really dig, shall we?

Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is a highly popular kink that both men and women are into. In fact, It’s one of the most searched for fetishes on the internet. People who have a foot fetish are into the human foot. It’s usually a man into a woman’s feet, but as I previously stated; there are plenty of women who are into it too. I’ll admit; I’m not really much of a foot person myself, but it doesn’t bother me to have mine enjoyed. It actually intrigues me to know that something as nonsexual as my feet can turn the strongest of men into a weak submissive mess.

I mean, I never saw my feet as sexy, but I learned there are plenty out there that do! And it’s not just the foot itself that gets em going. I’ve come across men who are into the toes specifically. The arches drive others wild. For others, it’s the soles. It depends on the individual. In my opinion foot fetish, guys are also some of the t, sweetest, people you will ever meet.


By nature, I’m known as a sweetheart.

The “nice girl”.

I think that’s what I love the most about the humiliation kink. I get to drop the good girl role I’m known for and become the exact opposite. I’ll admit, at first, I had my reservations about it, but as I got more clients that were into it, it became one I really enjoyed.

From a psychological viewpoint, I understand the why’s behind it. It’s usually the men Alpha male type that wants this kind of session. They spend their day to day in charge and looked up to by everyone around them. It makes perfect sense that they get their rocks off by having a dominant woman doing the polar opposite of what they get in their vanilla lives. They want a break and for them; a Femdom session is the way to get it.

SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)

Small Penis Humiliation is precisely what it sounds like. A person with this fetish gets sexual pleasure from having their penis humiliated, mocked, and made fun of. It can be with a humiliation session or on its own. You would think it would be the ones with actual small members who get into this fetish, but it’s not. There are plenty of guys out there with a rather generous size that enjoys this fetish. To help in these types of sessions, I like to pretend the client is one of the annoying guys that think their rod is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 🙂 A common thing found in online SPH sessions is to make the guy pay what’s often called a “small dick tax”.

They measure their johnson and pay whatever the designated amount for that measurement is. Look up online Dommes and I can almost guarantee you you’ll find them charging their subs for not measuring up to size. 🙂

BDSM Angel

There are a number of others that I could include that would make my list of all time favorite fetishes, but it would end up being a book. In the last post, I told you about my first Femdom show and how much I enjoyed it. The truth is, I became hooked with the first one. Since that night, I’ve discovered so many fetishes and kinks. Some turn me on. Some turn me off. Some just make me curious to learn more about the reasons behind someone being able to achieve sexual fulfillment from them. Either way, my time working in the private club I talked about in part 2 showed me there’s a whole world of different things out there that turn people on and every bit of it excited me. However, even learning about the fetish world didn’t excite me as much as finding my way into the world of online adult entertainment.

The online adult entertainment industry is where I found my home. It all started with my getting a job as what I jokingly call a “professional dirty talker”. I’ll share that experience and more in the next post.

Angie Hardly (McDonald) true stories from the adult industry available exclusively through the adultsmart community lifestyle blog.

About the author:  Angel Hardly

I usually refer to myself as a good girl who fell in love with the spicier side of life, but you can call me Angel. 🙂

My journey in the Adult Entertainment Industry began over 17 years ago, the same as most who got into the industry back then; as an exotic dancer. ie; stripper. I did that for a few years until I discovered the world of online adult entertainment.

Since hanging up my stilettos for good; I’ve had the pleasure of being able to delve into the many exciting avenues and aspects of the Adult Entertainment Industry. This includes; webcam modeling and studio owner, phone sex operator, sexting operator, online domination with a specialization in fetish and financial domination. Currently; I am a skilled creator of adult natured content and author of erotic short stories.

Rose & Amy At The Hidden Tea Fields of Taipei

Beautiful Tea Harvesting Land

Lakewood, California

Bill Jake had long been fascinated by an exceptional Tea Field of Taipei in Taiwan, a country of many exotic sights and sounds with friendly people inhabiting this paradise. A company memo concerning a continental trip to Taiwan had just been issued the previous week. As head of marketing for the consortium, he was among the first candidates but his boss Tyler Kellerman had other preferred people for the trip. Oh well, tough luck. He thought. They party would be transported by the company’s private jet

Taipei Countryside
Taipei Village

Maokong village, Taiwan

Rose Cheng had grown up pretty first for her age and was now sick and tired of the catcalling. All she wanted was someone to treat her well- not a boyfriend- someone to accompany her in the unending adventures. A tom boy from as early as she could remember, time had transformed her into a luscious beauty that was very attractive.

This was exactly the problem. The many friends she had now turned distant immediately after she spurned their sexual advances. They could not be friends any more. She felt really sorry for Jim Chuan. He was her friend from childhood but now had transformed into a lusty man that always felt that he had some kind of right to see her naked and who also wanted much more.

The last time she was with Chuan a very bitter argument ensued when Rose for the umpteenth time refused to get intimate. He tried to grope her which culminated in a bitter division. Now Rose was all alone and lonely. Little did she know that things were about to change in few days.

The farmer’s on the Tea Field of Taipei had organized an international expo to showcase their special tea varieties and also help expand other markets globally. Everyone around the village was extremely anxious for the day and just could not wait for it. For most people this would be their first time to be the focus of attention. It is all too easy to get caught up in all the excitement. A sleepy village town parched high in the remote mountains certainly had a lot to gain from the forthcoming event.

Lakewood, California

The incessant ringing on the phone jostled Bill Jake from sleep. It was the middle of the night and quite chilly outside. The rain had not relented and now this. He seriously considered ignoring the phone and later on disconnecting it from the main line but then decided against it.

It was Amy’s high pitched voice at the other end of the line. The company’s VP whom he had long had a thing for but never had the courage to tell her outright. He would definitely lose his job. That is what exactly would have happened. Amy had a reputation as an uptight but gorgeous lady who had by sheer grit risen through the ranks of C.H. Tyler Kellerman Consortium to the position of VP.

She apologized for calling so late but was left with no choice. Her colleague had fallen ill and therefore could not participate in a networking event. Their boss had specifically asked for an instant replacement for this crucial foreign trip. Amy Harper could not think of anyone else to turn to on short notice.

When cornered in such a tricky situation, Bill was not a man to back down. As soon as the VP mentioned Taiwan Jake knew that he’d be in for a long flight.

Being the workaholic that she was, Amy had called in while at the airstrip. A private jet would take the two to their destination. After rushing towards the rendezvous, the two hugged happily and were soon ready to take off.

En route

Sitting opposite Bill gave the perfect opportunity to really check him out closely. She had seen him a few times during the office parties and business hours but that was just about it. In person he seemed like a nice guy with that trademark black leather jacket bringing out an adventurous bad boy aura.

Hot Man In A Leather Jacket
Photo: Man In Leather Hoodie

After a few drinks and a little chit chat Amy felt a real connection. All she wanted now was take off her panties and wrap her legs around his heavy muscular torso and really fuck him.

Wait. That isn’t the way to go. She kept on reminding herself. Junior staff is out of limits for a high flying career lady such as I. Unconsciously she unbuttoned her blouse. The bright red skirt suit was becoming more unbearable.

The tensions were apparent to Bill Jake who felt that there was definitely some spark that they were both trying hard to suppress.

Maokong, Taiwan

The organizing committee announced the list of people that would be helping out with the preparations as officials. Rose was especially pleased to hear that her name was in the list. Notably absent was Jim Chuan. How that happened she could not fathom. Jim’s father was after all the head of the Tea Field of Taipei growers and hence had notable influence. The pay was not a big deal but the opportunity provided the perfect getaway to escape that
oppressive disillusionment.

The Big Day

Upon arrival it was already sunrise. Taiwan scenery is the jewel Bill Jake expected to see. The vast mountainous heights covered with unending lush green landscape offering a breath of much needed fresh air. The trip was to last one day which meant that luggage was minimal for both visitors.

A bumpy half an hour ride brought the two on location. Here we go: a long day ahead. Amy thought. She was pleased to see that a magnificent looking stand had been pitched on site bearing their corporation’s emblem and colors. A friendly local introduced himself as Jim Chuan-their interpreter.

On the itinerary Bill was assigned a field assignment. He had his own interpreter as well- Rose Cheng. His course would be to go over the plantation and collect as much information through taking photos. He would be required to write a report later on. Amy’s role would be to remain at the stands to handle PR with the help of Jim.

Travelling Via Motorbike
Photo: Woman Going On A Motorbike Journey

The first shooting location was a few miles into the dense tea plantations. A motor bike ride helped Bill and Rose get across the rough trails with Rose clinging tightly on as they took sharp turns.

The ride was brief but intense. The pair was separated from other delegations that were a considerable distance away. Bill was taken by surprise when Rose gently turned onto him and gently kissed him on the lips. Just like that. He acted surprised but both knew that there was something simmering on the surface ever since their eyes met for the first time.

The knee length dress was soon in a heap as the two embraced and kissed longingly. Bill was soon naked as well and the two took refuge at a nearby clearing. Indeed this magical place has many nature’s sights and sounds that soon engulfed the two lover’s intimate groans and lustful gasps.

Back at the camp, Amy was wondering where the hell his most trusted partner had disappeared to. There were some important things to be discussed and her colleague was not answering his two way radio call.

Jim Chuan is suave when he wants to be. He somehow managed to convince Amy to let handle part of the work load. Despite some initial apprehension about this idea, Jim worked well and proved himself a tremendous help.

It was afternoon and by the look of things Bill and Rose had not grown tired of each other. None was willing to resume work and was more enthusiastic to continue the lovemaking. Rose pillow breasts gave Bill great joy as he stroked and squeezed them gently. This made her even hornier and the lovebirds rolled against each other to continue fucking.

By evening Amy had given up on finding Bill. He most probably experienced some accident and was making his way to camp on foot. Jim on the other hand was up to the task. He seemed more of an employee for the consortium than a translator. She promised herself to reward him- one way or another.

It came as a big surprise when Jim Chuan refused to accept extra payment for the immense service he had provided. It was a long way off to the nearest town center and he instead offered to let Amy stay at his place. In the morning they would mount a search for Bill and his aide.

Jim’s accommodation was very simple but comfortable. Being in the middle of a large plantation it was slightly elevated off the ground to give an open bird’s eye view of the surrounding hills.

All that was in Amy’s mind was to get a good night’s rest. After changing into Jim’s T-shirt she lied on the bed but sleep simply would not come. She could make out distantly the light from the TV and figured out that Jim was probably awake as well.

After joining Jim on the couch they both lost interest in the TV and focused on each other. Deep kisses ensued. It was Amy’s turn to unwind at last. She grabbed his large member and licked it up and down again and again.

Hot And Heavy Tantric Sex
Photo: Man And Woman Having Tantric Sex

As she was half naked, it was easy to fondle her huge breasts behind the t-shirt. The teasing felt like a burning fire that could not be contained any more. Amy sat right on Jim’s huge dick and began to control the pace of sex with tantra like a perfect toy boy. At first the rhythm was gentle followed by intense jerking up and down. They fucked hard and long not caring about the noise they made. After several rounds of pleasure each could not contain themselves anymore.

Double orgasms ensued while they clutched tightly onto each other letting their juices mix up. Several rounds of unabated sexual pleasure followed each other in turn leaving little time to rest. In the end exhaustion took over and the two slept on the couch.

Meanwhile Rose and Bill decided to stay on outside on the Tea Field of Taipei. Bill’s love for the outdoors made him carry a few provisions to get them going. In the light of the night fire they both stared deep into each other’s eyes. They could not believe the luck that had brought them together. Bill was especially pleased with her forwardness.

Before sunset they fucked one more time before getting back to work. This would be the most ideal time to get started on photography.

Amy Harper was not pleased at all by the sight of the two riding back to the camp meeting point. Bill was quick to explain engine trouble but it was clear to everyone that something else had been at play. After saying their hurried goodbyes to both translators, the two sat down to complete the report. Hours later they were done and ready to pack their gear and make the return

Amy had one last strange request. She needed to check out a previously obscure location within the Tea Field of Taipei. As they two disappeared into the hills again, Bill sensed that something exciting was about to happen but could not figure out what exactly it was.

After they were safely out of sight, Amy requested that they pull over to a specific location. The motor bike screeched to a halt near a thick clump of trees. The two colleagues retreated to this nest and began to undress each other. Bill could not believe his luck but he knew it best not to object. He might lose his position if he dared.

A shrill moan pierced the air when Bill rammed his huge cock inside Amy’s tight pussy. They began fucking just like that without any foreplay, each desiring to have a piece of uninhibited pleasure before returning back home. He made sure to fuck her as hard as he could. It felt so good to vent his desire after years of anticipation.

Amy came first, squirting a lot of much cum in her wake. Bill still wanted more but it was a short while before he too came hard screaming in pleasure almost like a spiritual sexual experience. The trip definitely would be a memorable one. The two made a promise to keep things on the low.






The Beautiful Virgin at Tapei City, Taiwan

Taiwanese Beautiful Asian Women Photo

Why did it have to be so Hellishly hot? “How am I going to make it through another day at work?” he wondered for what seemed like the millionth time, in the dark, at 3am. Really, if this life was going to work at all — to be worthwhile, he had to find a place where the air-conditioning doesn’t die again in the middle of the night, leaving him thinking those dark thoughts about the futility of it all.  After all coming to Tapei City, Taiwan, a modern metropolis with Japanese colonial lanes, busy shopping streets and contemporary buildings. The skyline is crowned by the 509m-tall, bamboo-shaped Taipei 101 skyscraper, with upscale shops at the base and a rapid elevator to an observatory near the top. Taipei is also known for its lively street-food scene and many night markets, including expansive Shilin market.

“Oh what has become of me? Where is my faith in the Lord?” David’s self-flagellation was interrupted by the dawning realization that lack of sleep must be doing the Devil’s work, playing on his thoughts, driving him to doubt. Closing his eyes, he sought strength in God.

David awoke with a start. He had overslept! He would be late for work. The big boss would not be impressed. It had not always been like this. Waving good-bye to the folks back in Spokane, David had set out to do God’s work, spreading the Gospel in Asia. The flight had been exciting but nothing had prepared him for the craziness that was Taipei. And that heat! Sure, there had been some hot times in Arizona but it was never so humid. The air was never so heavy, just sitting there, on your chest, pushing you down, like a giant snake. The Tapei steamy night — it made breathing hard. And besides, back home, the air-conditioning worked!

Those thoughts again! Why did he always return to doubt and question? He was here to save souls! Most of these poor people didn’t have reliable A/C, either. He was here to rescue them from hardship and despair. How could he do that if he wasn’t committed? In any case, the sun was up. David was up. Time to get ready and go to work. Oh yes, and to Wei-ting.

Life had already changed so much for David. He struggled with that, a lot. It never really felt totally comfortable, this mission abroad, doing what he had been “destined’ to do. Everybody else was happy. He liked making people happy. But still, something was not right. “I should be so happy doing this,” David argued, to nobody. Well, nobody but David. And God. “But doesn’t God want me to be truly happy?”


David had tried. He really had. Every day, he washed, got dressed, and headed out on the bicycle. To visit the people who needed his help. Every day, he came home and asked himself the same question: “What am I missing?” “Surely the answers to life are there already?” David picked up the Bible and held it close. It was familiar. The answers were there in his heart and in prayer with God. He knew this to be so. Or did he? Why didn’t he have the answers? Why was he still searching? Was he still searching?

Ruefully, David had realised he was stuck. He could not go home yet. His mission was completed but he knew he had not done his work. And in any case, how could he go back home filled with doubt and so many questions? He knew he would not be able to face his family and friends like this. He could not lie to them but he could not say what he honestly felt. In desperation, David had found a new calling, at least temporarily, he hoped. There was a never-ending demand for foreign English teachers in Taiwan. He could remain in Taipei City, improve his language skills, get to know the people better and eventually, or at least that was the plan, return to his ministry among the people. He would be better armed for the fight for salvation.


Taiwan Woman in Garden Photo
Photo: Taiwan Virgin in The Garden



There she was “May”, Wei-ting was her proper name. Or rather, the phonetic expression. Her proper name would be impossible for most Americans to get right. Tonal languages were just so alien for the Westerner. So, nicknames were better. At least until friendships became closer.  He had not even noticed when it had happened. That day when getting up in the morning and heading to work had changed. Forever, it now seemed. Where once he had thought almost non-stop about how to do his work, how to progress, how to make it toward getting back to ministry, and returning home to the welcome appreciation of the church and his family.

Now it was all about May.

She had seemed interested in his life story. To her, it was as alien as the inner workings of Taiwan life were to David. But that had been very attractive, her interest. He tried to focus on his ministry, on church life, on how dedicated he and his family were to living the life they should. But there was so little about this he could say to May. So strange — he could have preached for hours to other Chinese. Now, he didn’t want to talk to May about it. He wanted to know about May. And the more he wanted to know about May, the more he wanted to share David with May. It was so hard. How could he have these feelings? This was wrong! Everything he had learned told him so. But it felt right. In his heart, as much as he searched, and as much as he prayed, it still felt right. “God, the pain! I don’t know what to do!”

For May, things had not been much easier. Her and him? She had a better idea about how she felt, and she could see how difficult it was for him. He was so different from the other boys. The boys she had grown up with. They didn’t find it difficult. But she never let them. They were rough, rowdy. So driven by ego. Always needing to prove themselves. And so loud! Loud in everything they did. Stupid! In any case, she could never. Mama and Baba would probably ground her for life! Things had always been very strict at home. This was necessary! After all — had her parents not literally had to fight to survive? Strict order and following rules must be maintained. And she would marry a good boy from a good family. A Chinese family! There was no other good family.

But those Taipei steamy nights had a way of playing on people. It didn’t matter if you were a local, hot and heavy was hot and heavy. It ground you down, wore you out, left you gasping for breath and seeking refuge from the sweltering, oppressive atmosphere. A way out. Relief.

For May and David, their budding friendship was starting to offer a sense of relief. Certainly, May felt better when David finally arrived at work. Once, he had been sick. Her day in the accounts department had been an interminable drag. She found herself very worried. But she couldn’t ask anyone else if he was okay. Tongues would have wagged.

Relief washed through her body when he arrived at work the following day. She felt herself flush, her face burning so hot, when she looked up that morning to see him smiling at her. Did anybody notice? Did David see? He had turned quickly and rushed off, so she couldn’t tell. David had totally forgotten! It was Friday. William’s last day today, and the office was having a party. Some of the guys at work really didn’t follow a way of life portrayed favourably in the Bible. All that drinking. That partying. No way! But this was an office party. Socializing with colleagues was an important part of work life. He had to go. Anyway, senior management would be there and the party was being thrown at a classy restaurant in a good part of the city, so everything should be okay. “God, I hope May is there,” David caught himself thinking.  He had often heard that these parties ended up at Taiwan Erotic Stories of legend.

For May, things were not so straightforward. She didn’t live alone. Like many young Chinese, she shared the old shophouse with three generations of her family. She was expected to help around the house, too. Her auntie would need dinner. Why couldn’t her lazy brothers help, just this once? Such a bore! May tempered her rebellious feelings. As she always had to do. She had to be the dutiful daughter. She had to be a good girl. The work gang had assembled in the reception area of work. They were already a bit excited. The “lads’, those loud Brits who always led the parties, were already declaring in broad statements what a “wicked night” they were going to have, mate.

David tried not to attract their attention. He hated being dragged into having to pretend that he could get along with their behaviour and he didn’t want to cause any offence. So, he hung back and mingled with the team from accounts. But May was nowhere to be seen. A secretary giggled that May had rushed off, head down, before the others had even packed away their work. It was turning into another hot, steamy night. The air was so heavy. Fingers of mist wrapped around the peaks of Taipei’s office towers, neon lights suffusing dark clouds with an otherworldly glow. It was as if a great curtain was being drawn down upon the daytime and an uneasy night had begun. David found it hard to enjoy the party. The British boys were too boisterous. The restaurant was too loud. The food was odd and uninteresting. Everybody was up for karaoke. And why not? May wasn’t there. It was the weekend. “Even I need to enjoy myself sometimes,” David told himself.

“Cheers!!!” bellowed the boys, clanking their beer glasses together. “Come on, mate! Live a little!” pleaded Richard, the leader of the brat pack. He handed David a glass. “Come on mate, didn’t Jesus turn water into wine? This is the next best thing! KnowwhatImean?”

That first taste. Like nothing he’d experienced before. It had a hint of apple about it. “How ironic!” mused David.

“What’s that, mate?” Richard slurred. He was already on his third pint.

“Oh, nothing,” mumbled David as he took another swig of beer.

David was already feeling a bit odd. Only half a glass and he felt warm, a bit unsteady. Could he even see straight? The noise in the restaurant seemed to invade his head. He couldn’t hear clearly.

“Hello..,” a thought suddenly popped into his head, cutting through the haze.

“Hello?” it came again. It was in his ear. He turned toward the sound, his lips brushing against something soft and warm.

“Oh!” May giggled. “I am so sorry! I was too close.”

“Oh no. I’m….the sorry. I mean, I’m the one who should be sorry,” David struggled to reply. This darn beer! What would she think! David struggled to regain his self-control. “But what are you doing here? I thought you went home?”

“Oh I did,” May said softly. “But you know what? I already do enough at home. Today is about me.”

David could see more clearly now. May had never dressed like this before. He could almost see down her shirt. He caught his eyes darting down her neck and felt his face turn red. Had she noticed? David’s heart was really beating now. Was it the beer? He wasn’t sure. “But won’t your parents be angry? I understand that they are rather conservative.”

May was feeling more confident now. She had already taken the biggest step, the first one. She felt emboldened. Grabbing David’s beer, she took a big gulp and declared, “Forget about them, let’s just have fun!”

David felt the room start to spin. Reaching out to steady himself, he found his arm around May. Panicking, he was about to pull his arm away but May already had her hand on his arm. She smiled.

With her other hand, May brought a glass of water to David’s lips, “I think you need some of this, dear David.”

It felt so wrong but it felt so right. May knew there would be Hell to pay when she got home tonight. Or would it be tomorrow?

David was sure now that he was going to Hell. Partying, drinking, and now in the embrace of a woman to whom he was not married!

His mind began to wonder as he caught another glimpse down her top, he could see her chest moving up and down with her breathe. A button had come undone and the tip of her breasts were easily seen.  He thought about placing his hand on her chest and slowly undoing each button until her bra was fully exposed. He pants began to bulge and pulsate as his mind continued to wander. He wondered what it would be like to touch her soft supple skin and how she would react if he placed his hand between her warm thighs. He wanted to explore sexuality and his spirituality.

His brain was screaming at him, exhorting him to stop sinning, to end this wicked behaviour before it was too late! His heart was thumping. Or was that May’s heart? She was so close now.

“Come on, you two! Get a bloody room!!!”

It was Richard again. His tie was gone and his shirt was hanging out of his trousers. He looked, and sounded, a mess.

The house lights came up. The restaurant was closing. David and May edged away from each other, blinking in the light. Had anyone else noticed? Richard probably wouldn’t remember on Monday but the office girls! Word was sure to get back to May’s parents. She would never be allowed out of the house again!

As the party stumbled out into the Tapei steamy night, David realised he was in no fit state to go onto karaoke. He’d had his first taste of the party life and, yeah it was fun, but he knew there would be more beer and he already had a long talk with God ahead of him.  It reminded him of some of those Singapore Erotic Stories he had been told about.

David turned to May, “I suppose I should help you get home.”

“No, you don’t need to do that,” she replied.

“But it’s late. It’s not safe for you to go home alone,” David offered.

May giggled, “I don’t NEED to go home, do I?”

David felt unsteady. It wasn’t the beer now.

“Come on, you two! Get a room!” It was Richard again. A taxi pulled up to the kerb, Richard opened the door, “In you go! Hurry up! Your secret is my secret.”

It might have been the longest taxi ride of David’s life. Could May feel him shaking? He was so nervous. May snuggled up to him and smiled. He tried to smile, too. Could she see how nervous he was?

May was sure of herself now. She had never been with a boy before but you know, girls talk. She had heard what happened with boys. Had David been with a girl before? He was so kind, and seemed so innocent. “No,” she told herself. She would be his first.

Taking charge, May paid the taxi driver and led David into his apartment building. David felt as if he was being carried along by a powerful river. Things were happening so fast now. Fumbling with his door key, he dropped it on the floor.


Woman in White Bra Photo
Photo: Taiwan Woman in Bra



Before he could move, May had retrieved the keys, opened the door, and pushed him inside.

His hands searched the dark wall for the light switch but May took both of his hands and, pulling them around her waist, she strained to reach his mouth with hers.

David heard May give a small gasp as they came together in the half light, her lips eagerly meeting his. He felt her tongue, tentatively at first, then more forcefully.

Even as they embraced, May was undressing herself. “How does she do that?” David wondered. His thoughts were interrupted as she started to remove his shirt.

Both of them stumbled over their clothes as David led May to his bed. He couldn’t believe this was happening but he was so happy. David sat down and pulled on May’s waist for her to come closer, he kissed down her chest to her belly button. As she stood in front of him he began to rub her clitoris as she began to moan in sexual frustration, her legs began to give out. She couldn’t take it anymore and moved up onto his lap with his big hard erection pressing against her clitoris making her extremely wet. Some precum started to form on the tip of his penis.

May wanted to feel everything inside of her and began to rub her body against his. David held his cock and slipped it between her wet thighs. He pushed the tip of his erection into her extremely tight vagina. He held onto her waist and pushed it slowly until his whole cock was inside of her. He hugged her tightly so both of their bodies were completely touching. May began to move slowly up and down at her own pace. David kissed her chest and began to suck on her nipples. May’s moaning became louder and louder until finally she orgasmed. May fell onto the bed as a street light reflected off May’s face. She was smiling. A big smile.

David awoke with a start. He lay there. Hot, sweating, and exhausted. It was still dark. What a dream! Then he heard it: May’s breathing. Her hair was draped over his shoulder. She seemed to be dreaming but she had a smile on her face.

For the first time in his life, David was happy to lie there in the Taipei steamy night.