AMAZING Sex Stories!!

What a kinky bunch of readers we have here at the Adultsmart blog.  After the success of the true life sex story series thought I would add some real deal erotica, amazing sex stories which might blow your mind!

Firstly let me identify that I had an addictive personality.  But I can now look back and use my past as a tool to live a better future.

There are many things I would never repeat or have done given what I know now.   But without regretting the past, I share these amazing bizarre sex stories. 

Amazing Sex Stories


Practically all men enjoy getting a ‘blowie’.   A head-job is the perfect cure for  headaches, relieving stress or just releasing a heap of jism that has been pooling in your love sacks.

Some women give amazing fellatio where others struggle with the lip, teeth and even penetration depths required for a top blow-job.

One evening, the last before I was to head overseas, I was walking down a popular seaside boardwalk in LA, United States. 

Being a balmy summers night the pedestrians were in various stages of undress going from men wearing budgie smugglers to women in G-Strings.

Appreciating all the well-maintained bods

My eyes caught sight of a pair of stunning, and I mean stunning ebony ladies.  I nudged the friend I was walking with and we made a bee-line to them.

amazing sex stories

Not sure what it is but American’s are suckers for an Australian accent so using my best ‘shrimp on the bb’ impersonation introduced myself.

After a short while, we asked if they cared to join us for some drinks and perhaps dinner afterwards.    To our delight, they said yes.

So we sat down having cocktails looking over the Santa Monica sunset.

It was a lovely evening and the discreet accidental brushes on arms and legs indicated that there was a mutually amorous feeling developing between one of the ladies and me.

Coming time in the dinner when my friend asked where we were going and I told him I was beat.  And just wanted to go to my room, have a night-cap and hit the sack.

Deep down I was hoping that this gift from the heavens would say to me, ‘Can I come too,’ and my hope came true.

She said, “Do you mind if I come and join you for that nightcap?’

So we left the cocktail bar and walked to the Hotel where I was staying at and up to my room.   In the room, I opened a bottle of wine that we drank together when I asked her if she was going to stay the night.

To which she said yes so I suggested we have a bath together.   So butt naked we got into the spa bath which was a nice and handy double sized affair.

We both lay there as I put the bubbles on.

She came closer between my legs and placed her hand on the small of my back, lifting me so I began to float and pulled me towards her so her face was over my dick.

It only took moments before I had an erection that she then took in her mouth and began to devour my cock.

With my cock in her mouth, she submerged under the water for what seemed an unreasonable amount of time and then would come up for air.

It was a sensational experience

Having the lower half of my body submerged in warm water and my cock in an even warmer mouth that was being sensuously sucked.   It did not take a long time before I came.

We then got out of the bath, dried off and headed for the bed.

This is where the real deep-throat action happened.

As I lay down she parted my legs and knelt between them whilst she took my cock right down her throat.

I have and had been deep throated before.  Generally after two of three gags the cock comes out of the mouth, with the givers eyes watering, taking a break before continuing.

OR  I have had the pleasure of being with a couple of girls that had no gag reflex and would take my meat all the way down whilst I would throat fuck them.

amazing sex stories and sex toys

But this girl was different.

She was taking the whole of me down, gagging on my cock – the throat muscles contracting and releasing.  But she was not taking the cock out.

In fact she was continuing to take all of my cock down her throat and then somehow managed to put my balls in her mouth too.   So my cock was getting stimulated by those warm throat muscles whilst my balls were being sucked in her mouth- at the same time.

It was an incredible feeling and it was not very long before I started to cum down her throat.

She did not allow me to pull out

Whilst I came or even after I came and kept my cock and ball down her throat and in her mouth.

I was no less than a minute before my cock got hard again and a repeat of the above happened.   Not sure why but this went on three or four times and eventually I was ejaculating but there was no cum left.

The contractions were happening but no jism and it literally began to ‘hurt so good’.

Finally she released my cock and balls.

I was spent.  Here she was butt naked looking sexy beside me.  I did not have words to say as she left the bed and began to put on her clothes.

As I was about to ask for her address and number she walked over to me and put her finger on my lips to silence me.

Bent over, kissed me and left.

She gave me the best head job of my life and I was never going to be able to contact her again.  The mysterious ‘deep throat’.

amazing sex stories deep throat
sexy woman’s open mouth


I was a self-confessed sex addict earlier in my life.  It is not something I am proud of or in any way pass off as a good thing now.  But it was a part of my life.

During that period I ‘dated’ multiple women at the same time as well as often ‘picking up’.  There was never any claim by me that any of these relationships were on an ‘exclusive basis’.

And if asked would admit to not being in a monogamous relationship but would not volunteer it.

I Tried it All

Although having tried group sex, threesomes even swapping sex, none of these ever did it for me.   I craved and wanted the intimacy of one on one companionship and sex.

If there was a function that had to be attended generally I would go by myself.  Dating would be for exclusive dinner, nights in, concerts, events. Or other dates just with each others company.

So there were no diversions in relating during the date or sexually relating when going home.   For me, it was often as important to get to know the person before sex, than actually doing the act.

As it made everything seem more real, personal and caring.

Sometimes things got out of control

Back in the late 90’s I was staying in an apartment in Sea Point, Cape Town with two other guys.  There for 6 months on business.  During that period I was lucky enough to meet and be with a lot of the ‘local talent’.

But the end of my stint was fast approaching with my flight booked for Monday morning 11am.  The people that I worked with arranged to have a farewell party for me on Thursday night.

And the guys that I lived with to go clubbing at the Bronx Bar on Friday – now closed.

At that time I was dating 4 women

So I had scheduled our farewells at the apartment with them.

Would you like to know how that turned out?  Or perhaps some of the topics below. Just comment in the box below if you would like these real sex tales continued.


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  1. I can highly recommend this site. Adultsmart has got some of the best free erotic fiction out there. This story I really liked. Is it a true story? Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

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