Rocking Good Time In Bed With Monkey Rockers

Thom York once said that sex is more than an act of pleasure, and he’s right. It’s an art, and it takes skills to get someone turned on and Monkey Rockers may just be the thing to do so. So if you are looking to bring in some excitement under the sheets and you’ve tried every form of karma sutra position in the book, then adding sex toys to your sexual adventure might be the course you want to take.


Introducing the Monkey Rocker


A monkey rocker, also known as a sex glider, is a sex toy that is like a rocking chair except one with a dildo. It was first created by Dan Sierchert back in the 90s and now has become a staple for anyone wanting to add some extra pleasure to their sex life.


Monkey rockers are ideal for both couple and solo play. It’s trendy among sex furniture collectors since it does resemble a chair. Because it uses your body’s power or momentum, it’s effortless to use. All you need to do is rock back and forth on the rocker, and you can increase the intensity according to your body’s needs. The dildo attachment slides easily in and out with each rock, giving you ultimate control over the penetration depth and speed.


If you’re alone and want to pleasure yourself, imagine the fantasies in your mind as you sit on the rocker, close your eyes and feel every bit of sensation and pleasure coursing through your body. You can control how fast and intense you want the penetrations to be, perfect for anyone who needs to dominate and have complete control over their orgasms.


If with a partner, it’s double the excitement. Double penetration fantasies can be done for real with the dildo attachment on the monkey rocker and your partner’s penis.


Monkey rockers, despite not being battery-powered or needing to be charged, these rockers are pretty expensive. But the pleasure you get is as intense and as fun, as you want it to be. It’s worth doing some research to find out how a monkey rocker works and whether it’s suitable for your sex play.


Advantages of Monkey Rockers


If you want extra pleasure for yourself or with your partner(s), then monkey rockers are a great sex toy to invest in. Here are some significant advantages of using a monkey rocker:

  • It uses your own body’s momentum, so if control is what you’re looking for, then you’ll get it from the monkey rocker.
  • With a monkey rocker, you can control the speed as well as the depth of penetration.
  • You can pair a monkey rocker with other sex toys for both anal and vaginal penetration.
  • You can also take it up a notch and add double penetration with your partner’s penis
  • Monkey rockers operate quietly, and they don’t require batteries or charging
  • You can use monkey rockers whenever and wherever you please

What are the things to consider when choosing a Monkey Rocker?


Sex rockers come in all shapes and sizes to serve unique sexual needs. They are a little expensive for sex furniture, so choosing the right one is essential. You don’t want to simply purchase one without doing some form of research because if you don’t get the right type, you’ll probably not get the satisfaction you’re looking for.


While the price may be on the high side, when you speak to owners of monkey rockers, they’ll you that its’ worth every penny. Here are some considerations for you as a guideline when shopping for your very own sex rocker:


  • Your budget

Your budget can narrow down your search for a suitable rocker. Monkey rockers range from $90 and go up to $500, depending on their features.


  • Dildo compatibility

Some rockers come with dildo attachments for you to use your favorite dildo instead of using a built-in one. This way, you can get the most out of your dildo and the rocker.


  • Compatibility range

Some rockers are only compatible with a small number of dildos. This means not all dildos can fit into the rocker, so its worth checking the rocker’s specifications before you buy.

However, if you love change and like experimenting, this shouldn’t be a significant issue.


  • Features

The features of the rocker determine the price. The more expensive the rockers, the more expensive it would be. Comfort does matter such a padded thigh rests are an essential part of a rocker- it enables you to sit on the rocker comfortably for a more extended period. Check the weight limits of the rocker, too, so that you can choose the right size for your needs.


Is it hard to use the monkey rocker?


The sex glider, monkey rocker or sex rocker– call it what you want, is pretty straightforward to use a sex toy. You straddle the gap and use your body’s momentum to rock. The glider does the rest to pleasure you. You use your motion to control the rocker, perfect for those who want toys with a greater sense of personal control. You decide how deep, how complex and how intense your experience will be.


Do I need  monkey rockers?


You don’t need it like you need water to survive, but you will want a sex rocker to increase your sexual pleasure experience. You can play out your most profound and most pleasurable fantasies on your own or with your partner because you can ride yourself wild with one. By the end of the experience, you’ll be wondering why you lived without one all your life.


So is it worth your money? Yes, if you want to a change into your sex experience. Yes, if you’re going to spice things up under the sheets, and yes, if you’re going to pleasure yourself on your own.


The simple answer is yes. With a little bit of research on your part to read reviews and compare the different rockers on sale, you’ll be happy with your investment at the end of the day.


Better sex for 2021

2021 sex

Welcome to a sexy 2021 my friends!


After swiping left on 2020, most of us are ready for a new chapter, a new story or a new beginning to be found in the year 2021. Although New Years may have been quiet, and that Resolutions are more often than not bothersome to say the least, why not invest your new lease on life on Sex and Intimacy!


Here are some sure fire ways to kick this year into the sexiest yet. These are for everyone to enjoy, whether you are single, in a relationship, celebrating love or lust from afar or experimenting.


  1. Work on Intimacy in and out of the bedroom.

Intimacy is not simply touch and does not simply occur in the bedroom during sexual acts. One of the biggest roots of Intimacy is simply being kind to yourself and our partners. Especially after the year we have just had. Be kind. Share in compliments. Share in treats or little gifts. Small non sexual touching can also improve and heighten intimacy as well. Learn your own, and your partner’s love languages to improve, spark and deepen intimacy.


The deeper your connection is, the more intense your sexual bond will be.


Try these Intimacy tips

  • Take the Love Languages Quiz to see how you best express and accept love/intimacy

  • Write or say an intimate gratitude daily to yourself and/or a loved one “I love my smile” “I am grateful for your kisses each morning”

  • Be intentional in your touch when you say hello.

  • Bring your loved one a coffee

  • Invite them on a netflix date


  1. Figure out what feels good to you and do more of that.

Sex and intimacy is not always about shared pleasure. Sometimes it is important to know what you like first, either solo or together. Take this opportunity for self sexploration and lots of it. Learn how your own pleasure works, your own body. Encourage your partner to do the same. Do it alone. Do it together. Mutual masturbation can be lots of fun and very informative. Use your fingers, try some toys, experiment with lubricants and stimulants as you play.


Try these Feel good Tips

  • Try warming or chilling lubricants

  • Experiment with arousal oils or lubricants

  • Visit us in store for recommendations of sex toys to use.

  • Try mutual masturbation.


  1. Talk more with your partner or yourself regarding sexual yes’ nos and maybes.

When was the last time you thought about what you liked during sex? Have you ever done a quiz? Or written them down? How about talking them through with your partner? It can be quite a turn on not to mention an eye opener and can lead to some wondrous and arousing sexual exploits you may have never thought possible. You can easily make your own or find simple or very comprehensive ones online that can range from everyday exploits to BDSM


  1. Be open to teaching and learning

There is a lot that we may not know or understand in the world and the same can be said for sex and pleasure. What better way to find out than to learn. In a world with technology at our fingertips there is a lot of advice, blogs, podcasts and tutorials to explore for the open minded. Studios such as Studio Kink in Sydney offer classes both in person and online for Shibari (rope tying), impact, submissive training and events. Podcasts such as Missionary to Madame offer wonderful advice and insight into relationships sex. Books are also in the form of hard copy, e books and audio books that come with inspiring how to’s such as the The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio and the Ultimate Guide to Cunnulingus by Violet Blue which combines phenomenal how to’s with scantilising short stories.


  1. Stop Focusing on ORGASMS and focus on PLEASURE and what feels good. Orgasms will come. (Pun well intended)


SOmething I believe in and can’t promote more is Mindful Sex or Mindfu Masturbation. I like to envision it as the art of being present in the moment of pleasure, of what feels good rather than judging sex as the moment orgasm is achieved. There is too much pressure these days on achieving orgasm and as such, a dramatic decrease in people being able to have them.

All of these points 1-4 aid in realising your pleasure and assist in bettering your sex life. In being in the moment and experiencing pleasure rather trying to rush to the end and only defining sex by whether or not a orgasm happened you will experience a much more vibrant sex life that will be unrivaled to the years before hand.


So this year, in 2021, sit back, relax, connect, and indulge in feeling good and feeling pleasure, the connection and the orgasms will follow, and when they do, they will bring in a new year worth talking about.


At Your Service,



AdultlifestyleCentre Adult Shop Sales Consultant, Educator and Pleasure Defender.

5 Best Sex Positions to Try with Your partner

Missionary Position

Sex is not only about experiencing pleasure with your partner, it’s about getting healthier together. Yes, sex can improve your health when both of you are climaxing with heavenly orgasms.

According to studies, people who have sex more than twice a week are less likely to have heart problems. Your body boosts up several antibodies while you are enjoying it with your partner.

Sex improves bladder control in women and hormonal activities lower the blood pressure. Sex is not just something you do on your bed; it’s an art capable of racing your heart. If you do it right with different sex positions, you and your partner will experience a blissful pleasure.

Missionary is the most common sex position. But don’t you want to try other adventurous sex positions?

Don’t miss on fun and try these best sex positions homepage with your partner.

Here are a few Sex Positions to Try for good health – 

Sex positions were invented when humans on earth were trying new things to live a life. Reaching the climax with your partner is an amazing form of love.


Let her ride you like a cowgirl rides a bull. Lie down on the bed and allow her to mount on you. A woman experiences a better orgasm when she is on top. This position is about giving her control while you can lie down and lose your mind.

Men enjoy this position with a woman riding, playing with herself giving a better view of her body. Men can support her by arms and stroke her for immense pleasure.

Doggy Style

This position is sort of like men going wild on her. Ask her to bend down at the edge of the bed and slide into her from the rear side. Men love this position as they control the pace by stroking her body back and forth into them.

If you do it right, you might hit her G-spot blowing her mind. She would go breathless as you reach the climax.


The more she rises her hips up, the higher both of you will fly. In this position, the woman lies on her back wrapping her legs around the man’s waist or his neck lifting her hips. A man can get a view of her curves while penetrating and stroking her. She can play with her breasts and let you reach her G-Spot.

To achieve comfort, rest her back or hips on a pillow while you get on knees on a softer mattress.


Be her big spoon and let her settle in your arms like a little spoon. Cuddling and sliding inside her while you both face in the same direction could rock both of your worlds. Kiss her neck gently while stroking her. She has the freedom to play with her clitoris to maximize orgasmic pleasure.

Both the partners can feel each other’s warmth in this romantic form of lovemaking. Gently play with her breasts, body curves to make her feel valued in your arms.

The Lotus

Bloom your pleasure by feeling the closeness of her body. Let her sit on you and ride you. Face each other while you stroke her. Wrap your arms around her as she wraps her legs around your waist.

This sex position is a form of affectionate lovemaking. Her eye contact and heavier breathing will blossom your mind.

Ultimate Guide to Better Sex

Ultimate Guide To Better Sex

Sex is something humans have engaged in since the dawn of time, it’s funny though sometimes I really sit and think about it and I wonder what the first people to have sex were thinking, what a strange yet probably very nice encounter for them. If you think you’re a sex god, chances are – you’re probably not. Overconfidence can lead to taking things too fast, or not reading your partner properly. Sex is never the same with each person, it takes time to figure each other out, and you should pay attention to detail!


Oral is something people love or hate, surprisingly not everyone enjoys giving oral. But, receiving oral is something everyone wants and, particularly males, expect. Oral is something that should be catered accordingly to the mood, person and individual wants. When going down on a girl it is very important to read her body, and DO NOT copy what you see in porn, there is nothing worse than a guy who thinks we enjoy having your palm viciously rubbed all over our clit and vulva, and no it will make us squirt like they pretend to in porn! You should take your time to work the tongue action and ensure switching up the motion every now and then, maybe add a bit of finger if you know she likes that, and don’t be the guy who doesn’t kiss after oral, it screams immature!

And girls, when going down on him don’t forget to work with your hand and
mouth, and not everyone likes deep throating so it’s not a necessity if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Read his body, work the balls too with a gentle massage or sucking if you’re okay with that, get all his senses stimulated, it helps him to feel like you’re really enjoying it and making it all about him, men love that.


Foreplay can be the most important part for some people. Most love the teasing, touching, kissing, and sensuality of it. It’s a lot of fun that helps you to get into a relaxed mood and an open mind. A great way to begin foreplay, and to make your partner feel special in general, is to get a massage candle going, they create a beautiful smell and they’ll love the warm feel of the oil all over them. Then you can begin the kissing and touching, even get some toys out if that’s what you fancy. Make sure to take the time to focus on your partner, be in the mindset to give and communicate if there’s something particular you had in mind or something you don’t like.

Sex Toys

Not everyone is into toys and that’s perfectly okay, but don’t be totally closed to investing in some in the future! There are so many amazing couples toys on the market now, such as the We Vibe Sync, Kiiro interactive set, NU cock ring and Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo. All have their own style and quality, and are totally partner interactive. The Hot Octopuss is the most interesting out of all, it’s a great toy to use during foreplay, it has strong vibrations sent straight
to the shaft, but on the outer side is beautiful ridges perfect for your partner to grind on helping to stimulate her clit, which also helps work the toy up and down the shaft. The We Vibe Synce is the only toy on the market that can be inserted and used during sex, it has a strong, moveable, C shaped spine to hold it in place on the g spot and the clit for a guaranteed orgasm without the
extra work of having to hold a bullet or wand on the clit during sex. All Oh Zone adult stores carry both these sex toys, and the other mentioned above!

Now for the grand finale… intercourse!

Intercourse is the easy part, you should know what your partner likes and dislikes in terms of roughness and positions. All the little things like choking, hair pulling, some light bondage, anal, spanking and so forth are things you try along the way and should be spoken about first. Not everyone is going to like choking, hair pulling or light bondage because it can make them feel claustrophobic or trigger anxiety from loss of movement. If these are things that you enjoy and would like to engage these with your partner during sex it helps to talk about your past scenarios or use examples so they understand what it is, ensure you have made them feel safe and comfortable and they are 100% okay with these actions. Anal is not something you can just jump right into either, unless you know your partners body is able to do that. Prep with lots of lube, use fingers or plugs to warm the area and then go for it if they are ready.

Positions are key to think about, don’t go too crazy trying to bend your partner in all different directions. Doggy is a perfect staple, it allows you to have full range of movement and some nice views while she is feeling everything in a totally different way to basic missionary. Another good one is to sit on the
edge of the bed and have her come on top, it allows her to ride you in a way that feels comfortable and brings you both close together so you have perfect body grabbing and kissing range, it’s extremely sensual, especially if she is still covered in oil from that massage.

Basically, pay attention to the small things, don’t try too hard and let things happen naturally. Your partner will love you for trying for them, and that trying goes a long long way in the long run. Remember foreplay, don’t go to psycho in oral and enjoy yourself! And ladies, get out of your head, let the orgasm happen naturally! Just focus on having fun guys, enjoy


No fap benefits

With a title like that, you’d automatically assume that this is click bait. Firstly, how does any good come from not masturbating and what would I get out of not getting that instant gratification and pleasure that masturbating gives me? What type of weakness do you even associate with masturbating? It’s one of the best things man has invented since Nutella! And how can not masturbating help create a great asset in my life?

A little bit of a backstory for this blog post. Firstly, I am notoriously in-consistent. Consistency and I have a very turbulent relationship. Put it this way, you can literally visualise my consistency levels as a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. The plane goes really fast up into the air to gain momentum, then it maintains a steady pace for 40 minutes and then it slowly descends and comes to a holt. I start things really fast and get all excited and motivated, then it slowly mellows and then comes to a complete stop in a short period of time.

How does this tie in to masturbating? Around 3 years ago whilst I was working in the oh zone adult shop, I was told by a fellow staff member that masturbation is healthy for you because it clears out your epididymis (this is where your sperm is held in your body), so immediately I began masturbating once a day (another weakness, I’m an extremist) and then slowly it sort of became a mini addiction and I would do it religiously (Keep in mind an addiction is not consistency). Fast forward 3 years, I have a girlfriend now and have cut it down to 4 – 5 times a week which is also significantly a lot. I came across an article which was about a Reddit movement known as #NoFap, in other words they are pretty much on a masturbation strike. I found it really interesting so I read over the benefits of it and realized that it is exactly what I need at this moment of time in my life.  I would also reduce some of the negative symptoms of constantly watching porn and masturbating that were slowly creeping into my life. I came up with a plan to kill two birds (My inconsistency and masturbation problem) with one stone (The NoFap challenge).

So how does it work and what are the benefits of it? Well first I’ll talk about what it has done for me in regards to my inconsistency. Every single day (I am day 53 now) I wake up with morning glory like every other male on the planet however I do not act on it. I created a set routine that I have to follow which will prime me for my day and keep me on track to not fapping. I wake up first thing I do is have a big glass of water, wash my face, brush my teeth, make my bed and do 4 sets of push ups. Now keep in mind, I never used to do this 54 days ago but I knew that If I do the exact same thing every single morning, I can prime myself and keep focused on a goal I want instead of having my thoughts all over the shop. By doing this simple routine, it has kept me grounded and also consistent. I have for the first time in a long time, built a consistent base of habits that benefit me. Being consistent has made me much more confident in tackling long term projects and achieving goals that are longer than 1 to 2 weeks. Plus the push-ups have my chest looking smick.

How has not masturbating or watching porn helped me over the last 54 days? WELL LET ME TELL YOU! Not only are my energy levels up, I feel 5x more confident, more focused with less mind smoge, my workouts are a lot better because I have more testosterone running through my body, my sex life has improved dramatically because the hunt switch has turned back on so instead of being lazy and just masturbating, I get excited for sex much more now instead of being tired or not interested. Not masturbating has literally done wonders for all aspects of my life. I’m not just floating through life, I am driven, I am focused and my mind is much stronger.

In conclusion, I think that not masturbating has literally lead to all the positive habits that are slowly but confidently being executed into my life. Since I’ve stopped, I have become more consistent with the gym, my actions at work and really found a new appreciation for my sex life with my partner. It has reassured me that everything in life is fueled by choices, positive ones lead to positive results, negative ones lead to negative results. How ironic, I know get more satisfaction from now cumming then I do from cumming. PS. Don’t think that because you don’t masturbate this means you have to abstain from sex also. If anything, it pushes you to have more sex. Good hunting.



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