Better Sex For 2023

Welcome to better sex for 2023 my friends!!  After swiping left on 2022, most of us are ready for a new chapter, a new story or a new beginning in 2023.

Although New Years may have been quiet, and that Resolutions are more often than not bothersome to say the least, why not invest your new lease on life on Sex and Intimacy!

Better Sex For 2023 

Here are some sure fire ways to kick this year into the sexiest yet.  These are for everyone to enjoy, whether you are single, in a relationship, celebrating love or lust from afar or experimenting.

Work on Intimacy in and out of the Bedroom.

Intimacy is not simply touch and does not simply occur in the bedroom during sexual acts.

One of the biggest roots of intimacy is simply being kind to yourself and our partners.  Especially after the year we have just had.  Be kind.  Share in compliments and share in treats or little gifts.

Non sexual touching can also improve and heighten intimacy as well.  Learn your own, and your partner’s love languages to improve, spark and deepen intimacy.  The deeper your connection is, the more intense your sexual bond will be.

Try these Intimacy tips For Better Sex For 2023

Take the Love Languages Quiz to see how you best express and accept love/intimacy Write or say an intimate gratitude daily to yourself and/or a loved one “I love my smile” or “I am grateful for your kisses each morning”

Be intentional in your touch when you say hello. Bring your loved one a coffee.  Invite them on a netflix date.

Figure out what feels good to you and do more of that.

Sex and intimacy is not always about shared pleasure.  Sometimes it is important to know what you like first, either solo or together.

Take this opportunity for self sexploration and lots of it.  Learn how your own pleasure works, your own body.  Encourage your partner to do the same.  Do it alone or do it together.

Mutual masturbation can be lots of fun and very informative.  Use your fingers, try some toys, experiment with lubricants and stimulants as you play.

better sex in 2023 with couples sex toys
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Try these Feel good Tips for the Better Sex For 2023

Try warming or chilling lubricants.  Experiment with arousal oils or lubricants.  Visit us in store for recommendations of sex toys to use.  Try mutual masturbation.

Talk more with your partner or yourself regarding sexual yes’ nos and maybes.

When was the last time you thought about what you liked during sex? Have you ever done a quiz? Or written them down? How about talking them through with your partner?

It can be quite a turn on not to mention an eye opener and can lead to some wondrous and arousing sexual exploits you may have never thought possible.

You can easily make your own or find simple or very comprehensive ones online that can range from everyday exploits to BDSM.   See what sexual deviant you are and get an idea of acts and exploits you and your partner may be in to.

Better Sex for 2023 – Be Open to Teaching and Learning

There is a lot that we may not know or understand in the world and the same can be said for sex and pleasure.  What better way to find out than to learn.

In a world with technology at our fingertips there is a lot of advice, blogs, podcasts and tutorials to explore for the open minded.  Studios such as Studio Kink in Sydney offer classes both in person and online for Shibari (rope tying), impact, submissive training and events.

Podcasts such as Missionary to Madame offer wonderful advice and insight into relationships sex.

Books are also in the form of hard copy, e books and audio books that come with inspiring how to’s.  Such as the The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio and the Ultimate Guide to Cunnulingus by Violet Blue which combines phenomenal how to’s with scantilising short stories.

Stop Focusing on ORGASMS and focus on PLEASURE and what feels good.

Orgasms will come. (Pun well intended).  Something I believe in and can’t promote more is Mindful Sex or Mindful Masturbation.  I like to envision it as the art of being present in the moment of pleasure, of what feels good rather than judging sex as the moment orgasm is achieved.

There is too much pressure these days on achieving orgasm and as such, a dramatic decrease in people being able to have them.

All of these points 1-4 aid in realising your pleasure and helping you to have better sex in 2023

Be in the moment and experience pleasure rather trying to rush to the end.  Don’t only define sex by whether or not a orgasm happened.  You will experience a much more vibrant sex life that will be unrivaled to the years before hand.

So this year in 2023,, sit back, relax, connect, and indulge in feeling good and feeling pleasure, the connection and the orgasms will follow.

When they do, they will bring in a new year worth talking about.

At Your Service,


AdultlifestyleCentre Adult Shop Sales Consultant, Educator and Pleasure Defender.

holding a large blue vibrator for better sex in 2023
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Better Sex in 2023 – Start Multi Tasking With Sex Toys!

Have you ever thought about doing a onetime investment of quality sex toys that have multiple purposes.  Most partners will always feel that they are not having good sex when they start into their sexual relationship.

In most of the cases, this leads to thoughts that the partner, either one, is not quite capable enough in the bed. This diminishing of excitement is quite possible in each and every relationship.

It is due to this reason that people must try to incorporate ways that will actually help in the rekindling of passion and sex drive.

Use lots of products from a wonderful sex shop online.

The main reason as to why the boredom occurs is the fact that the couples are not at all equipped to put new ideas into their life. All of these ideas are really wonderful and the absence of new ideas not being incorporated is the main reason that this happens.

A great way to introduce some wonderful sort of excitement in your life is with the help of the wonderful stuff like that of good porn.

Good Porn

It always has the capability to bring about the right kind of arousal in the complete person.  This is they must be used to a healthy extent that allows you to bring new methods.  And also bring about a higher level of fascination in the bed.

vibrator for better sex for 2023
fun factory bi stronic fusion technology

Use Sex Toys

This is why it is always great to first say it to your partner the main reason why you are incorporating porn into your life. This can be done with the help of an approach that says that you people need to greatly spice up your sex life.

When you see two really well built and gorgeous individuals going at it with great zest and also great fury, then that is the time when you feel complete arousal.

There are many wonderful porn actors and porn actresses who really have a really great turning on power.  It enables them to make the best use of your sexual emotions.  Get loads of products from an adult online store.

Various Online Porn Sites

There are many various online sites that can get you free.  Also sometimes premium access to all the various porn content.

The content that is being showed in this porn with various maneuvers and also various poses are really quite great in getting you the perfect ejaculation you need.

Various sorts of stuff like that of fellatio, breast sex, blowjob.  Also many various others are really quite things that you can enter in your bedroom for maximum fun.

Such is the great power of porn

Which can actually transform your sex life from really drab and boring too really great as well as wonderful. The exciting sexual ideas  are really quite wonderful in getting you the fun and passion that you really desire.

Some fun in life is never wrong and introducing some adult things into the life to get a new start is not wrong at all.

A lot of people are there who think the adult toys to be a taboo which is not the case.  Though the outward society may resent to such a thing.  You can always buy these things to make up the lost life that you once had with your partner.

Though there are a lot of women who hesitate in using such a thing but once they get used to it, they build up some new feelings during sex.

Getting the wildest feelings out of any women, these sex toys are the best option.

Benefits of multi-purpose Sex Toys

With the recent survey, more than 70% of women living in this world have sex toys. This number has surpassed the number of men and is growing day by day.

So, you could say that in order to get the women heated up, sex toys are the best solution.  Sex toy manufacturers are now trying to make some enhancements in the use of their technology and equipment.  Just so that they can provide the people with some unique products to gain some new entertainments.

One such improvement that is done is called the multi-purpose adult sex toy.

This sex toy has the capacity to do a lot of work at a single time without any issues.  Used by both men and women and these are basically used by couples because they do not need to buy separate ones.

More than ten functions are available here.  Options are there on the toy which will allow a person to have it twirled or rotated or use as a swinger. You can use these toys to masturbate.  As well as use it as a female vibrator to get some ecstatic feeling along your clitoris.

Place and price to get these multi-purpose sextoys

These multi-purpose sex toys have got into the market recently but have become a lot more famous than the normal single use toys.  Priced a little bit higher than the normal solo toys.  But the price a person will pay for it is worth the service that it provides or even more.

Getting some full time entertainment and some new pleasures is the main reason that someone choses to buy a sex toy.  This is perfectly achieved by this toy without any issues.

You can now have a bath and use this toy to avail some showery pleasure along with the partner and make some fine love inside the tub.  Any adult novelty stores or shops will have stock of waterproof toys.  You can buy it both online and offline as well.

Life’s pretty short, right?

And if you don’t enjoy it with your partner, what’s the point, am I right?  So, let’s make the most of what we’ve got and add some excitement to our mundane lives!

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  1. Thank you so much for this interesting post. It has brought my attention to some things that I have not been applying to my marriage. hno excuse and it is a wake up call!

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