This Happened the First Time I Had Strap-on Sex with My Girlfriend

Loving Pegging

My girlfriend, Sarah, and I were sitting in bed one night when she started to talk about her friend, Cheryl. We both work long hours at the office, and even though we work in the same building, most of our conversations happen in bed. You know, we ask each other about our days, how horrible our bosses were, everyday couple talk. But I never thought we’d talk about strapon dating.


“Cheryl had strap-on sex last weekend with some guy she met online!” she said with bewilderment.

“Oh yeah?” I replied, my eyes glued to Antman playing on the tv. Man, if I could shrink like that, the first place I’m going is Area 51.

Sarah’s body turned towards mine, demanding my attention. “Yeah, she said it was a little weird at first because she never had to thrust like that before, but it’s apparently a really fun experience.”

I knew where she was going with this. Sure, Cheryl had a good time, but my butt is a no-go zone. What straight guy would allow their ass to get penetrated by a giant dildo?


“Are you sure the guy was straight?” I asked.

“Of course, he was straight. Strap-on sex doesn’t mean you’re gay,” she replied offensively.

I took a deep breath, “is this something you want to try?” I paused in silence, waiting for her answer.

“Well,” she said nervously, “I am really curious about it. I thought we could try something new – it sounds like a lot of fun.”

“Why this? Out of all the things we could try, why this?”

“Why? Why not. We’ve never done it before, I would love to try role reversal, and the male G-spot is in the anus.”

Really? I didn’t want to look curious, so I told her I’d think about it. That night while she was asleep, I did a little research. What sparked my curiosity is the male G-spot; I didn’t know it was in the anus. Does this mean it’s going to feel good? Are my orgasms going to be even better?


Sarah had the day off the next morning, so I wrote her a note and left it on my pillow, “To do list: go get a strap-on.” A couple of hours later, she sent me a photo of the kit, with the message, “can’t wait to see you!” To be honest, I was really excited. The minute I got off work, I basically ran home.


When I got home, Sarah was on the bed, waiting for me. I climbed on top of her, kissing her passionately. She sucked her finger and then slide it into my ass, massaging it slowly. I could feel my body loosen up; I was excited to give this a try. After a couple of minutes, I got off the bed, grabbed the kit, and handed it to her.


Sarah came out of the bathroom with the strap harnessed around her waist. It wasn’t so scary as I imagined. “Listen, I’ve been doing a lot of research about it today, so I think I have a pretty good understanding of it. The most important thing is you tell me if it’s uncomfortable or painful. Don’t try to “take it like a man,” got it? Use the safeword red if you want to stop.” I nodded in agreement, “got it.”


She lathered the dildo up with lube and laid on her back. “Wait,” I said, “aren’t we doing it in doggy style?”

“No,” she shook her head, “that’s for more advanced people. I read that doing it cowgirl is the best for beginners.” I climbed on top of her and straddled her with my legs, we both giggled. “I’ve never seen you from this angle before,” she said.


I took a deep breath and slowly slid the dildo inside of me. Was there pain? No, but it definitely didn’t feel comfortable at first. Sure, she did everything right and used lots of lube, but nothing can explain the initial feeling of something going up your ass. I didn’t move for the first couple of seconds; I was adjusting to the new feeling. Then slowly, I slid up and down the dildo; not too deep, just enough to ease into it. Sarah had her hands on my thighs, lightly pressing into me.


I picked up momentum; a tingling feeling ran through my body. So, I started to go deeper and faster, the sensations streaming up my body; I couldn’t stop, I was jumping like a yo-yo. I knew I was about to orgasm, and that’s something I didn’t want to miss out on. “I want you to come for me,” I heard Sarah say, and that was all I needed to hear. I expected a usual orgasm, but this one was different. It exploded throughout my whole body, paralyzing me for a moment. I had reached pure bliss, something that’s never happened to me before.


Sarah looked at me, and I looked at her in silence. I didn’t know what to say; I couldn’t think of words at that moment; I was emotional. “So, how was it?” she asked. I removed the dildo from me and laid next to her on the bed, “Amazing.”


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Dominant by Day, Submissive by Night: A Personal Story

bondage fiction

When it comes to finding yourself, there’s no guide book. My parents didn’t sit me down and talk to me about reading self-help books or suggested I go on one of those trips to India where you live in the mountains for a year in complete silence. I happened to stumble upon myself while having sex. Yeah, that’s right. Though I haven’t gone around the world in 80 days or saved turtles in Hawaii, I was able to find who I was in a slightly unconventional way. I didn’t think sub dom dating would help me understand who I am, but, then again, I’m no genius.


I was turning 25, and I was at my peak. I graduated from university at the top of my class with a business degree, known as the “go-getter” type of guy, and was swiping through Tinder like it was toilet paper. I had no problems; I was an alpha male. Well, I still am an alpha male, but with a twist. The twist came after I met Julie.


Usually, when I’m on a dating app, I’m not looking too deeply into women’s profiles. I scan their photo, decide whether or not I’m into them, and then swipe. But then I landed on her, Julie. She wasn’t my type, but she was calling for me, luring me into her. Though I was reluctant to swipe right, I did. I couldn’t figure out why I was nervous; it’s a dating app; you’re not signing up for marriage. Looking back, I was scared because she didn’t look like the rest of the girls I dated; she looked like she would show me something new. Well, my intuition was right.


After flirting with Julie online, we decided to meet up for drinks. I knew what “drinks” meant; everyone knows what “drinks” mean. But over drinks, she asked me a question I wasn’t prepared for. “So,” she said as she took a sip from her mojito, “have you ever been fucked by a woman?” I nearly spat out my beer, “What? Are you serious? Hell no.” She laughed, “No need to get defensive, I’m just asking.” I was offended. I was as alpha as they come, and she thinks I let women fuck me? We sat in silence for a couple of moments, “I know you think you’re this manly man, but you’re not. You have a submissive side; you’re just hiding it.” I was shocked, but at the same time, relieved. I didn’t realize it at the time, but a part of me was happy to hear it; I wanted to be told this.


I chugged the last of my beer, “Alright. You think I’m submissive? Who’s place are we going to? Yours or mine?” She looked at me with a mischievous smile, “Mine.”


We walked to her place, and she told me to sit on the couch as she went into her bedroom. I thought she was cleaning the clothes from her bedroom floor, but instead, she came out in a latex outfit and a whip in one hand.


“The safe word is red. The second you say this word, we stop everything, understand?”

I nodded in shock, “Uh, yeah, uh, I understand.”

“Good. Now take off your clothes.”

I nervously removed my socks as she yelled, “Faster!” In a minute, I was completely naked. “Get on your knees,” she said as she walked in a circle around me. “Now listen to me carefully. If you don’t follow my instructions, I’m going to punish you. Do you understand?”


“What’s the safe word?”

Nervously, I stuttered. “Uh, it’s ora–”

The whip in her hand lands on my right ass cheek, releasing a small stinging pain, “Red! It’s red!”

“Good boy. Yes, the safe word is red. Now, we can start.”


The stinging feeling on my cheek faded quickly, but the sense of release stayed. I didn’t need to be the alpha male and impress the people around me. During this session, someone else was in control, worrying about the little things. She whipped me, spanked me; I did everything she said. I could show the side of me that no one sees; the submissive side, the softer side. Once the session finished, we sat down at her kitchen table and talked about it.


“That, that was amazing,” I said. “I felt so relaxed and out of control.”

“I told you, you have a submissive side. You just needed someone to bring it out of you. No one can be the ‘strong alpha male’ all the time.”

I nodded, “So…can we do this again?”

She laughed, “When are you free?”


Since then, I’ve had a couple of other dommes, but Julie was the first one who brought out the submissive side in me. If I didn’t go on that date with her, who knows the person I would be and how I’d be trying to find myself.

Femdom Dating: How to Attract Dominant Women

Most books, movies, and TV shows these days tend to portray women as submissive individuals who always do everything their man commands. Also, a lot of men in the real world are attracted to this type of women and they celebrate their obedience. However, there are guys out there who are not interested in submissive ladies. These fellas want to be with a girl who will dominate them in every aspect of life and that’s why they want to be with a lady from the femdom dating scene. Sadly, considering the nature of these unique women, attracting them is not always an easy and simple task. Therefore, if you’re interested in seducing a dominant woman, here are some of the tips that will help you with this endeavor.

You Need to Know What You’re Looking for

Before you decide to date a dominant woman, you need to define exactly what you’re looking for. Are you searching for a girl who is simply confident and outspoken during social occasions, a strong woman who is aggressive to her partner, or a gal who will be the dominant one in your bedroom? You have to know that these three things are very different. These women may seem the same to an untrained eye, but they are three completely different types of dominant gals. Why is it so important to know what you want in this situation? Well, if you choose the wrong type of dominant lady, you’ll have a very unpleasant experience with her. So, in order to attract the right kind of domme and really enjoy her company, you have to definite what you’re looking for and be honest about it when talking to these girls. This is the only way you’ll find someone who will be able to satisfy your needs.

Visit Local Clubs Where You Can Meet Dominant Women

After you’ve figured out what you want from a domme, it’s time to visit some of the BDSM locations in your town. Most of them are specialized “dungeons” with hired dominatrix women, but there are also certain clubs where BDSM enthusiasts and other kinky men and women can express themselves without being judged by others. Finding a dominant woman in a regular pub can be quite difficult and that’s why you should try your luck at a place that welcomes kinky individuals.

Show Your Interest but Don’t Make the First Move

Assuming that you know where these BDSM locations in your town are, now it’s time to teach you how to attract these dominant ladies. The best way to do this is by being submissive in front of them. These gals love to dominate a man, and if you’re able to display your submissive qualities, these women will notice you. The first thing you should do, when you find yourself in the presence of a dominant woman, is to show your interest, but let her make the first move. This way, you’ll give her control over the situation, and these women love to be in charge. A lot of men are impatient and they usually approach their date first. This is a mistake you should definitely avoid. Remember, all you have to do is smile at your date and wait for her to come to you. A true and experience domme will appreciate this type of submissive behavior.  

Ask Her Permission Whenever You Want to Do Something

Once you start talking and flirting with a dominant woman, it’s important to allow her to lead the conversation. For example, you shouldn’t ask her questions about her. Instead, you should only speak when she asks you something. Also, if you want to order her or yourself a drink, you should ask her permission to do that. Trust us, if you’re able to be this submissive, every dominant woman out there will be interested in dating you.

Find a Dominant Woman via Dating Site

We’ve already talked about the ways you can attract dominant women and places you can find them in your town. However, you should also know that these beautiful women are sometimes really hard to find. Ladies who are into BDSM are usually not very appreciated in today’s society, which means they have to know how to hide and flirt with men in a very discreet manner. Unfortunately, this means that recognizing them in public is not a simple task. Therefore, if you can’t find a domme on your local dating scene, you should definitely try finding one on many specialized websites out there. On these platforms, you can talk honestly about your fetishes regarding these gorgeous and unique women. These sites represent a safe environment where you can find yourself a perfect dominant woman to date.


Cumming Out – Erotic Story Part Two!

Cumming Out – Part One!

I felt so vulnerable with my legs apart and Mr Reynolds staring at my pussy with such a hungry look in his eyes. I began to softly moan, yearning for him to eat me then and there but to my surprise he stood up and took a step away from me.


“You can’t expect it’s going to be that easy do you Sarah?” he said through a smirk. “What are you talking about?” I asked feeling perplexed. One minute it seemed he couldn’t wait to taste me then all of a sudden he was backing away from me. I was stumped!!


“Well, first of all, you didn’t lock the door and that is very, very naughty of you. What if someone else had of come in?” he said, sounding stern all of sudden. “Well no one did come in, did they?!” I exclaimed, feeling frustrated and way too horny.


“Someone is acting like a naughty brat and needs to know that this is unacceptable” He swiftly shut the toilet lid, sat down and patted his thighs. “I need you to lie right here with your ass sticking out. Keep your panties down and pull your skirt up.” I giggled awkwardly, feeling a little intimidated at his assertiveness but did as he told me.


His confidence was so intoxicating. I felt like I was in school again getting in trouble but this time it felt strangely arousing unlike before. As I sprawled myself across his lap, I could feel the energy in my pussy building to even greater heights.


“I’m going to give you 5 spanks on each cheek. After I’m done, you must thank me or there will be more to come. Is that clear Sarah?” “Yes sir” I gulped, feeling a mix of apprehension & excitement at the impending spanking.


He placed his warm hand on my ass cheek and began to move it in circular motions causing a pleasurable heat on my skin. I stupidly thought he had gotten carried away and changed his mind but before I knew it he took his hand away and the first strike had come down causing me to shriek in pain. I wasn’t expecting him to hit me so hard!!


“How was that cheeky girl?” he asked, maintaining a sternness that was incredibly sexy. “It really hurt sir and my pussy feels even more tingly for some weird reason.” He began to laugh as his hand came off my ass cheek again & I braced myself for the next 9 spanks.


As they went on and despite the pain I felt myself getting more and more aroused. It was really confusing, especially as by the 8th spank I was almost begging for more. “You’re liking that aren’t you beautiful girl?” he sniggered. “I sure am sir” I managed to cry through my shrieks and moans.


When he hit my ass for the 10th time, I could feel my pussy juices dribbling down my inner thighs as I struggled to maintain all the turn on in my body. I turned to look him in the eyes and almost melted when I did-His look was one of pure satisfaction!! “Thank you so much sir” I blurted out. “You’re so welcome” he said as his hand began to run up my inner thighs towards my dripping wet cunt.


He stopped it just shy of my pussy lips and began to firmly massage my thighs. “What a tease” I thought as I looked back at him and gave the best doe eyed “more please sir” I could manage.


“Beautiful manners Sarah, how could I not oblige you now?” he said as his fingers made their way to my wanting clitoris. It had never felt this good before!! He ran his fingers up and down my pussy until I cried “I’m going to come.” Then came the most frustrating thing that could ever happen in that situation: he abruptly stopped!!


“What are you doing?!” I shrieked as I attempted to wiggle my pussy towards his hand before he pulled it away, “I was so close!!”


“See, there you go again, expecting it’s going to be that easy.” he smirked as he pulled me up off his lap and made me stand. “What do you mean easy? I let you spank me didn’t I?” I said as I bat my eye lashes in a half joking way. I was willing to do whatever he wanted, if only he would let me come!


“The reality is, I can’t fucking wait till you explode but you’re going to have to come home with me if you want more” he explained. “Ahh of course I’ll come home with you sir, let me just tell Hannah” I said as I bent down to pull my panties up.


“Don’t go doing that baby, take them off and give them to me” he said as he put his hand out ready to take them. I willingly did as he asked and handed them to him.


Panty Sniffer

“It’s going to be quite the sight having you sprawled on my bed fully naked and bound as I keep you on the brink of cumming all night” he winked as he brought my panties to his face and sniffed them. I stood there, feeling the heat rising in my cheeks and realized how glad I was to have gone out this night!!

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Kate’s Urethral Dilation Story – PART TWO


So Mark watched whilst I played with my pussy!  Now with the knowledge of how much I had sexually grown I was excited by this opportunity to show of my so called ‘wares’.  With all the little ‘friends’ I had gathered my pinky started to circle the urethra and within moments I could not help but cum.  Now that I got that out of the way I grabbed hold of my slim candle.  My juices were flowing and I felt so horny as it slowly slid inside me.  It was about 6 inches long and I had easily consumed 5 inches of it up that love canal.

Mark said, as he took off his clothing, ‘Can I try something new.’

I am an all in girl but even I was surprised when he pulled out his light and lit the candle – the wick less than an inch from my vagina and the candle rod deep inside my urethal canal.

He said, “Can you go to doggie position?”

“Sure”, I said.  Assuming the doggie position I could feel the heat of the flame on my ass.  Shortly the acrid smell of burning hair surrounded me and it was obvious that my poor little ass pubes had felt the brunt of this open flame.  Thought to self – a Brazillian is no longer required.

Mark spat on his fingers and then grasped the burning flame putting it out.  My pussy was almost literally on fire by now as he produced a tube of our now favorite Surgilube. Worming out the candle he grabbed hold of the toothbrush that was beside me liberally spreading the lube along its shaft and slowly inserted it into my pee hole.  Oh the exquisite and taboo feelings it gave me, in no time at all he had me cumming and then I could hold it in no longer and my bladder released all the pee that was in me.

Oh!  What a relief.

There was no fooling around with Mark now that he had his head up of steam and he quickly removed the toothbrush shaft and inserted a finger in my wee-hole.  I could not tell which one it was as I was still in the doggie position but loved and he slid it in and out of me.  He then asked me to turn over and assume the gyno position again, which I willing obliged.

Gynecology position
Kate’s gyno position

My poor little urethra remained gaping about ½ a cm.  It was so cute and erotic.  In Mark’s hand I saw him bring a container and he said, “This is Xylocaine.  It is a numbing cream that I am going to put up your urethra.  Let me try and get two fingers up there.”

I was not going to say no but I did say, “Mark just take it slow and careful.  I don’t want you to rip me.”

He smiled his loving and reassuring smile and I knew I was in good hands – or fingers as the case may be.

Mark was admiring my tiny gape and I could see he was turned on by his erection that was hard and his cock head pink.  Almost reluctantly he applied the Xylocaine and then after a few minutes began to insert his finger and then fingers.  It was number so I felt no pain whatsoever more a pressure. Mark is quite a big lad and his fingers are not exactly small so when I looked down I was a bit shocked to see that he had managed to insert his pointer and rude finger up to the second joint.  This was the widest my urethra had been stretched and it was still turning me badly on.

He then began to put his fingers in and out of my urethra whilst rubbing my butt hole with his other fingers gently inserting a couple of fingers passed my sphincter muscles.  He was butt fucking and urethral pounding me at the same time.  He began to turn his fingers around my butthole – rose-budding me with them and I did not know if I was Arthur or Martha anymore and which hole to cum from.  Finally, my body decided double was more fun and I had a blended orgasm – urethal and anal.

My shouts and screams were lucky not to rock the foundations and I saw a look of concern on Mark’s face probably worrying about the neighbours.

This session was the start of many ‘finger fucks’ I experienced with Mark over the next few weeks.  I must say that I thought I was a sexual beast before but nothing had prepared me as to how much this sort of freaky sex would turn me on.  As time drew on my pee-hole continued to dilate and eventually I was above to insert small vibrators in it.  My vagina became second fiddle to my urethral desires that would culminate in my emptying my bladder over fingers, sex toys or Mark.

This is when Mark discovered urethral medical sound kits – he purchased a hegar – and our aim was to graduate to the largest sound in the set.  With all my practice it did not take long and the surgilube got a huge dent put into it.  We incorporated mirror play, anal sex whilst sounding and all sorts of variations.  Wow, this was a good time that both mark and I experienced taboo sex I had never dreamed of

This is my urethral story.  I am Kate.  Hopefully you will not think me too sick or twisted – a girl just wants to have fun!!!!