My HotWife is Cheating On Me!

I’ve been getting cuckolded for around a year now. I’m 30, my wife is 26, and we’ve been married for a long time. My wife is a very sex lady, a real HotWife and is constantly getting hit on whether I’m with her or not. I never say anything in regards to it and simply sit there and quietly give it a chance to happen at whatever point it does. Regularly I’ll be rubbing my thickening dick through my pocket as it goes on.  But what my wife doesn’t know, is that I know, she is cheating on me!

At any rate, my wife uses the same password for everything she uses. Whether its her email, facebook or her chat log in details the password is all the same. Now and again I like to snoop on her to check whether I can discover anything intriguing about her interests. Around 8 months ago I logged into her facebook to try to find out what she liked in her life and what was happening around her. One day, I logged onto her facebook and she began chatting to someone named Colin. Colin was a man she regularly meet up with to have coffee and lunch.

HotWife Email Account
Wifes Password

Going back through the conversation it appears they had been seeing each other for a considerable length of time. My wife only told me in the past couple of months that she was seeing him and they met on the Ashley Madison cheating website. I kept reading their chat history and found that such a large amount of what they did together was all recorded. She never tried to clear the chat history so I assumed that she liked to re-read what they had written to each about and been through together. It turns out, they had been doing everything together including going to bars to have kissing sessions, publicly hooking up, she’ll send him dirty picture’s of her all the time.

Her lingerie was beautiful and sensual, any person would be exceptionally happy to have these pictures. Yet, she definitely never sent me any dirty pictures for as long as we had been together. I haven’t even seen this lingerie in our house that we have lived together in. When she’s around me she’s always relaxed and never really wanting to have sex, yet when she’s with him she becomes this whole other person I never get to see anymore. In their messages she talk’s about how big his penis is, all that she’s going to do with him, and all that she has done with him.

I’ve since gotten dependent on keeping an eye on her cheating, and I have a consistent history now of what’s happened, and even when things are going to happen. They both seem to be more inclined to have cyber sex, so I’m really fortunate there. At whatever point I know she’s with him, or going to be with him, I put on her bra, undies, and pantyhose and jerk off to their talk log. I figure since she’s now undermining what was my pussy and ass, I may as well go the distance with it.

I’d never give up to her that I know, in light of the fact that she truly appears to get off on betraying my trust and double-crossing me, and that I’m a confused mug about the entire thing. I wouldn’t have any desire to break that for her. She’s even gotten off on having me go down on her directly after she has been out with him and so obviously fucked. He must get an immense laugh out of that (Colin said that is one of the best parts of it in his writings to her).

Gracious yes, they’ve likewise been fantasizing about some way or another setting up somehow where I happen to meet him after they’ve fucked. He said something in regards to needing to shake my hand when it’s still crisp with their fuck juice,.

She wrote something like “I’d like to kiss him with your cum in my mouth”.

Cuckold Jerking off
Cuckold Wearing Skirt

In any case, she’s out of the house at this moment, so I think I’m going to go put on a skirt and rehash all this and when they began playing around while I pull my dick and cum all over myself.  I really get off on knowing my wife doesn’t know that I know she is cheating on me.


Cuckolded Man In Ropes!

Two Men One Woman

I am a cuckolded man in ropes. There are just some things in life that once you’ve started doing it, you can never undo it and worse, you will be willingly roped to it. You will want it again. You will search for it. You will seek for it. And you will do it again. You know you’re already roped to it, but you’re not willing to break those chains and escape from it – because you want it. In my case, I’m talking about cuckolding.

In the earlier part of history,

cuckold once referred to women who are adulterous.

Although the term is still used today for that particular definition, it now signifies a bigger meaning to everyone. Ever since the 1990s, the term cuckold now refers to a sexual desire or “fetish” wherein the “fetishist” is being inspired by a partner in commitment who willingly have sexual intercourse with someone else.  In simple words, cuckolding is a happening in which men like me watch my wife have sex with some other guys. I was familiar with that term many years ago but I never expected that I will come to a point that I will crave something like it. At first, I really feel it’s gross just by visualizing it. Imagine your wife having sex with another guy and worse is when she’s actually enjoying it or truly having sexual fun with someone that is not me! But as I have read other people’s experiences, I came to a realization that men who have been cuckolded have actually made their relationship more stable and in many cases, couples are actually being saved by having divorce because of this lifestyle. That’s what made me draw to a conclusion that a cuckold lifestyle might actually be good for our marriage.

I think the primary reason why partners ended up having an affair with somebody else is that they already become overly familiar with each other’s body, thus resulting to sexual dissatisfaction and boredom. Let’s admit it. I really think it’s the human nature. For me, the promise of having sex with only one person is like making a vow to only eat one food for the rest of my life. In the same sense, promising to have intercourse with only one person is definitely a “conscious decision” despite the fact that you know for yourself that it’s not in line with your nature as human. What made me even more eager to take the “challenge” of this lifestyle is knowing that my fellow men often solicit other men who are actually hotter, larger, and sexier, compared to themselves! And they actually allow that other guy to play with their wives.

When I first introduced this idea to my wife, of course she hesitated at first. But after weeks of trying to convince her, she finally decided to accept it. My wife already told me that she once had a hot boyfriend during her high school years and then we actually ended up inviting that particular guy. So I gave her permission to call him and we also set a reservation to a nearby hotel.

The day came. I was in the verge of questioning myself as to “should I really do this or not”. I know that my wife is also somewhat nervous but I know deep inside that we are both very excited. And we’re actually looking forward to it. For the first time in many years, there will be something more exciting than our first sex in that college party. I was really stimulated for what will happen for the next hours. Not to mention that it’s my first time to see this other guy. I’ve mentioned this because I’ve read some stuff in the internet saying that cuckolding is also associated with the man wanting to see another man naked. I know for myself that I’m straight but the thought added to the thrill. However, I was more preoccupied by the thoughts and visualizations of my wife having sex with someone else; for her private parts to be enjoyed by another, my wife sucking someone else’s, and other thoughts of the like.

Man In Rope Bondage

So we now met the guy at the lobby and went to our room. I sat on one corner and the other two sat on a bed a few feet from me. I can’t hide my sweat! There was a moment of silence for a while and then it happened. Little did I realize it would result in me being a cuckolded man in ropes.

We had already explained to my wife’s ex boyfriend what we wanted to try and he was all in for it and in the next moment I see my wife and the man snuggle up together on the bed like two total love birds. They kissed passionately as if they have been lovers for so long – which I guess they had been at one time. I really hoped that they were not

“sparking up”

the once failed relationship that they had. But it doesn’t matter, I’m the husband now and she should be grateful to me for allowing her to do this. That’s what I thought anyway. Soon their clothes are off and are doing things in front of me and I speak up.

Now comes the bit I was not prepared for.  My wife gets up off the bed and removes a set of hogtie restraints from her bag.  You know the zip lock type and says to me. ‘I am doing this for you so now you must do this for me.  It is the only way I will be able to totally let go.’

Doubts cross my mind but I nod my consent and with the help of her boyfriend they hogtie me and place me on the bed.  My wife then places a scarf in my mouth and all I can do is grunt and make illegible noises.  I am totally helpless.

All I can do now is to watch and experience both suffering and pleasure as they proceed to have sex on the same be I am hogtied.  Literally I am inches away from my wife’s love tunnel that since our marriage had been exclusively mine and her ex-boyfriend puts his hard member into her sex. It’s feels really painful on my insides but I actually like watching it and I couldn’t take my eyes off. It gets me so turned on. My wife then pulls his cock out of her and starts to suck his member and he was moaning with pleasure. A moment later, I hear my wife say cum on big boy and jismm spurts from his member all over her face that she cleans herself like a kitten, placing it on the back of her hand and licking it off.  Both her ex-boyfriend and I are charged and erect in moments watching this show and he proceed to mount her again with unbridled passion – I cannot take my eyes of this scene. She then let out a loud moan and it’s probably her loudest and she hasn’t done that moan with me ever before – I am jealous but still cannot pry my eyes away. My wife is totally wailing in ecstasy as the other guy is making aggressive and very hard sex with her.

She then again proceeds to suck his member and I was surprised when she asked me “Do you want me to do that to you honey?”

And then all I did was to nod yes. It’s like she’s teasing me and my body is just so aroused but in pain for the fact that all I can do is to watch

the “heaven” that’s happening in front of me.

And then they continued by doing it“doggie style” and I see my wife’s beautiful ass and rosebud and she is now so wet. I never expected her to “perform” like that with another man and she certainly had never to me.

It’s probably one of my best experiences ever, despite the fact that I haven’t literally “experienced” anything like my wife performed that time. In some ways I feel really worse than better. Of course I have to say I feel really good as I arranged this encounter and now its over I want to see more.  Is that strange that I am in two minds.   I have already started planning for another one but want my wife to try it with another man.  I feel that having my wife ‘use’ her ex=boyfriend is too close to home and prefer that she do it with random but handsome men. That my friends is how I became a cuckolded man in ropes.


I Love Being A Cuckolded Man!

Blindfolded Man

Cuckolding may be a silent fantasy, but rest assured it is very popular, especially among married couples. I was a ‘normal’ guy before I met my gorgeous 28 year old wife two years ago. Things were very casual for me. Dating one woman at a time and devoting my time to her. All was good for me, or so I thought. When I met Sheila, I thought she was too hot for me and wondered why she even gave me the time of day. Things sky-rocketed since meeting her at a restaurant I frequented every Tuesday. We became friends, then lovers, then engaged, and now married.  It never dawned on me that

I Love Being a Cuckolded Man.

Our sex life was okay, but definitely nothing to write a book about. I thought Sheila was satisfied with what I had to offer though I knew deep down she would have loved more. The thought would come to my mind every so often, but I shut

it down every time. This became routine till the day I came home with my childhood best friend I had not seen in over a decade. Sheila knew most of my male friends and never had a problem when any of them came over, even if it was to spend the night. Things were to proceed as they usually do; have a beer while Sheila made one of her delicious meals, eat the meal together, talk for a few hours over some relaxing glasses of wine and say our ‘good nights’.  This time round, during diner, Sheila started a conversation that sounded like a discussion at first but spiraled into a suggestion.

‘Bob, do you have a wife?’ he asked my friend.

‘I am divorced,’ Bob replied.

After expressing her apologies, she outright asked,

‘what are your thoughts on cuckolding?’

I almost choked on my food. Looking over at Bob, he seemed not to be offended and said he had no problem with it. A little into the conversation, it was crystal clear that Sheila wanted to have sex with Bob. The most shocking thing is that she wanting me to see her do it.Dual Chastity Ring

The bottom line is that I found myself giving into the idea, no matter how absurd I found it. But that wasn’t what surprised me. What did surprise me was how much I enjoyed the whole experience. my wife was on the couch all over Bob and I was on the opposite seat watching them. I found myself taking pleasure to the way she moaned and writhed her voluptuous body all over Bob. He made her make noises I had never heard before in all the two years we had been together. That’s when it dawned on me, I had never given her the kind of sexual pleasure Bob was giving her at that moment and that I love being a cuckolded man…….

The experience might have been uncomfortably new,

but the intensity with which I found myself enjoying it made me think of the possibility of making it a more permanent situation. I mean, Sheila was having one of the best sexual experiences of her life and I was getting multiple orgasms just by watching her with another man. I saw it as a win-win situation for both of us.

Shortly after the first encounter, Sheila and I had a discussion where she made me understand what a cuckold is. This is a world that I did not know existed, but found I enjoyed it very much. I learned the type of cuckold that enjoys watching his wife have sex with other men while I masturbated over the experience. There were other different types as well which Sheila happily enlightened me about. There was the bi-cuck who was into bisexuality and would enjoy having sex with his wife and lover. The sissy-cuck who was into wearing feminine attire while performing household chores for the wife in the presence of her lover. A chastity cuck enjoyed the wife using a male chastity device on him to prevent him from experiencing an orgasm while watching his wife have sex with her lover. And finally, there was the humiliation cuck who enjoyed, or at least tolerated, being humiliated by his wife in the presence of her lover.

I was a bit curious about the chastity cuck and the kinds of male chastity devices used for the experience. Something about being turned on to the point of coming but being denied the opportunity to do so really sent a rush through my spine. I think it was the control part of the whole situation, but I wasn’t sure. I just had to try it. Sheila and I talked about the whole cuckold issue, seeing as to how it would now become a regular thing, and came up with a few set of rules. For starters, she was to choose the men she wanted to sleep with. Secondly, I was to say something whenever I felt uncomfortable about a situation. She wanted me to enjoy myself as much as she was. Finally, whenever a chastity device was to be introduced, I was to speak if it hurt.

The first time she used a chastity belt on me, she had me lick her entire body. I almost had an orgasm but couldn’t because the belt prevented it. She then grabbed my balls which were filled with cum teasing and tagging. The pain and pleasure feeling was so good that I knew I would want to wear a chastity belt again.   Since then, Sheila and I have been experiencing different beautiful cuckold moments. If you had asked me a few years back if I would ever let another man have sex with a woman I love, the answer would have been very different from what I am doing today. I would have thought the situation would have made me jealous, but I found the sight of another man driving his shaft in and out of my wife while she made her erotic pleasure sounds very exhilarating. The sex after she is done with her lover is usually breathtaking. Our sex life has never been better since I worked out I love being a cuckolded man.

My Wife Forced Me Into Being Cuckolded Male!

Women on Top of Man

I couldn’t believe it!

Well that’s not strictly true, but the day I became a cuckolded male still came as a surprise.  The whirlwind romance with Samantha led to marriage in only three weeks. My family and friends thought I was crazy to go on holidays with a woman I just met. They thought I was even crazier when I came back with a wedding ring on my finger. But I was caught up in the moment and it seemed the right thing to do. I was sure what I was feeling was true love and believed it was the same for Samantha.

That morning I woke up to the life of a cuckold up is etched on my memory and I realized that my idea of true love and my new wife’s were something completely different. In the drowsiness of trying to shake sleep from my mind I thought I was still dreaming. The ties around my wrists were tightly secured to the metal headboard and as I came fully awake I realized what was happening was more than a dream.

What the…” I started as I pulled against the ties and struggled to release myself.

The soft laugh from the side of the bed made me stop and I turned to see Samantha watching me.

“Morning darling,” she said and laughed again. She seemed to be enjoying the confusion on my face.

“What is this?” I asked.

“Oh…,” she went on slowly. “I thought the time had come to show you who the boss in this marriage is.”

‘What?” I repeated as my confusion grew.

This only seemed to amuse Samantha more and her laughter got louder as she stood. I was suddenly aware of what she was wearing and the breath caught in my throat. The cute babydoll nightgown barely came to the top of her thighs and the sheer black material offered a hint that she was wearing nothing below it.

I do love you dear,” she said, “but…, you’re not the only man I think that about.”

The words brought my gaze up to meet hers.

This is a joke right,” I said, but the look on her face told me otherwise before she even spoke.

“No…, it’s true,” she went on. “And I need to keep you under control to make sure I can enjoy what my boyfriend gives me. It’s something you’ll never be able to.”

She grabbed the bed-covers and dragged them down my naked body until the small device came in view. My eyes opened wide as I stared at my penis, or more precisely what was strapped onto it.”

Man Rope Bondage

A Male Chastity Device” Samantha said slowly. She stroked her fingers on the smooth metal then lifted the small padlock with one hand and revealed the key in her other. The situation seemed to be spiraling out of control by the second and I could only watch as she dropped the padlock and bent down to bring her mouth close to mine. I waited for the kiss, but it didn’t come and I felt the warmth of her breath on my ear as she moved to whisper to me.

“Like I said…, I need to keep you under control so I can take what my boyfriend gives me,” Samantha said.

“What are you talking about,” I exclaimed. “What boyfriend? I thought we were in love. I thought…”


Samantha’s loud shout stopped my words and I looked on in shock as the muscular man walked in the bedroom. The panic hit me and I struggled to get free, but the ties binding me to the headboard were too tight and in the end I had no choice but to give up.

“This is John,” Samantha introduced.

“Get out,” I shouted, but the humiliation kicked in as the two of them laughed then kissed.

“I told you he was small,” Samantha said as

she returned to the bed and lifted the chastity device.

It brought more laughter from John and my humiliation grew.

“Samantha,” I pleaded, but her look ended my words.

“You’re my cuckolded husband,” she taunted me as she continued to stroke her fingers on the metal of the device strapped around my penis. “This little thing won’t always satisfy me,” she went on. “Which is why I need, no I crave something more.” This was the day I became a cuckolded Male.  All I could do was watch as she moved to the side of the bed and beckoned John to approach. Her fingers worked the button and zipper at his waist free and she dragged down his jeans. I heard her gasp as she saw the signs of an erection already coming to life and as she stroked it through the thin material of boxer shorts it continued to grow. Samantha finally dragged the underwear down to let a massive erection spring up in front of her face.

“Oh yeah…,” she groaned as her fingers wrapped around the hardness.

I wanted to look away, but was transfixed by the sight of my new wife stroking touches up and down such a huge member. I felt the shame that was brought on by the hot rush of blood, but my penis was trapped in place by the chastity device and I had to control myself.  Samantha grabbed John’s hips and moved him so that she could turn and meet my gaze. The smile flashed across her face as she leaned forward to press her lips on the head of her boyfriend’s erection. It was torture to watch as she let the hardness slowly slip in her mouth, but I couldn’t look away. I wanted to shout stop, but knew I would be wasting my time. Her lips were stretched so wide by the thickness and she kept pushing down so she could take more. I was only as she gagged that she pulled back up and started to bob her head. The oral sex quickly became frantic as she lost herself in the thrill of it, and I had to endure listening to the excited groans of John. He finally grabbed her hair to stop her and pulled her off him.

Metal Chastity Device

“Get on the bed,” he ordered and Samantha did what she was told straight away.

She got on her hands and knees over me

and I looked up at the sheen of sweat on her forehead. The ecstasy of what was happening showed in her eyes as we locked gazes and I knew there was no point in pleading with her to stop. John grabbed the babydoll nightgown and dragged it from her body to leave her naked over me and he was quick to get on the bed behind my wife. A look of pure delight flashed across her face as the head of a huge, solid shaft pressed between her thighs. Her breathing quickened in expectation of the penetration and she closed her eyes when it came. I wanted to do the same as the torture of being a cuckolded male unfolded in all its glory above me, but could not. I watched my wife’s face as the thick erection plunged inside until she was taking every last inch. Even then she pushed back, desperate for more. Her eyes opened again and she winced as John’s fingers dug in her hips. As he held on, he started to thrust and Samantha’s body shook as the erotic onslaught on her naked body grew in ferocity. She started to moan as her passion climbed until it was almost overwhelming her.

The noises of frantic sex filled my ears and the humiliation burned on my cheeks. Samantha pushed back eagerly as John continued to thrust forward and their bodies slammed together forcefully as they took their pleasure from each other. Their moans grew louder until the thrill of the moment started to overwhelm them.  As the orgasm hit Samantha and ripped through her naked body she dropped her head down to kiss me. I could taste her sweat and her muffled groans were almost desperate as she succumbed to the attentions of her lover. Strong shudders wracked her body as her climax came to a peak. She pulled out of the kiss and grinned at me as John continued to pound forward until he could hold back no longer.

His loud groan signaled his release and Samantha convulsed as she was flooded with the seed of her lover. She grabbed hold of the chastity device as if to taunt me, while John unloaded everything he had inside what I thought was mine.  It was obvious that her body was not exclusively mine though and that I was going to have to live the life of a cuckolded male if I wanted to keep my wife. Knowing this was torture, but as Samantha looked at me I knew I couldn’t walk away from her.

“It feels so good,” she said as John left himself buried deep inside her until the power drained from his erection.

He wiped himself clean on her naked skin when he pulled out and was gone as quickly as he arrived. I could feel the drip of his seed landing on my body and wanted to pull away. It was impossible though. Samantha kissed me again and laughed as she got up to walk to the bathroom. It left me tied to the bed, with my penis still encased in the Key Male Chastity Device.

Torture,” I mumbled and the images of the sex remained in my head to taunt me of my new found life as I became a cuckolded male. There was nothing I could do though until Samantha returned and released me.




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