HotWife is Cheating on Cuckolded Husband

“Do you promise that you need me to do this?” This is what my hotwife asked me as she was preparing for hotwife cheating sex play.  We have been married for a long time and I was her first sexual partner ever.

My wife is a petite and curvy latina, who blows people’s minds wherever she goes.

We have a magnificent marriage and sexual coexistence.

Even though we have an excellent marriage I let her down in one department. I am around 4″, and that is when erect, and the narrowness is even more ridiculous. What they call a pencil dick and have never been able to fully satisfy her.

Let her experience a ‘real dick’.

When I thought about it, I brought the idea up with her but she just said that she couldn’t have cared less about it or need anybody greater.

While that may be genuine, I felt she  deserved it, at lease as a once off.  I strove for quite a while to get her to get something going, but it never did.

Hotwife Cheating on Cuckolded Husband

One day, she opened up somewhat more and said there was a man that she worked with who appeared to be a lot more chatty and over friendly with her lately.

Simply a quick comment made in conversation.

But in any event it was a step forward.  Instead of being jealous, I told her that he was clearly interested and that she ought to test the waters and see if there was something there.

She let me know again and again that she truly did not have to do this but I advised her that I was fine with it.

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Eventually, the man from her work, Richard, asked her out on a date.

She anxiously accepted.  Richard is a tall and well-built African American.  They set up to meet at a restaurant on the other side of town, so no one would recognize them.

I was so eager to find out about this and couldn’t hold up until the Friday night get together!

By the time Friday came around I thought I was going to blow my load just thinking about it!

I had such a great amount of restrained sexual vitality, I could have blast of a rocket to the moon! So, I helped her get prepared and picked out a dark little dress for her to wear, with a supporter garter and stocking underneath.

She had on some matching dark trim undies but just before she left I took them off of her.  Didn’t want to go without them but I told her it would be a treat for Richard, but also, it was a treat for me.

hotwife cheating
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“Yes, I do need you to do this!”

That was my answer as she was exiting our front entryway.  “Trust me, go have a fabulous time”, I said.

I told her that if at anytime, she felt uncomfortable, or did not want to go ahead with it, she could just call me and we would forget all about it.

She looked dazzling, and she smelt so good!!!!

Off she drove and after that I waited. I was an anxious wreck with each feeling, and had every conceivable thought then.  We both needed this to happen but on the other hand, this was my wife’s first partner, other than me.  It felt strange.

The time continued to drag on and it was intolerable.

She finally returned after more than 6 hours.  I watched her walk up to the entryway from the window and she seemed okay.

She strolled in and I ran up to her and kissed her on the lips.   But she pushed me away forcefully.  I was stunned so I kissed her once more.

She again pushed me away.

I asked her what wasn’t right.  She said she had blown Richard in his car before leaving and still had him all in her mouth and lips.  I advised her that I couldn’t have cared less and kissed her once more.

She pushed me away and said “No, that is terrible!”

I stopped pressing it and asked her how the night went.   But I was astounded and jealous however, in light of the fact that she RARELY blows me. She said that they got together and sat down to a nice meal over some light banter.

Everything was easygoing.

And then the wine began flowing! She said they both relaxed after that and moved closer next to each other at the table.  He put his hand on her thigh and she didn’t stop him.

At that point he put his hand over her crotch and got a gigantic grin all over when he understood that she was panty-less.  He asked her on the off chance that she did that for him and she said she did.

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He paid the bill and they went out to his BMW.

She said it was still really calm and relaxed on the drive to his house, but once they got there, they couldn’t strip off quick enough!

Apparently when they strolled in the entryway, there were clothes flying all over the place and lots of kissing.  He showed her to his bedroom where he lay her down and afterward stooped down to eat her pussy.

She said she squirmed with enjoyment as his tongue darted lock, stock and done.

After a couple of minutes it was all happening.

She said she doesn’t know exactly how big it was but that it was much bigger than me.  He gradually pushed his cock inside her and only then did she realize the size that he was.

At least 8 inches and thick.

She had brought condoms but disregarded them.  After a couple of minutes, of him pumping her pussy like it had never been before he was prepared to blow.  But she said not in her, to do it on her stomach.

Past the point of no return, he blew 50% of his load in her before pulling out and completing on her stomach.

She said she had never seen so much cum before.

They lay together, emptied but satisfied, while talking, snuggling, and kissing.  Somewhat later, she got up and dressed herself and afterward he drove her to her car at the restaurant.

They discussed the night and he asked if he could see her again.

She said she didn’t have a clue.  He also additionally asked about me.  Richard knew she was married and had seen me when I went in to the office and eat with her.

She told him that I didn’t know and that she would keep it a mystery.

They arrived back at her car, and this is when she gave him another blowjob. She said he came almost as much as the first time.  But she swallowed it all in her mouth and could taste it on the drive home.

I was hornier than a schoolboy in the wake of listening to this and needed to have her right then!

She said she needed to clean up first but I told her that I just couldn’t wait and that I was so horny for her and happy she did this for us.

I went on top of her and put my tiny penis in her.

She said she was sore so I went slowly.  I could feel the wetness of within her pussy.  It felt wonderful and I blew in a moment.

All I could think about was what my tiny dick must feel like inside her after having that monster dick just before.

She has not done it again and she thinks this was all very strange.

I have not told her to do it or not to do it.  I’m happy for her to do what she likes.

I think Richard will need to have her again and possibly she will give in.  Either way it does not bother me as long as I know.  I was at her office a few days ago and saw Richard.

We said a quick hello, and after that I ran and ate with my wife.  It was a bizarre feeling to see him now.  But I have no second thoughts or regrets because ultimately and has made things better between my wife and I.

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