My HotWife Made Me A Forced And Humiliated Cuckold!

“AJ, I’m sorry that you need to discover this. Maybe it’s better that you did discover?” Carly chuckled “Now we won’t need to sneak around any longer.”

AJ was disturbed as he returned home early and discovered his wife in bed with his closest companion Bill. To make matters worst, they were both almost on the verge of climaxing. Finding her cheating addressed a string of issues including: Why his wife was going out all the time; Why she couldn’t go with him to his special occasions; Why she wouldn’t let him adore her emotionally; Why she didn’t let him have sex with her; Why she only ever demanded oral sex from him; How he could only ever masturbate to get off.

“That being said, I figure we both should get attorneys and look at filing for divorce.” AJ said.

“Goodness, I don’t think that is a decent thought Andrew. I think we ought to simply leave things as they may be? I like this type of sex play.” she said.

“You like this sex play? Is there any good reason why you wouldn’t? Having someone fuck you that used to be my best mate. Having me being around all the time to watch you two. I truly think a separation serves us well.”

“AJ, I don’t think a separation would be beneficial for you. You do realize that everything’s in my name? Furthermore, you know I’ll get full custody of the children. Also, all our friends like Bill, come to think about it they are also Bill’s friends to. I think by us divorcing you’ll end up a washed out and alone.”

“What is it you need, Carly?” He asked his wife.

“What do I need? Well Bill and I already discussed it because it was only time until you found out. We would like things to just carry on like they were. Aside from your petty issue of wanting divorce and feeling cheated on, everything else is out in the open now. So we no longer have to sneak around cheating on you. Look AJ, Bill and I cherish one another. I cherish how Bill can fuck me like you never could or will. Yet, I adore you as my husband that will do and does do anything I ask for me including the way you show me how much you want me by making love to me with your mouth”  She giggled. “You don’t need to stress over Bill detracting me from you, he doesn’t want to marry me. He’d make a ghastly spouse, Bill said so himself. You’re the ideal spouse for me but you just don’t do it for me sexually.  Bill simply is a good fuck and you are not.”

AJ felt caught as he thought about what she said, and she was correct. He gulped. Carly saw she had won this argument. She and Bill had discussed what they would do if AJ figured it out they were having an affair. They thought about how AJ was a mentally a weakling. Carly could effectively command and control him. They regularly thought about letting him know and how Carly can truly enslave him in such a large number of ways. It was a dream they shared frequently.

“What do you need from me Carly?” AJ asked in a repressed voice.

“That is better sweet heart. The first thing is I need you to apologize to Bill for the things you said to him when you discovered us having an affair.” she said.

“You are joking? Apologize to him?” Andrew was furious.

“Yes sweetheart, apologies to him. He was your buddy or used to be. Also you truly ought to thank him for making your wife so cheerful all these years. At that point I need you to let him know you acknowledge the circumstances in that you are my spouse and Bill is and will be my sexual toy boy with your consent. That is how things will proceed just like they had been going.” Carly kissed Andrew on the forehead. “Don’t do this and you’ll never be permitted to have sex with me again. Not with me and I unquestionably won’t allow you to see any other lady. Not that any lady would need you. Regardless I’ll need your tongue and your nose.” She snickered. “Your tongue and your nose are similar to a man’s penis.” She snickered once more. “Yes my sweetheart, it will be similar to what it was with the exception of now we won’t need to sneak around.”


Climaxing Woman
Image: Wife cheating on her cuck

Carly And The Children Loved Uncle Bill

Since AJ recognised the circumstances and Carly and Bill didn’t have to sneak around, Carly started to loose all compassion she had shown for AJ. She had such an energy from the way she was humiliating him. She now would chat with her lover on the phone with AJ in the room. She would kiss Bill eagerly in front of AJ. She needed to see the harmful look on his face when she did. She even began to consider whether she was a distorted  and twisted individual. Additionally the more AJ took of her abuse the less Carly respected him. Life was excellent for her. In no time AJ could be her house sitter when she went out with Bill. Likewise Bill could spend the night whenever he wanted to, in their treasured love seat.

Their children knew and cherished “Uncle Bill” so that was no issue as he wasn’t a stranger to them. Bill would be out on their date and Carly would just call AJ at home and let him realize that Bill would be spending the night fucking her, and that AJ was to change the sheets for them whilst he would to spend the night in the guest room.

She Was Always Clean For Bill But Dirty For Her Cuck

As time passed Carly and Bill became happier. They were more open about their relationship with their friends and AJ contributed by spending additional time home alone. He knew Carly wouldn’t allow him to see another woman and he might not want to. All that he could do to relieve his sexual disappointment was what he had been doing for pretty much all the time anyway,  jerking off alone. AJ became more demoralized and more surrendered to what was happening. As Carly and Bill became all the more relaxed in not expecting to sneak around him. When Bill was away on business which he did a lot, Carly had AJ to satisfy her requesting he use his mouth, tongue and nose on her. Now, she never attempted to clean herself up first when Bill was not around. It was something she and Bill had agreed upon and laughed about.  She would be clean and be a lady with Bill but she would ensure she was un-showered for AJ

AJ questioned Carly one night when her odor was particularly bad and Carly said, “Look AJ, that is the way I smell. That is me. Get your mouth here! Right away, clean me with your wimpy tongue”

Poor AJ did. He had been uncomfortable about this. He had never ever been a real fan in giving her oral sex. He had avoided it because if he had not serviced her in the past there was a chance,  however slim that she would allow him some ordinary sex.  Now, after she had been with Bill he was expected to take her and his Bill’s cum in his mouth. She forced him to swallow it. At any rate now he knew she did like standard sex and was having this all the time will Bill maybe he might get a go to. Bill was his oldest and best mate but even that had been taken away from him. Now he genuinely hated giving her oral sex especially now that she wouldn’t even attempt to clean up first. She smelt so horrible down there as she would not wash it for days on end when Bill was away.

Carly Made AJ Her Cuck With Strict Rules

AJ saw how she got dressed up when she was to go out with Bill. Carly saw how hurt he looked as she saw him seeing her dress one night and decided to have some more fun. “Sweetheart, don’t just sit there looking at me. I’m late and I would not want to keep Bill held up. Come help me, be a nice child. Get me a bra and undies from my draw.”

From then on she had AJ help her dress for her dates with Bill. She fully wanted AJ to comprehend that it was respectable to make her life partner recognize the reality of their lives. She would snicker with Bill later and illuminate how she was pulverizing every single bit of her AJ’s pride, dignity, confidence and self-assurance. She wanted to make sure that he felt that no other woman would ever want him again. She wanted to make sure AJ would never approach another woman due to lack of confidence in himself. It was working out exceptionally well. She was making him into such a weakling, and that is the way which she wanted him.

As AJ lost his boldness he became more subject to his wife’s demands and he revered her more. He endeavored to be overwhelmingly good when he accommodated her with oral sex. He knew she loved oral sex because she made him endure that rotten smell. AJ wanted a change so by then on Valentine’s Day AJ came back from work with a bunch of roses for Carly. That made her uncomfortable. He endeavored to kiss her yet she pushed him away telling him about the great fuck session she had with Bill a week or so ago.

“AJ dear, pull up a chair. We have to talk.” He did, bewildered.  She then said, “Look AJ, kissing is a big thing for me and although you are my life partner it is not something I will allow you to do. When I kiss Bill and when we make love there’s feelings and sentiments. Regardless of the way that I love you, I can’t bestow those feelings to you. Dear, do you have the capacity to understand that?”

She saw the tears in his eyes and embarrassingly this made her get wet between her legs seeing him crying like a baby.  She was being turned on by his dismay and hurt.

“B-yet I-I’m your life long mate I thought you like it when I kiss you.” Carly grasped him and kissed his forehead like a child. She was getting off on this and she couldn’t help but play this out some more to make AJ feel even more inadequate.

“Sweetheart I do. I appreciate it when you kiss me down there yet sweetheart, that is not giving or sharing. That is for me. You’re serving me. I don’t have to think about fulfilling your needs.  Don’t you you like that I please Bill. For you I just get undressed and let you lick me clean after Bill has been there. I order you to clean me down there like the dog that you are. I don’t have to wash. I won’t wash for you and if I’m clean down there that is a bonus to you but not my intent.” She chuckled mischievously. “From now on, once in a while I am even going to fart in your face, isn’t that a privilege? Likewise I wont feel embarrased or remorseful when I do. I just know you’ll keep kissing and licking me. Do you know why? Since dear AJ I don’t respect you at all. I appreciate you yet I don’t respect you.”

She saw the hurtful look in his eyes.

“Look AJ, you’ve got to perceive how our lives are right now. I’m not going to provide for you an opportunity to kiss me on my lips any more. I value you yet I don’t respect you and it was sweet of you to bring me roses for Valentine’s Day anyway you understand that Valentine’s Day is for lovers and I trust you appreciate that I will be with Bill tonight. The kids are at my mom’s and Bill’s going to return here after our date. Bill will share the night here with me and we’re going to make love in our bed. Dear, please understand that, okay?”

Andrew swallowed and nodded. Carly saw that there were tears in his eyes again and she grasped him and kissed his forehead once more. “I’ve got to shower and get dressed. Bill will be here at 7. C’mon sweetheart, help me get ready so that I can have a night of seduction with him.”

Man with hand on head
Image: Cuckolded man

Bill Stayed Over At Their House

His wife and his closest friend were out on the town. He was home alone. His wife had reminded him to change the sheets in the bedroom so it would be fresh when she and Bill got back. He did, feeling so awful and alone. At ten he went to lay down in the guestroom and got up at 11:30 pm and went to look but they weren’t home yet. He withdrew to rest and again got up at 3 am and this time they were home. AJ finally went to bed.

He got up at 8 am when he saw the bedroom door closed he went to the kitchen and had breakfast. By then, at a little before 9am he heard wife calling him and he went up to the room. His heart tumbled to his feet when he saw them. His wife and Bill were uncovered, naked in bed holding each other and smiling at him.

“Sweetheart,” his wife said, “Be a sweetheart and bring us coffee.”

AJ couldn’t have been more demoralized yet he knew there was nothing he could do with the exception of what his wife requested and after a few minutes he returned with the coffee and  he opened the door as they were kissing. Carly saw him and broke the kiss however she kept her arms around Bill.

“Put it there, Sweetheart,” she said showing the night table.

He did.

He Became Their Personal Slave

“Sweetheart, we need a couple of things. I got a shopping list for you on the fridge. Why not go now. You and I have to leave for Mom’s at 11 am to get the kids. We’re having lunch there. Bill and I need several more minutes more to finish what we have started.”

Then she turned and kissed her lover once again. AJ still had tears in his eyes when he came back from shopping and he saw Bill’s auto was gone.

Carly and AJ were heading to her mother’s home for lunch to get the youngsters and AJ was driving and he was feeling low as Carly was talking. “Goodness dear that was the best Valentine’s Day ever. We are thankful to you for being so accommodating about me and Bill.

AJ said nothing and Carly leant over and kissed his forehead. “Goodness AJ, your mate Bill. What a man.  What a fuck!  I can’t keep up with how much we fuck and I have never cum so much such in my life. Did you hear me moaning and yelling this morning?”

“You fucked Bill all the time and you won’t even provide for me an opportunity for your husband to kiss you?” AJ was hurt as Carly laughed.

“Poor Andrew, I educated Bill concerning my rules about kissing. He was pleased. He needs to be my special sweetheart and he is. He agrees that I shouldn’t let you kiss me on my lips. My lips are for Bill’s lips and… ” She laughed. “his huge cock.”

AJ said nothing and Carly continued. “You know the last night Bill and I examined the different sorts of kissing. There’s the vivacious offering kiss that Bill and I have when we first make love, then there’s the peck on the cheek that I by and large accommodate you with. Then there’s the kiss of gratefulness like when a respectable man kisses a lady’s hand. Taking all things into account, Bill and I examined that last night and we think you should accommodate me a kiss of thankfulness when we meet or when we say goodbye.”

AJ despised that his wife and her lover. His old chum talked about him in all likelihood when they were together in each others arms.

“In no time you will ask me to kiss your hand?” Aj asked.

“Goodness sweetheart that is so senseless. In any case I do think you should accommodate me a kiss of gratefulness when we meet or leave each other. I envision that is normal. Bill and I discussed this and we felt that it would also be suitable for you to kiss my ass. That would exhibit your thankfulness for me still being in your life and tolerating you.”

AJ looked at his wife, was it true that she was dead serious about kissing her ass.

Masturbating For Him Was Like Cheating On His HotWife

Carly suddenly changed the subject. “AJ do you stroke off? Do you jerk off? It’s a clear question.”

“Look Carly, you don’t let me engage in sexual relations with you and..” AJ swallowed, he was mortified.

“So you do! How often?” said Carly.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea. Once a day maybe. Why?” AJ was worried as Carly smiled.

“Bill and I were talking about that too. That is deceiving me you know. It’s like cheating. You’re my mate and you’re engaging in sexual relations without me, even if it is only masturbating by yourself. Despite the way you are doing it I regard it as being unfaithful.”

“Let me get my head around this. You participate in sexual relations all the time with my past best buddy Bill and that is okay yet I’m not allowed to wank off. Is that it?” AJ looked at his wife and saw she was deadly serious.

“In reality AJ, we’re talking about you now, not me. Besides AJ, do you like it that I take part in sexual relations with Bill?” Carly countered.

“No, You know I don’t.” AJ said.

“Well, I have an aversion that you jerk off and Bill agrees with me. Married men shouldn’t jerk off. I’m not happy about this at all.” Carly claimed.

“You’re not content with having these thoughts alone? You discuss this with Bill? Well what am I supposed to do that will fulfill my sexual needs?” Aj questioned.

“Dear don’t get angry. You’re my life partner and we’re basically discussing this. Bill raised that you were upset when you got a few answers concerning him and me so I should have the benefit to be bothered when I find you’re cheating by having sex with your hand.” Carly kissed his forehead again. “We ought to discuss this like a married couple should. I’m not going to allow you, a married man and my life partner wanking off like a teenager.”

“This is unbelievable Carly.” AJ said.

Submissive Man Kissing Ass
Image: Woman controlling her cuckold

“It’s not senseless AJ. What’s senseless and what I won’t stand for is you taking part in sexual relations without me and not being able to find a solution to it. That is to me what seems abnormal. I don’t think any wife would stay when her life partner is masturbating off all the time. It’s what teens do not grown men and in light of present circumstances, and as we are at mother’s home we’ll talk about this further this very night. Likewise we’ll talk about how you’re going to kiss my ass to show authentic esteem to me and show your place in our family.”

AJ was disturbed throughout the rest of the day with Carol’s parents and afterward with his children, particularly with Carly being in such a upbeat and happy disposition. AJ was glad to be home later and after a couple of minutes after they returned home, the telephone rang and when AJ picked it up it was Bill.

He said curtly, “Get Carly for Me.”

AJ said, “No”.

Bill said “Hello AJ, get Carly for me now”

AJ didn’t know what to do and did not want to incur the wrath of his wife and Bill was now Carly’s lover.

AJ said, “Hold on”.

AJ got his wife and listened in on the conversation and heard Carly say “ I love you lots as well” whilst giggling and smiling like a girl in love.  AJ was extremely upset and a couple of minutes after the call when he and his wife went up to the bedroom he got to be more troubled when Carly raised what they had been talking about at her mom’s.

The HotWife Forced Her Cuck To Kiss Her Ass

“We’re going to talk about it AJ and right now! The sooner you understand that you’re not going to do whatever you want in this marriage the better off you’ll be. I need you to do what you’re told AJ. We discussed kissing this evening and I clarified I need you to figure out how to kiss my ass as a show of admiration for me. Why are you battling me? What’s the major ordeal? Come here now, get here and kiss my ass! NOW!”

AJ needed this to be over along quickly so he headed toward his wife and stooped behind her as she pulled her pants down and he kissed her ass though her undies.

Carly said, “There! Really was that so hard? Jesus! You go down on me consistently so what’s the major deal about kissing my ass? You will do this from now on at whatever point we meet or say farewell. That is a kiss of appreciation and respect showing me and everybody else who is the boss in this marriage. What’s more AJ, unless I tell you otherwise you will do this and it will make no difference who’s around.. Get it? Most everybody thinks you are a wimp in any case.”

Andrew gulped and didn’t reply.

“Great, now we have that sorted. How about we discuss your jerking off. Most importantly, it’s a childish thing for a wedded man to do and second, in the same way as I let you know it in the auto, its deceiving. You’re having intercourse without me and I dislike it.”

“Carly, this is absurd. You won’t let me have intercourse with you, you engage in sexual relations consistently with my previous best mate, you make me lick your unwashed pussy and ass and now you don’t let me have the capacity to have any sexual relief whatsoever?”

“Sweetheart, I get what you’re saying. I do. At the same time do you get my needs?” Carly grinned and kissed her spouse on the forehead. She was talking sensibly now in spite of the fact that AJ saw that her positions were not sensible whatsoever. Be that as it may he attempted to talk about it with her.

“Yes Carly, I comprehend what you are saying” He said looking at the ground.

“I am glad you understand sweetheart, Isn’t it better to talk about things like a wedded couple? You’re correct, I’m never going to give you a chance to engage in sexual relations ever again. Not with me and unquestionably not with another lady. What’s more sweetheart, you shouldn’t have any desire to. You’re terrible at it anyway. But you’re grand with your tongue and I love the way you lick me and I need you to end up getting better at that and in the event that you love me, you’ll need to. I understand what you’re saying in regards to requiring sexual relief. That is your main gripe, right?”

AJ nodded, befuddled by this whole discussion.

“AJ we need to come to a compromise like wedded couples do. We need to discover a path for you to get sexual joy and relief while in the meantime you do not carry round like a naughty child jerking off all over the place. I think I have the answer.”

His HotWife Gave Him An Ultimatum To Wear A Chastity Device

AJ looked at his HotWife sitting waiting for her to go on.

“AJ, this is what we’ll do. If you behave yourself and do all that I ask I will jerk you off. I’ll give you a hand job.” Carly grinned. “You used to like my masturbation techniques before we were married didn’t you?”

He nodded and thought this was better than nothing. At least now his wife would jerk him off.

“AJ, you need to comprehend that you’re not going to land a hand job that often. I anticipate that you will deal with and satisfy me and I anticipate that you will figure out how to appreciate my climaxes and swallow my cum. I need you to consider my pleasure not yours. This is basic cuckold training. Do you understand me?”

AJ nodded quietly again.

At that point Carly went to the dresser draw and took out a male chastity device and brought it over to him.

“Dear, I realise that you let me know you wouldn’t play with yourself and you would attempt to keep your erections in check, however I would prefer not to put you under that sort of pressure so Bill and I purchased this for you. Give me a chance to put it on you.”

AJ looked as his wife pulled off his jeans and after that his clothing and Carly put the chastity device over his penis. He remained there as Carol wrapped the straps around his testicles and looked as she bolted the lock.

“There! Isn’t it obvious? Now you can’t touch your dick and you can’t stroke off. If you get an erection it will be painful.”

Chastity device in surgical steel
Image: Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage

Carol then tied the device around his thigh and said, “Now you can wear it and not one will see.” Carly then made a show and she placed the key around her neck and said, “Now I am your key holder. I am in control of you and your cock. I will tell you when and when you cannot wash it, pee through it, or be allowed to get and erection. It is only I that will have the power to allow you sexual release. Your chastity is in my control forever. “You can consider your little dick has been sent to jail for being so useless.” Carol snickered “At any rate, let me clarify how this is going to go. I need to make sure you understand that I’m not going to take this off often. It may be once a month or even once a year. Bill and I invested a great deal of time selecting this one for you. I will take off your chastity and provide for you hand relief whenever I feel and if you have behaved and obeyed.

“Once a month or so is not going to cut it Carly. You can’t believe that I can tolerate only getting off a dozen or so times a year!” Aj said.

“Gracious sweetheart, don’t expect to get off twelve times a year. It may only be three or four depending how obedient you are and how generous I am.” Carly snickered again and kissed his forehead and she took out a timetable. “Look sweetheart, Bill and I went over this before. It is your birthday in 29 days. If you are an obedient husband and polite this will be your first time.”

AJ saw she had arranged this painstakingly and she had arranged it with Bill. This was strange. He was so shocked it was not possible to say anything.

Carly proceeded. “That is not all that terrible, it’s only 29 days. At that point your next cum day will be when I dictate it. It could be another 30 days or 6 months. That is quite a while to wait don’t you think.” She giggled, “It will be a long hot summer and a cool, frosty winter. This will make our marriage so much stronger. For one thing, you’ll have the capacity to focus on satisfying me and not about your own relief and I won’t need to surmise that you’re undermining me when I’m out by playing with yourself.”

“Carly this is ludicrous. In what capacity would you be able to liken my jerking off with cheating on me when you’re engaging in sexual relations with Bill?” Carly shook her head.

“AJ, I have already let you know, one thing has nothing to do with the other. Since this is exactly how it will be and you would be wise to acknowledge it and accept it. Despite the fact that it’s not going to be regularly, when I provide for you a hand relief you’ll appreciate it as much as Bill appreciates fucking me. In fact it will be an exceptional treat for you and it will be something for you to anticipate and enjoy all the more. All this talk has made me horny so now come here and satisfy me.”

With that she got undressed and lay on the couch on her back and spread her long legs opening up her flower that had not been washed since Bill had last entered her.

“Goodness AJ, you look like you are in pain. I hope that you are not going to get an erection with the chastity device I have just fitted. It will hurt I promise you? In any event you are getting better at satisfying me by going down on me but now that I have opened up for you I need you to keep licking and sucking my cunt until I cum. I want to cum over and over again and do not remove your face until I am spent and have fallen asleep. Only then can you remove your face with me knowing that you worship me.’

AJ felt so powerless, his penis was bolted up in male chastity and would not be released for 30 days. He saw he had to comply with his wife along these lines he simply headed toward his wife and put his face between her thighs, overlooking her solid obnoxious smell from being unwashed.

“AJ,” she called down to him, “I need you to figure out how show me respect for the privilege I give you to go down on me. I want you to kiss passionately from my toes, up my thighs and then lick my dirty pussy clean before you suck my clit and swallow my cum. Tell me you adore me. What’s more lick around my asshole. Go ahead, lick and suck each hair around my rosebud. Take all my hairs into your mouth. That is it, just like that, suck my asshole and stick your tongue in it AJ. ”

AJ did all that she said and he was given the pleasure of listening to her groaning for a couple of minutes then felt her hand on his head and he knew he was satisfying her. Also, regardless of everything, that made him feel great.

“AJ dear,” he heard her say, “Now kiss my pussy lips like you were kissing my genuine lips”

AJ did, overlooking her odor and he felt her hand press him closer to her and after that she came everywhere all over him and in his mouth.

Man Placing Face in Womans Crotch
Image: Cuck giving oral

Things changed in the following few weeks albeit not significantly. AJ, being a male in the sexual prime of his life, got to be exceptionally baffled at his powerlessness to have a climax. In his disappointment he got to be more meek and humble to his wife. He did whatever she needed or what he thought she needed. He kissed her butt at whatever point they met or separated and Carly started to demand that he do this even when guests were around.

“Goodness AJ, quit being so delicate. They thoroughly understand you. Now c’mon, kiss my ass.”

He Was Forced To Give Her Oral When She Menstruated

And that would continually bring delight from anybody that hadn’t seen him do that before. This made Carly more determined that the course of action she was taking was right. How might she be able to have any admiration for him? Not just did he agree that his wife could have a lover and not just did he concur he would never engage in sexual relations with her or anybody for that matter he had permitted her to bolt up his penis with a male chastity device so he couldn’t even jerk off. How would she be able to appreciate such a weakling? Thus Carly pushed further. She demanded he go down on her when she had her periods forcing him to eat her coagulated blood. Why not? Since it was nauseating? To who, AJ?

She, obviously imparted this to Bill and they would laugh about what she had made AJ do as she and Bill lay together in the afterglow of making love. “He truly is lovable Bill. The previous evening he implored me to take off the chastity device however I kissed his forehead and let him know the guidelines and that was the end of the talk. At that point I reminded him that there were just 29 days to go.” Then she twisted over and kissed her partner deeply and after the kiss he took a look at her.

“You’re a genuine bitch you realize that, Carly?” Bill said as Carly grinned.

“Anyhow not to you sweetheart, just to AJ. At the same time I think he needs that. Furthermore it’s so much fun.”

His Children Lost Respect For Him

One Saturday when Bill was away Carly had AJ take her and the children to the riverside. At that point the kids also had lost all admiration and respect for their dad. This was something Carly needed. Given them a chance to have regard and admiration for Bill, a genuine man and let them comprehend that their dad was a weakling. By now Carly had demanded that AJ kiss her rear end even before the children.

They generally laughed when they saw their “daddy kiss mother’s tush”.

Carly clarified that Bill was coming in that eve and they had a date. He told then Bill was going to spend the night, before they returned home they dropped the children off at Carly’s folks for the night. AJ didn’t like that however he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

“I have a couple of hours before I need to shower and get dressed sweetheart so I’d like you to show me gratitude now and make love to me”

AJ comprehended what that implied. AJ got stripped and rapidly washed up. That was a piece of Carly’s new command. While she wouldn’t clean up before requesting her spouse to put his mouth on her privates, she now demanded he be clean before he did. Just another part of being unfair that taught AJ his place in this relationship.  At the point when AJ exited the shower Carly embraced him and kissed his forehead, her ordinary show of warmth for him and something AJ started to desire.

“I adore you AJ,” she said to him. “I cherish you more than I ever did. I’m so glad you’re tolerating most of this, having your penis bolted up and what not. I know its surrendering sex while you’re in the prime of your sexual existence however do you perceive how better it’s made you? What’s more I adore it like this. What’s more I adore seeing you in your male chastity device sweetheart. It’s so attractive. I need to take a stab at something new. Something I read about, alright?”

HotWife Forced Him To Lick Her Ass Out

AJ nodded. “Bill and I read on the web that if a lady gets a climax from ass play it’s the most brilliant feeling and I need to attempt that now.’ Carly rolled on her stomach. “For our foreplay, I need you to kiss my butt and the backs of my thighs and after that work your lips around to my butt hole. Kiss the territory around it and afterward kiss my butt hole the way you used to kiss my lips. After that I need you to stick your tongue the distance inside it and move it around. OK sweetheart?”

Andrew truly needed to satisfy his wife. He curved over. Kissed her thighs and after that her butt. There was still some sand on her legs and her butt that had touched the shoreline.

He heard his wife murmur. “Mmmmm. Goodness that is so pleasant sweetheart.”

Then she spread her legs. “Head toward my butt hole. Kiss me around there.”

He did, it smelt terrible and he wondered if she had recently had a dump. AJ tried not to consider what he was inhaling as he kissed the range around her butt hole. Finally he forced himself to kiss her butt hole.

Man Kissing Womans Bum
Image: Cuck smelling underwear

“Gracious Andrew – goodness yes! Put your tongue in. Lick me there.”

He did and the thought he was going to vomit from the taste. Why wouldn’t she clean up first – licking a butt hole that obviously had remnants of foul discharge was too much? This couldn’t be good for him.

“Goodness sweetheart. Stick your tongue inside and move it around.” He did and it was the most nauseating thing he ever did but as he did she groaned as she had a grand climax.

She had never experienced anything like that in her life and she said ‘Keep your head down there AJ.’

He complied and she then let out a huge, hot almost liquid fart. AJ was startled by the sound and heat of the blast and he hauled his face out of his wife’s ass.

Carly laughed. “Anyhow dear, I thought you were used to my farts at this point. You will be soon, if you are not yet. We’re going to do this a great deal from now on. I adored it! Now put your face back on my ass and treasure the remnant of my fart smell that I made for you”.

AJ complied.

Carly said, “I would do well to shower now and get prepared for my date with Bill, I wouldn’t want him to think I was a dirty ho, why not be a decent lad, select my garments and place them on the bed. Remember I am going to be with Bill so they must be sexy oh and goodness gracious did you know it is only going to be 7 more days till I offer you sexual relief? Doesn’t that make you feel better”.

To be honest that was all AJ had been thinking about.

While Carly was in the shower Andrew did as she asked, picking out garments for her to wear on her date with Bill. Despite everything it hurt so much that she was going out on the town with her lover however he knew there was nothing he could do about that. When she exited the shower he helped her dress and after that he began to attempt to converse with her like an ordinary couple did.

“It was fun at the shoreline with the children. I’m happy we’re going again tomorrow.” He said.

“Here. Put my bra on.” She said. “AJ, Bill and I have been considering that. He doesn’t see enough of the children and we think he ought to better bond with them so Bill’s taking us to the beach tomorrow.”

That irked him, now his children were going to be taken from him.

“C’mon AJ, I’m late. Do my bra. I mean the children are accustomed to seeing Bill so much and they do love their ‘Uncle Bill” yet we think he ought to invest additional time with them so tomorrow Bill’s going to accompany us to the beach.”

“Carly you know I dislike  them being with Bill” AJ was vexed.

“I realize that sweetheart. You’re not getting it, it is going to be just me and Bill and the children.” Carol kissed her spouse’s forehead.

“What do you mean I am not coming? They are my children. Can’t we talk about this more” AJ was stunned.

“Gracious AJ, in what capacity can the children bond with Bill if you’re around. Anyway the house must be cleaned and you can do that tomorrow while we’re at the beach with the kids.’  Don’t look so irritable AJ. Consider how heavenly you made me feel before when you had your tongue up and in my ass. Don’t ruin it now AJ. Furthermore remember it is only a week before I give you a hand job, behave or you may miss out. Next Thursday will be the day if you comply.”

She could perceive how disturbed her spouse was and she truly couldn’t fault him for it. “C’mon AJ, don’t sulk now. You know I’m correct. Bill is here regularly enough that he ought to be closer to the children.”

Then the door chime rang. “That is Bill. Go let him in.”

He did. “Howdy Andrew,” said Bill and chuckled. “Hey, short of what a week to go huh before you get you’re handy?”

AJ thought he would die right there on the spot wondering whether his wife told her sweetheart everything. For abut one hour AJ was distant from everyone else and extremely despondent as he was all that night as he rested in the visitor’s room knowing his wife was with her lover other in their bedroom. He was also on the following day as he was separated from everyone else, cleaning the house as his wife and children were at the beach with her beau. Finally however Thursday came and he felt that at least now some relief would be forthcoming.

Man Sad Cleaning Floor
Image: Cuck cleaning

AJ was impatiently waiting on Thursday and finally the day did arrive and his wife came home. She embraced him and kissed his forehead. She never kissed his lips. She let him know she adored him and she was happy to this point that this was his night. AJ was glad regardless of the preposterous current circumstance. He was glad that him being a married man will be given his first climax in many days. AJ was bewildered when his wife kept the chastity device on yet she kissed his forehead affectionately and let him know it was essential so she might feel secure that she’d keep his penis in confine again until ready.

She instructed him to lay down on the lounge and retrieved the key from her neck. She unlocked the chastity device and AJ’s cock immediately grew hard, harder than he had ever been before. She slowly blew her warm breath on his penis that made it throb harder and harder. She grabbed it and squeezed it tight. In moments he was climaxing, expelling all the semen. Almost as soon as he had finished she placed the chastity device on and locked it. Without giving him time to even clean he felt his trust was betrayed.

AJ was flabbergasted more than a month of celibacy and it was over in moments. What Carly had thought had been correct. Keeping her spouse from having a climax for so many days had made him a premature ejaculator. He would ‘t have the capacity to engage in sexual relations regardless of the possibility that she were ever to allow it which, obviously she wouldn’t.

“Gracious sweetheart, I trust you enjoyed that. Did you?”

“Yes – it -it was heavenly but it only lasted moments,” he said to his wife.

“Gracious I adore you so much AJ. You came so quickly and you didn’t even get hard. See what I mean? You wouldn’t have the capacity to fuck me regardless of the fact  I ever give you a chance to. The chastity device has made you weak and I believe that will please Bill a lot. Furthermore my masturbating you is the proper thing for you and you see. You didn’t cheat on me all month. You didn’t sneak around betraying my trust. I did it for you and I’ll wager it was one of the best climaxes you ever had. Is it accurate to say that it wasn’t?

AJ nodded feeling dismally appealed with himself but also knowing she was correct. It was over and that is the thing that his sexual coexistence was finished. Satisfying his wife with his mouth and getting a hand job every few months.

‘Well till next time. You will soon appreciate my hand and as much as Bill enjoys my cunt.’ Carly said.

Weeks passed and it was AJ’s birthday yet he was really depressed. Carly did eat with him as she and the kids wished him a great birthday yet when they were away from everyone else it was similar to whatever other night when they were as one. He was to provide for her oral sex on her pussy and after that, what she needed her rear end consistently licked which Carly had come to love. Anyhow he thought on his birthday that it would be a better way.

“Goodness sweetheart I do love you yet you know the standards. Once a month at the most and today is only about 20 days since your last hand relief. You had a cum just three weeks ago I thought you figured out how to accept it. I know it’s your birthday yet you realize that is no motivation or reason to break our agreement. Don’t ruin it now. I cherish you to such an extent let me show you how. Lick my ass, you know how I adore that.”

AJ began to cry. How might he be able to hold his chastity for at least another 10 days? How would he be able to live with this? What sort of life was this? “Carly, I’ve done all that you needed me to do. I’ve acknowledged Bill as your darling. I’ve concurred I’ll never engage in sexual relations again with myself or anyone else. However, you keep me bolted up like this in chastity. I mean, how would it harm you that I stroked off when you prefer not to do it for me?. I’ll masturbate in front of you so that you know I am not doing it behind your back. Carly, I’m thirty two years of age. I have wants and needs. I can’t wait, you don’t know how disappointing it is. If it’s not too much trouble today’s my birthday. If you don’t mind. Don’t you love me at all any longer?”

Side of Face of Crying Man
Image: Crying cuckold

“Goodness sweetheart, obviously I cherish you. I adore you all that much. I think more of you than I ever did. At the same time sugar, keeping your penis bolted up accomplishes more than simply keeping you from cheating me. It’s made you such a great deal more easy going than you were. I do know how baffling it is for you. I see you crying some of the time yet that is great. It’s useful for our marriage. It helps make you such a great deal more enthusiastic when you go down on me. Don’t you understand that you haven’t grumbled about how I smell down there now for quite a long time and I still don’t wash for you. You don’t even whine about the remnants on my ass.

Furthermore sweetheart, keeping you from cumming is making you inept. Keep in mind that when I gave you a hand-job you didn’t even get hard and you came immediately. That is great. For every one of us. For me I know I won’t need to contend with you and that we’ll never have sex again in light of the fact that you’ll know you wont have the capacity to. It’s beneficial for you on and will help you acknowledge that you can’t fuck me or anyone else regardless of the fact if I gave you a chance. Bill loves it. He needs me to be his respected lover. Think about how it would look to Bill if I changed the standards the way you’re requesting that I and provided for you a hand-job before your due date? Don’t you see? He won’t have the belief to make certain that I’m not letting you inside me. Admit it sweetheart it demonstrate to me you love me. You’ll get to appreciate your cum days as much as typical men appreciate fucking. You’ll see. You’ll generally have something to anticipate, I need to feel your lips and your nose in my ass. I need that now.”

Carly got down on her stomach and spread her legs wide. She knew she had won. She knew there was nothing he could do. AJ saw she wouldn’t change the standards for anything. This was his life now. A few times each year. Gradually he did what his wife requested as he brought down his face to her butt.

As the weeks passed, AJ made a decent attempt to acknowledge the circumstances. His wife and his old best friend were lovers. It was tricky to acknowledge that he would never again have sex. Not with his wife and obviously not with some other lady? Not while he remained married to Carly. A separation would allow him to sit not alone by himself with a great deal less cash and little time with his children. His wife wouldn’t even give him a chance to jerk off. It was hard learning to live with his penis being bolted up just to be discharged by his wife a few times each year when she would provide for him a hand job.

He was so disappointed, being a young man in the prime of his sexual life and being confined to having a few climaxes a year and by hand!! No more sex ? EVER!  But his wife required that he service with her with his mouth each morning and consistently when she was not with her mate. Never like a typical man? Just with his mouth? Or his tongue? What’s more now with his nose. On and in her pussy. Her demands that he do it to her ass increase all the time. She loved him sticking his tongue in her anus. She found how sensitive she was in her ass. But now she won’t even try to clean up first and AJ was reluctant to whine in light of the fact that he realized that would get her upset and probably make it worse for him. She had gotten upset a couple of weeks back when he told her she smelt down there and why wouldn’t she clean beforehand.

“That is the way I smell Andrew. That is me. Quit talking and get your face down in there before I truly get angry with you.” She commanded.

AJ despised his life however he didn’t see anything he could do to change it. Carly had been correct, A separation would destroy him and even if he separated she had destroyed him as a man now what good would he be to another. Furthermore he adored her, he continued trusting that this craziness would end eventually.

For Carly it was radiant. She enjoyed what she could to make her spouse do. Bolting up his penis and limiting his sexual relief to just few times each year and afterward just by her providing for him a hand job had been a great thought. It made him so resigned, so meek to her. Sexual celibacy for a man in the prime of his sexual life did that. Now with the inclination of his face in her butt, his tongue up there.. Amazing! What man would do that for his wife especially when she was unclean? Well AJ wasn’t a man? He was a weakling. What a superb life. A lover that was all man and a spouse who was a weakling and that she could make do anything she needed.

What disturbed her was that she knew her spouse was continually thinking things would change. He was not tolerating the life she was forcing on him. She realized that AJ despised Bill as he used to be his closest friend and now Bill was his wife’s sweetheart. Carly demanded that AJ show regard for Bill despite the fact that Bill demonstrated no appreciation or respect for AJ.

“I know sweetheart, I know. Yet he’s so great to me? What’s more the children like him and respect him. He fulfills me so you ought to be thankful to him for providing me with such pleasures as you know you can’t do what he can for me. I know he off and on again makes fun of you yet here and there what he says is genuine?’

Carly and Bill were having a brilliant relationship, engaging in sexual relations just with one another, offering feelings yet not having the obligation of a wedded couple. AJ had to clean the house and babysit the children and deal with her sexual needs with his mouth when Bill wasn’t around. Life was ideal for her. At the same time she was not satisfied that her spouse was not accepting his new role in life. She didn’t know why got such delight from seeing the tormented look all over as he viewed her getting dressed for her dates with Bill and she kept on making AJ help her get prepared.

“Andrew, I’m late. Select my garments while I put on my cosmetics. Attempt to be helpful and be an assistance for me. Bill and I are simply heading off to an easygoing supper this evening and afterward to fuck so simply select something easy to take off for me to wear. Something you think Bill might want to see me in today. He used to be your best friend so you know what turns him on. Make yourself useful.”

AJ felt his cheeks blazing however his wife was addressing him so pleasantly.

She needed him to choose garments for her to wear that Bill would like. In any case he did what she said. He took out a couple of her pants and a slip-over as Carly viewed them and what he selected was alright for that evening. She enjoyed this. She needed him to realize that he was selecting garments for Bills pleasure. “That is great sweetheart. Now choose a bra and underwear. No pantyhose or undies please. Bill doesn’t like pantyhose or undies for these quick fucks. He enjoys my legs and pussy exposed.”

AJ gulped yet he did what his wife said and she grinned as she looked at him.

She knew how silly this was. She was making her spouse select a bra for her to wear with the man she was having an affair with. “AJ you’re getting the hang of this sweetheart. However this evening I think I need a sexier outfit. What do you think?”

AJ swallowed and nodded and Carly smiled when she saw the tears in his eyes.

“Carly, When are things going to return to the way they were? When are we going to be a normal couple? I’ll attempt to make you happy. I need you to provide for me another chance? Give us an alternate possibility than this. I need to be your husband again in every sense of the word. I’ll be a better husband and fulfill you?”

Carly put her finger to his lips to stop him. Again she was upset that he would not fully accept the new life he was to live. “Dear, things are never going back to the way they were. This is ordinary for us now and I wish you would acknowledge it. I adore you and you are my spouse and you will forever be my spouse yet Bob will forever be my lover.”

Later that night she went over AJs conversation with Bill. Bill suggested to teach him his lot in life that they go away together for the weekend with the children.

On Carly’s return she said to AJ, “Oh sweetheart, I know it’s Labor Day weekend but don’t you see it’s a perfect time for Bill to take us camping. The kids are looking forward to it. Jennifer adores Bill and Sammy looks up to him like a hero. I know you’ll be lonely but it’s only three days. I’ll leave you a list of things that have to be done around the house to keep you busy. Now try not to be so gloomy. Don’t forget it’s September and you know what that means, soon it will be a cum day.”

It was the first time his wife was going to spend a weekend with her lover but for her to take the kids. Seven year old Jennifer and five year old Sammy. His kids were becoming attached to Bill. AJ knew that’s what Carly and Bill wanted. AJ hated Bill.

“B-but Carly, why can’t I come too? Why can’t we all go?” She smiled at her husband.

“Sweetheart, you’d be out of place. Don’t you see that? Look, Bill and I bought a new sleeping bag. A sleeping bag they call a lovers’ sleeping bag. We’re going to be spending the night together in one sleeping bag. We’re going to fuck all night and then fall asleep with his cock in me, it’s very romantic. I really don’t think you want to be there. Trust me on that. Besides, I want the kids to get used to Bill. He’s going to be spending more time at our house.”

Tears came to AJ’s eyes as what else could he say?

It was a frightfully dismal and pitiful extended weekend for AJ. He did all the tasks on his wife’s rundown to be obedient to her as well as to keep him occupied so the time would pass quicker. He couldn’t even masturbate on the grounds that his penis was secured up in that horrendous male chastity device. He was so discouraged. What were they all doing? Carly didn’t call him and he didn’t even know how to reach her on the off chance that he required her. She at long last called him Monday morning.

“Hey sweetheart. We’re all having a heavenly time. We’re all making a go at trekking today and after that we’re returning. Much obliged to you for being so understanding about this. Bill and I fucked consistently and he is something else in the sack that I need a break.. Well? Gotta go. I’ll see you later. Bye.”

At long last at 4 pm that Monday AJ listened, and afterward, looked out the window he saw Bill’s auto turn up. He saw the children get out of the auto and afterward he saw his wife passionately kissing Bill and after that she also got out from the auto and Bill headed out. Any guilt Carly may have felt about allowing her spouse to sit alone that long as weekend vanished. AJ quietly kissed her ass, as he was obliged to do when she came into the room. She turned her back and bent over sticking her butt out to him. She grinned at her spouse and afterward threw down her bags. She took off her tennis shoes and socks. She started to rub her feet.

“Ohhh my poor feet are murdering me from all that climbing. Come here sweetheart and rub them for me.” Andrew went to sit by his wife on the couch put her uncovered feet on his lap and Andrew started to rub them. “Goodness sweetheart, that feels soooo pleasant. Also AJ, thank you again for being so seeing about Labor Day weekend. I know it was mean of me to allow you to stay home without anyone but I did give you all that work to do. Coincidentally, did you complete everything?”

“Yes.” AJ gulped as he continued rubbing his wife’s foot and said tragically.

“You’re such a decent fellow, I know this all must be hard for you. I mean I’m your wife and here I went away for a weekend with Bill who used to be your best companion. In any case I’m upbeat that you’re acclimating to it so well. We made the best choice in securing up your penis with a male chastity device. You likely would have spent the whole weekend jerking off and not accomplishing any of your work in the event that you could touch it.” She took her free foot and stroked her spouse’s face with it even though the smell from her feet was rotten, AJ naturally moved his face away. Carly was interested in this and said, “Do my feet smell?” she asked honestly.

“Yes,” AJ said quietly.

Carol had an underhanded thought. “They must stink. We didn’t shower all weekend and we’ve been climbing. AJ dear, be a sweetheart and lick my feet clean for me.”

“What!,” AJ said, “That is appalling.” Carly was getting even more interested in the reaction and now she was dead set that her spouse was going to lick her rank feet.

“You know AJ, frequently I simply don’t comprehend you. In a short time you’re going to have your tongue up my ass and I haven’t showered for three days, that is going to really stink. Do you realise that? You’ve been doing that for me for many months now and I’ve been happy to the point that you’ve quit whining about the scent or taste of my ass. Now you’re griping about the odor of my feet? AJ, isn’t that silly? Consider it. Truly AJ, be fair now. You’ve acknowledged that you need to stick your tongue up my ass yet you would prefer not to lick my feet on the grounds that they smell?“

“I-I-I figure?” AJ gulped feeling so stupid. What his wife said actually made some sickening sense. Carly grinned, This was so natural.

“So, obviously it is. Now open your mouth and let me get my foot inside. There, that’s it. Is that such a major ordeal? Gracious AJ this feels so pleasant. I cherish this. Now move your tongue and clean my foot for me. Like that. Yes. Gracious that feels glorious. Ohhhh. Now suck on each toe. That’s it and get your tongue between my toes, gracious what a kind fellow you are, lick my soles, Yes, AJ I adore this.” And Carly made her spouse proceed licking her dirty feet for 60 minutes. He had to lick all aspects of one foot and after that the other one. After she allowed him to leave, she let him brush his teeth and when he left the washroom he saw his wife laying on the bunk on her stomach without her dresses and with her expansive thighs spread wide. He understood what she needed.

Andrew obediently kissed her vast butt and stuck his tongue inside it even in light of the fact that Carly hadn’t showered for a number of days. Carly smiled as she lay on her belly and thought to herself ‘This is the life’.

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  2. That was one for the real brain sick perverts! And what? If he divorce the slut he gets half of every thingand visitation rights to the kids! And when he makes the cheating and her wishes publik she will be the town slut!! And for his mate Bill, there are always people who will do a good job for money! His alibi is airtight!!!

  3. This story is stolen from the great story
    “Four Times a Year” by  Michael Freemont
    Some words have been changed but the core story is the same

    1. Never read it! Searched it on google and could find nothing online except on yahoo Q’s and A’s that provided dead links but no further info. We do plagiarism checks on all our stories that are not written in-house and it came up fine when we originally published it in parts 4 years ago. It was then consolidated to one story last year.

        1. It certainly appears like it has been re-written along the same story line. Have you got a date that Four Times a Year Was Published? I am trying to look back to see who actually submitted this to our site. It was back in 2012 in parts that we combined in 2015.

          1. Thanks for pointing out that story. I checked it out and that being the case I can only assume that one of our earlier writers based their story from this and re-wrote it.

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