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Rick Vermunt owner of Adultsmart, a renowned online adult lifestyle blog, and shop, boasts over 30 years of involvement in the adult industry and sex toy business. His remarkable contributions to the field earned him a prestigious spot in the Eros Hall of Fame by the Australian Adults Only Association.

Rick Vermunt Owner
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As a seasoned sex blogger, Rick shares a wealth of information and experiences, bringing a unique perspective to the diverse landscape of adult lifestyles. His dedication goes beyond the business, extending to advocacy for inclusivity and equality across gender and sexuality spectrums.

Rick’s articles, showcasing his insights and expertise, have been prominently featured on platforms such as Huffington Post, Elle, Men’s Health, Medium and numerous lifestyle and health blogs. His influence reaches a broad audience, contributing to a more informed and open dialogue surrounding adult topics.

Through Adultsmart, Rick has created a platform that not only offers a range of adult products but also serves as an educational hub. His commitment to fostering inclusivity and advocating for gender and sexual equality permeates the blog, creating a space where readers can explore and discuss various aspects of adult lifestyles with openness and understanding.

Rick’s journey, marked by over three decades of experience, positions him as a prominent figure in the adult industry. His continuous efforts to provide valuable content and promote a sex-positive culture reflect his enduring commitment to enriching the adultsmart community and beyond.

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Rick Vermunt Owner Adultsmart
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