Resident Sexpert

Meet Elle Bedwell, the resident sexpert at adultsmart, also known as the Sexpert. As a full-time sex blogger, she seamlessly transitioned into her role as the chief blogger of Adultsmart’s Blog. With a successful history of owning and managing blogs related to women’s lifestyle, Elle brings a wealth of experience to the world of adult content creation.

Resident Sexpert
Adultsmart Sexpert

In addition to her role at adultsmart, Elle is the founder of the sex-positive website, Good Girl Guide, where she encourages breaking free into one’s sexuality. Her expertise extends beyond the blogosphere, as her work is published on various platforms, including YourTango, Slutty Girl Problems, Consumer Health Digest, Gotham Club, and many other websites and blogs.

Elle’s commitment to exploring and promoting a healthy, sex-positive lifestyle is evident in her extensive portfolio of written work. Her articles cover a diverse range of topics, providing valuable insights and advice on sexuality, relationships, and personal empowerment. Elle Bedwell stands as a knowledgeable guide in the realm of adult content, contributing to the dialogue on sexual wellness and liberation.

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