Why You Need To Be Using VR Porn Sites With Teledildonics

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There is simply no denying the fact that COVID has brought a grinding halt to a lot of things. Not only are more and more people staying home, but couples that are staying home together are afraid to engage in physical interaction. One can only imagine what this has done for couples in long-distance relationships. It’s not like long-distance wasn’t already hard enough. Whatever the situation is, this is exactly where teledildonics could come in handy. You are probably thinking what? Don’t worry because you are going to learn everything that you possibly need to know.


A Look At Teledildonics


If you sound the name out tele-dildo-onics, it will probably give the meaning of the term away. That’s right, you read dildo. That’s pretty much what these devices are. They are high-tech sex toys that are allowing couples to take their pleasure to the next level while also remaining safer than they’d ever imagine. If you were heavily sexually active back in the 90s it is possible that you’ve already heard of these devices. In fact, this is when they got their start. Back in the 90s during the HIV/AIDS scare these devices were introduced onto the market as safer more practical means of sexual interaction. In simple terms, they are high-tech sex toys that can be controlled from the Internet by sending data back and forth between a device and a controller.


Sending And Receiving Pleasure


VR porn and teledildonics might seem like two new concepts, but as you can see both of them have been around for quite a while. While VR porn hasn’t been discussed yet, it is something that’s been around and evolved over the years as well. VR porn now offers users a more lifelike experience than ever before. It will almost be like you are there in the room. There are now even a handful of teledildonics VR porn sites that are taking advantage of both technologies. They are doing just this by allowing users to control the depths, sensations, and use of sex toys that some webcam models employ. Users can use these devices to send signals to the sex toys that these models are using on cam. However, it doesn’t just stop there. That’s right, it can go both ways, as these devices can also be used to pleasure the pleasure-giver as well.


Can Be Connected To Videos As Well


Don’t worry because you don’t have to use these devices only with webcam models. There are a number of sites that are also incorporating this technology into their videos. That’s right, you can strap on your pocket vagina, pull up your favorite videos, and go to town. The technology will sync the toy with the story and it’ll be as if you are the man receiving the pleasure. Combine this with the VR technology available today, and the whole experience will be so immersive that it’ll take your sexual pleasure to a whole new level. You might not even want to go back to regular sex again


10 Of The Biggest Dick Stories Ever Told!

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Penises, especially big ones, have been a source of curiosity since…well, since forever. And it’s for a good reason. Finding them is no easy feat.  Whether you’re a woman or man (with a smaller appendage), there must be a point in your life when you gasped or looked on helplessly as a guy with a massive wiener handled his goods.  If not, but you’re wondering how people in that situation handled it, here are some hilarious biggest dick stories from people who are brave enough to share their experience with the world. Sit back and get comfy, because this is going to be one hell of a ride:


There’s a belief that tall guys with big feet no doubt have a huge penis. Though science debunked this myth as false, who’s to say that there aren’t guys with the goods and feet in bulk?

The dude in this story is one of those chosen few. When he approached an individual working in a shoe store, the lass was well aware of the common belief and used it as a joke. Little did they know, once they and the guy started dating and got into the sack, that it was ACTUALLY TRUE!

The monster appendage was at least 11 inches and, after painful sex, the dick owner bragged about it to his partner.


Get this: You go have drinks with your friend, he brings a friend, and the atmosphere is great. However, when it gets to the pissing part and you all have to go at once, you realize that your friend’s buddy has one heck of a dick! It’s so huge that he handles it with both hands as he pees. Would you, as a guy, be scared or jealous?


After months of flirting, a college guy invites a girl to his home for some close time.  Once the clothes are off and sexual pleasure is at its peak, the girl tries getting the dick into her mouth but she couldn’t! As for sex, the lass narrowly escaped a painful drilling as only the tip fit inside her.


One-night stands are great, but the girl in this story got an extra serving.   When she reached out to jerk him off in the dark, his penis was so massive that she thought she was handling his forearm. Even funnier, dude was so huge that he almost injured the poor girl.


Sex with a guy who’s got a giant wiener is bound to be painful.  It’s annoying and frustrating when the guy doesn’t know his footlong appendage is killing you! After a year of being together, the lass in this tale showed the guy the door and never looked back.


It’s one thing when a guy has a big dick and totally another when it can’t stay in his partner’s mouth.  After trying hard to fit it into her mouth, the victim in this story explained that it fell out and hit the guy’s stomach with a loud slapping sound.


The guy in this story was also tall and heavily loaded. His religion didn’t stop him from getting some good lean’ fun.

Though he and the chick who told this story didn’t hit things off, she got a chance to see and touch it during their jerk off sessions in closets. And man was it massive! At least 10 inches in length.


Is it normal for a giant dickhead to have an 11-inch penis? Well, the guy here was an ass and had quite a log, which is great. I think.


It’s every girl’s dream to hook up with her crush from a reality show. When the girl here got the chance, she didn’t expect a massive wiener to be part of the package. She choked on her coffee when her TV crush sent her a dick pic.

Though they didn’t ever meet, that dick is always on her mind.


While chilling on a nude beach in Hawaii for a couple of months, a girl got more than a view of well-chiseled studs on the beach.   She spotted a guy with a huge penis who wasn’t afraid of strutting his stuff. He loved the attention he was attracting and even smiled as he flaunted his monster cock.


If you want to make your penis grow try some of these methods

Pegging – A Male Perspective

Male Being Pegged

2020 should be your year for getting pegged if you’re a straight guy. With all the time available, it wouldn’t hurt to get a bit deeper into your sex life and try something new and exciting.

If your girl or wife hasn’t pegged you yet, man you don’t know what you’re missing. Getting down on your hands and knees for that session of excitement is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do.

Perhaps you’ve got no clue what pegging is. Well, simply put, it’s when a woman drives a dildo into your ass. Of course, she just doesn’t tell you to bend over then she pushes the thing into you. Hell no! There’s a procedure to be followed. We’ll look into that later.

For now, if you’re a guy who loves pegging, you probably think you’re a freak.


Every guy has an organ that rarely experiences its full potential. No, not the dick- your prostate. Think of it as the male clit.

Let’s slip back into Biology class for a bit: Unlike the clit that’s found at the front of a woman’s body, the prostate is located between the bladder and cock. It’s actually right at the front of the rectum.

There’s a spectacular feeling that comes with having it touched or hit gently. That’s where the interest in getting a good old pegging comes in. Most people think that you’re bi or gay if you enjoy anal play. It just shows that you have a healthy desire to explore your options.


Nope. The only difference is the switch in roles that many people have a hard time accepting. Apart from that, it can be domineering and rough like ordinary sex, yet sensual and loving.

The technique and angle of penetration play a massive role in determining the satisfaction level of a pegging exercise to a guy.


The first and most obvious reason is it promotes better orgasms. As the dildo gets into the anus and hits the right spot, there’s a sweet and uncontrollable sensation that results and before you know it, you’re care-freely moaning your way to a smooth orgasm.

Second, it’s sexy to have women pegging men. Having a woman tower over you and assume that dominant role really does it for many men. It gets better when she thrusts while holding your ass and squeezes it.

Third, it’s an eye (or butt) opener for straight guys who practice anal sex on their partners. They now have a firm plastic dildo going right into them, and therefore know what back door love feels like and can do it better if not well.

Lastly, it’s a perfect boredom kicker. If you’ve been in a relationship for months or years and have been having traditional sex, the same style can kill the thrill. Throw in a dildo and strap-on and see the magical turn your sex life will take!


Okay, you get the pegging gist and are itching to try it out. So, where do you start? First off, have a chat with your partner and see if she’s interested. Many women are a little turned off by pegging men. If yours is one of them, let her know how important it is to you and she just might give in.

You should consider putting a butt plug into your anus to make it easier to penetrate. Don’t forget some lube as well!

Next, empty your bowels. The last thing you’d want is poop popping out of your butt hole after you orgasm and she takes the dildo out. Please poop at least three hours before your pegging session. Better yet, empty your bowels in the morning and get pegged at night.

Also, give your ass a good clean. Soap it up and rinse thoroughly with water. This will save you the embarrassment of having remains of excrement on the dildo when the exercise is over.

Finally, shave your anal hair if you have any. It can be real painful if the hairs get caught by the dildo as your partner thrusts it forcefully inside you.


You’re now ready to go on the sexual trip of a lifetime. Put all your fears to rest and experience some shattering anal orgasms for once. You deserve it.  Now get some pegging sex toys online and fulfill your fantasy.

Reasons To Use Dating Sites For Adults

Apps For Dating

You’ve probably thought about joining a dating website or two in order to meet someone who will meet your sexual needs and desires. Nowadays, finding a place like this is not that difficult. There are so many of them out there that your head will probably start spinning once you start searching. Tell me, what are you even waiting for? Why don’t start searching right now?

I know one thing that could be stopping you. After hearing a bit about these sites, you are either worried that they don’t work, or you believe that you need to put in an effort into actually taking someone out for multiple dates before you two end up in bed. I understand your concerns but, as you can see at https://www.datingcop.com, there are those online places that function in a different way.

There are those night bars and clubs where people all come for the same reason, aren’t there? We have all been there at some point in our lives. You get all ready, you go there, meet a person of interest and you two spend the night together, without ever having exchanged your numbers. If you are one of those who likes to exchange numbers, that’s fine too. Although, I bet you received quite a few fake ones.

That’s all nice and does the trick, but it’s getting a bit tired, isn’t it? Do you really have to go to a place like that whenever you feel like having a mind-blowing, meaningless one night stand? You have to chat those people up at a bar and, at the end of the night, nobody can even guarantee you that you’ll succeed and take someone to bed. But, you have to take that risk.

Or, do you? I want you to imagine a combination of the online dating sites we have mentioned above and these hookup bars and clubs. What do you get? The answer is quite clear. You get online hookup websites, or, as they are also called, dating sites for adults and here are a few reasons why people like them.

No-Strings-Attached Sex

The absolutely biggest reason why people join these sites is because they want to get laid. The best part is, everyone there has that same intention, so there’s no need for you to worry about overstepping the line or doing something similar. If we’re being completely honest, most regular dating sites serve almost the same purpose, but there’s one crucial difference.

When you join a traditional dating site, you will definitely come across those individuals who are looking for a meaningful relationship and that can make “getting laid” a bit difficult. That’s not the case with the places known as sites for adults, because they are specialized in connecting people for sex. If you are one of those romantic souls, you might want to consider a different approach. If, however, you want no-strings-attached sex, then these places are made for you.

It’s All So Easy

There is something else that attracts people to these places. The simplicity of it all makes the whole process rather appealing. When I say that things are easy on these sites, I have two things in mind. For starters, using the services will be easy and then, finding DTF people will be easy too. As I have already mentioned, everyone is there with the same intention – to get laid.

Time Is Not An Obstacle

We are all living in a fast paced world and finding people ready to give us what we need at the exact time we need it can be a bit difficult. Even when you are in a serious relationship, it might be difficult to find the time to go out on a date with the person you are committed to. Now, when you are single, things get even more difficult and especially sex-wise.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Time isn’t an obstacle when online dating sites for adults are in question. You can get horny in the middle of the night, find someone on a website like this in no time and schedule a sex-date for the very next day. Time will only be an excuse and definitely not a real obstacle.