Top Tips For Men!

Want to know how to be a God in bed.  So many men are worried that they will fall short of the mark – but here are some top tips that will have your lover begging for more!!!!



You want to last longer in bed but have fallen into the category of a 2 minute wonder on a number of occasions?  Well experiment with edging.  Edging is masturbating until you are at the brink of orgasm and then stopping.  Different from orgasm denial this technique will allow you to train your body (with will-power) to hold off on that orgasm.

When actually having sex you may have to pull out or slow down which may annoy your lover a small bit but use it as a way of ‘teasing’ – getting her to beg for more and delivering that knock out blow that will have her cumming back over and over again.


No, you are not admitting defeat by including a sex toy the next time you are going to bed your woman.  Completely the opposite, she will be amazed at what an understanding new aged guy you are and that you take her pleasure seriously.  Little does she know that bringing her to the brink and then slipping in your woody and both orgasming in delight is a sure fired way to get you both off.

If your gal has not used a toy before allowing her to use one first in private so she knows what to expect and how to please herself.  Rest assured she will be more than happy to direct you to her pleasure spots when you are in charge.


There is little worse than having dry sex.  Most women are going to self-lubricate when they are turned on but there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of lubricant to ensure things run smoothly.  Why not add a flavored one and enjoy some delightful cunnilingus.  Double it as a massage oil – nothing relaxes and primes one for a sexual encounter than getting an erotic massage.


Wham, bam thank you maa’m will not cut it in today’s society.  In fact it never should – think of all the good times missed out on.  Foreplay does not just have to include getting naked, treat your partner out to a great dinner, splurge on some expensive wine, give her a bunch of flowers – make her feel SPECIAL!!!

The rewards are there for the taking if you treat your lady like a Queen.  She will give you the keys to her kingdom to do with as you please.


Missionary is just so – old hat.  If the Joy of Sex and  365 Sexual Positions are not enough, discover the Kama Sutra or some Tantric Sex.  People have been doing it since the dawn of man and in those thousands of years have discovered more ways of pleasuring than there are days of the year.   Expand your sexual horizons and you will both benefit.  Eventually, you will find what works best for you both and you will have that go to erotic position whilst continuing to explore new ones.


Fetish fantasy or dress ups?  Some vanilla bdsm or some real hardcore sado shit?  There are so many fetishes and fantasies that there is literally a library written on how too.  Orgasm denial, restraints, swings, medical play – wow – and we thought sex was easy.  It really is, find what you like and explore it.  As long as it is not illegal or hurts anyone, try it once.  What have you got to lose?


Send him (or her) a letter letting them know how much you mean to them.  Make a list of the things that you like or love about them.  Leave a cheeky note in their pocket or purse for them to find later in the day.  Nothing and I mean nothing will make your partner happier than knowing that you care and are thinking about them.  It is the little things that count!

There are so many more ways that will make you a king in bed and your partner respect you but these are just a few simple ones that will not cost the earth buy you will be rewarded in spades.

The Ultimate Strapon Sex Guide

Some people consider sex to be the only way for humans to procreate, while others see it as a fun game. Younger generations see sex as an opportunity to try out many exciting things and explore their sexual fantasies. One of those fantasies is definitely a strapon dating experience. This fetish is usually very common among lesbian partners, but it’s more popular with heterosexual couples because some men want to see what the role of a woman feels like. Therefore, we decided to talk about this interesting form of sex and provide you with the best strapon sex positions you can use next time you’re in bed with your lover.

Backdoor Man Position

If your man wants to see what it’s like to be penetrated by his girlfriend, all you have to do is put on a strapon dildo, sit on the edge of your bed and let him sit on your lap. This is called a Backdoor Man position and it’s perfect for newbies because it allows a man to control how deep the penetration will be. While your boyfriend is sitting on your lubed dildo, you can give him a hand job for a complete and breathtaking strapon experience.

Reverse Cowgirl…Sorry, Cowboy

This sex position is a variation of the famous cowgirl position we all know and love. It’s very popular among men who are attracted to their girlfriend’s butt. However, men are not the only ones who enjoy a beautiful and fit rear end. If you, as a woman, want to look at your boyfriend’s ass while he’s riding your dildo, a reverse cowboy position is something you should definitely try. You should know that the angle of penetration is a bit different in this position, so you’ll have to strap on your dildo the best way you can in order for it to stay attached throughout the intercourse.

Doggy Style

This is, without any doubt, the most popular sex position in the world. Both men and women love it because it provides them with the most intense penetration. However, there is one more aspect of this position that attracts men and that is the feeling of power and control. Most women love to be submitted to men during doggy style, but a lot of them want to see what it’s like to be on the other side. The strapon dildo allows you to do just that. So, put it on, get behind your lover and thrust those hips. Feel free to give him a hand job while you’re behind him. This will help him cum.

Boyfriend on His Back

Considering the fact that missionary position might be a bit awkward because of your boyfriend’s genitals, you can always put him on his back, lift his legs, and penetrate him that way. This beautiful position will provide you with a chance to look at your lover’s penis while thrusting. This is important because you’ll be able to see what makes him hard and what makes him soft. Also, you can use this opportunity to stroke your boyfriend’s penis during sex which will make him feel wonderful.

Standing Behind Your Boyfriend

This one is quite similar to the doggy style position, but with a few adjustments. First of all, you have to make your boyfriend stand up, and then you need to stand behind him and bend him over a table. This is probably the most submissive position he’ll ever be in, but trust us, he will love it. Before you penetrate him from behind, make sure to give him a couple of cushions for his elbows. In this position, you are in complete control because your man can’t even see what’s going on behind him. Your boyfriend will love this position because it will be easy for you to find and stimulate his P-spot. The P-spot orgasm, as you probably know, is the most intense orgasm a man can experience. So, it’s safe to say that this will be your boyfriend’s favorite strapon position.

Boyfriend on His Belly

If being bent over a table or kneeling on his knees is not something he enjoys, you can ask your boyfriend to lie flat on his belly. Then, you can give him a nice erotic massage and play with his butt cheeks and anus until he’s ready for penetration. Unlike other position on this list, this one is actually very comfortable for the boyfriend and that’s why most guys prefer it. For better penetration, make sure you firmly grip his lower back while thrusting. This wonderful and sexy position also allows you to lie on top of your boyfriend and cuddle with him during sex. Both men and women who are practicing strapon sex find this position rather enjoyable.

Change The World With Kindness!

Survival of the fittest the old Darwinism principal – may the strongest survive.  But are we still roaming on the plains for our survival?  No, our battles range from the boardroom to the dance floor.  Caught up in wanting others to see how successful we are, how beautiful our bodies, how we have this label or that driving in our top of the line car.

But is all this self-interest, competing, self-adoration healthy for a person mentally and when will enough be enough.  The trouble with wanting material things is that you always want more and the appreciation/satisfaction time diminishes every time.  One will never be completely satisfied wanting and striving for more.

The man who works and strives to make it to the top of his chosen career – finally climbs that final set and asks himself and where to now.   Many ‘successful’ people turn to alcohol and drugs to create an artificial high as life provides no satisfaction anymore.  Things are just things and what does it all mean anyway?

It is now thought, and science backs this up, that devoting time, resources or good-will to others brings about lasting well-being and satisfaction.  A bit of kindness goes a long way.  In fact many corporate employers who were in the past only performance driven and focused on those traits in groom potential employee’s have had an entire mind-set change.  Now questions relating community work, kindness and empath are prevalent as those people tend to be more loyal to their employers creating a sense of community and good values to the workplace.

There are many types of kindness the first and most apparent is active.  This type of kindness means a helping hand towards people in need.  Awakening the senses and becoming aware of other peoples needs.  It could be as small a deal as saying hello to someone who is lonely, or opening a door for someone carrying bags, even just saying to someone that you really appreciate them.

Then there is truthful kindness.  When from a loving place you help someone who is going to make a mistake.  It can be as simple as seeing your child going to school with two different coloured socks and letting them know before they get embarrassed by someone not so understanding.  Or letting that lady know that she has the back of her dress tucked in her underpants.

Silent kindness is done by people that want to do good for others without others knowing.  They want to make the lives of other people better and that in itself is enough for them.  Many people who have made it to the ‘top of their game’ realise that it never fulfilled them and end up becoming philanthropists trying to ‘pay back’ for their past deeds and outlook on life.

How about those people that choose to do ‘random acts of kindness’ for others.  It can be as simple as paying for the coffee of the person behind you in a drive through, or buying a homeless person a pair of shoes.  Going out deliberately to offer kindness to a person you have never met before.

Of course the most important kindness one can give is to oneself.  How can you love or give to another if you are not kind to yourself? Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and embrace your strengths.  Both you and the world will feel a better place.  Why not change the world with your acts of kindness?


What Is Right Vs Who Is Right!

So what is right?

Well, I guess from the outset it would be something that is morally acceptable and justified.   A thing that is fair and equitable, sticking to the community standards or legal principles, honourable and virtuous.

From the most basic standpoint, it allows dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence to everyone and allows different points of view to heard and followed without discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, political view-point, religion, disability, employment or other lifestyle choice as long as that choice does not impact negatively upon others.

The difficulty when determining what is right is however often subjective to an individual as what is right for one person may be absolutely wrong for another.  The absolute moral truth for one may be the immoral wrong for another.  So what happens when different view points and/or lifestyle choices conflict with another’s.  What is then right?

Perhaps a good way to define what is right in moral terms is that which tends to maximize human happiness and ‘wrong’ as that which tends to maximize human misery. There is no absolute moral truth because morality depends on values, and of course even the most well-meaning of people do not necessarily value the same things, to the same degrees.

So if you are in a debate with someone about what is right,  think about the following points –

The search for what is right is rooted in the discovery of facts, details, and a set of guiding principles.

When somebody is making a case for what is right it will be inquisitive, curious, and considerate of multiple ideas from multiple vantage points that will shape the ultimate decision.

Someone who is focused on what is right does not take things personally because they know it is simply the integrity of the ideas and facts that are being explored.  That if their personal ideas don’t end up being accepted it is not a strike against them.

Someone who is focused on what is right will always consider the decision from a long-term perspective of how it will affect others.

When there is an exploration for what is right you will have peace, partnership, and simply an objective search for truth.

So Who Is Right?

To determine who is right automatically causes conflict as if someone is right, then on the opposite side, someone will be wrong.  Wanting to be right in most instances will be the beginning of disagreement and although one would like to think that may lead to healthy debate, more often than not will become heated and force one or both participants into ‘battle’ to thrash out why they are right.

Disagreements over facts are easily determined and checking a resource will in a timely manner resolve who is right.  But what happens when it is a difference of opinion or morality ingrained from a persons upbringing or religious, political or personal assessment.  There is no source of information, the disagreement becomes broader and there is no objectivity, simply both parties wanting their view-point to be right.

This battle will continue until one will win either by the better argument of by puffing themselves up, raising the bar by yelling, calling expletives of bulldozing.  Eventually, one party will back down and the victor will think to themselves, ‘I am right’ or ‘I outwitted them’ but often nothing can be further from the truth.

Winning often means failure after.  Whether that be a friendship, a relationship even a marriage.  Before entering into the ‘Who Is Right’ merry go round ask yourself is it worth being right?  Will it be better for me to change my standards or view-point?

Many people are often so fixed in their ideas of how something should be that their stance becomes out of proportion to what they risk if they don’t change their stance. Alternatively, they may not see what they stand to lose by holding onto their standards.

Think about these points next time you are going down the road of who is right –

The search for who is right is typically based in emotion, ego, and propaganda.

When somebody is making a case for who is right it will sound often like the decision has already been made.

Someone who is focused on who is right will often get an emotional feeling like their character is being challenged if other people disagree with them.

Someone who is focused on who is right is typically evaluating a decision through the short term lens of how it will affect them.

When there is a battle of who is right you will feel engulfed with anxiety, pressure, fear, and aggression.

Having Sex With An Escort For The Very Fist Time!

Hiring sexual services is as common as ever, or even more so than before, and new technologies are making it easier and easier to hire them. We can find an extensive offer of services in any country and city in the world, but in the larger cities you can always find a greater variety of girls and services, as is the case of Sydney escorts.

Surely many of you have already had an encounter with one of the many escorts, but there are still many that are undecided. Because a first time with a professional is almost never easy. That’s why we’re going to try and give you some tips, so you can have a fantastic first time if you’re thinking about hiring an escort.


How to choose the girl

If it is the first time you are going to hire a professional sex worker, there are two highly recommended options. The first one is to choose an escort with a lot of experience, who already knows how to behave in front of a new client, since she has surely met many before you. These women will make you feel good and safe from the very beginning, helping you enjoy every moment. Sex with a mature woman is always very pleasant due to the great experience of these.

The other option is to contact and book a date with one of the beginner escorts. It always gives a little more security to see that the other person is as nervous as you, and with a beginner girl in this sector you will connect and have more things in common. It’s not only bout sex.That’s what we’ll talk about next.

Where to Choose the Girl

There are many contacts networks where you can see erotic ads. But, make sure that the site you are using to find and hire an escort is a serious and professional one.

There are really professional sites that are present almost all over the world, and you can hire from an escort in Melbourne to an escort in Brazil.


Try to connect with her

If you meet a professional girl think that she is going to be willing to do everything possible for you to be at ease, after all you are a customer. Take advantage of it and try to connect a little with her and make her feel good as well. If you get her to be comfortable with you, sex is most definitely going to be better and more enjoyable. But be very careful with your feelings, remember that it is only a service that you pay for and you are only a client.

Treat the escort with the respect she deserves

If you hire the sexual services of an escort, remember that you don’t have the right to do whatever you want with her. Agree beforehand what exactly the services are going to be, and stablish what the limits are. An escort is a person who offers a service that people want and need, and will try to do it in the best way possible. But, in no case is that person going to have to do as you please just due to the fact that you are going to pay.

If you respect the girls and make them feel good, the service they are going to give you will be much better.


After these recommendations, we can only remind you of the importance of protection for safe sex, so we also recommend that you bring your own condoms.