Glass Half Empty Or Half Full!

Half full or half empty? When it comes to glass sex toys, full is the word most people come to use.
Now some people get concerned about the idea of putting glass inside their bodies, so let’s dispel something here.
A glass dildo is not going to break inside of you.

Like, ever.

Glass dildos (and plugs) are not made of the sort of glass as a window, or what you might sip (guzzle?) wine from. Think more along the lines of those Pyrex glass vessels in your kitchen. Now you’re getting there. Or at least, you will once you unlock the pleasures of glass sex toys.
In fact, most glass dildos are made from Borosilicate, of which Pyrex used to be the trade name of. A one inch rod of Borosilicate glass can withstand 3000 pounds of pressure!!! (even your Elvie won’t get your kegels that tough!)

Okay, so now you feel comfortable with the knowledge your glass toy isn’t going to break, your next question would no doubt be; Why glass?

Half Full (the pros)

The common reason to turn to glass toys is for temperature. Heat up your glass toy under a steady stream of hot water and discover the joys of temperature play. While many places may suggest simply putting your glass toy in the microwave (you can, it still won’t break), it’s not really recommended as a microwave heats in a rather scattered format: think about last night’s lasagne reheated, and while tasty, some parts were super hot yet others were still cold.

And of course there’s the other extreme, try putting your glass dildo into a container of ice cold water, something sure to get your synapses firing on all cylinders. In saying that, for both hot and cold, extreme temperatures may weaken the glass, so best not to leave it in a freezer, or submerge it in boiling water. Glass won’t change colour with temperature either, so make sure you feel your toy with your hand or elbow (like baby’s bath water) to make sure you don’t scald yourself.

Glass is natural and non-porous, which means oodles of things you won’t get from your other toys (and I’m not necessarily referring to infections). It means that air, bacteria, and all manner of fluids cannot be absorbed into a glass toy. Which means you can use any type of lube with it, and you’ll even discover you’ll use a lot less lube too (mostly on clear coloured toys).
And with all of that, it also means it’s a lot easier to clean. Hot water, air or towel dry, and done! It can also be sterilized (yes even in an autoclave), which means glass sex toys can be shared. Most people even say you can wash your glass toys in a dishwasher even, which is true, but just don’t invite me over for dinner or drinks thanks.

All decent glass sex toys are hand blown and can be truly beautiful pieces of art. The kind of fine wares you keep in your china cabinet. In fact, I actually have the Motorhead Bomber plug just chilling on my display shelves. I’ve even had my mother over who is very nosy (aren’t they all?) but made no comment about it while perusing my shelves.

Above all, glass dildos and glass anal plugs are solid. Like really solid. They have no give to them, and often a toy will feel bigger than it really is because of this reason. On top of this, they can also get quite heavy the larger and thicker they get, which allows for some truly new sensations by small shifts of position, letting the mass do all the work. They’re also great for hitting the g and p spot, and when you start searching for your first (or next) glass toy, you’ll see how many are designed to do exactly as such.

Half Empty (the cons)

Remember when I told you earlier that you won’t break a glass toy? Well that’s mostly true. You won’t break one inside of you, but if it gets dropped on a hard surface, it may chip or crack, which could lead to further breakage down the line. As I said though, a chip or crack or a drop will not make Borosilicate glass shatter, but should you drop it on a hard surface, be sure to give that little guy a checkover. If you find a chip and it’s catching on your fingertip, maybe chuck that one out (or send it to your china cabinet of beautiful art).

Firmness. Wait, wasn’t that a Pro? Yes, but having such a solid, firm toy is not going to be for everyone, and maybe you won’t find out until you’ve had a few plays. Also, if you like to go hard on yourself with a toy, using a heavy glass one could leave you a little bruised inside, so his could be something else to consider, though maybe the weight would be enough to slow you down?
Hand blown glass means that every single item is going to be unique, so be prepared for this when you buy your toy that it may not look like the photo on the box (or the website). Typically these are only slight variations, but especially on the cheaper end of the market, your toy may be completely indistinguishable from the product you originally bought (great example here).

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably still deciding if glass is right for you. Perhaps only by getting one and having a few plays with it will you ever really know the answer to that one. As mentioned, when picking your toy, maybe aim at something a little smaller than you ordinarily would, as it will feel bigger and fuller than a silicone or rubber equivalent.

In normal usage, a glass sex toy will not break inside of you, just make sure to shy away from extreme temperatures and dropping it (or knocking it against something hard).

There really are some beautiful and unique glass toys out there, so why not give it a try? The worst that could happen is you have a beautiful new ornament in your china cabinet.  Check out the range of glass sex toys at the adult lifestyle centers.

Welcome to The Oh Zone!

Adult Shop

I’ve been working at Oh! Zone for 6 months now, and wanted to share some of the fantastic interactions with customers I’ve had during this period. Obviously, while these are all true, no names or descriptions are given, as discretion is key. I would love to be able to read reviews from our customers online, but most are too shy to do so, as many sites are not very anonymous.


A lot of the time, especially for new customers, whether they are young or old, they are a little hesitant or uneasy when they first come in, not really knowing what to expect. While my job title is essentially all about sales, that is probably the smallest part of my job. First and foremost, I want to make sure every single person that walks through our door feels comfortable.


The simplest way our team does this is to make sure the place is nice and clean, smells great and is well lit. And then we welcome everyone with genuine smiles and an open mind. Some people just want to be left alone, which is understandable and respected. But others enjoy a great mini tour of the store, demystifying the 15,000+ products around the place (neatly arranged into about 15 different sections).


After comfort, the most important part of this job is listening. Listening to the needs of the customer, whether they are a single lady who may need to replace her much beloved toy, a couple looking at starting to play with a strap on, or how to start off in the world of fetish.


Of the last instance, I had a young man in a few months ago looking at getting some handcuffs, as his new girlfriend was a submissive. As he hadn’t ever explored being a dominant, he was pretty nervous sharing this story with me. And as we stood there in front of the wall of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, I said I had nothing for sale here that would help him.


‘I can see you are unsure about walking down this road,’ I began. ‘But if she is already an experienced submissive, you can’t hesitate if you are to be her dom(inant). While it may be new waters for you, you just have to fake it until you make it, as they say. You need to completely own this new role, to give her what she really wants. And since you’re standing here today, I assume you also want to give this to her.’


Immediately his posture rightened, and his words were no longer stuttered or quiet. He thanked me for my honesty, and having taken the words on board, he left with some great gear to get them started. Sure, it was a lot bigger sale than the cheap cuffs he was after, but it was offering a non-biased suggestion that was taken on board that really sticks in my mind.


On her first visit, one of my new regulars asked me about one of her fetish outfits. She was all about living her kink well and truly on her sleeve, but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to legally wear her Demoniq Mistress Dorothea dress in public. The wet-look black dress (which is hot as hell) has long sleeves and runs down nearly to the ankles at the front. Where it could cross the line, however, is at the back where everything is completely exposed, except for some horizontal strips and a g-string that comes with it. I told her I didn’t know but would look into it.


She was pretty stoked when she came back recently and I had an answer for her, regardless of the answer. It had taken about an hour of googling one night when I got home from work to find anything even close to figuring it out. (comment below if you’d wear this out and about or would you find it inappropriate?)


One of my favourite stories was when three young ladies came into the store, so two of them could help the third find a toy and hopefully, have her first orgasm. After a little chat, we decided on an external toy and I left them to decide on which one. They soon came up to the counter, and she had decided on a Nu Sensuelle Bunnii, a groovy little rechargeable external toy with two little ears at the end.


‘So what am I meant to do with it?’ she sheepishly asked. I turned to her friends, but neither wanted to add anything or answer. So I grabbed a Penthouse Cyberskin Stroker, which has a pretty good anatomically correct vagina visible through a clear plastic window and brought it back to the counter. Still with my gloves on (from testing the toy), I held the toy and showed her on the Cyberskin where the bunnii ears should be. I also said, being her first time using a toy, that she may still like to set the mood, candles, incense, music, the works.


Needless to say, as a forty year old cis male, educating someone about how to use a clit toy was not something I ever saw myself doing. Surprisingly for a first time visitor, she was not overly shy, and thankful for the advise.


I’ve met some great people here who love to come back in for a chat and to see what the latest gear in store is. Talking with the other staff, it seems like we all have a lot of our own regulars, people that come in just on our shifts. Maybe it’s because our customers tend to come into the shop the same time each week, or maybe they like that familiar face and having someone that knows what they like, and can suggest appropriate new additions.


At the end of the day, it is a very rewarding job. In terms of customer interactions, as well as the multitude of challenges constantly faced with unique problems you need to solve, even if you don’t understand it yet. Times like that, thankfully the customer is happy to wait patiently while I look up the best options for them, like the best lube for a trans woman to use with her dilators. Even to those who aren’t customers as such, as we don’t sell anything to help add volume to the amount of ejaculate, it is all learning, and helping.



The Single Life

Singles Today
Young, free and single! Yes they are the days when you thank god you are single with no responsibilities or dramas to deal with each day but deep down everyone wants that partner to spend there time with. There is just some things in life that being single limits you to or just isn’t quite the same without that another half. Sex was always one of my main problems with being single. I had mentally drilled into myself that sex was about two or more people and only having a partner was the only way i could have they types of pleasures especially in that department.
How wrong i was!!
Yes you do miss out on the little things like the cuddles, the kisses and the holding hands down the road with them by your side. However i have now been single for around 6 months and for me instead of feeling sorry for myself and going out on the hunt for mister right i have used this time to discover and explore myself with my hands or even what sex toys that i can use to satisfy myself solo. I feel its my time for being selfish and figure out how to pleasure myself before i can allow someone else to join in. 
A lot of  people i have found recently have this fear of actually exploring there own bodies. Its like they feel a shamed or guilty for being able to make yourself achieve an orgasm. The problem is if they could just shake off that feeling and come out there comfort zones they would realize how empowering and exciting it can be. There is no better feeling of release when you can finally give yourself your first orgasm its such an explosion of satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong for some people especially women it can take a lot of practice and figuring out what area or areas can give you an orgasm and ejaculate. How can you make your other half make you reach your climax if you yourself are unsure how to. Its all about failing and learning. Not everyone is the same so this is why its important on figuring out what works best for you and don’t be to hard on yourself if you don’t find it start away.
Another problem that came up for listening around were couples in a relationship not being open with each other or wanting to hurt there other half feelings by explaining to one another on what works for them in the bedroom. Sex together should always be about trust, honesty and feeling comfortable enough to open up.  Did you know that 60% of women don’t climax during sex. Most will cover this up by not speaking up about what pleasures them or they just do the simple thing of faking an orgasm hoping this pleases there partners. This sadly can lead to a boring and unsatisfying sex life and lets be serious no one ever wants that. Maybe sit down one night and speak about what each others willing to try and also what limits they are. Having limits is never a bad thing it just gives you a boundary and this will also add to the trust between one another.
Going to a sex shop and finding out information was a massive help for me. It also opened my eyes up to being able to masturbate solo and also how the toys could be changed into a couples toy later down the track. Doing a bit of research online also opened my eyes up to what type of styles could work for me and my body. It also showed me that am not alone with certain problems i thought i having but was actually a very common problem. Most  women experience  orgasm through stimulating their clitorises rather than penetrating their vaginas. Its harder for a women’s g spot to played with while sex so most women prefer having oral sex. 
With males it can be a lot easier to orgasm through both intercourse and oral. But what some don’t actually know is that a males g spot (or also called p spot) is up there anus at there prostate. The problem with this especially with heterosexual men that they get so put of the idea due to feeling a bit gay, which in my eyes is a horrible way to look at it. Studies have shown that prostate stimulation can make a males orgasm up to 33% more intense, which means a lot of you are missing out. Another amazing fact about stimulating your prostate is that it can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. So use tell me whats gay about that!!
Its time for everyone to start exploring solo or with a partner and stop being so afraid of trying new things. Its time to see what new adventures you can figure out about you or your partners bodies that you never new could be possible.  


doc johnson

Following on from our strap-on guide, this post looks at the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock strap-on system and some of the great features and accessories available with it. As their website puts it, Vac-U-Lock is a “patented harness and plug system (which) revolutionized strap-on play, offering fully adjustable harnesses built for comfort and superior control coupled with a proprietary plug designed to hold insertable toys perfectly in position and allow for endless custom options.”


What makes Vac-U-Lock different than other strap-on arrangements? That would be the patented plug with the two notches. There is only one plug size, and any of the Vac-U-Lock dildos will fit directly to this, without the need for an o-ring. No matter the girth or size (see below).

The plug is snapped into place via the four poppers, making it a cinch to get ready for play and even easier to remove to clean. All the while, you can be assured that your dildo will be securely fastened for all your playtime.

But how is it fastened? Simply, there is an opening in the bottom of every Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo. When the dildo is pulled onto the plug, a vacuum is created (ah, that’s where the name comes from!) between the two, holding the dildo fast, with the added security of the two notches on the plug.


The range of attachments for the Vac-U-Lock system will never leave you wanting. From realistic UR3 dildos, to g-spot curved, to the gorgeous American Pop! range, there is truly something for everyone.

If you like thinks a little kinkier or hardcore, there’s a 10” squirter called the Drencher, from the Doc’s collaboration with Half of the American Bombshell range is also Vac-U-Lock compatible, even the massive Block Buster, which is only 12.5”. In girth!

As for the harnesses available, again there is a lot of choice. Each are fitted with the four internal poppers to readily click the plug into place. Offering plenty of styles, ranging from open crotch g-string to jock strap style and other variants with a broader back for extra confidence and more reinforcement for some of the larger toys you may wish to play with.

There are gender specific harnesses, to allow for those that need to fit their meat and veg inside, as well as unisex options. Make sure when purchasing you’re getting yourself the right one. The Platinum range of harnesses can not only take the standard plug, but also can take a range of o-rings so you can fit any other, non Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.

Vac-U-Lock also have a range of complete starter kits, featuring a harness, an assortment of dildos, a regular 4 popper plug and a suction cup plug. Each pack also has enough consumables to get you started: water based lube, toy cleaner and renewing powder.

Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Powder is used to assist inserting your dildo onto the plug. Simply squirt a little of the powder into the hole in the base of your attachment before fixing it to the plug.

The powder can also be used as a renewing powder for any of the UR3 dildos in Doc’s range, which also means you can use another branded powder if you can’t find the Doc’s, such as the Fleshlight Renewing Powder.


The peeps at Doc Johnson wanted to make sure you knew just how versatile their Vac-U-Lock system is. Their accessories are inventive, to say the least. From their advanced, positionable suction cup, to the ball gag with a plug at one end of the ball, Knuckle Up (think knuckle busters, with a plug on the end), a wand head attachment, the E-Z Rider Ball (an inflatable ‘exercise’ ball with a plug built into it) and even an (off brand) alloy plug attachment to fit to a Caesar Sex Machine!

Simply put, if ease of use, simplicity to clean, and a near endless variety of play is what you are after, Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock is a fantastic place to start. Or it’s a great place to progress towards for those with a bit more experience that are looking to up their game into the Doc’s world of possibilities.

No more fiddling around trying to stretch an o-ring over a dildo, buzz killing the mood within the first (of no doubt multiple) minute of doing so.


Pop, lock, and play.




Sex machines and strap on at adult lifestyle centers the best adult shops.

Kits, Kits and More Kits!!!

Fifty Shades Sex Kits

Sex Kits are the best of both worlds, why choose just one product when you can have a whole bunch in one box. Kits will often contain a vast amount of different products depending on the particular type you choose, there are anal training kits, bdsm kits, lubricant kits and so much more. Without further ado, here are some of my favourite kits we carry across all of our Adult Lifestyle Centres!


Fifty Shades Darker: Dark Desire Couples Kit

  • Perfect for a naughty weekend away with your partner, there’s something for everyone in this kit.
  • Silky and VERY soft bondage rope along with bondage tape is perfect for keeping your loved one wrapped up tight, right where you want them.
  • Take away their sight and enhance their other senses or keep them from knowing what pleasurable item is next with the cushioned blindfold. I hope you aren’t afraid of the dark!!
  • After tying your partner up, give them an unimaginable, leg shaking orgasm with the bullet vibrator. Small, sleek and discreet but oh so powerful.
  • Are you afraid of a little smack? The mini paddle with let you punish any naughty bums in the room, your partner will hold their breath as they wait for the next smack while you run the paddle along their body to tease them.
  • The good vibrations don’t stop there! Add the vibrating love ring during sex to amplify pleasure for both you and your partner!! The love ring will also help the wearer stay harder for longer!
  • Last but not least the sleek butt plug, can be worn and enjoyed by either person in your party to enhance the overall pleasure and give you that little bit extra to push you over the edge and beyond.


The Rabbit Company: Bound To Please S & M Bondage Kit

  • Another kit for that special naughty night in! Everything you need in one box!
  • The Beaded Rabbit, has a specifically curved tip for the ultimate g-spot stimulation combined with rotating metal beads that rotate in sync will have your toes curling more than the wicked witch of the west. As the beads and tip work their magic the extremely powerful rabbit ears will provide constant clitoral stimulation for a combined overload of pleasure. USB rechargeable to give you hours of fun and splash proof in case things get wet.
  • The silky, soft satin eye mask will help create a more sensual and lustful environment by taking away the ability to see what is going to happen next.
  • Combine pleasure and pain with the silicone whip. Perfect for beginners or advanced bdsm couples alike, or perfect for taking things to the next level.
  • The kit included a cute little “do not disturb” door hanger to make sure no one interrupts your fun. A satin pouch for you to keep your kit in and S & M tip cards to give you fresh and sexy ideas.



Doc Johnson Good Head: Fundamentals, the Ultimate Oral Sex:

  • This helpful kit contains everything you need to improve your oral game, he won’t know what hit him!
  • Intimints are tingling sugar-free mints that create a numbing and tingling sensation in your mouth and throat so your gag reflex is less strong and you can go deeper for longer!
  • Intensify your blowjobs with the flavoured tingle drops, a few drops is all you need to create a tingling sensation that will taste amazing (watermelon and apple are my personal favourites) for the giver and feel electrifying for the receiver.
  • The sweet strawberry oral delight gel will have you going back for more. Not everyone enjoys performing the act and taste can be a factor in some cases, the delicious strawberry flavoured gel will help with not only the taste but will reduce friction and make it easier to perform oral in general.
  • Add another level to your oral skills with the helping head stroker. This extremely soft and stretchy stroker will take oral to the next level, with a soft opening and massage beads on the inside for enhanced pleasure, use whilst performing oral instead of your hand to create a new level of excitement for your partner.


Wicked: Teasers 10 Lubricant Packettes

  • Not a kit per se, but it is a little box full of multiple products so not a lot of difference!
  • Wicked have some of the best tasting flavoured lubricants I’ve ever had, I could just sit there and eat them all day if I’m honest. There are so many flavours to choose from and it’s hard to make a decision, so why choose!!
  • The teaser packette comes with 9 flavoured lubricant sachets that are perfect for on the go as they are travel size, and one toy gel lubricant that has no flavour for use with toys.
  • The kit includes 3 of the most delicious flavours in my opinion: Candy Apple, Salted Caramel and Mocha Java. You’ve got sweet, sour (ish) and savoury all in one packet. You get 3 packets of each flavour so once you try them all you can decide which one is your favourite and next time go for a big bottle!
  • The lubricants are all water based which makes them safe for use with all toys, cruelty free and sweetened with stevia extract instead of sugar.


Jovial: The Ultimate Anal Kit

  • The Jovial ultimate anal kit has absolutely everything you need to start your beginner anal journey or to add to your advanced anal collection!
  • Contains two different cock-rings both having different widths and shapes to assist with keeping blood flow in one area to help endurance and performance and increase sensitivity. Both rings are very smooth, stretchy and strong.
  • Next up we have the anal plug and cock-ring combo, the cock-ring assists with endurance and performance as well as enhanced sensitivity whilst the plug provides constant pressure/stimulation for the prostate. The combination or the two will be more than enough to push you over the edge with an orgasm like never before.
  • Two small anal plugs that can be used by anyone, the smaller of the two plugs has a slightly curved tip to enhance pleasure with a constant stimulating pressure as well as a flange for comfortable long time wearkit The other small plug has spiral nodules across the toy that apply constant pressure across different areas to enhance pleasure as well as a circular finger hole on the end for easy insertion or removal.
  • Last but not least the large suction cup plug. Take your anal pleasure to another level with this large soft plug. The plug has a large rounded tip followed by two other nodules creating 3 sections of the plug before the straight thin shaft leading down to the suction cup, this will create different layers of pressure and pleasure.


Whatever kit you may choose, I can guarantee you’ll have a good time!! Stay safe and enjoy!  All these sex kits are available from the Adult Lifestyle Centres Sydney.