How to Choose the Best Adult Video Sites

If you are interested in watching Adult Video Sites, choosing, the right site should be your first task. Many adult video sites are on the market or internet today. You might be confused with the best, but with the following research, you can get the best adult video sites. When you do a google search with the keyword Best Porn Sites, you will get a list of the popular sites where you can watch adult videos. But you have to know the things to keep in mind if you want to get a good video site. When doing this search, consider the following points.

Look at the basics of the site 

Before using these adult video sites, you should go through them before using them. In this case, you are supposed to read about the site and its terms and conditions. You will get to know more about these sites when you read about them. In the terms and conditions section, you will learn about the things you are expected to do when using the site. You must meet the standards that are included in the terms and conditions before using the site. For instance, when registering, you will be asked to input your age. In their terms and conditions, you will find the age limit of the people who can use the site.

The quality of video offered

When you compare the videos in the Top 10 Adult Sites, you will find a difference in the quality. Before watching any adult video, you must ensure that the quality is good. Check this by looking at the quality of the website. The first thing that should attract you to these sites or websites is their quality. If the web design is the best, then the videos posted must be the best. Another thing to do is look at one of the videos posted on such sites. You can know the quality of a video by watching it. If the video clarity is good, the sound is on point; then these are the best sites for you.

Is it secured 

Usually, it is one of the most important things when using online video sites. To start with, you will have to register before watching or posting adult videos. Before you do this, you must have an account with a particular site. Since you will have your details such as email, contacts, and bank accounts, you have to consider a secured site. Websites that have met all legal requirements are said to be secured websites. Among the top 10 adult sites, you will find some that are not supported in your location.

The cost of using the sites 

There are different categories of adult sites. Some of these sites are free, and some are being paid. Consider choosing the best adult site according to your budget. If you want to watch adult videos, you are advised to think of free adult sites. But if you want to post various videos, then you can go for paid adult sites.  Note that some of the porn sites allow you to watch live videos. Some of the sites can connect you to a star privately if you want to interact with them while watching the video. Find a site that can provide different types of adult videos.

Tantric sex: what it is and how to practice it to achieve an incredible orgasm

If you’re tired of going to the Kamasutra to innovate in your sexual relations, maybe it’s a good time to put into practice the techniques of tantric sex. Surely you’ve heard about it, but you don’t quite understand how it differs from traditional intercourse, so let’s start by talking a little about it. 

Tantric sex is based on Tantra, an Eastern philosophy that emerged thousands of years ago, which worships worldly pleasures to achieve spiritual fulfillment. It is a method that aims to make us experience ecstasy only through the senses, when there are no thoughts, fears or prejudices.

It aims to move sexual energy throughout the body for transformation, healing, and enlightenment.

It should be noted that in tantric sex the goal is not ejaculation or orgasm, but to enjoy sexuality in a different way that takes you to another dimension, either alone, as a couple or in the company of an female escort in Melbourne.


Tips to practice tantric sex

The secrets of tantric sex lie in a series of techniques to prolong sexual ecstasy and amplify the levels of satisfaction.  It is a much more sensitive and calm practice, leaving taboos and haste behind. 

Create a suitable environment:

with dim light, no rings, clean sheets. You can also put some incense and candles to help you relax.


Game of glances and caresses:

the focus is not on the genitals, you have to enjoy looking at the body of the other person, look into his eyes, and caress little by little. Tantric sex focuses on feeling the touch of the other person. It can be the key to reaching orgasm.


Explore and taste your partner:

you can play with body oils or aphrodisiacs, introduce some food to taste, such as chocolate and cream, and paint your partner’s body. These activities can also be enjoyed with an Irish escort.


Experience an orgasm with your whole body:

tantric sex is closely related to what many call “inner ejaculation”. For this there are different techniques such as Kegel exercises, which help us to control the pubococcygeus muscle. You can play being close to orgasm, but without completely reaching it several times. When you finally reach it you have to channel that energy throughout the body without holding it back to find out how long the pleasure lasts.


in tantric sex can also take place intercourse itself, but here, rather than the speed of movements to reach climax, it is important to perform the penetrations very slowly, so that we can feel the penis inside the vagina while we accompany it with glances, kisses and caresses. 

In our day to day life, sometimes we are more concerned about reaching orgasm than enjoying the journey. With tantric sex we will learn to experiment in intimacy and try new things, intensifying our sensations and letting ourselves be carried away by everything that provokes in our own body.

If we decide to practice it, tantric sex will help us to focus on mind-body connections and to achieve very satisfying sexual experiences of great revelation.

Everything About Your Homemade Dildo

So, what’s the safest sex out there? Masturbation, of course!

Think about it. You cannot get pregnant. What STIs? No esteem issues either. And the best part- since you’re in control, an orgasm is almost always guaranteed.

We’re also living in a glorious new age, where we not only accept it but highly advocate for masturbation and its numerous health benefits.

Having a stressful day? Rub one out! Feeling sexually starved? Not a problem. For the ladies, we also know that a little self-love can relieve menstrual cramps, strengthen your vaginal muscles and dramatically improve your sleep quality.

Some people can get off by simply rubbing their genitals. But, there’s also a lot of people who prefer penetration- both anal and vaginal.

Which begs the question, to dildo, or not to dildo?

I personally prefer the dildo route. And with the variety in the market, you’re truly spoilt for choice!

Today, you can order yourself a dildo in any shape, size, color, or design with just the click of a button. But it wasn’t always like this.

Call me crazy, but being a horny teenager isn’t a dream many want to re-live. You probably blush at the thought of dildo improvisations you’ve had in your life. But, we can’t also assume that those days are gone.

Some people are too shy to walk into a sex shop and pick out a decent helper, and that’s fine. Maybe you’re still saving up for a decent dildo, hang in there. You also probably own one, but took a random trip and forgot to pack yours. 

These shouldn’t be reasons for you not to enjoy some penetrative fun as you indulge in some self-pleasure or experiment with your partner.

We’re done with the why; now, let’s dig into the what.

So, What Can I Use as a Homemade Dildo?

A friend pointed out that many companies have adopted phallic-shaped packaging to gain a marketing edge with female consumers. 

True? Who’s to say. 

But there’s certainly an increase in the number of hygiene products and cosmetic bottles that are long and nicely rounded. Done with that shampoo? Keep the bottle; it might come in handy. 

Your regular wine and beer bottles also come with thin elongated necks that are ideal for your venture.

Tube packaging has been a fan favorite, and toothpaste as a household staple leads the pack. Fresh out of the box, it is sturdy, has enough length and girth for a deeply satisfying session. Next time, grab the family size pack, but maybe keep it out of the bathroom.

How about a hairbrush, cosmetic brush, and electric toothbrush handle? Easy to clean, reusable, and readily available! Also, get a 2-in-1 deal from the vibrations on the electric toothbrush.

You’ve not even stepped into the supplies closet and taken your favorite candle out for a different kind of spin. Or, wandered into the toolbox and picked out one of those rubber gripped screwdrivers. 

Please note that the screwdriver might need a more thorough cleanse due to the nature of its daytime job- the other kind of screwing, if you get my drift.

Finally, mother nature is your most gracious provider. Raid the refrigerator, and if you do your grocery shopping right, you will never run out of homemade dildo options. 

Who are we to question why there are so many phallic-shaped foods: cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, bananas, zucchini, and nature’s own ribbed ‘corn on a cob,’ for his and her pleasure. 


If the penetrating tip feels rough and unnatural (or the whole length does), cover it in cotton from your makeup remover kit or stuffing from your pillow. Proceed to tie that up with rubber bands or strips of tape. Then, neatly slip on your condom. This trick will help you turn anything from your marker pen to your cooking sticks into firm, yet gentle homemade dildos.

Any Tips Before I Grab Myself a Homemade Dildo?

Well, glad you asked.

There are three key things you need to consider. 

Your homemade dildo needs to be hygienic, it needs to be sturdy, and it should have enough length for grip.

Let’s Deal with Hygiene First.

Sex toys are regarded as novelty items by most certification bodies; hence, they are not standardized. However, there are materials considered medically safe for dildo manufacture, including stainless steel, borosilicate glass, medical-grade silicone, and lucite.

Each of these materials is easy to clean, non-porous, hence will not harbor bacteria, and is non-toxic. 

Your homemade dildo will be a little more difficult to ascertain that it’s clean enough for intrabody contact. BUT… it is not impossible to stay within the realm of hygiene. And we have Condoms to thank for this.

You can slip a new, unused condom over any of your homemade dildo choices and create a sheath that prevents bacteria from crossing into your vagina or anus. 

Follow the same level of care you would when slipping it onto a real penis to avoid tears. Ensure it rolls all the way down the insertable length of the makeshift dildo, and make sure it is firmly secured to prevent it from slipping off. 

Remember to buy the right fit. 

Grab some lube; lube is a friend.

Also, use a mild soap and warm water to clean the object of choice- facial and vaginal cleansers are better choices.

Is it Sturdy Enough?

You need a sturdy dildo improvisation. 


Have you heard of the tale of the girl who improvised with an ordinary laboratory test tube, only for the fragile glass to crumble at the pressure of her orgasming pelvic muscles?

Whether you’re going with a cucumber, hairbrush, cosmetic brush handle, or any of the other popular choices, you need it in firm condition.

Should the cucumber, for instance, break mid-thrust, you are looking at potential bruising of the tender vaginal lining, which is not only painful but could introduce bacteria and a host of infections. 

Plastics and wooden objects pose worse consequences since the cuts from shards and splinters would be more severe. So, be gentle- don’t get too carried away.

Go for more solid choices for anal penetration as the muscles grip tighter than the vaginal counterparts.

Oops, Did it Just get Swallowed?

Simply reading that gave me quite the shiver.

You need length, and you need a firm hand grip. 

Ladies, you know the panic that accompanies losing track of a tampon thread. Now, an eggplant, that’s a whole different story.

Store purchased dildos are good for many things, but most importantly is the broad base that keeps the whole thing from getting eaten up by your cavities.

Therefore, you need to be smart about how you use your homemade dildo. It might seem a little overkill, but why not tie a thread? The alternative is to get objects with more length than you need for pleasure. 

Again, use the lube sparingly since condoms come pre-lubricated. Ensure your hands aren’t too slippery either.

Are my Homemade Dildos Reusable?

It depends on what you choose.

If you went with a dildo from the produce section- that has been exposed to the warmth of your body, which hastens the withering process. Therefore, toss that out immediately.

Most of your other options are home essentials. Slip off the condom, fill a bowl with some warm water, grab some soap, and get to cleaning.

Dry your homemade dildo and place it back in its cage. If you’ll be needing it regularly, wrap it in a microfiber towel or a clean cloth and stash it in your drawer.

Also, it might be a little unfair to other members of your homestead to put back the toothpaste, so discard it or keep it for the next round.

Final Words

Sex should not be boring. Whether you’re playing alone or with a partner, you need to spruce things up a little bit every now and then. Browsing for stuffing to pad your homemade dildo could be the fun activity that reignites the youthful cheer in your relationship. And, what a reason to get excited about grocery shopping! It also saves you coins if you’re not after a long-term investment with a real one. So, go ahead and give it a try. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying some penetrative cheer with these brief but insightful tips.

Are Adult Cam Sites Right For You?

In recent years, more consumers have started looking for ways to enjoy themselves from home like watching Adult Cam Sites. Many couples are staying home and having fun by using the Internet. However, this is not the best option for everyone. Some people are looking for something else. It is vital to learn more about adult cam sites and the benefits they provide. Once you’ve educated yourself, you’ll know whether these sites are right for you. Should you begin signing up for these websites?

Most people can benefit from adult cam sites, but some people will prefer conventional videos. Below, you will find tips to determine whether these sites are right for you.

No Physical Interaction

First and foremost, you must remember that there will be no physical interaction. Ultimately, this normally isn’t a problem for some people. You’re still going to have a good time. However, you won’t be able to touch the woman. You’ll only get to see her on your computer screen. She can’t touch you and you can’t touch her. Nevertheless, these websites can provide hours and hours of fun. If you’re okay with not being able to touch her, you’ll like these websites.

Everything You Need

Do you have everything you need? Most people do, but it is a good idea to check anyway. For instance, you’re going to need a computer and Internet connection. You can also use these services on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve confirmed that you have what you need, you can begin using these websites. If you don’t have these items, you’ll need to get them or enjoy traditional dating.

Unique Fantasies?

Are you the type of person who has unique fantasies? You’re not alone. Many guys and girls have weird fantasies. Unfortunately, you’ll likely never get to experience your fantasy in person because your partner won’t have it. If this is something that bothers you, it might be a good idea to take advantage of these websites. These websites will give you the chance to fulfill your fantasy for the first time. Is this something you want to achieve? Sign up for a live cam sex site immediately.

Seeking A Safer Option

With the crime rate climbing across the world, people are worried about getting robbed when they go out. Is this something that concerns you? You’re not alone. A lot of people have stopped dating because they’re worried about getting robbed. They’re also concerned about getting STDs. Thankfully, there are good alternatively. All you have to do is begin taking advantage of cam websites. They’ll let you enjoy your favorite activities from the safety of your home. Stay home, have fun, and maintain your peace of mind.

You’re Nervous

If you’re nervous and bad with women, you need to improve. You should begin taking steps to talk to women and get more comfortable with them. If you try to do this in person, you’re likely going to be embarrassed. It could ruin your reputation in your city. You need to find a better solution. Using adult cam sites can help. When you use these sites, you’ll get to interact with beautiful women from the comfort of home. Therefore, it’ll give you a confidence boost. Keep at it and you’ll have no trouble chatting with women.

Right For You?

Are there sites right for you? They could be. They’re great for many people because they’re reliable, convenient, and safe. If you want to talk to beautiful women without any risks, it is a good idea to join one of these sites. Just remember that you will not be able to touch her. If you’re okay with that, these sites are good for you.

Why Do Escorts Who Change Locations Make More Money

Have you ever wondered why escorts in Melbourne who change locations make more money than other escorts who stay in one place? The answer is pretty simple, basically, clients love to experience a variety of different escorts, especially in capital cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

You Need to Change Locations to Make Consistent Money

So, if it’s the answer is that simple, then why does it seem that in most of the Sydney Escorts listed on this website seem to stay in one place and don’t change their location at all for long periods of time. Well, for several reasons, however, if you want to work as a professional escort and make lots of money on a regular and consistent basis, then you need to change your location and tour as many capital cities within Australia.

When You Are New to The Escort Industry

When you are new to the escort industry, it would be wise to spend your initial few months at least either in the same location or in surrounding areas until you find your groove. The first few months as an escort in a big and bustling city such as Sydney could be quite daunting, especially if you don’t have any existing friends who already work as an escort, that could potentially give you helpful and useful tips.

There Are Many Skills Escorts Need to Learn Before Touring

There are many skills that escorts in Melbourne need to learn before they start changing locations, especially if you decide to tour by yourself in fast-paced cities such as Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. First and foremost, new escorts to the sex industry need to learn how to stay safe, avoid burnout and stay healthy.

Learn Skills as An Escort First

Setting boundaries with clients, learning how to advertise properly and working out your target market are also other skills that new escorts in Melbourne will need to learn before they change locations and tour within Australia. Once you have mastered some of these skillsets, along with other important facets of the escort industry, then you will most probably be ready to dip your toe in the water and look at changing locations that are either nearby or at least within the same city.

Time to Change Location

Once you have mastered the art of becoming a professional escort, it will be time to move on to a new location. After 1-3 months in the same location, most escorts start to notice that they aren’t making as much money as they were when they first arrived at their current location. For some escorts, they can’t understand why they are currently not making as much money as they were when they first started in their existing location.

Clients Get Tired of Seeing the Same Escorts

As previously mentioned, the reason is very simple! Clients get tired of seeing the same escorts in their local area and are looking to see new escorts who are working in their local area. Many clients can’t be bothered travelling to the other side of the city just to see a different escort, this could be due to lack of transport, short on time after being at work all day, or in general, they are too lazy to travel to other areas.

Make Money Quickly by Changing Locations

All of these reasons and more are why your income may be dwindling in your current work location. So, the quickest and easiest way to make more money is to change your current location to another area within the city your live in or locate directly in the city Centre for a month or so before you move on again.

Start with Changing Locations Within a 20 min Travel Time

For those escorts who have permanent commitments in the city live in and don’t wish to leave that particular city or work too far away from where they live, you could try and change your work location within a 20-minute travel time.

Most Clients Live in The Suburbs

Many clients work within the city, however, they live in the suburbs and don’t feel like finding a car park to come and see you when they finish work. Other clients catch public transport and may not be able to reach you by foot quick enough, so they will quite often look for escorts who work in their local area, or are very close by.

New Clients Will Try Your Escort Services

You may be very surprised how changing your location within a 20- minute distance from where you were working previously, will help you to make more money. New clients that were unable to reach you previously are now able to try out your escort services. Quite often there can be too much competition in the city Centre of where you live, cities around Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne have hundreds of escorts working on any given day, therefore re-locating to built-up suburbs in your city may very well be the answer to creating more income.

Clients Will Come Back to See You Again in the Future

Once new clients have met you and you have formed a rapport with them, they will most probably come and see you quite a few times during the next month until they too will eventually look for new escorts to see.

Existing Clients May Travel to See You

The good news is that existing clients may even travel to see you at your new location if it’s not too far away and there is parking available that is either free or inexpensive.

Many escorts put their heart and soul into building up regular clients that will use their sex services regularly, those particular clients are never lost as they are usually more than happy to visit you at your new location, especially when it’s within a 30- minute travel distance.

Even Loyal Clients Will Try New Escorts

Even the most loyal clients will try a new escort from time to time, however, if you are extremely professional, look after your health and provide them with an excellent ongoing escort service, they will come back and see you again.

Changing Locations often Means New Clients

If you think about it logically, the more you move around, the higher the potential will be that you will get to book new clients. So, if you stay in one location for around one month or so, you will get to see as many new clients as possible in that local area. Built-up areas that have shopping Centres, restaurants and public transport are usually the better areas to select as they have a larger population, thus resulting in plenty of new clients.

Look for Quality Hotels

Try and look for local areas that have qualities hotels or motels that you can stay in, locations that are highly visible and easy to access. Many boutique style hotels have security panels that need to be accessed to enter the building, this will help you to stay safe and monitor which clients you wish to enter the building and access your room. Search for small hotels that offer security features such as cameras, keypads and quality accommodation. Once clients know that there are security cameras and keypads on-site, they will be less likely to try anything that may put you in harms way.

Accumulate New Clients by Moving Location Often

Accumulating new clients by moving locations often is the easiest way to add new clients to your regular client list. Changing new locations often means that collectively you will see new clients that love your escort services, therefore each and every time you move location you will accumulate many more clients as opposed to staying in one place and stagnating.

Stay in Different Locations Every Month

If you stay in a different location every month, you would have covered 12 locations in one single year. That means you would have an abundance of new clients who have tried your escorts services, or who have at least enquired for the next time you are in their local area. Remember, even your most faithful and regular clients will seek to find new escorts, so before they start looking for new escorts, it’s best to move on.

By the time you swing back around to their local area, they will be ready and waiting to use your escort services again, so it’s important to mix things up and keep things fresh and interesting by simply changing your location.

Try Locating to Your Local City Centre

Many escorts in Australia prefer to work in capital cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Escorts who prefer to work in city Centres quite often like to position themselves in busy areas that are located near well-known hotels and tourist attractions.

City Centres Are Bustling with Potential Clients

City Centres are usually always highly populated and bustling with potential clients that are coming and going all the time, thus making city Centre an ideal place to offer your escort services from. There are many 5-star hotels that offer invaluable security measures in city Centres, so when you choose locations to offer your escort services from, make sure they are highly visible, easy to locate and have security measures in place for your safety.

Know Your Type of Customer

In city Centres you will probably see various types of clients, some of these may include some locals, businessmen who work in the city and tourists. You may find that your turnover will be higher in city Centres, however, you may not see as many regular clients as you would in the suburbs of your local city.

Clients in Large Cities Tend to Come and Go

Clients in cities tend to come and go as they quite often move around following their work requirements. Other potential clients are simply on holidays and are only visiting for short periods of time. Any potential local clients who live within the city Centre on a permanent basis may come and see you from time to time, however, they are most likely to see other escorts as well.

Which Locations Work Best for You

After a while you will be able to work out which locations work best for you, so once you have ascertained which areas yield you more money, try and frequent them more often, however you should always be open to trying out new locations that you have never considered before, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Checkout Your Competition

By checking your competition, you will be able to arm yourself with the knowledge that will also help you to make more money. Knowing what other escorts in Melbourne are offering and how much they are charging for their services is extremely important, you don’t want to be in direct completion with many other escorts who are offering the same thing for the less expensive rates.

Offer More – Be Different

If you are looking to increase your earning capacity, then it’s highly advisable to either offer more, be different from the rest, or both! If you are going to invest time and money into being a successful and professional escort, then you may as well give it all that you have!

Offering a little bit more than other escorts who are currently working in the area, will most probably be highly appreciated by clients who will come and visit you for your escort services.

You Don’t Need to Be Cheaper

You don’t necessarily need to be cheaper than the other escorts, however, you could perhaps offer any extra 10 minutes for the same price. Why not include a small service that requires very little effort, e.g. you could include sex costumes, sex toys or even wear stunning lingerie, high heels and sexy stockings as part of your escort services.

Think Outside the Box

There are many ways to increase your income as an escort, moving locations is just one of them. If you feel that you are not receiving enough enquiries and bookings, then you have to think outside the box, it’s that simple!

Clients are only going to come and see you if you give them a reason to, with so much competition out there these days, you have to stand out from the rest, so make sure you do as much homework as possible before you go ahead and invest your time and money into being an escort, if your smart and think outside the box, you could potentially make very good money!

Best of Luck!