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Here is a list of the different ways you can enter the competition!

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Who can enter the competition?

You must be over 18 years of age to enter. The competition is open to people worldwide.

When does the competition close?

Entries close the 25th of June 2018 and the draw will be conducted on the 26th of June 2018.  The winner will be contacted via email to arrange delivery.

Why choose SuperSlyde a silicone based personal lubricant

There are many reasons why SuperSlyde is one of Adultsmart’s bestselling silicone personal lubricants. Using the right lubricant is like using the right equipment and technique. When all of these things combine they can create amazing sexual chemistry. SuperSlyde is a product that can be bought and each drop can make the difference to having “just okay sex” to having an unbelievable experience that you may just remember for the rest of your life.

You are probably asking how can just one personal lubricant make all this happen. Let’s start off by explaining the benefits of silicone based lubricants. Silicone based lubrcants are often chosen as the best lubricant to use during foreplay and sex this is because silicone based lubricants:

  • Are smooth, slippery and silky to the touch. This texture allows the lubricant to form a layer on top of the skin. When someone touches the body part that it is applied to it effortlessly glides.
  • Do not dry as quickly as water based lubricants. Water based lubricant dries very quickly meaning that people have to constantly reapply to achieve the desired result. Since silicone lubricant lasts longer people end up saving money and time in the long run as they are using less product.
  • Do not irritate the skin so it is a good product to choose for a person who has sensitive skin.
  • Do not get sticky after using it for some time.
  • Can be used to massage the body.
  • Can be used as a moisturiser.
  • Can be used in the shower or bath. Silicone based lubricants stay on in the shower and do not run off because of the water.
  • Are latex safe.
  • Doesn’t contain glycerine.
  • Doesn’t promote yeast and other vaginal infections.

About SuperSlyde Personal Silicone Lubricant

The truth is:

“Not all silicone lubes are created equal”

Silicone based lubricants like all other products are made with different ingredients. The use of different ingredients in different amounts can cause both subtle and significant changes in the product. SuperSlyde went through different development stages with an aim to create a great product which was better than “just good”. They wanted SuperSlyde to be the best of the best. The process took well over 18 months to test various different formulas until they were able to choose just 1 winning formulation which was made in Singapore with a GMP certified manufacturing process. The GMP manufacturing process is followed to the higheset of standards giving people the assurance of quality and safety needed to use it as a sexual wellness product.

Sex friendly silicone lubricant
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The winning formulation was chosen based upon the results concluded from lab testing and actual usage. They had found that the consistency of SuperSlyde meant that a person only needed to use a couple of drops for a full application. SuperSlyde packaging is designed to be easy to use with a unique one-hand/no-drip dispenser. Since SuperSlyde is manufactured and marketed in-house they are able to pass on the savings onto you. It is one of the worlds most luxurious and high-end silicone personal lubricants available. It can freely be bought in sex toy shops and adult lifestyle centres.

Since SuperSlyde has been made available it has received many awards! They are well known for winning the 2013 Eros Shine Award for Best Lotion & Potion in Australia. They have been acknowledged as one of Singapore’s top 65 local brands and just this year SuperSlyde has been nominated twice for the adult industry best lubricant award at 2018 XBIZ Award and the 2018 AVN ‘O’ Award.

Be sure to enter the competition! This could be your chance to try a bestselling product that the world has been raving about. Post a comment on this article, like Adultsmart on Instagram or subscribe to Adultsmart’s newsletter for your chance to win!

For more information about this amazing, award winning and bestselling silicone based personal lubricant, be sure to read Adultsmart’s exclusive interview with Abra Lee the CEO and founder of SuperSlyde.

5 Effortless Secrets To Reignite Sexual Chemistry

Sexual attraction

No matter what people may say, being sexually attracted to your partner is equally as important as being in love and having those kinds of emotions for him. Sexual chemistry really matters a lot in a loving relationship, but if you aren’t really sure how to create it, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are five useful tips on how to get it done, so check them out and enjoy!

Imagine that he’s really hard to get

The first and one of the best ways to create sexual chemistry with your partner is imagining that he’s hard to get, as the power of a perceived obstacle can be stronger than you think. If you’re wondering why that is, you should check out a formula designed by Jack Morin, a famous sex therapist, which goes like this: A + PO = E. A stands for attraction, PO for perceived obstacle, and E for excitement, so if you really like that guy and he’s just too nice, you should imagine something standing between the two of you. You can always find out when he’s taking a business trip or hanging out with his buddies, so that you know that you can’t be with him then. Everyone knows that people always want exactly what they can’t have, which will undoubtedly spice up your sex life and lead to mind-blowing sex later on.

Remove any obstacles when it comes to sex

In case you weren’t aware, nothing can decrease your sexual desire more than dealing with an unresolved sexual block that’s highly likely to bog you down. This often happens when people have some kind of traumatic sexual experience, heightened performance anxiety, or when they grow up in a family or community where sex is considered dirty and sinful. Of course, you can’t have a high libido with unresolved sexual blocks, which is why you should do your best to deal with anything that bothers you. Working with a sex therapist or a specialized coach is a good first step, and even your partner can help you out if you trust him enough to share your fears with him.

Make fantasies work in your favour

A lot of ladies these days are dating good guys, but are actually turned on by bad ones, which is definitely one of the most common sexual fantasies among women from all across the globe. Needless to say, mental attraction is what sometimes matters much more than physical attraction, but your fantasies are just your thing, so try your best to make them work in your favour. Depending on how open you are with your partner, you could share your sexual fantasies and let him share his, too. You never know what’s in his head until you hear him uttering it, and you know what? Even the nicest guys can have the dirtiest fantasies, so be sure to know what he’s into and you might end up surprised!

Sexual chemistry
Image: Sexual attraction

Add some aroma to spice things up

Even though finding that crazy sexual formula may not be the easiest task to accomplish, the fact is that you can do it with the help of your sense of smell. As simple as that! So, if you want to create chemistry that will last for a long time, you definitely have to find out what your (and his) favourite aromas are. You can always set the scene with your favourite perfume or flowers, so that you get seduced more easily and create mind-blowing sexual chemistry with your partner. The same goes for fragrances and even foods he likes, so find out what those are and you’ll see instant improvement. Besides that, you can also opt for different sex pheromone products which will surely help you achieve what you want!

Experiment with different locations

Last but not least, experimenting with different locations will undoubtedly spice up your sex life and help you create that sexual chemistry or take it to a whole new level. If fooling around at your place doesn’t do the trick for you, then try out something else and do it at his apartment to see if the outcome is any better. The change of scenery can be quite beneficial, but if you want to experiment even more, you should definitely go for something new. Public places like movie theatres, bars, and nightclubs are at the top of many people’s must-have-sex-at list, so don’t be scared to test them out and you’ll see how beneficial that adrenaline rush can actually be.

As you can see, there are a lot of fabulous ways to create sexual chemistry with your partner and spice up your sex life. All you have to do is to stick to our tips and tricks, as that’s one of the best ways to accomplish your goals and have amazing sex on a daily basis. If you’re up for that, you know what you should do!

Author: Peter is a sex columnist for HighStyleLife magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

Freak In The Sheets, A Lady In The Streets

Sexual woman

Men want the type of girl that is marriage worthy, the kind that they can take home to their parents and their parents will instantly love. They want a kind of girl who is sexy just for them, a freak in bed but not someone who advertises it to the whole world. They want a bit of mystery associated to their woman, they don’t want the rest of the world to know how hard you like it in the bedroom or the kinks you’re into how wild you like it or even how frequent! Men are jealous greedy souls and they want this all for themselves, but can you blame them?

Vintage pinup model
Image: Vintage pinup

Some might say this is unfair, and you know what it probably is but that’s your choice of how you want to hold yourself, flaunt if you want to but personally I prefer the more mysterious side. Think about it…. Your man might love to brag about you to his mates, your man might want to boast while the rest complain about their woman, but what he does want is for you to be sexy but not so sexy that his friends ogle you and there is nothing left to the imagination, he wants others to appreciate your beauty and find you desirable but know that is only the surface of your sex appeal.

Sexy lingerie for him
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Of course, he secretly likes the fact his mates think you are sexy, but he doesn’t want to hear every detail of what they are thinking, and he doesn’t want to advertise it so much that his friends feel the need to comment about it all the time or in front of you. We as women love when other women find our man attractive, but there is a significant difference between smouldering appearance and flopping it out.

Those kinky mysteries are what your man wants, but he wants them to remain mysteries to everyone except him. He wants a freak in the streets and a lady on the street. A woman who knows when to cover up and when to show it off.

Private sexual expression
Image: Sexual expression

Tips for how to be the mysterious and desirable lady who gets freaky only for their man. A women who oozes sex appeal and makes other men look twice when they pass you but for all the right reasons.


Show just enough skin to show you are proud of your body but not too much where there is nothing left to the imagination.

Polite in the streets

A lady who knows when to amp up the dirty talk and can tell you exactly what she wants in the bedroom but knows how to curve her tongue when talking in public. Be careful what you wish for.

She giggles but be careful with what comes next

A lady who can giggle, covers her mouth and blushes like an innocent school girl, but out of nowhere can make the dirtiest comment or joke. She’s got two sides a devil and an angel.

She knows how to take a compliment but never lets a guy take it too far

She can politely brush off an abrupt guy in the street or a wolf whistle, she doesn’t use that as an excuse to tell the guy to “f**K Off”. She knows the difference between a harmless comment and straight up harassment. But when a guy does disrespect her she has no problem with telling him where to go.

She’s the type of women other guys will lust over, but her eyes are just for her man

Being with a woman like this means you need to have trust and confidence in your women, you have to understand that guys will check her out, but she won’t notice because her eyes are all on you.

Cute and sexy she will have the perfect combination of both

Divine powers like these are only bestowed upon women like this, ones who know when to be sexy and when to be cute. She has those innocent eyes but when you take a second look you’re instantly turned on.

Her wardrobe is high class sexy and classy but with all the innocents… underneath though is high sass and no one but you will ever know

Time is always taken to make sure she maintains a certain look about her, attention to makeup hair and her outfit always flawlessly match, but underneath all that is colour matching lingerie, lace and sexiness are oozing out waiting for her man to take off the surface layer. She’s definitely got a knack for kink, think less vanilla and more chocolate swirl with popping candy you’ll never know what’s coming next. Wearing the right lingerie can make you irresistible.

She likes tradition, but she is also unconventional

She is a sucker for all things traditional, nothing makes her happier than her friends and family. The feeling of togetherness is very important to her, but this doesn’t mean she is boring, she is free thinking and independent, speaks her mind even if it’s against popular opinion.

She takes care of your needs in life she is attentive and caring, but she gives you all your wants in the bedroom

Day to day she looks after what’s best for you, she will take care of you when you’re sick, and always thinks of both of you when it comes to choices in life. But when it comes to the bedroom your wants become your needs.

But all this is a two-way street, you can’t have a lady in the streets when your man isn’t the same way

A lady always know that this is a give and take world, she is patient loving and kind and always gives things a chance. Don’t get me wrong it will take a lot to push a woman like this away but when you do you will never ever see her again not on the streets or anywhere else.

No one wants a lady 24/7, that’s way too dull and boring, a woman who can seamlessly switch between the lady and the freak in such a fluid motion is a desirable attribute. This kind of life is a balance and in so many ways it sucks that women are expected to act a certain way and be a certain way, which is why the only way this works is if this is what you want to be. Two parts lady and two parts sexual dynamite, we walk a thin line that showcases your respect and love for your body, but with that hint of sexiness enough to not show neediness or thirst but enough the give an impeding allure about you.

No matter what anyone tells you men want a freak in the sheets and a lady on the streets.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Sexual Personality Test – What’s Your Flavour?

Licking ice-cream

Something a little sweet and a little naughty and a little creamy, what comes to mind first?

Obviously, it’s ICECREAM!

We all know the saying, “I scream you scream we all scream for ICECREAM!”

But maybe they weren’t screaming for that creamy icy desert we all love, maybe they were screaming for something else a little naughty. “Wink wink”

If you’re anything like me you love ice-cream, and it doesn’t matter what flavour is your preference the more the better! Ice-cream is delish, sultry, and luscious, and that icy tingle at the end isn’t a bad thing. Apparently, the kind of ice-cream you like says a lot about your sexual personality, who knew?

Deep throating an ice-cream
Image: Ice-cream personality test

So, in the name of ice-cream can you name your flavour?


Let’s start with a flavour that has stood the test of time, you know what you like, and you stick with it. You know what works well for both of you and your sex life has a routine.

Rocky road

It’s adventurous, anywhere, everywhere, a real freak in the sheets, you love to spice things up and you are never afraid to experiment.


You have to try everything at least once don’t you? Swapping changing positions keeps you and your partner on their toes.


Your more shy and submissive then you take control, having your partner take the reins is more your flavour. You’re innocent and comfortable with being told what to do.

Mint choc chip

You are a giver and a taker, in bed you complement each other and know what each other needs and wants are. You never disappoint.

Cookie dough

You always have fun in bed, you laugh, giggle, tease and are silly together. You know how to always have a good time. You definitely give each other a high five after climaxing.


Sex gives you this natural high, like you are on top of the world. You’re always up for a session in bed and you get a real buzz from getting each other off. You have a lot of energy and you are down to get a little flavoursome in places where you could get caught to give you a little extra buzz.

Chocolate fudge

Did someone say experimentation? Food, positions, places, anything that is lickable you will try it. The messier the better. Any excuse to take your sex session to the shower afterwards.


Your intimate and sexy, you’re the perfect kind of adventurous and you don’t mind speaking when you know what you like!

Clotted cream

Bedroom essentials are what you invest heavily in, sex toys have no price limit for you. You love indulging in high-end and luxury sex toys. As for those expensive lubes and lingerie, you never limit the toppings. You enjoy the finer things in life.

Peanut butter

There is a bit of bite to your bedroom activities. Nibbling every inch of your partners body is a regular occurrence because you know it excites them and vice versa.

Butter pecan

It’s all about comfort and cuddling after, you tend to steer clear of getting wild, but nothing beats that cuddle session at the end.


Do you even know what you want? It’s so confusing! But hey you go with the flow and make up your own rules.

Ben & jerry’s “everything but the…”

When your sex life needs a spice up what do you go for? Well EVERYTHING dahh, crazy adventurous, mind blowing, new positions, new locations, new toys, new lingerie, a new orifice… where are you putting that ice-cream next.

Dark chocolate

If sex were emotions it would run deep. It’s comforting, it’s slow, it’s tender, it’s heartfelt, it’s that kind of sex where you’re on a whole new level emotion wise and it leaves that taste in your mouth.

Just remember vanilla sex is whatever is your normal flavour, sometimes it is boring and blah and other times it’s your couples flavour and whatever your go to is. Maybe you enjoy putting flavour toppings onto your usual creamy delight there is no normal when it comes in ice cream just your own flavour.

How many scoops will you be having in your bowl?

Or do you have your own flavour creation?

Get mixing today.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

A-Z Beginner’s Guide For Electrifying Electro Sex

Electro sex

You have probably heard of the buzz that surrounds electro sex. Well, if you have been thinking of exploring the kinky side of electro sex, and have no idea on where to start, our electro sex guide lays all the essentials that you need to know. This guide has all the answers to those important questions you have regarding electro sex and will keep you safe as you embark on your new and exciting adventure.

Whether you are looking to boost your sex life or intensify your BDSM fun, electro sex is a sure way to get sparks flying once you get started.

What is Electro Sex?

Electro sex is the process of stimulating your genitals for sexual pleasure. Just as the name suggests, electro sex uses electrical sex toys that trigger electrical impulses, which in turn cause a sensual or painful sensation. These sensations are responsible for an electrifying sexual experience which may lead to an orgasm.

How Electro Sex Works!

70% of the human body comprises of water. And as we know from the basics of physics, water is a good electrical conductor. When electrical stimulants are placed on an erogenous zones, the “water” in your body transmits these electrical impulses leading to mild to teasing to breathtakingly thrilling sensations.

How to do Electro Sex and How it Feels

Electro sex employs electro sex toys, which delivers varying electrical pulses ranging from a mild tickle to a definite tingle.  On the lowest level, the electro sex toy delivers a barely noticeable tingle on the body, which is akin to a feather brushed lightly over the body, which as you can imagine, delivers a sensual and erotic feeling. This feeling is not only a tantalizing component of sexual foreplay between couples but can be enjoyed during sex too. On the higher side, the impulse interacts with the muscles below the skin, this type of stimulation is usually favored by those who prefer dominant or submissive sex play.

Safety Aspect of Electro Sex

It’s essential that you practice safe sex when using an electro sex toy. If you want your heart to be skipping beats for the right reasons, here are some safety basics you need to know:

  • Avoid this sexual stimulation if you are pregnant, epileptic, or suffering from a heart disease
  • Always keep electrode placements below the waist to avoid interfering with the heart
  • Steer away from using your toys around water
  • Do not use the electrodes if you have metal pins, plates or screws in your body

The A-Z Electro Sex Dictionary

Enough with the basics and safety procedures, let us look at some of the common terms that you are likely to come across when selecting the right electro sex toy kit.

HFO (Hands Free Orgasm)

Just as the term suggests, HFO is an orgasm that is achieved without the need of touching your genitals. Contrary to masturbation, HFO is a type of orgasm that is achieved without the need of stimulating your genitals using your hands.

Power Box

The power box is the brain or rather the epicenter of an electro sex toy. It controls the whole unit, including the patterns, speed, and power level. The power box can be powered either by batteries or by a direct connection to a power outlet.

Electro sex toy Controller
Image: Electric Shock Sex Controller

Lead Wire

The lead wire acts as the link between the power box and the electrodes. It connects to the power box with a jack plug like those found in earphones. In addition to connecting the power box and electrode, it also transmits electrical pulses from the power box to the electrodes.


The electrode is the section that gets into contact with the body to generate electrical sensations. Electrodes are available in a plethora of styles including insertables, sticky pads, contact electrodes, and clamps. Aside from classifying the electrodes according to their style, they can also be classified depending on their connection to the body and the lead wire. When classified using the latter, electrodes are manifested in four ways, which include:

Mono-polar/Uni-polar Electrode

This type of electrode has a single connection or rather one connection port. Therefore, if you are to use this type of electrode, you will need two electrodes connected to the lead wire and in contact with the body. The two electrodes will allow a complete electrical circuit, allowing electrical impulses to flow from one electrode to the other.

Bi-polar Electrode

The bi-polar electrodes are self-sustained electrodes since they have two connection ports that complete the circuit. However, to feel a sensation, both electrodes must be in contact with the body and connected to the same lead wire.

Tri-polar electrode

If you`re looking for versatility and an added oomph to your sexual play, the tri-polar electrode is the perfect unit. The triple connection on this unit, allows the current to leap from one position to the other, allowing a person experience stimulation in different areas of their erotic regions.

Quadri-polar Electrode

This type of electrode has four connection points and doubles up as a bi-polar electrode. With this connection type, you can either connect all the four posts in the circuit or use a single bi-polar channel.


For power boxes with multiple output channels, a tri-phase cable is used to create a 3-dimensional experience. With a tri-phase, you can connect a bi-polar electrode to a single mono-polar electrode to allow current to pass on all three regions.

Electro sex toy tri-phase cable
Image: Tri-phase Cable


The channel of the power box refers to the entry point of the lead wire into the power box. Depending on the number of sockets, a power box can be single-channel, dual-channel or multi-channel.


Output refers to the ability to control an individual channel. For instance, a dual output means that each channel on the power box can be used and controlled independently, allowing you to use two different controls on a single person.

Completing the Circuit

Completing the circuit means giving the circuit a path to follow. For instance, a complete bi-polar circuit means that both electrodes must be in contact with the skin, allowing current to move from one electrode to the other through the skin which creates a complete circuit.


For the improved conductivity of electrodes, a water-based lubricant is used. The electrogel not only improves conductivity but also provides a heightened sensation during stimulation.

Violet Wands

An electro sex toy used on the anterior of the body, it creates a sexual sensation, not by contact but rather an electrical current jumping a gap between the skin and the electrode.

Electro sex toy Violet Wand
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Electro sex is both fun and rewarding and can be a super addition to add to your sexual repertoire if you know how to handle your tools. We hope that the above guide has helped you in understanding the essentials of electro sex.