How to Find a Good Sex Shop or Adult Store in Phoenix?

phoenix sex shop

Phoenix is one of those cities in America that is known for its sunshine. From beautiful scenic escapes to the hip side of the town, this city has it all. But, what about sex shops in Phoenix? Are there any available?


To clear your doubt, yes, there are several adult stores available in Phoenix. You need to know the right places to be in. From the store’s location to the overall credibility of it based on user reviews, you need to keep a check on several factors.


Randomly visiting a sex shop is never the answer, especially if you want reliable products that are safe for use. Start by checking out this list of the best sex shops in Phoenix on Maxiwand.

Checklist Before Finding the Best Adult Store in Phoenix


Before you randomly scroll through your search engine results, trying to find the best sex shop around you in Phoenix, here are a few factors that can help you find the best one.


Relying on Word of Mouth Marketing 


Now, this is where you need to start. It is true that talking about sex toys and just sex, in general, is quite awkward for some people. But, if you want to source the best store for your sex toys in Phoenix, you need to rely on people around you.


Start with your friends and ask them about the possibility of them knowing a few right places. It can start a bit confusing at first, but if your friends have been to one in the vicinity, they can guide you accordingly.


There is nothing wrong with discussing sex toys and self-pleasure. The more you discuss it, the easier it becomes for you to find the good stores around you..

Trust the Search Engine


In a world where everyone is online, looking for the best sex shop in Phoenix should be done online. Since you are not the only one searching for the same, you will likely find resources for good adult stores online.


Once you have a list of Phoenix’s best stores, you can shortlist the one best suited to your likings.

Explore More Sex Shops in Phoenix!


It is likely the most convenient way of finding the best one in Phoenix. Once you have picked out a few of the best ones based on user reviews and the address proximity from your house, you need to take your car out and explore.


Just being reliant on one adult store and visiting it won’t let you compare. But, visiting multiple stores and checking out their products and toys helps you compare which one of the lot is the best.


This way, you know which one to return to, once you explore more of your kinks and fetishes. So, instead of sticking to a single shop, visit multiple ones around the city.




Uncovering the best adult toy store in Phoenix is not that complicated. Yes, likely, stores’ availability might not be abundant, but there are quite a few around that could suffice all your sexual needs and fantasies. It would help if you found a store that offers the best to you.

What Not to Expect When You’re Expecting Private Escorts


Take note! Chances are, if any of these happen to you- you’ve booked a circus performer, not an escort.

Much like women, cars, and icy poles flavors- not all escort experiences are created equally. That means that when trying to answer the question “What should I expect from private escorts” it’s often easier to say what one shouldn’t expect. This is largely because each professional escort has a different way of handling her business, different preferences when it comes to gifts and tips, and altogether a different personality and style. Which is most of what makes escorts so incredibly wonderful- is that there is enough variety within their profession, it’s next to impossible not to find the perfect fit.


Private escorts offer a tailor fit experience like no other. Largely depending on your know-how, penchant for going bold, and understanding of your personal sexuality, professional escorts are equipped with the skills required to give you exactly what you’re looking for- no muss, no fuss. But there are definitely a few things that you shouldn’t expect to encounter when booking with a pro. Our friends at Naughty Ads, a top escort directory, tell us the top 7 things you should never expect to experience with a good escort.

Bad Reviews

Yes, bad reviews happen. Yes, bad escort experiences happen. But if you book an escort that has a ton of bad reviews… well, that one is kind of on you. You also shouldn’t be banking on having a bad experience. Even more than sex, escorts are trained, and really good, at making people happy. From genial conversation, to just having a really great time around town. Some give killer massages; others are deft with a paddle. Whatever it is you’re into, whatever it is that puts that sparkle in your eye- there’s an escort for that. Which is why it’s important to check out review forums and directories before you book- this way you’ll never have to give a bad review yourself.

Unclear Expectations

Another thing you should never expect with any private escorts dealings is unclear communication of expectations. Each and every escort worth their salt has what’s considered a “menu”, a little list of all the wonderful services they offer. Most times, there is also contact information so that you can have a little chat with your new found friend before you end up shelling out hundreds of dollars. If what you’re looking for isn’t explicitly listed on the menu, then it’s usually considered reasonable that you contact your possible date and ask them how they feel about meeting your particular needs. Oftentimes escorts will happily discuss anything you’ll need to know about your upcoming booking- not just where to meet, but what to wear, what they should wear, what you’re looking for, what they provide. Not exactly a script (unless you’re into that sort of thing) but definitely a well-defined plan.

Changes in Price

Just like expectations, prices should be firmly agreed upon before your meetup. While there are instances in which prices can change mid-meeting… say you get the random urge to throw in some rain gear- that’ll probably cost extra. With some escorts, you can negotiate whim satisfaction, or an extended booking, but it’s not guaranteed to happen. Generally, if you want more time, or a different kind of fun with your escort, you’re going to need to rebook. Agreed upon prices shouldn’t change if the agreed upon services haven’t. So, you should never expect to pay more than you both discussed, and you’ll always expect to pay upfront. So, unless you’re tacking on a tip for a job well done, the agreed upon initial price, is the only price you should be paying.


Escorting is a business. Whether your date is agency affiliated or one of the many amazing private escorts- they should still conduct themselves professionally. Which means that time is money, and you’ve paid for theirs. An escort should never be late to a booking. Ever. Frankly- neither should a client, but hey- it’s your time and your money, you can waste it anyway you see fit. Generally, if an escort is late for whatever reason, they will let their client know as soon as physically possible and the two will decide the best way forward, whether it’s a reschedule or a refund. Life happens, stuff gets in the way, but these issues should always be dealt with in the most efficient and professional way possible.

Unclean or Unkempt Companion

Escorts- and absolutely their clients- should always always be clean and well kept. Never assuming it’s okay to show up to a booking looking like a disheveled mess. Clients and escorts both should shower prior to any bedroom activities happening, but more than that, they should show up to their date showered and fresh as a daisy. Any professional escort that is worth their price will be dressed to suit your occasion, showered, shaved, primped, primed, and in perfect condition. In fact, a huge portion of the high-class private escort’s professional life is dedicated to a beauty and hygiene routine. They literally spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars keeping themselves in pristine condition, the least you can do is wear a nice shirt.

ARCWAVE Ion is here: What is it?

ion arcwave

It seems like just this week we were discussing the impending release of WOW Tech’s (We-Vibe, Womanizer, Pjur) newest brand line, ARCWAVE. What’s that? It was this week? Time flies when you’re waiting on new sex toys! As I was browsing the interwebs hoping to find different information about the impending release of anything ARCWAVE, I decided to check out their website once again. A new layout, an inverted colour scheme, and something called the Ion were staring me down. New stuff! Let’s discuss!


Wait, what happened?

So, we’ve got the first release. The Ion, seemingly the first of a few new toys, is not your average masturbator. Before we discuss what it is, let’s talk about what it isn’t. In my previous article, ARCWAVE – Why You Should Be Excited, we had a few hopes and dreams for this line. What the Ion reveals is that I was off with a few things, but on with a few. The Ion doesn’t seem to support any sort of phone connectivity, which was something I assumed would be standard on this new line. I’ll be totally honest, this caught me off guard; why would you take a step backwards? The entire current We-Vibe line, barring 2 toys, are compatible with the WeConnect app. While Womanizer toys aren’t compatible with any sort of app, this often comes off as a weakness; more and more couples are desiring that internet-interconnectivity, and for ARCWAVE to skip out on it seems like a mistake. However, there might be more to this toy, as although accessories are available for purchase, the toy is not. Are there more updates coming? Assuming there are more toys on their way, it only seems right! Considering we saw app connectivity in the trailer (we broke-down the trailer in that article I linked earlier), it might just be a feature we haven’t seen yet. 


So what IS the Ion?

Think the ever famous Womanizer Premium for PH’s! (Just read the damn article). The joys of sharing a parent company with Womanizer means you can use their amazing technology for anything! Touting PleasureAir Technology right on the frenulum (or banjo string, if you prefer), the Ion focuses it’s faux-vibrations on “The Right Nerve Every Time” and says the impending orgasm will be “The Closest Thing to a Female Orgasm for Men”. While I would be hard pressed to explain the toy better than ARCWAVE can (check out their website here), it seems I was off base in assuming these toys would be the We-Vibe equivalent for men. These toys are going to be more like the Womanizer line, and for that, I am VERY excited.


The toy draws a few similarities to some other toys in the “Guybrator” market. First off, just as I mentioned in my original article, the JETT by Hot Octopuss has definitely been looked at, but for this toy, it’s for different reasons. The JETT focuses on the frenulum, just as the Ion does. I originally assumed the sonic capabilities of the JETT were being explored, and while that hasn’t been ruled out, this toy plays with the frenulum. Keep your eyes peeled for those sonic sensations, though! The other thing the Ion reminds me of is the Cobra Libre from Fun Factory. Advertised as a penis head toy, this “Guybrator” is not meant to be thrust into while being used, similar to the Ion. Using vibrations as opposed to the PleasureAir tech, it’s not a spitting image, but they’re pretty similar in a few ways. They’re both waterproof, they’re both static use toys, and they’re both pretty freakin awesome. 


What impresses me most?

I’ll go on record in saying that a major selling point for the We-Vibe Chorus is the discreet charging/travel case. The stunning charging case the Ion touts is going to be a major factor in destigmatising the sex toys for male use. It’s sleek, sexy, subtle, and could be mistaken for a luxury car part. They clearly talked with their target audience here, and props to WOW Tech for listening. The concept of the case isn’t the only impressive part about it, either. It features a “DryTech” stick to wick away any moisture that would remain after cleaning. Utilising silica gel (those little DO NOT EAT beads you get in bags & boxes) to keep things dry, and a ventilated lid to keep things fresh, means your toy, cleaning pertaining, is going to stay fresher for longer. There’s also seemingly some pretty impressive silicone based technology going on, but I’ll leave you to discover that on the beautiful ARCWAVE website yourself.


Final Thoughts

I know it’s just the first toy of the line, but I’m super excited. The innovation we’ve already seen with the Ion will hopefully just be expanded upon with upcoming toys. I’ll be sure to continue with the updates as each new toy comes out, so expect further updates right here on! Hopefully we’ll have these toys in store soon, so also swing by Oh!Zone Adult Stores in Caringbah & Penrith to see if they’ve made their landing in Australia. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for more ARCWAVE updates, and stay keen for the men’s toy revolution!


Oral Sex Technique Guaranteed To Make a Woman Orgasm Every Time

erection guide

When I was a young adult first starting out having sex on a regular basis, I had no idea how to make a woman orgasm.

I had heard about the clitoris, but had no idea where it was located, or its importance for a woman’s orgasm. This lead to a pretty bad sex life, at least from a self-esteem perspective… and a couple of failed relationships.

However, after being fed up with the bad sex and results it was leading to in love life, I took the time to learn what was necessary to satisfy women in bed, orally and otherwise.

Among several other areas I needed to improve my sex life as a man, I purchased a pile of books specifically on the female orgasm — including oral sex books, books with penetrative techniques, Taoist sex methods and more.

One of the first ways I learned to make a woman orgasm was an oral sex technique which, while simple, was a godsend for me, and would be for other men if they struggle in the area as well.

Use This Oral Sex Technique To Bring Women To Orgasm On Demand

Bring your girlfriend / wife to orgasm on demand with this technique (well… with a few minutes of warming up and work), and you’ll have a happy partner every time. 

I learned several other techniques to make women orgasm since then — via penetration, orally or manually — but this is an excellent starting move to get down to ensure she’s at least had an orgasm during sex.

Get Her Warmed Up… So the Clit is Hot to the Touch Once You Touchdown

Make sure to circle all her erogenous zones without touching them directly during foreplay, for some time. Tease her, get her hot and begging for some direct stimulation. Lick around her nipples without touching them directly, same with her clit.

Then after a bit of teasing, stimulate the nipples directly, work your way down to her clitoris, and begin some stimulation to her clitoris with your tongue.

Forget Reciting the ABC’s With Your Tongue; That Doesn’t Work. Repeat The Same Stroke to Help Take Her Closer to Orgasm 

The tongue stroke that always works best for me is repeated long strokes from bottom of tongue, where the tongue is wider, stroke all the way up to the tip of the tongue, and then a light snap on the clit with the tongue. 

It doesn’t need to be any one precise motion, such as this, but something along these lines I’ve found works best for me. However, the bottom line — if you hear her moans, and she’s grabbing your head, hips rising off the bed, you know you’re hitting the right tongue stroke, so keep that up.

The whole idea of reciting the alphabet with your tongue must have started out of a joke, but I’ve seen it seriously advised in some places… there is no worse idea than this. Imagine a woman changing the type of stimulation she provides to your penis on each “stroke”. It will take you a lifetime to reach orgasm.

Once That Pelvis Begins Rising Off the Bed, You’re On The Right Track – Introduce The Killer Finger Motion

When you’re licking her correctly, after some time, she’ll begin raising her pelvis off the bed, and into your face. She may begin gyrating. You’re on the right track.

At this point in time, introduce two fingers — your index and middle fingers — into her vagina, while keeping up the oral stimulation on her clit. DO NOT change what you’ve been doing on her clit.

With these two fingers, you want to rub against her upper vaginal wall (her g-spot area) in a “come here” motion. Keep those two fingers “coming here”… and she’ll be “c*mming here” in no time.

Continue On and Soldier Through to Her Orgasm

Now, your neck muscles and tongue may begin to ache when first starting out giving cunnilingus, but keep it up. They’ll get used to it.

You want to keep the clitoral stimulation up, and the manual as well. Hit her hot spots from both sides like this. And if she raises her clit into your face/mouth, respond back. Control her, hold her… pin her back to the bed with your mouth for fun… and before you know it she’ll be reaching one of the most powerful orgasms she’s ever experienced, and thanking you for it.

Guaranteed Orgasms = Guaranteed Peace

This is not only a surefire method of ensuring her complete satisfaction, but an excellent solution if you suffer from premature ejaculation, as you’ll be able to get her to orgasm before you even begin penetrating, or shorten the amount of time you’ll need to penetrate once you do actually enter (something I used to my advantage in the early days of my sex life).

Just remember… even during penetration. Pay attention to the clit for better chances of her orgasm!

Bio / About the Author

David Carreras is a sex researcher, author and blogger who’s been writing about natural, mental and physical methods a man can use to improve his sexual abilities for over 10 years now. His techniques are compiled in Mr. Manpower’s Guide, and you can find his latest research and ideas on his blog. He teaches natural methods over medical solutions, as this will improve a man’s confidence knowing he’s not relying on an outside source.

Consent – There Are No Blurred Lines!

Sexual Conent

What does this word consent mean?

And look like anyway?


So let’s break this down, waaaaaay down. You’ve probably heard about consent by now. It is becoming a bigger part of our society so it’s time we added some easy to understand information about it for you.


Consent is actively (and hopefully enthusiastically) agreeing to any sexual activity with someone.


Not agreeing, or being forced to participate unwillingly in any sexual activity (including oral, penetrative, phone, photo sharing, sexting, groping/genital touching and verbal) is sexual assault and/or rape.


Pretty serious right?


Planned Parenthood describes consent as easy as FRIES


Freely given – it cannot be coerced

Reversible – you can change your mind anytime

Informed – you need the full story

Enthusiastic – only do what you’re excited about, not what you’re expected to

Specific- yes to one thing does not mean yes to everything.


You can always change your mind during any sexal act if you start to feel uncomfortable. You can even ask to slow down. The big ticket is communication. Make sure that you are comfortable enough to speak your mind with whoever you are being intimate with. If you don’t feel comfortable it might be an indication that you should wait. Go slow. Take your time. Check in with yourself frequently.


Now we’ve looked at ourselves and consent, time to look at the people we are with. We are not mind readers, and sometimes people don’t speak their minds, we get it, so it is very important to take everything into consideration in the heat of the moment even when you are super excited. What is their body language like? Are they leaning closer or leaning away? Are they hesitant? Are they excited? Check in with your partner? Ask them if they like this or that? Ask them if you can kiss them here, or touch them there. Remove this piece of clothing. If they say yes, green light. Do it. If they say no, stop. Ask them if they are ok. If they pause, slow down, check in, see if you need to slow down or stop altogether. They might just need to catch their breath. But you won’t know unless you ask. Communication is the key.


Consent violation is more and more pressing and recognised in society and comes in many forms. For years the topic of clothing and how a person dresses has been portrayed in news and headlines as “asking for it.” BBC’s Quickies portrays it quite well that what we wear does equal skiing for anything. We see one of the actors barging into a conference room, dressed professionally and saying “i’m here for my promotion. Clearly I’m asking for it.” or another dressed for vacation and leaving work stating that they didn’t need to clear it with HR because, I mean, look at what she was wearing. Her intent was clear. Wasn’t it? The clip sends a resounding message that what we wear is not consent. It’s a no.



Over time, many have felt the need to be silent about their consent being violated. But this is not the case. It is important to confide in people you are close to, and if it is a serious offence, to contact the local authorities to ensure that this behaviour does not continue.


Violating Consent can look like:

  • Refusing to acknowledge “no”

  • Assuming that wearing certain clothes, flirting, or kissing is an invitation for anything more

  • Someone being under the legal age of consent, as defined by the law

  • Someone being incapacitated because of drugs or alcohol

  • Pressuring someone into sexual activity by using fear or intimidation

  • Assuming you have permission to engage in a sexual act because you’ve done it in the past


World famous photographer Perou started the campaign #Thisdoesntmeanyes, photographing 120 women in london at random to outline the rape culture that was happening in London. Their website could not be more accurate when it comes to consent:




















But it is not only Women. Consent is important regardless of gender, sexuality and diversity. Too often we disregard a no and even degrade the importance of such topics because men have been seen to “handle it”. Not only is it important to be respectful of ALL consent. It is important to remember that many people have also been taken advantage of saying that consent has been violated when in fact it wasn’t the case. So now in society not only are there Consent Violators, there are also False Stories of Consent. Both can gravely hurt and injure a person’s psyche, mentality, self esteem and trust.


So How can we tackle consent?

The above video is a brilliant representation of thinking of consent like offering a person a cup of tea. That you can’t force a person to drink tea if they say no. You cannot get an unconscious person to drink tea. A person can say yes, and then choose not to drink the tea once it arrives.


We can talk about consent. Make it normal and break the stigma around keeping silent. If someone discloses a moment when they were uncomfortable or their consent was compromised or broken, listen attentively and supportively. Sympathise and ask if there is anything you can do to help them, or get them in touch with someone who could help. Please try not to be dismissive when someone is visibly hurt or upset by something that has happened to them.


We can teach consent, constantly and consistently with everyone. Everyone benefits from talking about consent. The more we talk about our own experiences of asking consent in situations, the more we will all learn different ways to practice asking consent. And it can be sexy.


Consent Examples everyone can try:

 “Can I touch your arm.”

“Can I kiss you?”

“Can I take off your shirt?”

“Can I hold your phone to look at that picture?”

“I would love to hold you closer, is that ok?”

“Would you like to try anal play?

“Want to see some pictures of me naked?”

“Is this ok?”

“Does my ***** feel nice?”


Consent can be sexy and inviting when you use your imagination, when you’re enthusiastic and when you’re respectful.


At your Service,



OhZone Adult Shop Sales Assistant, Educator and Consent Advocate.