Glass Dildos Changed My Life

Woman who loves glass dildos

Let me first start off by saying I like so many others am a huge enthusiast of anything sex toy related that is capable of bringing immense pleasure with very little risk or down side in return. With this being said, the truth being known and a tiny amount of unwarranted paranoia too I decided to do some homework on adult glass products particularly dildos, and get to the bottom of just why this particular material is hailed by so many as a more luxurious and an all around safe option.

How Do You Keep Glass Dildos Clean?

Personally, one of the main attractions to a glass sex toy has got to be hygiene. Glass sex toys have a major advantage on silicone or any other material as far as their level of cleanliness goes. They are extremely simple to sterilise and you can do so by washing them in boiling hot water, using a detergent or a proper glass sex toy cleaner. Being the most hypoallergenic material glass is able to be used by people with all types of skin even extra sensitive etc.

Glass dildo
Image: Glass double ended dildo

Is A Glass Dildo 100% Shatter Proof?

To answer this question and put your mind completely to rest (perhaps mine at the same time too), YES! Providing your glass sex toy is one made up of borosilicate glass you will be guaranteed maximum safety with use. Borosilicate is not like your ordinary glass, in fact it is built to withstand heat, bumps, and even a certain amount of dropping depending on the height. It is also able to hold hot and cold temperatures for an extra-long amount of time. Changing the temperature of your glass dildo can and will change the whole sensation you get from the sex toy making you experience two different types of pleasure from two different elements.

The Best And Safest Way To Heat A Glass Dildo

There’s a few different theories on how you correctly heat an adult glass toy, however this is an act simply done by using hot water straight from the tap. There’s no gimmicks or act to it just hold or safely place your toy on a small tray or plate and run hot water evenly over it for a couple minutes. Never ever use a microwave, even though it won’t break the sex toy it will unevenly distribute the heat leaving your toy with some dangerous hot spots. If you wish to make your toy cold to give off a different sensation then do the same act of running it under water but make it cold of course. Do not be tempted to freeze your glass sex toy as it will stick to you once attempting to use it.

Glass sex toy
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You Can Use A Glass Dildo For Life

Another massive added bonus is the fact that glass toys never ever perish. Yes, you read that right. A good borosilicate glass sex toy will be your friend for life. Unlike rival sex toy materials glass cannot be effected by outside aspects such as lubricants or body fluids. It’s even made to withstand a certain amount of accidental drops and bounces.

Do Your Homework On Glass Dildo Brands

Just like any good or reputable brand glass sex toys are not totally exempt to knock offs. Yes, there are in fact better grades of glass just like there are silicone. The greatest grade being low expansion borosilicate. This glass is guaranteed maximum safety and is in fact the hardest, most durable porous glass out there to date. It is more expensive but as we all know you undoubtedly pay for quality. There are thousands of glass sex toys out there on the market and the majority of them go under the label of Pyrex, however this is not always the case so it is extremely important you keep diligent and go for glass sex toys that are either fully clear or have colour embedded deep within them instead of painted externally, this will ensure you have a quality product that is not a knock off.

Now, with all of this in mind let’s take you to the last and final point of just why glass sex toys, particularly dildos, are such an incredible option and just why you need to add one into your adult toy collection today!

One of the most recommended product ranges of glass dildos is designed by Pipedream Products and is named Icicles. They are made with incredible textures for all experience levels . They are a good place to start. You really can’t go past their products especially if you are a beginner or intermediate user.

Why Does A Glass Dildo Offer More Pleasure When Compared To Other Sex Toys?

There a couple of different reasons why I feel glass gives a more unique pleasure. In fact, a ribbed glass sex toy can offer you one of the most delicious orgasms when used correctly. Glass has a feel which is solid enough to justify security but light enough to hold with comfort. A ribbed glass sex toy makes every single motion intensified giving you a full feeling but is also vagina friendly at the same time. There are so many beautiful variations of shapes or types of glass sex toys from twisted, curved, bumped, etc. They are crafted to cater to anyone and everyone. You can achieve incredible climaxing through simple thrusting motions or you can get creative. Being so durable you’re safe to explore your limits and embed yourself in total pleasure. I recommend a nice hot bath with some pretty candles, to relax and soften your muscles before you play. This will also create a temperature contrast with yourself and the toy.

So let’s weigh it up, not only are glass dildos aesthetically appealing (They almost remind me of a princess sex toy with their ultra-femininity) but they require very little maintenance and after care, provide incredible pleasure and complete safety. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that you do indeed have them for life.

I think it’s safe to say if you haven’t yet explored the world of glass play after reading this today you may just have a change of mind. Glass dildos have an amazing array of benefits that can not be missed!

Channelle xo

Author: Channelle is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

VIP Interview With Abigail Vasquez Lead Designer Of Bait’D Designs LLC

Sensory play necklace

Bait’D Designs create specially made jewelry and accessories that empower women by encouraging sensuality, sexual transformation and self-expression. Bait’D Designs takes the world of possibilities and fantasy, gift wrapping them into the one concept. The product designs are modern and controversial incorporating the ideas of BDSM, kink and fetish into the final product. The products give women the ability to secretly wear naughty items with their day to day wear, out to adult events or even privately in the comfort of their own homes.

With Bait’D Designs you will always be prepared to be spontaneously kinky no matter where you are. Bait’D Designs are popularly known for their BDSM inspired bracelets, earrings, necklaces and accessories. Most of their products are not only fashionable but also functional. Their earrings are designed as nipple clamps, their bracelets can be paired up with restraint devices and their necklaces are designed as BDSM collars and whips. In the heat of the moment you will never be left empty handed.

Their products are made with luxurious metals like 14K gold, gold plated, sterling silver, polished copper and steel. Their products also incorporate materials like suede, leather, satin rope and silk. The materials that are used are incredibly important within the world of BDSM as a sensory experience. The feeling of cold metal against the skin can feel medical, surgical and restrictive. The metal will naturally warm up to the body’s temperature. Whereas the tightness of a product can bring feelings of security, domination and control. The natural scent of the material can be an amazing turn on.

Bait’D Designs was created and founded in 2015 by Heather Huttner with Abigail Vasquez as the lead designer. This is a VIP interview with Abigail Vasquez.

Nine tails necklace
Image: Bait’D Designs The Whip

Tell me about you

My name is Abigail (Abbie) Vasquez, I am the lead designer for Bait’D Designs LLC and my area of expertise is industrial design. All things product design and how a person interacts with an item.

What inspires you?

I gain inspiration from the strangest of things, a movies that have nothing to do with what I’m working on, music that pushes me out of my normal headspace, fiction that transports my mind somewhere. I find my best ideas happen when I am not thinking about what I am working on. For example, I was stressed out working on a concept that was going to be due for client review and I had nothing to show at that point in time. I went out to go see the movie “Straight Outta Compton” and the moment I left the theater, I had a spark of an idea that I rushed home to get sketched and put together for review.

What inspired the creation of Bait’D Designs?

Bait’D is the brain child of Heather Huttner. She created the company in early 2015 when she noticed that there was not an industry filling the space between sex toys and jewelry. Not every person wants to wear their bondage belt in public but how amazing it could be it it was pretty enough that you would want to and could be “ready” at any point in time. She wanted to give women the opportunity to be spontaneously kinky if you wanted to be. I came on the team in June of 2015 leading the development of product for the brand.

Whip necklace
Image: Bait’D Designs The Collar

Define the style of Bait’D Designs.

Bait’D Designs style is polished and covert. Essentially:

“Hiding in plain sight”

How does Bait’D Designs empower women to embrace their sexuality through kink and BDSM jewelry?

We want to encourage women to further explore their sexuality by taking the “seediness”out of BDSM and alternative sexuality. If a women is interested in flogging, she may already have or have access to a flogger but a woman who my just be starting out may find a flogger necklace to be less intimidating than a leather flogger and can experiment at home quietly or in her car the next time her and her partner are feeling frisky.

Why do the perceptions of BDSM, fetish and kink play need to be changed?

Maybe not “Changed” as further include lightness into the perception. We do not want “50 Shades of Grey” to be the only reference that comes to mind when someone says BDSM or kink. I don’t want the vision of women in pain and not enjoying themselves to be the idea that comes to mind for women who are curious or their partners who are curious but don’t know how to start the conversation. The great thing about KINK, FETISH and BDSM is that it supports and encourages open communication and trust. That is what I rather people think of when they think of BDSM.

How does Bait’D Designs change the perceptions of BDSM, fetish and kink play?

That it is not just for the bedroom, it is not just for being bedroom walls, it’s not just when it’s thoroughly planned out. That kink can be impromptu as well.

BDSM earrings
Image: Bait’D Designs The Bite

How can people feel empowered with confident and body positivity expressing their sexuality through fashion?

I find that a lot of women I know, use their fashion as an mode of self expression. And these women range in all degrees of confidence and body positivity. I do not believe what is worn on the outside of you can make an insecure woman confident. But I do believe is can be the nudge a normally confident woman needs to feel like a sexual animal and a goddess. Sometimes, our clothes, nails, hair, kicks, and accessories are just the nudges or the expression of what we already feel.

Wearing different jewelry can inspire different feelings in people. What feelings do people experience when they wear Bait’D Designs?

I have watched a woman adopted a very “power” stance when she puts on The Whip as she plans out what she wants to do with the jewelry. But more often than anything I see emotional or social walls come down when someone interacts with the items. The accessory equivalent to a glass of wine.

How would you recommend people wear Bait’D Design’s jewelry with day to day wear?

The same as you would with any of your other favorite items. Some items are more demure than others. Some make bigger statements. The Ring handcuffs look amazing with fall attire. The Female is beautiful with a little black dress.

What is the design process for the creation of Bait’D jewelry?

The design process is pretty extensive and depends greatly per piece. Generally it starts with an idea that Heather, myself or a member of our design team has… we then explore the idea via sketches and think thought any problems that we may have in advance. We make a CAD model to further visualize the design. If we are able to, we will create a 3D print with our in house 3D printer or if it’s something tiny and more detailed, I may send it out to a 3d printing company. When we have the model done, we wear it, feel it, break it, and see what other problems we can prevent. We will then create a secondary model that will be as close to actual materials. If we still like the design we will then start having a conversation with the chosen manufacturer about making the item and following it closely thought that process until completion when the order is in our shop and ready for sell. We do a lot of usability testing as well, watching how strangers interact with the item, how a finish product is touched, or how it changes over time. There is no expectation that a product will remain the same over its lifetime.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

The start with the sketching and thing thought the ideas. I do love 3D modeling as well. However if I could donate the manufacturing process to someone else… I would so gladly. lol

Is there anything you would like to add?

Design is wear my heart is, fashion I am still learning but we have big ambitions and I look forward to seeing us grow!

Tragic Story Of The Man Child

Woman fixing relationships

You can call me “Misses Fix it”. I stayed in bad relationships constantly trying to fix something that was already broken, but here I am trying to understand what put me in that situation to begin with.

After being recently single for the past few months I have become aware of the types of men I seem to attract. After making a joke out of it to a few friends and work colleges I decided to use Google to find out if this actually is a thing or if it’s all in my head.

I was googling as to why I always seem to attract the same kind of men, even to the point where I can guess exactly the type of guys who have “swiped right” on Tinder. I was very against Tinder but after some pressuring from friends I decided to give it a go. It has actually become a game to me to see how many I’ve guessed correctly (I know this isn’t the specific use of Tinder but hey it’s fun).

I attracted heavily tattooed, muscles on muscles with a criminal history. The bigger the bad boy the more they seem to be drawn to me. Maybe I attract other types of guys but these ones seem to be more hesitant in approaching me or starting a conversation.

Now, I am not saying that all tattooed men, or men with muscles are bad, I am saying that if there is a bad one in the bunch (or multiple) they have their high beams on me. For example;

  • Man-child number one: A self-confessed bad boy, heavily tattooed with tattoos on the face, a serial liar and all his ex’s are apparently crazy.
  • Man-child number two: Again heavily tattooed, rides a motorbike, a self-confessed bad boy, very quick to over sexualise me, got rather angry and resulted in name calling when I did not match his sexualised talk and “brushed him off” nicely of course.
  • Man-child number three: Gym junkie, seemed normal, lots of muscles, pictures at the beach, decided early on after “hey” that I was in fact a piece of meat only…

I think you get the picture…

Man with tattoes
Image: Tattooed man

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not everyone is attractive to the whole world, but when it comes to dating judgment initially is always based upon looks. It doesn’t matter if that person has substance; personality or a sense of humour, all that matters first is the level of attractiveness.

In fact, after a recent study found that 50% of people preference to faces were rather unique. Whom we find attractive is strongly influenced on our life experiences. Basically the study is saying that;

“If you were to rate faces [for attractiveness] and I were to rate the same faces, we would agree about 50% of the time”

Says study author Jeremy Wilmer, an assistant professor of psychology at Wellesley College whose new research was published Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

The whole point of the study was to understand why we find certain people attractive and others not; do life experiences and our view on life alter the way we define people. Prior research has found that we compare characteristics from positive people in lives with new people we meet and we automatically see them as attractive. Basically, who you find attractive is less about the demographics in which you grew up and more about your life experiences and your own unique journey through life.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

The truth is that you don’t ATTRACT the wrong men, you ACCEPT the wrong men

And then it hit me… I was so blinded by all the wrong ones that I never let myself dive deeper for the nice guys. The ones who aren’t up front and show pony like. The ones that stand back in the shadows of mystery and wait for the others to go first… the gentleman. This could be the real difference between bad guys and good men.

Dating isn’t about committing straight away, it’s about getting to know someone and being able to walk away if they don’t treat you right. The truth is you’re going to attract lots of men, and most likely 95% of those men are going to be the wrong men. But you don’t have to accept them.

I crave stability, I crave normalcy, and I crave unconditional love and support… wouldn’t anyone?

It’s your job as a self-respecting woman is to leave and walk away if you’re not being treated correctly, it’s your job for your own dignity to put yourself first and don’t let someone else dictate the happiness in your life. There is no point in beating yourself up…. That’s going to get you nowhere!

Stop investing your time, emotions and life in men who refuse to give you the love, security and consistency that you deserve.  It is actually your fault that you attract these men, would you like to know why?

Because you think that your chemistry is powerful enough to change your broken relationship.

Save yourself the days, weeks, months, years of heartbreak and pain! Stop accepting anything less then what you KNOW you deserve.

It all starts with you!

Remember who you are, remember what you deserve and remember to learn to love and need yourself again. Once you realise this you will stop accepting and fixing because you will finally know that while you’re fixing someone else you will be destroying yourself.

Always thank the wrong man, because of that man you have realised your self-worth, because of that man you have realised you need to start to change yourself. He highlighted to you what you needed in order to fix yourself, to find your true happiness and what you truly deserve.

The wrong man always leads to meeting the right man, because you are strong enough and smart enough to know who is right for you.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Penis Envy In A Nutshell

Man with big penis

I have recently come to notice a pattern of mine that surfaces whenever male masturbators such as the Tenga Flip Zero with vibrations come into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. A rush of excitement followed by envy overcomes me as I remember the fact that I will never know what it is like to use one of these adult toys. I love being a woman and I would not change it for the world yet I do imagine (probably, way too often) what it would be like to have a penis. I have spoken to countless women who agree that they are envious of men due to the fact that they have what seems to be such amazing genitalia.

From talking and working with countless men, I have discovered that in some circumstances being a man in this day and age with a penis is not all it’s cracked up to be. Here are some of the difficulties that many men encounter when it comes to their bodies, sexuality and gender identities:

Penis size

I have never met a man who hasn’t at least one time in his life felt insecurities around the size of his penis. Pornography, which happens to be many young men’s initiation into sex, portrays an unrealistic expectation of the size of an average man’s penis. This, along with the constant influence in the media saying that to have a small penis means you cannot properly please a woman means that many men feel that they are not good enough in the size department. Penises come in such unique shapes and sizes that to compare any penis to the ones you see in porn really is quite wrong.

Erection cupcakes
Image: Penis cupcakes

Performance anxiety

Many men are taught to please women. They must kiss, lick and f**k their woman right or there is something wrong with them. Being a great lover is so much more than performance and by getting caught up in the idea that they have all these things they need to do to make a woman happy in the bedroom means they can actually miss out on the experience. Connection, presence and respect just some of the qualities of great love making happens when a man is embodied. It doesn’t happen when he is in his mind, worrying about his performance and in his mind thinking about what he needs to do to give her multiple orgasms. Besides, thinking that you’re the only reason for your woman’s pleasure is disempowering to her and big headed of you… just saying!

Inability to disguise their turn on

As a woman, I take great pride in the fact that I can walk around turned on with no evidence except for a cheeky smile and glowing face. Men on the other hand have to deal with the fact that they have something reminiscent of a tent pole reaching out of their pants when they are very aroused. This, along with the fact that it can “strike out” at any given moment means they have something to worry about that us women could never comprehend. I’m not saying that there is anything to be ashamed of if this was to happen to you gentlemen, I just mean that having a penis with sometimes a mind of his own can be extremely vulnerable and exposing.

I know I’ve mentioned a few points that may seem like having a penis is a burden however plenty of men appear to get so much pleasure and enjoyment out of their genitals so it would seem that the benefits certainly out way the difficulties!! You should definitely have a read of amazing facts about the penis that’ll blow your mind to get to know your body more!

Huge erection
Image: Big erection

So how does a woman get to experience the totality of what it feels like to have a penis?

The answer is you could never experience it fully but there are some ways you can come to understand what it’s like to have your genitals so exposed…enter the strap on!!

Woman inserting a dildo in a man's anus
Image: Man being pegged

I have recommended women try on a strap on sex toy at least once in their lives to feel what it’s like to have a cock bobbing out between their legs. It is such a bizarre feeling to have it all hanging out compared to female genitals which are neatly tucked away. When you wear a strap on, you can gain an understanding of why many men are so driven by sex… they have a constant reminder of it all day every day!

It may sound silly but I really feel women can gain a great deal of insight into what it is like to be a man by the simple act of wearing a strap on. To take it one step further, perhaps the special someone in your life would be happy for you to try it out for real… I’m sure you’ll come to agree that men make hip thrusting seem so much easier than it actually is!!! And feeling the power to penetrate that comes with having a “penis” truly is not something to take lightly. I believe more compassion for men can come when we really get what it feels like to have a penis even if it is made from silicone.

Men love being pegged
Image: Pegging a man

Author: Stephanie Curtis, Sexologist

Sex Toy Companies Doing It Right: Je Joue

Award winning sex toy company

Stylish, sleek, sophisticated, sexy and sensual Je Joue boasts they are sophisticated, elegantly naughty and a sensual treat but what about the vibrations? This is where Je Joue makes a name for themselves.

Vibrators are the most popular type of sex toys ever created; it’s not hard to work that out from either walking into an adult shop or looking online. You are spoilt for choice in more ways than one but that doesn’t mean they are all the same.

Je Joue has taken notice of this because not all vibrations are the same, Je Joue pondered the most important question and that is “how do vibrations interact with your body”. They asked three main questions;

  • Why some sex toys don’t feel the same as others?
  • Why do we sometimes feel numb?
  • What differences can the vibrator design bring?

At Je Joue, they know all vibrators aren’t created as equals apart from the shapes, colours and materials. They understand that the hidden gem under all that style and flair is the motors each made with differences in quality and function. Performance wise most vibrators are compared by speed, this isn’t really a useful comparison to make, as the frequency of the motor is actually the determining factor.  Thus Je Joue understands that the lower the vibration, the richer the sensation, it’s those rumbling vibrations that are earth shattering in the bedroom.

Unlike cars the more RPMs in the motor doesn’t means you get to the finish line quicker, the battle of speed is often lost because it’s not about strength or speed of the vibrations it’s all about how deep they spread into the body. Superficial vibrations either create numbness or are just plain irritating! While deep strong vibrations spread throughout the different nerve levels and create an orgasmic incomparable sensation.

Je Joue knows that the body has specific nerve endings for vibrations, and they have researched that the body has specialised receptors to different sensations such as pressure, temperature, movement and vibrations.

The genitals in particular have a variety of specialised mechanoreceptors and 90% of the nerve endings of the clitoris are actually internal! It’s the bodies Pandora’s box and all the wild and wonderful gems are hidden deep inside. Thus Je Joue has caught on to this which is why they have designed their vibrations to be deep and rumbly not surface and numbing, these are low frequency vibrations rather than your usual high frequency ones. By holding any of Je Joue products you can feel first-hand the vibrations and how deep you feel them go.

The other key point Je Joue has researched is the fact that the G-spot requires both vibrations and pressure. Most people feel that vibrations aren’t a must when wanting to stimulate the G-spot, but when combining a clitoral stimulator with a simple curved dildo they received the best results.

The main complaint I hear when people want vibrators is that “they aren’t powerful enough” after a while the body becomes numb to the vibrations and our body wants more! We are basically numbing our nerve endings with high speeds and surface high frequency vibrations; Je Joue is the answer to all your nerve numbing issues! So choose power over speed and experience the internal thrill of a Je Joue product.

Je Joue is sex positive they believe that enhancing sexual pleasure is a right for everyone. They want everyone no matter if they are solo, or with a partner to be able to experience, deepen and enrich their sexual lives.

They extensively research all their designs and always want to empower people to explore a new world of intimate and infinite possibilities.

Je Joue is designed for beginners to those that are more experienced. Each product in their range has been designed to be able to explore and understand the user’s body, and to succumb to the pleasure of the moment. All of the products are based on the principles of beauty and quality. They are made to be streamline and discreet, soft and velvety to touch and all 100% body safe.

Je Joue’s range of vibrators

Rabbit Bullet

Intense vibrating ears.

The soft and flexible ears move around your body to wherever you want them to. Hug that clitoris with the ears and use the base of the ears for intense vibrations!

Je Joue clitoral stimulator
Image: Je Joue Rabbit Bullet

G-spot Bullet

Powerful internal and external vibrations.

This is the perfect toy for those who want everything. Perfectly curved to access the G-spot, the curve also follows the contour of your body externally for intense clitoral orgasms.

G-spot bullet
Image: Je Joue G-spot Bullet

Classic Bullet

The luxury version of the Classic Bullet. Spoil yourself!

This silky soft classic bullet has a soft silicone tip for pinpoint stimulation. It comes with a free finger sleeve attachment for those who want a hands free experience.

Je Joue bullet vibrator
Image: Je Joue Classic Bullet


A discreet and powerful external vibrator Mimi for play – together or solo.

Award winning Mimi is a sensual, soft and beautifully powerful vibrator designed for beginners and aficionados alike.

Je Joue clitoral stimulator
Image: Je Joue Mimi

Mimi Soft

A sensual Mimi experience with an added layer of silky softness.

Offering all of the external stimulation pleasure of Mimi but with an added layer of velvety soft and flexible silicone, the Mimi soft offers five vibration and pulsation patterns – perfect for beginners and aficionados alike.

Je Joue personal massager
Image: Je Joue Mimi Soft


The world’s most beautiful sex toy for internal, external and G-spot pleasure.

A finalist in the Spark Design Awards 2015, Uma is a beautifully contoured and versatile vibrator for multi-level pleasure.

Je Joue G-spot vibrator
Image: Je Joue Uma


A versatile and elegant rabbit vibrator for multi-level pleasure.

Fifi is the rabbit – redefined. With five vibration and seven pulsation patterns from each ear and the shaft, the soft and perfectly contoured Fifi offers simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation – for the ultimate in sensory indulgence.

Je Joue rabbit vibrator
Image: Je Joue Fifi


To really hit the spot…

Simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, the design-led and distinctive G-Kii can be curved into the perfect position at the touch of a button to suit your body shape and pleasure preference.

Je Joue G-spot sex toy
Image: Je Joue G-Kii


The world’s favourite cock ring for enhancing your pleasure together.

This strong and flexible cock ring keeps him harder for longer while enhancing your partner’s pleasure.

Je Joue cock ring
Image: Je Joue Mio


Partner-controlled G-spot and clitoral vibrator.

Sensual orgasms at the touch of a button, this G-spot and clitoral vibrator can be adapted to fit your body shape – with the option for partner-controlled play using the Je Joue app.

Je Joue G-spot massager
Image: Je Joue Dua


App-controlled butt plug for couples play.

The world’s first dual-motor butt plug. With remote control options (locally with the Je Joue app and long distance playlist function) Nuo enhances seduction and intensifies pleasure. See the “How it works” tab to understand its full functionality.

Je Joue prostate massager
Buy Now | Je Joue sex toys

I hope you enjoy your Je Joue journey.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres