20 Dating Tricks You Wish You Knew

Dating troubles

Whether you are new to the dating world or hopping back into the dating pool for the…? time, the water is always cold and cloudy to start with. It takes a bit of time to find your feet but sure enough before long you’ll be off and running.
It doesn’t matter if the date is with someone you’ve met online that you have been chatting with for months or a blind date set up by a mutual friend. Going on dates can be a tad overwhelming. The whole premise of dating is to be vulnerable and let someone get close to you, this alone is enough to make someone apprehensive for whatever reason. On top of the emotional factors, there is always physical risks and I’m not just referring to a potential assault; but also transportation etc.

Over the years from personal experience as well as countless hours being a shoulder for “girl” friends, mates or the random drunk crying person at the end of a night out. Through all of these experience and conversations, I have compiled a few tips that I think can help to make the dating experience smarter and safer.

These tips are in no particular order and should be taken at face value. These have worked for me and for others, please use them as you will, change and adapt as you go. No two people go through the dating world on the same path. Find out what works for you and don’t be ashamed of it.

I hope you find some use in the tips below, just remember to date safe and smart!

1. There’s more to life and happiness than a relationship!

It’s great to want a relationship but obsession is not a good look on anyone.

2. You gotta like single you!

If you’re unhappy with yourself and your lifestyle, how is someone else supposed to want to spend time with you, little own make you feel better about yourself?

3. Date yourself a bit!

If the whole idea of planning a date seems overwhelming, take yourself out a few times before jumping into the dating pool. Find out what you like to do, know your limits.

4. Dating isn’t about proving your worth to someone! (You already are worth it!)

It’s about finding someone you can be comfortably yourself with. Someone you can spend ridiculous amounts of time with doing NOTHING!

5. Stop worrying about being “rejected” for being “too fat”, “too short” or whatever!

You may have had to reject them later on for having not seen Pretty Woman or the Latest DC movie. Everyone has their own “fit” of personality traits in a relationship they would like their lover to have.

6. When someone says “I’m too damaged” or “I have too much baggage”, believe them!

Forget low self-esteem and self-deprecation. This person does not need you to pick them up and put their pieces back together.

7. First dates are not interviews for marriage (Save that till you meet their mother)

While first impressions count for a lot, give these things time, that’s what getting to know someone is about.

8. Make the first few dates public and use separate transportation.

This reassures a sense of independence and safety for both parties.

9. Turn off your phone!

How do you expect to open up to someone or for someone to open up to you when there is a glowing screen between you?

Man waiting for his date
Image: Waiting For Date

10. Avoid the “ex” conversations.

An ex is in the past, leave it there.

11. Action dates are best to start with!

Most people already sit at a desk from 9-5, try planning dates that get you up and out. Move around and try different things. This is a sure way to instigate good conversation.

12. Don’t be afraid to google!

It’s 2017 almost 2018… if you’re about to go on a date with someone you’ve never met and share no mutual contacts… try giving them a google search, it might save yourself an awkward bombshell.

13. Limit the boozy beverages.

One before to calm the nerves, one to start the meal and get the conversation going… And see how you feel from there. You should always be in complete control of yourself.

14. Eye gazing tells you a lot.

Researchers have found that when someone is romantically “into” another person their gaze tends to land on and around the face. When the feelings are more sexual their eyes wander around the other person’s body.

15. $20

Always have $20 tucked away. $20 may not get you home, but it will get you $20 closer to home!

16. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Don’t say you’re going to call unless you really intend to call!

17. Don’t be afraid of the second date!

Unless the first date was a nightmare give the second one a go, perhaps you’ll both be more like yourselves?

18. Consider pulling someone out of the “Friend Zone”.

Friends are friends, but perhaps there is a certain person you just haven’t looked at in the right light. I mean they’re in your life for a reason?

19. No guilt for moving on!

If you don’t feel any sort of something from date one 2 or even 12, know it’s ok to move on. Not everyone is going to be a fit.

20. No games!

Forget the 3 days or 48 hours no call rules or whatever you’ve heard. Be yourself, call or text when YOU feel appropriate. (Just remember obsession doesn’t look good on anyone!). Unless they are adult games you would like to play!

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA Psychology Human Sexuality

VIP Interview With Angela Mohlfeld Head Of Communication From JOYDIVISION

Sex toy company display

JOYDIVISION is an award winning adult lifestyle company which was established in 1994. They have designed over 250 different products ranging from sex toys, sexual health aids, massage oils, swings and personal lubricants which are all manufactured with love in Germany. Their products are made in Germany so that they are able to maintain high levels of quality control.

JOYDIVISION’s design products are well thought out with careful detailing which always take into consideration the current adult lifestyle and environmental trends. Their products are made with a sex positive approach which supports the exploration of sexuality. JOYDIVISION have won countless awards including the Universal Design Award, Reddot Design Award, Deltra Award and the Erotixxx Award.

JOYDIVISION are well known for developing the worlds very first 100% all natural lubricant that sells worldwide and the soft-tampon which is worn by women during sexual intercourse. They have a strong focus towards making products out of Silikomed which is a type of hypoallergenic material that can be used with all different types of personal lubricants ranging from water-based and silicone.

What inspired the creation of JOYDIVISION?

Our CEO Oliver Redschlag is the head of the company and his inspirations have shaped JOYDIVISION. The German lubricant, adult toy and hygiene manufacturer, JOYDIVISION was established in 1994 by Oliver Redschlag. Like many start-ups, Oliver Redschlag worked from his garage, in his case designing and manufacturing Loveswings. Within weeks, he had revolutionized the market of Loveswings and overwhelming reviews were published in over 36 journals and magazines across the country.

By 1997 and now based in Hannover/Germany, JOYDIVISION developed and started shipping BIOglide – the first 100% all natural lubricant. This was followed a year later with the Soft-Tampon, the tampons without strings for hygienic intercourse during menstruation. JOYDIVISION are the only company to manufacture the string less Soft-Tampon which has allowed women to enjoy sports, spa & love anytime they want to, without a second thought.

A soft tampon for penetrative sex
Image: Soft Tampon

Tell me about your product range?

The extensive JOYDIVISION product range comprises more than 250 sensual erotic premium products, which are successfully sold in more than 60 countries around the world. In addition to lubricants, the products ranges from love toys, hygiene articles, massage, love swings and special products for sexual preparation. JOYDIVISION attaches great importance to the highest quality and production in Germany for all its products.

How many products has JOYDIVISION created?

JOYDIVISION has made a name for itself as an innovative inventor of the world’s first 100% natural lubricant (BIOglide) and the millionfold popular lubricant (AQUAglide).

Personal and medical lubricant
Buy Now | JOYDIVISION Sex Toy And Sexual Health Products

In 2011, JOYDIVISION introduced the world’s most discreet loveballs with the patent integrated loop and technology inside. Joyballs secret are comfortable to wear and quiet as a whisper and are an innovative adult product that has earned three awards including the reddot design award and the Delta Design award. Joyballs are made of skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and velvety-soft Silikomed® – making them dishwasher safe and usable with both water based and silicon based lubricants.

The latest invention is the XPANDER.

What materials are used in the creation of JOYDIVISION’s products? What quality are they? Are they body safe?

JOYDIVISION has always been very important for material and skin compatibility. JOYDIVISION has developed Silikomed®, for example. Silikomed® is an innovative and non-porous material of the highest medical quality, developed by us, as well as silicone. It is characterized by a very soft, velvety and skin caressing surface. In contrast to other materials, Silikomed® can be used with all lubricants, even with silicone-based lubricants. Silikomed® has been specially developed to meet the high quality demands of JOYDIVISION: medical quality, mucous membrane friendly, hypoallergenic, dermatologically and clinically tested.

Are all your products manufactured in Germany?

Yes, all our products are:

“Made with love in Germany“

JOYDIVISION was the first ever company to release a 100% natural lubricant named BIOglide. What are the benefits of having an all-natural personal lubricant?

BIOglide is a product that offers the consumer absolutely worry-free application.

In cooperation with the German BDIH (Association of Industrial Companies and Trading Firms for Pharmaceuticals), JOYDIVISION developed a new standard and seal of approval, “Natural Product – Standard approved by BDIH, specifically granted for selected medical devices meeting the requirements. After an extensive examination BIOglide is the first product allowed to carry the seal, guaranteeing the naturalness of a medical device.

Since 1995, JOYDIVISION has supported AIDS-Hilfe by UNICEF and Terre des Hommes, why is it important to support these organisations?

Social and environmental commitment has always been a top priority at JOYDIVISION. Since 1995, JOYDIVISION has been an official supporting member of the AIDS-HILFE, of UNICEF e. V. and TERRE DES HOMMES e. V. and is also involved in the creation of jobs and training places.

What are your best sellers?

Original AQUAglide has been creating trust for more than 15 years. The “AQUAglide” lubricant brand is known for its top quality made in Germany. The AQUAglide series has been extended to include AQUAglide sensitive. Due to the valuable and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, the sensitive gel not only provides optimum long-term gliding properties for intimate intercourse, but also develops caring properties on a natural basis. Without glycerine and parabens, the sensitive vaginal flora is gently protected and pampered with additional moisture. We recommend everyone to test the product once, because the skin sensation is sensational.

Our special threadless soft tampons are another top seller. Unlike conventional tampons, the soft tampons are not made of viscose or cotton, but of a special soft foam material that is compatible with mucous membranes. Soft tampons are not only suitable for all everyday activities, but also for discreet wearing in the sauna (no thread is visible) carrying it safely while swimming (reduces the risk of infection) hygienic intimate intercourse during the period of the rule (is not noticeable for the partners)

With the lifestyle product soft tampons, millions of women in many countries have already been able to enjoy their freedom.


Target Practice For Your Heart

Solution For Heart Break

“To know whether something is meant to be yours, let go of it. If it returns, it has always been yours to have. If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be.” ~ Celestine Chua

I’m feeling reflective and a little concerned about many people’s theories about moving on from a relationship, although I haven’t been in many relationships I have been in two full on ones.

One was a mental jail, one in which I was consumed by control and abuse. The other is still an incredibly complicated topic.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Lewis Smedes

Different Types Of Relationships

I categorise relationships into “high school” and “adult”; high school relationships are ones where there is only the good parts – dates, movies, photos, love, sappy messages and phone calls. Adult relationships there are bills, work, children, life, love, homes etc. These to me define a relationship and the deep connection a relationship brings. I have had my “high school” relationships and to be honest I thought they were pointless, they went nowhere and I’d rather quickly moved them along… It was the “adult” relationship I drove for, the kind of relationship where you could be completely you, on every level possible. There was no hiding from it, you were just your raw vulnerable self always.

A Relationship After Abuse

I dislike getting into a new relationship, which is probably why I invest and spend so much time going overboard making my relationship work, even when it’s already broken. A relationship after abuse is hard, not so much in the sense of trusting the person but more in my own actions. I dislike being touched, hugged and any physical contact really until I feel comfortable with that person. There has only been one person so far that I have felt instantly comfortable with, I am talking within the first 30 seconds of meeting them I was strangely calm, relaxed and have never felt that way before. 99% of people including my family members I physically cringe when they touch me, including those who feel the need to touch me on the shoulder or shake my hand, there is physical pain written all over my face!

Self Sabotaging Relationships

I sabotage my own relationships which is my biggest issue. I get into my head that I am not worth it or that I am not good enough, these are the excuses I make for the way I am treated by others. I reject myself before I can be rejected – this is my coping mechanism. Truth is I am never rejected; I make myself so emotionally unavailable that the person who is interested is pushed away, the person doesn’t see “us” going anywhere so they themselves move on. I have walls so big that an atomic bomb couldn’t blast through until I choose to let them down, defensive or what!

How To Cope With Heart Break
Image: Man Heart Broken

What I Have Learned

What I have learned though is to give everyone the same respect and opportunities; I don’t bring negative experiences from past relationships onto the next and I do believe everything happens for a reason. Someone can treat you with love, respect and be the most caring person you have come across but not to be in a relationship with you. My hardest hurdle in relationships has been thinking I cannot be treated well unless they love me and have committed to me.

Basically I keep all my walls up and essentially wait for them to hurt me so I can move on, this is the completely wrong way to go about relationships whether they are friendships or relationships. I am sincerely appreciative of that one person who has showed me the cliché “not all men are the same” but truly when you have never been treated that way before it is a huge eye opener! It really does show you that you deserve to be treated well no matter what happens!

On the flip side overcoming heartbreak can be so damn hard! And let’s be real, when we are so focused on what went wrong and question ourselves about every tiny detail how could we really heal? One of the best things I had learnt is to focus on myself, not love myself before anyone else could love me or blah blah blah…. But to focus on myself, take notice of myself and make myself happy. Your wellbeing is a priority and you are important! Never forget that!

You have to make choices; you either deal with it head on or forget about it and move on, you can’t distract yourself or overwork yourself you need to make a choice and put yourself into it completely. Rising up to the challenge will allow you to be free from the pain; it will take time but that’s all a part of healing. There is no room for guilt either, if you had made a mistake you need to accept it and move on, ongoing guilt is a killer. You can’t be hard on yourself in this process of healing, you need to feel your emotions and acknowledge them. Suppressing them is the easy way out and it only ends up hurting more in the end. Go through the motions its normal, it’s a part of being human! The human mind is a very powerful tool, you can either use it to help you move forward or they will keep you in a state of fear, sadness and regret! Take each day as it comes and remember only you can choose your attitude and that will uplift you!

“This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something.” -Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Quote About Heartbreak
Image: Many Hale Quote

There are so many ways to heal and recover after you have felt the paralysing effect of heartbreak, but the most important thing for you to know and for anyone to tell you is that IT IS POSSIBLE! Hardship can be overcome in so many wonderful ways and life has a funny way of giving you solutions when you least expect it, but you have to be wiling. The only way to be happy and have a mended heart is if you truly want it and seek for it. A good way to reconnect with a lover through passion is to use adult products like massage oils, intimate fragrances and romantic games.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Essential Tips To Master Perfect BDSM Photography

Dominatrix With A Crop

“I don’t look anything like the girls on your website.”

This is about the most common thing I would hear when I would speak to a new client.

“Well, let me let you in on a little secret. The girls on my website don’t look anything like the girls on my website either.”

This may or may not be entirely truthful but it puts people at ease.

Everyone has heard of Photoshop and everyone wants it to varying degrees so I let them know we apply it liberally when required. However I will use every part of my skill set to avoid it. If I get it right in camera with good lighting and positioning we can minimise the need or eliminate it entirely… Yes, I am that good.

Naked Strangers And What Actually Happens On A Photoshoot

I have no idea what this person looks like over the phone. I have no idea how comfortable or relaxed they will be during the shoot. I have no idea if the outfits they bring will be flattering to their figure. I have discovered that confidence is far more important than any other part of the skill set and gives you a massive head start. I have to be confident. More importantly, my client has to feel confident.

These days, most of my clients have heard of me through a friend or seen my work so they are confident in my abilities and it’s only themselves they are worried about but it still pays dividends to let them know they aren’t alone. I photograph every shape and size and nothing is going to be weird or gross or whatever they are hung up on.

So we discuss everything over the phone and set out a rough idea of how the shoot will get. We set expectations for quality, cost and other incidentals. Most people at this point want to, but don’t think they will be taking their clothes off due to nerves but we find out if it’s on the cards or not. It’s usually 50/50 and it all comes down to the individual. Most of my clients are either simply excited or ready to fill the porcelain throne with bricks. Very rarely do I get people who are blase.

Sexy woman with a ball gag
Image: Woman With A Ball Gag In Her Mouth

They come into the entry of my studio, it’s also my office admin space as well as a viewing gallery so there is a couch, a TV, some desks and computers. Nothing elaborate. Nothing fancy. A small makeup area and a studio in the back that is fully blocked out to natural light. Nothing overly fancy or elaborate. The studio just looks like a clean artist’s workshop. I get a lot of comments like:

“It doesn’t look like some seedy dungeon!”


“It just feels like home.”

This vibe is definitely on purpose. I have worked in more intimidating spaces and it puts people on guard. A lot of my clients are NOT from the kink world. They simply want to pretend for a few hours and have something special to look back on or give the photos to their partner. If the place looks too luxurious then people don’t relax. If the space is too niche with a heavy kink/fetish dungeon vibe it gives people the wrong idea of what goes on behind the curtain. So I have worked hard to establish a safe space where adults play dress-ups rather than an over the top fancy glamour studio or porn production venue.

For the most part, the shoot goes simply.

I very rarely get people who don’t understand the boundary that is the camera. My subjects are sexy for the camera. Not for me. The only time people sexualise what I do is at parties with drunk men slurring

“Do you get to see titties?”

I will always do a warm up set with some simple portrait work and learn my subjects face and body lines. I will figure out what positions will and won’t work here as you don’t want to be working this out with lingerie or nude work. My subject will also learn how I work. No, they are not expected to model for me. Yes, it’s quite easy for the most part. The only difficult thing is holding some of the poses as they can feel very un-natural.

I don’t focus on expressions and specifics. My approach is to cover a lot of ground. Get a lot of variety and let random chance factor in. People don’t usually like the photographs/expressions I like so I find it’s best to get through the work rather than focus in on one particular thing. Besides, if you say to someone their expression – smile/pout/bedroom eyes isn’t working they will become very self-conscious of it. At that point I might as well put the camera in the bin.

If a session is going swimmingly and I can tell my subject is feeling confident it I use 5 simple words.

“How brave are you feeling?”

If someone isn’t feeling comfortable it’s sooo much easier to affirm that they are at their limit here and no one feels uncomfortable at all… Usually… like 99% of the time they are feeling the best they have ever felt about themselves and off come the clothes.

Woman in Japanese Rope Bondage
Buy Now | BDSM Sex Toys

A Quick Side Anecdote

There was a period of about 3 months where I was shooting art/erotic nudes exclusively. Sometimes up to 8 sessions a day. I noticed as I was burning out that people were responding differently and seeming very deflated. After some introspection I realised I was too detached.

I was not being friendly at all. I was reacting to this person taking their clothes off like a bitter ex-lover filled with vitriol and resentment. I had to make a real effort to not treat it like mopping vomit off the floor and get back to enjoying the process.

The best way to handle the situation is to act like an asexual pixie. Be really excited about everything but sexualise nothing. This will temper people and make sure things never become inappropriate. It’s hard to hit on the professional BDSM, fetish and kink photographer when he is a naive puppy and it’s hard for the naive puppy to offend anyone. It also solidifies the notion that they are being sexy for the camera, not for me. The demeanour has been effective for all clients, from stay at home mums to escorts and exotic dancers.

I have seen it all these days. I have had clients who have had full body lifts after massive weight loss and are completely covered in scars, amputees, people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. I have shot multiple women who have had full double mastectomies, people who have every inch of their body tattooed/pierced, I even had one lady who had a severe physical disability that caused her bone structure and muscles to never properly develop. She was wheelchair bound and I had to literally lift her from the chair and move her into the poses.

There are definitely times where I know I could do better with a second go but I have a 99% success rate with everyone leaving feeling amazing. They might only have 1 or 2 photo’s they love or they might have 50. There are times where you do get it wrong but usually another session a few weeks later fixes that right up.

It doesn’t matter what you’re shooting. I could have a client who is timid to the point of only perhaps showing an inch of cleavage, someone who wants to just do very dark, moody art nudes right up to people who bring their own BDSM kits, doms, submissives, lovers and all sorts. It’s usually very much the same process. We talk, we meet and we shoot. I talk about my puppy mostly during sessions at the moment. Sometimes she is with me at the studio and people want to play with her more than they want to do the photo shoot!

Sexy woman wearing bondage tape
Image: Woman Wearing Bondage Tape

The One Thing That Never Changes

People are impossible to read up front. At the start, everyone is roughly the same. Their mask is on and their guard it up. Give me 30 minutes and a camera and they relax and open up entirely. I am always surprised and usually wrong about who will want what.

The single mum of 3 in her 40’s with one small bag will want to be tied up or do very sexualised erotic art nudes for her dating profile but she won’t mention that to me in the consultation phone call… The stripper with full body tattoos, she will just want some headshots for her personal training business… The guy in his 50’s with terrible hair and teeth? He is adamant the photos are for his partner I will never meet and she wants him to look like a sexy Twilight inspired vampire… The 20 year old uni who is wearing a trench coat and a beanie and looks like she hasn’t slept for a week. After hair and makeup she looks like a BDSM goddess who only brought nipple clamps and a riding crop as her “outfit.”… And the quiet ones? Well you know what they say about the quiet ones.

I have been asked a lot of times if I date clients. Those drunk dudes at parties might not put that quite too politely. A lot of people expect that I live fast and loose. They expect that I lead a very sexually adventurous, party lifestyle due to the nature of my work but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have dated a client exactly once many years ago when I was still working freelance in other studios. She pursued me aggressively after the session and with the studio owner’s knowledge and permission we started dating. Early in the relationship her life situation changed and so she moved to a different state to be with her family.

It has been a hard no ever since and it’s never even been something I would consider. Quite a few of them have become good friends, joining my Dungeons and Dragons group, gaming online or playing board games together regularly.

Author: Jason is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

VIP Interview With Shellie Yarnell Creative Director Of Crystal Delights

Sex Toy Designer And Inventor

Crystal Delights was established in 2008 where they designed a digital dildo in Second Life a 3D virtual world which currently has over 1 million players online. Within the online world of Second Life Crystal Delight’s ran a virtual sales kiosk which allowed players to buy real adult lifestyle products using tokens known as Lindens, the virtual currency on Second Life. When the creators of Second Life decided to confine the types of ways people could make and spend money in the virtual world, Crystal Delights then spread their wings and began to grow their market in the real world, taking their digital products into production.

In 2010, Crystal Delights had designed their very first product which was known as the “Crystal Delights Anal Plug”. The most notable design is an extremely beautiful range of butt plugs named “Colors Against Cancer”. The color of the glass matches the type of charity that the product relates to. An amount of the profit from the products that are purchased from this range is donated to Cancer Charities.

They also have won both AVN and Xbiz Industry Awards for their Fetish Product the Crystal Minx Plug with Tail.

They have been mentioned in the media are multitude of times including on BuzzFeed, StyleCaster, The Huffington Post, Jezebel, PopSugar, Screener, Refinery29 and Uproxx.

This is an VIP interview with Shellie Yarnell the Creative Director of Crystal Delights.

Adult Toy Company Banner
Image: Crystal Delights Logo

Tell me about yourself

Shellie Yarnell Creative Director, I entered the adult industry in late 1998 after answering an ad for an homebased online worker, I was intrigued at the possibility and answered the ad, I started off doing a few hours a week of data entry and was with the company for over 10 years ending as the customer service and new products acquisition manager.

What was the moment you realised that you wanted to create real sex toys for Crystal Delights?

It was during that time that I could see the possibility of taking our digital product and bringing it to the real world and finding our place in the adult industry.  We attended a show in Boston Massachusetts where I saw a line of pretty metal plugs featuring sparkling crystals and thought these would be beautiful in glass, I approached the owner at the booth and told her you should make these in glass and she told me I’m not interested, you should do it! That was the first glimmer of a real life Crystal Delights product and as they say, the rest is history!

How did Crystal Delights begin creating virtual products for Second Life? Why did Second Life want sex toys?

Crystal Delights starting in Second Life was just a fun “time waster” really, it is really a fascinating platform, like a chatroom on steroids, you have an avatar that you can dress, change hair, makeup, clothes, you can be a fantasy creature, anything you can imagine really. Second Life used sex in a manner that I think proceeded the virtually reality that we have today, it was just using the interaction between avatars which were humans behind a keyboard. Sex in second life was huge, there were people making millions of dollars selling their digital goods. As you said we did design a virtual vending system that allowed you to use virtual currency to purchase real life products, unfortunately *laughs* we were a good 5 years ahead of our time!

We didn’t start out being “Butt Plug Experts” it just kind of happened, but we are so pleased that we can make a difference in a market that has some of the best customers in the world. We are a small family run business where even our glass blower is a member of the family, our employees feel like part of the family even if they are not biologically and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Sex Toys On Second Life
Image: The Original Second Life Virtual Dildos

Are all your products handmade in the United States? The jewels that are placed on your product to accentuate the design are incredibly beautiful, what are they made from? The hair which is used in the creation of your products are both real and faux? How do you source the materials?

Crystal Delights products are all handmade in the United States using the best materials available to us including genuine Swarovski elements, vintage medallions from the Czech Republic, high grade wig hair for our very popular ponytails and the best faux and real fur available all attached to Borosilicate glass made in their shop in Port Townsend Washington. We often have questions about our real fur tail products which we answer with our Ethical Use Statement as follows:

Our tails come from a U.S. company that specializes in the “refuse parts” of animal remnants typically thrown away. We at Crystal Delights do not condone the killing of an animal for its coat and we believe that some day the fur trade will be abolished, and we support that, but until that time, we believe that all parts of the animal should be used and not simply discarded as waste. Crystal Delights donates a portion of real fur tail profits annually to animal charities to continue our charitable mission.

Butt Plug With Tail
Sex Toy: Unicorn Yarn Tail Plug

What is the best way to store Crystal Delight products?

All of the Crystal Delights products (excluding tails) come in a hand made brocade padded pouch to safely protect them. These pouches are specifically designed and made by us for our products! The tails don’t come with pouches because they should be stored lying flat or hanging to promote air movement, but every Crystal Delights product comes with a use and care sheet that tells you exactly how to care for it.

What are your best sellers?

Our original product the short stem small bulb plug remains among our best sellers, followed by the highly popular tail plugs which include real and faux fur tails, and both bunny and ponytails in a myriad of colors. One of the things that we are most proud of is the ability to accessorize your plug giving you both more style and value! With the offering of both detachable as well as magnetic options the possibilities can be endless!

Anal Sex Toy
Buy Now | Anal Sex Toy Shop With Butt Plugs

Which products are on display at the Kinsey Institute Gallery at Indiana University in Bloomington?

We are also very proud to have products on display at the Kinsey Institute Gallery at Indiana University! The Red Crystal Kiss was out first submission followed by an artisan hand crafted art yarn tail plug.

What are the happiest and proudest moments in your career?

We are probably most proud of our social and charitable efforts giving and helping to causes closest to our hearts, with products such as the colored glass line called CAC, colors against cancer, where a portion of the profits are donated to cancer charities as well as donations to animal charities from real fur tail sales. We also donate product where all the profits are then matched by a company providing to binders to needy trans people. We use our social media platforms to share useful info and promote social justices as well as have a little fun with things like Rest in Pieces, The Jelly Wall of Shame where people submit pictures of a destroyed jelly toy in return for a 25% off coupon for a Crystal Delights glass product, removing a potentially dangerous product and replacing it with a safe hygienic one, a win win for everyone!

You will want to stay tuned because Crystal Delights is always searching and scheming to bring you the best and most interesting products for your adult pleasure!



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