The Sex Rabbit That Changed My View on Vibrators

Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot Curve Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

A week ago now I received a Lovehoney happy rabbit G-spot curve to review, I was so excited as i’ve never had anything like it and being one of the best selling style of dildo’s in Australia I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about.

I could tell I was in for lots of fun, I was aware of the features of this product. It has  2 separate motors which is unusual when it comes to other rabbits, it has 15 x vibration modes (3 x speeds and 9 x patterns in the shaft, 3 x speeds in the ears). That’s a lot of different combinations that i could use and i knew that i was going to have to go through them all! What’s also great about this toy is that It doesn’t have any latex or phthalates, this one is made from a beautiful velvet like silicone. It can be submerged in water and also comes with 1 year warranty.

I love companies that package their toys in such a way that it feels like your unwrapping a present. You know that you’re in for a great toy when the box is nice. Some companies don’t put in a lot of effort when it comes to packaging, but i kind of feel that unwrapping the packaging, opening it up is all part of the experience when it comes to the receiving of your new toy. When you open it up, the first thing that i noticed was the colour! I know some people prefer neutral colours so it’s good that you can buy them in different colours but I was over the moon when I got a bright purple one. The colour was like a velvet royal purple totally my style and the silicone feels so luxurious and smooth to the touch. Other colours are Black & Bright Pink.


Happy Rabbit Packaging for Classy Adult Toys
The Packaging of the Happy Rabbit is simply stunning

I asked myself before inserting it, “Is this too big”? (just because of the actual length I wasn’t sure exactly how far it would go in and was unaware of the dimensions at the time) Also unsure of what my preference was and knowing that I’ve never actually had sex with someone that big lengthwise. To my surprise it felt so realistic obviously not with the vibrations but in terms of the comfortability. I didn’t feel uneasy AND I didn’t need to adjust it, just fit perfectly with my G-spot without having to manually curve anything. I started playing around with the different speeds and programmes but I could always feel this deep rumble almost as if it was pulsating inside AMAZING! and I couldn’t hear a thing, it’s definitely the quietest toy I have.

I’m really not much of a pattern person and I actually never used the patterns with my previous toys however with this rabbit I enjoyed 8/9 of the shaft patterns and actually got off and that’s because it still maintained the strength in the vibrations and doesn’t seem to compromise on the power of the pulsation.

The Rabbit Ears! Goddamn. It’s a very interesting sensation having your inside and clit simultaneously stimulated. The ears are thick which I prefer because I could just imagine having smaller ones that wouldn’t be strong enough to create the proper deep vibrations that drive us women crazy. They are also quite flexible so I could adjust them to where it feels best for me.

If I was going to say two negative things about the product it would be the handle, I just think its not super comfortable to hold, the base is circular and the Circumference is 4.75 inches which makes it hard for me to have a really good grip only because i have smallish hands but in saying that you could also keep it upright and use it that way which i only just realized when i was writing this.. The second would be that your partner might get jealous.

I’m being picky too this is for sure my favourite dildo.


Beautiful Purple Rabbit Vibrator
The Happy Rabbit Unboxed

With everything i’ve said I would also recommend reading the instructions before using it just to understand how to correctly use the buttons to get the full experience. I was just keen to get into it but had a semi hard time figuring out which button does what so always take a few minutes to briefly read the little booklet.

Product Design

* Base diameter: 2 inches

* Base type: Flat

* Circumference: 4.75 inches

* Insertable Length: 5.5 inches

* Length: 10 inches

* Controller Type: Built in – push button

* Power Type: Rechargeable

* Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns

* Contains latex: No

* Contains phthalates: No

* Flexibility: Flexible

* Material: Silicone

* Waterproof: Submersible

Overall, I never thought I’d be so impressed with this toy. It outdid my expectations and it’s great for solo use, I am one very happy women with an operational and versatile orgasm machine for life! I wish this was my first toy instead of investing in lifeless dildos

Words from The Chaste Cyclist!

I’d like to thank you for going through these questions and letting us in to your world of chastity. You started a blog in 2015 called thechastecyclist. We’ve read through your ups and downs, your kink lifestyle, the events of your family and kids, your sex life and various goings on in your life over the previous three years. We’d like to thank you for the chance to ask you a series of questions.

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to read my ramblings.

Chaste Cyclist Blog

In your first post in 2015 – you say that you started this blog as your exploration into the world of chastity. Why a blog, and not a diary? What drove you to putting this online for others to read?

I was talking to another person who writes a blog, The Drew Duality about his life and it included chastity. I also had read through Denying Thumper, another guy talking about and living a life of chastity. Both of their blogs were of such an interest and coupled with my love to write, I decided to give it a go. I honestly didn’t care if anyone ever read a single post. I considered this blog my personal diary.

You had had an interest in male chastity for many years – what was so interesting about it for you and when did you start taking note of it?

Honestly, it started in the late 1980’s. I have always been interested in BDSM and Female Domination. As a college sophomore I started reading those Penthouse “stories” magazines. One edition had a story about two women seducing a man at a bar, taking him home, then tying him up and doing what they wanted to him all night. I chased BDSM and FemDom ever since. It spoke to me. Fast forward to the early 2000’s. One day while cruising the web I stumbled across the Men in Pain website and saw my first photo/video of a guy with metal locked on his cock. I was hooked from there. The entire idea of someone taking control of my cock and controlling my orgasms quickly became a passion…dare I say…an addiction.

You mentioned that you didn’t always take chastity seriously, and you likened it to a game. What made you change your outlook towards chastity and start to take it seriously?

Initially, it was a game. The first time I convinced my Wife to try it and ordered our first cheap device it truly was a game that neither one of us enjoyed playing. The device was ill fitted. It pinched and grabbed at every movement. Truth be told, I didn’t last more than 18 hours before throwing in the towel. My Wife could not have been more pleased. She just wasn’t kinky at all and didn’t understand. After that initial experience, and I have written about this extensively, I started drifting mentally away from my Wife. I resorted to masturbation for my true sexual pleasure and that feeling took over my side of the relationship. After our 25th anniversary, I realized I was missing something and started searching for an answer. Chastity was that answer.

I have to ask this question as when we’re talking about kinks – not everyone is receptive. You say that it was difficult in getting your wife (MrsL) to take chastity as a serious kind of activity. What do you think changed, have you spoken about that and what was her initial hesitation in chastity?

MrsL was raised a devout Catholic and truly believed I was having an affair…well I was…only with myself and online porn. To this day, she still has a hard time with kink but it isn’t as bad as it once was. Her initial reaction to chastity, before I confessed my masturbation issue, was one of truly not understanding. However, after our anniversary trip I took the time to find some “non kinky” e-books for her to read and once she read them we discussed the concept of chastity more seriously.

What advice do you have for people looking to introduce chastity or kink into their lives?

Do your research. Determine if it is just a kink you want to explore or if you want it to be a regular part of your life. There is an adjustment.

What’s your go to comfort food?

Nice, I like how you throw this in here to bring some levity. My go to comfort food has to be…vanilla ice cream! Imagine that, I am a kinky being but my comfort food is vanilla ice cream!

In one of your posts in early October – you talk about whether or not to keep the blog going. What effort and determination is required when running a blog, and what does it take out of you – for those looking to start their own blog?

Even though I initially didn’t care if anyone read my blog, I quickly realized I had regular readers. With regular readers comes an expectation of new/fresh content. In October, I realized I wasn’t holding up my end of the bargain with new/fresh content. I was feeling guilty. I quickly got over that feeling. If your starting a blog, make sure you know why you are starting a blog. Decide if you are writing for you or for your readers. If the answer is the latter, then take steps to keep your blog updated daily. If it is the former, write when, where, and what you want to write.

You and MrsL use a journal to talk about things; kink lifestyle, what’s going on – This seems like a fantastic idea as it let’s couples work through things at their own pace. Where did this idea come from and how have you both found it useful?

It came from another blog I read with the only difference is this couple uses their blog to talk about “stuff”. We only use it for our kinky stuff.

Orgasm Denial

You’ve spoken recently about changing the type of chastity that you and Mrs L engage in, and i’d love to explore that. What does the difference between enforced chastity and devotional chastity mean to you – and what was the decision making process in that?

Enforced chastity is exactly what it says…enforced. When MrsL finally told me that she was in charge of when and how long I wore her Steelheart, I realized I truly had gotten what I had been wishing for all those years. Alas, I travel on airplanes and the plastic Bon4 device and the “custom” EvotionWearables device (3D printed surgical nylon) device caused issues…all chronicled on the blog. One of the many websites I visited and introduced to MrsL was Devotional Sex. We both read through it, individually, had a journal, and face to face conversation about the entire concept. Absent spending the money needed, and we are still planning on doing this someday, on a custom TITANIUM device that is airplane travel safe we agreed that we would live the Devotional Sex lifestyle in between stints in the Steelheart. For me, it personifies my renewed commitment to MrsL.

She is still 100% in charge of IF, WHEN, and HOW I receive an orgasm. In exchange, I still focus all of my sexual energy on her! I will admit that the feeling isn’t the same. There is something about the absolutely instant POSITIVE feedback received when locked in chastity that is electric. When you cock wants to get hard and that desire is blocked by some type of device that energy is looped back through your body. With Devotional Sex, the feedback loop is more subtle but it does build with time. For example, within an hour or two of being locked in the Steelheart, the slightest touch from MrsL sends chills coursing through my body. However, when we are practicing Devotional Sex it sometimes takes days. When I am on a known extended travel break for work the Steelheart is more present. Other times, like now, Devotional Sex is more prevalent. Of course, either way has its advantages and disadvantages for MrsL. She is very coy about which way she prefers but I think it is having unfettered access to tease me.

Secrets My Ex-Lover Asked Me Never to Tell!

A person’s love life can be a roller coaster indeed! While some people go from one partner to the next, others are dead set on finding the love of their life via a transgender dating website, for instance.

Then, there’s me!  I’m somewhere in the middle. My love life isn’t exactly what you’d call turbulent. Moreover, sharing intimate details from an old relationship isn’t something I’d normally do. However, I do believe I had some experiences that some of you might find useful.

With that in mind, here are some things that I learned from a girl I was in a relationship for almost 5 years. I’ve decided not to disclose our names because I want to protect her identity, but I’m still going to share with you guys some of the most interesting stuff I learned from her that she asked me never to tell anyone!


The Lesbian Experience

At one point in the relationship, my ex told me about the time in college when she had sex – not like making out or petting, but full-blown coitus – with another girl! The story revolved around her and her then-roommate who she was close with at the time.

Allegedly, the two college chicks went to a party, became super horny while dancing and making out with some random guys, but had to leave and go back to their dorm once the party ended abruptly. Intoxicated and still craving for sex, the two roommates allowed the situation to escalate and wound up in bed together, having what my ex described as one the best sexual experiences she ever had.

Although she claimed that this little field trip didn’t change the fact that she was completely straight, I couldn’t help but wonder: aren’t we all a bit bisexual?


The Forbidden Crush

Another interesting thing that I learned about my ex while I was with her is that she used to have a crush on her dad’s buddy from work while she was in her late teens. This guy was like 45 or something at the time, but that didn’t stop her from blushing every time she saw the man.

She admitted that deep down she knew nothing could ever happen between them. However, she had this notion of him being the perfect example of what a man should look and behave like. In her words, the ‘purely platonic’ crush revolved around his dad bod, his perfect chin and hairline and the way he addressed the people around him with respect.

In my opinion, this was probably a part of the “getting to know yourself” process that we all go through. She just had a particular person she used as an example of the guy she would want to marry in the future.


Clitoris vs. Vagina

People will tell you different things when it comes to clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Some will claim that the clitoris is the way to go while others will argue that the only real orgasm is the vaginal one. But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

For instance, I tried a multitude of different methods to bring my ex to a climax and all of them worked, but it wasn’t until a couple of years in the relationship that she admitted she always preferred the clitoris over the vagina in terms of reaching an orgasm.

In her words, it’s much easier to stimulate the clitoris and the orgasm comes faster.


How About Anal?

It’s no wonder that the question of anal sex surfaced at some point while I was with my ex. After all, we were together for five years. However, it wasn’t one of those situations where I was begging her to do it with me. No, I simply asked her what did she think about it, had she tried it before and if yes, how did it make her feel.

Turned out that she wasn’t a virgin in that sense. However, she confessed to me she tried it only once ever since becoming sexually active because it proved to be a weird experience for her. Namely, the whole idea of some guy putting his tool into her butt was not that appealing to her, but she wanted to try it with her then-boyfriend since he was really insisting and she was curious.

Now, here’s the most interesting part: although she didn’t find the concept attractive and went through some pain while doing it, she did manage to have an orgasm while having anal sex. She broke up with the guy shortly after for unrelated reason but swore never to have anal sex again despite having a somewhat pleasurable experience with it.

Sexual Secrets


I bet that you’re wondering what’s the message I’m trying to send by letting everyone know about my ex-lover’s personal secrets. For one thing, it’s because I want to help you learn that all women are different.

This applies to people in general, I know, but when it comes to women, there’s really no telling what preferences they have, what they’re brave enough to try and what crazy thoughts they might have at certain points in their life.

Having a platonic crush on a 45-year-old dude is pretty much the same as refusing to have anal sex despite the fact that you find it satisfying – the only difference is that there are various things a girl might like or dislike.

Ultimate Guide To Cunnilingus

I’ve been reading The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus by Violet Blue. This is a how to guide to eating pussy for those of you who didn’t get that from the title. The book is approximately 200 pages and is an easy to read self-help book great for anyone who enjoys giving really great head to women. Violet Blue is a sex educator and gives excellent advice and helpful instructions on giving exquisite pleasure. There are also illustrations by sexpert Alison Tyler to help you visualise the text from Violet. 

This isn’t a book I would normally read but I found once I started it, I got into it. This book is great because it doesn’t matter if you’re a heterosexual man or a queer identifying woman (or a non-binary person) whose friend loves a little oral. I think this would be a great tool to give a teenager who is going through puberty or beginning to engage in sexual intercourse. This allows you to identify which body parts you like to touch and where you like to be touched. I think this book would be empowering and give agency to teenagers exploring their sexuality. This book is not just a beginner’s guide, but also a refresher class for some. The book has clear illustrations of a woman’s anatomy; I’ll say again for the people at the back who are not listening. It shows you where the clitoris is and how to use it to your advantage. Even if you don’t read the entire book, please do society a favour and read that chapter (it’s chapter 3). The book also discusses safe sex and the potential nasties that you can still get even from oral sex, again important information everyone needs to know. 

I found this book offered more than just a ‘how to go down on a woman’ because as you all know, some things you learn from doing them and practising but you can learn somethings from a textbook, and this book can definitely help you. I found myself at the beginning nodding along and thinking to myself, “Well, obviously…” However, as the text goes on it offers more in-depth tips and instructions that even had me wanting to try it out. The author has a friendly tone and it does not read like a textbook which I found made the book enjoyable and engaging. 

The best thing about Violet’s book is she uses simple language, marketing her book to all ages and genders. Violet and Alison have carefully placed the illustrations for the more difficult manoeuvres and included a suggested list of erotic literature and DVD recommendations for the readers for further study on the art of cunnilingus. This really is a book that would benefit anyone from young to old with a skillset anywhere in between. I’d also like to highlight the section on performing oral sex on people with disabilities – which is often an unmentioned or taboo subject. I think this is important because it’s not frequently discussed and it needs a more open dialogue in our society that people with disabilities still enjoy sex. 

I disliked the chapter on shaving the least where she discusses that hair may be an issue for some people as an angry feminist I just think it is your body and it’s not up for discussion if you are shaved or not. The chapter seemed to be in favour of the person performing the oral sex dictating whether you should be shaved/waxed or not and this was a message I can really not stand behind. However, she goes on to discuss various textures and tastes and my annoyance begun to wear off. 

The book also gives recommendations on different positions and how approaching new positions to try for performing oral sex. I enjoyed the way in which violet offered effective communications tip throughout which is so important to reiterate through healthy and safe sex behaviour. The communication tips range from talking to a reluctant partner who is apprehensive about engaging in oral sex and well as ongoing communication during oral sex. She highlights the importance of communication during oral sex which is something I wholeheartedly agreed with sentiment.  

Author Violet Blue

Overall, I would recommend that you read this book, if not for you but for all the people that you go down on. I know we all like to think we are great at giving head, but it never hurts to expand one’s expertise in bringing your partner to a more intense climax. I do highly recommend this to people entering their sexual years as a safe sex and a text that promotes safe and encouraging sexual practices. This book is not only a how to guide and an instructional manual – you should think of this book as a bible, the how to make her cum repeatedly bible.

We-Vibe® Discover Gift Box

Something amazing has happened, We-Vibe have brought out an amazing set just in time for Santa to fill your stocking! If you’ve been into our stores, I am sure you will have seen our collection of We-Vibe toys that all of the staff are low-key obsessed with. We all get equally excited when new products come out and who is going to be the lucky staff member to review it for you. Well, I hit the jackpot! So, sit down and let me tell you all about this incredible pack that you must have for Christmas – whether you’ve been naughty or nice!

About We-Vibe:

We-Vibe are an established company which many of our customers love and trust, as well as all the staff at OhZone. We pride ourselves on having the best products to keep you coming back for more (pun intended)! We-Vibe are a Canadian company who are striving to shape the future of sexual health and wellness aka give you lots of orgasms! We-Vibe design and manufacture some of the worlds leading sex toys for both couples and solo. They have a whole team, including doctors on this team who are dedicated to creating premium toys that work with the human body. These toys are ergonomic, high class, eco-friendly and most importantly body safe.

Unpacking the set:

The set was so much fun to open an it very much reminded me of an advent calendar, the We-Vibe team carefully releasing this box set around Christmas was a strategic marketing move. Well played We-Vibe, well played. The square box has 10 sperate randomised shaped boxes within the larger box with numbers ranging from 1-10. Each box contains a special present for you and your partner to indulge on. The set includes: Womaniser starlet, Dusk anal plug, We-Vibe special edition couples’ vibrator, Pjur lube, We-Vibe Tango vibe, a massage candle, sexy dice, a Kegel ball and a sash.


Loads of cute presents to unwrap and play with such as: a tickler for sensory play, a bottle of Pjur lube which is a quality lubricant that will enhance your We-Vibe experience. The pack also includes the special edition couples vibe, the tango which is super popular at all ALC stores which is rechargeable, whisper quiet and features 8 vibration modes. The pack also features the dusk anal plug when paired with the tango can be used as a vibing butt plug. Ladies, you’ll be blown away when you discover there is a womaniser starlet in this fun packed kit – womanisers are also hugely popular in all of our stores and have repeat customers looking for new womaniser products. Finally, the kit also includes: Kegels for pelvis floor exercises, a sash for blindfolding for restraining, sexy dice for playful couples and a massage candle to keep you guys well entertained all December long.


There are some downfalls to this set and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you this. This set is made for beginners, people who are branching out into high end toys. While the couple’s toy is designed like the Match, this one is battery operated and not the same standard of the We-Vibe sex toys if purchased individually, particularly as it only has one vibration mode. Battery operated toys to me are somewhat dated, and I really believe in a product when it is rechargeable. It was disappointing to me to find out that the product was battery operated. What else was disappointing was the butt plug deceptively appears to vibrate, actually requires the tango to be inserted into the sleeve for it to operate as a vibrating butt plug.

An OhZone recommendation:

Overall, this set has lots of potential and I think it would be an amazing Christmas gift for couples who are looking at including sex toys into their sexual routine for the first time. The stand out feature if the Tango and honestly, this product is so popular at our stores for a reason. However, if you already own some We-Vibe products I’d probably recommend the more advanced users opt to purchase the sync over this set. This is merely due to the fact that the couples vibe is not rechargeable, adjustable, Bluetooth accessible nor does it have various features like the sync or match does. Perhaps the more advanced users should be looking at the anniversary set instead. However, please do not let my recommendations overshadow the glory of this pack. This pack truly has so much to offer and is well worth the money particularly for newbies looking at experimenting with a world class brand.

we-vibe couples set

So, whether you’ve been naughty or nice you can tease or please your partner with this amazing gift pack this Christmas. Head down to your local ALC to discuss which We-Vibe set is for you.