Things to Consider When Purchasing Adult Toys

When it comes to sex, people have different fetishes and fantasies. If you choose to buy adult toys for your sexual thrills, there are so many reasons why this is a great decision. However, you have to make sure that you buy the best for your use. There are different types of adult toys you can find and buy in the market. However, there are essential factors you must consider before you determine the right toy for your needs. If you are shopping online for an adult toy for the first time, the process and the feeling can be overwhelming; you may also be very uncomfortable. However, if you are at that point where you are comfortable with your sexuality, and indeed you want to explore the world of play toys, below are crucial things to consider so that you can buy adult toys suitable for your needs;


  1. Type of toy

This is one of the first aspects you need to consider when choosing a play toy. There are two main categories of adult toys. There are either male or female Sex toys available in the market. Therefore before you can make this decision, it is important to ensure that you understand the type that you want first. This will help you to understand the factors you will have to consider, and also find the best type in accordance with your taste and preference.


  1. Mechanism of operation

When finding adult toys, it is important to note that they operate in different ways. They can either be manual or automated. If you choose the manual play toys, you will have to use your hands; however, for the automated, everything will be done to you when you set the toy in the right state. Therefore when choosing, you always bears in mind the mechanism of operation before you buy.


  1. Size

This is another significant aspect to consider when choosing your adult toys. Depending on what you prefer and your taste, make sure to choose the best adult toys and the right size that you need. For example, you can choose a small size because you can easily hide it somewhere in the house; always consider the portability of your play toys before you can decide to buy them; you want to buy one that you can easily carry even when traveling.


  1. Price

These toys come at different prices. This can be dictated by the material used to make them, size, and other significant factors. Because of this, it is important to determine the amount that you want to spend on buying your adult toy, compare different stores both online or offline to make sure that you buy your toy at an affordable price.


Using toys is one of the best ways that you can get sexual satisfaction, whether alone or with your partner. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and also materials. You have to find Sex toys that you feel comfortable using and one that will give you the most satisfaction. Buying from an online store is an ideal option because you can get different choices and buy at discounted prices; you also get to buy your toy in private.

The right way to respond to female workplace harassment

Female workplace harassment is an everyday problem for women in society and there is a proper way to respond and effectively deal with that. This is definitely something that affects a lot of women and sometimes we don’t say anything or we don’t do anything but that’s not the best response. You can visit a website like if you want to see workplace harassment that’s intended 😉.

You should do something and you have the power to stand up for yourself. So in this post, I am going to share how to properly respond to harassment at work whether it’s sexual harassment or any other type of harassment situation that you may be facing.

Address the person directly

The first way that they can respond to harassment at work is to address the person directly one-on-one. Avoiding it, or ignoring addressing the person should never be an option.

If someone does something that you don’t like, you should definitely say something to that person. Let them know you don’t like that behaviour and you don’t want it to occur again. This is really an area that some people who offend others with sexual harassment claim that they didn’t know it was inappropriate.

Well, that is definitely not going to be an issue if you directly let that person know you didn’t like what they did. You’d appreciate it if they wouldn’t do it again.

Do Not respond to Harassment over text

Now when you’re responding to harassment at work you never want to respond in a written form of communication. If you receive a text message or email the best response is to take a screenshot of that and deal with that message in a different manner verbally or in other ways.

You can go to human resources or other ways whatever you choose to move forward. But never text a person back because you certainly want to be able to make sure that you don’t have a written record of anything.

That’s going to negatively position you. So what you want to do is a screenshot and save that message but certainly don’t respond to it in a text or another email.

Be frank to talk with your manager

 In responding to harassment at work you can definitely speak with your manager. You should feel comfortable in doing so because you want to communicate to your manager in writing and also face to face what’s going on. Let them know about the situation and I would also recommend that if you feel that you need to go to human resources as well you take that extra step.

You want to make sure there’s a record of this event in the company’s documentation because letting it just slide is never okay, especially if you are violated in any particular way. So you definitely want to make sure it gets reported and reporting it to your manager or Human Resources for both it’s the best way to do that.

Read your employee manual and your handbook for your organization should have guidance on how to respond and react to different situations. Unless you work for a live gay sex site you shouldn’t have to deal with harassment. There could be a person at your organization that has a role specifically for dealing with employee relations or employee engagement.

Sex During Periods: What You Need To Know

The menstrual cycle is the periodic shedding of the endometrial lining in the female population and many ask is ok to have Sex During Periods. At the end of every monthly cycle, the uterine lining sheds in the form of blood. It comes along with some associated symptoms like menstrual cramps, bloating, and mood issues. Most couples hold a misconception that sexual intercourse isn’t possible during the periods. But, the reality is quite different and may boost your sex life. You can continue the intercourse even during the menstrual cycle with a few tips in consideration.

Here are the things that you need to know about periods and sexual intercourse during these days.

Sex During Periods: Is It Possible?

The most common concern that every couple holds related to the periods is the possibility of intercourse at that time. You can experience a satisfying sexual experience even on the period days. Experts suggest that period sex may alleviate cramps and lead to a better sexual experience. But, you might want to refrain from it in case you’re suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases. It is because STDs transmit via blood contact, and your contraceptive measures might not prevent the infection.

Period Sex & Pregnancy

Another common question prevalent amongst couples is the possibility of pregnancy during period sex. You may get pregnant with period intercourse due to several reasons. One of the reasons is an irregular menstrual cycle and related issues. In case the menstrual flow isn’t due to your period, you are likely to get pregnant. But, if your cycles are regular and on time, then the chances of pregnancy are quite less but not negligible. During the menses, the ovulatory processes are no longer active, and there is no egg to fuse with the sperm. But, you must use adequate protection even during period intercourse. It’s advisable to use contraception even during the period times for maximum protection and safe sex.

Benefits Of Period Sex

One of the best reasons to continue sexual intercourse during periods is the increase in sexual pleasure. You might like the sexual act more during your menstrual shedding phase. Also, it relieves menstrual cramps and might enhance libido levels without any medication.

1.    Curbs Menstrual Cramps

If you go through excessive menstrual cramps that are next to unbearable, then period sex might help. Sexual acts and orgasms during menses may reduce uterine contractions and curb cramps. Also, it increases the release of happiness hormones like endorphins and transforms your mood. You can couple up the period sex with some remedies for minimal cramps like vaping to relieve period stress. It may help you have more pleasurable sex. Look out for your favorite e-juice from the range of great vape juice flavors to have a good time.

2.    Extra Lubrication

Another reason to try out period sex is the fact that it provides natural lubrication. You don’t have to use the external lube as the menstrual fluid acts as potent lubrication. Also, the uterine lining is an excellent lubrication aid and prevents discomfort during intercourse.

3.    Heightened Libido

Do you struggle to get aroused and enjoy sexual intercourse often? If yes, then you must try out the period sex. During the menses, you are likely to get aroused faster than before. Also, it heightens the sexual urge and provides an enjoyable act even while menstruating. Make sure to give the period sex a try for maximum enjoyment as well as minimize discomfort.

Tips For Period Sex


Although period sex is quite enjoyable, you might want to take care of a few things. Try to get your hands on personal hygiene aids and use contraception during intercourse. Other than this, you must take care of several factors before starting the new act.

1.    Get Rid Of Menstrual Aids

You must remove the menstrual cup or tampon before indulging in period sex. Also, empty the menstrual disc for tidy, smooth, and enjoyable sexual intercourse. With the menstrual products on, the chances of you forgetting to remove them later are quite high. Along with this, it increases the risk of microbial contamination in your pelvic region.

2.    Use Contraception

Period sex reduces the chances of pregnancy, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility. Hence, it’s essential to use adequate protection before starting the sexual act. Not only will it prevent pregnancy, but it also reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Get your hands on contraceptive pills and condoms and use them for maximum sexual protection.

Disadvantages Of Period Sex

There are a few disadvantages of period sex that you might want to learn beforehand. The most common issue with the act is the messiness that comes along with it. Also, you might end up staining the bedsheet and other areas in contact. To prevent messiness, you can use a towel to cover up the bedsheets. Try to remove the tampon before starting the intercourse to make the most of the natural lubricants. Otherwise, the tampon might soak up the lubricant along with uterine blood lining. Take care of such factors before indulging in sexual intercourse during the menses for maximum comfort.

Final Verdict


Most people worry too much about sexual intercourse during periods. But, it’s fine to indulge in the act of intimacy even during the menstrual phase. All you need to do is take care of a few things before getting started. Make sure to use contraceptives and ditch the lube during the period of intercourse. Also, you might want to use a towel to curb messiness and maintain personal hygiene. Period sexual intercourse minimizes menstrual cramps and enhances libido levels. Along with this, it boosts your mood and might curb the psychological issues related to periods.

Sex during COVID-19. How to avoid getting coronavirus while making love

According to research, covid is not sexually transmitted so having Sex during COVID-19 can still be done with some precautions.   However, experts warn, it is easy to get infected during sex – especially if the partners do not live together. The authorities of some countries have even developed special recommendations in this regard. The advice may seem out of the ordinary, but it has a scientific basis.

It is connected with having no sex and watching porn if needed. You can follow this advice by watching videos from the best site with such content.

Protect yourself to the maximum

One of the first to take care of the sex life of citizens during the pandemic was the Canadian authorities. So, back in the late spring of last year, a set of rules appeared on the official website of the Toronto City Hall – how to make love in order to minimize the risk.

Partners who live together need not be particularly afraid. For polyamor, the safest thing is contactless sex, the authors of the recommendations emphasized. The fact is that coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets, that is, through close contact, talking, sneezing and coughing.

  • No contact – no infection.
  • Fans of one-time meetings with regulars of dating sites should temporarily go online.
  • In a pandemic, it is better for them to practice video dating, virtual sex and chatting.

If life is not at all sweet without sexual intercourse, you need to protect yourself to the maximum. Namely – to use condoms, be sure to wash your hands before and after sex (it does not matter, alone or with a partner), put on masks during the act and refuse to kiss. In addition, it is better to choose positions that exclude face-to-face contact.

The British Columbia authorities have a similar opinion regarding postures. And they also remind: it is important to wash sex toys with soap and not use them with a large number of partners.

Vaccination for sex

The World Health Organization also paid attention to the issue of intimacy. Its experts warn: any sexual act implies close contact, which means it increases the risk of contracting coronavirus.

An exception is partners who live under the same roof and observe infection control measures. Masturbation also does not compromise the health of the other person.

The New York City Department of Health has issued its own “sex rules”, and the main thing is – get vaccinated. This is the easiest way to protect yourself and your beloved from covid. Already two weeks after the second vaccination, you can safely go on dates and not wear a mask during the act, the authors of the recommendations note. And it works even when it comes to meeting strangers or group sex.

A person who is not fully vaccinated will have to do sex in a mask, avoid kissing, exclude oral and anal sex.

Expert from one of the largest medical research centers “Mayo Clinics” (USA) advises unvaccinated people to reduce the number of sexual partners and refuse sexual intercourse with those who have ARVI symptoms.

  • “Coronavirus, of course, is not sexually transmitted, but kissing, hugging and close communication with a partner are dangerous, especially if you don’t know his status or he doesn’t know whether he’s sick or not. Therefore, it is much wiser to get vaccinated and be sure that the risk of infection is minimized, ”the expert emphasized.

All in science

According to scientists from Harvard University (USA), sexual activity significantly increases the risk of contracting covid, even though SARS-CoV-2 is not sexually transmitted. No traces of the virus have yet been found in the vaginal secretions. Fragments of his RNA were found in semen, but whether it was infectious, the researchers never figured out.

The coronavirus is insidious in that it has a long incubation period and is asymptomatic. Therefore, the authors of the article believe, physicians should inform patients about sex recommendations during a pandemic.

  • Sexual intercourse is safe between people who are quarantined together or live in the same apartment. Naturally, masturbation and abstinence do not carry any risks.
  • In addition, phone sex and video calls are acceptable.
  • If the infection with covid could not be avoided, then sex can be engaged immediately, as soon as the state of health allows.
  • However, experts recommend carefully protecting yourself for some time after recovery.

It must be understood that any infection – and COVID-19 is no exception – affects a man’s fertility. There is nothing new here. For healthy offspring after acute illnesses – be it food poisoning, ARVI, influenza, pneumonia, COVID-19 – neither men nor women are recommended to immediately plan children. For a child to be born healthy, the body needs to recover.

According to the researchers’ calculations, this usually lasts from three to six months. Then you can return to normal life, especially if you revaccinate on time.


Living with coVid in new south wales

The Australian government authorities in September shifted their focus to Living with coVid in New South Wales with drives for vaccinating people against the COVID-19 virus instead of trying to suppress COVID-19 cases and reduce them to zero. They also extended the Melbourne COVID-19 lock down by three weeks. Daniel Andrews, the Victorian premier indicated that the stringent restrictions imposed would be gradually eased, after 70% of the adult residents of the state have received at least one vaccination dose. Based on the rate at which the population is being vaccinated, the premier hoped that the state would reach this milestone by September 23, 2021

In Melbourne the capital of Victoria state, a lock down of nearly a month was imposed in August, yet it was not successful in ending the Covid-19 outbreak. Andrews claimed that despite the best efforts of the government in imposing restrictions, they were not able to reduce the number of cases, they only increased. He claimed that the lock down extension was required so that people could be vaccinated, and also reduce the spread of infections till the vaccination goals were met. The number of new cases in Victoria of local residents increased to 120 a day from 76 the previous day. 100 of these newly infections had spent time in the community.

In the neighboring state of New South Wales(NSW) with capital Sydney, the vaccination rate has increased after a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. The state preponed its target of fully vaccinating 70% of the population aged 16 and above from end October to middle October. The NSW premier Berejiklian while speaking to reporters that after the vaccinate percentage reached 70% life would be far better and people would have more freedom. At present 37% of the NSW population is fully vaccinated, and 67% have received at least one vaccine dose, which is slightly better than the national rates, but lower than other comparable countries. There has been a slight decrease in daily cases.  However, NSW reported four new deaths, increasing the death toll for the latest outbreak to 100.

On September 1, Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister informed parliament in Canberra that Australians should adjust to living with covid, and the lock downs should be ended after some time. Australia which has a population of 25 million, is trying to control the third COVID-19 wave by locking down over half of its population. People residing in the national capital Canberra and its largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne have been forced to stay at home due to the lock down for several weeks. Despite the recent spike in cases, the total coronavirus cases in Australia are comparatively low with 1012 deaths and slightly more than 55000 cases.

Among the twenty largest economies in the world. Australia recorded the milestone 1000 COVID-19 deaths in August, far later than other countries. Several economies in the Asia-Pacific have fewer deaths compared to Australia, and New Zealand has recorded only 26 deaths. While lock downs were effective in ending the Covid-19 outbreaks earlier, the delta variant of the virus is very infectious. So the number of cases are increasing despite the lock down, so the largest states are using other methods for virus infection control and planning to reopen soon.

Chris Moy, the vice president of the Australian Medical Association informed Reuters that the earlier methods were not effective against the Delta virus variant since it was highly infectious, had a short incubation time and spread through asymptomatic people. Moy claimed that the time available for eliminating the delta variant was much smaller once infections started, and after the delta variant started spreading it was difficult to control the spread of virus infections.

The federal government wishes to ensure that the different territories and states in Australia adhere to the reopening plan nationally after vaccination rates for the population reach 70-80% . However, some states which are virus free claim that they will delay reopening, since the number of cases in Sydney are increasing rapidly. Josh Frydenberg, the Australian Federal treasurer has urged the Australian states to reopen according to the national plan. He said that the plan would allow businesses to reopen , plan and control their future. He said that the the national plan aims to help the Australian economy flourish while living with covid.

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