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Delay spray for premature ejaculation

Our friends at Promescent who manufacture the world’s first FDA compliant, famous and best-selling solution for premature ejaculation have sent us a bottle of their male delay spray valued at over $100 to GIVEAWAY to one of Adultsmart’s lucky readers.

How do I enter the competition?

To enter simply write a comment below this article on why you love Promescent.

Who can enter the competition?

You must be over 18 years of age to enter the competition. The competition is open to people worldwide.

When does the competition close?

Entries close on the 19th of May. The draw will be conducted on the 20th of May.  The winner will be contacted via email to arrange delivery.

How many times can I enter the competition?

One entry per person.

About Promescent

Promescent is recommended by thousands of urologists as the first-line of therapy to treat premature ejaculation. It is a topical desensitisizing medication that is used to manage and control ejaculation so that men all over the world are able to last longer in the bedroom.

Using Promescent will reduce levels of stress and performance anxiety. It helps place people’s minds at ease knowing that they are using a product that works. This will in turn helps to boost personal confidence so men can spend more time enjoying being in the moment when it matters the most. This makes each and every sexual encounter the best it can possibly be. What makes Promescent incredible is that not only has it been proven to work but it also greatly minimises sensation loss and transference to a partner.

Delay spray that follows FDA guidelines
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Promescent prevents the transference to a partner

Promescent goes above and beyond most other delay sprays available in the adult market with their product being made with TargetZone technology. When the product is applied, it does not just stay on the top layer of the skin. Instead, it is absorbed into the penile skin. The ingredient lidocaine remains in the localalised area that it was directly applied to and does not spread to other surrounding areas. This occurs because the formula is a liquid rather than a solid. This mix of delay spray is known as a “eutectic formula” which gives it the unique properties it possesses.

For people who are planning on using a condom to prevent any transference to their partner during penetrative or oral sex, Promescent recommends to use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe away any excess delay spray.

What we love most about Promescent is that it’s FDA compliant and made in an FDA approved facility

Promescent left no expenses spared. To maintain the highest quality of standards and high levels of customer satisfaction they have went above and beyond. Promescent is FDA compliant and manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

Promescent has been proven to work by an IRB certified clinical study

When compared to other delay sprays available in the adult market, Promescent is different. They have successfully been proven to work by an IRB certified clinical study. The study had found incredibly strong results which showed:

  • Men who used Promescent were found to last up to 64% longer in bed.
  • The participants reported that when the product was not used they were able to achieve orgasms 44.1% of the time. When Promescent was used, 65.6% of sexual events resulted in both partners having an orgasm.
  • The participants reported that when Promescent was not used, 38.7% of men would have an orgasm but their partner did not.  When Promescent was used, only 21.0% of men would have an orgasm but their partner did not.
  • 72.1% of participants reported that when Promescent was used it impacted their sexual lifestyle, health and wellness positively.

There have been multiple studies published about the statistics and facts of how Promescent has worked for others. These articles have been published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the National Institute of Health, Medical Daily and the International Journal of Impotence Research.

Promescent is incredibly easy to use

People who are using the spray for the first time are recommended to only spray the product around 3 times. Once you have sprayed, wait for up to 7 to 10 minutes to find out how your level of sensitivity has changed. If you are still sensitive, try applying one or two more sprays until you get the desired result. The first time a person uses the delay spray should be looked at as a trial before the main event.

Promescent recommends that the delay spray is used on the frenulum and on the underside of the shaft. Promescent is incredibly convenient and can also be applied when flaccid or erect. With all of this in mind, you should definitely try using Promescent’s delay spray as a method to delay ejaculation!

The ONLY FDA Compliant Eutectic Male Delay Spray!

There are so many delay sprays in the marketplace receiving another one was just a bit of ho-hum for me… BUT… PROMESCENT was different.  9 out 10 delay sprays or creams are made with the active ingredient lidocaine, which is basically a numbing agent.  So you spray it onto the penis and hey presto, after about 5 to 10 minutes the penis goes numb. This is great but seeing that your penis goes numb it also effects the stimulation it will receive. So less stimulation equals a delay in ejaculation.  You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work that one out which is why there are so many around.

Win Promescent
Image: Promescent standard metered-dose bottle


PROMESCENT is different.  Let me explain to you why. It was created by respected urologist and creator Robert Gilbert MD, from top to bottom.   It is now recommended by thousands of urologists across the USA.

Gilbert death was a case of mistaken identity. He was shot 10 times in January of 2013. The man in question pled not guilty for reasons of insanity but received life imprisonment in September 2017.

In 2014, Abraham was offered over $30 million USD to sell the company and turn the product into a prescription only drug. Jeff promised Ron’s family to make this a global brand, stating:

“This product needs to be on the shelf at every Walgreens, CVS, and 7-Eleven right next to the condoms. This is a lifestyle product.”


Are you getting excited????  Well trust me you are not going to blow your load after reading this review.

So getting back to the product. Promescent is a treatment for premature ejaculation (PE) and basically means that you cum pretty much straight after sexual stimulation.  The causes of PE are many and it effects an estimated 30% or all men at some time in their lives.

Common types of premature ejaculation

The most common types of PE are:

Lifelong Premature Ejaculation

Obviously, this means that the ailment has been present from the first time sexual stimulation was experienced.  It will occur during most if not all encounters and the typical time before ejaculation is experienced in one minute or less.

Acquired Premature Ejaculation

As a result of ‘poor’ sexual experiences the ailment occurs later in life.  Again, it covers most if not all sexual activities and the average time before ejaculation is three minutes or less.

Variable Premature Ejaculation

Some sexual encounters you have regular sex and ejaculation and other times you suffer from PE.

Subjective Premature Ejaculation

Disappointment with the length of time of sexual intercourse regardless whether it is PE or not.

NOTE:  Premature ejaculation may occur prior to penetration or stimulation and anything less than 3 minutes is considered PE.  The average length for a man having sex to ejaculate is five and a half minutes.

So as Promescent is the only compliant FDA eutectic treatment – I said it again.  So how and why does it work?

Obviously, lidocaine is the active ingredient in the climax controlling spray BUT they have patented technologies that controls the drug – SO IT DOES NOT NUMB!!!!  Yes, I am shouting but hey I am pretty excited about that.  This patented formula they describe as:

‘an “eutectic formula”, which is a combination of materials that, together, for a new substance that has significantly new properties’

All those other delay sprays numb so sex is nowhere near as enjoyable with it on.  Can you keep a secret?? Just between you and me, half the time when using delay sprays it is not premature ejaculation it is getting it up.  My Rodger is so numb and desensitized that I cannot get aroused. (The other inactive ingredients are listed at the footer of this review.)

Reviewers and users of PROMESCENT have often reported an INCREASE in stimulation and more intense orgasms.  Bet you are now reading with added interest.

Using it is simple too as you simply use the spray 1-2 applications is generally sufficient 5-10 minutes before sexual activity to the penis and particularly the frenulum.  Once on it does not transfer to your sex partner and because it is absorbed by your skin so it stays on you lasts a lot longer.  Trust me, a lot of this sounds too good but it has been proven in clinical tests and trials.  In fact the US Medical Journal in august of 2016 published that states:

‘Promescent spray helps men last up to 64% longer in bed.’

Not a bad endorsement, hey! This could really could be used to improve almost any man’s sexual lifestyle.

Promescent’s available sizes

Promescent comes in two sized pump style plastic bottles which include:

  • The standard metered-dose bottle which contains .25 fl oz / 7.4ml. This equals to 60 identical sprays.
  • The travel trial size bottle .04 fl oz / 1.3ml. This equals to 10 identical sprays.

These bottle are a handy size that are easy to use. They also come in bundle packs so that you can save money on your purchase in the long run.

Do you need a prescription for Promescent?

Promescent does not require a prescription in the United States. The website states:

‘Promescent is a fast-acting, on-demand solution that empowers men to take control and last longer for greater sexual satisfaction.

  • Promescent does not transfer to partners;
  • Promescent does not require a prescription;
  • Promescent dosage can be adjusted for individual control based on sensitivity;
  • Promescent does not require daily dosing and can be used as needed.’

Promescent is not yet sold in Australia but you can buy it online in the US and have it shipped to you in Australia for personal use. Which is quick and easy.

So here is my review on Promescent

Having an intimate night in with my wife, and the kids early to bed we had a few cuddles and hugs and it was quite apparent that we were going to get intimate tonight.  So as bed time came and she was off to check on the kids and I was off the check the doors, lights and windows I snuck into the downstairs bathroom and applied the recommended three sprays of Promescent to the head of my penis.  I rubbed it in and after a few minutes put on my trackies and went back upstairs.

Apart from feeling damp for a few moments prior to rubbing it in there were no side effects typical of other delay sprays.  For example, Indian God Lotion causes a burning sensation, Stud 100 almost immediately numbs the head,  Dynamo on the other hand – which thankfully I have never tried brings a whole new world to side effects.  With over 454 reported reactions in 2017.

So as I went off to bed, with thankfully no side effects from the application I met with my wife for some extremely sensual action.  I am generally a 12 minute man so I do not suffer from PE but I lasted over 18 minutes and I can tell you there was some pretty intense action happening there.  During the course, or should I say intercourse of our session we applied some silicone personal lubricant which did not appear to have any impact on the spray.

I asked my wife if she noticed anything different – and apart from the contented smile – the only thing she noticed was that I lasted longer.  Now, I will not say it intensified my orgasm but the delay in ejaculation did make me enjoy the sex more.  Because I could not feel the spray, the only comment I can make is that I did not last longer, my penis did not become number so in my view it is two thumbs up on this one.

If the average increase is 64% and I am generally a 12 minute wonder the spray should have had me delay my ejaculation till around the 19.5 minute mark.  It well and truly delivered with an additional minute or so on top. Promescent is a delay spray that gives you all of the benefits.

About Ronald Gilbert Bio From The Promescent Website

Robert Gilbert MD
Creator of Promescent

Ronald Gilbert M.D. F.A.C.S. earned his degree in biology in 1983, graduating from University of California Santa Barbara with highest honors. Over the next 10 years, Ron completed his education at the University of California – Irvine, where he graduated from medical school in 1987 and completed his urological residency in 1993.

From 1993 until his death in January 2013, Ron was a practicing urologist at Orange Coast Urology in Newport Beach, CA. Ron also served as the chief of the Department of Urology at Hoag Hospital and as an assistant clinical professor of urology at UCI Medical School. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a lecturer and consultant for TAP Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Pfizer, educating urologists and primary care physicians about prostate cancer, interstitial cystitis and sexual dysfunction. He was a diplomate of the American Board of Urology and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons as well as a member of the American Urological Association. Ron is survived by his wife and two sons.

Other ingredients in promescent



Mimi Surprises With Deliciously Soft Orgasms

Woman orgasming on a cloud

I really have nothing to complain about when I come into work on a public holiday to find a sex toy sitting under the counter waiting for me. I was super grateful to find a brand spanking new Je Joue Mimi Soft to take home to my collection. I have so much to say about this incredible toy so sit back, relax and get ready to click on the Adultsmart’s store link because by the time I am done, I bet you’ll be sold.

Since I began working in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, the Je Joue products have been a go to for affordable, high quality toys. The Je Joue Ami Kegel Trainer Set was my very first introduction to Kegel exercisers and the Je Joue G-Kii has been sitting on my ridiculously long wish list since I started. The toys and packaging are all sleek and elegant, making them attractive for people searching for discreet looking toys.

Features of the Je Joue Mimi Soft

The Je Joue Mimi Soft is described as a pebble shaped vibrator. It is just over 8cms in length and 5cms wide and features a slightly curved, pointed tip. The Mimi Soft’s tip has a plush feel to it (Unlike the regular), making it incredible for direct clitoral stimulation. The shape of the toy fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, with this meaning it’s amazing for stimulation over the entire vulva. The Je Joue Mimi is 100% waterproof and charged with a magnetic USB charger. 2 hours of charge time should give you approximately 2 hours of use.

Clitoral sex toy
Image: Je Joue Mimi

The silicone on Je Joue toys is made in Germany and has an incredibly silky, smooth feel which is easy to keep clean (Just use a foaming toy cleaner such as Wicked Foam N Fresh)  and perfect for use with a high-quality water based lubricant (Intimate Earth’s Hydro is my top pic!). The Mimi is available in matte colours such as black, purple, pink and fuchsia, with this being one of the appealing qualities of them. I have never been a fan of the fluorescent, vibrant pinks and purples seen in many products, so I welcome Je Joue’s colour choices to keep it classy.

The wide shape of the Je Joue Mimi Soft

I see many women buying a vibrator for clitoral stimulation tending to go towards something like a bullet which is intended to be used directly on the clitoris. Now don’t get me wrong, bullets are great (especially during sex as they are small enough not to get in the way) however for women using these solo, I really like to recommend them something a little bit bigger to explore more of their body. There are multiple nerve endings and erogenous zones all over the genital region of a woman, with the mons pubis, outer labia and perineum all areas that many women find incredibly pleasurable to stimulate. A vibrator such as the Je Joue Mimi gives its user more surface area to explore different areas of their genitals all at the same time. The Mimi is perfect to place over the clitoris and labia for maximum pleasure.

Womans massager
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The vibrations, modes and power of the Je Joue Mimi Soft

Now as with all Je Joue’s toys, the vibrations of the Mimi are the deepest and most rumbly compared with any other brand, this being my favourite feature. I find that high frequency, ticklish vibrations that some other toys have tend to numb me out and can be irritating at times. When using the Je Joue Mimi, I felt its deep vibes travelling through my entire body, leading to stronger and more pleasurable orgasms. I heard an amazing analogy of Je Joue vibrations recently, likening them to the sounds a whale makes in the ocean-they travel far and wide! The Mimi features 5 power intensity levels and 6 different pulse patterns so there is always a way to mix it up. The Mimi features 3 buttons controlling the intensity and patterns meaning you don’t have to turn the toy off and on to get back to the lowest setting if desired.

Other ways to use the Je Joue Mimi Soft

Now I know I have spent the entire article speaking from a woman’s perspective but gentlemen, do not be alarmed thinking it is only for women. The Mimi is a perfect toy for perineum and external anal stimulation. The vibrations will travel deep inside you, so having your partner holding it against you as you masturbate or vice versa can assist you in having an incredibly powerful orgasm. Alternatively, the Mimi can be placed between you and your woman during missionary (on her pubic bone) so you can experience the rumbly vibes together.

The Je Joue Mimi is really diverse and fits perfectly in underwear or a strap on harness. If you feel game, it can be an exciting adventure to place it in before going out to a restaurant or party. The super quiet vibrations will mean you shouldn’t attract too much attention (though your orgasm face may be a little harder to hide).

All Je Joue products come with a 1 year warranty which is a good reassurance on top of the fact that they are such high-quality products.

As far as vibrators go, Je Joue products are the way to go with the Mimi an amazing product worth every cent. The Mimi gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

VIP Interview With Amie Wee Founder And Producer Of Rule 34 Club

Strap-on perverted performance

Rule 34

“If it exists there IS porn of it – no exceptions”

In other words, no matter how mundane, boring, weird or whacky an item someone has turned it into porn. Nothing is sacred. Whether you are thinking of hot buttered crumpet, a strawberry milkshake, your favourite TV show or balloons, there is porn out there which features it. This is a rule of the internet which celebrates people’s unlimited creativity and diversity in their sexual lifestyles, it has changed the face of porn. This is the beauty of the internet, that everything can be shared and accessed so freely. Rule 34 is now a famous internet meme. Its origin was started in a web comic by Peter Morley-Souter which made light of his surprising find of Calvin and Hobbes themed porn parody.

In Sydney, Rule 34 club takes these perversions and turns them into a monthly performance art show. Rule 34 club performances are sexy, shocking, surprising, dirty, erotic and so much more. They push through the boundaries and break free of any social constraints that hold people back to deliver amazing performances.  Perverting the unpervertable has never been more entertaining! Props and costumes may include BDSM gear, body stockings, face masks and dildos! Rule 34 club began in 2017 with its popularity soaring, each monthly show has quickly sold out of tickets.

Just look at what other audience members have said about their previous shows:

“When I’m at Rule 34, I feel like I’m in a John Waters movie.”

“What has been seen, cannot be unseen”

This is a VIP interview with Amie Wee the founder and producer of Rule 34 club.

Tell me about the Rule 34 club

Hello! I’m Amie Wee and I created and produce Rule 34 club – a monthly perverted performance art show. Rule 34 club runs once a month in Sydney, plus we also put on parties and make apparel.

What inspires you?

I pick up inspiration from all over the place. I’m especially inspired by people who create stuff on their own terms and don’t give too much of a shit about how their work will be perceived. People who revel in creating stuff that isn’t ‘beautiful’. In a world where there’s so much pressure to beautiful, skinny, sexy and liked by everyone, I’m really inspired by creatives who aren’t afraid to create work that isn’t pretty and freaks people out a bit. But then again, I recently got a cockroach costume for free and it’s inspired me more than it probably should have. Rule 34 is my outlet for my inspiration.

Sexy milk pouring on naked model
Image: Rule 34 club milk

What inspired the creation of Rule 34 club?

Theatre and porn are probably two of my most favourite things to talk about so it made sense to combine them! I always wanted to create a space where anything went and people could feel free to experiment. Plus I’d just turned 30 and thought… fuck it. Let’s just do it.

How did you pick the name Rule 34 club?

Well, Rule 34 is an internet term that means, “if it exists, there is porn of it” meaning that even the most mundane of things can be perverted. The show had a bunch of different working titles in the beginning but the concept of Rule 34 really summed up what I find funny and what I wanted to create. Plus, the name “Rule 34 Club” sounds deceivingly random and innocent… unless you know what it means.

Perverted performance art
Image: Rule 34 club gremlin

What goes into the process of producing a show at Rule 34?

So, I curate the shows. Each month I pick a theme and put the word out to a bunch of different performers and invite them to send me their pitch for a 5-10 minute performance. The themes are always cheeky and open to interpretation. Some of my favourite past themes have included: Size Queens, Hot Mess, Science Friction, The XXXorcist, Objectification… and our next show (11 April) is Shit Happens.

What type of performances can people see at Rule 34?

Rule 34 is a true variety show… but like, a really dirty one. I have a soft spot for shows that are more like skits and scenes because you just don’t see other places really doing that. But there’s also bent burlesque, spoken word, singing, drag, filmmakers and all sorts of other types of performance. As long as it’s Rule 34-themed… it’s welcome!

What mundane things have Rule 34 been able to pervert?

Oh lord, I don’t know where to start. Some mundane things that have been perverted at Rule 34 are: swimming safety, cockroaches, donuts, clowns (are they mundane?), Ronald McDonald, Nutella, ET, Trump, Jesus, roast chickens, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, cops, JENGA!…

Sexual performance with trump
Image: Rule 34 club Trump

What are the most memorable performances that have occurred at Rule 34?

That’s a difficult one and totally subjective. One of my favourite things about Rule 34 is asking people after the show what their favourite moments were and I always get different answers. That’s what I think part of the appeal of Rule 34 club is… there’s really something for everyone. It’s hard to pick between the possessed vagina dentata and the rubber chicken cocks really… Honestly, my best moments are just watching someone who’s never performed or is anxious about getting up on stage but really wants to, pushing through that, totally rocking it on stage and breaking down that barrier for themselves. Rule 34 really lends itself to providing that safe space for expression.

Why is it important to provide performances for members of the fetish and kink community?

That’s a good question. I don’t really think about Rule 34 club as being about ‘providing’ performances. For me it feels like providing a space for the performers and inviting people to come and watch. I do think that the BDSM world can take things a little too seriously… so it’s nice to shake it up and remind people that what’s kinky is subjective. Except clowns. Clowns are the kinkiest of all kinks.

Looner dressed in costume
Image: Rule 34 club Jeepers Creepers

Are the performances made purely for entertainment? Are there any messages or meanings people can get from the shows?

Sometimes the shows are purely for entertainment, and that’s not a bad thing at all. We all love to laugh. Some of the shows aren’t meant to be funny… some are darkly funny… some you wonder if you should be laughing at them but you can’t help yourself… some are emotional… others are cathartic for the performers. I love how at Rule 34 you can go from watching a funny burlesque act to watching something deeply personal on the stage. Expect the unexpected!

What have you found were people’s reactions after they have attended a Rule 34 show?

People are generally really excited by the show. They love to be shocked. It’s a very fun show and every month is totally different. It’s not uncommon for me to see people at a show and then see them come back the next month with their workmates, brother, sister, Aunty, AirBnB guest or neighbour in tow. I really can’t stress enough how diverse the audience is. We have 18 year old non binary people, couples who make a date night out of the show and 80 year olds who get up and have a crack at our open mic section. There’s this strange cohesion. I think the fact that it’s a show for anyone with a dirty mind over the age of 18. All genders and sexualities welcome.

Splooshing performance art
Image: Rule 34 club splooshing

What can people expect from Rule 34 club in the future?

More shows! We also threw a big party at the Red Rattler for Sydney Mardi Gras called CRISCO DISCO. We’re planning another party towards the end of the year. We’ve also just started designing some apparel… we have a bunch more bizarre event concepts that will be released over time… and we’re planning on touring the show to another state or two later in the year. Really… just come along for the ride and expect the unexpected.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Come and check out the show! Plus, we’re always looking for performers. You can follow us on Rule 34 club on Facebook, Rule 34 club on Twitter and Rule 34 club on Instagram, or visit our Rule 34 club website.

My Prize For Being A Disobedient Submissive

Submissive who follows and leads

I am not a good submissive, I am sometimes sassy and I giggle, I like to push the boundaries but in the end I do as I’m told. I grumble when you ask me to do things but I do them anyway, with always a hint of sass made in the way of a comment or eye gaze. But the punishment is so much sweeter an intoxicating rush runs through my body when you grab a hold of me, when you object to my behaviour I melt, the authority you have over me makes me feel aroused and secure. You’re not gentle when you smack me it makes me wet, it’s not the pain, it’s the authority and it’s the presence you make on me. Sometimes I want danger and unpredictability, sometimes I want to get out of my own head and do the wrong thing, sometimes I don’t want to be so planned and organised. There really is an art to negotiating dominance and power play fucking.

I want to feel like your princess but I also want to feel you in the dark and not know where you are going to touch next. To love to submit but not be submissive is confusing; to test boundaries and “play with fire” then do, as I’m told is a rush, I’m not naughty but I am naughty for just a moment, a fleeting moment of adrenaline.

Sometimes I look at you and I want to be all over you, I want to take control, I want to own and possess you. I want to render you powerless and I want you to submit to me. I want to be fluid and one with you, I want to be lost in the darkness with you, I want you to grab a hold of my hips and drive right into me, I want to lose my breath, I want all my senses to focus on every sound and every tingle.

I want to submit but it’s so hard to give over that power, maybe it’s an issue of trust; maybe I’m just not letting go. I feel the need to stay in control of myself, I feel it’s an important part of me, but I don’t know how to do that while still submitting myself to you, knowing with every objection and bit of sass punishment is on its way, in whatever form that is.

Maybe its fear as well, what If I don’t like what is happening? What if I feel hurt, what if it triggers something I don’t want it to trigger. I don’t have a dominant bone in my body but I like to be in control, or at least I feel like I’m in control of myself.

I crave that freedom; I crave the sense of being weightless in my mind. The feeling of submitting and being respected the feeling of dominance while being dominated the feeling that my every move is worshiped.

Sometimes I want you to own me, I want you to be in control and it makes me want to rip down your throat. I want to impale myself onto you, I want to feel every bit of you and you feel every bit of me.

A challenging submissive
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But in the end isn’t the submissive the dominate one? Isn’t it in the end the submissive the one who is actually in control allowing the acts to happen, and controlling the outcome?

The feeling of your hands holding my hips so tight, reminds me you own me, I am yours. I want you to not be gentle, I want you to ravage me; I want you to take me, because you deserve me. I want you to free me from my mental restraints.

I don’t want to be in control, I want you to fight me for that power, I want to feel the release of satisfaction.

The sexual power of submission, leading and following

One of the most powerful things you hold is your power to submit, most people have psychological blocks, but being powerful enough to release those and become submissive is something else. Being submissive is seen as a negative, the feeling of losing while being dominant is winning.

But being submissive is so much more it is virtuous and highly desirable.

It is like a dance with “leading” and “following”. Learning to follow is hard, and it is something that requires a lot of attention and focus. This is the same with sexual submission, being submissive is not star fishing on the bed; it is actively receiving and enjoying. We are wired with many primal switches that are triggered around being dominated. They are delicious and arousing when you are using your erotic brain. Submissiveness can bring with it a cocktail of emotions, these emotions range from being in pure awe and appreciation on the sweet side, to fear and humiliation.

It is an exchange of energies that spiral upwards in grander and more superior erotic turn-ons.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres