A Vibrator That ASCENDS Your Imagination

Packaging Of JimmyJane Ascend 7

“Limited only by your imagination”

With a toy like the JimmyJane ASCEND 7 I feel like you need quite the imagination to invite this unique toy into your bedroom. Let’s be honest….this toy is not average and it might even require a double take to grasp what is going on here, the ASCEND 7 is a double ended flexible vibrator which looks nothing like a vibrator. Measuring in at 23.5 inches and looking almost like a stethoscope, the ASCEND 7 has been neglected and ignored as a vibrator, why? Because of its unique shape and design? Or are people just overwhelmed when they come across it and are even unsure how to use it? Let’s have a detailed look into this interesting toy and find out if it is just that, or if there is a fantastic use for this toy that anyone can enjoy.

About The Company JimmyJane

Firstly, the company, JimmyJane itself is a high end sex toy company that has not only re-created sex toys as we know them by making some of the most incredibly unique and outstanding range but they are incredibly well known and acknowledged around the world through publications such as Vogue, W, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health and Women’s Wear Daily. The company pride themselves on the incredible design and engineering team they have which have also been honoured with numerous AIGA, ID, and IDEA Design Awards. So there is no doubt that as a company JimmyJane are incredible and the toys they produce are one of a kind but is the toy in question, the ASCEND 7 as practical as it is unique or has it just become a centre piece to admire for what it is.

JimmyJane Banner
Image: JimmyJane Logo

Features Of The JimmyJane ASCEND 7

The toy itself is designed to be used solo for double penetration using the two powerful vibrating motors located on each end of the toy, internal and external vaginal stimulation, even on the nipples for intense sensation play or it can be used with a partner both sharing either end of the flexible vibrating cord internally or externally. The one touch button control makes it so easy to use and discover the 3 intensities plus 3 vibration modes.

Sex Toy For Men And Women
Sex Toy: JimmyJane ASCEND 7

Bend, move, twist or share, this vibrator is designed to be flexible and inspire creativity. And while creativity and open-mindedness is a must when it comes to this vibrator I have actually found that its use for double penetration or internal and external vaginal stimulation is a must try. You are getting the best of both world and with one toy. Yes I know that there are many toys out there allowing for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation but do they allow you complete control of positioning and movement? I feel like JimmyJane have hit the nail on the head with this design in terms of control and understanding that no two bodies are alike and some people need that flexibility to be able to simultaneously stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot or anus and vagina. Flexibility is not confined leaving both women and men free to use the ASCEND 7 in any way they find it best stimulate them.

Vibrator In Purple For Men And Women
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Some key features the ASCEND 7 has to offer, the two strong motors located on either end of the silicone cord allows for quiet but intense vibration, accompanied by a high performance lithium battery allows a  full charge to last over 2 hours. It is USB rechargeable allowing you to charge on the go, in the car or just at home. Like most high quality brands everything is becoming rechargeable as we move into the digital world so it is expected that a high end brand would make their toys rechargeable. The mostly silicone based toy is made from hypoallergenic and phthalate free body safe silicone which is unlikely to cause any irritation or discomfort when in use. 100% waterproof you can take your JimmyJane into the bath for unrestricted pleasure and enjoyment.

To take this home and try it out might be leap in the right direction to free your mind and open up the possibility that something so different could change the way you use sex toys and enjoy them. JimmyJane is changing the way sex toys are made and used, and they must be doing something right to have such great success and praise from leading influencers and publications. Follow in the footsteps of some of the incredible women who have followed and supported JimmyJane and the incredible sex toys they make e.g. Kate Moss, Dita Von Teese, Kate Beckinsale and Teri Hatcher. Women praise the great things in life, so take home ASCEND 7 and use your imagination to open up a new world of pleasure. This is an amazing multipurpose g-spot sex toy for women and an amazing p-spot sex toy for men!

About the author: Nikki is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

My Vibrator Evolved!

Evolved Novelties Pretty In Pink Sex Toy Image

You know you’re working in a pretty amazing industry when you come in to work after a week and a half away and your boss hands you not one but two vibrators to review. Getting paid to write about my self-pleasuring experiences with sex toys sounds like a dream but it is very much my reality. I don’t have much to complain of that is for sure!! I was very grateful to take home the Evolved Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink vibrators, two great products I am extremely happy to add to my growing sex toy collection.

We have an ever-expanding collection of Evolved Novelties products in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and their intention to provide great quality versatile sex toys is very welcome indeed.

“Our mission is to provide ground breaking, innovative sexual health products to improve the typical couple’s romantic life, a market which is growing exponentially fast.”

Their range includes affordable and good quality sex toys, with shapes and sizes to suit many people.

Vibrating bullets are one of the most popular vibrators we sell in store, a staple in many women’s sex lives. They are easy to use and simply designed, great to be included during solo masturbation and partnered experiences. Evolved bullet style vibes come in several different sizes, with the Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink vastly different in size and shape.

Evolved Rechargeable Slim Features

The Evolved Rechargeable Slim is a classic shaped 5 inches tall and 0.9 inches wide vibrator. It is made from smooth ABS material and is fully rechargeable with a USB cable.  The Slim features a sleek design with no texture, ribbing or raises which is great for those looking for a plain design. It is 100% waterproof so can be submerged in water-a great companion for pleasurable bath or shower fun. The outlet on the vibrator where the charger is inserted into features a plug which must be closed off especially when submerged. Otherwise you will be looking at a water damaged toy.

Evolved Novelties Rechargeable Slim Sex Toy Image
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I am not a huge fan of the patterns of vibrators, preferring just a regular buzz however the Rechargeable Slim features 7 vibrating functions which is plenty to keep one person occupied if they enjoy mixing it up. The vibrations are powerful however I find slightly ticklish. I am a deep and rumbly kinda woman however tickly vibes are something that appeals to some people. My experience working in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres have highlighted that the higher end vibrators provide the deeper vibes so it didn’t come as much of a surprise that they are this way in the Evolved Slim.

The Evolved Novelties Pretty in Pink Vibrator is a compact bullet with a rounded tip, measuring 3.4 inches in length and 0.9 inches width. It is very discreet and would make a great travel companion if room is an issue for you (I recommend keeping it in a satin pouch in your handbag in case the opportunity arises to make use of it). Like the Rechargeable Slim, the Pretty in Pink is waterproof with a plugged charging outlet and features 7 different vibrating functions. I found the vibrations of the Pretty in Pink slightly deeper than the Slim which could very well be the case considering the smaller size.

There were several qualities of the Evolved bullet vibrators that I found to be down falls.

I recommend people buying sex toys choose toys that are non-porous. This includes high quality silicone, steel and glass. These vibrators are made from ABS plastic which is definitely not my first go to considering there are plenty of other bullet vibes in this price range made from good quality silicone.

Sex toys with cracks and creases are not something I like to recommend and the Evolved Slim and Pretty in Pink have the charging outlet space which could potentially be a harbour for bacteria. The Pretty in Pink design also has a crease all around the entirety where the plastic is joined together. I understand that this is something that cannot always be avoided especially in the lower price range toys but considering that there exist plenty of other similar toys without these, I would recommend people wanting a body safe clean design to choose a vibrator that is completely sealed with a magnetic charger. That way there are no spaces that are difficult to keep clean. I would recommend using a foaming toy cleaner with these vibrators so that those tricky spots receive a thorough cleaning-just ensure the plug is placed properly in the charging outlet.

The Evolved Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink vibrators feature a 5-year warranty to cover any mechanical or material defects. To claim this warranty is a process made simple by the clear and easy to complete online form. Just be sure to hold on to your proof of purchase in order to make the most of the warranty if anything was to happen.


Despite some flaws, I find the Evolved Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink to be very good options for those looking for an affordable and quality toy. The fact that they are rechargeable means you will avoid annoying battery changes and when taken care of properly, have the potential to last you a long time (Obvious due to being covered by the 5 year warranty!).

About the author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave





Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

VIP Interview with Helle Panzieri – Global Sales Manager Baci Lingerie And Envy Menswear

Panzieri Helle

Helle Panziere is a charismatic and charming global sales manager for OVO Lifestyle Toys, Baci Lingerie and ENVY Menswear. She is from Europe, born in Rome and grew-up in Denmark. Her mum is Danish and her father is Italian. She added,

“The weathers always grey and dreary in Denmark. I have been in the U.S. for 20 years.”

One of her favourite quotes that inspires her success is by Mandy Helen:

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”

When asked what she believes in important to the success of the development of the companies she explained,

“It is very structured, regimented and you must follows plans. The truth is things will be okay. It is an important lesson to learn in business and life in general is to take active steps to develop yourself and the product. Once you know you have it, you have to let it go which can be hard. I love that I have so much freedom and creativity to do my job. It makes me even more focused to do better, become a harder worker and work long hours. When you do something you believe in and you are passionate about the hard work becomes less.”

Helle Panziere further explained who she looks up to,

“I look up to my Boss Frank Koretsky as he mentored me for many years with invaluable lessons and opportunity. My parent’s gave me the freedom to develop into the person I am today.  My favourite accomplishments are my three kids.”

“I love that I have so much freedom and creativity to do my job. It makes me even more focused to do better, become a harder worker and work long hours. When you do something you believe in and you are passionate about the hard work becomes less.”



OVO K1 Rabbit Sex Toy
Sex Toy: OVO K1 Rabbit




Baci Microfibre And Lace Bustier Photo
Photo: Baci Microfibre And Lace Bustier

OVO Lifestyle Toys is a company who design a vast array of affordable and functional sex toys. Their range includes vibrators, vibrating balls, bullets, cock rings and more. They have won over 117 design awards and have received 36 Red Dot Awards. Their products are made from body safe materials and are shaped to work with the contours of a natural body. Helle said,

“Ovo best sellers include their rabbit vibrators and kegel balls. Kegel balls are important for women’s health to keep in physical shape for their muscles to function on the inside.”

Baci Lingerie was established in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show is Las Vegas. Baci means the word “kisses” in Italian which means their company name translates to Kisses Lingerie. They produce affordably priced lingerie, hosiery, corsets, bridal wear and costumes. Their lingerie collections are made to compliment all women’s body types and enhance their personal sex appeal.

Baci Lingerie have also been known to have donate a percentage of their earnings to charity like the Eileen Stein Jacoby Fun, Bra Recyclers, Revlon Run & Walk, XO Oklahoma and Free the Girls. They have won 12 adult lifestyle awards including the 2015 XBIZ Lingerie Collection of the Year After Dark Award and the 2013 StoreErotica Lingerie and Costume Manufacturer of The Year Award. Baci Lingerie created a new brand named ENVY Menswear which offers a range of men’s underwear and dance apparel that includes thongs, jocks, bikinis, barebacks and much more. Helle said,

“All the brands, compliment one another and help to tell a story. They are both soft brands approach from the end consumer so they are easy to understand. For example, Ovo product’s are feminine and so is lingerie. If you wear Baci lingerie, you can bring Ovo sex toys into the bedroom. For example, Baci’s best sellers are their Dream collection of costumes. Envy’s best sellers are their men’s costumes. If you buy one from each collection both couples can dress up.”

A big part of their success is attributed to their activeness in response to feedback they receive from their customers,

“Our brands rely on listening to constructive customer feedback to make changes. We have to understand the problems to make things better.”





Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women's lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

My Secret To Having Incredible Hot Orgasms!

hot and sexy

Pretty Love, the high-end brand from Baile is inspired by fashion and aesthetics aimed at the modern user with quality and attractively designed products. Baile has been bringing us creative and fun designs since 1993 with their professional team of sex toy and adult product designers having designed and produced over 3,000 products that are sold worldwide including to us here at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and Adultsmart our online store. “Quality is the life of the enterprise” Baile strives to build a long term relationship with you, their customer.

​When I first saw the Pretty Love Digi Fire I was looking forward to getting it home and testing it out after being given it to review. I had a look at what type of sex toys are there? And I found out it is a rabbit vibrator that heats up with a g-spot and clitoral massager! I was excited. I wanted to test out this feature ASAP!

Sex Toy Packaging

The Pretty Love Digi Fire comes in a very sturdy cardboard box that is ideal for storing it in, but it also includes a little black mesh drawstring bag to store it in if you do not wish to keep that box it came in, I choose to use both, I put my Digi Fire in the draw string mesh bag and then keep it in its box also. After unboxing my Digi FIre I was struck by how bright the purple of the silicone is, think fuschia but purple. The Pretty Love series all seem to come in this one colour option, but that’s not a bad thing and you certainly won’t lose it.

Pretty Love Digi Fire Measurements Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Pretty Love Digi Fire Measurements

Sex Toy Measurements

​The Pretty Love Digi Fire isn’t as heavy as I thought it would be, with the heating technology I expected it to be weightier than other vibes but it’s a rather normal 208 grams. The Digi Fire is 24cm (9.4 inches) in total length, 14cm (5.5 inches) insertable length and 3.6cm (1.4 inches) across, it is a decent size vibe with average length but without being an intimidating girth the 3.6cm is perfect in my opinion for anyone who isn’t used to inserting toys or for those who just don’t like it too thick.

Sex Toy Control Panel

The control panel of the Digi Fire which I do have some gripes with because of the control panels buttons which I found to be an absolute pain to press and could definitely be more user-friendly is made out of ABS Plastic and is a silver metallic finish, as the name suggests it boasts an easy to read digital panel, when you first turn it on the panel will light up with a red 00 to indicate it’s on and will gradually increase in heat and the digital face will reflect this if you choose to turn on the heat function (which is optional).

Pretty Love Digi Fire Controls Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Pretty Love Digi Fire Controls

Sex Toy Vibrations

Moving onto the vibrations, the Digi Fire offers a medium strength buzzy and tickly vibration as opposed to a deep rumbling vibration, the rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator carries the vibrations from the single motor well and they aren’t lost in length of the silicone, so if a tickly surface vibration is what you like then this toy is perfect, and with 7 vibration functions including consistent vibration options and patterns, there’s a good range of choice. It can also be used on your other erogenous zones during foreplay.

Sex Toy Heating Function

Now if a toy that heats up sounds a bit scary to you don’t be worried, the human body’s natural temperature is around 37°C (98.6°F) and the Pretty Love Digi fire only reaches 45°C (114°F) so it is a comfortable mild increase in temperature and nothing to be intimidated by, if you are still unsure come on down to one of our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and we can show you first (gloved) hand how pleasant the Digi Vibe is to hold to better get an idea of how it will feel when used. Only the top end of the shaft heats up and takes around 5 minutes to do so, so make sure you keep those 5 minutes in mind when firing it up for play.

Pretty Love Digi Fire Sex Toy Image
Buy Now | Baile Sex Toy Range

Sex Toy Recharger

The Pretty Love Digi Fire is rechargeable and recharging it is easy as it comes with a standard universal USB charger that you easily plugs into the base of the toy and leave it to charge.

Sex Toy Material

The Digi Fire is made of 100% body safe smooth soft silky touch silicone which means using water based lubes or any other toy safe lube, anything else will damage the silicone of your toy, using a toy cleaner is also a must, they are specifically designed to be safe for toy materials like silicone and will ensure that your toy remains safe to insert leaving it bacteria free, just clean your toy with some water, spray on some toy cleaner and rinse off after a few minutes.

Another great feature of the Digi Fire is that it’s also water proof! So it’s perfect for some heated fun in the shower on these cold winter nights or to just add some extra heat to the bedroom or wherever you choose to use your Pretty Love vibrator.

About the author: Erin is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave













Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

VIP Interview With Joe Hanson Co-founder Of Empire Labs

Joe Hanson Co-founder Of Empire Labs Image

Empire Labs was established in 1996 in San Francisco Bay. They originally designed skin like materials which were made for medical or prosthetic purposes. They became so popular that they worked with Hollywood to create products for movies to add special effects especially in horror movies. They were asked to make realistic penises for movies and they developed a work method which allowed anyone to easily create a DIY Willy. From here, they were able to develop a retail version which is now shipped worldwide.

Empire Labs adapted this process so that people at home can create their very own products for affordable prices. It offers an exclusive experience which you will not be able to find anywhere else and you will be able to keep the irreplaceable souvenir for yourself!

Empire Labs products include Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy. Clone-A-Willy is a kit which allows people to create copies of their penis and/or testicles which can be used as a personalised sex toy. Clone-A-Pussy is a kit which allows people to create copies of their vagina. They are made from high quality materials that are American made and body safe.

This is a VIP interview with co-founder Joe Hanson of Empire Labs which will explore his success in the adult lifestyle industry.

Silicone Penis Casting Kit Image
Buy Now | Empire Labs Sex Toy Range

Tell me about yourself?

Our experience began in the Bay area in the 1996. Co-founder Dr. David Claus drew inspiration from a handful of sources. He was creating kits for a specialized orthotics process, which led to creating dildo kits for movie sets. During this time, I was running an advertising agency in NYC that I had founded working out of my bedroom with a friend, while I was working nights as a crew member of the original Blue Man Group show.  My agency specialized in assisting small businesses to sell & market their products through the mail and bought ad space for them in national magazines like Playboy and Cosmopolitan. We first met first over the telephone and kept in close contact until we worked a trade show together in Las Vegas promoting the then “Make Your Own Dildo Kit”, which eventually became Clone-A-Willy.  in 2001 we expended and moved the Company to Portland, OR where we are still today. All of our molding kits are assembled right here on site.  It gives us the ability to closely monitor all the compounds for quality and consistency.  It’s one of the reasons we have so much continued success.

What are your favorite quote’s that inspire you?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” ~ Goethe

I have lived by this quote my entire life and it is one of the main reasons Clone-A-Willy exists.  We basically invented an entirely new product category and it was a tough sell in the beginning because there was nothing else like it at the time. Buyers had nothing to compare it to to gauge sales and/or interest with their Customers.  We decided to offer our products to stores, distributors and websites free for them to sell on consignment.  They only had to pay for product they sold, and could return any unsold items to us at no cost.  We even paid for shipping! It was hard to say no to free product!  Our strategy paid off and now Clone-A-Willy has become a staple of any Company selling adult novelties, almost anywhere in the world.

What inspired the creation of your company originally when you had made medical and prosthetic parts?

While finishing up my chemistry dissertation at UCLA, I ran into an old friend who had just started working in the film industry creating special effects.  My friend asked if I could formulate some very specific polymers for him, as there was essentially nothing affordable on the market that could do what he needed. Among the unique physical properties he required were: precise viscoelastic characteristics, able to cure at room temperature, completely body safe, and it can’t be too expensive!  After a bit of experimenting with step-growth polymerization I came up with a semicrystalline 2-part polymer that fit his needs perfectly.  It was fairly simple and inexpensive to produce, so I mixed up loads of it.  My friend began using it for all kinds of projects, and soon most of the effects studios around Hollywood were using it in some aspect.  Eventually I connected with a medical prosthetics company where we were able to create ultra-realistic looking artificial limbs.

Your design process is quite unique with clients or retail customers asking for products, what did you learn from the design process?

We do all our own designs and R&D in-house.  All our departments work closely together, especially when we are working on a new product.  We always encourage everyone that works for us to share their ideas.  We have worked hard towards supporting an open and creative work environment, where everyone’s opinions are welcomed.  We’ve learned so much over the years from both our Customers and our Employees.  I think the stand out lesson though is that you never know what you can do until you try!

Empire Labs Professional Team Members Image
Image: Empire Labs Team Members

What are your favourite memories and moments from working at Empire Labs?

I’ve had the opportunity to travel and attend trade shows and conferences all over the world and I am grateful for all that combined experience.  Winning the ANME Industry award for Best Product of the Year in 2016 has to be one of my favorite moments. It was so rewarding being recognized by the folks in our industry for one of our achievements.

What movies do your products make an appearance in?

Here’s a list of the most memorable:

  • Jersey Shore – MTV
  • The Osbournes – MTV
  • Hollywood Darlings – Pop TV
  • Black Ink Crew – VH1
  • Jobs That Don’t Suck – MTV2
  • Movie: Neighbors

What do you love most about your brand?

That Clone-A-willy brings people together!  Our Customers get to experience something unique that was once only reserved for rock (and porn!) stars.

What are your best sellers?

The “Skin Tones” and the Glow-in-the-Dark kits.  I think the Skin Tones (Light, Medium & Deep) sell the best because they help make the final replicas look even more life-like and real.

Silicone Penis Casting Kit In Deep Skin Tone Sex Toy Image
Image: Silicone Penis Casting Kit In Deep Skin Tone
Silicone Penis Casting Kit Glow In The Dark Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Silicone Penis Casting Kit Glow In The Dark

What products would you personally recommend?

Get a Clone-A-Willy Kit! you’ll have fun AND you’ll end up with the most personalized sex toy on the planet!

It’s not just for men! Our kits are really about the experience..most people have never made a mold of a body part before and are looking for something new to do.  Our products are very popular at bachelor & bachelorette parties.  We sell a good number of our kits to people that travel frequently as well as the military.  It’s the perfect sex toy for a long distance relationship.   As far as the motivation, our customers have told us they wanted something fun and different to do…it’s almost impossible to make one of our kits with your partner without having a have a few laughs in the process. .AND you get a high quality totally custom, body-safe silicone sex toy…all for around $40!

Tell me what’s involved in the process of creating the homemade dildo?

Our home molding kits come with everything you need.  All you need to do is basically cut the molding tube to size and then mix warm water with the included molding powder.  Once you pour the mixture into the tube, you insert yourself and wait about 45 seconds and you have your mold!  The last step is to mix the silicone, (we have different skin tones, modern colors and three different glow-in-the-dark colors!) and pour it into the mold with the included vibrator and let it sit overnight.  When it’s cured, usually in a bout 12 hours, you have an exact vibrating replica of yourself that will outlast the real one!

What chemicals and ingredients are used in the creation of the homemade dildos?

All our compounds are made in the USA, are phthalate and latex free and are completely body safe.  Our silicone is 100% platinum cured.  Since we hand craft each kit right here in Portland, OR, we are able to keep a very tight control on quality.

What safety issues and precautionary measures are involved with the creation process?

None whatsoever.  If you are extremely hairy, it might be a good idea to trim down a bit before you start.  We also recommend making your mold over a hard surface for easiest cleanup.

What other adult products and services does your company offer?

We also have the Clone-A-Pussy Kit, which makes a silicone or solid milk chocolate replica of any vulva!

Clone A Pussy In-Home Moulding Sex Toy Kit Image
Image: Clone A Pussy In-Home Moulding Kit in Hot Pink

How does the Clone-A-Willy differ from traditional dildos?

It’s the most personalized sex toy on the planet.  We have one product, but millions of possibilities!  We have a few different Clone-A-Willy kits available, including chocolate candy version, but our most popular are the silicone kits, which come in various modern colors & skin tones.  The finished silicone replicas show every detail of the penis being copied and is soft to the touch and pliable.

Is this a one-person or two-person cloning process?

We have found that most people make our kits with someone’s help…it’s really a couples product.  But it can easily be made by yourself as well.  We’ve had a lot of military guys clone themselves overseas and send one home to their partner.

What’s the largest homemade dildo that a customer has created so far?

The beauty of our product is we don’t actually see anyone’s private.  Our molding tube is 11 inches long and we do have a larger tube for anyone extra big.

What do individuals think of their partner’s cloned penis?

To me, the biggest compliment a man can get is knowing his partner used a copy of himself to get off.  Everyone has a different preference when it comes to sex and what feels good..and every penis is different.  From what we hear from our Customers, and we get lots of positive letters, is that they really enjoyed the experience of making a Clone-A-Willy Kit.  I wouldn’t say we are the only sex toy you ever need, but I would say Clone-A-Willy is the the most personalized sex toy on the planet.

What issues are commonly faced when using the Clone-A-Willy for the first time?

Not reading the entire directions first.  For best results it’s a good idea to read through the steps and familiarize yourself with the process before you start.Save






Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women's lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.
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