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Adultsmart Global Shipping-

We take you, our valued customer's privacy seriously. In doing so we ensure that all international orders are packed well so that they not be damaged in post or transit. Orders are processed quickly and are wrapped or boxed in plain packaging.

International Orders

We have an amazing deal with Australia Post with freight charges often lower than you will be charged for domestic orders anywhere in the world and trackable. International Orders are generally shipped within 2 working days and we ship International every business day. On sending of order we will notify you of the tracking number and link to track. The first event on the tracking will be the item being received at the Australia Post dispatch center in Sydney and the next will be on arrival at the destination Country.

International Orders can expect to be delivered as soon as 5 business days after dispatch and anywhere up to 20 business days depending on the season and time of year. The average time for delivery is 10 business days. There are no updates on tracking information from the Dispatch Centre Sydney till the product reaches it’s Country of Destination (generally 2-5 days). Once the parcel is received in the destination Country it can generally be tracked with the local postal service.

The service offered from Australia Post is their Global Mail, however if you after an express service please contact us and we can quote you. Courier charges are automatically quoted with the goods you select and if there are multiple goods calculated prior to check out.

When do you contact

Quality Assurance

All international orders that are battery or power operated are checked prior to shipping that the battery will charge and the item is fully functional. This is done in a hygienic environment and if the battery is pre-charged we additionally charge for 3-5 minutes and if there is no charge we charge for 2-3 hours so your purchase will arrive with charge ready to use. Each function of the product is tested to ensure it works correctly. In order to do this the product box will be opened and then be resealed using our 'Quality Assurance Guarantee' sticker so you can rest assured that your item will not be faulty or arrive DOA.

Duties and Taxes:The buyer is liable for all duties, taxes or clearance charges at the Country of destination.

Customs: It is up to the buyer to determine the legalities of importing any of the products available on the adultsmart adult shop website prior to purchase. All international parcels may be subject to customs searches so it is imperative that you check with your local laws to ensure that what you are ordering is legal to bring into your Country or Territory. Items seized by customs will not be replaced or refunded.

Delivery Address: Please ensure that you put down the correct and full delivery details when you order. Once an item is dispatched from the warehouse delivery address details cannot be changed or altered.

Tracking: When an order is shipped you will receive a tracking number for Australia Post Global Mail. The tracking details will show that it has been received at the Australia Post Center in Sydney. This status may remain for a number of days as the next scan will be for the arrival of the parcel at the Country of destination or sorting hub. Tracking details will generally then transfer to your local mail service for delivery. Tracking can be viewed online.

Australia Post

Where Does Adultsmart Ship To

Adultsmart has the ability to ship to every nation in the world and does ship to about 70% of them. As a global leader of selling sex toys online we ship fast and are able to assist with tracking and other information. Whether you are Tokyo or New York we will ship to your door using Australia Post more often than not cheaper than you will get from a local adult shop. Join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers that keep shopping at adultsmart the smart place where adults shop.

Adultsmart International Delivery Locations

Discover where we ship to and where we don't. Adultsmart has the most extensive list of international delivery locations for your adult needs.

Listed below are Countries that we ship to -

Where Wont Adultsmart Ships To

Adultsmart will not knowingly ship to any nation where the importation of sex toys is illegal. Some middle eastern and asian countries have forbidden the importation or possession of adult products. Adultsmart will also not ship to Countries where high fraud rates have been experienced unless the customer identity is formally verified or they are a regular customer.

Islamic religion allows the use of sex toys externally for individual masturbation or to complement the act of intercourse but it is forbidden to insert them. In the eyes of Shariah law when the use of sex toys is an act of worship of a relationship and not adopted recklessly it is deemed ok when used as a compliment to private parts, but not as a substitute for. The following is a guide to accepted use of a sex toy for one of Islamic faith

  • 1 Protective plastic is sometimes placed inside a battery operated product to ensure that the batteries are not used. Open up the battery compartment, remove the batteries and see whether you need to remove any clear plastic pieces.

  • 2 It should not contain any haraam ingredients.

  • 3 It should not be inserted into the inner-private part of the women, rather such toys should be used that stimulate the outer private parts, such as the clitoris.

  • 4 It should only be used in foreplay and in order to enhance the act of intercourse, not to substitute it.

  • 5 It should not be used so often that it becomes an integral part of the intercourse, so much so that the spouse then cannot gain sexual gratification without it.

  • 6 One should also ensure that he does not commit any Haraam act when acquiring these toys nor should he go to any places of Haraam, such as adult gift shops. Even though one will be going for a valid reason, he is sure to look at Haraam pictures and others who see him enter will probably entertain evil thoughts about him.

Please see the list of Countries that adultsmart will not ship to as importation of sex toys is illegal!

Please see the list of Countries that adultsmart will not ship to due to high fraud rates!

Adultsmart Shipping - Discreet and Secure Worldwide Delivery of Sex Toys

Confident with Adultsmart for discreet and secure worldwide delivery of high-quality. We respect your privacy and importation law.

  • Free delivery Australia wide when you spend $200 or more and we'll ship your order for free.

  • Plain discreet packaging. Invoice will read "RMV Management" only. Our return PO Box as sender.

  • We ship worldwide with auto currency calculator and automatic shipping charge calculator.