Work With Us

Adultsmart would love to welcome you to collaborate with us! Adultsmart’s Blog is highly ranked for the search term “sexual lifestyle blog“ and “sex toy blog” in Google, it also receives over 60,000 views a month with over 1.1 million views so far. We are actively working on growing our social networks by working with people within the sexual lifestyle, wellness and health industries! Here are some services we offer for free which can benefit you:

VIP Interviews

If you are a founder or designer of an adult lifestyle company, you can answer a personalised questionnaire which we will turn into an article for Adultsmart’s Blog. VIP Interviews are a great way for you to build trust and develop your PR and Media Kits! If you would like some inspiration, please have a look at our interviews with the famous men’s underwear designer Andrew Christian and Intimalogist Dr Kat Smith. A list of our VIP Interviews can be found on our PR & Media Kit page.

Adult Lifestyle Product, Event And Service Reviews

If you are an adult lifestyle company or professional we would love to receive products, attend events and services for our male and female consultants to create honest reviews and articles! With the reviews and articles that are published on our blog, we are happy for them to be republished as long as they contain a link back to the original article.

Sponsor A Giveaway

Your company can also sponsor a giveaway on Adultsmart’s Blog. This is helpful if you would like to grow your social networks!

Adultsmart’s Content Editors Can Write Articles For Your Website Or Blog For FREE!

We would absolutely love to write sexual lifestyle, health and wellness articles for your website or blog. We just ask that the article published contains a do follow link back to Adultsmart’s Blog. We have deeply passionate writers who are happy to write about almost anything!

Become A Guest Blogger

We would love to build a community of sexual lifestyle, health and wellness bloggers who provide open and honest opinions, personal stories and product reviews. Adultsmart welcomes Guest Bloggers to submit 800 word articles with original content about topics relating to sexual lifestyle, health and wellness. If you would like to participate, contact us with your ideas or an article that you wish to submit.

Become An Adultsmart Expert On The Panel

If you have published 10 articles or more on Adultsmart’s Blog as a Guest Blogger you will become an Adultsmart Expert on the panel which will include a author biography and backlinks to your website and social networking pages.

Article Exchange

This option allows us to exchange an article for an article. It involves:

  • Choosing An Article Topic: We email each other 3 article titles to choose from.
  • Approving The Article Topic: We both approve 1 article topic each.
  • Writing The Article: We both write an 800 word+ article. The articles must be written with original content.
  • Publishing The Article: The article you wrote is published on Adultsmart’s Blog with a do follow link pointed towards your website. The article we wrote is published on your website with a do follow link pointed towards Adultsmart’s Blog.

This option is a great option for companies.

Paid Article

If you do not wish to do an Article Exchange please contact us for more information.

Free Event Promotion

Adultsmart has some exciting news! We have recently set up an events calendar. As part of the initial promotion for this new category we are allowing the submission of classes, events, workshops and activities and more for FREE!! You can also make recurring events. Use the Add Event Form to create your advert!

Collaboration Suggestions

If you have any collaborate suggestions in mind please contact us. We would be extremely happy to hear your thoughts and recommendations. Contact for more information.