How to Step Outside Your Sexual Comfort Zone

Sex should be fun and exciting and sometimes you must Step Outside Your Sexual Comfort Zone. If your love life is more than a little mundane or regimented, it might be time to turn it up a notch in the bedroom – or outside of it.

If you’re willing to try new techniques, embrace your fantasies, and learn new tactics, you have arrived at the perfect place. Read the following advice on how to step outside your sexual comfort zone.

Shake Things Up

If your partner is always on top, or you try the same position every time you step inside the bedroom, it is time to shake things up. Rather than allowing your partner to dominate you, you can take charge in the bedroom, which is bound to excite your other half. You could even pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra to try different positions, such as:

  • Pretzel Dip
  • Doggy Style
  • Magic Mountain
  • Cowgirl’s Helper

It can increase both your pleasure, and it can keep sex fun and unique. You never know, the new positions and roles could encourage you and your partner to spend a little more time in the bedroom.

Let Yourself Go

Your brain can determine your comfort and satisfaction during sex. It is essential to let your guard down and trust your partner during sex, which can help you let yourself go and enjoy the experience. A relaxed approach to sex could encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, too.

If a lack of confidence is holding you back, find ways to boost your self-esteem. For instance, you could wear sexy lingerie inside and outside the bedroom. Also, make time for grooming and exercise to boost your confidence and ensure you feel sexy with a partner.

Communicate Your Wants and Needs

Enjoy every sexual encounter by communicating your wants and needs during sex with a partner. By being open and honest about your fantasies, likes, and dislikes, you will feel more fulfilled under the sheets. Plus, it will improve your partner’s enjoyment, as they will be eager to please you.

Step Outside the Bedroom

Spice up your sex life by stepping outside the bedroom every once in a while. A little spontaneity can keep your relationship fresh and exciting. For example, you could try different positions in the kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom.

Mixing up settings could add a new energy to your lovemaking and ensure you both have many memories to look back on with a huge smile. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can look for ways to have sex outside the home, which could help keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Meet Someone New

If you’re single and ready to mingle, look for opportunities to connect with someone new. Let’s take the small city of Bochum in Germany for example; this is a place that isn’t short on attractive, sexy females. A fun sexual encounter (paid or otherwise) could transform your boring sex life for the better, improve your experience, and help you learn new techniques that will boost your confidence.

Enjoy Some Erotica

Are you stuck for ideas on how to step outside your sexual comfort zone? Erotic novels and porn can open the door to different sexual opportunities, positions, and fantasies you might never have discovered. In addition, it can help you tap into your desires, which you can then share and make a reality with a partner.

Dress Up

Dressing up will allow you to adopt a whole new persona, which can help you banish self-esteem issues and feel more confident during sex. Different options could get your partner’s pulse racing, as you could dress as:

  • A nurse or doctor
  • A fireman or firewoman
  • A sexy secretary
  • A cowgirl or cowboy

Try Different Sex Toys

Sex toys can provide couples or individuals with different stimulations, which could help them identify what they do or don’t like. There are sex toys available for single people and couples, and they are options for every orientation and gender. So, if you want to have more fun with your partner in the bedroom, explore the different toys available together to find options that will get both your hearts racing.

Explore Both Your Bodies

Improve sexual pleasure by exploring yours and your partner’s bodies. Try to stimulate different areas of the body to trigger new responses and increase enjoyment in the bedroom. Remember, each body is different, so find what works for you and your other half.

Follow the 30-Day Sex Challenge

The 30-day sex challenge, which started on Reddit, will push you and a partner outside your sexual comfort zone. Each day for 30 days, you must take on a new sexual challenge to try something different and spice up your sex life. Sit down with your partner and write a list of challenges you would both like to complete, and then tick them off the list throughout the month.

Sex Toys for High-end Escort Girls to Carry

Sex toys are a hot topic. Nowadays it seems like everybody is talking about it which is evident when you take into consideration their massive increase in demand lately. The industry is constantly on a path to change, improve and redesign the art of giving pleasure. There has been a significant increase in the number of high-end escorts using sex toys to satisfy their VIP client’s need. Almost every high-end escort uses these Sex toys to give pleasure to their exclusive clients.

Here is a list of toys that the escorts make sure to travel with

  1. The Petting Ring:

Reinvent the way to male masturbation with a petting ring designed by Betony Vernon. This exquisite piece of erotic jewellery is the first choice of every exclusive escort, this piece goes on between your index finger and your thumb. This ring is designed to tickle and stimulate the skin providing extra pleasure to the receiver. Everybody is trying it out and loving it, did you try yours yet?

  1. Gold Crystal Cuffs:

Try out Swarovski black diamond-studded crystal handcuffs made with 18 carats plated gold. Trust me, it is as good as it sounds. If you want to take your fantasies to a new height, then you can’t miss this sexy gear. The best part about this is the fact that these are detachable cuffs turning themselves into a piece of beautiful jewellery when you need it to be. Else we are pretty sure you are well aware of its use in your bedroom. Now that’s what we call a mix of luxury and convenience.

  1. The Cock Ring:

This one is a must for all the escorts. Cock rings come in different materials, from flexible silicone and rubber to leather and metal. C- Rings can be worn around the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles to make the erection harder, bigger, and longer-lasting. You can add a pure silver cock ring to your essentials for an extra bit of luxury, right? Grab it soon and give your client a long-lasting night which they shall remember for years to come.

  1. Love Swing:

We all have fantasized about having sex on a swing, I mean, who will not like that?! Sex swings have the potential to take sexual intercourse to its extreme, of course, in a good way. A sex swing enables excellent freedom of movement to try out challenging sex positions which makes sexual intercourse much steamier and more effortless. If you like trying out extreme sex poses then this will make your job much easier and exciting, get ready to experience maximum satisfaction with minimum effort.

  1. Ben Wah Balls:

This needs no introduction also known as Kegel balls, these have been around for centuries. They are often used to strengthen vaginal muscle, helping maintain the looseness of the vagina, making it tight again. These come in various forms, weight and sizes according to your personal needs. These balls are usually hallowed and they insist on some weight. When inserted inside the vagina, it’s known to provide extreme sexual stimulation that lasts until you get it out, which is a reason why it is known by many names like orgasm balls, venus balls, jiggle balls, geisha balls, love balls, pleasure balls and more. Although, it does not bring the user to immediate orgasm but rather teases them for long hours.

  1. Good old Lubes:

We all know that having good lubrication is an essential prerequisite for having great intercourse. We all have probably heard this saying called “The wetter, the better!”. It goes without saying that investing in good lubrication is a must. Lubes come in three categories: Water-based, Silicon-based and Oil-based. Choose one that suits you and it will go a long way.

  1. For sensation lovers

Some people attain orgasm just by some tingling sensations. If you happen to be an escort who loves to give orgasm to their clients then get yourselves a 10-tool kit by Agent Noir Neon Wand. The kit consists of a power tripper, an electro whip, a neon wand, a pinwheel handcuff, tongue, mushroom and a silver attache case.

  1. Pet masks

Roleplay has always been an innate part of foreplay. Some escorts like to dress up and pretend like one of their client’s fantasies, seeing the light of day- wearing a pet mask to get their true animal side out. You can easily rock the show by wearing a, wait-for-it – a sexy fox mask. Go for either a half-face or a full-face mask. The velvet and lace will make the mask an amazing accessory to play with.

Thus, working as an escort will expose you to a world of kinks. An escort has to fulfil the client’s demand to get paid. Sometimes, preparing these skills can be difficult as not every escort is trained in such a manner. Every escort has their own set of styles which they don’t wish to change. The more famous and popular an escort is, the more demand the client will have. Be it bondage or roleplay, sometimes you even might not be prepared.

Things to be cautious about

Apart from the above-mentioned items, an escort should always carry their lubricants and protections in order to avoid infections and unwanted pregnancy. Make sure to always play it safe. Many times, you might be in the mood to have sex with a client, so carry your favourite lubes in your bag.

Also, your toys must be enticing. Choose toys that you are comfortable using with your clients. There’s no use in playing around with toys that you won’t enjoy. The tool kit that an escort brings to the client must contain toys that can be willingly used. Sometimes, playful teases work the best. Just a tickle with the feather can make your client wet. It could even give them an ultimate pleasurable moment. An escort should know the G-spots so that they could send chills to your client. For someone who likes anal, a buttplug can make reach heaven. Tell them about the charges before trying anything kinky on your client. Ask them if they are comfortable or not.

Tips to Save Money on Buying Sex Toys

 How to Save Money Buying Sex Toys

Sex Toys to Pump Your Sex life

Using sex toys is not new, and manufacturers have come a long way to ensure that they are safe and easy to use for everyone. Sex toys increase sexual satisfaction, improve the quality of masturbation and orgasms. They are great for sexual exploration; they teach you new ways of experiencing pleasure. However, you don’t have to spend a lot on sex toys to experience these good things.

How Can You Save Money on Sex Toys? 

A sex toy can transform your sex life, but sometimes you might find it expensive to purchase the devices you want. However, you don’t have to give up or spend so much; here is how you can save money and still get your favorite sex toy.

Look for Discounts

A 20% or 5% discount can help you save money when buying a device to pump sex. You might find a few outdated discount codes, but some will work. Although it might seem as if you only save a few bucks, a dollar here and there makes a difference. You don’t have to use all your small payday loans on these devices. Look for discount codes the next time you purchase adult toys.

Avoid Impulse Buying

You might be tempted to buy everything that looks appealing to you, especially when you want to know how to pump up your sex drive. It is necessary to have a budget, stick to it; know what you want, and get it based on your financial ability. Don’t rush, especially when you don’t know what to buy. Wait a few days or weeks and decide what you need.

Buy During a Sale

How do you increase your sex drive while on a budget? You don’t have to buy a device right away. You should be patient and wait for a sale. It helps you to save money because you don’t have to pay the full price. You can also buy more devices at an affordable price. This is the right time to buy a gift for your partner. It will bring a smile to his face, and he doesn’t have to know its cost. The sales period allows you to choose between varieties of items that are not available all year round.

Don’t Focus on Size

Bigger doesn’t mean better, even if you’re looking for how to increase your sex drive. Although a large dildo might tempt you, it does not mean that it’s suitable for you. The bigger-sized toys might not always please you, but they can hurt you. The smaller ones are suitable for beginners and are usually affordable. You can talk to store consultants and get the best-performing toy at an affordable price.

Buy During Holidays

Holidays are the ideal times to learn how to raise your sex drive. They are also the best times to buy stuff. Waiting to purchase during particular holidays can help save money. For instance, during holidays, most sellers offer lower prices. Also, if you’re into pump toys, you need to ask what does it mean to pump during sex? This will help you choose the right toys.


Buying a sex toy can be exciting, but you need to save money when you are on a tight budget. You don’t have to compromise on quality, you only need patience and wisdom.

How do you save money when purchasing sex toys? Please share with us.


10 best ways to spice up your sex life

positional sex

Try different sex positions

The most widely practised sex position is the missionary position. While it is great for maintaining eye contact, kissing, and feeling up each other’s bodies, there are several other positions that you can try for increased pleasure.


Stand a deliver: Having sex while standing can open up a lot of new positions for you. You can lean against a wall, or your partner can bend over a piece of furniture while you penetrate from behind. You can go for face-to-face penetration as well. Not just that, you can take turns kneeling down to give each other oral pleasure too.


Doggystyle: Doggystyle is excellent as the penetrative partner can enjoy more friction and the receptive partner deeper penetration. It provides a great view for the penetrative partner and stimulates both clitoral and anal erogenous zones.


Ride like a cowboy/cowgirl: The penetrative partner lies on their back and the receptive partner gets on top for a ride. This results in deep penetration and allows both partners to see, feel and kiss each other and look in the eyes to get a sense of belonging.


Spice things up with sex toys

Many men feel that using sex toys would imply that they are not man enough to satisfy their partners. But this is far from true. Sex toys only make things more exciting between a couple as you can use them for different pleasure experiences. There are a variety of couples sex toys available that can open up a whole new world of pleasurable sensations. And they sure add some novelty to your sex life. Toys like couple vibrators, remote-controlled stimulators, sex furniture, role-play games, lubes and massage oils, BDSM & bondage material can add more spice to your sex life. You can use these toys to stimulate those erogenous zones that are otherwise inaccessible. Toys like G-Spot vibrators or penis rings are perfect for couples who want to make things more exciting.


Create an atmosphere for love

Researches show that couples who take time out to create the right atmosphere before they jump into having sex are usually more satisfied. A relaxed and inviting atmosphere is a mood enhancer, a signal to your brain that something enticing is about to happen. It relaxes and stimulates your brain to prepare for a hot ride ahead.


Dim the lights: Too dark means no eye contact or visual treat. Too bright might increase self-consciousness. A dimly lit room is just the perfect ambience. You can use scented candles or lamps for this.


Clean up: Remember how much you cleaned up when you first had sex with your partner? Think of this like that. Couples often ignore this aspect as laziness creeps in with familiarity. But a clean and organized bedroom can sure act as an aphrodisiac.


Utilize all your senses: Sex is about all your senses. So, stimulate all of them. Wear sexy lingerie, play some nice music, use scented massage oils, use flavoured condoms, etc. All these collectively become essential things to spice up the bedroom experience.


Be flirtatious

Flirting doesn’t always have to have a sexual connotation to it. It is just another way of telling your partner that they mean the world to you and you still want to keep things fresh. Say something nice to them, gift them flowers, help them in cooking a nice meal or simply be playful at different times of the day. All these gestures will help you stay connected resulting in more emotionally stimulated sex.


Share what you fantasize

Each one of us has fantasies, but we don’t share them thinking of being judged or laughed upon. But don’t shy away from sharing them with your partner. You never know, they might just come true. Researches also show that couples who communicate openly about their sexual desires have a healthier sex life and a happier relationship.


Get adventurous 

There are several sexual ways to try to make things more adventurous in the bedroom. You can try remote-controlled vibrators, role play, BDSM and bondage to spice things up. Play out your sexual fantasies at a regular interval to get over the boredom of routine sex. Utilize different spots at home to make out. Shower together, get dirty in the kitchen, have a quicky on the terrace late in the night, watch porn together, act out different situations, ask your partner out as a stranger. Just do whatever it takes to bring freshness to your sex life.


Get a room, guys

Sometimes, just changing the basic setting of where you have sex can act as a huge stimulator. And getting a hotel room is one of the best ways of doing it. This way you get away from your mundane life, pamper yourself with room service and of course, make the most of a well-made hotel bed. It might be a little difficult for couples with kids, but it can be made possible with some extra coordination.


Sexting never fails

Sexting is not about sending lewd messages or pictures, but about reminding your partner that you are thinking of them. The best sex sometimes happens when there is a great built-up to it. And sexting can provide that. Send flirty messages throughout the day, talk about the best sex you had or the time when things were new and exciting. Share your thoughts on what you would want to do the next time you have sex. It is about building up the excitement for a raunchy affair later. And sexting can be a sure shot winner.


Leave handwritten notes

Much like sexting, but with a personalized touch, leaving handwritten notes for your partner can really make things spicy later on. Surprise them with some well-written words that tell you still love and long for them. State your desires here or just use sticky notes at different locations that lead up to a nice surprise gift. In an age where smartphones are taking up all forms of communication, a handwritten note would tell your partner that you still want to go the extra mile for them.


Plan things in advance

Often, couples in long-term relationships get busy with their routine leaving little together time. This can play out in making their sex life boring. So, plan in advance, fix a time and date when you will spend some time together being naughty and flirty with each other. Again, the anticipation will spice things up. Waiting in anticipation for that time to come surely stimulates your sense and when that time does arrive, you have already imagined so much about it that it plays out well for both the partners.


So, it’s no rocket science to spice things up in the bedroom. All you need is a little thought and effort to change things around. And now that the world is opening up to new adventures in the bedroom, new ways of sexing up your life like using sex toys are becoming popular. So, if you find the need to make things naughty, can help you have an adventurous sex life ahead.


Best Types of Sex Toys for Spicing up your Relationship

sucking sex toy

Do you feel bored of doing the same things in your lovemaking sessions and want to add something new for adding extra fun to the relationship? No need to shame as every couple goes through this type of situation at some point in their life. However, it doesn’t mean your partner has stopped loving you as most people thought.

He/she want a new touch to rekindle the old romance in both of you. Today, we will tell you about the top 8 sex toys for spicing up your relationship and reliving the glory days of your life. Let’s read about all of them and buy the one you like the most.

  1. Cock Ring

We will begin up with a cost-effective sex toy in the form of cock ring that allow the males to have stronger erections. The girls who want to make the penis of their partner harder before sex should think about using a cock ring.


They are very safe and comfortable to use even if you are using a sex toy for the first time. Having a long-lasting session ending up with an awesome orgasm will make both of you happy.


  1. Butt Plug

A butt plug is a great choice for everyone who hasn’t tried anal sex and wants to give it a try. It stimulates the anus before getting banged and makes sure the girl feel comfortable during first time anal sex. The addition of anal penetration will definitely make things interesting on the bed.


We suggest using a small butt plug, even if it is your first time for anal lovemaking. It will make sure you have a purely satisfying experience.


  1. Dildos

Without any doubt, dildos are the most conveniently used sex toys for girls. You can shop it in a variety of lengths and sizes according to your pleasure level. Using a dildo during the foreplay will give extra satisfaction to the girl and make her crave for the real banging.


On top of that, a girl can even ask her partner to stimulate her ass before the real anal sex using a realistic dildo. The feeling of fullness that this sex toy offers is tremendous to experience for the females.


  1. Metal Wands

Another toy that has recently gained tons of popularity after featuring in Fifty Shades of Grey is metal or glass wands. There are many times where we want something for creating a perfect bridge for penetrative sex. This sex toy can do it by warming up the penetration area, whether it is the anus or pussy.


Both of you will instantly begin super-interested in again with the presence of this wand that can be shopped in many different designs.


  1. Clitoral Stimulator

A clit stimulator can bring both physical and mental satisfaction to your relationship. These small sex toys use sonic air to give pleasure to the pussy that instantly creates a curiosity for sex. The best clitoral sucking vibrator can let the users get a near-instant orgasm before even beginning the penetration.


Having even a 10-minute penetration after using this sucker will make things purely satisfying for the couples. The terrific mental & physical satisfaction offered by this sex toy makes it a worthy choice to make.


  1. Vibrating Panty

Imagine your wife or girlfriend wearing the vibrating panty that you are controlling through the remote control! The addition of this sex toy into your love life will be an enjoyable thing to watch for sure. You can find a variety of settings and intensities for modifying the pleasure level exclusively.


Furthermore, it can be brought tons of amazing vibrations to the clit for ensuring sensual pleasure. You can add extra spice by using this sex toy while roaming in a public place.


  1. Sex Swings

We believe you understand how essential sex positions can be for an alluring sex session. Performing sex in the same type of positions can make things boring over a period of time. Thanks to innovative minds, you can buy a sex swing that will open a gateway for tons of great positions.


We suggest you to experimenting with every possible position that comes under your imagination after having a sex swing. Trust us; it has changed the lovemaking experiences for thousands of couples around the globe.


  1. Wand Massager

The couples who like to have fun at places like swimming pools, bathrooms, etc. should buy the wand massager for sure. It is a very lightweight & waterproof unit with numerous vibrations modes for letting users give stimulation in the way they like.


They are very brilliant in terms of power and sensation, especially if you use them for the first time. It is a perfect bet for those looking to add new vibes to their relationship.


We believe you love all the sex toys mentioned in this post. All of them can bring something brilliant to your lovemaking sessions and helps in maintaining the thrill that has lost over time. These are the best sex toys for spicing up your relationship from which you can choose as per your preferences. Still have any query regarding sex toys for couples; please write about it in the comment section.

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