Ask Oz September 2023: What Is Adaptive Sex?

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Adaptive Sex

Ask Oz September 2023

Hey Oz, I keep hearing about adaptive sex and everyone should be more aware of it. I originally thought it was for mobility impaired people but recently people have said it is for everyone. Can you explain if to me please?

A. Great Question and one that requires a real in-depth answer.

What is Adaptive Sex?

Everyone deserves a fulfilling and satisfying sex life! Physical or mental disabilities can sometimes create barriers to experiencing the same. Enter adaptive sex—a revolutionary approach that uses adaptive techniques and devices to ensure sexual satisfaction, regardless of physical or mental capabilities. The goal of this approach is to have more accessibility for everyone, making sexual pleasure a universal experience.

This guide explores adaptive sex, clearing up misunderstandings, discussing health benefits, and addressing how physical and mental disabilities can affect sexual activities. It also covers various adaptive sex positions and how sex toys can enhance experiences.

Adaptive Sex
Wheelchair Couple

Unravelling Misconceptions Surrounding Sex and Disabilities

Society’s predominantly normative views of sex often unfairly categorize people with disabilities as asexual or non-sexual. This problematic assumption creates barriers, limiting the potential for forming fulfilling sexual relationships. It’s essential to eradicate these misconceptions and promote a more disability-inclusive understanding of sex.

The Plethora of Health Benefits from Sex

Sex is more than just a pleasurable activity—it’s a form of exercise, a stress-reliever, and for men, it may even reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It’s also a great way to form deep, intimate connections with your partner, adding a layer of emotional satisfaction to the physical act.

The Impact of Physical and Mental Disabilities on Sex

Physical disabilities can directly impact sexual activities due to factors like direct trauma to the genital area, nervous system damage, or congenital conditions. On the other hand, mental disabilities can affect the emotional and psychological aspects of sex.

Ensuring Safe Sex

Everyone engaging in sexual activities—disabled or not—should practice safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). For people with disabilities, additional considerations may include taking precautions to avoid accidents during sex, especially for those using wheelchairs.

Adaptive Sex Positions: Enhancing Intimacy for All

Adaptive sex positions can accommodate a range of disabilities, ensuring everyone can partake in satisfying sexual activities. These include:

  1. Modified Missionary: Ideal for couples where one partner has limited mobility.
  2. Face-to-Face: This position allows for increased intimacy and is suitable for those with limited mobility.
  3. Spooning or Side-Lying: A great option for people with conditions like arthritis as it’s low movement.
  4. Modified Doggy-Style Positions: These positions allow for a head-to-toe physical connection and are suitable for those with limited mobility.
  5. Sideways 69: An exciting position for those with weak or spastic hips.
  6. Intimate Sitting: This position gives control to the top partner if the other has limited mobility.
  7. Sexuality looks different with different partners: Different sexual partners bring different energies and different ways to our sexual experiences with them.

The Role of Sex Toys, Foreplay, and Devices

Sex is more than just penetration—it’s a sensual exploration of your partner’s body. Foreplay, oral sex, and the use of sex toys can all enhance the sexual experience, providing a range of sensations and promoting intimacy.

Adaptive sex is not just about making sex possible for people with disabilities—it’s about making sex enjoyable, satisfying, and a normal part of life. By breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive understanding of sex, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, can enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Adaptive sex is revolutionizing the way we view and experience intimacy. By promoting more accessibility for everyone, it’s ensuring sexual pleasure becomes a universal experience—an experience that everyone deserves.

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