Breaking the Taboo: The Power of Sex Furniture for The Disabled And Obese

At the adultsmart shop we know The Power of Sex Furniture, seeing many customers with disabilities or obesity who have struggled with sex due to physical limitations. People with disabilities or obesity enjoy sexual pleasure. But this can be enhanced with the help of sex furniture, disabled sex, BBW and wheelchair sex can become an enhanced reality. Learn about the power of sex furniture for the disabled and those with obesity.

What are the Challenges Faced For Those with Disabilities or Obesity in Sexual Activities?

People with disabilities or obesity face unique challenges when it comes to sexual activities. For example, people with mobility issues may find it difficult to maintain certain positions during intercourse. Those with obesity may also have difficulty finding comfortable positions during sex. This leads to frustration and disappointment, which negatively impacts their sex lives.

Sometimes people will feel ashamed and embarrassed about their bodies, that further hinders sexual activities. Problems like isolation, negative body image, lack of intimacy and mental health issues may present themselves.

How Can Sex Furniture Can Help in Overcoming These Challenges?

Sex furniture can help to support the body in various positions, making it easier to maintain those positions during intercourse. It provides comfort and stability, which can help to reduce discomfort and pain during sex.

This allows those using the equipment to improve body confidence and self-esteem, providing support and to feel more relaxed and confident during sexual activities.

What Are Some Of The Different Types of Sex Furniture Available?

Some of the most popular types of sex furniture include:

Sex wedges and ramps:

Designed to provide support and help to maintain different sex positions during intercourse.

Sex swings:

Provide support and help to achieve different sex positions during intercourse. They are helpful for individuals with mobility issues.

Body pillows:

Give comfort and support during sexual activities.

Sex chairs:

Help support and maintain different sex positions during intercourse. They are helpful for people with mobility issues.

Adultsmart sex furniture
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What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Sex Furniture?

While choosing sex furniture for disabled individuals and those with obesity, there are several factors to consider. These include:

Weight capacity:

Choose sex furniture that can support the weight of the user.

Size and shape:

Consider sex furniture that is the right size and shape for the user.


Make sure sex furniture that is comfortable and provides support.

Ease of use:

Factor in considerations on sex furniture that is easy to use and does not require excessive physical effort.

Tips for Using Sex Furniture Safely and Comfortably

Using sex furniture safely and comfortably is important to avoid injury or discomfort. Some tips for using sex furniture safely and comfortably include:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions:

Read the manufacturer’s instructions when using sex furniture to ensure safe and comfortable use.

Use lubrication:

Using lubrication can help to reduce discomfort and pain during sexual activities.

Communicate with your partner:

Talk with your partner about what feels comfortable and what does not.

Start slowly:

Slow and steady wins the race and then gradually increase intensity to avoid discomfort or injury.

Power of Sex Furniture
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Testimonials from Those Who Use Sex Furniture – Disabled Sex or Wheelchair Sex

“I first used a sex wedge and it was a game-changer for me. It has helped me to maintain and explore different positions during intercourse before impossible due to mobility issues.”

Tim – Picton NSW

“I have been using a sex chair for a few months now, and it has been a great help for me. It has provided support and comfort during sexual activities, which was previously difficult due to my obesity. It has also helped me to feel more confident about my body.”

Raechelle – Neutral Bay NSW

Discussion on the Taboo Surrounding the Topic and How to Break It

Despite the benefits of sex furniture for disabled individuals and those with obesity, there is still a taboo surrounding the topic. Many people feel uncomfortable discussing sex and disabilities. This leads to a lack of awareness and resources for individuals who need them.

To break the taboo surrounding the topic, start an open and honest conversation about sex and disabilities. Raise awareness and provide resources for individuals who need them. Provide education and training for healthcare professionals on how to address sexual health concerns for individuals with disabilities or obesity.

Power of Sex Furniture

Some of the most popular resources to explore the Power of Sex Furniture include:


This website offers a wide range of sex aids and sex furniture for individuals with disabilities or obesity.  They also have a physical store that is wheelchair accessible and staff trained to assist the disabled or mobility impaired in Kogarah NSW.


Manufacturer or sex furniture designed specifically for disabled individuals and those with obesity.

Liberator Sex Housewares

Become A Better Lover With Liberator Sex Furniture !

Liberator Sex Furniture is a sex houseware manufacturer founded in America in 2001. The Sex Furniture is extremely hard to locate within Australian brick and mortar stores. This can be really disappointing because they are sex furniture which is aimed to be a beautifully designed sexual aid for all people.

Liberator Sex Furniture can help take the strain off wrist, backs, knees, necks and a whole host of other areas. If you have any type of pain during sexual intercourse Liberator Sex Furniture can really put you into the correct position.  This allows sex to occur naturally without having to worry about the stresses of causing pain during the heat of the moment.

The boxes do suggest some sex positions but liberator. They also produce other bedroom adventure gear that makes these pieces free thought flowing and easy to experiment with.

What Is Liberator Sex Furniture Packaged Like?

Liberator Sex Furniture packaging is wonderous! It’s black and white with a very sultry photo of a beautiful woman in lingerie demonstrating the product. The packaging is actually quite artistic and tasteful. There is also a small flap you can lift up which gives you a few tips and tricks for using your new furniture and what shapes you can stack them with.

The boxes are extremely deceitful. It is the only product I’ve had the luxury of seeing is the Talea spreader bar and its box. I’m literally mystified as to how such a long bar came from a teeny tiny box.

I am going to ruin the magic, Vacuum sealed and origami folded into their boxes which is actually great for everyone and the environment. They call it eco-compression. Once the shape is unsealed it begins to instantly take shape in minutes. If you give this furniture a whole day to expand completely so that all the material is evenly distributed.

What Shapes and Sizes Does Liberator Sex Furniture Come in?

Main shapes are comprised of three main components the core, liner and the outer cover. The Liberator foam core is made of a high-density foam or liberators technical term is “champagne foam”. Its quick like a memory foam with a lot less give it is very good at retaining its shape when in use and can support 2 people with only minimal dipping. Foam core stabilizes, cushions and supports bodies in a way that regular memory foam or pillows lack.

The liner is already in place when the product is sealed in the box it is a moisture resistant polyester. Machine washable and aids in protecting the foam from bodily fluids, lubricants, and massage oils. A velvet touch microfiber outer layer is extremely soft to the touch and softens with each wash.

The reason Liberator chooses this particular blend of microfiber is that it helps to keep you and the other shapes in place!  Basically the material sticks to itself like a super soft Velcro. It also prevents overheating and stays cool whilst being a low skin irritant and is also machine washable.

What Is There To Love About Liberator Sex Furniture?

What I love most about the Liberator Sex Furniture are the wonderful velvety feel and luxurious looking materials they are made from. Liberator Sex Furniture looksso sexually seductive, almost as if it were placing the person lying on it on display in an elevated position. Smooth velvet material gently changes depending on the light in the room, for the ultimate seductive encounter.

It is made so that the person who lays on it, will help them to eliminate movement due to the frictional material will keep them in place during sex. All you have to worry about is the pleasure of the experience and helps to keep yourself within the moment.

Liberator Sex Furniture Meets The Fockers

Liberator Sex Furniture has also been used in the comedy movie  “Meet the Fockers” starring Ben Stiller and “Burn After Reading” with George Clooney.

Liberator is currently only available at Adult Lifestyle Centre at Kogarah in New South Wales and through the sex shop AdultSmart online.   If you are interested we can sort something out. Eon our manager, who we should all thank, for getting in such a badass product that will beautifully help so many people to have a wonderful sexual lifestyle.

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