Cumming Out – Erotic Fiction!

Toilet Sex

“I can’t come out tonight Hannah, I’m sick,” I wailed to my friend on the phone in between fake coughs.


She was begging me to spend a night on the town with her. Yes, it’s true I was lying my tits off but I couldn’t think of anything worse than being stuck in a club with a bunch of young guys groping at me on the dance floor.


“You always do this Sarah, I don’t believe you for a second!” she exclaimed. 

I had built a bit of a reputation for being somewhat of a home body but if you ask me, it was for a very good reason. You see, even though I was only 20, I had never understood the appeal of going out and having so called “fun” in a club. I saw it as a ridiculous mating ritual in disguise with immature guys and didn’t want any part in it!!


“You’re coming out whether you like it or not Sarah!!” Hannah demanded and I knew from her tone she meant it. I had avoided it for way too long and knew that if I turned her down again, I’d be paying for it for weeks.


“Fine, I’ll come out with you just because I want you to stop yelling at me!! However, the deal is, if I end up finding a sexy older man while I’m out I’m leaving you to go home with him!!” I laughed. “Alright it’s a deal!” Hannah laughed & exhaled in relief.


I met Hannah close to the train station and we made our way into the city to a bar before heading to the clubs. “I love your skirt babe” she said pointing down at the newest addition to my wardrobe as we waited to get inside. “You don’t think it’s too schoolgirl do you?” I giggled, bringing my hands to my mouth in a cutesy gesture just like those Japanese school girls you see in the movies.


“Sarah, is that you?” I heard a deep voice asking behind me in the line. I quickly turned to put a face to the voice and was met by none other than my high school English teacher!!


“Oh my gosh Mr Reynolds, how are you?” I said as I felt my cheeks becoming flushed with embarrassment. Mr Reynolds was a handsome man in his early 40’s that every single girl in high school had a crush on (myself included admittedly). “I’m doing really well thanks Sarah. It’s been a while and you haven’t changed at all” he said as he looked down at my skirt and gave me a wink. “Ahh you overheard the schoolgirl skirt thing” I said, unable to hide my still rosy red cheeks. “Don’t worry, I think it looks great on you-just like those skirts always did.” As the words slipped out of his mouth, I could feel a tingling sensation in my lower belly. Did he just say what I think he said?!


“Anyway, I better head on inside, I’m meeting a friend soon. Probably see you in there?” he asked. “I’m sure I will Sir” and realised that I wasn’t in school anymore. “Wait, should I still call you sir?” I asked half joking as he went to walk away. “I think it’s for the best, don’t you?” he said in a stern and sultry tone. “Yes sir” I answered back, feeling that tingling in my belly building and expanding down.


“Umm did that just happen?!” Hannah shrieked as we sat down to order our drinks. “He’s so sexy but he is so much older than you!! And he used to be your teacher!” “You know how much I prefer the company of an older gentleman” I stated in the most sarcastically posh accent I could muster.


After a few drinks during which all Hannah and I could talk about was Mr Reynolds, I decided I needed to find a way to approach him. He was sitting across the room from us and I did my very best to get his attention by making eyes at him but he seemed to not be at all interested. “Maybe I was kidding myself thinking he was into me. He could have just slipped up and said something he didn’t mean” I thought to myself as I made my way to the toilets, busting to pee.


The ladies’ toilets were closed for cleaning so I thought I would sneak into the disabled bathroom to pee. Just as I was almost finished, the door was flung open and I got that instant rush of regret that I had forgotten to lock the toilet door. And just my luck, it was Mr Reynolds!!


“Would you look who it is” he stated whilst smirking, not even a little bit surprised that the bathroom was occupied. I knew this was no accident as he stood looking proud, locking the door behind him. I did my best to act appalled but felt excited that he’d come up to me…even if I was half way through peeing!


“Mr Reynolds, what are you doing in here?” I exclaimed as I stood up and attempted to pull up my panties which were all the way around my ankles thanks to my tipsy carelessness. “No, don’t go doing that” he demanded as he walked towards me and crouched down so his face was staring at my crotch. “I want you to show me what’s underneath that skirt of yours” he said with a look of hunger in his eyes that made my pussy quiver. I stood there feeling so nervous and turned on at the same time, watching as his gaze did not leave my body. I grabbed the bottom of my skirt and slowly pulled it up towards my waist so that my glistening pussy was on display for him to inspect.


“I’ve been sitting with my friend for 2 hours imagining what your cunt looks like. I could never have imagined it to be this fucking perfect!” he said as he looked up into my eyes with adoration. “I bet it tastes just as perfect as it looks huh?” he inquired, and I couldn’t help but spread my legs a little wider as an unspoken invitation to decide for himself


Naked in Public
Caught in Public

To be continued…

Looking at sexuality, ethics and intellectual disabilities!

When does consent not count?

In 2015, Conor Gallagher reported a story where a Dublin woman with Down syndrome was allegedly raped by a 34-year-Faisal Ellahi (Down syndrome woman ‘lacked capacity to consent to intercourse’). The man plead not guilty stating that the sex was in fact consensual, he also stated that he was unaware of her limited mental capacity. It is a common misconception that those people with Down syndrome or other forms of intellectual disabilities do not feel the need to explore their sexuality. However, the real is, that all people including those with intellectual disabilities have sexual needs, desires and feelings and these need to be addressed and explored. As a society we have made it difficult for people with disabilities to explore their sexuality but placing down laws that restrict this exploration by calling it protection.

Downs syndrome

But what is an intellectual disability?

Down syndrome,  is a form of an intellectual disability characterised but not limited to: a deficit in at least two areas of adaptive behaviour which can be an inability to self-care, communicate, work or learn, a clear lack of social skills, purpose or direction; and an IQ of 70 or below (The Intellectual Disability Rights Service, n.d). A person with an intellectual disability, even a mild one would have little comprehension of what the legal process required of them without help. In Australia, one needs to seek ‘informed consent’ that is when a participant engaging in sexual relations lacks the capacity to consent, the participants should be informed of all relevant information before deciding if they wish to continue (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2017). It is also important to note that the capacity to consent is subject to change, a participant might agree to sexual activity and then say no once sexual conduct begins just like how consent works for everybody else.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Back in the Dublin courtroom, the court heard that the woman with Down syndrome lacked the ability to consent to sex (Gallagher, 2015). This was due to the fact that the woman could not independently protect herself, the court also heard that she had a trusting nature because life had not taught her to be cautious of others. This is not the man’s fault that she was not given the adequate tools or information to make an informed decision – the woman consented to an act she thought she was prepared but perhaps was not. There is a lack of education and sexual discourse as it is somewhat of a taboo to think that people with intellectual disabilities are engaging in sex. The court also heard that people with intellectual disabilities in fact have sexual desires and have the right to express them (Gallagher, 2015). There is a real contradiction here where we have started to address that people with intellectual disabilities are sexual beings but we are still limiting their sexual conduct and discourses. To help provide a healthy sexual experience for people with intellectual disabilities there must be more education around sex, consent and sexual practices but we are creating legal barriers that effectively halt sexual expression. That is like telling your child it is okay to paint with whatever colour they like and with whoever like, finding out your child was painting with your neighbour’s child and then reprimanding the neighbour’s child.

The sexual revolution comes in education – that is liberation!

I am not so naive to think that a sexual liberation for people with intellectual disabilities is upon us, and of course these laws and rules and stigmas stem from the vulnerability that abuse is much more likely to happen to someone who cannot comprehend sexual discourses. However, it is my claim that this is part of the problem is if someone is unaware of sex, their sexuality and consent they cannot agree or disagree to a notion that they can’t comprehend. By educating the intellectual disabled with age appropriate information they will be able to comprehend, process and consent or reject sexual advances. Being able to understand and process someone’s sexual advances and in turn giving them agency to decide if they want to do with their bodies. This course of action can also be seen as a tool of protection rather than the current model of action we take which is clearly not working.

Personal morals vs sexual ethics:

Are your beliefs clouding your judgement?

The most problematic part of this debate is how someone feels towards this issue will be dependent on their moral fiber, each person will bring a slightly different opinion to the table. What you must do is look at this from an ethical standpoint, is it morally okay to sexually repress people with intellectual disabilities because the idea makes you uncomfortable? Or is this merely a praxis to eliminate possible sexual abuse against those most vulnerable? Is better education needed for families, partners, caregivers when helping someone explore their sexuality? Or is it only okay for an intellectually disabled person to engage in sexual acts with another intellectually disabled person? At the end of the day we understand that we are all sexual beings and until there is more tailored approaches for each person and better education we are not going to see any changes to this system that clearly isn’t working.

3 Incredible People Who Overcame Their Sexual Struggles

Couples sex play

Continued from part 1: No Sex Or Self-Pleasuring For Three Months!

How often do we take our ability to receive and give pleasure for granted?

As an able-bodied human being who walks, talks and goes about my days with ease, I am privileged to enjoy a fulfilling and easeful sex life. Recently I have commenced a three-month journey of celibacy and have really come to feel a great deal of gratitude for all that my body provides for me in my life when it comes to my sexuality. I feel grateful because I know that not everyone has the capacity to feel pleasure and sexual fulfilment like I do. This journey has really got me thinking about those individuals who, because of a disability or medical condition, do not have such ease when it comes to expressing their sexuality. I felt called to do some research on different demographics of people who struggle with their sexual expression to create awareness of the lives of others. With greater understanding of other people’s challenges, we can really come to know the gift that is our sexuality.

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

I love orgasms. I know many people who do. I love that feeling of excitement leading up to an orgasm and the ecstasy that follows in that post-coital bliss. I like orgasms so much having a few a day sounds like a dream to me. Many people spend a great deal of energy striving for more orgasms in their lives, with the female orgasm even an elusive mystery to many. It may be hard to believe if you enjoy them as much as me but for some individuals, orgasms are a living nightmare.

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder is a debilitating medical condition where those with it are in a heightened state of arousal for extended periods throughout their days. PGAD affects mostly women, with only 2 reported cases in men (this was associated with restless leg syndrome). The arousal occurs uncontrollably, with no stimulation leading to it. Each person with this disorder varies in the extent of their symptoms, with some women having hundreds of orgasms in any given day.

Image: Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

Some women who suffer with PGAD liken the state to being on the brink of orgasm for extended periods of time with no satiation or relief. If you’ve ever felt that frustration from being edged to the point of orgasm over and over again, you can imagine that excruciating state these women must be in all day. PGAD is most definitely not pleasurable or enjoyable in fact it is quite painful for women who have this sexual dysfunction.

Physical Disabilities

I recently met a man who works as an escort. He shared with me a story of a client who, because of a physical disability, had never had sex or self-pleasured her entire life. She had never interacted intimately with anyone despite being in her early 40’s, with her disability meaning she had difficulties using her hands and opening her legs. Being intimate with a man was something she had dreamed of since she was a teenager and because of my friend, she got to fulfil her desires.

Image: Disability and sex

Up until this point of hearing this story, I had some awareness around those individuals with disabilities who had extreme difficulties being sexual but it was quite detached from my reality. I was in tears hearing what her reality was like and how something as simple to me as self-pleasuring, which I so take for granted, was impossible for her.

Contrary to ridiculous myths that acknowledge people with disabilities as asexual, this demographic is just like any other with the same desires for connection, sexual exploration and intimacy as the rest of us. To deny them this right is cruel and unjust. There is even erotic furniture available in sex toy shops to assist people with disabilities during sex.

Sexual Trauma

In my previous life as a registered nurse, I worked in a psychiatric inpatient unit where I would hear story after story of people’s hardship and suffering. What really amazed me (in a disturbing way) was the extent of sexual abuse and trauma that many individuals had experienced. It came as no surprise to me when so many people shared their stories of sexual abuse during the #metoo campaign, with sexual trauma dramatically affecting one’s connection to their sexuality. The effects of sexual trauma vary from person to person, with difficulties establishing healthy relationships, hypo/hyperactive sexual desire, disassociation responses and challenges with boundaries just a few of the issues a person with a history of sexual trauma may encounter in their lives. Sexual trauma is debilitating for so many people and can lead them to have unhealthy sexual experiences even after the trauma has occurred.

Image: Stop sexual assault

My heart goes out to those people who for one reason or another, face extreme challenges when it comes to having a healthy connection to their sexuality. May those of us who have the ability to explore our sexuality with ease do so with the knowing that it is a gift not afforded to every being. May we also raise awareness for those individuals who do not have such ease so that they may gain access to the support they need in order to have a fulfilling connection to their sexuality.

Continue to part 3: My Celibacy Journey – A Born Again Virgin

Author: Stephanie Curtis, Sexologist

Sex Toys For The Disabled

Bondage BDSM Wheelchair

Many of us take the relationship between sex and our bodies for granted. For the most part – your bodies do what you want them to do and you get the sexual gratification that you seek. In this multi-part series we will explore the discrepancies between sex and bodies and different sexual aides that can be beneficial when physical disabilities become an obstacle to sexual gratification, intimacy and a happy and active sex life.

If you have restricted movement of the hands through arthritis, nerve damage, amputation or something else – the use of sexual aides can quickly become a sexual endeavor fraught with delicate and fiddly movements and that’s just to turn the vibrator on! Below you’ll find a small selection of sexual aides which, dependent on your form of disability, can bring some joy and cheeky fun back to the bedroom. Please remember that this is only a very small selection of toys and for more detailed information tailored towards your physical capabilities don’t hesitate to heading In store to the Adult Lifestyle Center in Kogarah – which is on the ground floor and mobility impaired friendly outlet and has some pretty good reviews on yelp.

Sex Furniture Ramp
Liberator Sex Furniture
  • Liberator Sex Furniture: Using liberator sex furniture will heighten the sexual encounter by using product’s which will feel luxurious. The wedges will elevate your lover to the level they need to be so that you can both have sex with ease.
  • Odeco Touch Vibrator:This funky vibrator is a rechargeable unit with a large bulbous handle for easy holding. It only has two easy to access buttons and is primarily controlled whilst inside the body. It features two modes, a manual mode and an ‘automatic’ mode. The ‘automatic’ mode when activated and inserted into the body senses pressure along the shaft and vibrates accordingly. Different amounts of pressure on different parts of the shaft of the vibrator will cause it to respond differently, if you’re able to hold the toy in, clenching the vaginal/anal walls will cause the vibrator to react!
  • Evolved Roulettes: The evolved roulettes style sex toy is fantastic if finger mobility is difficult. The little wheel at the base of the toy turns it on, and adjusts the strength of the vibration. This wheel can be rolled against skin, the edge of a table or whatever is near to you. Once it’s on, the length of this toy makes it easy to reach those delicate areas as well as a thick handle making it easier to hang on to. The only problematic part of the evolved would be changing the batteries. If this is of a concern to you, perhaps you should consider the bodywand. The Bodywand is also another great (and extraordinarily powerful) version of this style of vibrator which come in a rechargeable or wall powered variety.
  • Lelo Insignia Range: The lelo insignia range are delightfully in tune with any females body. They’re angled at just the right points for maximum pleasure, it’s little wonder to discover that these vibrators are designed by and for, women. The great part of the insignia range is the handle at the base for easier holding, further the length of these vibrators are designed so you don’t necessarily have to contort your body in order to reach the deeper parts. Lastly, these vibrators are both shower and spa proof as well as rechargeable. This means that if you have greater movement in warm water, then these vibrators will happily and playfully tag along.
  • Hot Octopuss Pulse 2: If you are after an exceptional guybrator that is designed with for mobility and physically impaired people the Hot Octopus Pulse 2 is a Popular Choice as both a male masturbator and couples sex toy.  Almost literally you just have to put the guybrator on you penis and let it do the work for you.  Hot Octopus is a very progressive manufacturer that is thinking outside the square and designing sex aids with the disabled in mind.

These vibrators and sexual aides represent an incredibly small selection of toys that can be used if you suffer from reduced hand movement. There’s a variety of other toys that will happily suit a multitude of varying hand movements. Check in store for further information.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.EdSave