VIP Interview With Erol Opal Director Of Hologram Software & Product Owner Of VRotica

VR headset creator, sex toy product owner and designer

VRotica is a virtual reality headset that’s as designed as an inexpensive sex toy that’s made with high quality materials and is extremely easy to use. It allows the user to become immersed in an adult movie for direct viewing pleasure. Its sole aim is to bring to you adult movies, so it is not over complicated with any features that you do not need! A lot of the current VR technology that runs adult movies needs to be hooked up to a laptop or computer with a large array of unsightly wires but this is not the case for the VRotica headset. It’s a standalone device, all you have to do is recharge it via a power supply and connect it to the internet so you have access to all of the online content.

Simply turn on and browse through the menus. The buttons on the headset are placed in specific positions almost like a gaming control, so you will be able to find them with time and memory when you are wearing the headset. The headset itself comes with 6 adult movies already installed onto the device, so you only need to download content when you are ready to try something new.

When you do find a new movie you would like to watch purchase the adult movie. Download the adult movie to your headset then sit back, relax and enjoy the health benefits of masturbation. Let the video take you a journey with an up close and personal experience of your favourite porn stars. The website is constantly updated by VR video publishers who are uploading their new content, most recently they have promised that adult movie studio Badoink will be one of those amazing companies who will provide you with 300+ new adult movies. What makes this amazing is that approved users can also upload their very own content. They are hoping to have well over 1000 adult movies to choose from by the end of the year. Everything really is at the edge of your fingertips!

This is a VIP Interview with Erol Opal, I am a director of Hologram Software and product owner of the VRotica project.

VR sex toy compatable with porn
Image: Side View Of The Vrotica Headset

Tell me about yourself

My name is Erol Opal, I am a director at Hologram Software and product owner of the VRotica project. I was initially a software developer when we first set out at Hologram 10 years ago and gradually moved into management. My acaemic background is in literature and I joined the tech industry in my mid twenties.

Tell me about VRotica?

VRotica is a complete VR platform. The main component is the VR headset. It is a completely standalone device, which means it does not require a phone or connection to a computer. It has been streamlined in the extreme for the easiest possible user experience. It is currently the easiest to use VR headset available.

The headset displays the VRotica video store which boasts over 100 adult VR videos and that number is increasing every day. Users are able to browse the store, purchase, download and watch the videos as they wish. There is also a website for users , where you can sign up and manage your account.

Virtual reality device for realistic sex
Image: Back View Of The Vrotica Headset

What inspired the development of VRotica?

We have been developing for VR for 3 years and were both excited at the possibilities but also disappointed in the slow uptake of VR sets. We decided to help the cause by creating our own easy to use and inexpensive VR platform. While putting in all the work to develop both the device and the supporting infrastructure, we were also wary that we needed to populate our platform with content. The industry with the most VR ready content and with the most difficulty to reach the mass market is the adult industry. VR porn is incredibly popular even though it is very difficult to access. Standard VR platforms do not allow adult content and so users need to hack their devices in order to play adult videos on their VR devices. This means that both publishers have difficulty reaching the mass market and consumers are put off by the required technical know how. By adapting our device to the adult industry we are solving these issues for both the publishers and the consumers.

What inspires you?

I think inspiration can be found in many mediums and in all areas of daily life, but at Hologram we are usually inspired and excited by technology and how fast it is moving in our time. We have always been interested in working on the cutting edge of new technologies whether that be VR or The Internet Of Things or whatever. The numerous ways we can bring comfort or provide services or entertainment to people is always exciting.



VR headset
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What is it like immersing yourself into the world or VRotica?

VR in general is an incredible experience. It takes a hold of your visual sense completely and provides an amazing immersive experience. if you can support that with audio and physical stimuli then all the better. Adult VR is a very good representation of this effect and is overwhelmingly considered to be a much richer and more immersive form of pornography than traditional videos. VRotica is the easiest way to experience this and to transport yourself into many different fantasies.

What are the most viewed videos on the VRotica Headset?

The most popular videos are those filmed in the first person as they create an enhanced sense of realism and immersion.

Virtual reality sex website
Image: Vrotica Website Menu

How do you get videos onto the VRotica Headset?

We provide the publishers of adult VR videos a portal on which they upload the videos themselves. The videos are displayed within the headset and can be downloaded directly to the device.

Since there are no bulky remote controls, mobile phone and PC attachments for the VRotica Headset, how do you use the VRotica Headset?

The controls have been simplified to the extreme with essentially just an on/off button on the left panel of the headset and OK and Back buttons on the right side of the headset. These are all you need to navigate the menus and watch the videos. There are also volume up, volume down and recenter screen buttons on the left panel if necessary.

Virtual reality sex toy company
Image: Vrotica Logo

The VRotica Headset is one of the most affordable products within its category, how were you able to pass the costs onto the customers?

The initial aim of the enterprise was to create an easy to use and affordable VR platform. We are motivated by the urge to make VR more viable and popular therefore we have done the most we can to keep the headset sale price as low as can be.

Is there anything question or information you would like to add?

The VRotica platform is a live platform which will be constantly developing, updating and evolving. We have projects in the pipeline to add to the offline functionality of the headset with videos downloadable from USB sticks. We will also be adding video based games like virtual girlfriends and strip poker.


Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

Winter’s Remarkable Advantage On Sexual Attraction

Sexy woman in winter

On the off chance that you see your bedroom experiences warming up as the temperatures cool down, it appears you are not the only one. Researchers have found that men were more excited by sexy pictures of ladies amid colder months than they were in the hotter months. This means, men can become more sexually aroused during the winter!

Men Analysed Photos Of Women During The Different Seasons

In a study, 114 men were tested who were aged from 16 years old to 53 year olds. The men had to rate the level of attraction they had towards women. The men submitted their results four times over the span of a year which were organised according to the changing of the season. The men were given two different photos of women to analyse. One displayed their faces whereas the other displayed their bodies wearing swimmers or zoomed in detailed photos of their cleavage.

The final results of the study revealed that the level of sexual attraction that the men felt towards the photos of the women’s faces remained the same throughout the year. Surprisingly, the men’s levels of attraction to the photos of the women’s bodies were rated higher during winter. The months of December, January and February which are the winter months of Europe had the highest levels of attraction when compared with the summer months of June, July and August. The study also produced comparable results on men who had lovers and the results showed that they were also more attracted to their partner during the winter. The study was published in the The Psychology of Human Sexuality.

The Main Differences Between Winter And Summer

There are some main difference between the seasonal changes of winter and summer which may attribute to the results that were gathered. During winter when it is cold, a lot of women wear clothing to keep themselves warm. This means that they can wear layers of clothing that covers the figure of their body. Typically in summer when it is hot, women are more likely to be found wearing less clothing. So rather than wearing bulky jumper and jeans they may wear singlet tops with shorts. This type of clothing can show off their figure. During winter and summer the face tends to be uncovered by pieces of clothing. They may wear hats and sunglasses to shield themselves from the sun or beanies to protect them from the cold, but the face itself generally remains the same.

Victoria Secret swimsuit model
Image: Sexy Victoria Secret Model

Sex Toy Shopping Sales Increase In Winter

Stephen a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Center said “There is a spike in the offers of sex toy from winter going into Spring yet sales drop off amid the late spring months. There are various reasons as to why sales decrease in the harsh elements climate, but it can probably be likened to humans relationships to the weather and the availability of outdoor activities”.

Hormone Changes And Seasonal Effective Disorder

Some people hypothesize that men’s hormone levels also change depending on the climate. If we were also take into consideration that Seasonal Effective Disorder is a diagnosed medical condition where people experience periods of depression during certain seasons. For people who experience Seasonal Effective Disorder the times that they experience depression tends to remain the same each New Year. Most people who experience this disorder have recorded that it occurs during the winter seasons. It is less likely caused during the sunnier seasons of spring and summer. This changes can also have a surprising impact on people’s sexual lifestyles due to the increased levels of tiredness and lethargy experienced.

Birthing Rates In The United Kingdom

In another study in 2015 which was reported by the Independent had analysed the United Kingdom’s birthing rates. The results had found that there were more babies born during September and October than any other months of the year. This means that the women would have conceived the child back in January of the same year or December of the previous year which are during winter.


You can masturbate to stay warm this winter like using a body wand through clothes, engaging in temperature play, using warming lubricants, use sex toys that you can wear, use sex toys that heat up or accessories that heat up your sex toy and use waterproof sex toys to use in a hot bath or showers.




Stephen is a cis-gendered gay male who spends far too much time with his two cats and eating tim tams. A self-identified sex-positive advocate he cares deeply about gender equality, disabilities, sexual education and social issues. Opinionated and bold he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and say what others won’t. With a yearning for knowledge and experience in all things relating to sex, he is a prolific writer that has developed the content for a myriad of informative Sexual Health and Wellness websites.

Stephen’s articles and writings tends to focus on social issues, sexual education, queer issues and all things fetish and absurd. He comes qualified with the completion of a double Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and literature, and a Masters in Education.

Sexy Santa’s Special Edition – Gifts Just For Him!

Christmas sex toys for men

That’s right! Sexy Santa is back but this time I am recommending gifts just for him! I didn’t want anyone to feel left out and start complaining (I’ll hear enough of that from my family at Christmas!). So here is a cheat sheet for those who are maybe a little lost when it comes to buying the man in their life a gift.

Male Sex Toys

I think people are a quiet surprised when they come into an Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre and see the range of products that we carry for men. Over recent years male sex toys have been increasing in both availability and acceptance. Sex toys or acts that were thought of as taboo or “wrong” (I hate that word when it comes to sex) are now being seen for what they are, incredible ways to enhance your sex life. So come with Sexy Santa as I walk you through the options available and recommend some of my favourites.

Cock Rings

Ok so we will start with the most basic and widely known male sex toy, the cock ring. A cock ring can have two main functions; the first is that it can help a man maintain an erection. Using a simple silicone ring around the base of the penis can help restrict blood flood allowing the erection to last longer and look more impressive. The second function of a cock ring is to add pleasure for both the wearer and their partner. Cock rings that come with vibrating bullets, beads or a multitude of other attachments are for the purpose of enhancing your sexual experience.

Perfect Fit Stackit Cock Ring

This cock ring is a super simple but super stretchy, it is my favourite non vibrating cock ring. It is a SilaSkin ring that can be placed around the shaft or around the shaft and balls depending on your preference. Some people think it looks too small but trust me when I say it is super stretchy, I can and have fit one over my head before, if that’s too small, good for you.

Cock ring used to last longer in bed
Image: Perfect Fit Stackit Cock Ring

Colt Rechargeable Cock Ring

Colt is a very sturdy brand of sex toys, they are meant for men who like to play and their rechargeable cock ring doesn’t disappoint. Made of high quality silicone this vibrating cock ring can be used again and again and is a good choice if you want something a little more permanent than the semi-disposable ones that most people recognise.

Cock ring for men
Image: Colt Rechargeable Cock Ring


A masturbator is a relatively new type of sex toy for men, the idea of them is that instead of using your boring old hand when you masturbate you can use a beautiful masturbator that looks like a vagina, anus or mouth. Masturbators are becoming extremely popular with all different types of people and one would make a perfect gift for the man in your life.

Porn Hub Double Penetration Stroker: Pussy and Ass

So Porn Hub (the very popular adult website) has released a great range of sex toys for men and amongst the range is the Double Penetration Stroker. It is made from a high quality silicone and comes in a case which makes handling and hiding easier. I love this sex toy because it is almost like you are getting a two for one with a pussy at one end and if the mood strikes anal at the other end.

Men's masturbator that looks realistic
Image: Porn Hub Double Penetration Stroker Pussy and Ass

Joy-Lite Masturbator Range

I’m a huge fan of this well-made masturbator range and it is a range, Joy-Lite has a masturbator for everyone. They are queer inclusive and carry something for everyone, they only problem is picking just one.

Realistic masturbator
Image: Joy-Lite Masturbator Range

Prostate Sex Toys

A lot like masturbators, prostate sex toys are becoming one of the main male sex toys; finally men (of any and every sexuality) are beginning to discover the potential of their prostate! But before I give you my recommendations let me quickly explain what and where the prostate is.

The prostate is a gland, its main function is to produce the milky white substance that occurs when you ejaculate (not the sperm or the semen that is made in the testicles) this substance acts as protection for the sperm to help it reach its goal (an egg). However the prostate is also extremely sensitive and receptive to sensations like vibration and penetration. This means that when it is stimulated the prostate can create an incredible amount of pleasure.

Here’s the thing though, to get to the prostate you go through the anal cavity and this tends to be the unfortunate sticking point for many men, they don’t want to take anything up the butt (however most also don’t mind bugging their partners for that very same act!) and because of that fear they are locking off a whole world of pleasure to themselves.

With the right sex toy, lube and patience prostate play will become a game changer for your sex life.

Here is a little map for those wanting to find their way:

The location of the prostate
Image: Prostate

Fun Factory Duke

Fun Factory is a great brand out of Germany (a country that knows its sex toys) they make intelligently designed sex toys for both men and women. The Duke their male sex toy is no different, it can be used as both a prostate and perineum toy at the same time.

Prostate sex toy in blue
Image: Fun Factory Duke

Nu Sensuelle Homme Pro

While this sex toy may look a little strange, it knows what it is doing. This 10 function prostate sex toy also comes with a rolling ball massager tip that will work the prostate like never before.

P-spot massager
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Well that’s all from Sexy Santa this week, come back next week for our final Sexy Santa for the Christmas season!

Until then, happy shopping.


Sexy Santa

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

6 Thrilling Buck’s Party Ideas You Can Do At Home

Bucks Party at home

Okay, it’s the most important day of your life… Yes that’s right your bucks party! That’s why we have teamed up with the girls from Bad Bunny to deliver some awesome buck’s party ideas. Now these aren’t your typical ideas like paint balling or a pub crawl, no, these ideas are all about bringing the party to your crib! That’s right these are 6 awesome bucks party ideas you can do at home, enjoy.

Sumo Suits

This is the closest thing you will get to real WWE Smack Down… Sumo wrestling… well inflatable summo wrestling!! This is a great idea for any bucks party, especially those who don’t mind a bit of Rey Mysterio. There is 1 rule however and that is the Stag (man of honour) must sumo wrestle against every one of his boys at least once throughout the night. This not only gives you a chance to wale on the best man but also to prove once and for all who is truly the wrestling champion amongst you.

Sumo Suit at a bucks party
Image: Sumo Suit

Mechanical Bull

Saddle up cowboy because this is gonna be one hell of a ride… a bull ride that is…. well a mechanical bull ride? (You didn’t think we would recommend a real bull did you!) This spinning and twisting ride of terror is the perfect item for any soon to be married man at a bucks party. Test your strength and stamina, see who out of your mates is truly the Clint Eastwood of the gang. Use this bucking bull for hours of fun with drinking games. Of course, the main cowboy (the future groom) should get the first shot at taming this wild mechanical beast… especially when the settings are on super-fast.

Mechanical Bull at a bucks party
Image: Mechanical Bull

Jelly Wrestling

I love Aeroplane Jelly… Aeroplane Jelly for me… (Sorry for reminiscing) When looking for buck’s night ideas you can do at home look no further than jelly wrestling! This crowd favourite is always guaranteed to get you sticky all over. When organising the lady entertainment for your stag party you should ask for a performer (or 4) who will be willing to participate in the jelly wrestling events.

Luckily, our Bad Bunnies love jelly! We had a buck’s party where two strippers got into the jelly with the lucky buck and completely smashed him. It was one of the most brilliant things we have ever seen here at Bad Bunny. So if you are keen to get a little messy then Jelly Wrestling is the perfect idea to set up at your home bucks party, all you need is an inflatable pool and a Sh@#t tone of jelly… have fun.

Bubble Soccer

So your one mate thinks he is the Aussie Beckham… he thinks he should be playing for Manchester. Well bubble soccer is the perfect way to really see what he is made of… also it’s a ton of fun. Bubble Soccer is an awesome, action packed game for up to as many players as you want on each side. You’ll be bumping into each other at speed, most times the soccer ball will get completely ignored as you just try and crash into each other. Don’t worry for all your wusses out there playing bubble football is perfectly safe as you are fully in cased and protected… a bit like bubble boy.

Bubble Soccer ata bucks party
Image: Bubble Soccer

Axe Throwing

Are you ready to get your inner Viking on? Well there is only one true way to test your might and that’s by throwing rusty axes at blocks of wood. This is so simple to set up as it only requires a small axe and some blocks of wood. Place the targets a safe distance away. Let out a fierce scream like you’re auditioning for the role of Thor and let the fun begin. Now normally we would incorporate some kind of drinking game into any bucks activity (it is a buck’s night, what do you expect!) But in this case we thought we should maybe leave it, we don’t want any fingers going missing now do we? Instead we recommend keeping a points system and the one with the least at the end has to scull some sort of vile mix of drinks… whatever the punishment this game is a guaranteed good time.

Axe Throwing at a bucks party
Image: Axe Throwing

Naked Chief

If you are thinking of a nice meal to celebrate your buck’s night but don’t want to go to a restaurant then a topless or nude chief is exactly what you need. Basically it’s as simple as it sounds, you will have either a topless or nude chief cook up an amazing meal of your choice, plus you will get to see all the action as this sexy master chief prepares the meal, guaranteeing to have your mouths watering even before you are served the dish. Now this type of event also goes great with some topless waitresses to serve the food and drinks, giving you an experience that restaurants simply cannot.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of different buck’s party ideas that you can do from home. Keep a look out on our blog for more buck’s party related content. Be sure to also check out the bucks and bachelorette party items.

Adultsmart welcomes Guest Bloggers to submit 800 word articles with original content about topics relating to sexual lifestyle, health and wellness. If you would like to participate, send an email to with your ideas or an article that you wish to submit. If you publish multiple articles on Adultsmart’s Blog you will become an Adultsmart Expert.

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20 Dating Tricks You Wish You Knew

Dating troubles

Whether you are new to the dating world or hopping back into the dating pool for the…? time, the water is always cold and cloudy to start with. It takes a bit of time to find your feet but sure enough before long you’ll be off and running.
It doesn’t matter if the date is with someone you’ve met online that you have been chatting with for months or a blind date set up by a mutual friend. Going on dates can be a tad overwhelming. The whole premise of dating is to be vulnerable and let someone get close to you, this alone is enough to make someone apprehensive for whatever reason. On top of the emotional factors, there is always physical risks and I’m not just referring to a potential assault; but also transportation etc.

Over the years from personal experience as well as countless hours being a shoulder for “girl” friends, mates or the random drunk crying person at the end of a night out. Through all of these experience and conversations, I have compiled a few tips that I think can help to make the dating experience smarter and safer.

These tips are in no particular order and should be taken at face value. These have worked for me and for others, please use them as you will, change and adapt as you go. No two people go through the dating world on the same path. Find out what works for you and don’t be ashamed of it.

I hope you find some use in the tips below, just remember to date safe and smart!

1. There’s more to life and happiness than a relationship!

It’s great to want a relationship but obsession is not a good look on anyone.

2. You gotta like single you!

If you’re unhappy with yourself and your lifestyle, how is someone else supposed to want to spend time with you, little own make you feel better about yourself?

3. Date yourself a bit!

If the whole idea of planning a date seems overwhelming, take yourself out a few times before jumping into the dating pool. Find out what you like to do, know your limits.

4. Dating isn’t about proving your worth to someone! (You already are worth it!)

It’s about finding someone you can be comfortably yourself with. Someone you can spend ridiculous amounts of time with doing NOTHING!

5. Stop worrying about being “rejected” for being “too fat”, “too short” or whatever!

You may have had to reject them later on for having not seen Pretty Woman or the Latest DC movie. Everyone has their own “fit” of personality traits in a relationship they would like their lover to have.

6. When someone says “I’m too damaged” or “I have too much baggage”, believe them!

Forget low self-esteem and self-deprecation. This person does not need you to pick them up and put their pieces back together.

7. First dates are not interviews for marriage (Save that till you meet their mother)

While first impressions count for a lot, give these things time, that’s what getting to know someone is about.

8. Make the first few dates public and use separate transportation.

This reassures a sense of independence and safety for both parties.

9. Turn off your phone!

How do you expect to open up to someone or for someone to open up to you when there is a glowing screen between you?

Man waiting for his date
Image: Waiting For Date

10. Avoid the “ex” conversations.

An ex is in the past, leave it there.

11. Action dates are best to start with!

Most people already sit at a desk from 9-5, try planning dates that get you up and out. Move around and try different things. This is a sure way to instigate good conversation.

12. Don’t be afraid to google!

It’s 2017 almost 2018… if you’re about to go on a date with someone you’ve never met and share no mutual contacts… try giving them a google search, it might save yourself an awkward bombshell.

13. Limit the boozy beverages.

One before to calm the nerves, one to start the meal and get the conversation going… And see how you feel from there. You should always be in complete control of yourself.

14. Eye gazing tells you a lot.

Researchers have found that when someone is romantically “into” another person their gaze tends to land on and around the face. When the feelings are more sexual their eyes wander around the other person’s body.

15. $20

Always have $20 tucked away. $20 may not get you home, but it will get you $20 closer to home!

16. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Don’t say you’re going to call unless you really intend to call!

17. Don’t be afraid of the second date!

Unless the first date was a nightmare give the second one a go, perhaps you’ll both be more like yourselves?

18. Consider pulling someone out of the “Friend Zone”.

Friends are friends, but perhaps there is a certain person you just haven’t looked at in the right light. I mean they’re in your life for a reason?

19. No guilt for moving on!

If you don’t feel any sort of something from date one 2 or even 12, know it’s ok to move on. Not everyone is going to be a fit.

20. No games!

Forget the 3 days or 48 hours no call rules or whatever you’ve heard. Be yourself, call or text when YOU feel appropriate. (Just remember obsession doesn’t look good on anyone!). Unless they are adult games you would like to play!

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA Psychology Human Sexuality

Patrick Kriz has a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Psychology – Human Sexuality. Patrick is a wonderful man that has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share this with those around him. He is articulate, educated and the provider or interesting and educational writings.

Having been a regular contributor to this blog for the past couple of months he has consented to add his profile to our ever expanding list of bloggers that provide us with the great content provided to you. We thank all our contributors and authors and a special thanks to Patrick whom we deem to be an expert on all things relating to sexual wellness and adult lifestyle with quality writings. Be sure to follow Patrick on Instagram.

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