Adult Games – Why They are Good for You

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We have heard all about how sex is a valuable part of our lives and our relationships. There are so many studies proving that a healthy sex life leads to a healthy life in general. Further on, we understand how important it is for our romantic relationships. It’s 2020, and I’m pretty sure that nobody has any doubts anymore about the significance of sexual intercourse. Here’s some additional info on that.

What Happens You Are Alone?

Okay, we get it already – we need to have a partner and we need to fulfill our sexual desires. But, what happens when you can’t? What happens when you don’t have anyone to get freaky with? Does that mean that you should just let all the tension build up and then relieve yourself only and only when you find someone who’s DTF?

Well, that would be a bummer, wouldn’t it? Imagine yourself walking around with a boner, while everyone is looking at you and making calculations about how long it’s been since you last got laid. And, ladies, you’re not safe either. I’ve got some news for you. Every time you get horny and think that nobody can notice it, the truth is – everybody can notice it.

Thank God for masturbation, am I right? It could save you a lot of embarrassment. With a myriad of adult content out there, it’s even easier for you to get down to business when you are alone. And, hey, some people like to watch porn with their partner and pick up new skills together. Even though that’s not what we’re talking about today, that’s certainly one way to go.

Here’s why that might be a good idea:

Why Adult Games Are Good For You?

As I have mentioned above, we’re not going to talk about watching porn with your significant other. Or, others… it’s a free world. In fact, we’re not even going to talk about watching porn. Today, our topic is adult games and their role in your life. If you haven’t tried these out by now, I suggest you do, IMMEDIATELY. Wait, no, you should read this first. So, keep it in your pants for a while longer.

There’s an obvious reason why adult games are good for us. Is it really necessary for me to explain this? Let me put it simply. You’re horny – you need something to help you please yourself. So, you find an adult sex game, build your character and fulfill all your desires – even the hidden ones – through that character. While “on-screen you” is getting greasy, the “real-life you” is getting down to business as well.

But, this reason above is more an answer to the question of “how adult games can help you”, then to the question of “why they are good for you”. So, let me give you a couple of simple, straightforward and truthful reasons for engaging in these games. Here we go.

Say Goodbye To Stress

Sexual tension is not the only thing that needs to be relieved. Are you getting stressed out with something day after day? Well, this might sound silly to you, but I suggest you find a private space, visit Sex Games HQ and find the game that will help you blow your load and blow some steam off. You’ll start releasing serotonin and your stress will be washed away.

Say Hello To New Skills

If you have been trying to up your game, there’s no better way to do it than by playing adult sex games and experimenting with your character. You can try a few things out and get some great tips and tricks. Both men and women want to be great in bed, and that’s impossible if you do all the same things every single time. And can you think of a more fun way to improve than by playing sex games?

Being Single Is No Longer That Lonely

As I have already mentioned, when you are single, you need to find a way to please yourself without anyone’s help. And that’s exactly what these games offer you. However, that’s not all. When you start playing them, you can join some communities and get in touch with like-minded adults who have similar preferences. Hey, who knows what might happen.

Erectile Dysfunction? Don’t know her!

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men worldwide! Whether it’s from natural old age, a medication you’ve been taking or change in habits, ED isn’t something to be overly ashamed about. The modern medicine market has so many options to help you. From prescription to herbal, the remedy is there men, hold tight!

What’s what

If you’ve been thinking you need to try a stimulant for your sexual experiences you should first know what’s what, and why you need it. Medical viagra is made of sildenafil, Cialis is made of tadalafil, Levitra is vardenafil and Stendra is avanafil. They all work in very similar ways. These drugs are all different versions of PDE5 inhibitors and help to ease blood flow into your penis by relaxing the muscles. Herbal “viagras” are usually made up of ginseng, L-arginine, Propionyl-L-Carnitine, Horny Goat Weed and Ginkgo. The herbal remedies might contain more than one of these ingredients. They work virtually the same way in terms of muscle relaxation, but also focus on making you feel aroused not just hard.

Side Effects

Take caution when trying herbal remedies and medical stimulants as they may interfere with medications you already take. Side effects can include increased blood pressure and heart rate, headaches, stomach pain, facial flushing, anxiety and very rarely some acne may show. Cialis should not be used with other blood thinning medications as it can cause an unhealthy dip
in blood pressure. Very very rarely Viagra may cause hearing loss and blindness, no herbal supplements will do that. It’s important to head straight to a doctor if you’re experiencing an erection for more than 4 hours as this can cause permanent damage.

Lasting times

Viagra is something people use when they need it, not a daily medication. It works within 30-120 minutes of taking it and lasts 3-5 hours. Cialis has a similar kick in time to viagra and lasts up to 36 hours. Levita works faster than viagra and lasts for 3-5 hours. Stendra will kick in after 15-30 minutes and lasts for up to 6 hours.

Now although none of these medications will “cure” your erectile dysfunction they will help to ease the hardship of it and allow you to enjoy sex with your partner. Just ensure to do ample research as you should with any medication and speak with a doctor about all the options and choose to take what sounds the best for you and your body. Ask questions if you’re unsure, but also be prepared for trial and error. What works like magic for some might not for you, but that’s okay! Trust the process!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the friendly staff at the adult lifestyle centers that have an adult store near you.

Choosing Your First Sex Toy!

toys for sex

Buying your first toy can be so exciting, it opens up a whole new world of pleasure and fun. And for those who have never had an orgasm before, buckle up cowboy you’re in for a wild ride!! There’s so many different toys out there on the market ranging from beautiful bullets, thrusting rabbits, butt plugs with tails, and even dildos shaped like rockets, you think it – you can get it my

Rabbit Sex Toys

Rabbit vibrators are made for dual stimulation, they are perfect for any beginner to the toy world and range in sizes, colours, speeds and shapes. Your typical rabbit consists of a long shaft to be used internally, while attached to the end of the shaft lies a clit stim function usually mimicking the ears of a rabbit. If you’d prefer something to focus on the G Spot plenty of rabbit’s
have a nice curve or bulge on their shaft to help massage that area. One thing to keep in mind when buying a rabbit is that not every rabbit will work for you, some might be too big or too small, won’t sit on your clit or won’t have enough strength. Really think about your body and have a hands on feel of all rabbits before you buy. I recommend any Evolved bunny, they are amazing for their price, warranty protected and have enough variety to find the right one for you.

Vibrating Bullets

The good old bullet, you can never go wrong with one of these in your toy kit. The vary in shapes, sizes and speeds. A bullet looks exactly like the name. A bullet can be used on the clit, and if long enough internally. They should be cherished, these little guys work so hard to make you orgasm, so in return make sure you keep them charged so they have maximum power, and
always clean every toy with toy cleaner after use. I recommend any NU Bullet, they pack a punch and have a huge variety of shapes.

G Spot massager

Your G Spot will give you a whole different orgasm to a stand alone clit orgasm. If you can find the right toy, releasing this new power is going to be life changing. There is a huge variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to stand alone G Spot wands. They have different sized bulges, thickness and density. If you need to push hard on your G spot to get it going I recommend the Cosmopolitan G Spot Romance, if that’s not an issue for you go with the NU Sensuelle G. The Sensuelle G is very unique because it also contain a massaging ball in it’s G Spot bulge. If a bunny doesn’t work for you, you can always pair your g spot wand with your favorite clitoral bullet for the best experience ever.


Dildos are great! They can be suctioned onto the wall of the shower, come in all shapes and sizes (like literally any size), and some even vibrate! A dildo is a great choice for someone wanting that little bit extra, without too much. Because most are non vibrating they are great to have to add that extra spice when using a bullet. Some come in a strap on form, so if you want to use your dongs with your partner you can! Ensure you use lots of lube and take it slow at first to warm up. I recommend any Tantus or Fun Factory dongs because they’re all made from good quality materials and have enough variety to satisfy anyone.

Anal toys

If anal is something you haven’t done before, toys are a great way to start. There is such a huge variety of plug shapes and sizes you will always find something to your taste. While most are made from silicone, if weight is something you’re after try a steel plug. They’re awesome to use during sex because even the smallest ones feel so much bigger because of their weight, and the pressure added to anal area is an awesome sensation during vaginal sex. Some plugs vibrate, some don’t. Make sure you have an idea in your head of what you want. Explain to your sales assistant what that idea is and they’ll be able to help guide you in a safe direction.

Lube is an essential when playing in the anal area, it will help keep your partner comfortable and make things glide in and out. I will always recommend the B-Vibe plugs. They have an amazing variety, and the best anal training guide set ever!

All in all, this should be a good guide to help you understand what’s what and what the possibilities are. Just remember your lube, toy cleaner and your hands! These will guarantee that you’ll be arriving at pleasure land in no time!
All of our OH ZONE adult stores are stocked to the brim with huge variety and our staff are always happy to help you!

Is It Wrong To Use Penis Extenders?

Extender Penis

Absolutely not – is what I’d like to say but we all know how the world can be so judgemental. This is especially true among the male race. Your bros are quick to turn on you and call you names as soon as they find out you’ve been “cheating” on this area. But trust me. What you’re thinking of doing? They considered doing it too. They just never found the courage to act on it. So to answer your question: It’s not wrong to use penis extenders as long as you have the balls to do it (I’m definitely meaning this as a metaphor).

Anyway, self-improvement is something we all yearn for. We work towards becoming our best selves on a daily basis. This means improving on all aspects of our being – physical, mental, and hey, even sexual. Humans are sexual creatures, after all. To be viewed as someone desirable is definitely something we all work towards. It helps us view ourselves in a better light. Again, it’s not because we’re egotistical maniacs or narcissistic bastards. It’s because we’re human and humans are designed to be sexual creatures.

So instead of worrying about what people might say if they find out you’re using penis enhancement products, you should really look forward to the day when you can tell them off for not doing the same (read more). The means really is nothing compared to the end result. If they realize that what you’re doing is effective, I’m pretty sure that they’d hop on the bandwagon and do the same. They just need someone to show some initiative because, well, they don’t have the balls to go against status quo. They’re basically cowards who’d rather wait for someone else to initiate rather than do it first. Never mind them.

Now, I’m going on and on about how you should be using penis extenders but you may not even be clear as to what they really are. Well, let me briefly explain this revolutionary product.

What Are Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders are products that purport to improve sexual performance and satisfaction by increasing the size of a man’s penis. This usually leads to a perceived or actual enlargement or elongation of the male genitalia. While some users claim that it really does extend their man stick, others say that it simply helps them get their game on or become more “sex ready” when the time comes.

It looks like a belt of some sort with a mechanism that can be attached to the head of the male organ. It stretches the penis through “traction” and since the male genital part is practically pure muscle, stretching it out is very much possible. Men can wear the device whenever they’re at home relaxing or about to go to bed. Some can be worn overnight without the wearer experiencing discomfort. One study shows that the average length of penis extension users experienced after three months of use is 1.5 centimetres. Try telling that to your friends after you wag your front tail in front of them like a boss – or not. No, seriously. Don’t do this; it might creep them out.

Anyway, a penis extender is a non-invasive device. It helps you grow out your sex weapon naturally and comfortably with little to no known side effects. Compared to taking Viagra that only makes you feel manlier; a penis extender can actually improve your manhood. And the best part is that the effects don’t wear off after some time. They’re permanent so you don’t have to worry about your penis shrinking back to its original size anytime soon. Check out this study:

Why Should You Be Using A Penis Extender

If you’re perfectly happy with your manly prowess as it is now, you don’t really have to use this penile enhancement device. No one is really forcing you to. However, if you feel like you definitely need some help in that area, then go on and try it. No shame in doing it whatsoever. You’ll be more than happy with the results; I just know it.

Here are some reasons why we think using a penile extender product is a good idea:


  1. Surprise The Missus

Let’s be real here. After a couple of years being married, the romance naturally dies down – but only if you let it. Although doing something to surprise your partner typically doesn’t work after marriage since you know each other all too well, I bet she’ll never see this surprise coming. After knowing you for so long, she should be familiar with every inch of you already. So what happens when you suddenly add some more inches? She’ll definitely be surprised, don’t you think? Well, I think that a hot and steamy night with your new and improved sex machine is a great present for your next anniversary.

  1. Attract A Mate

It is also possible that you’re not married yet. You may be young and looking to mingle with gorgeous women, hoping to score a night of fun and mayhem with them. In order to attract better and hotter mates, you have got to have something great to offer.

Manning up, or in this case “extending” your manhood before your next big date is definitely an idea you don’t want to pass up on. This way, your first night together will not be ridden by comments like “Oh, cute” and “You’re adorable.” Rather, you will be rained with hot praises that will make you want to do the deed over and over again. If you want to check out penis extender reviews before you buy one for yourself, then please go ahead.

  1. Beat Genetics

Some of us are genetically “un-gifted.” I know, the world is so unfair right? However, there’s really not much we can do if we keep on whining. So instead of standing down and just accepting your ill fate, why not fight back – aggressively? Penile extenders are cheap, safe, and effective. I don’t see why you shouldn’t try it. You’ve convinced yourself to go this far, why not go all the way? Show the world what modern science and willpower can do!

The Dating Game!

Dating Online
Its a tough old world out there being in the dating game. Us singles crew really do not get it easy out there. I am 26 years old and everyone always say to me “Awww do not worry, you will find someone good one day”, “You are only young stop worrying, have fun”.
It is safe to say that I have had every strange, unique and weird characters there is out there that have giving me some memorable situations to be in. No one can shock me now with dating with my experiences. I feel like everything that could go wrong i have definitely witnessed it all! But theirs no point in giving up or feeling sorry for yourself. You just got to dust yourself down and get yourself back out there. Mr right is waiting for me I just have to keep looking and kiss a few frogs to find him!
Look, working in an adult llifestyle center has it’s perks but it also open you up to a whole new world of ideas.
I thought i would share a couple of my memorable dates that have had happen to me to try show people that they are not the only ones out there with horror dating stories and to not get so put off as its memories and stories to tell the grand children one day and lets be serious we can all look back and have a good giggle about them.
The lovely old tinder and plenty of fish has a lot to answer for the majority of my top 6 worst dates. They have let me meet up with a lot of colourful characters. Surprisingly the only thing that has not happened to me yet is being stood up but am sure with my luck i have probably jinks my next date. As much as i have had some bad dates it has also opened up some doors to some lovely guys that just didn’t work for me but i have had some lovely conversations and company for the night.
Lets start back to my first ever POF date. It was an Irish man, handsome enough big fella with good banter to chat away to. We had a lovely lunch and left with a cuddle which was nice and simple for a first meeting. I never got much of a spark but thought lets not knock it straight away and maybe try to have a second date before cutting him off. Few days after he messaged me to tell me he was moving to my area, which before our date he had never even heard of or stepped foot in the area i lived. He also at that moment lived around 45 minutes away from me. So yeah was safe to say he started to get a little creepy after that. That weekend i had a girls night out in the city. He continued to harass my phone with constant messages on what i was doing, where i was going. After the 15th message i nicely asked him to leave me alone as i was on a night out and wanted to enjoy it. I had a fun night until 4 am in the morning when i was on the late night bus home and who do i find sitting in the front of the bus. Yep my new stalker!!! After that i blocked him on everything i could and luckily have never bumped into him again!
I went on one date with this next guy. He seem decent enough, not sleazy just a normal john doe. We went to put put indoor golf to just have a bit of fun. I managed to win both games and he went into a massive mood because i had beat him. When he finally got rid of his pouted lip we went for a frozen yogurt. He then decided to sit there and tell me his beliefs and what he didn’t think was right with this country. Now baring in mind I have only lived in Australia for 3 years at this point as i am from over seas. He also told me that his father was born in New Zealand, his mother was Dutch and his grandmother was English/German back ground. So he believed that cultures and countries should not be mixed together and it was wrong. Now I am sitting thinking is this dude for real!! Do not get me wrong am very laid back on peoples beliefs and opinions being their own.   I would never knock anyone on that but i couldn’t understand why he would bother dating me as i wasn’t born in this country and with his background being all mixed i just could not understand him at all. Another blocked and deleted after the first date.
I was starting to get a little bored with meeting the same people so thought i would get out of my comfort zone and start chatting with different people. This lead me to start chatting with an Italian guy. He had a bit of broken English when he typed but i thought ok lets see how this will go. He wanted to make the effort by getting an hour train to meet me so i thought that was a massive effort he was making. I started to chat away to him and he just had no clue what i was saying as i have a very strong accent. That meant any joke i made he just had no idea why i was laughing. It just turned out to be a very dull and awkward date unfortunately. We went to lunch and had a nice meal then went for a little walk about. Now you know people say Italians can eat, well i had never realised this until i meet him. He had ordered two plates on our lunch date and then after the walk he said he was still starving, Really have no clue how they were both massive plates. We managed to find a nearby pub to have a few drinks before he left.  He decided to ordered a family size bucket of chicken wings and totally demolished it in a couple of minutes. He was a total grub and had the sauce half way up his face. It made me want to enter him into eating competitions after watching that. We finally called it a day and were saying our goodbyes when he decided to go in like an octopus and try tongue my face. I kind of panic and put my hand up to my mouth and went “STOPPPP! I don’t kiss on first dates”. Poor guy looked mortified but it was just so inappropriate and bad timing in front of so many people. Guess he couldn’t tell the vibes that i was just not feeling it.
The thing that annoys me the most about online dating is that a few days can go past that your chatting away to someone and think yeah this is going quiet well then boom they just stop talking. Just nothing! Whats with that. Always wondered was it something i said or do they just get bored and move onto another person.
The next guy wasn’t an online man. This one i actually i got to meet in person at a club and he seem really keen to take me out on a date. I had only been here a couple of months and hadn’t really dated much before so thought it would be a great way to just get out and about. He was a little bit older than me so that was a bit intimating to start with. He also had to cancel my first date as he had fell off a roof and broke his arm. I thought this was just a crappy excuse until he set another date up and picked me up with his arm all wrapped up and in the sling. The nervous got the better of me for this date and made me loose my appetite. We went to order and he decided to order every starter i think was possible from the menu even though i had told him about five times already i wasn’t hungry and wouldn’t be able to eat any of it. The starters arrived and he spent 10 minutes trying to force me to eat something which made the date very uncomfortable. Started to feel bit strange like he was my father giving me into trouble for not eating my vegetables. We then got round to ordering our main meals. Now with my chat before i had told him i can’t stand fish, anything about it makes me feel sick and put off. So have a guess what he decided to order for his dinner….. Salmon!! Was safe to say at that moment there wasn’t going to be a goodbye kiss coming anywhere near me.
Had a few guys with fetishes i just couldn’t handle. Now each to your own, like what you like. But when you cant stand anything about feet, someone having a foot fetish just isn’t going to work for me. I had been talking to this guy for about a week but still hadn’t meet up yet thank god. He had been open about his foot fetish and yeah that should of been a red card for me but i explained to him that feet wasn’t ever going to be my thing. He rang me up one day and started to ask me about what would happen if i drove over his little small convertible car with a big 4×4 truck. I said well obviously your would be crushed. His reply was and this was with a very panting voice “Awwww yeah you would wouldn’t you”. It started to click that he also had a squashing fetish and i would say he was actually masturbating over the other side of the phone while i was answering back. Yep another one to be blocked and never to reply to again.
I could tell you so many more disappointing dates that have happened to you but don’t want to scare you off dating too much. Sometimes it can get hard and feel a little like a let down but each male has opened my eyes up to what i am looking for in a partner and what i am not. Not to mention gave all my friends some giggles along the way. Its all about learning to just relax and not take it too serious. Have some fun and explore whats out there. It also gave me so much more confidence with dating and brought me out my shell.
And if in doubt – don’t.  It may be better to stay at home and just play with some of your sex toys.