My Lucid Dreaming Made Sex Last For Hours

Couple foreplay

One rainy morning I woke up from an incredibly erotic dream during which my boyfriend Ben made love to me for hours on end. It felt like he had been going all night whilst I slept and I felt my face flushed with a huge smile the second I woke. It was a familiar dream that I had many times previously and I usually woke to find myself with a dripping wet pussy and bursting with an almost unbearable hunger to be fucked for hours on end.

This was quickly followed by frustration at the reality of mine and Ben’s sex life. You see, Ben was an incredible lover who never failed to make me orgasm however he had an issue with the length of time he could fuck me for. The longest we’d had sex for over the 2 years we had been together was 45 minutes, with this a far stretch from the 20 minutes he usually lasted. Ben would want to fall straight asleep the split second he came which annoyed the crap out of me because I always wanted to go all night!

I rolled over to Ben for a morning snuggle and found him wide awake grinning from ear to ear. “You must have had some interesting dreams last night,” he said whilst sniggering. “You kept me awake for most of the night with your moaning.” “Ahh sorry babe, another one of those dreams” I said, feeling guilty that I’d kept him up. “Don’t apologize my love, it was super sexy, I ended up rubbing my cock until I came at like 2am” he said with a slight blush in his cheeks. “Oh wow, look at you, masturbating next to a sleeping woman” I laughed, turned on by the thought of my man cumming next to me in the middle of the night without knowing it.

Hot sex dream
Image: Sexy couple kissing

“You keep having that dream don’t you?” he asked.  I nodded, aware that I had shared it several times before with him. “It’s probably a good idea for me to do something about fulfilling this fantasy for you don’t you think?” he said, ever so seriously.  I sniggered at his suggestion, thinking that there was no way he could satisfy this one for me. “I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen” I said as I gave him a cheeky wink.

The day went on as usual and like many times before, I kept the fantasy from my dream alive to get me through the tedious tasks at work. I got a message from Ben saying that he was going to be a little late picking me up from work that evening but assuring me it would be worth it. “Hmmm, what’s he got up his sleeve?” I wondered with anticipation.

I hopped in the car at the end of the day, relieved to be done with work and looking forward to a night of movies on the couch cuddled up next to my man. Ben leant over to kiss me and I, only anticipated the usual quick peck on the lips, was shocked by the force and passion he used as he took my lips and tongue in a juicy embrace, he ran his fingers firmly through my hair which caused me to squirm in surrender. As he begun to slowly pull away, I opened my eyes and caught his gaze as he looked at me with a hunger to devour. “I’m happy to see you, beautiful woman. How was your day?” I always welcomed him paying me such attention at the end of his day considering he worked in such a high stress job. “My day has taken a dramatic turn as of 60 seconds ago when you kissed me like that.” I said right before I planted a juicy kiss on his lips, yearning to taste him again. “Well I’m glad that made all the difference to your day. Now, let’s get you home straight away so I can kiss you like that all over.”

As soon as we got home, Ben firmly instructed me to jump in the shower with him so he could wash my body – I loved when he was so dominant with me! As I let the warm water run down my body, Ben began soaping up my body on my front side, leaving almost no part untouched. As he ran his hands over my breasts and around my stomach, I felt a heat building in my pussy which caused my hips to circulate in anticipation of him touching me there. But he didn’t much to my disappointment. He told me to lean on the tiled wall with my arms up and ass sticking out so he could wash behind. Whenever he got closer to me, I could feel his hard cock prodding into me, begging for my touch. He made his way up my legs, spending a great deal of time on my inner thighs. The heat kept building and building almost unbearably so. He then finally placed his hands between my legs, rubbing my pussy ever so gently causing me to press hard onto his hands in order to feel satiated.

“You want to play like that do you?” he whispered in my ear as he placed his cock against my pussy lips, rubbing back and forth until I was begging him to fuck me. He willingly thrust his cock inside my welcoming pussy and fucked me in slow and fast rhythms for what seemed like a lifetime until I exploded into a quivering mess of pleasure.

“Dry yourself off and meet me in bed so I can spend the rest of the night with my cock inside that incredible pussy of yours.” “All night?!” I wondered out loud, thinking how he could possibly fulfil such a statement. Ben just looked at me with a satisfied smirk, his cock still rock hard waiting to enter me again. I believed him in that moment and true to his word, he kept me up all night, more than satisfying the hunger I had been holding all day after my dream. My sexual fantasy had turned into a real erotic story, it had come true.

The next morning, after calling in “sick” due to being absolutely exhausted from the longest sex marathon of my life, I asked Ben how he managed to keep going for such a long time. “That’s for me to know and you to never find out” he laughed. Little did he know I had already seen the bottle of QTTC Penis Sex Oil he’d left on the bathroom cabinet. This bottle of male excite oil was something that we could use over and over again…

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Clues And Warning Signs Of Psychopathic Seduction

Psychopathic relationship

Your deepest sexual desires are mirrored, that’s why it felt so passionate and flawless, like you were both in sync when together. The flow was limitless and fluid, they knew the exact places to touch, what to say and when to do the right things the compatibility was perfection.

Or so you think…

After you felt empty, fulfilled sexually but not emotionally, you kind of lay there lifeless for a moment stuck in your own thoughts during all the identity erosion there was no emotion.

You misunderstood the passion as emotion, why?

Because those most intimate fantasies you thought you shared were actually just grooming and observing, tailoring their behaviour to match yours. You were at your most vulnerable but they sat, watched and learnt; they never matched you in the spiritual pleasure you felt.

Their sexual approval and flattery becomes needed in such a way you feel desperate as that’s the only way you feel attractive. You become a target in which they control. They use their pull on you to make you feel desperate, needy and slutty. In the beginning, they couldn’t get enough of you but once you’re hooked the mind games start to play out, sex is withheld, making it a privilege that they hold.

Fundamentally, it is false that psychopaths make good lovers, generally they have low impulse control and are very promiscuous.  In the beginning, he is hyper sexualised with you, the “chase” and “conquest” excites him; you are merely a novelty. You drew him in though, the aura of your romance was seductive to him, and he couldn’t keep his hands from embracing your body, anywhere and everywhere. Control is vital in every aspect, how you dress, what you do, what you say, whether you wear makeup or not, to dress in a provocative manner, to practically cover yourself from head to toe, to humble them and satisfy their desire for indiscretion.

Your pleasure is their power.

Why do people have insecure attachment styles?

Recent studies into psychopaths have enlightened us to the fact that when women have “insecure attachment styles” it is often that they find themselves falling for the empty emotional core of the psychopath. This is instead of facing their fears of intimacy, and on top of that they are persistently dissatisfied with vaginal sex, they may have more anal sex and achieve orgasms through the use of vibrators. Research has shown that genitals are not the only part of the body sufficient for orgasm, without emotional fulfilment and a mental state of secure attachment there isn’t a sufficient depth for the ability to orgasm without sexual health aids.

Those of us with insecure attachment styles are anxious about intimacy, and thus avoid real closeness. A surface style relationship is more appealing than one of substance and depth. Women who fear intimacy or those who are avoidant, anxious or fear abandonment are stuck in a catch-22 situation, but becoming anxious is far less terrifying than the fear of actually becoming close to someone and allowing them the possibility to abandon them later on.

There is a genetic factor that contributes to insecure attachment styles where there is an alteration in the serotonin – receptor gene. But this isn’t always the full story and if it were to be a blanket reason for every self-depriving and self-destructive person they would have their fate there and then. More defines your insecure attachment style with how often you have an orgasm, your childhood, friends, social interactions all influence into this.

Image: Psychopathic lover

You may question why all this matters? And how can you obliterate all the years of your insecure attachment patterns?

To put it rather bluntly you need to stop dating men who cannot appreciate how you feel, and who you are. There is a land that psychopaths live in and that is in the realm of fantasy, there is no concept of standing by you during difficult times or even being compassionate towards your needs, and the only time he is close is when you are satisfying his immediate needs.

There is a brain-based method called spreading of alternatives this is where an individual evaluates the chosen alternative in a more positive manner and the rejected alternative more negatively; you need to start having vaginal orgasms rather than only anal and vibrator ones. There is a detachment you experience with anal and vibrator orgasms and you need to allow yourself to feel the full intimacy and vulnerability that comes with a vaginal orgasm.

How do you stop the cycle of insecure attachment patterns?

You have two alternatives to stopping this vicious cycle of endless surface relationships. Number one is by not changing, and being in the empty relationship without real intimacy or vaginal orgasms. Number two is to face your fear of intimacy and move on to someone and something more fulfilling, because your brain is so accustomed to your insecure attachment style it cannot make a distinction between the two, and so it simply regresses to what you already know every time.  Making a list of why staying away from intimacy is harmful to you is always a visual help, it may cause your anxiety to be heightened but only due to the fact you are conquering your deepest fears head on.

Ideas are not set in stone. When exposed to thoughtful people, they morph and adapt into their most potent form.

Ironically psychopaths are lovers who cannot love, this isn’t always obvious at first when the psychopath becomes infatuated with you and is pursuing you intensely, but becomes agonisingly apparent over time. If you don’t become numb to the mistreatment or stay in the realm of denial you come to the realisation that everything that is important and vital in a relationship is missing, just when you thought you had it all.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Although relatively young Morgan has lived a life filled with experiences that have made her grow as a person. She has completed and is a product and interior designer who is a strong believer in equality between sexes and speaks out against violence. Working in the adult industry has allowed her to grow as a person and come out of her emotional and sexual shell.

A Beginner’s Guide To Getting An Erotic Massage

Asian massage therapist

Have you always wanted an erotic massage but have no idea what to expect? Well if you are stressed out at work, dealing with problems at home or struggling to feed your sexual cravings it might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Though it’s sometimes painted with sleazy connotations, the bodywork actually has much more depth than horny middle-aged men getting their fix. In this day in age erotic massage therapy could be a benefit for everyone. And here I am to tell you more…

Massage parlours are everywhere…

If you live in a city centre you probably walk past an adult massage parlour on a daily basis, built up areas are saturated with them! Some salons you may even be familiar with and can’t help but wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Erotic massage is often seen as a taboo subject but I can’t stress more that despite contrary belief it is NOT illegal! The service is popular with businessmen, who often opt for an erotic massage on their lunch break and after work.

They often blend into the surroundings

One of the reasons erotic massage parlours are discreet is to protect their clients. Many maybe married, have kids and are thriving professionals who obviously don’t want to be associated with sexual services. Therefore many erotic massage providers are often masked as ‘Thai massage shops’ or are based in private houses to blend into the surroundings

They destroy any evidence of your booking

Most erotic massage parlours advise you to call to book before your session, but don’t worry about any information being leaked – evidence of your booking is usually erased straight after your session! You can always give a fake name and hide your number if you really want to.

You get the choice of girls

The first time you arrive at the parlour might be nerve-wracking. A delicious mix of masseuses will stand in front of your very eyes waiting to be chosen for your hour of thrill – you’ve probably never felt as overwhelmed!

It’s ok to be nervous

Don’t worry if you’re feeling shy, erotic masseuses are used to first-timers on a daily basis and will do all they can to put you at ease. Some parlours even have a reception where you can sit down and chat to the girls to get a feel for your favourite beforehand. You might even be offered a glass of wine to steady your nerves.

They will adjust your massage to your personal preference

Once you’ve selected your gorgeous therapist you will be shown to the bedroom. Your gorgeous girl will discuss with you beforehand what you want from your session. The beauty of erotic massage is that the style can be moulded to suit your personal preferences, whether you fancy some relaxing romance or something more adventurous.

All erotic massages are performed with the receiver and therapist both naked, but if you’re feeling a little nervous then do inform your masseuse –they’ll be able to undress to the comfort level as the session gradually progresses.

The session starts with a non-sexual full-body massage

The masseuse will place a towel down on the bed and lie you down as she warms your skin with massage oil. Though the purpose of erotic asian tantric massage is to arouse, the massage doesn’t actually start sexual. The masseuse will commence with a full body massage, similar to the soothing strokes derived from the classic style.  She’ll begin to work on your tension built in your neck, back and shoulders which will calm release all the unwanted stress within your muscles. This part of the massage is considered as the starter, there’s plenty more of this sensational feast to come!

Chinese tantric masseuse
Image: Asian Massage Therapist

More sensual strokes will be introduced

As your masseuse gently moves you onto your front from your back she will use what is known as an ‘edging’ technique. To perform ‘edging’ she will start to run her tantalising fingertips from your chest to erogenous zones (sensitive points), getting closer and closer to your manhood each time.  As your toes begin to curl and your body starts to shake she will manoeuvre her soft hands back to the top of your physique. This will send rushes of orgasmic pleasure down your spine and will be repeated until you’re at a point of no return.

The session does include sex

How sexual does the session get? Will I get a happy ending? Does the massage involve sex? These are common questions surrounding erotic massage and the answer depends on which masseuse or parlour you go to. You may-be familiar with the terms ‘happy ending’ and ‘full service massage’ but are maybe unsure what they mean. However, once you’ve had an erotic massage you’ll become accustomed to the services. Erotic happy ending generally means the naked massage with hand relief, while full service is exactly what it says on the tin and is the full she-bang. Not only will the masseuse pleasure you with her hands, she will also introduce oral and penetration as part of your experience.

You should always remain respectful

Although an erotic massage often progresses to being super sexual it’s important you are respectful to your masseuse at all times. French-kissing, pleasuring your therapist and oral without condom are often considered as extra and should be discussed with your therapist at the beginning of your session. They’re usually more than happy to adhere to your requests! Many erotic massage parlours also operate 24 hour hotlines where you can ring and discuss your queries before making your appointment.

Everyone should get an erotic massage..

You may think it’s a little naughty but there are SO many reasons why everyone should get an erotic massage. It can boost your sexual stamina, provides escape from life stresses and unwinds your tired and worn out muscles – it really is a no brainer! There’s guaranteed to be an erotic massage parlour in your area, so why not try a session today?

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VIP Interview With Executive Director Dr. Victoria Hartmann At The Erotic Heritage Museum

Board certified clinical sexologist

The Erotic Heritage Museum which has been made in the dedication to the freedom of sexual expression and education through the preservation of sexuality throughout history. From exhibitions on sex in space, sex bicycles, the evolution of human sexuality, sex in the third riech and the art of porn, the Erotic Heritage Museum has it all. The Erotic Heritage Museum is located exactly where you would expect it to be in the heart of Las Vegas.

The co-founder Harry Mohney who’s venture into the world of strip clubs and pornography began in 1987. Harry Mohney founded Déjà Vu, which has now turn into a franchise of well over 132 strip clubs and adult businesses. He has also been one of the largest distributors of porn and adult material in the world.

Harry Mohney co-founded the Erotic Heritage Museum with Reverend Ted McIlvenna who retired from the United Methodist Church. Rev. Ted McIlvenna has earned the title of the ‘Porn-again Minister’ from the Telegraph. He has owned one of the largest erotica and pornography collections in the world which was originally stored in a library at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California. He then learned that people’s sex drives and sexuality cannot be changed. Harry Mohney and Rev. Ted McIlvenna worked together to form the Erotic Heritage Museum.

This is a VIP Interview with executive director Dr. Victoria Hartmann at the Erotic Heritage Museum. This is a must read VIP interview full of depth and insight into the world of sexuality and sexual wellness!

Tell me about yourself

I am Victoria Hartmann, Ph.D., M.P.H.; I am a board certified clinical sexologist currently serving as Executive Director of The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. I am also a workshop facilitator, researcher, published author, speaker and consultant on women’s sexuality, and an advocate for transgender rights. I hold a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, with an emphasis on Clinical Sexology, from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (2012), as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Health (2012), and am board certified by the American College of Sexologists with Diplomat status (DACS), as well as an Official International Delegate and Consultant of the Chinese Sexology Association. My expertise is in paraphilic sexual behaviors and recovery from sexual trauma.

What inspires you?

People. I worked as a group therapist for several years at a rape crisis center. The kind of growth I was witness to was powerful and deeply emotional for me as a counselor. People who came from severely violent backgrounds found their truth and shared it with others during each 10 week, closed therapeutic group, and the strength found by each client had a profound effect on me. I see inklings of that at the Museum, when people complete a tour with a bit more knowledge (and hopefully self-acceptance) about sexuality and themselves.

What inspired the creation of the Erotic Heritage Museum?

As our Grand Patron, Harry Mohney, describes it, he and Dr. Ted met during an obscenity trial many many years ago. Dr. Ted was an expert witness in that trial. Harry and Dr. Ted discovered a mutual love of Wine and Women, and became fast friends. They have also supported one another throughout the years, when facing legal challenges related to adult material.

What is the importance of building an Erotic Heritage Museum?

Sex Museums encompass a particular kind of museum experience: they respatialize and recaption sex, while reorienting bodies in a curatorial space. With so much of global erotic heritage undervalued, criticized, or even lost over time, the EHM is dedicated to the preservation of as much erotic heritage as is possible to display.

What is the size of the museum?

Total square footage of the EHM is 27,000 square feet, with 24,000 dedicated to the main Museum space and lobby area. We are the largest Erotic Museum in the World.

Museum of erotic artwork
Image: Erotic Heritage Museum

What are the co-founders Harry Mohney and Rev. Ted McIlvenna’s backgrounds?

In 1962, the United Methodist Church, in cooperation with the United Church of Christ, the United Presbyterian Church, the American Baptist Church, and the Southern Presbyterian Church, commissioned a study of the nature and needs of persons in early adulthood. Four cities were chosen to field the study, and The Rev. Ted Mcllvenna, a United Methodist minister with considerable social research background, was chosen to direct the San Francisco arm of the project. The issue of sexual identity, especially homosexuality, was a primary area of the project’s research. The main conclusion of the findings was that one cannot understand homosexuality without understanding human sexuality. Further consultations were held at the Institute for Sex Research in Bloomington, Indiana; at the headquarters of the United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee; at the National Institutes of Mental Health in Washington, D.C.; and in London, England, with representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Culture, World Council of Churches, the British Department of Health, a representative from the Vatican, a Bishop of the Church of England, a representative of the French Ministry of Health and five delegates from the United States. At the London meeting, it was decided that persons in the helping professions were woefully lacking in knowledge about human sexuality, and that a center specifically designed for training professionals should be initiated.

In the spring of 1967, a meeting was held at the Institute for Sex Research in Bloomington, Indiana, which included representatives from the original sponsoring church bodies, the National Institutes of Mental Health, the Glide Foundation (an operating foundation), and four other funding foundations. It was concluded that the Glide Foundation in San Francisco would be the home of the National Sex Forum (NSF). The Forum would have as its main tasks the study of what helping professionals needed to know about human sexuality, and the development of effective educational methodologies and design of innovative training materials. The National Sex Forum began officially in October 1968, as part of the Glide Urban Center. This later became the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Harry Mohney’s legacy was launched on a lone drive-in movie screen in a Durand, Michigan, a cornfield in the 1960’s. Anyone who watched an adult film at a drive-in can thank Mohney, as he’s the man who set the table for drive-in owners all over the U.S. to pack their lots with patrons looking for some cinema skin. Mohney is the “Daddy of the Adult Drive-In,” starting with the Screen Drive-In in Durand in 1966. For a brief period in the late ‘60s through the early ‘80s, the adult drive-in was a staple of the American cinema landscape. It’s gone the way of the typewriter and the Walkman, but like any nostalgic treasure, it’s still fondly recalled, discussed in chat rooms and on Twitter. It’s also sent Harry into a lifestyle most only dream of. Today he is the figurehead for the largest Gentlemen’s club chain in the World: Deja Vu. He retired in 2017.

How did polar opposites Rev. Ted McIlvenna and Harry Mohney adapt their work to preserve erotic history?

Around 2006-2007, Harry and Dr. Ted decided to collaborate on the Museum. Harry had collected mountains of erotica, dating back to the 60’s, including his “Durand Dirties” and “Beaver Reels.” He also funded and produced some of the biggest adult films of the 70’s, and had discovered such iconic adult stars as Hyapatia Lee. Dr. Ted had collected erotic art and artifacts for the Institute’s archives for the same length of time. Preserving this material in a Museum seemed to make sense.

What can people expect from visiting the Erotic Heritage Museum? What are the permanent exhibits?

They can expect an unfiltered view of sex across cultures and time. Social influences, biology, sexual orientation, taboos and fantasy are all represented in erotic art. Generally these expressions were done in private, or as a commissioned work for a secret collector and thus often free of external judgment or structure. We get to learn through sexual art many different feelings and thoughts around sex, and often find that while the expressions of fantasy are varied, and underlying influence of sexuality in our personal lives includes each one of us and unites us in our humanity. Some permanent exhibits include the Sex in Space exhibit, exploring our potential for sex and reproduction on other astral bodies in our Solar System and in Zero Gravity environments; the Evolution of Human Sexuality exhibit, where we look at how our species evolved and reproduced, as well as the Worlds Largest Sex Bike and the Sex in the Third Reich exhibit which features one of only three pairs of Hitler’s Mistress Eva Braun undergarments.

Museum of the history of sex
Image: Erotic Heritage Museum Logo

Who should visit the Erotic Heritage Museum?

Anyone over the age of 18 can and should visit the Museum. We are a great place to learn, explore, bring a date or take in a show!

What are the most interesting exhibits that the Erotic Heritage Museum has ever displayed?

As we have been documenting sexuality since our inception, it’s our belief we have been a force for social awareness and activism just by the very nature of what we do. What has changed is the political climate. Before the 2016 election we were just a fun oddity in “funky” Las Vegas; following the election the general public reclassified us as a space for social justice. We haven’t changed; the view of us by the public has. We have hosted and supported organizations such as the Desiree Alliance, Gender Justice Nevada, SWOP, Planned Parenthood, the Green Party and countless other social and reproductive justice organizations over the years.

What are the Erotic Heritage Museums favourite sexual wellness, health and lifestyle facts?

That’s a difficult question to answer! The Museum has been made and remade so many times and each exhibit is carefully thought out and attended to. I have a hand in them all and get attached to each one. That said, I think what matters more to me is which one each guest is the most drawn to. I love asking people about their experience here and why a particular exhibit affected them.

What can we learn about the history of sexuality?

Making ourselves vulnerable, especially sexually, leaves us open to have the most sensitive parts of us judged and shamed. It’s what nearly 100% of people I’ve worked with and studied have expressed – fear of sexual judgment and the unmet need to be accepted for who they are. Here at the Museum we believe health and wellness starts with sexual self-acceptance.

Is there any questions or information you would like to add to the article?

Sexual expression crosses all cultures, genders and time periods. We learn about ourselves as social creatures and how our inner and outer worlds affect our sexuality. We see sexuality without moral judgement. We learn that sexuality affects us all.

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

My Slutty Mum Took My Teenage Virginity

MILF in milk

My name is Brett, I am 18 and I just started year 12 but you can call me Hardie. That’s what everyone else calls me at school. You see, I’ve never been with a girl before and just thinking about them gives me a big hard erection. I thought about them so much that I was virtually walking around school with a hard on 24-7 which is why the guys gave me the nickname “Hardie”. I don’t mind, I think it’s quite funny plus it gives me a bit of a bad boy reputation. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t know the size of my cock.

There are a couple of girls at my school I have the hots for. There’s Bree, this gorgeous blonde who has long legs that go on for days. There’s Monique, a bubbly brunette with a gorgeous pair of tits and Jess this girl who’s from France, she has this thick accent and is a bit of an airhead. My mother always tells me none of the girls at school are good enough for me. They just don’t have any of that homely nature that she does. But when I dream about them they have everything that I need.

One day, I had this great idea of using a swivel chair with a fire extinguisher. I sat with my ass extended out riding the swivel chair like a donkey and positioned the fire extinguisher behind me. I held down on the trigger and there I was moving across the class room floor charging towards the opposite end of the room. I had no idea, I was charging towards Bree. My English teacher Mr. Lawson caught me amid falling directly into her. It was like time stood still as the side of my face crushed perfectly into her chest but Mr. Lawson’s face of disapproval has forever tainted that perfect moment of sexual misconduct.

After school, I sat in detention with a bunch of other bozzos. I waited for the clock to tick past 3:20pm. A half an hour detention was totally worth it. I grabbed my backpack and proceeded happily out the door. I couldn’t help but to think about that moment in school with Bree. A feeling of shame trickled into my thoughts as I wished my first time touching breasts didn’t happen like that. I longed for almost anyone to touch me in return. I thought of Bree unzipping my pants and slowly but surely enclosing her mouth around my cock. I didn’t care whether it was messy but her enthusiasm to get a load out of me, would be the only thought I needed for the rest of the day to jerk off a couple of loads that night.

I arrived at my door step 15 minutes later with a raging erection. I held my bag in front of my crutch and hoped mum wouldn’t notice. I opened the door with my key and walked inside. My mother stood there, eyes glazed over with pure rage. I sputtered and lied “I’m sorry mum! I was held back as our whole class made a bit of a mess.”

She angrily responded “I’m just glad you’re safe. I didn’t know where you were or what had happened to you! You had me worried sick. Here let me take your bag.”

In a split second, she had grabbed my bag and my face was frozen in shock. I quickly moved my hands in front of my crotch in an attempt to shield my erection from her prying eyes. Even though I made an effort to cover it, it stuck out like an elephant in the room. Her eyebrows raised, her face went red and she dropped my bag on the ground.

In an effort to move on from that moment, she bent over to pick up my bag. Her top was a white button up and the 5 top buttons popped off. Her tight black pencil skirt was the only thing that held in the rest of her top. Her push up bra and her massive breasts spilled out. She looked up at me through her blonde long hair that rested on top of her nipples. I couldn’t help it, but my erection started to throb, it moved up and down in big strokes.

MILF in unbuttoned white top
Image: Sexy MILF

I was stuck in the entrance of the front corridor of my house, there was nowhere to walk but forward and I could not leave because I was just too embarrassed. So I tried to do what I normally do and walked forward. I picked up my bag from in front of my mum and I felt the precum leak out of my erection. The tip of my erection just kept getting stickier and stickier. I skimmed pass her in the corridor and our bodies rubbed up against each other. Even though I tried to hold my erection in my hands, it fell in between her legs. Her nipples brushed up against my chest and she let out a moan. She yearned for my cock.

Both of our eyes met, and we were both equally confused. But we couldn’t help it. She started to gently rub her vagina on my erection and I rubbed my erection on her. This was the first time any girl had paid any type of attention to me. My boner felt harder than stone. Her legs started to buckle and I caught her body in my hands. Her skirt pulled up and she landed even harder on my erection.

Hot mum unbuttoning shirt
Image: Blonde Unbuttons Shirt

My hands fumbled to unzip my pants and they fell down to the floor.  I pulled my underwear down just enough to expose my full erection. It flicked out and settled just below her pussy. I could feel the soft skin of her pussy, she was not wearing any underwear. In incredible excitement, I leaked precum onto her pussy and slowly jerked it out with my hands making each drop of cum last. I inserted my finger inside to find she was perfectly naturally lubricated. I took my finger out and licked her juices off. With her arms, she grabbed onto my waist and pulled my body into her. My erection was immediately pushed inside her vagina and her juices overflowed down my testicles. I was inside of her for the second time, the first time was when she was pregnant with me and now I am bones deep inside my mum leaking precum.

I couldn’t control myself. I picked her up in my hands, held her up against the wall and started fucking her. She was letting out louder and louder moans. She pulled herself off and bent over showing off her perfectly shaped ass. She moaned “Have me… You have to cum in my pussy quickly before your father comes home!”. I jerked off into her pussy, quickly inserted my erection and I let out on of the biggest loads I ever had. I pummelled my cock into her slowly using her waist to pull her into my body. The sound of her skin slapping on mine made me keep on cumming and cumming. With every thrust the sperm leaked deeper and deeper into my mum. My mum took my virginity and for that I am forever grateful.

My mum moaned “You are not done…” She went down on her knees and sucked both of our juices off of my cock. My cock was getting soft in her mouth. Some cum spilled out of her mouth, down her top and in between her breasts. The sight made me immediately erect and I was ready for a second round. You know… my mum was right, I need a woman with a homely nature. My mum is my very own MILF.

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