Condoms for all – Care and storage

condom storage

It is a big and equal responsibility for each of us to do our bit for safe sex these days. Condoms are an easy and relatively safe option for safe sexual practices in this day and age and have been for quite some time.

If using a condom to absolute perfection, a condom can be 98% accurate in protecting against pregnancy and STIs. That’s if you use them to absolute perfection. Catering for human error lets say the margin is more likely 85%. To achieve absolute perfection you need to do the following;

  • Put the condom on the right way (and if you put it on the wrong way – throw it out and start again)

  • Put the condom on before any foreplay

  • If using extra lubricant don’t use any oil based lubricants as it may cause the condoms to break.

  • Pinch the tip before rolling down the shaft

  • Roll all the way to the base

  • Wait until you have removed the shaft from the body to roll the condom carefully off the penis, keeping the semen inside.

  • If possible, tie the condom before throwing it away.


As stated above, everyone can carry condoms, in fact it is highly recommended. The best prevention is preparation and you should never expect a date to be packing; bring your own. This is also good advice in case you have any sensitivities or preferences in condoms.


But where to keep them?


Most of us immediately think of the movies, or the books or even our own experiences of having a trusty condom stashed in a pocket of our wallet for emergencies or on the go – This is in fact a grave error.


Condoms should be kept out in cool dry areas and there is nothing cool about the pockets where wallets are kept. Pockets of clothes, right next to the body conduct a lot of heat, add a mobile to the mix and we are cooking. This heat damages the structural integrity of a condom which in itself will leave it vulnerable to breaking.


What else is dangerous about wallets and pockets? Keys, sharp things, pens anything and everything that could poke, prod and dent into your wallet and therefore your condom. Seems like a pretty big risk to put on accidentally leaving a potential hole in a condom that you might be using.


Also when was the last time you checked the condom in your wallet? One of the biggest oversights with condoms is that they expire. They do last a long time, but you still need to check the use by date. That use by date is also greatly affected by where they are kept, are they kept in the sun? Somewhere hot? Dry? Always check your dates periodically to ensure that you are getting the best use out of your condoms and staying the safest you can be. If you’ve moved house several times and they aren’t stored correctly you might want to rethink that emergency few that you own


So where can you keep them?


Glasses Case:

A great alternative to your wallet, throw them in your car, your bag, whether it be your reading, your sunglasses any old case will do.


A cigarette case:

Go into a smokemart and buy a steel case for cigarettes. This will perfectly hold a couple of condoms, perfect for those emergencies, they’re sleek and slim, so they will fit into your pants or your clutch while keeping those little shields cool enough and making sure that they don’t get poked or damaged en route to wherever the night leads you.


A deck of cards:

A particular favourite of mine. Super elusive, ever seen a friend with a deck of cards in their bag that says they play solitaire by themselves or they’re missing a few cards or say they can’t really play group games in their work bag or uni bag? Chances are they may have removed some of the deck so that they can fit a few condoms in their well concealed deck of many things. Under stated and very clever.



Not necessarily the classiest but sometimes the most practical. Tupperware and small plastic containers can be beautiful and fancy little ways to store the odd condom in bags, handbags or cars on the go.


At home, keep them boxed in your underwear drawer, in the bathroom, in the bedside drawer but ensure that you check the dates often and don’t use them past the expiration date. And whatever you do, don’t try putting them in the fridge or the freezer for a cooling effect, we have Lubes for that. By putting them in the freezer, you will dry out the condom which again opens you up to the risk of it breaking it.


My pick is definitely the Skyn condom range: the non latex range means that anyone can use them without irritation, and without worrying that someone will say I can’t use a condom because I have a latex allergy- Done solved here I have a non latex one I prepared earlier!


Another huge pointer is check in with the nominal width of the condom when buying. Brands and varieties differ. The nominal width can make a difference in desensitizing and the feel, finding the right nominal width will have a big impact on how comfortable the experience is for the wearer. But remember-not too loose, you need it to stay on after all.


At your Service


Oh Zone Sales Assistant, Sexual health Advocate and Carrier of Condoms.

Sexual Desires: How to Wound Your Partner’s Pride

sex life

How To Ask For What You Want in Bed?

What does happiness include? We may list a wide range of factors, while sexual satisfaction is among the crucial aspects. According to statistics, 87% of single people looking for the best dating sites understand the sexual compatibility of partners amid their top-priorities.

Stereotypes Related To Sexual Life

While talking about perfect romantic relationships, we frequently base our sexual desires and expectations on recently seen movies. Two partners feel the highest level of passion; they love each other and match in every detail. Such a paradise is expected to last forever. What about real life? Things may go another way towards sexual collapse and hidden complexes. Can sexual desires help to avoid such problems?

When the rose and candy stage ends, sexual mismatches become more and more recognizable. Furthermore, people may change their preferences through the years, and that sounds entirely normal. Most people don’t want to understand how to control your sexual desires and experience the fullest happiness. They adjust to the absence of satisfaction instead.

What are the most widespread stereotypes related to your sexual life?

  • Men think more frequently about sex and have more sexual desires. Let’s clear things up. Sex is a perfect way to bring yourself to the highest level of satisfaction. This is why men and women get the same satisfaction from the process.
  • Sexual relationships must be bright, unforgettable, and full of desires. This sounds logical. Why does the statement belong to “stereotypes”? At first, sex never contains the word “must.” The process is unique and individual. When you both love it without experiments and enjoy your sexual relationship, change nothing. On the other hand, sexual desires should be liberated.
  • The process should be like in porn movies. This stereotype is frequently full of wrong desires and misunderstandings. Porn movies are all about the plot, while real life relies on feeling, emotions, and mutual satisfaction. Never forget it!

On the other hand, how to talk about sexual desires not being met? The most important thing lies in the necessity not to wound your partner’s pride. There are top-5 basic misconceptions regarding sexual relationships and differences between your desires.

Love Will Find A Way. Will It?

This widespread proverb includes the possibility to accept everything no matter what discomfort you face in relationships. This way is entirely wrong, leading to serious problems. Ask yourself honestly whether it is possible to discuss sexual problems or not. In case of some barriers, you need to break them.

What should you do to melt this ice effectively? Foremost, commence this conversation. Perhaps, remind your partner of some unforgettable moments from your relationship beginning. Then shift your focus that passion is not so bright. Ask your partner what are sexual desires he (she) has ever thought about. This step is a powerful push towards understanding and mutual satisfaction.

Catch My Desires If You Can

When people face some problems concerning their “relationships in bed,” they rely on a partner’s intuition. For instance, a woman dreams about practicing some new positions seen in a movie or in a magazine. She expects her partner to predict such a desire and offer experiments. That will never work. Sex is a process where both participants are maximally involved. Help your partner to reveal your sexuality and rise you to a peak of excitement. Don’t be too shy to remember the brightest moments and further desires among the routine. Questions like “What if the next time we…” are a perfect opening act.

Explanations Are the Wrong Way. Don’t Be Afraid To Implement A Teacher’s Role

Sometimes you tell your desires and expect a partner to make your dreams come true. When the process doesn’t meet your expectations, partners retire into their shells and never come back. While looking for effective recommendations, women wish to find how to ask my partner what his sexual desires are. On the other hand, you may understand the desires but not the way how to fulfill them.

Start a hot conversation, explaining to your partner everything you expect. Tell about sexual desires and ways you imagine them to be implemented. Aside from the progress in relations, such a talk may lead to a perfect spontaneous hot “trip to bed.”

Have You The Right To Silence?

Sexual desires appear as ideas, and partners have not enough courage to share their ideas. What is the ground for a perfect relationship? Mutual confidence and understanding. Questions women ask about male sexual desires should be addressed to their partners. Make it a kind of game. Exchange small notes, messages, or emails with hot desires inside. Just imagine how those ideas may turn you on!

Relationships accept silence, but there are aspects where words are better. Those aspects definitely include men’s and women’s sexual desires.

Fantasies Jump Your Relationships on a New Level

No matter how much time you’ve spent together, there is always a place to increase sexual desires and practice something new. Do you feel shame or shyness? Your partner is a person who wishes you to be the happiest person in the world. Otherwise, you need to think about some changes. While talking about both women’s and men’s sexual desires, there should be the only limit – “I don’t want.” Any other borders should be broken to bring you the highest excitement and satisfaction.

Sexual Desires Are the Engine Of Your Happiness

Happiness consists of diverse parts, but different examples of sexual desires prove that you need to liberate your fantasies and ideas. While talking about your partner, always remember some moments you’ve got the highest satisfaction, and this is the best moment to talk about your sexual ideas, desires, and experiments. Is your sexual life bright and festive? Or do you have some hidden sexual desires?


 Authors bio:

Rebecca Shinn is a freelance writer and dating and relationship expert with a psychology degree. Her field of expertise is relationship, dating, and marriage. The important part of Rebecca’s practice is to help couples with communication skills, problem-solving skills, stress management, or financial skills. 

Rebecca started writing 2 years ago to inspire and help people to have a better dating life, healthy relationships, or find a way to keep a marriage strong for long years.

With all said above, Rebecca is proud to be a mother and a wife so she doesn’t only use her knowledge for helping others but keeping her family strong and happy.

What is SFM pornography and how did it come about?

sfw porn

The occurrence of SFM pornography made by game fans was not a spontaneous occurrence. The Internet community has been approaching this point for decades. The popularity of sfm porn has emerged along with the rapid development of the gaming industry. The better the plot was written, and the more beautiful the character was drawn, the more often gamers made seductive heroines the object of their increased attention. So, the interest in SFM porn was born.

So, what is SFM porn?

This is porn… but with digital video game characters in the lead roles. With your beloved Elizabeth/LiaraT’Soni/lusty Argonian maiden, Triss or Yennefer, and many others. Sex in its many varieties. Traditional, oral, anal, group sex and is found in the terabytes of content that regularly pops up on the Web. Most often in the form of short (less than three minutes) looped videos in the WebM format or GIFs. Also, r34 porn has an important role in the emergence of SFM porn. Roughly speaking, SFM porn is an animated rule 34. Rule 34 has long been established. Models for the animation were already ready. The release of SFM only made it extremely easy to create 3d porn. Said and done. Armed with their experience and gigabytes of resources, the animators set to work. So, there was what can be called modern video game pornography.

Why is SFW porn so popular and better than real porn?

Rule 34 states: “If there is something on the Internet, there will be porn about it. No exceptions. We can, we will.” This is its peculiarity. Thanks to this type of content, you can enjoy any of your dirty dreams. Everyone will find in SFM porn some video that will fit his fetish. This is the difference between it and real porn, since in our life it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to make porn about everything that we imagine. But we can make 3D porn with any plots and characters that interest us. There is no need for live actors, sets, and equipment. SFM porn has a very different production cycle. There are no organizational and physiological aspects in it. To create a simple video, you need one person who knows how to work with the tool and a computer for rendering. A limitless space of possibilities opens up before you. These circumstances result in an impressive, and theory, infinite creative freedom. Situations, places, characters, poses — every aspect, even the smallest, is subject to the director’s vision. This frees the animators from the need to obey the established standards in the porn industry. The scope for self-expression, and in such a piquant sphere, has never been so wide before.

However, the freedom of action of people involved in the creation of SFM is also a disadvantage. Some people do not share the moral point of view of creating this type of porn. Everything, as usual, comes down to an old-fashioned dispute. Which is more important: ethics or aesthetics? Should there be limits to creative freedom? Why should art be subject to moral standards? But these questions will not be solved, each person must answer them in their way. But it is impossible to say for sure, and you must decide for yourself how to treat such content. (rule 34 animated)

Things You Should Try In The Bedroom To Spice Up Your Sex Life

satisfied sex

Is your sex life suffering because family issues and issues with your job are on your mind? Are those aspects of your life fine but the sex is not exciting anymore because you’ve grown comfortable with your partner? If the fire is starting to go out, then you should know there are ways to reignite that fire.

There are many different things you can try to bring the fire back to your sex life. Excite your partner by showing your partner that you learned some new sex tricks. Pick your favorites from the list below and try them the next time you have a romantic night planned.

Take A Picture

This tip is very easy to do thanks to smartphones. Why not have some pictures taken during the climax? No one is suggesting you put these photos online because these photos should be the eyes for you and your romantic partner only.

You can get creative with the photos you take. If you’d rather have video then set up a tripod or place your smartphone where it can see everything and record the romantic encounter.

You should only do this with someone you know you can trust to keep the pictures and videos private.

Read Stories From Other People

There are short stories about sex that you can share with your lover to get them in the mood. If you don’t know about these stories then you should do some research and look for them. There are many more stories out there than the 50 shades series if that isn’t your thing.

This is a category that many different people have published stories. With how many there are available, you should find something that you and your partner will like.

Act Out Your Fantasy

If you want to spice things up then act out your favorite fantasies with your partner. While this may feel weird for people who have never tried it before, you can come up with the characters you want to pretend to be yourself. Pick roles that are different from your everyday life so this feels like a new experience.

If you are going to roleplay, you should include costumes and props to get the full experience. Whatever you want to do and whatever you want to see your partner do, try it all. Maybe you can improvise with costumes and props you already have so you don’t need to spend money.

Don’t Be Calling All The Shots

This has nothing to do with dominating and submissive roles. If you are still using vibrators, let your partner choose the settings before you use them. They also make vibrating panties that the female can wear while out on a date and let the man have the controls to add unpredictability to a date night.

Book A Hotel Room

A change of scenery always helps. Most people always have something they want to do in a hotel room. You could always combine two by roleplaying in a hotel room.

You can let the maids clean up after you leave but it’s more exciting if you two show up on your own. The one that arrives first can set the mood while waiting for their partner to show up.

Play Sex Games

Take turns trying to make each other cum and see who can last the longest. The first one to stop resisting the orgasm is the loser. When the game gets boring, change up the rules and you could end up creating new games.

Kiss Like Teenagers

Sometimes making things exciting doesn’t mean things have to get more intense. Sometimes you want to keep things simple. If there are no flames then you might want to hold off on sex because the forbidden fruit always tastes better.

When you went on dates in your teen years, some of your best memories might be when you were making out with your romantic partner. You could restore the flame and passion by only making out with your partner and not moving things forward.

Tell Your Partner, Where You Want To Be Stimulated

Get some body paint and paint X’s where you want your partner to kiss or bite or do whatever you are into. If the body paint is safe to eat, then your partner can lick it off when you’re done. You could use whipped cream if you don’t have body paint. Just make sure to put towels down beforehand because you do not want to create a mess.

If you are into different things then why not use different symbols instead of X? You could create memories as you experiment with this technique.

Things could always become boring but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. The suggestions above are just a few things you can try to make things exciting again. You can also come up with things to try on your own to make your sex life more interesting.

10 Things Women Need to Know About Masturbation

female orgasm

Masturbation – we’ve all heard of it, some of us do it, but do we know as much about it as we think we do?


While masturbation is a completely normal and healthy thing to do, there has been a taboo surrounding it in the past, particularly when it comes to women. Surveys show that there is still a large gender gap when it comes to routine masturbation – only 7.9% of women between the ages of 25 and 29 masturbate two to three times a week compared to 23.4% of the same demographic of men.


While there are plenty of gender gaps we’d love to close, this isn’t a bad place to start. Here are the top ten things women need to know about masturbation.


Masturbating can improve your sex life

Sex is like any other skill – the more experience you have, the better you get at it. And what better way to practice than by getting to know your own body?


By getting familiar with your body and what makes you squirm with ecstasy, you can take that with you into the bedroom. Knowing your body makes you more confident, and the newfound knowledge may even encourage you to be more vocal with your partners, since you’ll know exactly what they can do to get you there. There’s a myth that masturbating makes it harder to climax during sex, and this couldn’t be more wrong.


It can improve your health

Masturbating doesn’t only improve your sexual health, but your mental health too. Having an orgasm releases the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, which improve your mood and create a natural high. A surge of these endorphins can also relieve pain – perfect for those menstrual cramps that may plague you once a month. Orgasms have also been proven to decrease cortisol, also known as the stress hormone – elevated levels of cortisol have been linked to lower immunity to heart disease.


There are endless ways to pleasure yourself

The limit of ways you can pleasure yourself does not exist. From getting creative with your hands to the infinite options of sex toys out there, you’ll never run out of ways to have some solo fun. Get your first staple vibe, adorn your derriere with a dazzling faux-gem anal plug or browse a list of best lifelike dildos on the market to add to your special toy collection. When you’re masturbating, you don’t have to think about anybody’s needs or limits but your own – your pleasure is your only priority, and there’s a toy out there for every lady.


Women also have plenty of erogenous zones. Please yourself vaginally, anally, or a combination – incorporate your clitoris, nipples, inner thighs…it’s up to you to experiment and find your sweet spots.


There is no wrong way to masturbate

Like we mentioned before, your only priority when you’re in the zone and ready to go is you. When it comes to your own pleasure, there is no wrong way to indulge. The more you explore with yourself, the more you’ll learn what you enjoy. If you’d rather ditch the toys and opt for rubbing against your favorite pillow, go for it. If you want to include a ton of props and engage all your five senses, carve out some time and pamper yourself. As long as you’re safe and comfortable and not harming your body in any way, there’s no wrong way to play. Remember – good sex shouldn’t hurt.


Even female animals self-pleasure

Human women aren’t the only species of women that love to masturbate. That’s right – female animals have been caught scratching their sensual itch more than once, and each in their own favorite way. Monkeys and porcupines use sticks, birds bend their tails under an object, and horses rub against posts. Who would’ve thought?


It helps you sleep

There’s nothing worse than a sleepless night filled with tossing, turning, yawning and sighing. Orgasms release stress-reducing endorphins that make it easier to fall asleep. Our brains are powerful, mighty organs – we can train our minds to associate orgasms with sleep. By masturbating and giving yourself an orgasm regularly right before bedtime, you can train your mind to create a behavioral link that triggers to your body that it’s time for a good night’s sleep. This can prompt the onset of sleep and even improve your quality of sleep, since orgasms also increase the likelihood of deeper sleep cycles.


It relieves stress

There are plenty of non-sexual ways to relieve stress, like aromatherapy, yoga, a nice warm bath…but the sexual stuff sure hits the spot too. Masturbating to the point of orgasm does wonders for stress relief, because when you orgasm, positive endorphins are released and cortisol is lowered, giving you a natural pick-me-up, and helping you to temporarily forget all the things on your to-do list.


You can have multiple orgasms

By knowing how to please yourself, you’re get one step closer to giving yourself multiple orgasms. Even though climaxing usually means the end of sex for men, women have a shorter refractory time – sometimes as low as under a minute. So, whether you want to go once, twice, even three times…the choice is yours. When masturbating, you are fully in control.


It keeps you sexual even when you’re not having sex

If you’re between partners or caught in a dry spell, masturbating can help keep you sexual until your next sensual rendezvous. Not only does it help keep the tissue elastic and increase blood flow, but it reminds your brain that you are a sexual being who enjoys pleasure. The more sex you have (even if it’s with yourself), the more it’s on your mind, and the more you’ll want!


There are no downsides

As long as you stay hygienic and use your sex toys the way their meant to – don’t stick an electric toothbrush anywhere – there are no risks to masturbating. Nothing bad can happen – you won’t catch anything, you won’t get pregnant, and you won’t get any random bruising.   Masturbation provides All gains and no downsides…what’s not to love!