10 best ways to spice up your sex life

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Try different sex positions

The most widely practised sex position is the missionary position. While it is great for maintaining eye contact, kissing, and feeling up each other’s bodies, there are several other positions that you can try for increased pleasure.


Stand a deliver: Having sex while standing can open up a lot of new positions for you. You can lean against a wall, or your partner can bend over a piece of furniture while you penetrate from behind. You can go for face-to-face penetration as well. Not just that, you can take turns kneeling down to give each other oral pleasure too.


Doggystyle: Doggystyle is excellent as the penetrative partner can enjoy more friction and the receptive partner deeper penetration. It provides a great view for the penetrative partner and stimulates both clitoral and anal erogenous zones.


Ride like a cowboy/cowgirl: The penetrative partner lies on their back and the receptive partner gets on top for a ride. This results in deep penetration and allows both partners to see, feel and kiss each other and look in the eyes to get a sense of belonging.


Spice things up with sex toys

Many men feel that using sex toys would imply that they are not man enough to satisfy their partners. But this is far from true. Sex toys only make things more exciting between a couple as you can use them for different pleasure experiences. There are a variety of couples sex toys available that can open up a whole new world of pleasurable sensations. And they sure add some novelty to your sex life. Toys like couple vibrators, remote-controlled stimulators, sex furniture, role-play games, lubes and massage oils, BDSM & bondage material can add more spice to your sex life. You can use these toys to stimulate those erogenous zones that are otherwise inaccessible. Toys like G-Spot vibrators or penis rings are perfect for couples who want to make things more exciting.


Create an atmosphere for love

Researches show that couples who take time out to create the right atmosphere before they jump into having sex are usually more satisfied. A relaxed and inviting atmosphere is a mood enhancer, a signal to your brain that something enticing is about to happen. It relaxes and stimulates your brain to prepare for a hot ride ahead.


Dim the lights: Too dark means no eye contact or visual treat. Too bright might increase self-consciousness. A dimly lit room is just the perfect ambience. You can use scented candles or lamps for this.


Clean up: Remember how much you cleaned up when you first had sex with your partner? Think of this like that. Couples often ignore this aspect as laziness creeps in with familiarity. But a clean and organized bedroom can sure act as an aphrodisiac.


Utilize all your senses: Sex is about all your senses. So, stimulate all of them. Wear sexy lingerie, play some nice music, use scented massage oils, use flavoured condoms, etc. All these collectively become essential things to spice up the bedroom experience.


Be flirtatious

Flirting doesn’t always have to have a sexual connotation to it. It is just another way of telling your partner that they mean the world to you and you still want to keep things fresh. Say something nice to them, gift them flowers, help them in cooking a nice meal or simply be playful at different times of the day. All these gestures will help you stay connected resulting in more emotionally stimulated sex.


Share what you fantasize

Each one of us has fantasies, but we don’t share them thinking of being judged or laughed upon. But don’t shy away from sharing them with your partner. You never know, they might just come true. Researches also show that couples who communicate openly about their sexual desires have a healthier sex life and a happier relationship.


Get adventurous 

There are several sexual ways to try to make things more adventurous in the bedroom. You can try remote-controlled vibrators, role play, BDSM and bondage to spice things up. Play out your sexual fantasies at a regular interval to get over the boredom of routine sex. Utilize different spots at home to make out. Shower together, get dirty in the kitchen, have a quicky on the terrace late in the night, watch porn together, act out different situations, ask your partner out as a stranger. Just do whatever it takes to bring freshness to your sex life.


Get a room, guys

Sometimes, just changing the basic setting of where you have sex can act as a huge stimulator. And getting a hotel room is one of the best ways of doing it. This way you get away from your mundane life, pamper yourself with room service and of course, make the most of a well-made hotel bed. It might be a little difficult for couples with kids, but it can be made possible with some extra coordination.


Sexting never fails

Sexting is not about sending lewd messages or pictures, but about reminding your partner that you are thinking of them. The best sex sometimes happens when there is a great built-up to it. And sexting can provide that. Send flirty messages throughout the day, talk about the best sex you had or the time when things were new and exciting. Share your thoughts on what you would want to do the next time you have sex. It is about building up the excitement for a raunchy affair later. And sexting can be a sure shot winner.


Leave handwritten notes

Much like sexting, but with a personalized touch, leaving handwritten notes for your partner can really make things spicy later on. Surprise them with some well-written words that tell you still love and long for them. State your desires here or just use sticky notes at different locations that lead up to a nice surprise gift. In an age where smartphones are taking up all forms of communication, a handwritten note would tell your partner that you still want to go the extra mile for them.


Plan things in advance

Often, couples in long-term relationships get busy with their routine leaving little together time. This can play out in making their sex life boring. So, plan in advance, fix a time and date when you will spend some time together being naughty and flirty with each other. Again, the anticipation will spice things up. Waiting in anticipation for that time to come surely stimulates your sense and when that time does arrive, you have already imagined so much about it that it plays out well for both the partners.


So, it’s no rocket science to spice things up in the bedroom. All you need is a little thought and effort to change things around. And now that the world is opening up to new adventures in the bedroom, new ways of sexing up your life like using sex toys are becoming popular. So, if you find the need to make things naughty, sextoys.com.au can help you have an adventurous sex life ahead.


Everything You Must Know About Review In Porn sites

porn reviews

Review sites consisting of porn fanatics reviewing 1000s of premium porn sites listing all their pros and cons. This is to ensure you don’t get ripped off and enjoy your porn. The reviews come with free porn samples for customer satisfaction but to access them, you will need to be over 18 years old. All the videos and films are rated by adult industry insiders and porn consumers. You will find the newest reviews, newly listed porn sites, best porn sites, and top it all, main categories or niches where you find options like amateurs, anal, blowjob, couples, deep throat, cum in mouth, among other awesome porno stuff.

Some love exotic girls like the Latina girls, Indian, Japanese, European, etc. but could only find their satisfaction in sex videos, and this is where Paysites Reviews with Free Porn Samples come in handy. These sites comprehend and include all niches with only the best of every kind; artistic hardcore, hardcore, lesbian, threesomes, amateurs, group sex, sex toys, taboo fantasies, porn for women, and every kinky porn you’d think of. To get all this, you have to spend a few bucks and see the best sex experience.

There are 100s of porn networks, but not all have the best reviews; therefore, they all compete for awards like a year’s movie. For this, they make sure they update their collection after a specific time, maybe a day or a week. They charge their customers depending on the packages; a day, a month, three months, and 12-month access.

How to get your site reviewed?

There’s a form you have to fill and link to the category of your site. You have to make sure that you have made a login valid for at least two months and submit a membership site to ensure it is not a free site. After this, the adult review can write an independent review of your site and publish it without further approval. You provide your contact information, the site information, samples, site description, and the category it fits in, whether butts or classic porn, etc.

  1. Pornsites for all.

As the name suggests, everyone can enjoy their favorite sex videos and photos here. You can access a variety of porn, especially with your partner. However, delays when streaming for porn are a massive setback since there might be a slow connection. The risks of getting computer viruses are also high with popping ads after every few seconds.

  1. Paid Porn Sites.

To be honest, who will fund these pornstars plastic surgeries, boob jobs, lips corrections, nose jobs, and liposuctions. The best advantage with this one is that you receive full-length award-winning videos in crystal clear high definition quality without the risk of your device catching a virus or being bugged with advertisements. There are discounts and unique porn offers to ensure the cheapest subscription possible, and you still get the highest quality smut. Paysite reviews with free porn samples bring detailed information, which helps in making the selection for porn sites easier with excellent production and detailed experience of the viewer.

6 Dating Apps to Fulfill Your Threesome Dream


The advancement in technology has made it possible for users to have mobile applications for anything they want. No matter, it is finding a soul mate for marriage or looking for a threesome partner, everything is available on the internet.

We often receive requests from our viewers about which apps are the perfect choice for finding the right partner to enjoy a threesome. To help those readers, our team has researched and identified the top 6 dating apps to fulfill your threesome dream in detail. Let’s go through each option and install the one you like most on your phone!

  1. 3rder

It is one of the most exceptional dating apps for couples or singles looking for a threesome. 3rder is a fun application that can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. It is a special tool for open-minded individuals who are interested in doing something different. While visiting this site, you will find it is a playground for love where things begin with an awesome threesome sex chat.


  1. AdultFriendFinder

The next application we want to mention here is AdultFriendFinder having a pretty solid collection of swingers and sex lovers. None of the people will ever say something bad about this website thanks to its ability to make open sex enjoyable. Just try to stay away from scammers who make fake profiles on this platform.


  1. BiCupid

The main tagline of the BiCupid app is to let the users find bisexual and erotic people. They work for people who like to explore new things and fantasies to boost their pleasure levels. Stay honest with your needs on this platform while looking for a threesome, and we are pretty sure you will have a hell of a time.


  1. Get It On

Get It On is a very terrific app that gives plenty of group sex options in every city. Whether you are a couple or a single, this app gives liberty to explore new things hiding in your heart for a long time. Additionally, this app allows the users to post updates & stories just as Instagram.


  1. 3Somer

The fifth option we want to recommend to the users is 3Somer, specially made for those interested in threesomes. It is an easy-to-use application where making a profile doesn’t take much time. You will full liberty to give your preferences while looking for a partner on this mobile app.


  1. Fantasy Match

If you want to fulfill all your kinks & curiosities about sex, Fantasy Match is definitely a wonderful choice to make. The users get plenty of options while using this application that is exceptional for sure. Unlike boring mobile apps, it offers much more than just a threesome sex chat and makes sure you get the ideal partner for real sex.


These dating apps are very amazing options to transform your threesome fantasy into a reality. Whatever wish you have, we are pretty assured they will be very helpful for letting you move one step forward for an awesome pleasurable session.

Boosting Sexual Satisfaction In Couples

boost sex

5 Sure Fire Ways To Boost Sexual Satisfaction

The pandemic changed our lives completely, especially our sexual practices. While some of us staying with our partners got too much time for action, others staying without them missed all of it. And unfortunately, following the safety guidelines, there is no way even to get sexual satisfaction from the best hookup sites. However, irrespective of the current relationship status, gender, and even age the sexual satisfaction remains the topmost concern for most people. Hence, a discussion about the subject grabs attention without any effort. So let us dig in deep into the wetlands and find out the secrets of sexual satisfaction and relationship happiness with the following tips:

Tip 1: Foreplay Has More Power Than You Believe For Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction doesn’t come from sex alone. It is the build-up of arousal that makes the release so pleasurable. So, instead of doing it like a duty, enjoy the process the way you did initially in a relationship.

For example- Watching romantic movies with intimate scenes in dim lighting can set the mood well.

Tip 2: Experiment For Sexual Satisfaction

If you keep eating your favorite dish every day all day, it becomes boring. Experimentation helps with excitement in bed and boosts sexual activity in couples for longer years. Not all experimentation will be satisfying, but you might some that give you more sexual satisfaction than others. It also stops sex from becoming a routine activity.

For example- Try new positions, role-plays, toys, etc.

Tip 3: Communicate For Sexual Satisfaction

Another most essential step we often neglect in a relationship is talking about sex. Many couples find it uncomfortable and even unnecessary to discuss their likes and dislikes. It can change the experience, increase the comfort level & trust in a relationship. While it is easier to satisfy a man, men face problems understanding how to know if a lady is sexually satisfied.

How To know If A Woman Is Sexually Satisfied?

Sexual satisfaction is best determined by facial expressions and responsive actions. If your moves and actions arouse your partner, then they will respond with their touch and eagerness for your body. Women try to express their satisfaction with post-sex cuddles, hip movements showing interest in round two, kisses, moans (gibberish statements lost in the air).

Tip 4: Find the Turn Offs For Sexual Satisfaction

As individuals, we always think of activities that ensure sexual satisfaction for the partner and us. But how many times do we talk about the turn-offs? Instead of avoiding doing something stating you are not in the mood, talking it out helps. Your turn-off could be a particular action, body hair, odor, or anything else. Tell your partner and ask them about theirs. It supports both of you to address the issues and feel more wanted. Also, in the case of actions, you can easily opt for other alternatives and ensure sexual satisfaction to your partner without being unsatisfied yourself.

For example- toys and hands can replace oral pleasure.

Tip 5: Invest In the Relationship for Sexual Satisfaction

Sex is not just about physical attachment. The need for touch comes from the mental requirement of being close to your partner. Love is the essence of sexual satisfaction; hence, putting efforts to show love to your partner outside the bed can show beautiful results on the bed. Leaving something for your partner’s pleasure or doing something specifically for their liking can have a more profound effect on your partner.

For example, a massage, a small gift, cooking their favorite food, deleting the number of someones your partner doesn’t like.

Research on sexual satisfaction has found that mental health affects the relationship and pleasure. Hence, doing activities like yoga and meditation can help improve the mental health of couples and, in turn, increase sexual satisfaction. What do you think is missing in your relationship that is hindering your desired pleasure? Comment below!

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Top Benefits Of Online Cam Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

cam girls

There are different ways in which people are making money online. Various sites offer these opportunities to people since most of them were affected by the coronavirus pandemic. One that has become popular is working for cam sites. Knowing which cam site to work for is important and that’s why you should check out cam site reviews.. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that you can reap from cam sites.


One good thing with online cam sites is that you will have fun at your convenience. All that you need to have a stable internet supply and a PC or mobile phone. Any time and anything you can do and that will be possible as long as you have the things mentioned earlier. The only cost that you will be incurring is your time, especially if you are a viewer. But if you are a cam girl or a model, then you will be having fun and earning a good amount of money at the same time.


With online cam sites, you are assured of your privacy. That is what they have to ensure to attract more clients. Your information or videos will not be leaked to third parties. You should not also get worried about the nosy neighbors when you will be stripping. They provide you services at the comfort of your homes hence minimized or no exposure to other people.

Earns You Money

Another benefit of online cam sites is that it allows you to make an extra income. When you work as a cam girl or a cam site operator, you will make an additional amount of dollars. It is not easy to start earning reasonable amounts of money for the first time, but your efforts will begin to pay off substantially with much effort and time dedicated to it. Cam sites attract a huge mass; hence you can also earn extra cash by uploading some ads on the site. It is an excellent way of generating money for your site.

It Helps You In Advertising Your Blog

Cam sites are growing each passing day, and they are attracting more viewers. They are expected to be a big deal in the future. Since they are getting a wide range of viewers and only adult viewers, you can take advantage of that to promote your blog or web pages. You can link this with any cam sites from the internet. It will enable you to get links on your website or blog and be clicked by the readers and directed to your website. You can also attract more visitors by incorporating online chatting, making your clients interact freely with one another. It is a sensible way to get targeted traffic and a simple way to interact with your readers.

The information mentioned earlier is some of the benefits that you can get from cam sites reviews. They offer viewers a chance to experience sex shows and other acts at their rooms’ comfort, making them feel a part of it.

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Adultsmart is conveniently situated at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah in Sydney’s South.  The telephone is (02) 9533 7217 and the Covid trading hours that are subject to change are 9am-10pm Monday to Sunday.

Click and Collect Services allow you to order and pre-pay for your purchases online.  You can browse at your leisure when visiting an online store and choose the items that you could otherwise not do in store because of Covid restrictions.  It also allows contactless purchases if you choose to utilize a service like the Adultsmart Contactless Click and Collect Option,

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