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Tickler is a fairly unique sex toy brand on the market that have a variety of cute and funky vibrators. These are Swedish designed and inspired by ideas of luxury and fun. They have been made and designed by the designers that brought us Lelo, so you can be assured of their quality. There are quite a few types of Tickler Vibes so hopefully you can choose the right one for you. Let’s have a look at 5 Toyfriend sex toys and see what’s what.

5 toyfriend sex toys
Tickler Sex Toys

5 ToyFriend Sex Toys 

  • Trainer Toyfriends

Using the Trainer Toyfriends allows you to do your Kegel-exercises and not just strengthen your pelvic wall muscles after child-birth that will stop incontinence and tighten the vagina during sex.  This type of training will allow you to enjoy sex more and experience extraordinary orgasms.

Trainer Toyfriends are made in strong smooth consistent silicone and are hygienic and easy to use.  Length of the handle is intended to make easy extraction without making it uncomfortable whilst wearing.  They can be worn comfortably and discreetly at any time of the day.

  • Pocket Toyfriends

These Fabulous Four are Toyfriends that fit in your pocket, which is incredible.  Foxy, Zany, Nice and Posh are smaller than normal sized vibrators for clitoral incitement that you will never need be without again.  With super cute, clean and advanced outlines, straightforward use and heaps of power the extraordinarily valued Pocket Toyfriends are something totally new.

An essential sex toy accessory! They truly fit in your pocket and are waterproof, made in smooth Tickler silicone and gleaming ABS and accompanying one-year guarantee.

  • Original Toyfriends that hit your spot!

These Original Toyfriends are Ticklers and were the  first group of perky vibrators.

Charming, Sunny, Mystic, Bunny and Rebel! Toyfriend are Swedish-designed quality vibrators that are simple and amusing to play with. The Original Toyfriends are diverse in character and impart some fundamental qualities:

They are all calm, vigorous, waterproof and made of smooth, body-safe silicone. The items arrive in a contemporary packagin with a stand for easy access and presentation. Battery is included and the items are ready to use right out of the box.

5 toyfriend sex toys
Sex Toys for Unforgettable Pleasure
  • Rockets Toyfriends

These Rockets are Ticklers second era of Toyfriend vibrators. Curvy, Wavy, Cheeky and to wrap things up the Starlet. They are silicone vibrators intended for both inside and outside stimulation.

Rockets are influential waterproof vibrators with adjustable speeds and with distinctive throb modes. Add to that energetic shades and affable identities and you have an extraordinary inclusion to your group of personal erotic toys.  As they are Toyfriends, they are all produced using super-smooth body-safe silicone and, calm. Batteries are included and the vibrator is ready to go out of the box!

  • Power Toyfriends with the ability to please!

These Power Toyfriends are the third era of Toyfriends. Meddling, Bubbly, Coney and Seti are a bit bigger, better, stronger and bolder then the Originals and the Rockets (still sweet and attractive however).

Bubbly, Coney, Nosy and Seti all have customizable vibration and throb modes with extraordinary adaptability in their wonderfully outlined silicones, adjusting to the body and making unlimited alternatives for great orgasmic experiences. The distinctive shapes are suitable for various types of uses.

So please look at the individual items to discover which one suits you the best. As all Tickler Toyfriends they are produced using super-smooth body-safe silicone and, quiet.

  • Double Toyfriends

Bossy and Shorty structure the fourth line of Toyfriend vibrators. The Doubles as they are called are some of the more outrageous styles.  Giving sensations both inside and out it is time to take it both ways.  Perfect for achieving that desired blended orgasm, made from body safe silicone and packing a real vibrating punch.

So assuredly you can discover a Tickler Vibe that Is Right For You!!

5 toyfriend sex toys
Lemon Vibrator

This Mina Ain’t No Lemon!

Minna released the Ola and I loved it. Ola uses an innovation never seen previously in a vibrator! You crush a cushion on the handle to control the vibration strength. It was truly awesome for people who like something a little bit different and new.

Your favorite modes on the sex toy could be saved and whenever you desired could select them.

Now Minna have released the Limon reflects the shape of a little lemon.

Name is pronounced like “lee-moan”.

Given the organic product connection, I’d expected to see a yellow vibrator however they offer the universal pink and blue-green colors. I love the greenish blue, it’s beautiful.

Taking it out of the box it felt silky smooth and turning it on I surprisingly found that it already had some charge.  The intensities amazed me, for such an innocuous toy it delivered some punch and the vibrations were deep and rumbly – just the way I like it.

I would compare the strength of the vibrations at the higher levels to that of a We-Vibe Tango that is renowned by sex toy lovers as one of the most powerful.  I could not wait to try this baby out!

5 toyfriend sex toys
Versatile Sex Toy

Minna Limon charges by means of a USB cord and sits on an attractive base. The base needs to be on a level surface in order to charge.  Any device with a usb socket will charge it.

Why Would you Love the Minna? 

People who love best vibrators that have a consistent speed that will massage your intimate parts of your body, the Limon serves this purpose well.

But it is not the vibrations that make this sex toys exceptional.  It is the shape and feel.   As it is shaped like a Lemon and quite thick but at the time squishy.  Although it possible could be inserted it is designed to massage the outside of the body.

As it is wider it is far easier to grip and control it with just a thumb and forefinger adequate.  When you are just about to reach that climactic orgasm simply squeeze the Limon and the vibrations will increase.  As your moment subsides relax and the vibrations decrease to that you set it on.

This feature is awesome and allows you to accurately deliver just the right sensations your body deserves.

Testing it Out

As mentioned the 100% waterproof made from body-safe silicone is silky smooth reducing friction greatly.  Iinstant pressure responsiveness made it one of a kind. But some companies have now copied this, the vibrations are strong and deep.

So then testing it I found that due to the shape of the toy the best positions for me to use it were laying down, side and doggie.  It was difficult to use sitting or standing.  But it felt great and I believe it is more suited for solo masturbation play rather than couples play.

Controls were easy to use and it was great to not have to worry about changing speeds due to the squeeze feature.  I found it suitable for clit-centric stimulation, nipple play and outer vagina excitement.

It is a user friendly sex toy!

This vibrator is not quite whisper quiet – but one of the quietest toys I own.  Only con I would say about this toy as it is so silky and smooth when lubricant it added it does become rather slippery and hard to keep hold of.

I loved the Minna Limon – perhaps you may too!

5 toyfriend sex toys
Icicle Sex Toys

This Icicle Is Definitely On Route 61!

A great many people love a glass sex toy and there are many good reasons why.

For me personally, I have previously purchased sex toys from Pipedreams Icicles range and this was the third glass sex toy I have owned. I am exceptionally enthusiastic about the Icicles no 61.  As it appeared to be more “realistic” and with a tolerable bend that would be phenomenal for prostate play.

Would it satisfy my desires, or would my fantasies be broken?

Icicles sex toys always look fantastic.  They feel different compared to each other.  So you have to buy based upon what you would like the sex toy to do for you.

  • Buy a sex toy with more ridges for a textured sexual experience.
  • Or buy a sex toy without ridges that you can massage on the different stimulation spots that run through your body.
  • Why not try one that that is vibrating for a little bit of extra stimulation. I possess some larger icicles dildo’s which have 4″ diameters.
  • Icicles I own include the No.5 and No. 55.  I own these dildos because the surface of these dildos are a lot smoother making them look more slender than they truly are.

In any case, there are many different glass dildos to choose from that will satisfy your different needs and create a truly perfect dildo for you.

Unboxing the Icicles Range

Icicles range comes in a nicely packaged box with an image of the toy on the front.   Upon opening you will find your new sex toy with a nice silk pouch to store it in.

Glass is amazing to feel and the 61 has a wicked set of testicles that when using give you an amazing surface to grasp and manipulate the toy.  This phallic dildo has a structured glans that adds to the sensations and excitement when using.

5 toyfriend sex toys
Pipedream Glass Dildo

One of the things I most love about glass temperature play. 

61 looks like a real dick and during the colds of winter I want that dick to be nice and warm, filling me up and making me content.  During the heat of summer I want it to be cool, refreshing me and making me feel cool from the inside out.

Temperature play I find an awesome addition to my sex play.

My partner has become a bit of a voyeur

Of late he has been content with watching me delight myself.  He especially adores it when I use clear glass sex toys.  As his view of me in not simply restrained to the external.

He has laid close to me on many occasions watching intently as I put the dildo in and out of my pussy.  Whilst he masturbates and may I say when both he and I cum it is with vigor.  We often de this as a form of foreplay and after I have cum whisper in his ear.

“Baby, now come and fuck me with it”!

It never fails to turn him on and he willingly obliges.  Taking the glass dildo and inserting it into my wet pussy.  He will slide it in and out until he is totally turned on and then we will make hot passionate love.

Because the dildo has a slight bend on  the shaft it will be suitable for P-Spot and G-Spot excitement.   Having used it a couple of times on my G I can tell you it drives me crazy.  And causes toe twisting orgasms that make my grip my sheets like I am holding onto a roller coaster with no safety bar.

Often after climaxing I am week at the knees and shaking in ectasy after experiencing the sensual delights that this toy can bring.

g comet

What Is This Comet Made From?

Sometimes I hear somebody raving and ranting about how wonderful the top g-spot sex toys are. As they are talking about one of their vibrators I am always thinking to myself:

“Hey that may just hit my prostate and feel fucking astounding as it vibrates.”

Sometimes, its just so hard to find the perfect prostate massager that you can move around easily. A decent companion was letting me know how intense the Jopen Comet II felt so had to go out and get one to try for myself.

5 toyfriend sex toys
Prostate Toys and Prostate Vibrators for Men

What Is The Jopen Key Comet II?

Comet II by Jopen is a piece of the Key line sex toys. Key line is only one of a few “extravagance” lines of Jopen toys intended to titillate and tempt and is made with body safe materials.

Comet II particularly, is an update of the Comet. First Comet had to a great extent the same outline however did not have one straightforward and very important thing vibration.  Both the Comet and Comet II are both intended for g-spot incitement or prostate massage.

What Is The Jopen Key Comet II Made Of?

It’s head end which is the part that vibrates is body safe silicone wrapped. It’s pretty much the most secure, hygienic and safe stuff you can work into your orifices.  A handle is “glass-like” which adds a bit of fanciness and the catch is “stainless amalgam”, which implies it isn’t stainless steel.

5 toyfriend sex toys
Jopen Male Prostate Massager

What Features Does The Jopen Key Comet II Have?

  • Other than being made of body safe materials, its rechargeable and waterproof.
  • It additionally has 7 special modes Intense, high, wave, Pulse, throb, glutter and yease.  More than enough to satisfy any demanding G-Spot or Prostate.
  • For vaginal play it is recommended a water based lubricant be used.
  • In the event that you use it for butt play, you can a toy safe silicone lubricant for best result or water based lubes.

Charging The The Jopen Key Comet II

It has got a quite clever attractive charger, and a USB charger.  Charges between two magnets.  So is essentially and click and charge device that is really simple to use.

Charge last about 2 hours so plenty of time to experience all types of sensations. It comes in an attractive gift box.  But inside is a silk feel bag that the Comet II and all the accessories can fit in for storage in your bedside drawers or when travelling.

Since it can recharge the sex toy is quiet compared to other sex toys with batteries. It is the magnetic rechargeable feature which allows this sex toy to be fully submersible.  You can play with it in the shower, bath or even in a sauna.

What I Felt When I Used The Jopen Key Comet II

I was energized by it.

It is ergonomic and the bend is configured perfectly to make it my favorite vibrating prostate massager.  Only comparison I can make to it in design is the Pure Wand which of course is non-vibrating.  I was delighted by the general shape PLUS vibration so could not wait to give it a whirl.

To start with, it felt a little like there was too much traction and it was resisting going in.  But after I re-applied the lube the Jopen Comet II felt great.  I think because the toy is a dull silicone rather than a glossy one makes it a little harder to insert.

After a tiny bit of push and squirm and it slipped into spot.

Where I attempted simply moving it over and over again the prostate. It felt really great, when I squeezed the controls and ramped up the modes things lit up. I could pull down and massage the vibrator into my p-spot so effortlessly without as much pressure I needed to make it feel just right.

My nerves went crazy and I may have cried out like a banshee.

Main setting is very pleasant and by a long shot my top choice was wave, yet the other settings are nothing to laugh at either.  Within minutes I experienced a prostate orgasm which is far more than most experience.

My general opinion is that the Jopen Comet II certainly makes it as a really great prostate massager and can only assume that it will do as good if not better job as a G-Spot stimulator.



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