My Melting Moments With Japanese Drip Candles

Candle Wax On Womens Shoulder

Many of us know that candles in the bedroom can add a sense of ambience, especially when in the throes of passion. Some people in the BDSM community add another level to this by using candles and their wax in a different way, by using specially made candles for dripping onto our skin. Wax is used as part of sensation and temperature play, it stimulates the senses with different colours, scents, heat, and touch, wherein the wax can be used in sensory focused activities to stimulate the senses.

I went on the hunt for a new set of play candles recently. I decided against the tapered paraffin table candles (way too hot) already in my extensive candle collection and finding the soy wax candles I had were pleasant and warm on the skin but not painful. Painful was what I was after, not that bad kind of pain where you burn your hand cooking but the exciting, and thrilling kind of pain you get from a proper wax play candle. I was after something professional between the two.

About Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles

​I found Doc Johnsons Japanese Drip Candle 3 pack, in it, you get 1 tapered candle in each of the 3 colours red, black and purple, a perfect colour combination for creating some beautiful wax artwork on a partner’s body or on yourself.

Dripping Wax From Candle
Photo: Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles

​Buying my candles and getting them home I read the back of the packet “Perfect for pleasure and pain”, “warning for experienced players only” these candles are exactly what I wanted, I couldn’t wait to try them out on a partner. Of course they sat in my room full of BDSM toys and equipment a good few months before I had a bunch of kinky friends over for drinks, suddenly I remembered them sitting in my drawer unused. Among my friends were some very keen kinksters whose hands shot up in excitement when I suggested we have a wax play session before we down too many drinks.

Side note: My rule is if I’ve had too many drinks to legally drive my car I’m too intoxicated to play. This was early in the night and we were still on our first round of drinks. This also goes for obtaining other people’s consent. I especially advise against play with fire and or wax while intoxicated.

Red Wax On Naked Bum
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My Experience With The Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles

I lit up the red candle first and started out holding the candle about 30-40cm away from her bare skin, the first drop elicited a sharp intake of breath, I held the candle upright to make sure it wouldn’t drip again and asked if she was ok, she said yes just that it was very hot, she has done wax play before and has a high pain tolerance, an indication I think as to how hot the Doc Johnson Drip Candles are. I dripped a nice amount of wax all over her back which would act as a layer of protection for the next round, I used black next and held the candle closer, the closer you hold the candle the hotter the wax is when it drips onto the skin. She said the heat was much nicer after she got used to it and relaxed a little, especially with the initial layer down.

Keep in mind that the darker the candle the slightly hotter it will be, so a black paraffin candle will be slightly hotter to drip than a white paraffin candle, so start with the white if you are new to wax play.

My other friend couldn’t handle the Doc Johnson Drip Candles directly onto her skin, she needed a layer of a soy candle I had which had a much lower burning point before I could drip on any of the Japanese Drip Candles onto her skin. So please be aware that these do burn at a reasonably high temperature as they are paraffin! After I was done with the wax I used a blunt butter knife to scrape it off their backs, which added to the whole sensation play aspect of the experience.

This was just some light fun between friends, but if you want to kick it up a notch why not add some blindfolds or bondage into the mix, after all wax and bondage go hand in hand!

The Doc Johnsons Japanese Drip candle set is made of a non-toxic paraffin wax and are just over 15cm each. These candles are not really for beginners and I advise reading up on wax play safety before going ahead with using them or any other wax or temperature play. For more information, read our wax and temperature play guide.

Author: Erin is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


6 Ways That You Can Masturbate To Stay Warm This Winter

Home Alone Movie Frozen Thief in Photo

It’s winter and it’s getting really, really cold. The weather is a-changing and we all know that that the cold weather can have an adverse effect on you and your sex life. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can stay warm while masturbating! So, here’s my list of 6 ways that you can masturbate to stay warm this winter:

  1. Use a Bodywand through clothes
Bodywand in Purple Photo
Sex Toy: Bodywand


The life saver. We all know that body wands are super strong.  During winter, a good quality wand can be your best friend and your saving grace that helps you masturbate all winter long. A body wand, like the one shown above, has the strength and rumbliness (yes, I’m making that a word), to get you off through pants – a very attractive feature of a toy, for a highly lazy, cold girl like me.

  1. Temperature play
Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo


Two days ago, in the crisp, cool Sydney evening temperatures, I decided to risk masturbating with a glass dildo. I was prepared, though, and had my heating blanket pre-warmed up and was ready for the brave task ahead. I lay my glass dildo alongside my favourite lubricant, Super Slyde, on the bed to get ready to settle in. After ‘settling in’ for a few minutes, I pick up my glass dildo to come to the revelation that a heated blanket paired with a glass dildo is the most ingenious invention of this century and could feel the warmth of the heated blanket radiating through my beloved glass dildo. *Fist pump*!


Man Fist Pumping on Grass Field Photo
Photo: Fist Pump


Temperature play is fun at the best of times and trust me, it gets better in the thick of winter. Some of my favourite toys to masturbate with are made from glass or steel and in winter, that can be a real mood killer. Try soaking your dildo in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before use or laying the toy on your pre-made hot water bottle or heated blanket to give it some warmth before use.

  1. A warming lubricant!
Wet Stuff Warming Water Based Lubricant Image
Image: Wet Stuff Warming Water Based Lubricant


Lube can feel ice-cold during winter and if you’re trying to apply a regular water-based lubricant and still stay warm, forget it! Try using a warming lubricant or alternatively, mix your favourite water based lubricant with some warming lubricant to enjoy a warmer, more enjoyable all-over experience.

  1. Girl, get yourself a We-Vibe!
We-Vibe Sync Couples Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: We-Vibe Sync


A We-Vibe is a great toy to swap in for winter masturbating as it can be placed inside of you while wearing your cosiest pyjamas possible. Thanks to the remote control and phone-control aspect of this toy, you can get off while fully clothed! Heck, why not even get your partner to get you off, while you’re fully clothed? We’d also highly recommend that you try the latest We-Vibe on the market, the Sync.

  1. Get yourself a fully-waterproof toy – Satisfyer Pro 2


Satisfyer Pro 2 Photo
Sex Toy: Satisfyer Pro 2


Toy’s like the Satisfyer Pro 2 are perfect for winter masturbation, as you can do so from the warmth of your bath or shower! The Satisfyer Pro 2 was actually designed with masturbation in the bath in mind, with its ‘suction-like’ sensations feeling even more powerful when used while it’s submerged under water.

  1. Get yourself a toy with a heating element, like the L’Amourose Rosa
L'Amourose Rosa Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: L’Amourose Rosa


The L’Amourose Rosa has a thermal regulation system that keeps Rosa between a sultry 40 and 42 degrees celsius, making it the perfect toasty toy to masturbate with during winter. The curve and shape of Rosa makes it a hit for those after G-Spot stimulation and is also fully waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath.

Stay warm! Masturbate.

About the Author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres





Wax Play Guide

Colourful Rainbow of Wax on Womans Body Photo

Wax play is a form of temperature play. It is a practice often associated with BDSM. It can be as gentle or painful as you like.  It does involve fire so it is probably best not to attempt it without thinking about a few things first. It generally takes the form of either dripping or ladling hot wax from a pot or a candle onto another person or even painting it on. Here are a few tips and pointers to ensure nobody gets more hurt than they actually want to.


Photo: Red Candle Melting on Woman

There are three types of wax, Beeswax, which should never be used, as it has a melting temperature of about 70 c and will hurt like hell.

Parrafin, which melts at about 54 c, is the best wax to use if you are planning on making a habit of wax play as you can add mineral oil to cool it or use stearine to make it hotter. Paraffin wax also slightly reddens the skin and is very easy to remove.

Then there is soy, this wax burns at the lowest temperature, so is great for beginners but can be a bit sticky. It is a very soft wax though so it is very hard to make tapered candles from. Soy is a good choice for anyone with sensitive skin as it is much less likely to cause irritation.

Wax dripped from a tapered end will be hotter than wax dripped from a pillar candle or votive as the melted wax has more time to cool down. Some people say that coloured candles are hotter than white ones, this isn’t technically the case, the same type of wax burns at the same temperature whatever the colour, but darker colours retain the heat for longer so take longer to cool down.

You should never use metallic candles, they contain poisonous particles and not only burn but scar too. The same goes for scented candles. Some people are attracted to using them because you can the massage with them, but if that is your aim then Adultsmart sell massage candles specifically made for this purpose, such as ‘sSin in a Tin” and a range by Karmasutra.

White household candles are fine to start with as long as you are sure they are paraffin, candles without ingredients listed on them should be avoided and as with most things, you get what you pay for.

It is a unique sensation and not for everyone, there are submissives out there capable of taking the pain of a flogging who can’t take wax play and likewise, those who generally can’t take pain who get a real taste for it, so this isn’t something you should just surprise someone with. Even for those who like pain, start gently because you don’t want the pain to result in burns or scars. The best way is to drip some wax on the inside of the arm first to test. The height that you drip from will change the temperature, the more distance between the wax and the body the cooler. The candles you buy in adult stores advise 36 inches, BDSM enthusiasts seem to favour 18 inches. It has to be the right height not to splatter too as that can be very painful. It goes without saying that different areas of the body are more sensitive than others and the face should always be avoided. Another thing is that wax that pools will take much longer to cool so be extremely wary of the belly button or small of the back. Piercings can be a problem too as sliding hot wax along with a metal conductor and a tiny hole doesn’t mix well. Always start with only one candle, a double layer of wax will take twice as long to cool. You can always place your hand over the cooling wax before you apply second layers, this is also a nice way to connect.  If the pain of the wax is just too much but one of you is really into it, you could wrap your partner in cling wrap or mix it up with a bit of mummification and apply it over the thin cotton bandage.  Rotate the candle so it burns evenly and you don’t get the horrible black soot affecting the aesthetics of your wax work.


Photo: Wax and Temperature Play


It is best to tie back the hair and shave if possible, removing wax from body hair is simply not sexy. If you can’t do that then coating the hair with silicone lube before hand will help and be sure to wash off all body products as the alcohol in them can react badly to hot wax.   Have some cold water on hand and make sure you clear a good space. Probably best to have some burn cream on hand too before you start.

Wax is very messy so it is always best to be prepared and lay down a sheet, the dye in candles is impossible to remove from somethings. If wax does get on furniture or carpets just cover the area with kitchen paper and iron over it the wax will soak into the paper.  Removing the wax from the body can be part of the play, compressing and stretching the skin will help and some people like to combine it with knife play. (probably best to start off with a butter knife) Using fingernails or a comb can feel pretty good too.  For some the satisfaction comes from lifting it off in a sheet, especially if making moulds of body parts, and as I mentioned before paraffin candles are best for that.  Softer wax is harder to remove but you can cool it down with ice cubes. Speaking of which, the human body can initially only feel differences in temperature and doesn’t distinguish between hot or cold, I read an amusing story about a blindfolded sub trying to blow out an ice cube.

If wax art is your thing then use kids crayons, they are non-toxic and melt at a good temperature, they aren’t 100% wax though so leave a sticky residue and may not be good for very sensitive skins.

Temperature play lends itself marvellously to other sensation play, Hoods and blindfolds, ice cubes, Wartenberg wheels, your imagination is really all that is stopping you.  We sell several brands of candles designed specifically for wax play in our Oh Zone stores, come down and give it a go. Click the link to see our range of massage candles.

About the author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




Abby The Rabbit By Romant!

I like the brand ‘Romant’ because they are priced halfway between the luxury and basic sex toy brands but definitely look like they belong in the former. A few of them have features that you usually pay a lot of money for. Abby is one example. It is not only a dual motor rabbit, but it also has a temperature feature too.

The product comes in a sleeved pearlescent sturdy gift box that is perfect for long-term storage, there is something a touch the 1980s about the style of the box within the sleeve, but as I say that is being pedantic considering the quality you get for the price. It is discreet though and only has the brand name written in italics. If anyone saw it they would probably think it contained a fancy pair of crimpers.
Abby is embedded in white foam alongside the charger and plug. It is USB rechargeable and you get the plug too, which most of the top brands seem to think we can all do without. It is a magnet charger, which can be a fiddle, but with this one, the attraction was so strong as I was plugging in the USB, the magnet and toy found each other without my help! How about that!

This rabbit comes in green, plum and pink. It is 9 inches long with 5 inches insertable. and a clitoral arm of 2 inches. It has a diameter of just over an inch. It is made of beautifully silky silicone, the type of silicone that works twice as well when it is covered in a good water-based lube. It is 100% phthalate free and completely body safe and the lower half of the handle is ABS plastic. The buttons are well placed on the handle. There is an on/off button, which must be pressed for 3 seconds and an arrow up button which you press for 3 seconds for the temperature function and when you just press it normally it scrolls through modes. The arrow down button also scrolls through modes.

Romant Abby Sex Toy Vibrator
Sex Toy: Romant Abby


It is worth noting Romant toys don’t seem to come with any charge in them and even in the time it has taken me to write this it will still not turn on, therefore the rest of this review will have to wait until such time as Abby is ready for me.) To be fair it does say to charge before use in the instructions, it flashes a violet light while charging, which illuminates the handle a little too. After an hour and a half, the light went off which is supposed to indicate it is fully charged. Until then the toy would not function. It has enough charge in it to play around with it for five minutes but clearly needs a lot longer for the 3 hours play the instructions promise…

What I can say about it so far is, it is not as easy to operate as the simple manual would have me believe. I couldn’t get any kind of temperature sensation going on at all. All that holding down the temperature button did was turn off the motor that is in the top end of the toy. I haven’t tried every combination yet to see what it does yet, as obviously, it conked out on me. Without the temperature feature, the toy works fine. The second motor is not at the base of the shaft it’s in the handle. When the temperature mode is on and the top motor is off you don’t feel much at all except in your palm. When the temperature function is off and you use the modes from the arrow up button, both motors work together well and provide a good level of power.

The shaft has a raised crisscross pattern on it for extra sensation, which some people will love and the ridges are gentle enough and the silicone smooth enough to make this a complementary feature rather than a distracting, unnecessary one. The clitoral arm is very flexible which in my opinion is a good thing because it will suit more bodies, and I also prefer less pressure there. Another great thing about Abby is that it is very quiet. The 10 different vibration modes are all very different and there is something for everyone. It isn’t rumbling but it isn’t buzzy either, you can find something approaching either with the great choice you have. It is splash proof too which is always good for some in shower fun.

I decide to investigate the temperature feature online as I am sure they would not make a heating toy OK for showers. From what I am able to deduce I think perhaps I am right, it doesn’t heat up it is exactly the same technology some of their other toys use such as the Lisa rabbit, (also in this range by Romant but a slightly different shape and 3/4 of the price) I think it has sensors inside which detect your temperature and make the toy vibrate accordingly. I feel slightly miss-sold. I don’t understand why it is marketed specifically for a function many of Romant’s sex toys have already. I cannot find anything on the internet to find out exactly how this technology works or what it does. I am assuming the hotter your body is the more intensely it vibrates. That sounds very intriguing.

Aside from discovering Abby doesn’t heat up, this is a perfectly good toy and if it charges well, later on, I would have no problem recommending it. Romant has some other great vibrators and rabbits in this range in Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and if you are looking for something around that price point they are definitely a brand to consider.


By Emily a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres