Crystals And Sex – It’s All About The Energy!

There is a new market within the intimate adult lifestyle industry that turns crystals like amethyst, rose quartz and tiger eye into sex toys like didos and butt plugs. Elevate intimacy with a Crystals and Sex guide! Discover the power of crystal dildos in enhancing pleasure and explore whole new realms of sensuality.

Crystals on their own look absolutely beautiful to the eye with their array of unique colours and natural features. In fact, most people have owned or given some type of crystal as a gift. Whether it has been a household item like a candle holder or whether it is within a piece of jewellery.

Why Use Crystal Sex Toys? 

Some crystals have the added benefit of being able to adapt to temperature. Which means they can be used during temperature play. Before use, run the crystal sex toy under warm water or keep it cold to change the objects temperature. It may also naturally adapt to your bodies temperature. For women who use the Crystal Dildo internally, they can also use a bullet vibrator on their clitoris for an exceptional pleasurable experience.

There is also a large amount of people who wish to use Crystal or glass Dildos to be connected to their sexuality on a spiritual level during masturbation or foreplay.

Within the spiritual world crystals are said to help people in various ways. Including maintaining mindfulness, emotional health and promote positive energy.

Some of the spiritual benefits of Crystals and Sex

  • Blue Pearl Larvikite

Also known as Black Norwegian Moonstone. It offers deep grey, blue and white colours that are intensely beautiful.  Used to help you understand others, sustain energy, brain function and youthfulness.

  • Granite

An igneous rock formed by magma. It is made generally from quartz, feldspar and sometimes Orthoclase. Used to spiritually increase protection, abundance, diplomacy, pleasure, cooperativeness and relationship stability.

  • Quartz Crystal

Can be used with all Zodiac Signs. Quartz is known to be a pure and natural forming crystal that can be used to arouse brain function. It will help you to feel conscious, energetic and attentive in all levels of consciousness. A popular crystal that strengthens positive energy.

  • Amethyst

Best used by Zodiac Signs Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn. Amethyst is a quartz that features purple tips of varying shades. It is used to help build the personal bond with spirituality. Helps to dissolve misconceptions and improves psychic ability. Its legend is linked to wine and is said to help overcome hangovers.

crystals and sex
Fulfilling Pleasure and Spirituality with Crystal Dildos – Laid B.1 Black Granite Anal Plug


  • Rose Quartz

Best used by Zodiac Signs Libra and Taurus. Rose Quartz is beautifully shaded throughout the stone with a light pink colour. It is also known as the “love stone”. Helps to strengthen relationships, let go of pessimism and produces a tranquil environment. Rose Quartz is often given as a gift to a friend or a loved on.

  • Tiger Eye

A beautiful gemstone that has a deep amber, golden yellow and brown tones. It helps to balance and ground people through prosperity of wealth, mindfulness and thoughtfulness. Which is often used during stressful situations.

  • Citrine

Best used Zodiac Signs Gemini, Aries, Libra and Leo. Citrine is a type of quartz that has a gorgeous, clear yellow colour that is derived from iron. It helps to get rid of negative energy through its warmth and brightness.


Also known as Celestite. Has a mixture of blue and white colours. It helps to create a relaxing and harmonizing environment that supports positive communication between people. Said that people who place this crystal nearby can recollect their dreams when awake. It provides clarity to the mind and peace to the body.

Raw Emerald

Also known as “Successful Love”, it is best used by Zodiac Signs Taurus, Gemini and Aries. It is used to improve focus, loyalty, sensitivity and remove negative feelings.

Effects on People – A Study About Crystals and Sex

A psychologist from Goldsmith’s College, London named Dr Christopher French tested 80 volunteers on the effects the crystals had on them.

40 volunteers were given a real crystal whilst the remaining 40 received a fake crystal. These participants used the crystals during meditative practices. The volunteers were also given information on the sensations they may experience. These included improved attention, energy levels, well being, forehead relaxation, brain stimulation, swallowing reflexes, balanced emotions, a rise in hand temperature and “activation of all levels of consciousness”.

Only 6 out of the 80 failed to experience at least one of the sensations. It was found that the common sensations the volunteers reported were warmer hands and increased concentration.

Dr French said to the British Psychological Society conference in Glasgow.

“The fact that the same effects were found with both genuine and fake crystals undermines any claims that crystals have the mysterious powers which they are claimed to have. Power of suggestion, either explicit or implicit, seems to be the not-so-mysterious power that may convince many that crystals have the potential to work miracles. Data presented are consistent with the idea that believers in the paranormal are more susceptible to this power.”

Although Crystal Dildos are absolutely beautiful it is important to buy sex toys from a trusted source. Ensure that you purchase a product that is 100% body safe. Take a look at our other article about 8 materials used to make sex toys.

Cystal Dildo By Vivian Technology
Crystal Dildos

Crystals and Sex

With their captivating colors and intricate forms, crystals have long been revered for their beauty and their reputed spiritual qualities. Among these qualities, the potential to enhance and heal aspects of sex and intimacy holds a particular allure.

This article delves into the intriguing world of crystals and their potential to transform your love life.

Magic of Crystals and Sex

Crystals are believed to hold unique vibrational frequencies that can influence our energy and emotions. This influence can extend to our sexual and intimate relationships. Helping us to overcome personal barriers, boost confidence, and reignite passion.

“Crystals can bring light in many ways. From clearing blockages so energy can flow to tapping into dormant dreams, raising our vibrations, strengthening communication, and gifting us confidence and the freedom to explore, these are all things that crystals can do.” – Reference Article 1.

Power of Gemstones in Stimulating Sexual Energy

Each gemstone has a unique energy signature that can resonate with different aspects of our sexuality. Some may enhance libido. Others may foster deeper emotional connections. Yet others may help to overcome past trauma or anxiety related to sex.

Below are some of the most potent crystals known for their effects on sex and intimacy.

Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Tiger’s Eye
Black Tourmaline
Red Jasper


In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the unique properties of each of these crystals and how they can help enhance your sex life.

Agate: The Confidence Booster

Particularly the soft and serene Blue Lace Agate, is known for its ability to enhance communication, a key aspect of healthy and harmonious intimate relationships.

When to Use: If you struggle to express your desires or communicate effectively with your partner, wearing or carrying Agate can help you overcome these barriers.

Clear Quartz: The Master Healer

A renowned for bringing balance to the body and mind. It can help to clear mental and emotional blockages, allowing for a more harmonious and fulfilling sex life.

When to Use: Clear Quartz is an all-round crystal that can be used anytime to bring clarity to your desires and enhance your overall energy.

Rose Quartz: The Love Magnet

This pink crystal is synonymous with love. It is said to open up the heart, encourage trust, and promote a deeper emotional connection with your partner.

When to Use: If past heartbreaks have made you hesitant to open up to love again, Rose Quartz can help heal your heart and restore your faith in love.

Citrine: The Stone of Joy

This sunny gemstone is believed to inject a sense of fun and light-heartedness into your sex life, encouraging exploration and pleasure.

When to Use: If sex has become a serious or stressful aspect of your life, Citrine can help to restore its joyous and playful nature.

Amethyst: The Calmer

With its soothing purple hues, is known to calm anxiety and promote tranquility, both of which can enhance your sexual experience.

When to Use: If you feel anxious or stressed about sex, carrying or wearing Amethyst can help you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Selenite: The Purifier

Revered for its ability to bring purity and clarity to one’s life, and this includes sex life too. It is also believed to boost fertility.

When to Use: If you’re trying to conceive or want to cleanse your sex life of negative energy, Selenite can be a helpful aid.

Garnet: The Passion Igniter

With its deep red hues, is known for awakening passion and boosting creative energy.

When to Use: If your sex life feels stagnant or lacking in passion, Garnet can help to reignite the flame.

Calcite: The Energy Stimulator

Orange Calcite is linked to sexuality and is believed to boost confidence and promote indulgence in play and pleasure.

When to Use: If you’re longing for spontaneity and fun in your sex life, Calcite can help to manifest that energy.

Smoky Quartz: The Healer of Intimate Hang-ups

Known for its ability to heal sexual or intimate issues, align spiritual and sexual needs, and shake off any shame or past trauma related to love and touch.

When to Use: If past traumas or hang-ups are holding you back in your sex life, meditating with Smoky Quartz can help you to heal and move forward.

Tiger’s Eye: The Power Reclaimer

Believed to help you reclaim your power, helping you shift from submissive energy to that of ownership and empowerment.

When to Use: Use Tiger’s Eye alongside your affirmations to reclaim your power and sense of self-worth.

crystals and spiritual sex
Taoist Sexual Practices

Pyrite: The Fire Starter

Known as “fool’s gold”, is believed to rekindle passion, stimulate healthy blood flow and aid in fertility issues.

When to Use: Use Pyrite to stimulate your lower chakras and awaken your life force, particularly when dealing with fertility issues.

Moonstone: The Goddess Connector

Known for its connection to feminine energy and is believed to help you tap into your sexual self, embrace your emotions, and enhance fertility.

When to Use: If you want to connect with your feminine energy or enhance your intuition, keep Moonstone close by.

Carnelian: The Passion Igniter

With its radiant red energy, is believed to ignite your lower chakras, thereby boosting your sexual energy, creativity, joy, and passion.

When to Use: If you’re feeling blocked in your passion, place Carnelian on your lower chakras during meditation.

Obsidian: The Courage Giver

Known for its intense power and ability to anchor you in your physical self and the heart. Helping you overcome negative energies and align with your authentic self.

When to Use: Use Obsidian to create a sacred sensual space for self-discovery, to stay protected and to have the courage to explore deeper aspects of your sexuality.

Tourmaline: The Passion Enhancer

Known for its gentle energy and its ability to encourage your erotic self to shine. Depending on its color, it can help to activate compassion, self-love, strength, and shift you from passivity into action.

When to Use: Choose the Tourmaline that corresponds with your needs or use several to create a crystal grid to activate various aspects of your sexuality.

Black Tourmaline: The Body Connector

A base chakra stone with protective energy, can help to increase motivation and re-engage with the physical aspects of life.

When to Use: If you tend to disassociate during sex and intimacy, Black Tourmaline can guide you back to your body and the present moment without feeling overwhelmed.

Red Jasper: The Pleasure Enhancer

Known to increase virility and prolong sexual excitement, making it an excellent crystal for enhancing pleasure and fun in your sex life.

When to Use: Keep Red Jasper in your bedroom or use it in chakra healing to clear any blockages and enhance your sexual experience.

How to Harness the Power of These Crystals for Sex

Knowing which crystals can enhance your sex life is only the first step.  Understanding how to harness their power is equally important. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Keep these stones under your pillow or close to your bed.
  • Buy a crystal wand, crystal yoni egg, or other sex toys made from crystal.
  • Place some crystals in a bath with you for a sensual soak (ensure the type of crystal is water-safe)
  • Place crystals on the body or use a crystal roller for a love massage.

Everyone’s relationship with love and sex is unique. But whatever our connection, it’s important that we feel empowered in the choices we make. Nurturing positive experiences around the body and the heart brings healing light and moves us closer to those we love and ourselves.

Remember, crystals are as powerful as you make them.

Be intentional about your selection, placement, and treatment of them to bring the greatest benefits to your life, in and out of the bedroom.

“Crystals are most potent when their direction is clear. So be intentional about your selection, placement, and treatment of them in order to bring the greatest benefits to your life, in and out of the bedroom,”

What are your favorite crystals for love and sex? Share with us in the comments.

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