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Claudia Six, PhD, Clinical Sexologist & Relationship Coach, and author of Erotic Integrity.

Claudia Six Phd
Photo: Claudia Six

When sex fades in a relationship, happens less and less frequently to not at all, there’s a very good reason why. When things get gummed up in bed, there’s always a way that it makes perfect sense. You can try tricks and toys, but you also need to open your mouth, and talk – to each other, not your best friend.

Talk about what sex represents for you (connection, release, a way to get to sleep, a spiritual event…). It’s ok if you have different answers – you’re different people.

Ask each other what you haven’t been saying, the stuff you’ve been afraid to tell your partner because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings. This is the time to be candid. Having difficult conversations actually has the most potential to boost intimacy and eroticism in a relationship.

Cassie Wolfe, PhD, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Sex Therapist

Cassie Wolfe Phd And Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Photo: Cassie Wolfe

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.  Your needs are important and valued.  It is common for life, work, stress, anxiety, having children, differing work schedules, etc. to get in the way.  Make having a connection with your partner/s/ a priority, even if that means actually scheduling a specific time on your calendar.  It’s also normal to have variation in one’s sex drive.  Just remember that some partners experience responsive arousal – meaning they get more excited in the midst of foreplay (which reminds me – FOREPLAY!! Stop rushing and don’t forget FOREPLAY), while some can be more spontaneous.  Focus on the quality over quantity.

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Michelle Roberton

Tantric Counselor
Michelle Roberton
Body Love
Love Activist

Sexual Trauma and Intimacy Expert

Often in our fast pace world we can loose connection with ourselves and our own bodies, let alone our Lovers. Stuck in our heads and goals, our body looses it’s mojo and so too do our relationships.  I feel there are three major keys that firstly support us to be more connected to our self and then those same three keys support us to reconnect with our lover.  We cannot give what we have not got, so it is essential I feel, to connect firstly to self so our connection with our lover has substance and authenticity behind it.

These three keys are:

The breath … immersing into the rhythm of your own breath, not changing it.  Just feeling the rise and fall of your own breath.  If we can intimately know our own breath, we can then intimately breathe with another.  This brings us into the our body, slows us down and brings the second key ; Presence ~ being here and now with our lover and full in our body.   And finally the third key, as we breath we open, we surrender and we become more aware of our senses… the smell of our lover, the touch of their skin, the sound of their breath … the taste of them on our lips.
Simple keys I know … breathe, presence and the senses.  But who ever said sex has to be a performing art or complicated?

Darren Michaels  Flipside

Erotic Literature
Erotic Author
2010 IPPY Award Winning Author
Featured guest/contributor on:          
Playboy Radio                 
Women’s Health   
As the old saying goes “Familiarity breeds contempt”; human beings needs variety and novelty, it is our nature.  When you fall into a routine with someone, these things go away.  One of the best thing about having an intimate partner it just that…intimate knowledge of one another.  You both are already past the awkward beginning stage of a relationship where you are trying to figure out each other’s boundaries.  This is likely well established by now.  Use it to your advantage.  
Plan a nice dinner and an adult conversation about this topic.  Men are too ego-fragile to try something for fear of getting shot down, and many women are far more sexually adventurous than their partner will ever know, but don’t outwardly express this.  If you are going to do adult things, you need to have adult conversations as well.
Find out what has been done before and enjoyed, find out what has never done but always wanted to.  Be adults and have the conversation in advance, this will set the stage for a rekindling,and hopefully infusing some new adventure into the mix as well!

Amory Jane

Sex Educator
Comedian, variety host, podcaster, producer…

I think touch is extremely important and many people are touch-deprived and out in the world feeling lonely. I don’t think technology is the enemy though – I think it can be used for good to help connect people. However, I do believe that intimacy is something tons of people struggle with, and always being on our phones and computers can make it even harder to be present when we’re face to face. I would advise people to make time every week where they tuck away technology and turn in toward each other. Focus on open and vulnerable communication or interesting intellectual conversations. If you don’t know what to discuss, search online beforehand and print off or write down prompts, and then really listen to each other. I also highly encourage non-sexual touch while talking, like holding hands or cuddling. If you’re with someone where sex is an option and you’re feeling connected in that way, sensually exploring each other’s bodies (without a goal of orgasm) can be wonderful for building and maintaining intimacy.

Walker Thornton

Self Care Consultant
Author And Sex Educator

Public speaker, relationship consultant and author

It’s an experience I’ve had just enough to know it is our most desired way of experiencing sexual intimacy. My best sexual experiences are those where I connect with my partner and we’re both aware of our mutual desire for pleasure. A dance has to have 2 active partners—it’s a give and take. Sex is no different. We learn by listening or sensing another’s body, we adjust accordingly and we flow together. There are plenty of men out there, of all ages, who consider sex as “sticking it in” and getting off. They don’t understand the importance of mutuality, nor do they understand the power of two people equally engaged and actively participating.

Dr. Stacy Friedman

Certified Sex Coach
Clinical Sexologist

Sexpert, Sex Coach, Intimacy Consultant

Want to reconnect sexually with your lover? Get out of your routine and try something different! Many times finding ways to reconnect can be something as easy as bringing in some variety. Have a night filled with learning your partners body, something that I like to call “Exploration Nights”! Our bodies are filled with erogenous zones that are never touched, kissed, licked or loved.  Your body is not just lips, breasts, and genitals as it starts from the head and ends at the toes. Take advantage of slowly touching, massaging, and appreciating the little nooks and crannies that your partner has.  The crease of the elbow, the bend of the knee, the inner arm or the curves of the ankle…these can stimulate nerves and sensations that you never knew you had.  Focus on the idea of feeling pleasure verse the idea of performance where you can enjoy the actual act of connection and intimacy rather than having the experience be all about the ins and outs of intercourse. What exactly does that mean? Being intimate is about being vulnerable and being in the moment.  Take the time to see how your lover reacts to your touch, how they move, the softness of their skin and talk about what you enjoyed the best. When you take the opportunity to just spend time enjoying each other and building the connection, it makes all the difference in your relationship and your sexual connection.  You feel more in tune to your partner, how they feel and react to your touch as well as different things that they may enjoy, now that you took the time to explore. To read more about how to truly build your intimacy on your “Exploration Night”, download your free digital copy of my new Amazon best selling book, “Confessions & Lessons of a Sexpert”, found on or for a paperback and Kindle version, you can find it on Amazon.


Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

VIP Interview With Shiri Zinn Owner And Sex Toy Designer

Shiri Zinn product designer

Shiri Zinn is a high end designer who creates luxury sex toys and vibrators. The artistic creations are all made with the thought to challenge preconceived prejudice notions of sexuality and to place on display with glamour and luxury in mind, encouraging men and women to explore, play and discover a new world of sexuality.

Shiri Zinn’s designs are made with some of the highest quality materials that are available including Swarovski crystals, crystal glass made in England, quartz, diamante, sterling silver, marabou feather tails and more. Some of Shiri’s creations are handmade like the sex toys made with solid glass with etched designs. In her designs you will be able to find vibrating ice-creams and cupcakes that look delicious enough to eat but they are built to send you into a world of pleasurable bliss which really goes to show that a person’s choice of ice-cream can allude to their sexual personality.

One amazing aspect about her creations, is that some of her carefully created designs are made in limited quantities like the Limited Edition Couture Collection. This means that if you buy one of Shiri’s specialised pieces, you may just be one of the select few people in the world to own one. Each piece is stamped with a limited edition number and engraved with the artist’s signature.

Tell me about yourself

Owner, designer and manufacturer. I have 3 design degrees; 2 from the top fashion school in the world Central Saint Martins with an MA in Jewellery.

Shiri Zinn a sex toy designer
Image: Shiri Zinn Bandages (Photo by Shiri Zinn)

What inspires you?

Nobody inspires me. I inspire myself! I am a pioneer type designer. I am inspired by nature, beautiful things and originality.

Why do you look at yourself as an artist more than a marketed brand?

I don’t market my brand as I have always got free press and something one calls publicity rather than pushing people to buy aggressively – or at all in fact. Celebrities have always found me without my help. When a designer is first in the world to do something new and different this occurs organically!

Why did you choose sex as a subject for your design?

Because they were so badly designed with no finesse when I pioneered the idea of designer sex toys in 1997.

Is sexuality fashionable?

When designed in the creative and high end manner then yes it can be and is portrayed and depicted in those arenas as such, and also as ART.

How would people include art within their sexuality?

Good question! They would include interesting arty pieces to bring a bit more variety, beauty, seduction and in fact more kink into their love lives, if they so choose, and it’s great for women who like lovely things in the area of seduction too… every little bit helps! Whatever people choose as long as they are true to themselves and know they really do have CHOICE and it’s not just “same old, same old” that exists out there! They have imaginative pleasure options and need not just be discreet options either, because the kind/s of sex they may like may indeed be classy and INDESCREET!

What does food symbolise in art?

Not all my work is food related only 2 of my many pieces. However both those pieces are naughty sugar pieces. Why? From an artist / designer who does not even eat sugar?! lol. The answer is simple and it’s about FUN! We need to lighten up in the area of seduction and sometimes the cutest, most seductive looking treats can actually cause loads of laughter and intrigue psychologically in the bedroom…

Ice-cream vibrator
Image: i-Scream Vibrator (Photo by Sugextions)
Ice cream vibrator
Image: Shiri Zinn i-Scream Vibrator (Photo by Shiri Zinn)
Ice-cream sex toy
Image: Shiri Zinn i-Scream Vibrator (Photo by Shiri Zinn)

How do people describe the experience of masturbating with ice-creams and cupcakes?

You get an entire range of reactions…. all hysterical! Makes the world a lighter, brighter place! The i-Scream in particular packs a PUNCH!

Can art be a fetish?

For sure! And food IS FETISH.

What does it feel like to create something beautiful?

What a charming question! It’s what makes me tick. I actually don’t believe one should buy anything unless one finds it beautiful. To create things for the sensual pleasures of touch and sight are an awesome experience. It gives so much pleasure just knowing I have thought about every curve, bend, diamante, reflection or detail of craftsmanship in a piece of mine. To design luxury leaves one feeling privileged! I shall leave “mundane design” to the birds. I certainly can’t design anything mundane, non-aspirational or non-controversial, lol!

Tell me about your product range and what new product ranges will we be looking forward to from Shiri Zinn?

My product range is completely varied. My ranges all look very different so if that confuses my brand so be it as I am a very dynamic designer and design based on inspiration it’s not “prescribed” or “set”. My straps are among the most luxury items in the world for their genre and all handmade with matching ceramic dildos adorned with real 8 carat gold leaf fired motifs.

Detailed strap-on harness
Image: Shiri Zinn Pink Strap-On Harness (Photo by Shiri Zinn)
Pink strap-on dildo
Image: Shiri Zinn Pink Strap-On Dildo (Photo by Shiri Zinn)

My glass is extremely luxurious and not like other glass generally in the Industry its far heavier when held measure for measure so it has a very weighty feel and each piece is completely unique no 2 are ever the same as they don’t come out of a mould! Some glass and crystal items are Limited Editions bought by A-listers and fine art collectors. They are very usable and create amazing G-Spot orgasms; while others are far more affordable luxury adorned with real Swarovski crystals. They all come in precious, beautiful boxes whatever price level of glass is chosen!

Glass dildo in amber
Image: Shiri Zinn Amber Swarovski Glass Dildo (Photo by Shiri Zinn)
Rose quartz dildo
Image: Shiri Zinn Ltd. Edition Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo (Photo by Shiri Zinn)

I also have a stunning new BDSM range that can be seen on the new website soon. It’s top secret right now and promises to pack a punch and to be more eccentric and visually stimulating than any other of my collections to date so watch this space as it’s breathtakingly functional!

Whip in green
Image: Shiri Zinn Ltd. Edition Turquoise Snakeskin Whip with Blue Zircon Stone (Photo by Shiri Zinn)

Finally there are 3 beautiful designer vibrators: The i-Scream is USB operational with 1 year warrantee, very powerful and stunning to behold, complete with retro wire display stand and vintage Jazz playing music box. There is also the fancy Minx Designer Vibrator that possibly comes in the most luxurious packaging for any diva! It’s also extremely powerful and comes with a plush, luxury, marabou feather tail adorned with real Swarovski crystals on its silver section. This is owned by several A-listers too! And of course, the silicone burlesque/retro styled Cupcake Vibe that is offered in The cutest baking tin. This pop art functional piece comes with batteries included and can be discreetly placed on your kitchen shelf. It has sold in the masses to Australia and still gets amazing press from Cosmo to Elle worldwide!

Creative Shiri Zinn designer logo

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

VIP Interview With Frank Kok Sales Director At Kiiroo

Kiiroo sales director

This is a VIP interview wWith Frank Kok the sales director at Kiiroo.

Tell me about yourself

Hello Adultsmart blog readers 🙂 My name is Frank Kok, Sales Director at Kiiroo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before I got into this industry, I was a stockbroker for 18 years! I switched industries in 2008 to start a new adventure in the adult industry.

Over the past 10 years I have seen multiple areas of the adult industry which gave me the opportunity to build up a large global network in the novelty, content (video / VR) and the webcam industry.

As I have been in this industry for quite some time now, I know which companies we can work with to continue revolutionising interactivity. Next to that, my existing network in the novelty industry can help to open doors and make more exciting deals with partner companies.

Kiiroo company interview
Image: Frank Kok From Kiiroo

What inspires you?

In the sex-tech / interactive sex toy market, the demands are moving so fast that you need highly skilled people on board that are all able to keep up with the fast-paced environment. I am blessed to have very motivated colleagues around me who are all specialists in what they do and have the flexibility to think, work and enjoy working in a revolutionary interactive world!

Modern technologies in the adult industry have inspired me as they have created a new and exciting demand in the industry for interactivity. Customers are longing for a complete experience with a high level of pleasure, without too much effort. In the future, more adult products will become interactive and it will get easier to connect to other users, or content. It is all about the experience. See and feel what you see. I`m happy to say that Kiiroo is a pioneer in this field and I am glad that I have a helping hand in this new era of sexual pleasure.

What inspired the creation of Kiiroo?

One of Kiiroo’s founders; Toon Timmermans, got the idea for Kiiroo from the 1993 movie Demolition Man. In the movie, there is a scene where Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone have “Virtual Sex” using connected helmets.

Whilst watching the movie, the idea sparked in Timmermans head “how could we have sex through the internet?”

An Indiegogo campaign and a very enthusiastic team set out to make this happen. They created sVir and oPue as the first prototypes – a vibrator and a masturbator as proof of concept.

By the beginning of 2014 the Onyx and Pearl were released to the public. The interconnected sex toys that could facilitate intimacy and transmit touch through the internet.

Tell me about your product range?

Our current product range consists of:

Kiiroo Onyx2; the second-generation Onyx. A masturbator that has 10 contracting rings in it, that simulate intimacy. It can be connected to a partner(s) device(s) through the FeelConnect App and the internet. It can also connect to 2D, VR and Webcam performers; simulating intercourse in real time.

Kiiroo Pearl2; the second-generation Pearl. A touch-sensitive, waterproof, G-spot vibrator that reacts to your body’s natural movements. When the Pearl2 is inserted into the body, the vibration intensity is controlled by the depth the device is inserted. As with the Onyx2, Pearl2 can be connected to partner device(s), 2D and VR content, and webcam.

Pearl2 comes in 2 colours; Purple and Black.

The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo is a masturbator that connects an ordinary Fleshlight to the ‘interactive world’. The Launch moves the Fleshlight up and down at various speeds and lengths. The Launch mimics intimacy in the most realistic way possible. As with the other Kiiroo products, it can be connected to interactive content, partner devices and webcam. Put on your VR goggles and let the Launch take you on an adventure you have never been on before.

The OhMiBod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo is a dual-stimulating, touch-sensitive vibrator with built in LED lighting. The lights on Fuse change color depending on vibration intensity. As with the aforementioned Kiiroo products, connect to partner devices, interactive content and webcam.

Fuse comes in Black, but we will be releasing it in hot pink in July / August 2018 (date tbd).

Last but not least, we have the OhMiBod Esca Powered by Kiiroo that is an egg-shaped wearable vibrator. Esca was inspired by the webcam industry, as the LED light on the end of Esca’s tail flashes depending on vibration intensity. Esca is the only product of ours that does not have a 2-way connection possibility, but it can still be controlled by interactive content, partnered device(s), webcam and the FeelConnect app.

Kiiroo Pearl Competition
Free Kiiroo Pearl


Simply place a comment with a valid email address at the comment box at the footer of this page OR –

REMEMBER – Each action, like and share counts as 1 entry into the competition for your chance to BE A WINNER!!!! Enter each platform to increase your chances.

What are your best sellers?

The Kiiroo Onyx2, the Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo and the OhMiBod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo are definitely our best sellers!

What can we look forward to from Kiiroo in the future?

More devices, more interactive content, more connection possibilities with companies such as We-Vibe, OhMiBod, the Cowgirl etc.

What has the response been for Kiiroo adult toys being LGBTQIA+ friendly?

The Kiiroo technology itself is what we pride ourselves on.

We like to think that sexuality or gender should not matter, if you feel you can enjoy our toys, we are never going to tell you not to use them. We do however, advise against using devices with non-flared bases anally, and of course if you do not have a penis 2 of our masturbators are not for you.

Our biggest issue (or not) is that it takes over 1 year to bring 1 toy to market because of the technology. Trial and error and months of testing goes into just one product, so unlike other pleasure product companies, we are unable to push out more products in our range for everyone.

Any of our devices can connect to one another though. Example: Onyx2 – Pearl2, Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo – Onyx2, Onyx2 – Onyx2, Fuse – Pearl2 – Esca and so on and so forth.

The interactive content we are compatible with ranges from straight, lesbian, trans*, gay and more.

This year we are working with partners to attend 9 Pride events across the USA. It is one small step for 2018, but we are working hard to be inclusive and appeal to everyone.

Just how many matching adult toy combinations does Kiiroo currently have?

That’s really hard to say because all our devices can connect to one another (as mentioned above).

What is it like to use FeelConnect and FeelVR technology?

We recently merged all of our applications into the FeelConnect mobile app. We have made our app as user-friendly and straight-forward as can be. You are guided every step of the way in the app.

The connection process is simple, and you can find out how to connect here (SFW):

Within the app, you are able to connect to partner devices – both in the same room and across the world, to 2D and VR content websites, you can control the devices by sound and you can also control the device through “device control” function in the app. Lastly, you can watch compatible VR videos directly in the app using a mobile VR headset.

Everything is possible in the FeelConnect 🙂

How many VR and standard videos are available? Are there amateur and professional videos in the video range?

Kiiroo does not produce content. However, we have partnerships with other companies such as BadoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn, WankzVR, PornHub to name a few. We also have a site called where you can find interactive content from some of the biggest brand names in the industry. As for the number of videos, your guess is as good as mine 🙂

How have Kiiroo devices changed the adult lifestyle industry? Do adult entertainers use Kiiroo devices for their live shows?

Yes, they do! With the technology, viewers of live shows can tip the performers and those tips translate into vibrations, in real time. Because of the 2-way capabilities of our products, live shows can turn into private shows where the performers take viewers into private sessions and pair their interactive devices to one another.

With the Esca and the Fuse, the visual aesthetics with the LED lights on the ends of the products make live cam shows more appealing to viewers. Being able to see tips translated into vibrations is an exciting addition to live shows.

What technology does the Onyx use?

Onyx and Onyx2 have 10 contracting rings inside it that contract in an up down motion mimicking intimacy. Onyx also has a haptic touch pad on the outside of it that you can use to control the Onyx in manual mode or control a partnered device’s vibrations or strokes.

How did the partnership of Kiiroo and Fleshlight come about?

When Kiiroo was just starting out, we had no idea how the adult industry worked. All of Kiiroo’s founders were not from the industry. By partnering with Fleshlight, the Onyx got a removable SuperSkin™ sleeve, and the Fleshlight name helped give our products credibility in the market.

How can couples feel even more connected when using Kiiroo devices?

Using Kiiroo products “closes the gap” between lovers, no matter how far apart they may be. Each device has its own unique aspect that simulates intercourse in some way or the other. The fact that you can use a social chat platform of your choice – Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc also helps to give you a more comfortable atmosphere for your intimate moments.

Read the Kiiroo Pearl2 Sex Toy Review!

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

VIP Interview With Stephanie Berman of Berman Innovations

Insemination Dildo

Adultsmart is pleased to introduce Stephanie Berman CEO of Berman Innovations Inc as one of our VIP Interviewee’s.  Stephanie has been in the women’s reproductive health industry since 2003. As co-owner and Vice President of her familybusiness, Sepal Reproductive International, Stephanie hasextensive knowledge and understanding of the women’s reproductive health market.


Stephanie Berman
Stephanie Berman POPDildo

Stephanie knows first-hand what it is like to want to be able to get your partner pregnant, but not have access to any product which allows for an authentic and natural experience. When Stephanie and her wife were in the process of trying to conceive, it was their experiences with trying to get pregnant which sparked her desire to make a product of this kind available to women.

Stephanie is extremely happy to share that her and her wife were able to successfully use The Semenette® to try and conceive – they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! As the product has gained national media attention, Stephanie learned that were many other communities in need of a high quality product which provided the technology of The Semenette®. After making some changes to the design and shape of the toy, Stephanie launched POP® by the Semenette. She is thrilled to be able to service so many different people and hopes to revolutionize the way couples are making love. Her main goal is to continue to bring people FUN and FUNCTION
in the bedroom!

Tell me about yourself Stephanie!

My name is Stephanie Berman, owner, founder and CEO of Berman Innovations and product, POP Dildo.

What inspired you to create the company Semenette?

Prior to creating my product, I had worked for my family business for 13 years which specialized in distributing products for women’s reproductive health.  More specifically, products that were used to help couples undergoing IVF or other types of assisted reproductive technologies.  This served as my insight into the medical aspect of conception which directly tied into my desire to create something other than the medical options available for same sex couples when trying to conceive.  In my work with my family business, I noticed a huge gap in the technology and resources available to lesbian couples trying to conceive.  If you couldn’t afford artificial insemination or IVF (which is insanely expensive and often not immediately covered by insurance for same sex couples), you were left with needle-less syringes or turkey basters.  I knew I could do better for my wife and I and ultimately, that’s how this all started.  When my wife got her first positive pregnancy test after using my prototype twice, I knew this could be something huge for the LGBTQ+ communities.

What inspires you? 

My biggest inspiration and motivation are my wife and 2 kids.  When I have those tough days, they always keep me going.  As for other inspirations, I love poetry and also find lots of inspiration in music.  I have lots of quotes that I love but one I always refer back to is by Ralph Waldo Emerson and reads, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  I truly believe success is not an accident, it’s a choice.  And this quote always motivates me.

Squirting dildo

What is the POPDildo and Semenette range of products made with?

POP and the Semenette are made with platinum grade silicone.  I had several offers to use materials that were less expensive, but I always strive to create the highest quality products possible.  I want to be able to personally say I not only stand behind my product but use it myself and I would never compromise quality just to make a little more money.  That was and never will be part of my business model.

Who can use the POPDildo?

Anyone!  Of course, we have target customers such as same sex couples looking to conceive, however, the product can truly be used by anyone which is one of the reasons I love it so much.  I really enjoy seeing different people’s creativity when it comes to how they envision POP for them and fulfilling their fantasies.  One of my customers loves doing POV shots with glitter lube…how cool is that?!  We have customers ranging from lesbians and transgender folks to pegging and fetish enthusiasts.  The possibilities are limitless with POP!

What type of sexual health reasons would people use the POPDildo for?

The obvious of course, was as a tool for home insemination which I am happy to say worked twice for my wife and I and gave us our 2 beautiful children.  POP can also be used by men with erectile dysfunction or physical disabilities, serodiscordant couples, women with vaginal dryness, folks with gender dysphoria or those that want to play with gender role play, etc…  I like to think of POP as a 2 in 1 dildo.  You don’t always have to use the ejaculation feature if you don’t want to and you are getting a very high quality dildo at the same time.  It’s all about catering to each different persons desires and providing a unique function to do so.

Women and lesbian couples can use the POPDildo to recreate the experience of conceiving a child. What are the benefits of conceiving with the use of POPDildo?

One of the most important benefits for me (as the non carrying partner) was the fact that I got to be so involved in the baby making process and the intimacy we felt in our efforts to conceive were unlike any others that we had when using a syringe or turkey baster.  It can be quite challenging to make a turkey baster sexy and romantic!  POP allowed me to feel like we truly made the baby together, similar to how heterosexual couples would.  From a science standpoint, when the body is comfortable and not stressed, it always increases the chances of conception and POP really allows you to put yourself in the most private and comfortable situation right alongside your partner.  Additionally, the success rates of home insemination versus an intrauterine insemination at a doctors office are nearly identical, both providing a success rate of anywhere from 5-25%.  However, doing IUI’s at a doctors office are extremely costly.

For trans people can the POPDildo be packed for day to day use then easily be used for penetrative sex?

With the current version we have on the market, the POP cannot be packed.  For trans people, we would suggest using the packer of their choice and swapping out for POP when you are ready for play.  We are working on a new version that will be more ideal for those that want to pack and be able to go right into play so stay tuned!

What are the best harnesses and strap-ons that you would personally recommend to use with the POPDildo?

Hands down, no questions asked, any SpareParts harness.  We offer a the Joque harness as a bundle with the POP on our website and customers love it.  I’m also a personal fan of the Tomboi from them as well.

What liquids are safe to use with the POPDildo?

Being mindful and safe is of the utmost importance when choosing what liquids are safe to use.  The type of liquids used somewhat depends on how you intend to use them.  For example, if you were going to experiment with food play and wanted to squirt chocolate syrup on your partner, it would not be safe to introduce that inside the body and would only be appropriate for use outside the body.  The majority of our customers will use various lubricants to mimic ejaculation and one of our favorites is our own custom POP Lube made by Sliquid.  We partnered with Sliquid to create an extension of their Sliquid Silk to make it to look and feel even more like cum.  It’s called POP Lube and we love it!


Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women’s lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

Enter To Win The Satisfyer Pro Traveler Valued At $69.90

Travel friendly sex toy

Adultsmart has teamed up with the award winning company Satisfyer! Enter the compeititon for your chance to win a  Satisfyer Pro Traveler. The Pro Traveler is one of the newest members of the Sastisfyer family. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is everything you have ever needed in a clitoral stimulator but it is all neatly packaged in a travel friendly design. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is made to be taken with you when you are on the go. Whether you are travelling for a weekend away, vacationing around the world or on a business journey the Satisfyer Pro Traveler will help you get there so that you are not only enjoying yourself but it leaves you feeling sexually relieved each and every time. Fly high with Satisfyer Pro Traveler. This elegant travel companion will take you to the land of multiple orgasms.

What’s prizes are up for grabs?

1 x Satisfyer Pro Traveler

How do I enter the competition?

Here is a list of the different ways you can enter the competition! Each action, like and share counts as 1 entry into the competition for your chance to BE A WINNER!!!!

Other ways to enter the competition

Instagram sex toy competition
Image: Instagram Competition Satisfyer Pro Traveler
Pinterest sex toy competition
Image: Pin To Win Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Who can enter the competition?

You must be over 18 years of age to enter. The competition is open to people worldwide.

When does the competition begin?

The competition begins on the 28th of June.

When does the competition close?

Entries close on the 22nd of August and the draw will be conducted on the 23rd of August. The winner will be contacted via email to arrange delivery.

About the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

All though the Satisfyer Pro Traveler design is smaller when compared to most other Satisfyer products, it still packs the very same pressure wave technology that is found within all of their sex toys. The pressure waves can be soft and gentle or powerful and strong depending on the setting that you choose. There are 11 toe curling and eye rolling settings to choose from so you can use it to your hearts content. Change the setting according to your mood and in no time at all you will be taken to cloud 9. The motor is very quiet at the lowest of settings which ensures that your journey will be perfectly private. The controls are intuitive letting you easily go through the settings with a touch of a button.

Experience pleasure in comfort, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is made with a waterproof finish allowing it to be used in the bath and shower. This makes clean up a breeze with some sex toy friendly cleaner or soap and warm water.

One of the benefits of the compact size is that it is designed with a compact storage case that looks incredibly discreet. The storage case hides the sex toy inside making it look like a very stylish container that could have almost anything inside. The container will blend itself effortlessly in your bag but you will be able to find it with a glance with its sleek and high end look. The cap of the container is also made with a magnetic closure for a tight seal.

The handy design lets you take your orgasms with you no matter where you are. So if you are always on the run, love any type of oral stimulation or have always wanted to have lifelike oral sex without the need of another person the Satisfyer Pro Traveler would be an amazing choice to fulfil all of your needs.

Material of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

The interior and the ring of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is made with a body safe and skin friendly silicone. The tip of the sex toy is frictionless and encircles the whole of the clitoris for a snug fit that guarantees the delivery of pleasure to where it needs to be. Placing some water-based lubricant on the tip of the sex toy or directly on the clitoris makes for a pleasurable experience to maximise comfort through the entire experience. After use, the material is also very easy to take care of and clean. Wash with soap and some warm water and it will be clean in a matter of seconds! To ensure that it is thoroughly clean, give it a couple of sprays with sex toy friendly cleaner.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is environmentally friendly

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is made with a lithium ion battery that is fully rechargeable. You don’t have to worry about your batteries running out mid-session! Simply charge the Satisfyer Pro Traveler with the USB magnetic charging cable which can be plugged into a power adapter or even a laptop.

What has the media said about the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

“Brings you to orgasm in record time.” – Glamour

“Imagine this: a guy licking you, only more intense.” – Cosmopolitan

“Get ready for your life to change.” – Shape

Features of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

  • Settings: 11 quiet pressure wave settings
  • Battery: Lithium ion battery
  • Container: Discreet and sophisticated design that comes with a magnetic closure.
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • What’s included: USB magnetic charging cable
  • Weight: 192 g
  • Length: 100 mm
  • Width: 35 mm
  • Material: ABS plastic and silicone
  • Color:  Aubergine and rose gold

Read Adultsmart’s Satisfyer Pro Traveler product review for more information about the product!

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