8 Delectable Tastings Of Flavoured Lube

Flavoured Lube For Oral Sex

Not all lubes are created equal. Both for taste and usability flavoured lubes can be either a hit or a big miss. The Wicked range of flavoured lubes claims to be different, with flavours like Mocha Java and Salted Caramel this isn’t the cheap, sticky, sweet smelling stuff that flavoured lubes used to be in the past. I was able to taste a few lubes from their range and I will break down the experience of each so you don’t end up with a full bottle of flavoured lube that you can’t stand the taste of. Basically I am putting my taste buds on the line for you dear reader… Yes, I am very brave.

But before we begin with the lube tasting, here are a few do’s and don’ts of flavoured lube.

DO: Pick a flavour that you can stand time and time again. You are getting a full bottle and if you don’t want any to go to waste I suggest picking a flavour that is slightly sweet and not to overpowering. Yes those banana caramel flavours tasted great once but are you up for eating it over and over again?

DON’T: Use flavoured lube for vaginal intercourse if you are prone to yeast infections. Glycerine is in a few lubricants, and whilst it will usually only break down into a sugar through digestion – it can still cause issues with some people and even change the PH of the vagina which may then result in a yeast infection or another irritation. If you’re prone to these kinds of irritations, you might want to play it safe and go for Glycerine free lubricant. If you are planning on using the lube for vaginal intercourse a spot test is recommended. The best use for flavoured lubes is during foreplay specifically for oral sex. Most flavoured lubes are water based and are safe to use with condoms and toys.

DO: Have fun! Flavoured lube is a great introduction to the sex toy accessory game for those who are a little on the shy side and a yummy accompaniment for those who aren’t shy and just want to try something new.

On to the taste test!

This is only one woman’s opinions, the best way to really know what Wicked flavoured lube is best for you is to stop into an Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre for your own taste test!

Review Wicked Lube Aqua
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Vanilla Bean

The Vanilla bean is lovely (full confession, I am a vanilla freak, candles, scents I love it!) It has a beautiful aroma and starts out sweet but fades quickly, leaving only the impression of vanilla not something you will taste all day. The Wicked lube itself it a nice consistence and isn’t overly jelly like which for me at least is a nicer eating experience.

Mocha Java

Coffee lovers rave about this flavour and I can see why! After an intial hit of sweetness, a choc coffee flavour develops and fills your mouth. The best part is that while it does taste llike coffee it doesn’t leave you with coffee breath (trust me I checked.) or even really an aftertaste (none of the Wicked flavoured lubes leave you with an after taste.)

Candy Apple

OH MY GOD!  This tastes exactly like the toffee apples you can buy from the supermarket! MAJOR FLASHBACKS! This lube is delicious, and has made me crave a toffee apple.

Cherry Cordial

I don’t like cherries, but I love Cherry Ripes by Cadbury. This tastes like a cherry ripe without the chocolate so I am a huge fan, although I think having this in my house would be dangerous… I would just walk around eating it, sex be damned! Also it is worth mentioning that I have been tasting the lubes using my hands and I expected them to be very sticky but they aren’t. This is a pet peeve of mine (and many others) with flavoured lube and it is a nice change to not be left sticky.

Cinnamon Bun

I expected them to get the cinnamon flavour right  but how they got it to taste like a fresh baked bun I will never get! While I am personally not a fan of cinnamon I can say that even I enjoyed this flavour.

Salted Caramel

I would put this on ice-cream! It tastes amazing and has the beautiful smoky flavour that has made salted caramel so popular. I should also mention that the entire wicked flavoured lube range is vegan! Meaning that our herbivore friends do not need to miss out on the fun.


Really Really Really yummy! This lube is surprisingly fresh tasting and lighter in flavour than some of the other lubes on offer. This would be the one I would personally purchase, I think it is a flavour that I could taste again and again and still not be tired of.

Limited edition: Peppermint Cocoa

Released in time for Christmas (and this tasting) the peppermint cocoa is a subtle flavour that is giving me major Christmas flashbacks to trees and presents and family time… pretty impressive for a lube.

Final Thoughts

Personally I wasn’t a big fan of flavoured lubes, I have a disagreeable stomach and I normally prefer savoury flavours but the Wicked range has me reconsidering. The more complex flavours and the well-made lube itself makes me think it might be time to bring some flavour back into the bedroom. My only worry is that I will eat it all before I get a chance to use it how it was intended… Oh well.

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

The Naughtiest Open Back Skirt Imaginable

Sexy Woman Wearing BDSM Gear

Last week I was lucky enough to receive a sexy little piece by leather manufacturer Kailash G. Exports, the open back faux leather skirt and oh how glad I am that I did. I have taken plenty of lingerie home for my girlfriend to wear for me in the bedroom in the past but I’ve never brought home anything leather, so this was something new for us. The best part about this skirt for her is that it is made out of faux leather and she is a vegetarian so the material was perfect.

Since working in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres I have learnt a lot about myself and what I like in the bedroom, before working here I had never really experimented with many toys let alone BDSM. Slowly, slowly I have introduced new products into the bedroom which me and my partner have both loved and hated. We started with simple toys and restraints and we have researched a little bit together about how to experiment safely with BDSM products.

For the past few months, we have been experimenting a little bit and we both seem to be enjoying it quite a lot so I knew as soon as I showed her the skirt I was given she’d be keen to give it a go. We had a hotel booked in Canberra for a night that week so we decided that would be the perfect time to first use it. We packed a few toys to experiment with as the back of the skirt allows for easy butt play.

Faux Leather Skirt With An Open Back
Image: Back View Of The Open Back Skirt

My Experience Using The Open Back Skirt

We went out for a nice dinner by the water and went back to the hotel to have a few drinks before setting up the bed with all the toys we planned on using for the night. I didn’t expect it but watching and helping her put on the skirt was actually my favorite part of the night, she asked me to help her tighten and tie up the back end of the skirt and honestly, it is just such a wonderful feeling being so connected to someone and having them trust you completely, mentally, sexually and physically. There are a lot of things I struggle with because of that horrible vulnerable feeling, so that experience opened my eyes a lot to all the things that this girl trusts me with when it comes to her mind and body so I’m now starting to work on doing the same for her. She stood up and showed me how it fits nicely along her waist, the butt slightly pocking out and enough give at the bottom for her to move her legs around a bit. She told me she liked the feeling of the material more than she expected to and loved the way it looked on her… I definitely did too!

Faux Leather Skirt For Vegans And Vegetarians
Image: Side View Of The Open Back Skirt

Without getting into all the details the skirt easily allows for all sorts of butt play and it was super easy for us to try different positions, just make sure to choose the sizing carefully because if it is too tight then it might be a little bit of a struggle with certain toys and sexual positions as it will be quite uncomfortable to move around in. Having the rope on the back to adjust the tightness of the skirt is a massive bonus because when attempting to get into different positions it can get quite restricting so make sure to loosen up the rope a little bit before moving so you don’t end up wiggling around like a worm trying to get into a different position.

We both enjoyed the open back skirt a lot so I definitely recommend it whether you are a beginner or an expert in BDSM. Even if you are not into BDSM but are looking for a new or different style of lingerie, this product could be a good start. Bdstyle has a huge range of products that are available on Adultsmart and in our Oh Zone Lifestyle Centres so make sure to check it all out before deciding which is the best product for what you are looking for.

A High Quality BDSM Skirt
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Sex Toy Products That I Recommend

Here are a list of products I recommend experimenting with the open back skirt:

  • Crop/whip/paddle
  • Mask
  • Any of the B-Vibe range with remote
  • We Vibe Sync
  • Sportsheets bondage bar
  • Share dildo


For the longest possible lifespan for your product I’d recommend google searching a good hand washing method for faux leather, these methods usually are super simple and easy to follow. The benefits of hand washing would be that your product will not shrink and you will avoid finding cracks in the material.

Do not stress though if you don’t have the time to hand wash, just make sure to do a little bit of research so you can find the best possible method for machine washing so that you avoid these problems.

Enjoy and be safe ❤

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Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Pro Tips For Extending Your Penis

Man In Blue Jeans Holding His Crotch

I searched frantically for what I needed. Perspiration pooled on my forehead in subtle lines, and cooled simultaneously. A sense of urgency enveloped me and I was falling, tumbling through the midst of my scavenge, swathed in persistence and encumbered by my search.

When the Earth re-settled itself on its axis, I knew that I had found what I’d been looking for. I placed my hands gingerly on the red box, lined with silver and I held the item slowly into the air. An aura of secrecy permeated from the box and the ambiguity only heightened by a lack of any identifiable markers.

“Is this what you’re looking for?” I asked my client, who at some stage during my search had situated himself by my side.

“Yes! This is it, my friend!” He exclaimed as he pushed his sunglasses off his face and further into his wiry hair. We had struck veritable gold.

We placed the box carefully and delicately on the glass top table and centered ourselves on either side of the box to peer in at its contents. The client unzipped the red box with trembling fingers and what greeted us inside made us reel back in awe.

There was a contraption of sorts, spring-loaded with straps, soft foam and rubber. Next to it, a ruler, a blank DVD disc and a pack of bandages.

“Play the DVD” whispered the client, hoarsely. I kindly obliged and when the lights flickered on and the DVD began to play, a soft-spoken automated voice called out instructions on how to use the contraption.

“If your penis is over 5 inches when flaccid and stretched out you should turn the front piece or rubber strap around. If you are below 5 inches, the front piece can remain in its original position.”

“Separate the front piece from the rods. Place the ring around the base of your penis, and leave it there.”

“Place and tighten the strap behind the glans. If you are uncircumcised, the strap can be worn on top or under the foreskin.”

“Rotate the rods clockwise for a quarter turn and pull the rods outward to the desired length.”

Penis Extender Set By Male Edge
Image: Male Edge Extra

“When you are happy with the length of the rods, turn them back counter clockwise listening for a double click.”

“When the rods are in the right position for you, push them gently back towards your body. You now need to secure the front piece firmly onto the elongation rods by pushing them together.”

“The Male Edge is flexible in its design. The device can manouvre up or down, in turn finding the most comfortable position for you. If you want to wear the male edge during the day, it can be worn under loose fitting boxer shorts and trousers. It can also be worn at night depending on your sleeping habits, as some men move around when sleeping and others lie still for the most part.”

The DVD ceased playing and it ejected itself. We were stunned but thoroughly informed.

“The Male Edge, huh…” breathed The Client. “This is the one. After 8 weeks I saw permanent growth and even after 26 weeks I was permanently thicker and longer. Because it holds the penis constantly stretched, it stimulates growth of new tissue in the penis, also known as cytokinesis.”

“What would the difference between this and a penis pump be?” I asked The Client.

He sighed wisely. “Penis pumps only allow the flow of blood into the penis, but elongating your penis with a penis extender such as the Male Edge allows for permanent growth in penis blood chambers to allow more blood to fill the chambers and thus for a larger erection in terms of both length and girth.”

Penis Extender Packages By Male Edge
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I nodded enthusiastically. It made complete sense. We packed away the Male Edge box and its aura of secrecy and having learned from the wise instructional DVD voice, The Client was ready to embark on a new journey into penis enlargement. If you would like to find out whether this product is suited for you, it is recommended to read more information about using penis extenders.

Author: Andre is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Turning Your Oral Stimulation From Zero To Hero

I glanced down through the glass topped front counter and spotted the contraption out of the corner of my eye. I had just started working at the Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and I was still trying to get my head around all of the sex toys. I bent down to pick it up, “What’s this?” I asked confused by what I held in my hand. “That sex toy is the Womanizer, it’s a clitoral sucker” I was answered. I looked at the Womanizer in my hand and considered it for a moment…

“Na, not for me.” I thought as I placed the Womanizer back under the counter and went back to work. During the following weeks I would be asked about the Womanizer by curious customers. I would explain what it was, talk about how it worked, how much people are meant to love them all the while thinking to myself “Na, still not for me.”

See I “know” what I like, I am a clitoris girl. I know what I like and how I like it and I just didn’t see the Womanizer working for me. I would regularly have women come in to the store and sing the praises of the Womanizer, “Amazing!” said one blonde lady with a big smile. “Life changing.” remarked another very satisfied looking woman. “You’ll never look back!” I listened and was happy that our customers found a product that they were so happy with but in the back of my mind I had big doubts about whether it would work for me.

When you first see the Womanizer you or at least I was confused. It takes a second to figure out because it doesn’t look or act like your typical sex toy.

Oral Sex Toy Stimulator
Sex Toy: Womanizer +Size

At one end of the Womanizer there is an opening surrounded by a silicone cover. This is the end that sits on or around your clitoris and “sucks.” On the backside of the sucker you will find the power button. One the opposite end of the Womanizer you will find the intensity controls. The more I learned about the product the more I understood how it would be pleasurable but I just didn’t think it was for me, “I don’t like it when you suck on my clitoris to much so why would I want a sex toy that only does that” I said to my husband as we were talking about our days. “It might feel different with this” he offered. “Yeah maybe…but I don’t know…” I muttered into my glass of wine.

At work I would still have regular conversations with customers who love the Womanizer and after a while my “Na not from me” went to a “Well…maybe… ok.”

I walked into work one day worrying about what I could write about this week when a box was placed into my hands. “This is what you are writing your review on this week.” I looked down at what I had been given… The Womanizer… it was time.

The whole day I kept glancing at the box eventually I had to put it out the back in my bag just so I could get some work done. When I got home I sat excitedly on the couch with the box in my hands. I opened it and it was beautifully packaged. The Womanizer range is known for their great designs, some have skulls on them others are pretty, pink and covered in jewels. Mine, which is pictured above, is a beautiful black and white with gold trim. “It’s quite long” I said to my husband as he sat down next to me. He picked up the box “What’s the plus sign for?” he asked, “Oh, this must be one of the newer versions that come with a longer handle for easier use.” I was impressed, not only was it beautiful, well packaged and felt high quality but the sex toy designers had actually thought about the comfort of the end user (a pet peeve of mine with sex toys.) It seemed like the Womanizer was wooing me, and I liked it.

Sex Toy For Cunninglus
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I plugged it into charge, “It might take a while… maybe tomorrow night.” My husband and I sat together watching Netflix on TV and catching up, all the while the Womanizer charged. On our way to bed my husband picked it up “I think it might be fully charged, that was really quick.” He looked at me “Maybe we could use it tonight?” I stared at the fully charged Womanizer, squared my shoulders and thought there’s no time like the present. “I guess so…” I said trying to seem unfazed and clam, while on the inside I was that mix of excited and nervous that either leads to disappointment or amazingness.

I got into bed next to my husband who was just plain excited and took the Womanizer in my hand, “I don’t know” I said as I started up the womanizer. It makes a distinct sound that gets quieter once it gets to work. I placed it against myself and was immediately met with a brand new sensation, it was intense and gentle at the same time. It was entirely clitoris focused but was also working deeper areas as well. My husband and I started giggling but soon the giggles changed to something different as the Womanizer went to work. It had been on me for about a minute when I felt a familiar building sensation, it can’t be I thought and then boom, climax.

The Womanizer gave me a climax I had never had. It started very centralised and then radiated out through my entire body. I sat back dumb founded and speechless. My husband kissed me and asked how it felt. “No words” I replied. “Is that a good or a bad thing?” he asked. I sat up, picked the womanizer up and replied “It’s a good thing…a very good thing.”

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave






Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

A Remarkable Way To Take Something LARGE

CUTLERX A Gay Porn Star

I am extremely thankful to have been given a Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX for review. Mr. Hankey Toys design astonishingly detailed certified skin safe Dildos that are made with different levels of firmness which feel just right! These beauties can stand up on their own and if you get a Vac-U-Lock hole you can add as many attachments as you would like. There is one BIG difference with Mr. Hankey Toys Dildos, they are INCREDIBLY LARGE!

My Favourite Feature Is The Incredible Detailing

After I was mentally able to move pass the sheer size of the Dildo which mind you, took me about a week to process, I was then able to pay close attention to the level of detailing that this Dildo has and it has a lot of detailing! You can thank the famous gay adult movie star CUTLERX for that as it was moulded directly from his body with Mr. Hankey Toys proprietary life casting method which is a unique method used by their company alone. Yes, you heard me right, this is a realistic Dildo in all of its glory. The Dildo is made beautifully in a deep brown colour.

My favourite feature of the Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX is the way the nerves along the shaft catches the light in my bedroom. Just like CUTLERX’s penis, the mould which was created for this sex toy precisely picks out the level of depth each individual nerve has. Some nerves are higher than others and they create the smallest shadows that you would expect to see in real life. It is absolutely incredible, you can see all the individual directions that they go in and how they map themselves out on the Dildo.

The head of the Dildo is perfectly rounded outlined by a great big ridge which brings your attention to the tip. The gentleness of the skin can clearly be seen with its soft natural texture. The opening of the urethra is quite long measuring around 1 centimetre but this is what I would expect from something of this size. I was surprised to find out that I could slightly open the tip of the urethra which absolutely amazed me as I have never seen that before on a realistic Dildo.

At the very base of this large Dildo is an incredibly large set of testicles which gently ripple inwards. I am going to be completely honest, I don’t believe I have ever seen a pair of balls with that type of texture. I can only imagine that if someone were to get the whole length of the Dildo inside that the texture which is on the testicles would be quite stimulating to the clitoris and u-spot. It is an incredibly realistic penis.

Gay Porn Star Holding His Sex Toy
Photo: CUTLERX With Dildo

The Level Of Firmness Is Just Right

The material itself feels incredibly soft on the outside with a slight firmness on the inside. It comes in two different levels of firmness, Medium Firm and 75% Soft Level Firm so the choice is yours. The bulbous tapered head of the Dildo feels softer than the shaft, this is because they slightly vary in width but this means that the penetrative experience will feel extremely gentle.

It’s Powerful Stance And Swaying Power

One of the first thing’s I did when I held the CUTLERX in my hands was to balance it on the palm of my hand which proved to be a lot of fun. With every light quiver of my hand, it would gently sway to and fro. I placed it on my desk and poked it, this bad boy has some serious swaying power and you can definitely helicopter it in circles if you wanted to. It surprisingly only moves when touched which really is a remarkable sight but when it is left alone it stands incredibly strong by itself.

CUTLERX's Sex Toy By Mr. Hankey Toys

The Certified Skin Safe Silicone

Mr. Hankey Toys Dildos are made from USA produced ISO 10993-10 certified skin safe silicone which is also known as Platinum Silicone. This means that it can come in contact with most people’s skin and have no adverse allergic reaction. This type of silicone is used in the creation of prosthetics.

You Can Add Attachments

On the underside of the CUTLERX there is a hole which measures approximately 1 centimetres. This hole is used for Vac-U-Lock attachments which will give the Dildo additional features. For example, you can buy a compatible sex machine, handles, harnesses and suction cups. When you are making your purchase you need to choose whether you would like yours compatible with a Vac-U-Lock.

CUTLERX's Sex Toy By Mr. Hankey Toys
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The Arousal Process With Thoughts From A Man With The Experience

I had mentioned to a friend that I had a realistic Dildo which is the size of two of my wrists added together and he was surprised to find out that there was a company who made high quality Dildos in this size. What is considered a normal penis size depends on what you have been born with. So let’s take out time to delve into the arousal process that he had experienced with his exceptionally wide and long penis.

He said in response to my thoughts “Even if someone loves a wide cock they won’t get aroused enough to take that in one go without significant foreplay. The natural arousal process can take different amounts of time for different people, you can spend 15 minutes to an hour building up a lover’s body to accept such a large sex toy. You really need a lover to be extremely aroused, relaxed and tremendously well lubricated. If she isn’t dribbling down her inner thighs, she isn’t ready. Even if she is wet like the ocean it does not necessarily mean that her body will adapt to something of this magnitude.”

With this in mind, once you are aroused, relaxed and lubricated it is recommended that you start with smaller sex toys and then work your way up to Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX. You can begin by inserting the tip of the Dildos then slowly work your way in. He said “Slamming it down hard is going to be unpleasant to anyone but a masochist.” Some people may only be able to get the tip in but that will still feel sexually satisfying if you like that type of stimulation.

My Final Thoughts

Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX is an amazing beast of a Dildo. Its level of detailing captures all the natural qualities of a realistic large erect penis which we have CUTLERX to thank and Mr. Hankey Toys incredible commitment to providing high quality product made from Platinum Silicone that is certified. The firmness of the Dildo is hands down amazing and it has an incredible sway which I find captivating. My absolutely favourite feature is the detailing especially that of the nerves along the shaft. I feel like this Dildo has a gravitational pull of its own.

I had found when I held a high quality Dildo in my own hands was that I wanted nothing more but to own more of them. Currently Mr. Hankey Toys has a selection of 20 Dildos which are all different. If you have ever wanted to experience what it would feel like to have a penetrative experience with a certain type of penis, they have a lot of the shapes and textures that are considered to be natural. If you would like to find out more information, check out Adultsmart’s VIP Interview with the sex toy company Mr. Hankey Toys.





Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!