My Super Hung Hero’s Captain Cock

Just the other day I entertained the thought of arousing myself with my favourite super hero’s cock. You see I had come across the ultimate treat a dildo named the Super Hung Hero Captain Cock which is based upon Captain America. I absolutely worship Captain America so I thought this product would make a perfect addition to my sex toy collection. The dildo is made in a classic blue colour that instantly inspires desire for some macho like action beneath the sheets. This dildo definitely helps out in setting the scene for my orgasmic fantasy to come to life.

To be frank, I just adore a sufficiently large cock and this sex toy was in line with that particular personal preference. The dildo measures 9.25” in total length with an 8.5” insertable length. He has a girth of 6.25” and a width of 1.9” at its largest point. What makes this dildo easy to use is the tapered tip and what gives a sudden expansion of pleasure is the gentle bulbous area near the tip of the shaft. This dildo really is a rock solid erection.

The really exciting feature that made me consider buying this particular sex toy was the dual texturing made with ripples which looked like they would give me a series of exhilarating orgasms. It is made with raised areas for texture that mimic the design of Captain America’s shield. It is made with a metallic base which makes it compatible with my favourite harness. It is made with a novelty design that’s absolutely practical and perfect for collectors!

Captain America sex toy
Image: Super Hung Heroes Captain Packaging

To top all the off, I was especially pleased to learn that this dildo is made in America by Doc Johnson. Doc Johnson is a major sex toy company who make thousands of products so my confidence and concerns on safety were assured. There are four other dildos in this collection which include:

  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes The Hammer: A Thor themed dildo.
  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Rock Hard Man – A Iron Man themed dildo.
  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Amazing Webshooter – A Spiderman themed dildo.
  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Caped Cock – A Batman themed dildo.

My Personal Experience With The My Super Hung Heroes Captain Cock

What I love about Captain America and other super heroes is that they are supposed to be our object of infatuation with their incredible prowess and timely response to a civilisation’s time of need. After reading the products description on the packaging and looking sceptically at my purchase, the quality seemed to be decent. At first, I didn’t buy into its vibe but after a few trials I knew I was in for the ride of my life. What follows after you buy the dildo is entirely up to your wild imagination.

When using this sex toy, I experienced a ton of pleasure. I just can’t just get enough action. The feeling of Captain America massaging against my breasts and pussy is an exhilarating ecstasy. I thrilled my personal fetish after I explored the contour lines from the tip to the generous width down to the base. Since there are no batteries, you are in full control of the levels of pressure, speed and intensity of the experience. The long shaft of this dildo massaging my body is my favourite feeling.

Stimulation with this sex toy is no longer a boring routine. Afterwards, I felt sexually satisfied and content. My body did not feel sore after many immense rounds of pleasure that I put myself through. The sex toy is made with premium grade silicone which is great to work with and easy to clean afterwards.

Captain America dildo
Buy Now | Sex toys by Doc Johnson

I highly recommend Super Hung Hero Captain Cock for those seeking a classic sex toy with a friendly price tag. It is safe to conclude that the product is a wonderful addition to any sex toy collection. It adds a fresh perspective with some pretty naughty and seriously fun positions to try out. I appreciate a dildo that won’t back down until my needs are fully met. This hunk edition is worth the asking price.


Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

My Very First Secret Trip To A Nude Beach

3 Nudist Women

I like clothes, I used to sell them; I can often be seen wearing them. I feel comfortable and protected in clothing, and for me I see it as a way of self-expression and exploration.

I like being nude. I was born nude; I am often nude and if you’re unlucky you may see it. I feel free and open when I am nude and for me I see it as a way of self-expression and exploration.

I think you needed to know these two things about me before I start my story, because for some the desire to go nude, let alone go nude in public around other people, who are also nude, seems damn near insane. But that’s what I did.

My husband and I were sitting on the couch together, we were talking about things husbands and wives talk about when their alone (bills, other people, etc.) when an idea literally popped into my head. I turned to him quickly, “do you wanna go to a nude beach tomorrow?” I asked almost as surprised by the question as he was. “Yeah” was his simple reply.

Side note: My husband is a very nude dude.

I love the beach, my husband however doesn’t. I see his point when you figure in the travel time, the traffic, the crowds, and the cost of parking (if you can get it) a beach day can turn into a pain in the arse. For me the payoff of being in the ocean makes it worth it, but not for him. So when he said yes to my nude beach plan I was happy, it seemed like I had planned a beach trip that he would enjoy.  But I quickly had to ask myself, would I?

While my husband was a very nude dude, I have had quite a different relationship with my naked body. As a child I always wanted to be nude but as most children learn early that is not “ok” so I dressed as I was told. As a teenager I grew big boobs overnight that got me a lot of attention, caused me a lot of pain and changed my body into something I was meant to like (big boobs are awesome! Everyone wants them) to something that I didn’t recognise. I would get in the shower and stare down at these massive balloons on my chest covered in stretch marks and veins and think, no this isn’t what they are meant to look like! I spent most of my teenage years mad at my body for not turning into the nude image I had in my head. As an adult plus size woman I have to be honest in saying this relationship has only recently started to improve, why now?  I don’t really know, maybe age? But I’m going with it.

And going with it is exactly how this chubby girl found herself pulling up in the carpark of Cobblers Beach the next morning. My husband was eager, to him this experience was exactly what he had been looking for, a chance to feel open and free… me on the other hand, I was sweating.

This seemed like such a good idea when I suggested it but as I walked down the rocky path towards the hidden cove I was cursing myself out “this is dumb turn back!” said my brain, “your giant gross titties will freak out all the nice people and they will run like that scene from jaws!!!” I tend to get somewhat overdramatic when I am nervous.

As we rounded the corner we began seeing people, naked people and the second I saw that I was calm. I forgot for a second that at a nude beach, everyone was nude and there is something very equalising in that. No matter what the body looks like there an undeniable vulnerability in being nude with others. It’s a, “we are all in this together” type of thing that helped me forget my hang ups and start paying attention to what was happening around me.

What was happening around me were a bunch of smiling nude people who seem really happy and relaxed. What will surprise you the most about a nude beach is how normal it is, some people were snorkelling, others were sun bathing and many were just enjoying a swim. People were in various stages of undress, some still fully clothed hanging out with their nude friends.

Nudist Women
Image: Nudists

We picked our spot and dropped trow, well the husband did, I thought topless was enough for my first visit. We walked away from our area and I was expecting people to look at my pale chuddy self and recoil but they didn’t even notice, or if they did, I didn’t notice them noticing me.

We spent a few hours swimming, reading in the sun, exploring the rock pools and I can honestly say it was the best day at the beach I’ve ever had. It was odd to me that as a chubby girl I felt more comfortable on a nude beach than a normal one but it is true, it felt more accepting and less about how you look and more about how you feel. I felt empowered and a little sunburnt.

The husband was in his element and I think he realised that the beach wasn’t the issue, it was that we kept going to places he couldn’t be comfortable, for him being able to be nude and unjudged was a very big thing and it changed the beach from this pain in the arse thing his wife likes to do to something we can do together.

But the real question is would I go back?

My answer…

Why wouldn’t I?

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Sex Toy Companies Doing It Right: Fun Factory

Inclusive sex toy company

Welcome to our second instalment of “Sex Toy Companies Doing It Right”. Last time we discussed the innovative LELO sex toy company and this week we are going to be learning about the German based company Fun Factory.

“Sold as novelty only” this is a statement that graces most of the adult toy packaging on the market (even the higher end stuff) however you won’t find this on a Fun Factory box for them there is nothing novel about what they make. The “sold as novelty only” disclaimer is put on most toys, not because the manufactures don’t know what you are actually using them for but as a way for them to mitigate liability for their product. Meaning that if it hurts you, or causes any problems they can say, “well that’s not what we intended for it to be used for”. Fun Factory doesn’t do this. They know what you are using the toy for and how they mitigate their liability is by making excellent quality toys.

It was this single fact that turned my head towards the Fun Factory range, I then started learning about them, playing with them, selling them and I was in love! Fun Factory started in 1996 by two recent university grads named Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl. They noticed a gap in the market for high quality, female focused approachable toys and decided to do something about it. Everything from Fun Factory comes from their factory on the banks of Weser River in Germany. From design through to production, packaging, distribution and all marketing comes from their dedicated work force of 120 people.

Fun Factory's sex toy manufacturing plant
Image: The Fun Factory, Factory!

When you first meet a Fun Factory toy and hold it in your hand the love affair begins. The first time I touched one of their vibes (The Miss Bi vibe – my personal favourite) I knew I was a goner. The quality of the toy, the ergonomics and the user interface all make for an immediate connection with the toy, meaning that you don’t really have much of an awkward getting to know you phase (unlike that last tinder date).

Now you can’t really talk about Fun Factory without mentioning just that… the Fun! These toys are bright and quirky looking. Attempting to steer away from the traditional penis looking style they choose interesting shapes that look great and feel even better! Made out of high quality body safe silicone, Fun Factory toys are waterproof and are rechargeable.

Fun Factory is one of the most inclusive sex toy brands I have encountered, they make toys for everyone, prostate massagers, vegan strap on belts with interchangeable dongs, couple toys, anal toys, bullets… you name it Fun Factory probably makes it.

My Favourite Fun Factory Sex Toys

“But with all that choice what do I get?” I hear you ask, well here are my favourites:


As a more petite woman downstairs (sorry for the personal info) I love the MISS Bi because she is just the right size. Often many women find that their sex toys are a bit to large (a kind of eyes too big for your stomach situation when they purchase it) and because of this they aren’t getting the best function from it. Fun Factory knows this and created the MISS Bi vibe. The wide clitoral stimulation pad makes it easy to get in just the right spot and the deliciously curved shaft is all you need for incredible g-spot stimulation.

Rabbit vibrator
Image: Fun Factory Miss Bi


This silicone dong is so much fun! It has 3 weights inside of it that create a dynamic sensation when used (it is also fun to just shake on its own without any sex, it could be the new fidget spinner!) The Bouncer has a strong suction cup and will fit into most harnesses but it will do best in the beautifully made Fun Factory Strap And Bound Invisible Denim Harness which is also vegan friendly. The Bouncer is also another example of Fun Factory attempting to steer away from overly penis looking type stuff.

Image: Fun Factory Bouncer


This is one of Fun Factory’s male toys; it is a prostate toy that can be used in a variety of different ways and configurations. This super flexible silicone toy lets your imagination run wild with possibilities. My tip, insert the shorter end for prostate stimulation and use the larger hook as a taint and ball massager. He’ll thank you.

Prostate and perineum massager
Buy Now | Sex Toy Store With Fun Factory Products

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Why You Really Need A Dildo

Shocking dildo facts

Sex should be enjoyable, fun, creative, versatile and mind blowing. So, instead of relying on traditional sex, expand your horizons by exploring your body with a sex toy like a dildo. This article will go into depth about everything you have ever needed to know about dildos.

Where does the word dildo originate?

The beginnings of the word dildo is quite baffling. Interestingly enough, the dildo is widely recognized to have originated from the word diletto which is an Italian word for:

“a lady’s pleasure”

When were dildos first invented?

Dildos were one of the first sex toys types created. They were found as far back as 29, 000 BC in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in Germany. As science and technology has advanced over the years, almost every kind of adult lifestyle product that we use has been improved in some way but the humble Dildo has remained one of the most effective and reliable sex toys available.

What is a dildo?

A dildo is a type of sex toy with a phallic or non-phallic shape that is used to provide pleasurable stimulation to women and men. Dildos come in a large range of different shapes, colours, textures, sizes and materials. They range in sizes from as tiny as a finger to much larger than a human’s fist! The large range ensures that the fetishes and fantasies of a wide consumer preference is catered for.

Dual density dildo
Image: Tantus Flurry
Metal dildo
Image: Chrome Crescent Double Ended Dildo

Who can use a dildo?

There is nothing wrong with dildo play, dildos have been used for thousands of years by women and men of all sexualities. However, men can only use a dildo for anal play if it is made with a base.

What erogenous zones does the dildo stimulate?

A dildo can provide pleasure to a woman’s g-spot and a-spot, it can also provide pleasure to a man’s p-spot. Since dildos are made with varied shapes and sizes, they can reach spots that the average penis cannot which can give you an unbelievable pleasurable experience. Dildos can be used during mutual masturbation and foreplay to massage along different parts of the body including the clitoris, penis and scrotum.

Strap-on and harness compatible dildos can be worn around the waist and used on a lover for a penetrative experience. There are also dual ended dildos that can be used to pleasure the vagina and anus at the same time, some of them can be used by two people at the same time in a “see-saw” movement.

What materials are dildos made with?

Dildos can be made with an assortment of materials like silicone, surgical steel, glass, stone, wood, ABS hard plastic, TPE, TPR, genuine feel rubber and jelly. Unlike men, these sex toys always stay as hard as the material that they are made from. All these different kinds of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The best dildo material for you will depend on your own individual preferences. Sometimes it can take a bit of experimentation to find out what you really like.

Companies like Doc Johnson and Tantus have made dildo’s that have dual density layers which provide the feeling of realistic sex. Dildos with dual layers often have a hard inner layer of silicone and a soft outer layer of silicone. They are said to feel absolutely amazing especially when paired with a sex toys unique design and textures.

You can also find companies like BS Atelier in Madrid, LAID from Norway and Fun Factory in Germany who make their products from body safe and non-porous materials like pure silicone, glass and metal. To top that off, Fun Factory sex toys are made with even more functions including rolling massage balls.

Are dildos made with body safe materials?

When dildos were originally produced they were made with rubber and jelly that contained phthalates which are toxic to the body. Phthalates is a type of chemical used to make hard material soft, clear and flexible. With the knowledge that these materials were made with harsh chemicals, most adult lifestyle companies decided to only use materials that are body safe. But you will need to check whether the product you are planning on purchasing is body safe.

Are dildos safe?

Yes, dildos are definitely safe to use. There is no medical evidence to prove that dildos are harmful or have serious side effects to a person. The only thing we can guarantee you though, is that you will be addicted to them. The amount of pleasure obtained from these gadgets is unimaginable.

Why do some people like phallic dildos and some people like non-phallic dildos?

Some people love using a phallic dildos to replicate the feeling of realistic sex with a man whereas some people love the pleasurable stimulation of the ergonomic design of a non-phallic dildo that can be used for pinpoint stimulation.

Why are dildos not classified as a vibrator?

Dildos are generally used through the manual movement of a person’s hand, body or waist. They are not made with electrical features like added vibrations or pulsations which are features that are found in vibrators.

What are suction cups and harnesses used for on a dildo?

The main two features which are sort after when purchasing a dildo is whether it has a strong suction cup or whether it is harness compatible. A suction cup allows a person to use the sex toy for hands free stimulation, as it can be attached to a hard surface like tiles or inside a bathtub so that a person can use it as if it were a real erect penis. Whilst a dildo which is made to be compatible with a harness normally has a flat base which can be placed securely into a harness. A dildo with a harness allows a lover to wear it around their waist so that they are able to use it as if it were a part of their body for penetrative stimulation.

Where can I buy dildos?

Dildos can be bought by or for a person who loves the feeling of penetrative sex. If you are shy and a reserved person walking in to a sex shop and looking for a dildo can be a hard task. We would recommend you purchase a dildo at a sex toy shop online. This is the best option if you want a bit of privacy.

If you are buying a dildo made from a silicone mix it is advised that you go into an physical sex toy store so you can see whether the material has any manufacturing defaults like bubbles within the material.

How do you use a dildo?

Dildos actually do not come with instructions. The designers of these sex toys naturally assume that everyone understands how to be able use a dildo properly. But for first timers, it can be quite difficult especially if you do not know what to do! Here you will find some steps that you can follow to make your first time experience enjoyable:

Be prepared

The first thing you should do when using a dildo is be prepared so that you will be able to enjoy the experience. To do this you will need to:

  • Have your room set up so that you are comfortable.
  • Ensure the dildos you are using is clean.
  • Ensure that the dildo and personal lubricant is in an easy to access location.


If you are a woman you may need to use additional lubricant since they may not be able to produce enough natural lubrication for the experience. It is recommended to invest in a sex toy friendly lubricant like water-based lubricant.

If you are a man you will need to use lubricant as the anus does not produce natural lubrication. The anus will also soak up most of the lubricant so you will need to use plenty and relubricate well before it dries out. It is recommended that men invest in an anal lubricant that is specially made.


But you can’t just force the dildo in! You have to start somewhere and start slowly. Just like sex with a partner, your body should be ready and relaxed. Using a dildo is about experiencing a personal type of pleasure that is controlled by the user. Burn some aromatic candles, put some mood music on, lie back and relax. You can begin by naturally arousing yourself through masturbating or engaging in foreplay with a lover. When you are ready it will slide in gently almost on its own.

Slow and steady wins the race

Slowly slip a dildo inside, leave the dildo there for a moment and feel it gently stretch your body. When you are ready, control the speed and depth of the thrust to start off slowly and gradually increase it according to the amount of pleasure that you would like to experience. You will need to experiment to find what works for you.

Clean up afterwards

Sex toys need to be taken cleaned and taken care of.  It is recommended to use some antibacterial sex toy cleaner, mild soap and warm water to clean your dildo. Dry it thoroughly and store it in a dark place.

Now it is that easy so what are you waiting for?Save

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

1 Way To Masturbate With All The Holes

Man who used a mens masturbator

I do not have a penis and I am fine with this fact, however being sans penis makes it really difficult for me to write about men’s sex toys, and because of this I have steered clear of them for the most part. Instead, I choose to write about toys I could give a firsthand experience of. But as more and more men kept coming into the store to ask about them I thought, penis or no penis I need to know what all the fuss is about.

Now while I do not have a penis, the person I married does and he, being the open minded sexually informed dude he is, was more than happy to play sexual guinea pig to my curiosities. I started by having him pick one out, I was interested in why guys go for the sex toys they do.

His Choice? The Tenga Flip Hole

Mans masturbator for big penises
Buy Now | Adult store with Tenga sex toys

Tenga is a sex toy manufacturer from Japan that makes mainly male focused toys, masturbators and lube. The difference with the whole Tenga range is that they do not look at all like a “sex toy” the Tenga range doesn’t even attempt the realistic game, they instead go the exact opposite way choosing a super futuristic geometric styling that helps the toys hide in plain view. My husband and I were discussing what else we thought the Tenga Flip Hole could be confused for, we both said a Bluetooth speaker.

Why Did He Pick The Tenga Flip Hole?

I asked him why he picked it and for him it was a combination of this non-realism style (he has had a Fleshlight in the past, so he wanted a different experience) and the ease of cleaning. The Tenga Flip Hole systems splits completely in half opening the entire toy so when you are finished you can really get in there and give it a proper clean. This is important as the Tenga is made from a TPE type plastic that can harbour bacteria and germs (most masturbators are made from this material or the genuine feel rubber that has similar issues). With the use of a sex toy cleaner these products are perfectly safe to use but cleaning needs to be a priority.

The Tenga Flip Hole Experience

The Flip Hole feels like a piece of high end technology.  When opening it, it feels like you are opening a Google Home or a new iPhone and that is the experience they want for their customer. It makes the product feel more like a tool than a toy and I think for some men (my husband included) they appreciate that.

We got it home, opened it and started playing with it together. The Tenga comes with three hole lotions (lubes) and for our first turn with the masturbator we used the mild, to keep it basic and see what the masturbator on its own could do. The first thing he noticed was that it felt a little snug on him. Now my husband won’t mind me telling you that he is an average sized guy in that department, so for it to feel a little sung on him made him wonder how a well-endowed guy would go with it. But after playing with it for a while we figured out that even if you couldn’t insert the whole way it makes a pretty excellent head massager/stroker.

He described the feeling as very intense and I wasn’t surprised, when you look inside the flip hole you are greeted with texture on top of texture on top of texture. While most masturbators will keep it pretty simple with a bump here and some grooves there, the Tenga guys go nuts! Each part of the toy has a different texture and sensation which means that the toy can be used in very different ways depending on what you like. If you have a head focused penis, keeping the penis inside the Flip Hole with the head of the penis pressed against the head of the massager then spinning it in place can be crazy. For the dudes who are all about the fucking, the opening of the toy and its seam are covered in the same soft TPE that is inside the toy because of this you can really go hard and you won’t hurt yourself if there is a slip.

Mens non-phallic masturbator
Image: Tenga Flip Hole In Red

Using The Tenga Flip Hole With The Hole Lotions

After our first session with the toy I asked my husband to use it a few more times with the different Hole Lotions and in different ways (with porn, without porn, In the shower etc.) and here are his findings:

  1. The lube makes a big difference. The Wild Hole Lotion was my favourite because it also had a slight warming effect to it and that improved the experience.
  2. Cleaning is awesome, being able to open and clean the toy made it really easy. Plus it comes with its own stand to dry on, perfect lazy guy toy.
  3. It is better with porn (big surprise there).
  4. It can get a bit sloppy but this isn’t a bad thing.
  5. The buttons that activate different sections of the toy to provide sucking sensation are a nice touch but not something I would use often. The texture of the toy is enough most times.
  6. I like that it wasn’t trying to be a vagina. In that I mean it wasn’t trying to simulate a real sexual experience, Tenga is going for something else and I like that.

What’s The Different Between A Fleshlight And The Tenga Flip Hole

I then asked him if he had to pick between the Fleshlight and the Tenga which would he pick, but apparently it isn’t that simple. They both provide very different experiences, the Fleshlight is softer, more realistic while the Tenga is like a fun sex experiment that you want to keep doing. His eventual decision; Buy both, then you won’t have to choose.

Unsurprisingly when buying a masturbator, like when buying any other adult toy, it is always up to the individual’s preference. Some people will not like the Tenga, they will miss the real feel and the lifelikeness, Tenga knows this and they are ok with it. They are more focused on innovation and really exploring what all the new technology and techniques can add to sex. If you are looking for a masturbator that is as cutting edge as it is stylish Tenga is your toy… well according to this guy I know.

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!