I Love Being A Cuckolded Man!

Cuckolding may be a silent fantasy, but rest assured it is very popular, especially among married couples. I was a ‘normal’ guy before I met my gorgeous 28 year old wife two years ago. Things were very casual for me. Dating one woman at a time and devoting my time to her. All was good for me, or so I thought. When I met Sheila, I thought she was too hot for me and wondered why she even gave me the time of day. Things sky-rocketed since meeting her at a restaurant I frequented every Tuesday. We became friends, then lovers, then engaged, and now married.  It never dawned on me that

I Love Being a Cuckolded Man.

Our sex life was okay, but definitely nothing to write a book about. I thought Sheila was satisfied with what I had to offer though I knew deep down she would have loved more. The thought would come to my mind every so often, but I shut

it down every time. This became routine till the day I came home with my childhood best friend I had not seen in over a decade. Sheila knew most of my male friends and never had a problem when any of them came over, even if it was to spend the night. Things were to proceed as they usually do; have a beer while Sheila made one of her delicious meals, eat the meal together, talk for a few hours over some relaxing glasses of wine and say our ‘good nights’.  This time round, during diner, Sheila started a conversation that sounded like a discussion at first but spiraled into a suggestion.

‘Bob, do you have a wife?’ he asked my friend.

‘I am divorced,’ Bob replied.

After expressing her apologies, she outright asked,

‘what are your thoughts on cuckolding?’

I almost choked on my food. Looking over at Bob, he seemed not to be offended and said he had no problem with it. A little into the conversation, it was crystal clear that Sheila wanted to have sex with Bob. The most shocking thing is that she wanting me to see her do it.Dual Chastity Ring

The bottom line is that I found myself giving into the idea, no matter how absurd I found it. But that wasn’t what surprised me. What did surprise me was how much I enjoyed the whole experience. my wife was on the couch all over Bob and I was on the opposite seat watching them. I found myself taking pleasure to the way she moaned and writhed her voluptuous body all over Bob. He made her make noises I had never heard before in all the two years we had been together. That’s when it dawned on me, I had never given her the kind of sexual pleasure Bob was giving her at that moment and that I love being a cuckolded man…….

The experience might have been uncomfortably new,

but the intensity with which I found myself enjoying it made me think of the possibility of making it a more permanent situation. I mean, Sheila was having one of the best sexual experiences of her life and I was getting multiple orgasms just by watching her with another man. I saw it as a win-win situation for both of us.

Shortly after the first encounter, Sheila and I had a discussion where she made me understand what a cuckold is. This is a world that I did not know existed, but found I enjoyed it very much. I learned the type of cuckold that enjoys watching his wife have sex with other men while I masturbated over the experience. There were other different types as well which Sheila happily enlightened me about. There was the bi-cuck who was into bisexuality and would enjoy having sex with his wife and lover. The sissy-cuck who was into wearing feminine attire while performing household chores for the wife in the presence of her lover. A chastity cuck enjoyed the wife using a male chastity device on him to prevent him from experiencing an orgasm while watching his wife have sex with her lover. And finally, there was the humiliation cuck who enjoyed, or at least tolerated, being humiliated by his wife in the presence of her lover.

I was a bit curious about the chastity cuck and the kinds of male chastity devices used for the experience. Something about being turned on to the point of coming but being denied the opportunity to do so really sent a rush through my spine. I think it was the control part of the whole situation, but I wasn’t sure. I just had to try it. Sheila and I talked about the whole cuckold issue, seeing as to how it would now become a regular thing, and came up with a few set of rules. For starters, she was to choose the men she wanted to sleep with. Secondly, I was to say something whenever I felt uncomfortable about a situation. She wanted me to enjoy myself as much as she was. Finally, whenever a chastity device was to be introduced, I was to speak if it hurt.

The first time she used a chastity belt on me, she had me lick her entire body. I almost had an orgasm but couldn’t because the belt prevented it. She then grabbed my balls which were filled with cum teasing and tagging. The pain and pleasure feeling was so good that I knew I would want to wear a chastity belt again.   Since then, Sheila and I have been experiencing different beautiful cuckold moments. If you had asked me a few years back if I would ever let another man have sex with a woman I love, the answer would have been very different from what I am doing today. I would have thought the situation would have made me jealous, but I found the sight of another man driving his shaft in and out of my wife while she made her erotic pleasure sounds very exhilarating. The sex after she is done with her lover is usually breathtaking. Our sex life has never been better since I worked out I love being a cuckolded man.

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  1. I just don’t see the big draw in this cuckold thing and i would never give a woman that kind of power by putting me into chastity and denying me pleasure. I am 64 and just can’t believe a woman who is married and is getting better sex outside of the Holy marriage covenant which is adultery because of the vows of forsaking all others given to each other and to the Lord. a couple gives vows to the Lord of faithfulness to the other spouse . why would a woman choose to stay married to a less than good lover in her husband and not wanting to be married to the bull. makes no sense. that is same as saying i would rather eat cheap ground beef instead of steak.

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