A Sadistic Chastity Device You Can Sleep In!

Chastity Cage

Does the thought of submission tickle your fancy?

Does giving somebody control arouse you?




Then I highly recommend you get down to your closest Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre and add the Master Series Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device by XR Brands to your bag of goodies! 😉

Silicone chastity device
Image: Master Series Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device by XR Brands

Purpose of a chastity device

The application of a chastity device is an indication of the control/dominance of the key holder over the wearer’s sexual activities. By wearing a chastity belt or cage the submissive/slave accepts the surrender of control over their sexual desires to the other partner, who may grant permission to the wearer to engage in sexual activity by unlocking the chastity device. The dominant may decide when, where, how often, and even if, the submissive is allowed their sexual release. The key holder is generally considered to be the dominant one in such a situation, and is literally, holding the keys to not only the cage but also to the sexual release.

The wearer of the belt or cage is known as the sub/slave in a BDSM relationship. This is a part of the wider practice of tease and denial. Some people claim it increases submissiveness in their men, It has often been reported that when worn, the chastity belt frequently reminds the slave of the sexual frustration they could experience. Numerous reports and studies also indicate that when men are not focusing on sexual pleasure and release, that they are more intuitive and attentive to their partners.

Most belt or cage designs cannot prevent wearers from physically touching their genitals but they do usually prevent masturbation. Although devices may hold the penis firm, they can be loose and, even though sex is impossible, it is possible for manual stimulation even to orgasm however often resulting in a ruined orgasm. The most effective masturbation prevention requires design features that incorporate piercings or a completely enclosed chastity device. I’ve chosen to look at the Sado Chamber Male Chastity Device which is made of silicone. After doing some research, I had decided that for me, silicone is a great starting choice for a chastity device because it is pliable in comparison to a steel cage, and it is easy to wear and comfortable.

Mens chastity device set
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The Master Series Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device set includes:

  • 1 silicone cage/tube
  • 3 graduated size silicone back rings
  • 2 plastic cinch straps
  • 5 individually numbered plastic seal locks
  • 1 padlock with 2 keys

The ring measurements are:

  • 2” diameter (52mm)
  • 1.75” diameter (47mm)
  • 1.5” diameter (41mm)

How to apply the device

Please ensure you set up your device correctly, a poorly set up chastity device could result in a serious injury.

At first look whilst the product was still in the box my thoughts were it was going to be an easy application with the device but once I took everything out of the box there were heaps of parts and I was a little confused on how to set it up. All you need is; your shaft tube  – ring – cinch strap with white clip – and padlock/numbered plastic lock.

Step 1

Apply a small amount of water based lubricant onto yourself or to the device whichever is preferred to create easy application. Due to the product being made completely with silicone I recommend a trim/shave to help lower the risk of pinching whilst using the device. Grab the ring with your preferred measurement around your genital area then take out the small white clip for the lock to seal onto.

Step 2

Grab 1 of the 2 cinch straps and push the white clip through one of the end holes. Begin to thread the cinch strap through 1 of the top slots of the chastity tube. Begin to wrap around the back ring whilst heading through the remaining 2 slots. After you have reached the full way around back to the other side attach the cinch strap to the white clip again.

Step 3

Get out the padlock or numbered plastic locks and lock it up! 😏

What I really think of the Master Series Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device by XR Brands

The Sado Chamber would have to be one of the most comfortable chastity devises I have worn. I have been able to sleep whilst wearing it with no metal spikes or pieces pinching me. It’s great for comfort whilst knowing you are still securely locked up.

With great sized ventilation holes it is perfect for cleaning without removal. This chamber is designed perfectly with a soft and silky silicone for movement and comfort. It is made in favour of the slave/sub with no pins or sharp edges for any unwanted pinching.

Author: Mitch is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

How to Measure Your Chastity Size

Ridem Tiger Silver Male Chastity Device BDSM

There are a variety of different chastity style devices on the market, and since everyone has differing penis shapes and sizes and comfort levels it is important to give careful consideration to any form of chastity device before purchasing. In this article we will go through how to measure yourself for a chastity device, materials, and cleaning and after care of chastity devices. If you’re unsure about chastity devices, or if you’re considering chastity toys and not sure where to start, hopefully by the conclusion of this article you’ll be better placed and more informed in making a decision.

A chastity device consists of two parts. A cock ring which sits at the base of the cage and goes around the base of the shaft behind the balls, and the ‘cage’ which will hold the shaft and is connected to the cock ring by a pin/lock. The first thing that you will need to consider when purchasing a chastity device is to ensure that you get the correct size. Unfortunately, if you get the wrong size chastity device, it is unlikely that you will be able to return it. A cock ring which is too large will mean that the device will eventually fall off or place too much pressure against the testicles, too tight and it can cause health issues. Ensuring that you get the correct sizing is important. The cock ring is generally measured by diameter, and you’re going to need to know your diameter size before you embark on a lifestyle of chastity and orgasm denial. To accurately measure the base of your penis you’ll need a piece of string, a ruler and a calculator.

  1. When erect, wrap the string around the very base of the penis behind the balls, marking where the string meets. Ensure that it is wrapped snugly, but not tightly. This will give you your circumference measurement.
  2. Measure the length of this string and divide the result by 3.14 recording the results.

We recommend doing this several times at different times of the day to ensure accurate results.  For example: You measure the circumference of the base of your penis at 7 inches.   7 ÷ 3.14 = 2.22. You will need a chastity cage with a cock ring diameter around this measurement. We’ve compiled a table for you to average out the results with both Metric and imperial measurements.

  • 17.3 cm ÷ 3.14 = 55mm diameter
  • 15.7 cm ÷ 3.14 = 50mm diameter
  • 14.1 cm ÷ 3.14 = 45mm diameter
  • 12.5 cm ÷ 3.14 = 40mm diameter
  • 7 inches ÷ 3.14 = 2.25 inches diameter
  • 6.25 inches ÷ 3.14 = 2 inches diameter
  • 5.5 inches ÷ 3.14 = 1.75 inches diameter
  • 4.7 inches ÷ 3.14 = 1.5 inches diameter

The second measurement you’ll need to measure the shaft of your penis – this is especially important if you have a large shaft when flaccid. You can do this by repeating the above steps (when flaccid) and determining the diameter of the cage that you need. If the base of your shaft is not the thickest point of your penis, then you should measure at the thickest point of the shaft. Selecting a cage that has a diameter smaller than this number will ensure a snug, but not constricting, fit.

Once you have these two measurements, you’re going to be well placed to successfully purchase a cock cage that fits. Over time, and as you become more accustomed to wearing chastity cages, you might find that you want an even snugger fit. Using the measurements above you can also determine that, or on your next purchase select a cock cage with smaller measurements than your previous cage. It is important to note that some cock cages will have a little stretch (Leather and silicone) in them, and others will not (Steel and Plastic).

Kinklab 5 Gates of Hell Photo
Sex Toy: Kinklab 5 Gates of Hell

What we generally recommend before embarking on a lifestyle of chastity and sexual denial, is to try a variant of the Gates of Hell. Technically, it’s not considered to be a chastity device at all, but this is what makes it a unique entry into the beginners list. The harness itself is a leather strap which is connected to a series of rings which will hold your shaft in place. Gates of Hell’s will generally have five rings, though there are some with more and some with less rings. The biggest of these rings will sit behind your cock and balls and will be what holds the device in place. The rings will give you a similar sensation as to being enclosed within a restrictive device, and this is an extremely inexpensive way to explore the physical sensations of chastity in order to determine if you’re interested in it. If the idea of metal rings makes you uneasy (maybe you need to rethink chastity), but you could work your way to metal rings by obtaining a gates of hell harness with rubber rings instead.

Gates of Hell are a fantastic way to be introduced to the idea without restricting you in any serious way. It could be a useful tool for a mistress/dominant to give to their sub as a teaser or intro way into chastity, or it could be a purchase of your own choice to determine if it’s something that you’d like to bring up with your sexual partner. Either way that you’re looking at it, it’s a fantastic beginners tool to utilize.




Beginners Chastity Guide

Chastity device in surgical steel

When you buy a chastity device it is an extremely individual choice and it is imperative to issue some thought to various matters before you purchase. This incorporates the material it’s made of, penis and ring size, whether you’re circumcised, and how easy it will be to keep it new and clean for your Mistress or Master. This is a Beginners Chastity Guide which will help you learn the necessities of chastity.

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My First Time Experience

There are outfits with a leather strap joining a progression of metal rings which encase your penis in a subjugation touch. They generally have 5 rings (Gates of Hell) and the greatest goes behind your penis and balls to keep the outfit set up. This sort of penis tackle is economical in price and can acquaint you with the basics of a chastity device and of having your penis bound – they can be a decent prologue to chastity. In case you’re a bit worried about setting a metal ring around your penis and balls you can discover the Gates of Hell with elastic rings as well.


Firstly, what do you need it to be made of? Basically the decision is leather, metal, silicone or plastic and your key decision variables are taking into account to what extent you wish to wear your chastity devices and how secure you need it to be.


Before the European and American markets got to be overwhelmed with cheaper Asian metal chastity devices, the main solid contender at a low cost was the leather Stallion.  At the time in the late 1990s to the mid-2000s the Stallion was THE entry level chastity device and an incredible prologue to wearing full chastity devices. The Stallion style can be bought today and is perfect for introductory chastity play, it can be worn for a long time, however it does need to be taken off for showering and cleaning. The Stallion Guard and other comparable leather chastity devices are normally adjusted around your balls with a leather strap that locks the device into place. The device itself is normally made with a mix of leather straps and metal rings. This outline doesn’t totally enclose the penis as you are able to still touch yourself which allows for airflow and makes it extraordinary for teasing!


Plastic Polycarbonate devices are discreet under trousers, light in weight and can be worn for months at a time so long as you adopt a good routine of cleaning and hygiene. This range caters for a variety of different cage lengths with the CB-3000 and the CB-6000 considered to be the average size, the CB-6000s is the smallest length providing a nice snug fit and has proved to be a very popular design. Finally the Curve chastity device – this is the longest cage length and allows for quite a bit of room to grow! This design has a different construction design being similar to a cage of bars (rather than a tube like the CB-3000/6000/6000s) and so it allows for a good natural flow of air. The CB-3000, CB-6000 and the CB-6000s have cages or tubes which completely enclose the penis, with a few air vents, and have a urination vent at the bottom of the cage – this design means you are less able to touch yourself. Security Level – In emergency situations the plastic centre pin securing the cage to the cock ring can be cut with side cutters or wire cutters.


There are many chastity devices available in metal, and a variety of different metals. In general Stainless Steel is amongst the best material and 316 Stainless Steel is the same grade as used by the medical profession, meaning it’s hygienic and body friendly. Metal devices may offer greater sense of confinement and security. They do tend to be a bit heavier than the polycarbonate devices, but some men prefer this extra weight reminding them that they are locked awaiting their keyholder’s permission for release. Security Level – Security is a major design feature of many metal devices. High level security means that metal chastity devices are much more difficult to escape from in situations other than authorised release. A bolt cutter would be needed to cut through the padlock. Escape from the “Houdini”, a chastity device based on a single handcuff, is another matter completely!


Silicone chastity devices first hit the market during 2008/2009 with the Birdlocked device made in Switzerland, there are now at least two devices made of silicone including the BON4. The advantage of silicone is that it quickly warms to your body temperature and is far more flexible than any other material. Some designs are provided with separate back rings, whilst others are a one-piece component made with the ring attached to the tube. When silicone chastity devices first hit the market in 2009 there was hope that these might be the ultimate chastity device. All silicone chastity devices are lighter in weight than even the polycarbonate devices, although they can cause some soreness for a few men where the ring tightly grips the skin, this may be improved a little by using talc before putting the ring on. Security Level – In emergency situations the silicone devices and be cut with a pair of kitchen scissors.

Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage – Beginners Chastity Guide

Ring Size

The size of the cock ring (sometimes called the back ring) of your chastity device is one of the most important measurements you must know before you buy a device. If the company you are thinking of buying from do not clearly display the chastity back/cock ring size do get in touch with them – you don’t want to unknowingly purchase one that only comes with a 40mm (1¼ inches) ring when you need one of 50mm (2 inches).

The cock ring of a chastity device is what keeps it on. If you measure incorrectly and purchase a ring that’s too large for you, the device is likely to pull down and eventually slip off. A ring that’s too small is hazardous to health: it mustn’t be so tight as to restrict blood flow.

If you purchase any of AL Enterprises polycarbonate chastity devices (Curve, CB-3000, CB-6000, CB-6000s) you will receive several rings in varying sizes (currently 5 rings each with a different diameter), enabling you to find the best fit. Some silicone devices, such as the BON4, also come with the variety of ring sizes as do a few metal devices. With these devices it doesn’t matter too much about measuring for the cock ring size before you part with your money.

However, most other devices (particularly the top quality, handmade, 316 grade stainless steel are purchased with just one ring, and so measuring for this is very important.

Personal Hygiene

You need to ensure that the device you choose allows for good hygiene. Devices which are completely open at the end offer the absolute best option, keeping the head of the penis in a good flow of air as well as being easy to clean. Open tubes allow for a good, more or less uninterrupted, flow of urine and so have far less build up of bacteria than closed or partially closed devices have. However there are few of this style on the market and some men prefer their chastity experience to be more confined and their penis less touchable. Closed or partially closed tubes can allow for small drops of urine to deposit and gather, and so particular attention to hygiene is essential. Unless used for a play session avoid devices that are absolutely enclosed at the end. There are a few such devices which are closed and have no drainage hole. Some men enjoy these for occasional play sessions because they deny any touch to the penis, however they can only be considered as very short term wear.


Most cock cages will allow you to wear piercings whilst being caged up, though care should be taken to ensure that the piercing is not placed in a compromising position which will cause irritation. Some cock cages will also have a piercing ‘attachment’ which can be used to attach the piercing to the device, and keep it out of the way.

Types of Chastity Devices

Completely Open End

These devices offer the best for natural air flow, urination and accessibility for hygiene whilst wearing the device. Included within this range is the “Houdini“.

Cage Constructed of Bars

An alternative to the above and just as good are devices such as the steel devices and the polycarbonate “CB-2000″ (unfortunately no longer made by AL Enterprises) which encase the penis in a cage of bars allowing for lots of natural ventilation. This type of design helps to prevent a build up of bacteria, and ensures good hygiene can be followed. Designs include “The Curve” (for the larger male) and the metal device of a similar style (see 3rd and 4th photos in the right column).

Partially Closed Design

Within this group are devices such as the CB-3000, CB-6000, BuddyLock and Gerecke’s Rondo. These devices have a tube completely encasing the penis with slots or holes for urination, and require good regular hygiene routines to keep bacteria, the build up of odour and the possibility of fungal infections at bay. The attraction of these devices this is your penis is more or less completely enclosed and untouchable.

Completely Closed

They are a few devices that are completely closed, they have no opening whatsoever. Any device similar in design is perfect for Chastity Play, a short chastity role play enactment, as it ensures your cock is completely denied any stimulation. But such designs need to be removed for urination.

Cleaning the Chastity Device

Equally important as personal hygiene is attention to the cleanliness of your chastity device. It needs to be removed regularly, inspected and thoroughly cleaned, keeping you and your device in peak condition, an asset to any keyholder! Chastity devices made of medical grade 316 stainless steel are the most hygienic as they can be boiled completely clean to remove any build up of bacteria. Devices made of polycarbonate tend to build up a particular odour if worn for several days at a time, regular removal and through cleaning with anti bacterial soap helps keep this to a minimum.

Natural and Circumcised Cocks

In general most devices will suit both natural and circumcised cocks, but some are more practical than others for the uncircumcised penis.

Some men with a natural or uncut penis may discover that their foreskin protrudes through the urination slots of some chastity devices and this can be uncomfortable. This tends to happen with designs that have a tube completely encasing the penis and a slot for urination, such as the very popular, light weight, “CB-6000″. These chastity devices prevent you from touching your penis and have relatively large vertical urination slot. Although this design feature is really helpful for allowing a good flow of urination, some men, but not all, find the constant rubbing of the protruding foreskin a nuisance, others find this situation even causes the foreskin to become inflamed if worn for any length of time. Whether this would happen to you depends on your choice of chastity device and your own personal dimensions.

If you are uncircumcised and the design of the best selling CB3000 or CB6000 particularly appeals to you experiment with pulling your foreskin back to expose the head of your penis as you enter the device. You may also find it helpful to carry a few Q Tips or Cotton Buds so you can gently reposition the foreskin back into the tube. A small amount of lubricant on the tip of the cotton bud really helps, or try a little aqueous cream like E45. Alternatively using the “Stocking Method” to put your chastity device on might help to prevent your foreskin from bunching up between the ring and the cage.

Your Keyholder

It goes without saying you must consider your cuckold or keyholder in your choice. Does she like your choice? Your chastity experience is hopefully a shared love-style and it’s vital you value your wife’s or girlfriend’s thoughts on the design of your chastity device.




Surrender totally to your keyholders with The Penned In Male Chastity Device!!

Chastity to a man seems next to impossible, that is until I tried out the BDStyle Penned In Male Chastity Device. Let me tell you about my experience with this chastity device. The device is custom made with a special key that is best kept by one’s partner. Having ceded control of how and when to have a pleasurable sexual experience with my girl, I am more aware of my impulses for sex more than ever. I guess many toys out there are designed for women but this is a wonderful exception. My sexual drive is especially strong after long periods of waiting to get to my girl with the hope that she’ll be in the mood for some action. This used to be direct and forthcoming but over time it evolved to an intense level of teasing that I cannot put in words. There are times a tinge of jealousy and anticipation especially after donning the cage at the insistence of my mistress. She especially likes the fact that all my sexual privileges can be contained at an instant. Letting her be boss for a change is a completely new experience that I would recommend for any man that wants to have some real fun.

At first impression, the Penned In Male Chastity Device looks like exciting baggage that contains your entire manhood. Once you try it on, the ample space is comfortable with ample circulation to get things going.   Men are easily enticed into sex which makes us want to jump into any opportunity that presents itself. Feeling supercharged and horny all the time is OK. This is where this device comes in handy. It lets you be you as nature requires, but takes away that choice. With time, one learns how incredulous and easy it is to tame sexual appetite. A trusted companion makes all the difference especially when she decides when and where to free you from temporary bondage. Sex after that is explosive with some of that reserved stamina coming into play at the crucial moment.   Our relationship has definitely moved a few notches up especially in the fun department. My needs are always kept at bay and this makes me focus on that special time when the shiny device will come off for some unlimited pleasure. I am so used to the cage that it feels like a long-lost sexual booster pack that was created for the likes of pleasure-seeking men.

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Many of my erections are at the most unlikely places. As soon as my mind starts drifting towards pleasure world there is no holding back the intense throbbing concealed underneath clothing. To avoid such embarrassing moments that ensue once you are seen, the cage offers a homely retreat where the beast is kept in its best behavior. The key holder is definitely somewhere doing her thing and cannot wait for us to hook up. The toy has now become part of my daily routine such that I am the one now who insists on putting it on and gracefully handing over control to my girl. This act always bewilders her as she cannot believe how much of a true addict I am to this toy. We always share secret jokes about our new found habit.

The width and other dimensions are favorable and also inconspicuous enough to put on. If I unexpectedly meet my girl, I give her this longing stare that lets her know exactly what I have in mind. Couples should seriously consider getting this cage. $70 is a small sacrifice for a modern treat that is in line with having a good time. Being at the mercy of someone who understands your desires and wild wishes is something else. The secret is in getting the correct fit and accepting the fact that any pleasurable act is locked down for certain and will remain that way for a time period you do not have any say over. This may be a strange experience for guys but very worth the experience. Our bodies are sensitive to touch and it is this very aspect that the creators have found a way around. I love the idea that all manhood can be contained in a fancy design that carries both a sinister and playful motive at the same time.  Chastity can actually be achieved for men with their partner contributing a major role when it comes to making this decision. The rush that comes with each potential steamy moment that can also be denied completely is a roller coaster ride every man should at some point try out.

Instructions are easy to follow and once you get the hang of it, it will take a few seconds to put it on or be free of it. Total surrender to the joys once enjoyed before is not that bad at all. As with many sensational toys, this one actually helps me explore an entirely new and exciting phase. To begin with, there is always something devious to make our sex lives more fulfilling and this may at time revolve around enticing merchandise that is hot in the market. Narrowing down options made especially for men leaves a few decent picks. After a long search for just the right sex toy to be used as a treat, the cock cage made the top of the list. It is the craze right now and missing out is not an option. I can attest to the many inherent benefits that can be enjoyed by both partners. Be among the first to get the real deal.  Orders from a trusted store like adultsmart.com.au are a sure bargain that is safe to use. After making my order, I was concerned about the delivery. To my satisfaction, the package was on time and came in unlabeled packaging such that there was no way of knowing its contents. Any search for an impressive chastity device best ends with this fair priced creation. My Penned In Male Chastity Device is by far the best sex toy that I have ever had. The experience is simply so mind-boggling that you have to try it to get fantastic liberties. This chastity device can be used for long-term orgasm denial.


Locked-In The Chastity Cage I Had To Pee-Thru!

Locked-in Pee Thru Male Chastity Cage has been designed with a lot of creativity to perfect what an all rounder chastity device should be. Compared to other chastity cages the quality is outstanding and is more efficient than what you’d expect from a sex toy product. It is an exceptionally restrictive chastity device, and you need to be careful on the size that you choose for your penises. When you wear it and become erect, it may cause some pain. It is important to measure your penis and the dimensions of these sex toy to make sure you are compatible with it.

Important Locked In Pee Chastity Cage Measurements

  • Cage length: 50mm
  • Cage width: internal of 25-38mm, external of 30-34mm
  • Lock ring: 38 mm 41mm 44 mm 47mm 50mm
  • Plug insertable length: 75mm
  • Plug width: 8mm

When you use this sex toy, it will tightly enclose and encompass my small penis. You know you will be locked up and completely reserved in chastity. Once I’m locked up nice and tight in the Locked-in Pee Thru Male Chastity Cage, my key holder becomes in total control of my chastity. She can become my cuckoldress and mistress. When my cuckoldress tell me that I am able to take it off to masturbate or efficiently clean myself I feel great surge of relief followed by a huge need to relieve my sexual desires.

The urethral tube can be safely inserted so that you can pee without taking of the device. This chastity device has also done away with a butt strap. Having no butt strap is a quality that makes it extremely easy for me to take a leak without having to go through problems of taking the device off. The fact that you can go to the bathroom whenever you want also helps in keeping this device on for long periods of time.

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The Locked-in Pee Thru Chastity Cage is made from stainless steel, this device not only serves its purpose flawlessly but also has a high level of aesthetical values that makes it attractive on me. It looks amazing, shiny, beautiful, and fully functional that has been created for long term wear. You can also easily wear it under clothes without other people noticing.  The surgical stainless steel and its shiny in nature. The steel makes cleaning this device extra easy for me. When it comes to the use of male chastity, high levels of hygiene and cleanliness is is crucial to avoid possible infections. That is why this device has been designed to make cleaning extra easy for you. The stainless steel also maximises the level of comfort that you have with this chastity cage on. With stainless steel, the effects of rusting has been fully eliminated and you don’t have to worry. For further information, read a guide on tips for cleaning a chastity device.

Besides being extra easy to clean, Locked-in Pee Thru Male Chastity Cage is also easy to use. You can easily wear it in your shower and will still dry off so easily and quickly. It will dry off at the same time as the rest of your body. You can also gently pat around it, to dry it off. This is so because this piece has a design that exposes it well to the air, and all the steel bars are welded together. You will probably love the smoothness of this male chastity device. You can be sure that it won’t cut or scratch you in any way. If you are finding this chastity device uncomfortable, you can apply a little lubricant under your balls sack to make long term wearing a little easier for you.

This Locked-In Pee Thru Chastity Cage is a perfect all rounder sex toy that is a great find for anyone looking to wear a chastity device over a long term period. With this chastity device you are able to pee through it without taking it off, it is highly comfortable, you can hygienically have a shower without taking it off, the surgical steel does not rust, you are able to measure the size of the chastity device compared to your penis before you think about purchasing it. I’ve always loved this device and I know you will love it too.