Using Anal Hooks Safely!

Some people believe that satisfaction can only be gained with extreme measures. They fail to see how the smallest of things can be both fulfilling and fun. Anal Hooks are one of these things. It has been designed solely for human anal pleasure through the BDSM and fetish communities like Fetster. When you use this sex toy you get placed into a submissive position giving all your anal control to the person using the anal hook on you.

Anal Hook Picture
Lady With Anal Hook Inserted

Upon original inspection one may think of this device as a small baseless object, it really doesn’t look like much. In fact I think people don’t actually know what it is when they are looking at it. There isn’t much to an anal hook so even if you did come across it you wouldn’t think much of it then move on. Most Anal Hooks shape into a U shape. One side of the U shape is longer than the other making the sex toy form a hook. The tip of the long U side curls leaving a small space that can be fixed onto a rope or string.

Anal hooks normally have a round ball on it which can be easily inserted inserted in the anus. This ball can be replaced with different sized balled with relative ease by twisting them off. The ball is intended to be used so that the surgical steel has a curved surface so it does not harm the body. During anal or vaginal play the surgical steel balls apply different amounts of pressure depending the balls surface area and how tightly bound the ropes are. The balls will rub against a man prostate or a Woman’s g-spot or if the person enjoys the feeling of being submissive that will feel controlled and powerless.

From there, it can be inserted. When inserting it is best to use a little bit of lubricant. Using lubricant is also a precaution that will ensure that the experience is smooth and satisfying. Its durability is accredited to its surgical, body safe, stainless steel material. This also makes it is easy to clean, the stainless steel will also adapt to your body warmth and it can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

After insertion the open ring can then be connected to rope in order to apply pressure of some form. It depends on the type of rope work done as to where the pressure is applied, and it can even be manipulated so that when the body moves the pressure is shifted, as well as when a certain rope is pulled. This type of toy requires imagination and an understanding of how rope works. For the most part, rope relies on the manipulation of the body to form certain position in which the individual is restrained within.

Rope by itself can be a beautiful art form, but the benefit of rope in comparison to standard restraints is the ability to manipulate that with different objects around the place. It can be used as a simple stainless steel toy useful to apply pressure during sex. I understand some may have concerns about the threads of the ball coming loose on the actual hook, and I will remind people that before any scene that they need to ensure the safety of all their equipment. The thread on the ball is very deep and will hold even in the most strenuous of circumstances.


Vagainal & Anal Hooks
Sex Toy: Vaginal Hook


This product was designed for lovers of BDSM, bondage scenarios, anal fetishes and the like. The manufacturers would also like people who are looking to spice up their sex lives to consider trying all the different types of Anal Hooks as they will all feel slightly different to each other. It is a great tool to start with especially if you are into anal play and fantasies about how it will feel. Those who are yet to try it need to know that the anus is one of the most erogenous zones on both the female and male bodies. Anal Hooks would be a great device for first timers to explore all the rich possibilities awaiting them.

People making first time purchase on Anal Hooks are guaranteed to make more purchases on these sex toys as there is a large variety of them. The small change will add big amounts of valuable pleasure into your sexual lifestyle. You may end up getting a collection dedicated to anal hooks. This is because they will manage to achieve quality, pleasure and durability all at a small price compared to other sex toys. With time commodities and the cost of living gets higher and higher. It is reassuring to know that small luxuries such as these can still be affordable.

Those who are still wary of making this purchase need not to worry. It is possible to order online and receive the sex toy in discreet and plain packaging. The manufacturers understand the sensitivity of such commodities as everyone deserves privacy especially when it involves people’s sex lives. They also keep these products in clean conditions where they avoid contamination. One can be sure that their purchase will have been treated in one of the cleanest and most hygienic conditions.

Some say that one is not really living unless they are living on the edge. The truth of this statement may differ in different circles. However, one fact remains that life is meant to be enjoyed. Once in a while it is important to step out of our comfort zones and try something we are not used to. People used to purchasing anal hooks will find that they will find quality and comfort when they buy from AdultSmart. It is a fun and pleasurable device waiting for its potential to be tapped and exploited. You may consider ordering your own today and start enjoying your sexuality to its fullest. However, one should never be lifted exclusively by a bondage hook/hanger as this is dangerous. The Anal hook has a singular ring by which to attach rope, the hanger has two points. It is recommended that this type of rigging only be attempted by those with suspension knowledge as the body needs to be properly aligned to prevent damage.

The majority of anal hooks can also be used as vaginal hooks. Just as an anal hook is inserted into the anus you instead would place it in the vagina. Most anal hooks have balls on the end, and in this case it would stimulate the g-spot. On the other hand Vaginal Hooks are primarily used in predicament bondage. Predicament bondage refers to forcing an individual into one particular position and giving them limited options to correct that, and if it is corrected they find themselves in another uncomfortable position. The anal hook can in a pinch be used vaginally, however there are specific vaginal hooks for the job as well. Whilst the anal hook is not recommended for suspension, the vaginal hook, can be used to assist with suspension. The vaginal hook arcs out in two ways placing pressure over multiple points in comparison to one singular point.

By Stephen Smith a Consultant from Oh Zone  Adult Lifestyle Centres, a youth and sexuality counselor.



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