Ultimate Guide to Anal and Vaginal Hook Tips and Safety

Some people believe that satisfaction can only be gained with extreme measures like using  an Anal and Vaginal Hook. They fail to see how the smallest of things can be both fulfilling and fun. Anal Hooks are one of these things.

The have been designed solely for human anal pleasure through the BDSM and fetish communities like Fetster.

Anal and Vaginal Hook

When you use the Anal and Vaginal Hook you get placed into a submissive position giving all your anal control to the person using the anal hook on you.

Anal and Vaginal Hook
Lady With Anal Hook Inserted

At first glance, the hook may appear insignificant and lacking a proper foundation. It’s not very impressive, and most people might not even recognize it for what it is. Since there’s not much to it, even if someone did happen to stumble upon it, they would likely ignore it and move on – not knowing its fetish purpose.

Most Anal Hooks sex toys are designed with a hook that form a U shape, where one side is longer than the other. This longer side has a curled tip that leaves a small ring, which can be used for attaching the toy to a rope or string.

Insert Them In The Anus Or Vagina

Anal hooks normally have a round ball on the end.  This can be easily inserted inserted in the anus or vagina. The ball can be replaced with different sized balls with relative ease, if you get one that can twist off. It is intended to be used so that the surgical steel has a curved wider surface, so it does not harm the body.

During anal or vaginal play the surgical steel balls apply different amounts of pressure, depending on the balls surface area, how tightly bound the ropes are and how much weight is supported. The balls will rub against a man prostate, or a Woman’s g-spot or A-spot.  The person will enjoy the feeling of being submissive that will feel controlled and powerless.

It is recommended to apply a small amount of lubricant while inserting. This not only guarantees a smooth and enjoyable experience, but also serves as a precautionary measure. The product’s strength is attributed to its surgical-grade stainless steel composition, which is also body-safe. It is easy to maintain due to its stainless steel material, which can also adjust to your body temperature. Proper maintenance can ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

After Inserting the Anal and Vaginal Hook

After insertion, the open ring can then be connected to a rope in order to apply pressure of some form. It depends on the type of rope work done where the pressure is applied, and can even be manipulated so that when the body moves, the pressure is shifted, as well as when a certain rope is pulled. Anal and Vaginal hooks requires imagination and an understanding of how rope works.

The rope relies on the manipulation of the body to form certain positions in which the individual is restrained within.

Shibari Suspension

Rope by itself can be a beautiful art form, but the benefit of rope in comparison to standard restraints is the ability to manipulate that with different objects. It can be used as a simple stainless steel toy useful to apply pressure during sex.

I understand some may have concerns about the threads of the ball coming loose on the actual hook while using. Before any scene ensure the safety of all the equipment. The thread on the ball is very deep and will hold even in the most strenuous of circumstances.


Vagainal & Anal Hooks
Sex Toy: Vaginal Hook

Designed For BDSM Lovers

This product was designed for lovers of BDSM, bondage scenarios, anal fetishes. The manufacturers would also like people who are looking to spice up their sex lives to consider trying different types of Anal and Vaginal Hook.  They will all feel slightly different. It is a great tool, especially if you are into anal play and bound fantasies.

The anus is one of the most erogenous zones on both the female and male bodies. Anal Hooks are great for first timers to explore all the rich possibilities awaiting them.

Anal Hook Collection

You may end up getting a collection dedicated to anal hooks. This is because they are made with quality, and give pleasure all at a small price. With time, and as the cost of living gets higher, it is reassuring to know small luxuries such are still available.

Living on The Edge

Some say that one is not really living unless they are living on the edge. The truth of this statement may differ in different circles. However, one fact remains that life to be enjoyed. Step out of your comfort zone and try something we are not used to.

People used to purchasing anal hooks will find that they will find quality and comfort when they buy from AdultSmart. It is a fun and pleasurable device waiting for its potential to be tapped and exploited. Consider ordering your own today and start enjoying your sexuality to its fullest.

One should never be lifted exclusively by a bondage hook/hanger as this is dangerous. The Anal hook has a singular ring by which to attach rope/s, and the hanger has two points. It should only be attempted by those with suspension knowledge, as the body needs to be properly aligned to prevent damage.

The Dual Purpose

Anal hooks can also be used as vaginal hooks. Just as an anal hook would be used in the anus, you can place it in the vagina. Most anal hooks have balls on the end, it will stimulate the g-spot or a-spot. Vaginal Hooks are primarily used in positional bondage.

Positional bondage refers to forcing someone into a particular position and giving them limited options to correct that. If they try to correct or release themselves, it will be uncomfortable.

By Stephen Smith a Consultant from Oh Zone  Adult Lifestyle Centres, a youth and sexuality counselor.

Get Well Hung On This Anal Hook!

The Well Hung Anal Hook is a type of steel BDSM suspension device.

Before use, you need to warm up, and there were a few reasons for this. If you are not experienced with anal play, you have to be cautious when using this toy. Most anal toys are made from materials that have a bit of give or can be maneuvered easily, but this hook is solid metal with no give at all.

Note the fact that the metal is absolutely smooth and when you add even a little of lubricant, it can slip right in. So you have to insert it slowly and cautiously so as not to do any damage to your interior walls. But if you add too much pressure to your body, it may hurt you if you are not used to it.

Using Anal Hooks Safely

It is essential that you learn how to use anal hooks safely before you put the fetish into practice.

When you get a hang of it, you will truly start to appreciate the feeling of being hung, as the ball works its way up your inner muscles. The steel will feel shockingly cool at first, but it quickly warms up to your body temperature and holds the warmth well. There is no drag, as the surface is silky smooth.

The well hung anal hook does have a round ball on the end with no edges so that you do not hurt yourself. When the ball passes your sphincter muscles, it will feel delicate. I can vividly recall the feeling of the ball sliding forward and backward inside even now.   I never encountered any pain or stabbing sensations.

The Sensation Is Unusual At First

It was an unusual sensation at first using the anal hook.  I used it in my vaginal as the sex toy is suitable for both vagina and anal play. There was the introductory stretch, yet when it went past my pubic bone, it felt tender but not painful. Serving its purpose of putting me on my toes, as when I relaxed the ball would press against that pubic bone. It was apparent that it would be painful should I put too much weight on it.

I did find that the ball simulated my g-spot when on my tippy toes, and can only imagine how it would turn on a guy’s P-Spot. When I gently lifted myself on my toes and brought back pressure, making the ball insert deeper, I actually orgasmed.   This was a surprise since I generally do not orgasm during sex.

The Orgasm Was Intense And I Wanted More

Well Hung Surgical Steel
Buy Now | Hell’s Couture stainless steel sex toys

My lover and I played around with the sex toy and found the best possible way to use the Well Hung Anal Hook for us. We hitched some rope through the eye of the hook, then we attached the rope to a snare on our door jamb.  Setting the pressure so I was on my tippy toes, my calves started to throb, Slowly I eased my body onto the hook and ball.

What I encountered was a lot of weight as the ball squeezed against my pelvic wall. My ass loosened and extended open, it was as if somebody had embedded two fingers and opened them. It felt uncomfortable and extreme, but not painful. It was the ideal harmony between delight, agony and powerlessness.

It got me off!!

I loved working out how my body reacted to slight shifts of weight.  The delicate nuances that they created.  That the shift of my feet, lifting up on my tippy toes – released the weight, or I could bear down on it as I lowered myself.  The ball allowed me to do this without fear of causing damage to myself.

The Well Hung Anal Hook is very easy to look after. You can wash it in high temp water, with some antibacterial cleanser, put it in the dishwasher or you can even clean it by rubbing it with pure alcohol. The ball unscrews from the hook. I suggest unscrewing it to clean it properly, thread and all.

A Word of caution – DO NOT SCRATCH THE METAL SURFACE OF THE BALL!!!  Otherwise you will do some damage to yourself next time you use it.


Morgan xxx



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