The MediEvil Massager

I was always the shy girl afraid to explore any worldly possibility. I had always lived a quiet life that began at sunrise and ended at sunset. My friend Ellen is the first person who had told me about BDSM. She first experienced it with a one night stand that she picked up at a random bar. Ellen had no idea what to during sex bondage so she just went with the flow and she loved it. She is now somebody else’s dominant. The Medievil Massager was the first gadget Ellen bought for me to try out

on my BDSM journey.

When I propose to you that you ought to begin with small I truly mean it! This Medieval Massager device is amazingly small and is easily controllable. I had always imagined such devices to be big and exaggerated since the whole concept of sex bondage seemed too painful to fathom. When you place it in your hand you will notice it is surprisingly light in weight. it is bought 5cm; long. It looks like an incomplete triangle. Instead of the tip of its triangle forming an apex, it is round. It is kind of where one can attach a hook, rope or tough string whatever you prefer) The base of the triangle has a ball which has 7 spikes on it. I have to say this was the most intriguing part of this device.

Once you both have settled into a comfortable positionand you are both relaxed it is time to let the prodding start! For the rest of the examination, I will allude to the individual who is secured as the submissive and the individual who is doing the prodding as the dominant. The magnificence of having the submissive in place when your using the Medievil Massager is that they will always have to be accommodating to how you choose to use the device within their safety range! It is a capable and suggestive position for the Dominant to be in. It will be an equivalent delight for both positions, however my heart lies with the accommodating position.

Steel Massager

The massager is made of stainless steel. Steel is durable and easy to clean so you have got to love this about the device.This handy tool feels surprisingly sensational on my body. I had a bittersweet feeling the first time. Since I was new to BDSM I was a bit wary of whatever pain, however minor, I would experience. It would be best if you would advise your partner to use it mildly if you are a first timer. Scratching may feel slightly painful the first time but once you get used to it like me you start practically begging for it.

I usually tell my partner to scratch my buttocks and my thigh area using it. I find these regions to be the most erotic on my body. You may consider experimenting this massager on various areas of your body before knowing what’s best for you. if you choose to use it on areas you expose such as your face or arms it may leave some scratches so be wary of those. However, the thrill the scratches give you is undoubtedly exhilarating. In spite of what a few people think,

BDSM is not about damaging somebody

amid immobilization. To add to all this pleasure the “workmanship” of fun loving servitude includes prodding and tickling, licking and sucking, conveying your sweetheart to without a doubt the most elevated enthusiasm conceivable.

To this day I thank Ellen for introducing me to this lifestyle. All I can say is on wards and upwards. I would advise couples to begin with this on their BDSM journey. It will make them become incessant buyers and lovers of this lifestyle. I now figure that it is good to live on the edge at times. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am glad to say I am never going back. The MediEvil Massager literally changed my life and made me more open to sexual possibilities out there. You may consider surprising your partner and getting one today for your next sexual escapade. He or she might just end up thanking you for it.

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