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Hi, I came into Ohzone Penrith the other day and wanted to write a review as the service I received and the product range was an absolute delight. I have been to the store once but that was many, many years ago now and it has changed vastly.

I was sent to the store by my wife, as she was too embarrassed to come in, I tried my hardest to get her to come but unfortunately it was a no go. She didn’t have an exact idea of what she wanted but we have quite a few toys so I knew the style that she enjoys. It’s always hard to buy for someone else but due to the incredibly helpful staff it was an absolute breeze for me. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted and as I hadn’t been in the store before the woman gave me a tour of the sections and all the products they had.

I explained to the staff the types of toys and styles that my wife enjoys and the woman was able to pick out quite a few toys that she thought would be a good fit, we both put gloves on and had a fiddle around with all the toys and I’m glad I did as we’ve previously only purchased our toys online and some of them weren’t as powerful as we were expecting, so to be able to feel the vibrations in my hand whilstan extremely knowledgeable staff member talked me through all the different functions and different ways to use the toys as well as the different types of lubes that would help enhance pleasure was very helpful and I knew I would be able to bring home a toy that was perfect for my wife due to all the help I received.

The store itself is very clean and tidy, all of the products are organised in sections and it is very easy to find anything you’re after (especially when you’re given the store tour), there is such a wide range of products the only problem was trying to choose what I wanted. I parked out the front along high street but that was pure luck as someone was pulling out just as I was driving to go to the stores rear parking.

I quickly found out Zippay and Afterpay were available in the store which made me want to purchase a toy for myself as well, again the woman was extremely helpful and showed me all sorts of male toys. I was most interested in the strokers as I had never really had one before, I brought a few up to the front counter to see which one was best in her opinion. We went through the ones I brought up however she also showed me a vibrating stroker that was up behind the counter and walked me through the functions and motors and after holding it for myself I was sold as it was an incredible product and I was so happy that I had her help otherwise I wouldn’t of known and just got one I thought looked nice but wasn’t of the same calibre.

All in all my experience was wonderful and I’ll definitely be back for more and my wife will be forced to come with me next time so she can have the same experience as I did and see for herself that there is no need to be embarrassed as the staff are extremely professional and very helpful.


This is a customer review received by the Oh Zone Store.  We are happy to publish it as many of their consultants write articles for this blog.

Kat From The Riff!

Sydney Adult Shps

Hi my name is Kat today I was on a mission to introduce my friends to my favourite Adult store!!!  OH ZONE Penrith So I grabbed the girls and we decided to have a day out and visit my fav store

What can I say the girls were all super impressed by the store they loved the atmosphere and the staff, as they had heaps of questions and the staff are always happy to help and pass on their product knowledge which was fantastic as the girls learned things they never knew before.

All my friends said they felt super comfortable and really loved how the staff treated them we had one super shy friend with us so she kind of hung back a little which was fine but by the end she was just like the rest of us super intrigued and was asking many questions too.

So our visit was very successful as everyone purchased something and all the girls said they will return to the store on their own as well now and are even talking about having an instore Party!!!! That’s right they do in store toy parties they close the store for 1 hour on a Sunday and you get the store and staff to yourself how AMAZING is that you get 10 or 15 friends together and shop away Love it can’t wait!!!

What I also love is they have their own carpark so no stress in finding a car parking spot you can park and go through back entry way and straight upstairs which is great if you don’t want anyone else to see you popping in on your visit not that it bothers me but some people like to be discreet so it’s perfect for that.

The variety in the store is fantastic from Lingerie to top brands Like fun factory and we vibe and womanizer and palm power wands and body wand brands stainless steel and anal fantasy hens party wall and board games so much to see they even have a room full of dvds to purchase.

The store is always so clean and presentable also smells divine with the oils burning from Wildfire. They also have a change room to try on the costumes which is fantastic and the staff take out the items for you to try on and will find you other sizes and also give you an honest opinion on how they look got to love that.

They have a huge selection of display toys to demonstrate how they work and so you can feel the texture and vibrating modes and how to keep them clean.

There payment Methods also include ZIP so hooray!!! If you really want that perfect toy you can have it there and then with ZIP.

All in all OH Zone Penrith is easy to find as its Level 1 -478 High street Penrith has great helpful friendly staff and you will love the store and the selection to choose from so do yourself a favour and go visit this store you will be impressed just like Me (I class myself as a regular now) LOL But my friends are also frequent visitors now too.

Would Like to thank the staff for their help on our visit and great friendly customer service again you all make it so comfortable for your customers.

Thanks Kat

Come visit the nearest Oh Zone store to you!

6 Amazing Sex Positions for Big, Beautiful Bodies

bbw sex

Most people will say that sex is the best thing a person can experience. However, it’s usually not as beautiful and perfect as we see it in the movies and TV shows. In fact, sex is often very clumsy and awkward, just ask any chubby person out there and they’ll confirm it. Men and women with big beautiful bodies always say that fat sex can be rather uncomfortable, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Therefore, if you’re a chubby person who has a plus size lover, you should probably try out these 6 amazing sex positions for big and beautiful people.

Doggy Style ona Couch Armrest

The famous doggy style is probably the most popular position in the world. However, it can be a bit uncomfortable for big and chubby people. As you know, there are a lot of variations of this great sex position, but most of them imply that man and woman are on their knees. If you have a few extra pounds, you definitely know how much of a strain it is to put all of your weight on your knees during sex. However, we have a painless solution that will allow you and your partner to enjoy this sweet position. All you have to do is pay a visit to your living room couch and use its sturdy armrest as support. The girl then has to bend over the armrest and the man will be able to enter her from a standing up position.

Modified Missionary Position

If the doggy style is the sexiest and most exciting position out there, then classic missionary is the most intimate one. As you know, during the regular missionary position, a man is in a push-up position, while the woman lays on her back. This can be a problem for chubby men simply because they can’t support all of their weight with just their arms. So, if you are a man who wants to enjoy this position with his lover, you have to bend your knees to support the lower half of your body and you have to bend your elbows to rest your upper body on your forearms. This way you’ll be close to each other and your bellies won’t get in the way.

Leg Glider

One of the biggest problems plus size couples have in the bedroom is, of course, finding a good angle of penetration. Leg glider is a wonderful position that provides the male with the perfect approach to the Promised Land. The woman has to lay on her back (turned slightly on the side) with her upper leg pointing to the ceiling. The man then straddles the lower leg and grasps the upper leg to help himself glide back and forth. This is the perfect position for big, beautiful, and passionate lovers.

Reverse Cowgirl with Pillows

The cowgirl position surely is one of the most popular ones out there, but it’s not that great for chubby couples. The girl simply can’t ride her man freely in this position because their bellies are getting in the way. The reverse cowgirl, on the other hand, is the perfect solution to that problem. In this position, the woman is looking at her lover’s feet, which allows her to lean forward as much as she likes. Also, the man will enjoy the view of her beautiful butt. A woman can also use pillows to reduce the strain on her knees.

Make Him Bend the Knee

No, we’re not talking about Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow roleplay here. We’re talking about the wonderful “thigh tide” position. This is basically just the reverse cowgirl position with the man’s leg bent at the knee. This allows the woman to hug the leg and rub her clit against the thigh as she rides her man.

Girl on the Edge of the Bed

When you’re a chubby person, almost every position can be painful for your knees. So, the best way to avoid injuries is to find a position in which a man can penetrate the woman while standing upright. The best way to achieve that is to put a woman on her back with her hips on the edge of the bed. This provides the man with a wonderful angle of penetration and he can grasp the woman’s legs to help himself with the thrusting. This is one of the most comfortable and sexiest positions two chubby lovers can enjoy on a daily basis. Big beautiful women claim that they are more likely to orgasm in this position.


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Sexy Apps to Put the Kink Back in Your Relationship

Apps for sex

The Durex Great Aussie Sex Survey revealed that Australians are having sex an average of two times a week with Saturdays being the most popular day of the week for fornication. The survey further revealed that both men and women have, on average, 11 sexual partners during their lifetime. While there is no denying that Australia is a sex-loving nation, even the most sexual of beings can do with some new ideas on how to spice things up in the bedroom. While watching pornography, playing a kinky board game, or joining a swinger’s club are superb ways to spice up your sex life, there is another way you can take your lovemaking to the next level – by downloading an app. With cellphone application infiltrating every other facet of our lives it was only a matter of time until they make it into the bedroom (or onto the kitchen table). There are, in fact, a number of very helpful apps, such as the following, that can ignite some added passion between you and your partner.


OhMiBod has been behind some of the most luxurious sex toys on the market for quite some time. They have also developed one of the most innovative sex apps available that connects to a variety of OhMiBod vibrators, allowing your partner to help you get ‘in the mood’  – even from hundreds of kilometres away. The app works via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has 5 different modes to choose from including Touch, Rhythm, Wave, Voice, and Tap which each has a different effect on the vibrator.  Apart from making your partner scream with pleasure regardless of where you are, the app also has a chat feature and can also track orgasms which could be quite a nice feature if you are up for a challenge.  The app is free to download for both Apple and Android devices with the vibrators available separately from various reputable online stores.


Kindu is a super-cool app that almost operates like Tinder but for open-minded couples looking for new avenues to explore. The app requires both you and your partner to create an account and link with each other. You will then, separately, browse through countless kinky activities that you can either discard or swipe ‘yes’ to. If you and your partner match on a suggestion, you will both be notified and you can decide whether to further explore it or not. If you don’t, no one will ever know just how kinky you really are. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store although a variety of in-app purchase options are available.


If you have always been fascinated by the Kamasutra, this application is definitely for you. This very aptly-named app aims to guide couples through the Kama Sutra while also keeping track of their progress. The most famous sexual text in the history of the world gets divided according to position and mood and allows users to bookmark their favorites as well as track their progress. Users will be able to learn as many as 100 different positions ranging from the super-easy Rocking Horse to the very complex Hammock. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can also look up the hottest sex scenes from your favourite movies and learn how to recreate them in the comfort of your own home. The iKamasutra app is available for Android and Apple devices at a cost of approximately $3 while the ‘lite’ version of the app is free.


Affectionately known as the ‘App after Tinder’, Desire is a fun app that offers couples plenty of opportunities to get frisky with one another. The app allows users to browse through thousands of ‘dares’ which they then send to their partners. If the dare is accepted and completed, your partner will be allocated points which will allow them to unlock new levels and challenges. When your partner sends you a dare, the same will apply to you. Users can also send private messages through the app as well as keep track of completed challenges and achievements. This app is held in such high regard that it won Facebook’s 2015 FbStart Accelerate Program due to its impressive interface and growth potential. This accolade alone is enough reason to download it for free for both Apple and Android devices (in-app purchases are available).

The world has come a long way since spin the bottle was the ultimate foreplay game for couples and strangers alike. Today, there is a myriad of smartphone apps available that can inject some much-needed passion into the lives of Australian couples from all walks of life.

How to Be a Better Submissive in Your Relationship

bondage subs

From the sound of it, you’re already quite aware of what a submissive/dominant relationship is. You’ve probably been a submissive for some time, and have already found the kinks which turn you on. Now, you’re looking for ways to become better at it. Wanting to improve yourself and evolve as a sub is a step to improve the relationship with your dominant. The good thing is that the sub/dom relationship isn’t static; it’s a relationship that both bdsm partners can develop through time. If you’re looking for ways to improve your kinky relationship, you’ve come to the right spot. We’re going to talk about how to be a better submissive.


Exercise your safeword

All BDSM relationships have a safeword which lets each partner know where the line is. However, many people are still scared about using it; thinking it’ll disappoint their partner. But the thing is the safeword was created for a reason. A dominant cannot fully enjoy the experience if they have the feeling their submissive isn’t into what they’re doing.


Moreover, it builds distrust and insecurity. Instead of letting go and being in the moment, your dominant is trying to figure out if you’re enjoying it. You have a safe word both you and your dominant agreed upon beforehand; don’t be afraid to use it.


Incorporate your submissive behavior outside of the bedroom

No, this doesn’t mean you should let your dominant take control of everything outside of the bedroom. Rather, you can let your dominant exercise their power in small ways – only if you want to. For example, they can choose which restaurant you’ll go tonight or what movie to see. Of course, this should only be done healthily, and if you want it. This can create a stronger submissive/dominant dynamic.


Take a little control

Oh, you’re probably surprised by this one, but you shouldn’t be. The entire point of being a submissive is giving up control, but sometimes, you can take control. Being a dominant isn’t easy; it’s a lot of work. Now, you don’t need to become a dominant, but initiating sex or suggesting a fantasy is an excellent way to show your investment in the relationship. There’s nothing wrong with being active in the relationship; it’ll probably alleviate some of the pressure your dominant is feeling. They want you to enjoy the experience, so why not take the initiative from time to time?


Dominants need TLC too

Submissive aftercare usually happens in most BDSM relationships, but what about dominants? Well, dominant aftercare is rarely spoken about. However, being a dominant puts you in a different mindset. If you and your dominant’s shared experiences involve degradation or violence, aftercare is essential for both of you.


A dominant’s aftercare will be mental and emotional; you need to reassure them you understand they don’t want to hurt you, and that you care about them. It’s easy for a dominant to feel they crossed the line (this is why exercising a safeword is essential). If they did, you need to voice this, and also work on using your safeword. But, if they didn’t, then reassure them of that. A simple “thank you” works wonders as well. It shows them you enjoyed the experience which is what they need to know.


You can mix things up

Many people think a BDSM relationship is very serious and physical. Of course, there are many moments when it is. But, you’re also allowed to laugh and enjoy the experience. Naturally, timing does matter, but if the time is right, why not be funny or silly? Yes, your BDSM relationship can be sexy, violent, and degrading, but you can also mix things up and throw in some light moments.


Follow the rules

Ah yes, the rules. In the beginner’s BDSM guide, creating rules is usually in the top three things you need to do before even engaging in anything physical. Naturally, you don’t need to follow the rules strictly. There are some times where you both want to adjust the rules, and that’s fine. However, if you’re breaking the rules without your dominant knowing, it affects the relationship.


If you agreed not to masturbate when your dominant isn’t around, then don’t do it. Outside of a BDSM relationship, this rule may seem silly, but, for your relationship, it’s not. If you’ve broken a rule, tell your dominant right away; otherwise, it’s as though you’re cheating on the relationship.


Being in a BDSM relationship is a fun and adventurous experience for both you and your dominant. Of course, as an active partner, you want the relationship to continue to grow and evolve. Try out these tips to become a better submissive for your partner.

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