Sugar Daddy Dating in Singapore With ‘Secret Benefits’!

Asian Sugar Ladies
Singapore has grown into one of the most modern metropolitan cities on the globe offering endless options for cuisine, culture, pleasure, and entertainment. The women of Singapore are also some of the most stunning babes on the planet.  If you are seeking an alternative to escorts while in Singapore with a hottie that isn’t going to watch the clock or charge you by the hour, sugar dating may be just what you’re looking for. Often called the Tinder for older provides a platform where young women seek out older men to pamper them and maybe help with a couple of bills. In exchange, these sugar babies provide their daddies with companionship and intimacy. You don’t need to be rich, you just have to be a gentleman that likes to treat a woman right.
You may already be familiar with sugar dating to a degree, but today, there are many facets that make up the diverse sugar world. In other words, this is not your daddy’s sugar dating.
Since online dating blasted off, it’s rapidly taken the place of traditional newspaper personals, dating agencies, or even a friend hooking you up with some chick they know. The web has allowed sugar daddy dating to go global and open up to all walks of life. For instance, younger men are choosing to live the sugar baby life, as much as powerful women are choosing to act as sugar mummies. The age gap that might come to mind is also closing in. Economic and societal trends are encouraging younger sugar daddies as well as older sugar babies, respectively in their 30’s and 40’s, to look towards sugar dating for a less inhibited and modern relationship experience.
As expected, there are agreements of all sorts and varying degrees, but the general consensus is one acts as the benefactor (the sugar daddy), and the other person acts as a dependent (the sugar baby). It could be a date for the night, a casual relationship where you might see each other when possible, or even a live-in relationship. It could be agreed upon as an ultra discreet experience or even a wide open, glitzy, cameras in your face, arm candy type of relationship. The possibilities are endless.
Let’s also get the elephant out of the room. Intimacy and sex are up not necessarily involved, and it should not be assumed.  Sometimes, there is no physical intimacy involved at all when sugar dating. Again, anything is possible.
So how do you coast into Singapore and find yourself a sugar baby in the big city? Here are the top tips for landing yourself that sugar baby you always wanted, but never knew exactly how to get:
Be a Gentleman
It’s no wonder why this would be an important trait to have. It seems like it would be a given, but a lot of guys get lost sometimes along the way, and they need that reminder. In other words, do what your mamma told you. Not only will you get further when you are aware and respectful of the woman you are interested in, but you will have a better experience all around. This naturally makes a woman feel comfortable and more likely to join you the next time you come calling.
Be Honest About What You Want
It’s generally understood among those dating in the sugar world that honesty with your desires is the best policy. This is especially true with what you are looking for in a companion. What you want with your sugar baby should not be a mystery. This will help attract the kind of woman you really want as well as allow for a much more carefree and enjoyable time while you are together.
Be Open to What They Want
As you can imagine, there are countless reasons why women look to sugar daddy dating. Because of that, pay attention to what your potential sugar baby is looking for. It could be anything which includes, but is not limited to, financial support, all expense paid dates, mentorship, intimacy, travel, industry connections, nice gifts, a one-time date, or a long-term relationship. Just remember, fulfilling desires and needs is an upfront and 2-way street when it comes to sugar dating.
Be Aware of Your Surroundings
The more you understand the way people live, think, and love in Singapore will go a long way. The Lion City definitely has a diverse, multi-ethnic society, and showing off a little knowledge of local customs and cuisine will impress. Perhaps even some Malay or Mandarin under your belt won’t hurt either. If you know your way around the city and know a couple of hot spots, even better. It’s a simple gesture to show you care and are in tune with your surroundings; this will in turn signal to your young companion that you may be in tune with all departments of life and love.
Asian Sex Stories
Erotic Stories
Relax and Enjoy Yourself
Sugar dating gives you the opportunity to skip the regular relationship hurdles and get right to having the time of your life. This is your chance to be yourself and enjoy every moment with your new sugar baby at your side. Please, just don’t forget to loosen up and smile. You deserve it.  Take full advantage of what life in Singapore has to offer with your sugar baby. After all, we only live once!
Final Step: Find a Reputable and Active Sugar Dating Site
Making this all happen is best achieved using a solid sugar daddy dating site that provides an easy and active user experience. Most prefer to use sugar dating sites with a free and easy sign-up, no monthly charges, respect for discretion, and a responsive customer support team. It’s always recommended to do your due diligence and explore your options. A recommended sugar daddy dating website to get started with is Secret Benefits. They provide an excellent platform to check out the sugar dating scene and make your next trip to Singapore a memorable one!

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With Me In Seattle Series – Kristen Proby

Adult Stories

With the popularity of the 50 Shades series, there seems to have been a resurgence in literotica and romance novels. For some of us nerds, it’s always been popular though. I must admit though, that it has been a while since I have found a book series (erotic or otherwise) that I have enjoyed reading as much as Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle series.


I know what you’re thinking. The last mainstream erotic novel series that I read was 50 Shades and I didn’t like it, I’m probably not going to like this one either. Well my friend, you’d be missing out on a good easy read. Kristen Proby has a talent for descriptive character writing. Each character has their own distinct personality, a nice departure from the usual 2D characters that we usually see in romance novels.


With a writing style that switches between character perspectives in short chapters that don’t disrupt the flow of the storyline, suckering in to reading ‘just one more chapter’. Before you know it, you’re at then end of the book wondering why there isn’t more. Lucky for us there are 10 Williams/Montgomery stories to read.


The series is best read in published order because each story builds parts of each character and subsequent books reveal more of each storyline, weaving it into the family story.


Adult Book Review
Kristen Proby Book

Book 1 Come Away With Me

Nat is a talented local photographer with killer curves and a sassy smile. Luke is a movie star who shies away from the flash of the Hollywood lights. Will their whirlwind romance survive after his publicised meeting with ex-lover and an unplanned pregnancy?


Book 1.5 Under The Mistletoe With Me

After 10 years of marriage and the arrival of a new baby, could Stacy Montgomery be any more in love with her husband Isaac? But now, with the added stress of a baby, mysterious text messages and late night hushed phone calls have her questioning her husband’s faithfulness. Could Isaac really be cheating on her?


Book 2 Fight With Me

There’s just no way that Jules Montgomery can let her attraction to Nate McKenna put her career in jeopardy. They’ve already broken company’s no fraternizing policy with a hot, steamy one night stand. How can she resist the tattoos, motorbikes and mind-blowing sex? But will a secret from Nate’s bring their world crumbling down?


Book 3 Play With Me

Who can resist the charm of Seattle’s star Quarterback, Will Montgomery? No woman so far,. But that all changes when he meets Jules & Nat’s strong, independent college friend Megan McBride who is determined to think of Will as an arrogant football star who’s just after a good time. He’s determined to change her mind. Will she ever be able to admit to herself that he may just be the only man she has ever fallen in love with?


Book 4 Rock With Me

Samantha Williams has been burnt by fame before, so why would she let superstar frontman Leo Nash of the band Nash, in to her life. There’s no denying their sexual attraction. But is her fear of fame holding her back from being with the man she loves?


Book 5 Safe With Me

Brynna Vincent has just found her ex husband murdered in his home and nows she’s on her way to stay with her cousin Stacy and her family, the Montgomerys. Her and her two girls are in danger since she’s only one that can identify his killers. Keeping people safe is what Caleb Montgomery does best. But has the former navy seal’s affection for Brynna and her girls affected his ability to protect them or can their love help heal past wounds?


Book 6 Tied With Me

Matt Montgomery is one of Seattle’s finest detectives, but he has a penchant for the less mainstream things in life. A chance encounter with a dark haired beauty at fetish festival is cut short by a family emergency. Wedding cakes aren’t usually her thing, but Nic Dalton’s friend Brynna was getting married and how could she say no. Turing to return to her car after setting up their cake, she stands face to face with the man who’s image she will never forget. Will Nic and Matt give up enough control to each other to be tied for life?


Book 7 Breathe With Me

Mark will never forget standing on the front porch, heartbroken by his first love Meredith who has chosen her dance career over him. Now, 10 years later, after the death of her mother, Mer returns to Seattle and in to Mark’s life. Can they put the past behind them and rekindle their love?


Book 8 Forever With Me

After the death of his mother, only child Dominic Salvatore yearned to know more about his birth father. The product of his mother’s short affair with an American businessman. Who knew that this search would lead him straight into loving arms of the Montgomery family. For years, party planner Alecia has hosted every event for the Montgomerys, from baby showers to weddings.


Book 9 Stay With Me

Beauty blogger Amelia Montgomery returns home to Seattle after 6 years in LA. She didn’t expect to fall in love with her sexy neighbour Wyatt, a successful architect who is enthralled by his new neighbour, but will he be able to handle the skeletons in her closet?


There are 2 other novellas in the series that follow the stories of Matt’s detective partner Asher and Nic’s best friend Bailey. There is even a cookbook that ties in to the series with recipes that celebrate love, family and delicious food.


So, if you’re after a heartwarming, pulse quickening, sexy read then this series is a must. I warn you though, you may need to set aside a week to read them all. One you start, you won’t be able to stop.


Happy Reading Folks xxx

From your friendly oh zone consultant!


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Up Your Sex Game with Frequent Masturbation

Masturbating Man

Modern-day Australian men are masturbating more than ever before according to a survey conducted by popular online sex toy brand, Lovehoney. It was also established that as many as 21% of men masturbate with a sex toy at least once a week.  Being called a wanker is hardly the insult it used to be especially considering the numerous benefits regular masturbation has, especially as far as boosting your sex life is concerned. By becoming more familiar with the nitty-gritty details of wanking, you will not only be more inclined to polish your pole more regularly but you will also be privy to a whole host of interesting and exciting benefits.

Benefits of masturbation

If you have ever felt even remotely guilty about cranking your shank, don’t.  Frequent masturbation is far more beneficial than anyone has ever imagined. Not only is yanking on the old chain a great stress reliever but it has also been revealed by sex toy brand Tenga that men who masturbate weekly are 10% more confident in their own sexual abilities.  Research further found that men who masturbate more than twice a week are also as much as 12% happier with the intensity of their orgasms.  If these statistics don’t impress you, maybe the fact that no one can fall pregnant or contract a STD from masturbation will. You also don’t need to make awkward late-night trips to the pharmacy or department store for a packet of condoms if the only action you are getting is from your own hand.  Masturbation will always help you relax, make you sleep better and encourage you to be more experimental in the bedroom.

How much masturbation is too much?

If you see yourself as just a ‘regular guy’ chances are you have asked yourself more than once whether you masturbate too much. While pulling wire for 8 hours a day can leave you in severe physical discomfort and may also be severely frowned upon (and illegal) if engaged in publicly, there is no rulebook that determines how often you are allowed to masturbate. As long as your frequent spanking of the monkey does not affect your life adversely in any way, you should be good to go. If you do, however, start noticing that you are staying away from work and withdrawing from your family and friends because of your new-found hobby it is probably best that you put the lube and porn videos away and try to find a real-life sex partner instead.

How to make the most of your masturbation

Masturbation has evolved tremendously over the last few decades.  Long gone are the days where a quick early-morning session in your room or bathroom with a crumpled up Playboy magazine was the norm.  Today, thanks to a plethora of sex movies, books, toys and general loss of inhibitions, men are masturbating more often (and more vigorously) than ever before. Fleshlights, lubes, shower strokers and ball suckers are all the rage right now and can turn any mediocre wanking session into a mind-blowing, self-sexing session.  What you think about while masturbating can also contribute greatly to the overall intensity of your orgasm. According to an article published in Cosmopolitan magazine, 69% of Aussie blokes fantasize about their current partner. A whopping 58% of men also admitted to periodically thinking about an ex while masturbating. In third place, with 57% of men listing it as a wanking inspiration, is good old porn.

Masturbation Facts
Wanking Benefits

What to avoid during masturbation

It comes highly recommended that you refrain from engaging in any dubious masturbation practices that involve toothpaste, heat rub, superglue or freshly-baked apple pie as you will more than likely end up in the ER with very hard-to-explain injuries. It is generally also not a good idea to masturbate in public, at work and at home with other people in the same room. If you still live with your parents you should also avoid wanking on their marital bed as being caught in the act might cause you to be disowned, regardless of how old you are. If you are suddenly overcome with a bout of horneyniss while in an unsuitable domicile, you should try imagining yourself in a rather unfortunate sexual position with a very undesirable partner. Nothing kills the urge to orgasm quite as fast as picturing your best friend’s grandmother in full BDSM kit.

Whether you are a frequent wanker or an occasional one, chances are you could benefit from a few extra masturbating sessions a week. Next time you are online searching for some quality porn order a few sex toys while you add it, put your lube in the fridge and prepare yourself for more frequent self-sexing that will lower your blood pressure, improve your sleep and boost your sex game significantly.

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How To Use A Urethral Dilator!

Dillating the vagina



This week we have had a few customers asking about dilators, personally when I was first asked the question I was stunned and did not have a clue what she meant but luckily enough I was able to jump online and do a quick lookup and thought what a perfect chance to learn something new for my review this week 🙂

After a little bit of research I have came to a conclusion that there are many ways that a dilator can be used, here are just some of the main reasons I came across on why you might need to know this information for the future


 Curvical cancer – brachytherapy

One of the other reasons we use dilators for are after to maintain vaginal size in the long term after menopause or cancer treatments, dilators may help women remain size enough to be able to have pain free intercourse or examinations after menopause they are also helpful on that time of the month and when a patient needs to take anti-oestrogen hormone therapies for breast cancer they are also very commonly used to prevent scarring during graft versus host syndrome after a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.


 Some women are born without a vagina

Something I had no idea about was that some women are born without a vagina instead they have a small like dimple that is a dead end as they begin to become teenagers they have 2 options. One option is surgery another is to use a dilator, they begin to press the dilator into the vaginal opening for about half an hour twice a day, after a few weeks they\ can begin to deepen the vagina enough to be able to have sexual intercourse with a partner, however they need to keep regular dilation or sexual intercourse in able to maintain the vaginal canal. Sometimes they’re condition can involve abnormal low hormone levels in these cases they need to use oestrogen creams to improve the stretch of the vaginal area.

 Dilator vs vibrators 

There are some people that may claim that you would get a more positive result from using a vibrator of different sizes rather than using dilators, these people believe vibrators will cause sexual excitement creating more blood flow or even just to make the process more pleasurable, Some also tell women to find something shaped more like a penis for the realistic feeling with a few different sizes or even just something she desires. Excitement usually helps to bring more blood flow which allows more oxygen to the tiny blood vessels in the vaginal area witch may also help to keep the tissue healthy. Some educators worry that using vibrators without the other parts of the program will stop women from understanding their own anatomy, including full control of the pelvic floor muscles even most vibrators that have a ridiculous amount of adjustable tips of all different sizes to fit in the vagina do not have a wide commercial range of dilators witch may reduce the women’s freedom to customize her dilation

Inserting a dilators
Dilator Insertions


commonly known as penetration anxiety but Also known as pelvic floor myalgia is when some women have an intense fear of something entering their vagina. Most therapists tend to think that its a phobia genuinely triggered when a partner tried to enter their finger or penis into the vaginal entrance. A great way to overcome this is to use dilation and it will give the women a greater control over what is going into her vagina


 Vaginal reconstruction

After a women has experienced surgery to rebuild her vagina due to a default at birth, healthier problem in later years or after cancer treatments she may be given as customised dilator to wear for some hours of the day and also while she sleeps. It helps the reconstructed vagina keep depth and to stay as wide as possible during healing time. They are more likely to be used if the vagina was created using skin grafts. They man not be needed for reconstructions built from intestines, skin or muscle flaps.


Easy Dilator Use


Starting with a comfortable size that you can slip into your vagina with little or no discomfort make sure you don’t forget to pack on the lubricant and repeat as needed 🙂

If you are lying on your back you need to remember that your vagina slants slightly downwards in this position and do not push the dilator in at a right angle motion

Make sure you know how to contract your muscles relax them as you are inserting the dilator and then tense once the dilator has been fully inserted

– If you are experiencing sexual pleasure from your dilator you can move it side to side to produce good feelings

– Try reading or watching television if you find it hard to keep the dilator in for a few minutes at a time

– It is possible to injure yourself with improper use of your dilator after you have experienced radio therapy, surgery or graft versus host disease, be sure to consult your medical team to correctly show you the use of your dilator, it has been known that pushing or moving the dilator too roughly against fragile or scarred areas may result in further damage


This material is intended for informational purposes only and is never to replace professional advice or diagnosis treatments that have been dealt with by professional educators


If you think this might be something that your missing in head down to your closest

OH!ZONE Adult Lifestyle Centre to pick up your new silicone dilator kit one of the friendly staff will be more than happy to point you towards your perfect product 🙂

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Hey Jil! Do You Feel Those Vibrations?

Vibrating Jil

It is amazing how quickly the sex industry has had a complete turn-around when it comes to sophisticated products. Compared to 10 years ago, there are so many high quality, classy looking products on the market today. The Jil vibrators  by Shots Toys have been in the Oh Zone stores for several months now and are extremely popular due to their sophisticated and sleek appearance.


The Jil vibrators are completely seam free which means no annoying cracks to keep clean. They are 100% waterproof and are made from a silky-smooth silicone that is extremely pleasant to the touch. Apart from Harper and Noah which are only available in black, they are available in matte black, purple or pink.


The flexibility of the Jil vibrators is a feature that appeals to many. I know that some people do prefer those rigid, solid toys, so if that is you then these are certainly not the toy to choose. If you prefer the softer feel of bendable toys then I couldn’t recommend Jil vibrators highly enough.


One of my favourite things about these Shots Sex toys are the names. I get quite a laugh out of sex toy companies naming their products after humans! I am still awaiting the arrival of mine unfortunately but if you’re lucky enough to have yours below then you can’t not purchase it!! 



The Noah is a long slender vibrator with bulbous ridges. This toy is suitable for vaginal stimulation and is safe to use for anal stimulation. The looped handle on Noah makes it super easy to grip onto, which is a bonus when things get a bit too slippery! 

Jil Products
Jil Sex Toys



The Mila is a rabbit style vibrator, meaning it has a part for vaginal stimulation and bunny ears for clitoral stimulation. The clitoral stimulation from bunny ears is ticklish and can be positioned in a way in which it is light & soft or hard & really intense. There are 2 motors on this gorgeous vibrator-it really packs a punch for those who are seeking lots of all over intensity & stimulation! Like most rabbit vibrators, the Mila is safe to use for anal stimulation.



Sweet Ava is another rabbit style vibrator (minus the bunny ears). The clitoral stimulator on this toy will provide more direct stimulation as opposed to ticklish vibrations. From looking at the Ava, you’d never pick it was a sex toy unless you knew! Like the Mila, this toy can be used safely as an anal toy.




Ahh Sasha, she is my absolute favourite in the Jil line. This vibrator is incredibly diverse, with a body wand like shape. The head is perfect for clitoral stimulation and the handle can be used as a dildo vibrator-either for vaginal or anal stimulation. The two different sides each have a separately controlled motor so you can use one or the other, or both at the same time! The Sasha can be fun to use as a couples toy by each using the clitoral stimulator and dildo end at the same time. A different kind of “double ender” experience.




They have used a unisex name for this vibrator for a very good reason. Harper is a cock ring that sits comfortable on the body for heightened stimulation for him and her. When worn during sex, the vibrations can be felt by both partners. Alternatively, Harper can be used as an external clitoral vibrator.


The Hayden vibrator is a quirky looking thing that’s for sure. Unlike many other dual stimulators, Hayden does not have a long handle to hold onto. It’s more compact than other dual vibrators for this reason and is perfect for those who like to feel their hand at the same time as using a vibrator. The Hayden features 2 motors and the curve on the vaginal part works as a great g-spot stimulator. The clitoral stimulator is ribbed for extra stimulation.


I love the simplicity of Olivia, with a smooth and streamlined appearance. Olivia is great as a vaginal stimulator and is also small enough to be used as a clitoral vibrator. I sell this one to a lot of first vibrator buyers as it is non-threatening and easy to use.


Last but certainly not least is the Keira. Another rabbit style vibrator, Keira is extremely similar to Hayden except for featuring a longer handle. This one is great for those who like to have something to grab onto.

Like with any silicone toys, using a good quality water-based lubricant is highly recommended. My favourite brands are Intimate Earth Hydra and Pjur Aqua. They are silky and comfortable to use. I also recommend using a toy cleaner to keep these beauties in tip top condition. Intimate Earth foaming cleaner and Pjur Spray cleaner are my top pics.


Jil vibrators are reasonably priced and come with a one year warranty to protect against any manufacturing faults. Jump in quick and get yourself one of these beauties either online at the Adultsmart shop or in one of the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres.

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