How To Make A Buck’s Party Memorable At Home: 6 Ideas

Make A Buck’s Party Memorable

Okay, it’s the most important day of your life… Yes that’s right your bucks party! That’s why we have teamed up with the girls from Bad Bunny to deliver some awesome buck’s party ideas. You will easily make a buck’s party memorable with this creative guide. Now these aren’t your typical ideas like paint balling or a pub crawl, no, these ideas are all about bringing the party to your crib! That’s right these are 6 awesome bucks party ideas you can do at home, enjoy.

6 Ideas To Make A Buck’s Party Memorable At Home

Sumo Suits

This is the closest thing you will get to real WWE Smack Down… Sumo wrestling… well inflatable sumo wrestling!! This is a great idea for any bucks party, especially those who don’t mind a bit of Rey Mysterio. There is 1 rule however and that is the Stag (man of honour) must sumo wrestle against every one of his boys at least once throughout the night. This not only gives you a chance to wale on the best man but also to prove once and for all who is truly the wrestling champion amongst you.

Make A Buck's Party Memorable
Image: Sumo Suit

Mechanical Bull

Saddle up cowboy because this is gonna be one hell of a ride… a bull ride that is…. well a mechanical bull ride? (You didn’t think we would recommend a real bull did you!) This spinning and twisting ride of terror is the perfect item for any soon to be married man at a bucks party. Test your strength and stamina, see who out of your mates is truly the Clint Eastwood of the gang. Use this bucking bull for hours of fun with drinking games. Of course, the main cowboy (the future groom) should get the first shot at taming this wild mechanical beast… especially when the settings are on super-fast.

Mechanical Bull at a bucks party
Image: Mechanical Bull

Jelly Wrestling

I love Aeroplane Jelly… Aeroplane Jelly for me… (Sorry for reminiscing) When looking for buck’s night ideas you can do at home look no further than jelly wrestling! This crowd favourite is always guaranteed to get you sticky all over. When organising the lady entertainment for your stag party you should ask for a performer (or 4) who will be willing to participate in the jelly wrestling events.

Luckily, our Bad Bunnies love jelly! We had a buck’s party where two strippers got into the jelly with the lucky buck and completely smashed him. It was one of the most brilliant things we have ever seen here at Bad Bunny. So if you are keen to get a little messy then Jelly Wrestling is the perfect idea to set up at your home bucks party, all you need is an inflatable pool and a Sh@#t tone of jelly… have fun.

Bubble Soccer

So your one mate thinks he is the Aussie Beckham… he thinks he should be playing for Manchester. Well bubble soccer is the perfect way to really see what he is made of… also it’s a ton of fun. Bubble Soccer is an awesome, action packed game for up to as many players as you want on each side. You’ll be bumping into each other at speed, most times the soccer ball will get completely ignored as you just try and crash into each other. Don’t worry for all your wusses out there playing bubble football is perfectly safe as you are fully in cased and protected… a bit like bubble boy.

Bubble Soccer ata bucks party
Image: Bubble Soccer

Axe Throwing

Are you ready to get your inner Viking on? Well there is only one true way to test your might and that’s by throwing rusty axes at blocks of wood. This is so simple to set up as it only requires a small axe and some blocks of wood. Place the targets a safe distance away. Let out a fierce scream like you’re auditioning for the role of Thor and let the fun begin.

Now normally we would incorporate some kind of drinking game into any bucks activity (it is a buck’s night, what do you expect!) But in this case we thought we should maybe leave it, we don’t want any fingers going missing now do we? Instead we recommend keeping a points system and the one with the least at the end has to scull some sort of vile mix of drinks… whatever the punishment this game is a guaranteed good time.

Axe Throwing at a bucks party
Image: Axe Throwing

Naked Chief

If you are thinking of a nice meal to celebrate your buck’s night but don’t want to go to a restaurant then a topless or nude chief is exactly what you need. Basically it’s as simple as it sounds, you will have either a topless or nude chief cook up an amazing meal of your choice, plus you will get to see all the action as this sexy master chief prepares the meal, guaranteeing to have your mouths watering even before you are served the dish. Now this type of event also goes great with some topless waitresses to serve the food and drinks, giving you an experience that restaurants simply cannot.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of different buck’s party ideas that you can do from home. Keep a look out on our blog for more buck’s party related content. Be sure to also check out the bucks and bachelorette party items.

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Are You Ready To Make A Buck’s Party Memorable?

Prepare to host the ultimate buck’s party at home. Our unique ideas guarantee an unforgettable night, packed with thrills like sumo wrestling, mechanical bull rides, and more. Don’t settle for the ordinary; elevate your celebration with activities like jelly wrestling and bubble soccer to keep the excitement high. For a more refined touch, indulge in a meal prepared by a topless chef, complemented by topless waitresses.

Make your buck’s night extraordinary with these adventurous and engaging options. Explore our blog for more tips and check out our party items to ensure your event is a standout success.

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