The Training Room

A ‘Lunch N Learn’ is never much fun. Firstly, your employer wants you to give up your lunch time for some training, and second, you just never know how quality the food is going to be that the educator brings. Sometimes last night’s leftovers is way tastier.

Not this time. I couldn’t have asked for anything tastier. And I didn’t even see the food. I could only keep my eyes on April. But keeping my gaze on her eyes proved quite the challenge. Her low cut top revealed a deep cleavage, her breasts still big even for her magic curves.

Ordinarily, when confronted with such a beautiful woman as April, I’d hang back and admire from afar. But as there had been a crisis out on one of our sites overnight, most of my team were there on site ‘putting out fires’. They had left me to man the phones and be able to quickly and easily fetch any engineering drawings they may urgently need.

Which is how I found myself in Conference Room 4, alone with April. She tried to talk to me about the stainless steel expansion joints that her company made, but the only thing expanding was in the front of my pants. It seemed like every single little thing she said had a double meaning behind it: ‘Pressure build up’, ‘restraining rods’, ‘compression’, ‘hot fluids’ and ‘slurry’.

April’s black dress was as tight as it could possibly be, and I kept imagining tugging down the front zipper and letting her fun bags pop right out in my face. But as distracting as those breasts were, she kept drawing my attention right back to her gorgeous face with a flick of her dark curly hair. A hair toss that would reveal the fine curve of her neck, her sharp jawline which only further accentuated her thick red lips.

After her initial product overview, April moved over beside me, telling me she was originally going to do a slideshow, but since I was the only one there, she’d just go through it with me on her phone. She flicked through images of expansion joints, her hair brushing over my shoulder. She smelt of peonies and pink grapefruit. I fought the urge to press my face through her locks and nibble on her ear. Barely.

Her being so close made it very hard to pretend to pay attention to her scrolling pictures, until one finally popped up that demanded my attention. It was a naked picture of April, clearly taken from the guy whose cock she had in her mouth.

‘Oh my god,’ she said, but nearly as panicked as it should have been.

‘Oh wow.’ My words dribbled from my mouth. April took her time to swipe the photo away.

‘Did you like what you saw, then?’

‘Since I first met you in here,’ I smiled back. In these close quarters, she merely leaned her face to meet mine, and those thick lips were as soft as they looked. My fingers gripped her hair to draw her even closer, her tongue pushed its way into my welcoming mouth.

She wasted no more, hoisting up her dress and climbing up onto my lap, her lips still plastered against mine. While straddling me, she gently rolled herself back and forth along my shaft.

April dropped her hands down and opened up the front of my pants. She groaned as she worked my hard cock out and by simply shifting her little g-string aside, led me inside of her hot wet pussy.

She righted herself, leaning back a little and supported herself with her palms on my knees. I decided to live my earlier fantasy and slowly eased the zipper down on the front of her dress. Her huge breasts exploded through the opening, popping out to say hello. I greeted them with my mouth and tongued her erect nipples.

April surged forward, wrapping her arms around my head, sinking me completely within her tits. It was a struggle to even breath, but truth be told, that would probably be the greatest way to ever leave this life. Using her elbows on my shoulders for traction, she ground her pussy deep and hard on my cock. I could feel her juice creaming down the front of my pants.

Totally worth the dry cleaning that it would require.

Her groans, right next to my ear, were getting louder and louder. I felt her kegels tightening and retracting around me. I was too close to coming myself, and tried to delay myself to make sure she came first. I wondered how she was so close so quickly, immediately deciding there wasn’t much I was doing beyond being used like a warm dildo. Perhaps that was the answer, the power she felt in controlling the whole situation. Or the eyes that could be upon us from any number of buildings out the window.

‘Fuck, just there, just there,’ her words dragged me from my prolonging thoughts. Her pussy shuddered and convulsed. In a move that reminded me of Carter Cruise, April’s face went red as she stopped breathing, her eyes open and rolling back, she was completely overcome by her orgasm. She quaked and clenched me tight, forcing me to follow quickly after her.

I mumbled some nonsensical crap as my cock exploded deep within her. April’s eyes lit up, biting her bottom lip as she watched me come. For another minute, she remained there on my lap, slowly gyrating while I was shrinking inside of her.

Finally, with one more big kiss, she climbed off my lap, letting my load drip out on me, and zipped up her dress and straightened her g-string.  Only once had something like this happened to me before but that is another Taiwan Erotic Story.

‘Well, I don’t think there’s anything left for me to teach you today,’ April said, before quietly collecting her things and leaving the room.

I looked down at the mess all over the front of my pants, on my lap, even the little bit on the floor.

‘What the fuck just happened?’

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