Scratch That Itch! An Erotic Tale

Scratch that Itch; an erotic take to soothe your pleasure itch.

She was stressed.

Far more stressed than usual. Work had been manic. Twelve hour days. Just enough time to get home, feed the cat, eat take out, and fall asleep in front of Netflix.

Even still, long working weeks were nothing new to Jen. But she couldn’t quite place her finger on the reason for her extra stress.  Until, once again on the sofa, eating noodles with her cat on her lap, that Netflix revealed the answer. Male nudity is so rare in movies, especially for a known actor.

And seeing his cock just hanging out, King Arthur’s sword so to speak, took Jen by surprise.

‘How long has it been?’ She didn’t even realise the words came out loud. The cat didn’t answer her. ‘That long, hey?’

It had been even longer. In fact, two weeks ago she’d been so on edge she’d gone up to her local adult lifestyle centre. She was thrown off guard by the man that greeted her when she entered the store.

scratch that itch with sex toys

A burly fellow, with a scraggly beard and long hair. She wasn’t sure if he was an actual lumberjack, or just a hipster. Given that he couldn’t possibly know what she was going to need, she ignored his offering of help.  And she perused through the store, lost in the wall of vibrators and rabbits.

After a few minutes, the clerk had come back to offer more assistance.
‘Guess he should know what he’s selling,’ she thought at the time. Following his lead, answering some simple, but pretty private questions.

Again, she remembered it was just his job. It wasn’t like they were sitting in a bar and he was asking if she was more external or internally aroused. He had led her over to a particular section, Colours popped, she immediately thought of cotton candy.  Fun Factory. There were some odd looking designs,
and the lumberjack hipster went straight for the oddest one of all.

Funfactory – The Volta

‘You may not believe it, but I don’t have a clit,’ the man joked. ‘But my boss, this is her absolute favourite toy.’

‘How do you know?’ Jen asked.

‘Because when I work with her, she tells every single person exactly that. And if it were an expensive toy, then maybe I’d question her reasoning. Here.’ He handed her the demonstration model.

It was blackberry colour.  More like the juice of a blackberry than the colour of its exterior. Jen took it by the white handle, her finger sliding nimbly into the metallic hole centering the handle.  It had a curve to it, almost like a Japanese sword might, but then it had another lip to it.

scratch that itch
SHOP ONLINE: Funfactory

She bought it and took it home. 

She turned the tv off, left the cat with some dry food to keep him occupied, and made her way to her bedroom. Her clothes immediately falling to the floor.

Scratch that Itch

Volta climbed out of the bottom drawer of her bedside table, ergonomically resting in her hand. With a touch of Pjur, she hit the ‘Fun’ button.

Volta was still on the lowest setting, its lips shimmering together. Jen remembered the sensation of it on her nose back in the store. As she lowered the toy, her excitement rose. She brought the lips of the toy between her legs, already quivering in anticipation, and gently pressed it against her clit.

‘Oh. My. God.’ Volta’s lips fluttered against her clit.

Immediately it felt better than any time someone had ever gone down on her before. Which said a lot.

Without even realising, she tapped it up a few notches.  Tips of the toys flickered like a hummingbird’s wings. It was almost too intense for Jen, and for some relief, she lowered the Volta.

It attacked her labia, her moist folds relishing in the attention. She was no longer pining for famous Chris’ cock.  Wasn’t imagining anything. Just feeling. Reveling. Savouring. Though she did remember the man in the store telling her it was safe for internal use.

Her hand, and the toy, acted instinctively, lowering the settings.

She slid it inside her pussy.

There was no need for extra lube. Not just because she bought the good stuff. But because her body had well and truly done its job. It was, once again, like nothing she’d ever felt before and for a fleeting moment, wondered if she could ever go back to the real thing.

She raised the cadence once again, and her back arched as Volta drove deep inside her. She tried to let out a slew of cursives and blasphemes. But her vocabulary was lost.  She could only moan.

Jen was honest with the store clerk when she told him she was an external girl. While penetration always felt good, her clit was the key to holding her glory. She drew Volta out, its tips pulsating against her as it withdrew. Further dragging audible pleasure from her lips.

Jen was in the zone now. The ‘Oh zone’.

At maximum setting, she brought Volta up to her clit. Her other hand sinking fingers into her craven pussy. With all hands on deck, the ship was sailing. Through the air. She was on a high, waves of ecstasy sliding through her whole body.

Could feel her legs tighten, her toes point outward, her shoulders spasm. With a cry loud enough to wake the neighbours, Jen came hard on Volta. Yet she couldn’t pull it away, keeping the toy flickering against her clit, holding her on the precipice.

Her eyes rolled, uncontrollably biting her bottom lip.

After nearly two minutes, when she couldn’t take any more, she let Volta fall from her hand. She heard it’s tips fluttering together against her sheets, only just audible over her pulsing heart and heavy breathing.

Jen’s body quivered for some time still, rollicking in its post orgasm bliss.
It was the first time in weeks that work had truly escaped her mind. And everything else. Following day, her colleagues barely recognised her as she floated through the office. Forever daydreaming about her return visit and play date with Volta. Turns out Fun Factory is one of those great sex toy companies.

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