Sex Toy Companies Doing It Right: Fun Factory

Welcome to our second instalment of “Sex Toy Companies Doing It Right”.

Last time we discussed the innovative LELO sex toy company and this week we are going to be learning about the German based company Fun Factory.

What about this Sex Toy Disclaimer?

“Sold as novelty only” this is a statement that graces most of the adult toy packaging on the market (even the higher end stuff).  But you won’t find this on a Fun Factory box for them there is nothing novel about what they make.

The disclaimer is put on most toys, not because the manufactures don’t know what you are actually using them for.  But as a way for them to mitigate liability for their product.

Meaning that if it hurts you, or causes any problems they can say, “well that’s not what we intended for it to be used for”.

Fun Factory doesn’t do this.

They know what you are using the toy for and how they mitigate their liability is by making excellent quality toys.

sex toys
woman in bra

Sex Toy Companies Doing it Right

It was this single fact that turned my head towards the Fun Factory range, I then started learning about them, playing with them, selling them and I was in love!

Fun Factory started in 1996 by two recent university grads named Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl. They noticed a gap in the market for high quality, female focused approachable toys and decided to do something about it.

Everything from Fun Factory comes from their factory on the banks of Weser River in Germany.

From design through to production, packaging, distribution and all marketing comes from their dedicated work force of 120 people

Fun Factory's sex toy manufacturing plant

When you first meet a Fun Factory toy and hold it in your hand the love affair begins. The first time I touched one of their vibes (The Miss Bi vibe – my personal favourite) I knew I was a goner.

The quality of the toy, the ergonomics and the user interface all make for an immediate connection with the toy.  Meaning that you don’t really have much of an awkward getting to know you phase (unlike that last tinder date).

Now you can’t really talk about Fun Factory without mentioning just that… the Fun! These toys are bright and quirky looking.

Attempting to steer away from the traditional penis looking style they choose interesting shapes that look great and feel even better!

Made out of high quality body safe silicone, Fun Factory toys are waterproof and are rechargeable.

Fun Factory is one of the most inclusive sex toy brands I have encountered.  They make toys for everyone, prostate massagers, vegan strap on belts with interchangeable dongs, couple toys, anal toys, bullets.

You name it Fun Factory probably makes it.

My Favourite Fun Factory Sex Toy or Toys

MISS Bi Sex Toy

As a more petite woman downstairs (sorry for the personal info) I love the MISS Bi because she is just the right size.

Often many women find that their sex toys are a bit to large.  Because of this they aren’t getting the best function from it.

Fun Factory knows this and created the MISS Bi vibe.  The wide clitoral stimulation pad makes it easy to get in just the right spot.  It’s deliciously curved shaft is all you need for incredible g-spot stimulation.

sex toy
Image: Fun Factory Miss Bi

Bouncer Sex Toy

This silicone dong is so much fun!

It has 3 weights inside of it that create a dynamic sensation when used.  Also fun to just shake on its own without any sex.  Could be the new fidget spinner!

The Bouncer has a strong suction cup and will fit into most harnesses.  But it will do best in the beautifully made Fun Factory Strap And Bound Invisible Denim Harness which is also vegan friendly.

The Bouncer is also another example of Fun Factory attempting to steer away from overly penis looking type stuff.

Image: Fun Factory Bouncer

Duke Sex Toy

This is one of Fun Factory’s male toys.  It is a prostate toy that can be used in a variety of different ways and configurations.

This super flexible silicone toy lets your imagination run wild with possibilities. My tip, insert the shorter end for prostate stimulation.  Use the larger hook as a taint and ball massager.

He’ll thank you.

Prostate and perineum massager
Buy Now | Sex Toy Store With Fun Factory Products

My Orgasmic Experience With Teneo Sex Toy! 

‘Does she have the Teneo in now?’

sex toy
Smartballs Kegel Balls

Teneo Kegel smart balls are a revelation in female intimate exercising giving enjoyment whilst tightening the pelvic walls.

This will result in increased sensations during sex and other ailments like incontinence will be a forgotten memory.

Find out about these amazing sex toys at buy fun factory blog.

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A Trio Of Sex Toy Goodness With Fun Factory Tiger, ShareVibe and Harness!

This week I have decided to review 3 items that I purchased last week and have all become my new favourite toys out of my drawer of fun!  I bought the fun factory harness, share vibe and tiger dildo.
So at first I was originally only going to buy the ShareVibe and harness.  But because Chloe is such a fantastic sales person she somehow convinced me to grab the tiger as well.

Fun Factory Tiger

sex toy
Fun Factory Bed
But oh how glad I am that she did!
At first, I was a little bit intimidated by its size as it has been a while since using a toy that big.  But in the end it was absolutely perfect!
From the g spot curve, the length is just right.  Don’t even get me started on the ridges… HOLY S#@%!!!
Remember a while back I sent out a review on the A spot that a lot of you had never even heard about?

Well, if you’re still looking for it this toy will be fantastic with helping you find it.

So it will still hit your g spot with the curve but it’s the ridges that help you get that A spot stimulated! (in the correct positions of course).
Being face to face or being the person on top will be the easiest way to find it.  As long as you can feel the ridges pushing up against the front wall of your vagina you’ll be on the way to the best orgasm of your life.
Or it should at least make the top 5!

Suggested Lubrication

sex toy
Water Based Lubrication
For the people who don’t produce a lot of natural body fluids make sure to use a good, long-lasting lubricant.  So, you don’t have to sit there constantly adding more to it.
I’d either recommend wet stuff gold or pjur aqua.  Make sure it’s water based as the toy is made out of silicone.  The bonus of this toy is that you have two options with it.
You can either chuck it in a harness and use it as a strap-on.  Or you can use it for single use as it suctions at the bottom to pretty much anything other than carpet.

Caution: Make sure if you’re using it in the shower to be very careful.  Maybe grab one of the suction handles we also stock in the store.

Fun Factory ShareVibe

sex toy
Fun Factory Share
Now for the sharevibe.
You don’t need the harness to use this toy as it’s a double ended.  But I like to use it anyway just for that extra support. Don’t get me wrong though it’s light enough for you be able to hold it in on your own.
  • It has multiple speeds and vibration patterns which is awesome.
  • You also have the option of using it without the vibes.
  • I know there’s a share toy without vibrations but I like to have options.
  • The toy is 100% waterproof so you can also use this one in the shower or bath.
  • It should last a few hours in play before you have to charge it up again.

I honestly think it’s one of the best share toys I’ve ever come across!

  • It’s a solid toy and has a lovely feel to it as it’s made out of silicone.
  • Not too big so the beginners shouldn’t have to stress about it being too painful to use.
  • Personally I prefer to use toys that don’t look like a penis (I’m a huge lesbian I know).  So for anyone who has the same feels as me you’ll love it!

Fun Factory ShareVibe and Harness

sex toy
Dildo Harness

And lastly the harness.

It’s my favourite harness that we stock and I’ve been eyeing it off since the first day I started working here.
I regret not buying it sooner!
It’s absolutely perfect!  I’ve always struggled to find a harness that fits me.  This one not only fits me perfectly but it would fit anyone else who was to use it too.
  • Fully adjustable in the waist and the legs.
  • Made out of denim so it’s easy to wash.
  • Vegan-friendly!
I’ve sold a fair few of these harnesses and I even managed to convince one of my best friends who isn’t from Sydney to purchase one online.  She loves it just as much as I do.  So definitely a 10/10.

Thank you, Chloe, for getting me into the fun factory game, I’m totally on your level now.

sex toys
lady in lingerie

Twisted Fun With Fun Factory Amorino!

Fun Factory Amorino arrived in store today.  It is just the cutest coolest thing.  I almost don’t care how well it performs, I just want it.

My interest is particularly piqued because of the strange looking silicone band that is twisted around it. I

have never seen anything like it before and I haven’t a clue what purpose it serves or if it is even part of the sex toy.

So I went online to find out from Fun Factory exactly what this toy is all about. It comes in a gold sleeved cardboard box with a picture of the product’s actual size on it.

Features of the Amorino Sex Toy

Inside there is an easy to understand instruction manual with a click and charge USB cord used to recharge the sex toy.

It could definitely do with a drawstring bag because the silicone band is something I would lose as soon as I looked at it.

Miniature Vibrator Range

A miniature vibrators that Fun factory do.  They are small and suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

It comes in neon pink or turquoise (petrol as they call it??).  Both have a bright yellow silicone band that crisscrosses around the rounded ridged tip of the shaft.

The small arm is the clitoris stimulator.  This is supposedly inspired by Cupid and his bow.   7 inches long and has a circumference of around 4″.

Load it up With Lube

The silicone is very draggy as with most fun factory toys, but when it is loaded down with water based lube it feels great.   It has an abs plastic handle with the controls on it.

Same great quality that you always get from this company.  Almost goes without saying that it is completely phthalate free and body safe.

It is waterproof too which is always a bonus.

Fun Factory Amorino is a miniature rabbit vibrator and the end curves inwards for g-spot stimulation.

It has the small clitoris nub, so it could be used safely for anal play too if you wanted (obviously take the band off first).

The curve is perfect for prostate play. It has 6 different patterns and intensity settings. It is very easily controlled like other Fun Factory toys.

There are 3 buttons, the red fun button for turning it on and off and the plus and minus buttons that take you through the modes and vibration strengths.

And the fun button even flashes when it needs you to press it if you are trying to turn it on with the wrong button.

The toy comes with a bit of charge in it and takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge.  I hate magnetic chargers generally, but Fun Factory click and charge have a good strong magnetic connection that isn’t at all annoying.

sex toy Fun Factory Amourino Duel Stimulation
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Amorino


The Strange Band – Fun Factory can explain how it is supposed to work.

“The gently taut silicone stimulation band is placed between the softly rounded tip and the side bud for clitoral arousal.

It externally stimulates the Venus mound (mons) and the vaginal lips (inner and outer labia) – this little detail ensures levels of excitement of a special kind.

The Amorino is the first vibrator ever to use a silicone band to transmit vibrations all around the external erogenous zones. The string is removable and can be adjusted to create different sensations.”

I can understand the science behind it, as you can feel the vibrations being conducted from tip to tip along the string.

You could just experiment with that externally.  It definitely gives you other options, you could position it to surround your labia.

What else do I like About the Amorino? 

I like its uniqueness, a rarity in this industry.  Though I am not sure others will follow behind.   For me, it is just an accessory.  A very interesting, nice one, but the toy is good enough on its own.

Fun factory toys have really good motors.

Even though the toy is small it still packs way more power than a lot of full-sized vibrators that cost more.

You could also turn the toy around and rub the smooth back against your clitoris for the dispersed kind of sensation I prefer.

The vibrations are pretty strong and comparable to the other mini vibes in the Fun Factory range.

Personally, I prefer the lower settings as they are felt at a deeper level.  On its higher settings, it is fairly buzzy.  There are 6 patterns, as I mentioned, a good amount and there is something for everyone.

Even though I can take or leave the band, this is a welcome addition to the range.

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