Fun Factory Big Boss – Look How Big It Really Is!

So, the Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrator finally arrived from Adultsmart pro-Bono for an honest review.  Big Boss is part of the G5 (Generation 5) range from Fun Factory. Which really just means stronger vibrations than previous models, a better battery life. As well as the buttons on the handle (and the handle itself) being updated. After opening it I saw that it came in the same packaging as my other Fun Factory sex toys.

Why is it Called Big Boss? 

Opening the box I saw why this silicone sex toy had earned its name.

  • Measuring 9″ overall and insert-able up to 7″ with a  1 ¾” girth.
  • Boss has a well pronounced phallic head with these gorgeous ridges up the shaft. These ridges are almost vein-like but not quite.
  • Thickness of the Boss is almost the same throughout the entire insert-able portion.
  • 5.5″ in circumference being the largest.
  • 5.25″ in circumference being the smallest.
  • Handle portion of the Big Boss has an opening for finger placement. It’s big enough to fit my first two fingers inside, which are 3.5″ in circumference.

First thing everyone says when they first lay eyes on the Big Boss, is….

Will Fun Factory Big Boss Fit Inside of Me? 

If you use it with lubricant, you should be fine for most intermediate to advanced toy users. You may find you need a significant warm up before using the Big Boss is comfortable.

I then felt the Fun Factory Big Boss and read its instructions. It is made of a pure medical grade silicone material along the insert-able portion of the shaft and the base is a white plastic handle.

There are two color options a bright orange and a black. I was sent the orange version that I must say is very bright. Touching the silicone I found it to be not as smooth as other silicone sex toys.  Silicone must be quite thick as it has a little bit of give to it.

Fun Factory Big Boss
SHOP ONLINE: Funfactory

Charging the Big Boss

Fun Factory Big Boss did not come charged up. Instructions suggested that the first time charging could take up to 8 hours. I put it on the ‘smart click and charge’ which is a little magnetic up that connects to the two diodes on the sex toy.

When it connected the controls blinked yellowy lights – when it was fully charged the lights went out. It took about 2 and a half hours to fully charge. Fun Factory say when fully charged it may give up to 4 hours continuous use. But I found it was more around the 2 hour mark.

Hey I wasn’t timing it so it is a pretty rough estimate.

All Fun Factory Toys are pretty easy to use

With the simple + button to turn it on and once on to up the vibrations speeds and the.  – to lower the vibrations speeds or if you hold it for a few seconds turn the unit off.

When turning it on you have to hold the + for about 3 seconds before it fires it up. The * button changes the modes and patterns of the vibrations. I have read some reviews that mention that The Boss is not powerful enough in the vibration area.  But I found it to be quite adequate. I also feel that the vibrations may be somewhat reduced because of the thickness of the silicone on this toy.

Other Fun Factory toys I own feel more powerful. But I cannot imagine that they would put a smaller vibrating motor in The Boss. To be quite honest the vibrations feel strongest in the handle where there is not silicone so that is my reasoning.

fun factory big boss
Fun Factory Big Boss Dildo

Big Boss Vibrations

Fun Factory Big Boss vibrations are deep and rumbling just the way I like them. Some of the deepest rumbles I have ever used and seen.

It is also is one of the quiet Fun Factory Toys. Again I guess because of the thickness of the silicone. So if you have someone asleep beside you I would not turn it on as it may wake them. But if there is someone next door you can safely use it without them knowing what you are doing.

Fun Factory Big Boss is totally waterproof which makes cleaning it a lot easier. You can simply run water over it in the sink and use some light detergent between uses. My suggestion would be to store it in a silk pouch or lint free toy box between uses. Silicone material used tends to attract lint if left unprotected in your undies drawer.

Using the Big Boss

Fun Factory Big Boss handle allows you to curl an index finger in the loop of the handle comfortably for long periods of time, whether using the toy on yourself or partner. 

This is so important. 

There’s nothing worse than getting a sore hand or forearm when all you need to do to finish is thrust just that little bit harder.  Battery life is really good. On average, it lasts me around 3 hours of use (different sessions of course ((unless you’re into that)) before I have to charge it again.

I had to warm myself up before I could take the girth of the Big Boss so for any size queens out there it is a great toy to use. I loved using the Fun Factory Big Boss as the shape when inside just felt right. Big Boss leaves you with the satisfying feeling of being “full”.

I orgasmed multiple times using it the first time

Would highly recommend this. Curve of the Fun Factory Big Boss, paired with it’s prominent glans is designed to rub straight against the G Spot.

If you were hoping to pair the Big Boss with a clitoral vibe, you better have something strong handy!  Vibrations are SO strong that you won’t be able to feel a lighter vibe on your clit through the vibrations emanating from your vagina.

Pair with a tango or palm power and you’ll be in for some killer blended orgasms!

Only Fun Factory Issue

When it comes to Fun Factory, the ONLY issue I’ve ever had with their products is that their skin is SO matte. 

So trust your body with this one. If you have encountered sensations of drag or friction before with Fun Factory products, I can assure you that the length and width of the Big Boss only makes it worse.

Science. Extra size, extra friction. 

I recently tried using the Fun Factory toy fluid with their products. Found it felt SO nice on the silicone of the toys and made them much smoother during use. Some lubes even make their skin feel ‘grainy’. But I didn’t experience this with the Fun Factory toy fluid.

So, overall I really like the Fun Factory Big Boss. 

Before purchasing the Big Boss, you should look at the size of the toys you already possess.

Is it significantly larger in girth and length? Or only slightly?

I would recommend the Big Boss to anyone who enjoys deep, powerful vibrations and can handle an XL Sex toy

fun factory big boss
Tiger Sex Toy

Grab The Tiger G5 By The Tail And Don’t Let Go!

Let me start by being up front and honest here. I am a huge fan of all the Fun Factory toys so going into this review you could say that I was already influenced to the positive side. So I was excited when Adultsmart sent me the new G5 Tiger from Fun Factory to Review. G5 is just short for Generation 5 of the Fun Factory sex toys.

Reasons I love Fun Factory toys

  • They are innovative.
  • Do not copy other manufacturer’s vibrators and sex toys but create new ones.
  • They have groundbreaking and award winning designs and were the first to create pulsators in the Stronic Range.
  • Also they use quality materials so that you know what you are putting into your body is safe. You are not going to go away with any nasty infections that will certainly damper any reviewer’s day.
  • They are one of the few adult toy companies that do not produce their product in China where it is well known that there are some dodgy operators.
  • German designed and manufacturers and the Germans are renowned for their quality in Electronics and other products.
  • Finally the vibrators are strong. Not like so many others that look promising only to be disappointed by their meek and mild modes and vibration strengths.
  • Fun Factory toys are just such fantastic vibrators for women.
Fun Factory Big Boss
Women & Vibrators

Let’s Get to the Tiger G5 Review

So those are the reasons why I am a massive fan so let’s get into the eye of the Fun Factory Tiger G5 review.

Improved Tiger is the same shape and design as the old one with pronounced lines on the shaft and a bent head at top. Which is realistic as it has a line just below it like a circumcised penis with protrusion at the base. That could be used for clitoral stimulation or if used anally as the indication that you have reached the insertable limit.

Insertable length is about 15cm and girth about 12.5cm. It is made of a soft, beautiful silicone on the shaft and the base where the controls are is solid white plastic. In the middle of the plastic handle a whole has been cut out with a chromed plastic feeling material. Allows better grip when using it whilst inserted.

Fun Factory big boss and Tiger G5 Vibrating
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Tiger G5

Easy to Use 

Controls are easy to use with a plus to turn it on. After you keep it held down for a few minutes. To increase the vibration intensity and a minus to decrease it. There is a red button which is a quick kill switch.

Fun Factory have always been renowned for their vibration strength. Main improvement with Generation 5 is that they have increased that strength – scary stuff.

Click and Charge Method 

Tiger uses the famous  method they pioneered. This simply is a USB cable that plugs into any electronic device with a USB port to charge.

Click n Charge is a pad at the other end of the cable which has two metal diodes that are magnetized that connects to a similar pair of diodes on most Fun Factory toys.  When brought close together they simply click together because of the magnetism and then charge.

I put the charger to my Tiger and allowed it to charge whilst I read the instruction manual. Whilst charging a charging light flashes and when fully charged it turns off.

Fun Factory are one of the only companies that recommend you charge their toys for a full 12 hours before first use. Then use it until the battery is completely depleted. This allows the lithium batteries ‘memory’ to maximize the amount of charge it will hold that will vary between 2-4 hours of continuous use.

So charging it overnight I woke in the morning with a smile on my face

Ready to test the Tiger.  Fun Factory Tiger is a beast. The first four vibration speeds are perfect and essentially are the same deep throbbing that Fun Factory has become famous for. But all hell, flood and tempest are unleashed when you start going above these levels. To say it is a powerful vibrator is an understatement and there are enough vibration speed and modes to satisfy the most demanding sex toy users.

After I had my initial acquaintance with my new friend I ran a nice warm bath to experience the Tiger whilst relaxing as it is completely waterproof. I found that in the warm water I could bring the vibration speeds up to a 6. But could not bring myself to go beyond that.

In the bath I found that the noise – and it is not a quiet toy – was muffled.

Fun Factory Has Another Winner 

All in all my initial thoughts were confirmed that Fun Factory has put out another winner.

With all Fun Factory sex toys you must store them in a silk bag or some other storage system that will keep them lint free. So that you do not have to clean it before each use.  They are easy to clean and luke warm water with light liquid detergent does the trick.

Once again thanks to Adultsmart for the toy to review.  Fun Factory is one of the great sex toy companies with their exceptional sex toys.



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  1. I am keen to buy one for prostate play however I hear the silicone is really draggy? does it provide an uncomfortable drag or do you just need to lube this toy a lot?

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