Road Side Police Fuck – It’s A Frisky Business!

They say it only happens in the movies.  It doesn’t as I had my very own road side cop fuck!! It had been a long night, my mate and I had had a movie night with a few beers.  Nothing special, but my mate was hot and also unavailable.

So I’d been pretty horny most of the night – more so after a few beers.  It was a pretty straight forward way home to Penrith.  I’ll freely admit I was daydreaming about my mate. His skin and wicked smile, his facial fuzz and his tracksuit pants which did nothing to try and hide what appeared to be a decent dick bulge.

I was horny and trying to get home.

Didn’t notice the police car on the side of Northern Road, Penrith until I saw the lights flashing behind me. Needless to say I was slightly irritated. I pulled over and he curiously parked in front of me and turned off his flashing lights.

Didn’t think much of it until he stepped out of the car and started towards my window. He was hot. My cock sprang back up of its own accord and I wound my window down. He shone his flashlight into the car, checking for other occupants or whatever it is that they do when they randomly stop you.

I could have sworn the light froze on my crotch for half a second too long.

‘Licence mate, I clocked you going 66 in a 60 zone’.

I groaned and reached over for my wallet as he walked around the back of my car. I was holding my license when he came back.

‘What’s that on your back seat?’ He said.

I looked over and saw that I’d left a gay DVD I’d just got from an Adult Lifestyle Centre on the backseat. Had thought it might get my mate going that night but it didn’t.

Still, it was one of my favorites and I wasn’t letting it go. My night was clearly going splendidly – NOT.

road side cop fuck

“It’s just a book”, I said.

He forcefully said, ‘Get out of the car!”

I started to protest.

He said, “Get out of the car now.,” and his hand went over the holster of his pistol. This time it was said much more firmly and in a no nonsense attitude. I thought to myself this is getting a bit serious so complied.

‘Stand beside the car and put your hands on the roof.’

Do you have any drugs on you or in the car?’ He asked.

I shook my head and said,”No”, and buried my head  onto the car roof. Hoping that he wouldn’t find the pills taped under my seat that I had scored for tomorrow night’s party.  He quickly and methodically checked the car, popped the boot and rummaged around. Poked around in the front seat and grabbed something from the glove box and then started checking the back seat.

He pulled out my gay dvd and started flipping it over.

Pausing and looking at a couple of the photos on the cover with his flashlight. I looked over and couldn’t help but check him out. His face was clean shaven and his hair trimmed neatly,  Early thirties with the arrogance of an 18 year old, his nose twitched and his throat bobbed as he swallowed.

‘You sure you haven’t got anything on you’? His firm voice interrupted my thoughts.

I again shook my head and said, “No Officer.”

Within seconds of me replying he was behind me

Firmly pushing my legs apart as he started to search me. His hands started with my ankles and quickly moved their way up, I couldn’t help it.

I was horny and my cock stood to attention after having been denied fun all night.  Letting out a soft, quick moan. His movement paused for a second and before I knew it his hands brushed over my rock hard cock.

And paused there and I had to wonder where this was going.

road side cop fuck
Police Men Kissing

I didn’t resist and I couldn’t resist. He’d sensed that I’d wanted him.  For fucks sake my cock was on display beneath my shorts the entire time. A large point that I’m sure he didn’t miss.

Road Side Cop Fuck 

His hands were still around my cock. He began squeezing my balls and feeling it – I tensed. Hoping that he’d do more. I could feel his breathing on the back of my neck.

There was a slight jangle as he undid his belt.  I knew what was about to happen.  He released my cock and jerked my shoulder around to face him. Wordlessly I slid to my knees and closed my eyes. I didn’t even see his cock as he slid it into my mouth and pushed it deep.

It slid to the back of my throat and I sucked it hungrily and aggressively. My tongue darting and dashing wildly around his cock head as I pulled it in and out and deep.

He was using my mouth to milk  his cum slowly.

I didn’t think, I just did. My mates face came into my mind as I sucked, I imagined that it was him. It was an average cock but that hardly bothered my hunger, my need and my thirst.

I sucked that cops cock for all it’s worth right there on the side of the road as he stood there and held it for me. When he’d had enough he pulled me up by the chin, twisted me back around and handcuffed me.

I was confused and said, “What’s going on?”

He paused for a moment. Then he pushed me towards the bonnet and pushed me down so my upper body was lying on  it.

He ripped down my pants and buried his face in my ass.

My cock twitched and started dripping over the warm bonnet.  I loved my ass being tongued. He was spitting in my ass and rimming it.  Then shoved his finger into my hole, it didn’t sound pretty – sex rarely does.

He sounded like a pig rummaging through the trough grunting and slurping and eating whilst I moaned heavily and didn’t budge.  I couldn’t move with him against me.  Was only half aware of what was happening – it was like trying to snap awake.

He was there for a while, making sure my hole was hot and ready.

Whacked on a condom, threw the wrapper on the bonnet. He obviously got it from somewhere inside my car. Maybe the glove box where I normally keep my sex accessories.

He ripped my head back by the hair and shoved his cock in.  I was Being Fucked By A Cop on the side of the road.  A little too roughly and i winced in pain. But he held me firm and continued to fuck me.  As my asshole relaxed I started to get that familiar pleasure and warmth trembling through my body.

My little car groaned under each of his merciless thrusts. But they were nothing compared to my own cries. It didn’t take him long.

Must have been a slow night, and as he whipped his cock out and tore off the condom.

His cock in my ass was replaced by his finger.

He stroked his cock as he plowed my hole and the jets of cum squirted onto the side of my car.  Four long spurts. He was done.

Wordlessly, he redid his belt, unlocked my handcuffs so my hands were free and started back for his car.

‘Get your brake lights fixed’ he said.

He disappeared into his car and as his he drove off I was left to wonder what the fuck just happened.  It didn’t take me long.  Grabbed my cock and soon my cum joined his on the edge of my car. Dripping happily onto the side of Northern Road at Penrith.

I hope I meet another cop like this one some day soon for sex in cars.

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