A Plumber Cleaned My Pipes

I knew I needed to have him as soon as I saw the way his erection remained there, all stubble and scruff, all masculine man.  I was going to have him right here in the pool.   I was finally at the end of my latest erotic story!

Ding, dong!  I walked to the door to be met with a buff tradie.  That’s right, I had called the plumber.

“I’ve come to fix your hot water system love,” he said, a line straight out of a porn film almost.

I may have been insusceptible to his tough charms had I not quite recently spent the morning remembering my most recent story of sex and temptation. Anyhow my characters were so genuine to me, the circumstances I made so striking in my creative ability, the physical impact was as extreme as though I was in that spot. Truth be told, I couldn’t complete a story without needing to relieve myself sexually, since I didn’t have a spouse or partner to deal with my longings. I generally play with myself however, until after my characters had been fulfilled as well – so my own craving, my own frantic softening needs, would decipher into the story I was composing.

That is precisely where I’d been the point at which he’d thumped on the entryway – going to the peak of the scene, soggy and sticky between the legs, yearning to be touched. I’d been five minutes from bringing my loyal sex toy companion to bring me to my own particular peak as I re-read the scene – similar to completing each new attractive story. So then I ended up gazing at this delightful muscular man, my heart hustling, my body shouting out to be touched, thinking about whether he’d been sent as a celestial intercession to see to my each need with his whopping hard-on for all to see.

“It’s through here in the kitchen,” I murmured.

He followed my guiding hand toward my little kitchen where he continued to begin emptying his tools and looked at the hot water systen. He’d scarcely looked at me. I looked down. Obviously he hadn’t, I was wearing my scruffy track pants, had my slippers on with not a scrap of cosmetics.

“Umm, how long do you think it will take?” I asked.

“About an hour or something like that,” he replied, not looking up.

“Alright, well I was just about to go in the shower.  Do you have to turn the hot water off while you work on it or can I have one and I’ll pop the pot on after for a cup of tea.” I said.

I hoped that the mention of me having a shower may inspire a response.  Never before had I tried so hard for a man to see thru my sordid ambitions. However nothing.

He said, “Nah, off you go love.  I don’t need to turn it off’.

I rushed upstairs and showered, fighting the temptation to wait there to make sure that he understood that I was in carnal need for a man and that I wanted him to do it.  That, obviously, prompted pictures of him in the shower with me, washing me up and down, running his hands over my skin.It was turning me on so much I put my fingers down there and began to play with myself.  Within moments I was moaning and came within minutes.

Getting out from the shower stark naked I contemplated walking straight down to him in my birthday suit still wet with the waters from the shower and the gushing that had happened between my legs, but I couldn’t be so conspicuous.  Tossing myself at him like that might just scare him away.  He had not shown any interest thus far – for all I knew he might like men rather than women.  A bit of discretion and gentle reconnaissance to determine whether there is actual interest is required.

Drying myself and wrapping the towel around myself I went to my room.  There I stood stark naked before my mirror whilst I applied my make up, glamming myself up.  I chose a purple G-String with matching lace bra.  Then I put on my black fishnets and a short black skirt.  Finally I put on my red shirt and kept unbuttoned the top three buttons to ensure that my cleavage and part of the bra were exposed. Making sure everything was in place I strolled back to the kitchen.  He was working on the pipes under the sink and I stood just to the left of him so if he by chance looked up he would be able to see up my skirt and my purple panties.


Man Fixing Sink

“Bugger about that stupid hot water system. How’s it going?” I remained beside him, hand on hip, legs sufficiently open to demonstrate a clue of purple trim and eager breasts inside them.

“It’s all fine love,” he replied without actually gazing upward.

“Would I be able to get you some tea, or perhaps an nespresso?” I asked, putting the pot on.

Good gracious this was a great deal harder than I thought it would be.  It always just fell into place with the erotic stories that I generally composed.   made him some tea and strolled once more through to my office, just outside the kitchen feeling deflated and defeated. He’d not even made an attempt to look at me and I was pulling out all the bells and whistles.

At that point it struck me. I couldn’t get off yet – because I hadn’t completed my story yet. I closed the door sat on my writing seat and opened my portable dell computer, re-energized. Perusing the last passage I’d composed once more. The two principle characters were separated from everyone else in the pool. His mouth was on her breast, his tongue circumnavigating her erect areola as his hand slipped into her swimsuit bottoms, his finger teasing her swollen clit.

I took off my fishnets and purple G-String and sat down whilst my own hand made the actions of the male character and tenderly massaged my sweet spot as my breath began to come out in gasps. The female character kept on stroking the mans throbbing erection under the water as he pushed a finger inside her, then two and them more. I groaned as my character groaned. I felt hotness climbing to my cheeks and wetness between my legs as I began to fuck my pussy with my now soaking wet fingers.

My hips began to thrust in my seat and continued to type with just one one hand. I was great at writing with one hand whilst playing with the other having had lots of practice.  I lifted one leg up on my desk so that my fingers could work more easily doing their erotic dance inside my cunt. When my characters could take no more, he slipped his hands under her butt and lifted her up, her legs wrapping around his waist.

I emulated each development, each inclination, in awesome erotic detail. I copied how he pulled her so that his bottom was facing her and I bent over my office desk and discovered her succulent opening with the head of his penis with my favorite sex toy as a substitute. I copied how he pushed it inside her gradually, and how she constrained it in by pulling herself onto him. I acted out the force of his legs to push into her, and imagined the water sprinkling, surrounding them as they fucked in the pool, how her bosoms, now free from the bounds the two-piece top, bobbed all over with each push whilst my juggs escaped the constraints of my bra and I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled off my skirt. When they inevitably arrived at their sexual climax I awoke from my sexual dream and began to pick up my skirt and shirt.

Plumber Sex
Erotic Plumber

He had been watching me all this time, his mouth was wide open, he said nothing.  I was by this time too far gone to feel disgrace, or shame, I put my clothes down and turned my seat so it was facing him, and opened my legs wide in welcome to him, allowing him to watch me as I rubbed my clit, dipping a finger inside myself each few seconds, moaning with delight.

He stood for a few minutes and then walked to me and said,  “Need a hand love?” His voice rough and croaky. I looked down at his pants and saw that he had a huge erection so it was obvious that no my recon was needed and I said , “Lover I need cock more than a hand,”

I unfastened his zip pleased to find he was going commando. His hard dick sprang out and up, prepared for activity and he moaned as I took it in my free hand and started stroking, keeping on playing with myself in the meantime. I tasted his tip of the head of his penis with my tongue and tasted pre-cum as I stroked him here and there, his profound groans setting off new flames of need and desire deep inside me.

I stood and kissed him, and he kissed me back, hard. Our tongues dancing, our lips crushing up against one another in a craze of passion. I couldn’t hold up, I required him to be in me. I pushed my body to his, and afterward he  spun me around and put a hand on my back, twisting me over my work area so my ass was facing up. He doubtlessly saw my wet pink pussy throbbing with juices. He kept a hand on my back, pushing my head down on the desk, as he pushed hard inside me with no warning.

“Lover yes!” I shouted out.

This was what I’d needed. This was what I’d required. This was what I fucking deserved! He began pumping into me, his erect penis long, thick, and hard, filling me impeccably however sliding effortlessly in my wetness. The work area was cool against my exposed stomach, my bosoms squashed against the hard wood. I slipped a hand between my legs and rubbed my beating clit as he pumped increasingly hard, deeper and deeper, his balls slapping against me. I pushed once more against him with every stroke, requiring him considerably deeper still, my entire body buzzing with an electric heartbeat of delight.

I turned my head to one side and there was my portable computer, still open on the story I’d just completed. As I felt my body start to go towards its peak of passion, I read the last line, my characters at it in the pool, her breasts ricocheting here and there as she rode him. I at last give up and permitted the waves of climax to claim me, shouting out as the repairman fucked me. My hot water man snorted and snarled like an animal, his hands grasping her hips as the repairmen grabbed mine pulling me much harder onto him, pumping increasingly hard, hitting me against him, the skin of my butt slapping into him, until in the end he climaxec, shouting out spurting his liquid inside me.

I grinned as I lay there, satisfed and fulfilled finally. I knew precisely what my next story would be!!!



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