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Like all ordinary penis pumps, the Pump Worx Max-Width is simple to use. Start off by placing some lubricant on your penis and around the entry ring of the cylinder. The use of lubricant helps to decrease types of friction when using the penis pump and also assists in securing the seal. All you have to do is simply insert your penis into the acrylic tube and begin pumping the two-finger pull system. The two finger system gives people more grip on the sex toy so that you don’t experience slippage. The penis enlargement vacuum system has a cylinder which is 8″ long and is 2.5″ in diameter. The cylinder of the penis pump has been made so that a lot of different type’s of penises can fit inside the tube without having to worry about constrictions. There is also a softer ring on the base of the acrylic tube which will act like a cock ring and an air tight seal whilst you are using it. The seal will maintain the blood flow and hold the vacuum which has been created as you have pumped.

After a suitable erection is accomplished, a cock ring may be connected at the base of the penis in order to hold blood inside the penis subsequently serving to keep up the erection whilst you are having sexual intimacy.  This is a preferred method for those suffering from erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction disorders.  I feel the Pump Worx Penis Pumps are worth a look at because they are of great quality, reliable development and affordable pricing. Pipedream the sex toy company makes Pump Worx products and are a bestselling brand.


Max-Width Penis Enlarger
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Benefits of the Pump Worx Mac-Width Penis Pump

  • Made by a sex toy household brand named Pipedream. Pipedream sex toys are always made with great quality and comes with a warranty. They have a huge range of sex toy product’s.
  • Since the penis pump measures 8″ long and 2.5″ in diameter any type of penis cant fit inside the device without any problems. The size also allows for large amounts of penis growth to fulfill your needs.
  • The seal is tight with holds the pressure inside the penis pump effectively so you don’t have to constantly worry about using the penis enlargement system incorrectly.
  • The finger pumping device allows ease of use, the pressure inside the pump will build up quickly with low amounts of effort.

Cons of the Pump Worx Mac-Width Penis Pump

  • Many men are close to 7 inches length and the length of this does not allow for too much growth., You many contemplate switching over to one of the more expensive and custom designed pumps such as the bathmate or the LAPump that you can easily use in the shower.


When using this pump you need to use some lube on your penis so it goes into the sleeve effectively. Once on your penis you should simply begin pumping using the easy finger trigger. Actually, I like the pump-trigger  as it provides me  with more control and it is genuinely easy to use. You pump it up and after a few pumps you will start to see that your penis is expanding in size, as well as getting completely engorged with blood. An erection was achieved easily whilst using the device.

When I finished, my penis did seem thicker and longer as well. The pump truly served to get a great amount of blood to and through my penis and keep it there for quite a while thereafter. Generally, I found that using this pump was a charm and my erection looked and felt as large as they could conceivably be!


Pump Worx has made a decent showing with this specific penis pump. It does precisely what it should do, and all with no issues. It offers a straightforward release valve, a trigger style pumping framework, and a tough vacuum cylinder. If you are serious about growing your penis or getting help to attain to the greatest erections conceivable, then this pump could be for you but I advise getting a more professional pump like the LA Pump that has different sized cylinders that you can purchase as you grow and a more powerful vacuum.


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