Gay Gang Bang Party Felcher!

Milk Spilling Over Himself

So I had been invited to a Gay Gang Bang Sex Party and I had been nominated as the bottom. Sure I had anal sex before but the thought of being drilled and pounded by a group of horny men really appealed to me. So off I went, dressed down and ready and went to the address specified. I think I found it really appealing that all these different types of men of all different ages and backgrounds just wanted to orgasm with my body. I love being sexually the centre of people’s attention and I love milking a man’s seed.  I really like the idea of being used for someone else’s pleasure.

Ringing the doorbell I was surprised to see that the action was already happening in the living room when I got there, there was another bottom already there getting drilled. I was feeling a sense of envy, I was kind of mad because I was told I would be the only bottom there but then the guy at the door indicated to me to get on my knee’s and start sucking the tops’ cocks in preparation to demolish my kindred bottom. The command turned me on and a began to get hard straight away. They were going to use me and all I wanted to do was milk them and feel their warmth inside of me.

Milk Spilling Over Himself

I started doing this but seeing these hunky guys pounding the bottom and then throwing out cocks that spluttered and spurted rich cum all over his back started to get me really horny. Sure I had also sucked a cock or two in my life but now I saw the opportunity of trying something new and soon as I saw an opening, I grabbed the top that was just pulling his cock out of the bottoms ass, shoved and sucked that cock like I was a vacuum cleaner. His leg’s began shaking as he used my mouth by forcing his cock down my throat as deep as it could possibly go. I gagged on his cock and he moaned.

His butt clenched tight as he started to cum and I felched his cock dry, trying to take down every single drop of that precious semen. Not only did my strategy work in doing my first hardcore felch but the other guys must have been really turned on with the zest and vigor that I undertook this task and the line-up for the bottom was less than the amount of lovely men with their cocks out masturbating over me.

All the men surrounded me as they masturbated. A man I couldn’t see was grabbing my ass and dragging his had down my legs, he placed his hard cock upon my body as it leaked precum. I grabbed the nearest cock and started sucking it as I felt the first warm jism spurting in my face as one of my mystery men started to ejaculate over me. He must have started a chain reaction as I started to feel warm spurts splashing all over me and I was having the ultimate bukake shower as the cock in my mouth reached the back of my throat and as I gagged it simultaneously released it’s warm payload down my throat.Everyone was getting off to each other cuming, it was like being in a sex fantasy.

I had become a gay cum bucket with wads of spunk dribbling down my body, it was warm and made me feel good. Having vanquished more than half the men at this gay gang bang sex party I decided in for a penny out for a pound and went down on the other bottoms ass, licking it and sucking out the very last drops of jism left by the gang bangers. Seeing me face down in the other bottoms ass and my rear up in the air must have turned the tops on as within seconds I felt the first hard dick entering my anus and start pounding my open bottom. So my anger subsided as I was supposed to be the bottom and after a great deal of felching I did became the bottom at that gay gang bang sex party after all.



Gay Electro Sex Fury

Connection with Lightbulb

‘So you want to experience some Gay Electro Sex Fury? Get on your knees. You are my submissive and I am your sadist master, don’t you forget it.” I command as the door closes. You obediently drop down and assume the position. “Suck my cock.”  You fish out my hardening cock and stare at it. “You like that ‘pierced cock’ don’t you?”

“Yes sir, I love your hot, pierced cock.”

“Then suck it!”  Taking it into your hot mouth you concentrate on playing with the PA ring with your tongue, moving it back and forth on my cock head. Although it feels fantastic, I soon take your toy away.

“You can have more of that later. Get undressed and present yourself.”

“Yes sir!” you reply.

After you’ve shed your clothes I inspect the goods. “Good, you followed my instructions to shave your balls and around your cock” I say. “If the electrodes on the electro sex toy can’t sit tight against your flesh it burns instead of tingles.”  Grabbing both of your balls with one hand I stretch them down as far as they will go.  “These should do nicely. Just perfect for a little electro play.”

“Oh, please” you moan.


“Oh please wire up my cock sir!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to that” I reply. “But first let’s pay some attention to these nips.” Releasing your balls, I begin to tweak and chew on your nipples, getting them nice and hard an eliciting a low moan. Releasing them from my mouth I coat them with some lube and place snakebites on them. As I squeeze and release, it sucks on your nipple.

“ah… ah… AH…” you moan.

LA Pump Deluxe Package

I begin using my LA penis pump and by the second pump it heightens the sensation as the vacuum increases. “That should make sure those bad boys are ready for some serious play later” I say as you feel your nipples, swelling bigger than you’ve ever felt them before. Moving down your body I stretch a cock ring tight around your cock and balls. “That should keep them at attention for a while” I say. “Better be sure you’re good and hard before we start.” I bend down and slide your cock into my mouth, causing another involuntary moan to escape from your lips. Working my tongue around the head to get it good and wet, I move forward and take your whole cock into my throat in one smooth motion.

“Oh god!” you gasp. “Don’t stop.”

I stick out my tongue and lick your balls, making you moan. To make sure you don’t get carried away I grab your balls and stretch them out until you gasp. Taking my mouth off your cock I sit you down for your electro session. “Ready to have your cock shocked?” I ask with a mischievous smile.

“I’ve been ready since the first time you e-mailed me and mentioned electro. Since then I’ve woken up at night with my hard cock throbbing thinking about it. I’ve driven past my house because I was distracted thinking about it. I’m way past ready already.”

“Good! We’ll start with this electrode. It will make it seem like your whole groin is vibrating.” I say as I lube and wrap a rubber electrode around your balls and the base of your cock. I lubricate a second electrode that looks like a metal ball on a rubber stick. “This one will sit right on your prostate. I guarantee you’ve never felt anything like it before in your life” I say with a smile as I slide it into your ass.

“I can’t believe this is going to actually happen!” you say as I hook the electrodes to the power box.

“Oh it’s happening” I reply with a smile. “But first some ground rules. If you want me to stop at any time just say the word ‘stop’ or ‘off.’ If you want me to back off the power say ‘back off.’ ‘More’ should be self explanatory. Are you ready?”

“Damn straight I’m ready – bring it on!”

Controlled Stimulator Kit

I flip the switch on. “Everything feel OK?” I ask.

“I don’t feel anything yet”

“Oh don’t worry, you will. Just let me know if there are any hot spots or places where it stings more than others” I say as I turn up the power. “Let me know when you start to feel it.”

“I’m feeling a little tingle.”

“Now it’s more of a buzz.”

“Wow – that’s amazing!”

“You want more?” I ask.

“More” you beg. “Harder sir… Please shock my cock harder!”

I turn up the power until your cock is bouncing with each jolt of electricity exciting the nerves of your cock and balls. I play with the power and frequency to keep you on edge. “You like that?”

“Holy shit!” you exclaim as as your brain struggles to comprehend the pleasure washing over your groin.

“Time to up the ante.” I say as I back off the power to let you catch your breath. Meanwhile I prepare to add another electrode. I take some sterile lube and squirt it directly into your slit and work it down inside your piss hole, running my hand down your cock to force it lower into your dick. After you’re lubed up I line the electrode up with your slit and slowly slide it in until the base is resting on your cock-head. “If you liked it before, you’re going to LOVE this!” I exclaim. “Ready?”

“Hell yeah” you say as I turn the power back on.

“Aaaaaah” you call as you struggle to catch your breath.

“Want more?”


“Good – I knew you could take it. Let’s see how much of a shock your cock can take. I’m going to slowly turn it up” Grabbing the power box I reduce the time between shots to zero. It is know just one continuous buzz across your cock and ass. Then I start to turn the power up. “Let me know if you need me to turn it down or off” I remind you.

“Let… Me… Have… It” you say, each word punctuated by a sharp breath as you have to concentrate on speaking due to the strength of the sensations coming from your cock and ass. “…Harder!” “Unghhhh!” you gasp as waves of pleasure and pain roll over you as your cock, bouncing with the waves, drips pre-cum. It’s like your whole being is vibrating and buzzing, rendering you incapable of rational word or thought. There’s nothing in the world but your cock – it’s like your entire body’s been turned into one giant cock. Moving up your body I take a snake bite off and start sucking on your engorged nipple, biting it harder as I turn up the power.

“Aaaaaargh” you moan as you lose yourself in the moment. The buzz in your ass, the zing all up and down your cock, the squeezing in your nuts, and the sharp shots of my teeth on your nipple do their work and you experience an out of body moment. It’s like you’re floating above the scene, awash in pleasure. Another twist of the knob brings you back to earth as even more power is applied across your prostate and up the length of your cock. “Ah… ah… ah…” you stutter as your orgasm starts to build. “I’m going to… to…. to… CUM!!!!” you shout as shot after shot of hot cum forces it’s way past the intruding electrode and shoots into the air. “Aaaargh” you gurgle as I reduce the power back to a light tingle then turn it completely off.

“How was that?”

“Fucking incredible! Even though it’s turned off I can still feel the buzzing as if it’s still going”

“Don’t worry, it will go away. In the mean time get over here and clean my cock. I’m leaking so much I’m making a mess.”

“Instead of cleaning it up, why don’t you work it up my ass?”

“I like the way you think” I reply. “You know I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my cock up an ass while it’s having spasms from an electro onslaught to the cock and balls. Maybe next time we’ll try that.”

“Um – sounds great!” you say as my cock slides into your ass and the PA hits your prostate.

“Sounds absolutely great! And thanks for the Gay Electro Sex Fury!





Raped In The Navy

Navy Boat

This is what happened!   I had to report to the navy ship Labor Day weekend per my orders after graduating being just 18 years of age. Upon arriving to the ship I was greeted to a dirty looking ship, wasn’t anything I imagined. The on duty officer informed me that I wasn’t actually due till Tuesday because of the holiday and that there wasn’t anyone to sign me in. He said they could store my sea bag and other items but I couldn’t stay on board. A group of  shipmates were leaving the ship and were waiting close by the gangplank and over heard the conversation. They invited me to go hang out with them for the weekend. I thought this was a nice bunch of guys wanting to hang out with me and I chose to go with them.

Now the station of the ship is in Earle, NJ and is very close to New York City. We took a bus into NYC and we got adjoining rooms at the Army and Navy hotel. These guys were fairly cool, although they didn’t really add me into all to their conversations, but I was new and didn’t really mind. After a while we started drinking. After a few mixed drinks for some reason I blacked out. I have drank enough to know my limit and that was way too early for me to even black out. Honestly I have never blacked out before or even in the years after that I have drank. I woke up startled kind of groggy with the feeling of warmth and like I was with a woman. I looked up and one of my shipmates was masturbating above my face, another shipmate was performing oral sex to me while another one was doing it to him and around there were men’s sex toys.

I freaked out, pushed him off me and struggled to get to my feet. My pants and underwear were pulled down to my ankles and I was dizzy and confused. I was screaming, crying and finally made it to the bathroom, the whole time they were telling me it was just a joke, nothing happened, come back. I hid myself in the bathroom and washed my face over and over again. I was feeling so dirty. I was grossed out. I had never experienced such a thing before. I was scared to death. They kept telling me that it was all right, come out of the bathroom. It was just something they do to all the new guys. This went on for hours, I was so shocked, and scared I refused to come out. I ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor and when I got up they let me leave. They said that if I told they would deny it and then find and kill me. I took a bus out of the city and stared out the window confused.

I was treated like the enemy, was yelled at told I was a liar, mamma’s boy and that I was home sick. The whole time I was disgusted with myself. The commander told me that it was because I drank and I was lucky to not get in trouble for underage drinking that I thought was ridiculous as I was old enough to fight and die in war but not old enough to drink a Bud.   I was given a bunk and locker and told to store my stuff and to shut up and never speak again about my drunken lies.


Male Victim Depressed

For a few days I tried acting normal, but it was very difficult to do. Everyone ignored me and that made things even harder. I was given a job helping maintain the back half of the ship. Cleaning, picking up, and fixing ropes .Etc. A few of the same shipmates who attacked me worked with me and that also increased my stress level. After about 3 to 4 days it happened to me again. Those who attacked me were known as the twin towers. Both guys were 6ft5 230-250lbs. They pulled me out of my bunk and forced me to perform oral sex. Nobody who slept beside me tried to help at all. They were just as scared as I was.

In the morning I reported it to the Master at Arms and once again told I was a liar, this doesn’t happen on this ship, to let it go and return back to work.  He even called me a sissy. This continued to be an every night thing, dragged out of bed, 2 to 6 shipmates would take turns sexually assaulting me, forced me to endure horrible acts to them or to myself. I would every day report it and every day but I was told to leave and go to work. After a few weeks I was so terrified and couldn’t get anyone to help me I attempted to hang myself. I used a cord and made a knot but it didn’t work. What i got was a bruised neck and wound in my face from the bulkhead.  When the guys released me I got no sympathy but was told to go to the sick bay where I was basically ignored. I was tired, alone, scared, prepared to die. I was messing up badly in my work, falling asleep, reporting late since I was drained and tired so was getting reprimanded and disciplined as well.

I had nobody that would listen to me, I was alone and dealing with rapes and acts done to me that no one should ever endure! Finally ashamed, beaten, and lost beyond belief I called home. My family told me to do the one thing they always told me never to do, leave! So I packed some things walked off the ship and went AWOL, took a bus home where I divulged what had happened to me.

My father took me to meet our Congressman John Petterson from Utica, NY. I shared my story with him. At this time I still couldn’t share all the sordid details with my family since I was ashamed and felt in some way it was my fault and that somehow I let them down. The Congressman said “off the record, don’t go back until its safe”, so I didn’t. I stayed U/A.  The congressman instigated a massive Congressional Investigation on my behalf and many other victims came forward.  It became a media circus.   Although my name was never mentioned, I was known as ‘Victim E” in the Navy Sex scandal I began to fear for my life.  This behavior in the Armed Services was more common place than I had ever imagined

I started hiding out in garages, abandoned buildings, anywhere else rather than home and nowhere long enough that they could find me. I was always looking over my shoulder as the ranking officers that were aware that this was happening and took no action were being investigated and brought to answer for their crimes.  I however though I would put my family in trouble if stayed at home. I was shoplifting food and more to survive. There was no victims support whilst the investigation was in full swing and finally I go into trouble with the law arrested for petty larceny and was released on bail.  It wasn’t long till I was spiraling out of control turning to alcohol and drugs to try and forget the pain that was tormenting my soul on a daily basis.  My crimes got worse and finally I was sent to jail.

I am now doing my time but am still tormented as the perpetrators of these brutal crimes on me were removed from the service but I have never been told whether or not they served time.  The Officers were publicly criticized for their inaction and severely reprimanded but were not outed and to this day my old Commander still serves.  Now awaiting my appeal and for the first time in years clean and sober still to this day I can’t take my pants down without remembering the terrible ordeal.

Host The Best Gay Sex Party!

Gay Sauna

Ever thought a night out with your gay partner is not going to be great? You can be proven wrong. Why not go to a  gay sexy party as it is one of the best parties you will ever attend and have fun to the max. Appreciating who we are (gays) and what makes us come together, organize events and parties that make us feel good about ourselves and out sexuality. I managed to host a gay sex party last year and believe me; it was one of the wildest and best parties I have ever had the pleasure of being at. I realized there are a number of things that you need to incorporate or do in a gay sex party for it to be great. The following are some of the most important things I thought to consider before my hosting or going to a gay sex party.

Last year’s party was my first gay sex party and the fact that it was held in my place, I came to realize that a gay party is actually better when there are a good number of participants. It felt great to see friends and acquaintances from all over the my college having fun. Choice of music and the drinks was important to create the right mood. There were almost fifty people and thank God my back-yard was big enough to accommodate such a number. We did organize everything early enough before the party to not get stressed, everything was set right including the drinks.  We hired a Dj from our local gay club who kept the music rocking throughout the party night plus finger food and decorations.


Man Dressed as Unicorn

You can’t invite people if you do not know them as you want to ensure that all the guest will be safe and nothing will be damaged or stolen. The people that attended my gay sex party which I hosted are actually people I had met with earlier in gay clubs around town, some friends from social networking sites like facebook, twitter and of course my college friends. Through the continuous interaction in the clubs and social media I did establish some great connections making sure first that they were interested in attending my gay sex party that eventually resulted in me hosting this fabulous party.

There were a few of my gay close friends in town that I know and  that I usually spend most of my free time with that attended but others did not as they were not into or did not want to participate in such a scene. The theme of the party was ‘bring a friend’  as my total number of people that had accepted my invite was 30 and I wanted it to be a big bash.  They all were really helpful and understanding though when it came to organizing the party and most did bring a friend which made it all the more interesting as there was some fresh meat there and we also got to meet new like minded individuals. We managed to successfully invite gay guys from a cross section of professions and communities and even from other towns mostly by communicating through facebook, posting ads on Reddit,, and personally one-on-one and through a series of phone calls to groups around our neighborhood.

I was mindful to ensure that if there was a gay partnership or marriage that they both knew about the party and that it was OK for them to attend a gay sex party as I certainly did not want to be the one responsible for the break up of a long term gay relationship.  A gay sex party isn’t a party without music and drinks.  For all the gay parties that I have attended, there are three things that are always there that make a good time great time; drinks, music and dancing. Sometimes there is something a little heavier than a drink to perk me up but these three items are essential.

If you want to have real fun at a gay sex party then you need to have some alcoholic drinks and good music and a cleared out place for you to dance with the meat that is there. We did spoil ourselves with all kinds of alcoholic drinks at my first gay sex party and the vodka, whiskey and beer flowed freely as we danced to the sweet music played by the amazing DJ on stage.  I must confess that I did take a magic pill as well that made me sway to the music all the more and find that most of the men attending looked like studs.  Generally we had fun throughout the night and there were no bad incidents to talk about. We had soft drinks set aside for those who did not fancy getting smashed as we didn’t want to disappoint anybody; everyone was having fun with or without alcoholic drinks.

We didn’t just start with the drinking; we did a bit of an introduction of everyone and then swiftly moved in to the real party mode as planned.  I was glad to meet so many of my new gay friends some of whom I had only seen on facebook or heard about from other friends and it was really a great interacting with them. Everyone was getting along splendidly as and once the music started we danced, some of us began to kiss each other whilst swinging  long with the music.  It wasn’t long before some of the guests brought out poppers.  I had never tried poppers before and one of the guests explained to me that I had to inhale it through my nose.  A warm fuzzy feeling came over me and the beat of the music penetrated my whole body that had become relaxed and felt sexy and sweaty.

I noticed that a gay couple had exited the dance area and gone behind some bushes in my garden.  Slowly walking over I was surprised to see that one man was giving the other a blow job.  It was a delightful moment indeed and the mood of the party swung becoming more erotic as some kissed while others were getting  down to the business of the day and theme of the party in various states of undress. It was at that time that I realized that this was going to be a great first gay sex party.


WARNING! Gay Online Date Rape – It Could Happen To You!

Hot Man Photo

It pains me when I narrate this story to you. Don’t be surprised to realize that you could be the first person to read this agonizing ordeal that I went through a couple, of weeks ago. So, when you will be thinking that this is just a fabrication remember that the memories about that bizarre sexual experience are fresh in my mind. I will however try as much as I can to calm down when writing this story since by doing so, it might warn those doing the same or similar or offer some help to those who deserve it.

Something that just started like fun internet dating has turned to be a tormenting thing in my heart and mind that I wish to share with you on this day. If you haven’t tried to date online, please do not attempt it unless you first take safety and precautions – you never know who you are really chatting to. I am not suggesting that online dating in itself is wrong; in fact many have got the love of their lives through internet dating. While that is so, there are those who are tormented and crying just like me, with nobody on their side to help them and no-one to turn to. Having told you that brief introduction, allow me then to narrow down how what seemed to be promises of heaven, later transpired to be an unforgettable bizarre sexual experience from hell.

As a single man, I spend most of my late evenings on my laptop with an alcoholic drink beside me, as I engage with my online friends on a serious note via social media. It happens that of late, I have added a couple of more other social sites on my default panel – singles and dating sites. This particular night, I met one person whom I thought like would quench my thirst for intimacy on one of these sites. It was a lady with a beautiful series of profile photos. It felt right and I felt deep in my heart that I have got what I always had wanted. How lost and mistaken was I. The chat lasted the whole night till dawn the following morning. By the time I was up from my couch, she and I had agreed to meet at a place where she suggested. Granted, I knew the place well but came to realize later that evening that for one to know a place well, you should be able to know all the activities that take place in whatever place you may claim to know at all times.

I drove so fast to the rendezvous anticipating to meet my love later that evening. Upon arrival at the gate in front of this famous Russian club in the suburbs, my car was let in by an energetic handsome young man. From the look of his face, body posture and texture, he was roughly my age. Initially, I thought he was the valet man. The real truth of my bizarre sexual experience will be revealed later.

Have you ever had a bizarre sexual experience? Whereas you may agree with me that things out of your control happen on earth, but there are those you wish that will never happen to you or the people you know. This is one such ordeal. My ‘valet’ made sure that I alighted safely from my car as he showed me the way inside the main room of the club. Inside were smells of soothing fragrances and the area was packed to the full with men, some dressed well whilst others having big muscles, but nowhere could I see that my heavenly date – in fact I could see no women at all.

My internet date had told me to feel at home and have a drink at the bar and she would introduce herself to me. I had posted my true profile picture and what I expected was the same truthfulness from my angel to be. So at the bar I requested a scotch and coke to drink and waited patiently. I was nervous as I could not see her yet but consoled myself that it was not so late and besides, I am waiting for my new girl so I don’t want to fail her by being impatient and driving away. After an elapse of two hours or so however there was no sign of her showing up and I really did not want to drink and drive. It was peculiar that there appeared to be no females entering the club and those at the tables were men.


Dating Online

Finally I decided to dash out and drive home, I had been stood up and was not even going to check my I-Phone to see the reason why. I was angry. As I went outside, the parking was so dense and dark! I looked for my ‘valet’ as there were so many cars and I could not locate mine. Even if I did locate it where were my keys, I would have to go back to find out where the ‘valet’ was and on the way back I saw it. My car, but it had been surrounded by other cars so even if I carried a spare set of keys I could not have driven away. The only option was to go back and asked the doorman where the ‘valet’ was. He pointed to a private room and said to ask from Max. The real scenario began to fall on me – although I wished beyond hope I was mistaken as my online angel was named Maxine – could this just be a coincidence?

The man at the private room who welcomed me patted me down, I guess for weapons. Alarm bells were ringing but what was I to do, my car was blocked in and I needed to get it to escape home. As I entered the room I saw Max – who obviously was not the valet – seated at a table with 4 other men. They had an open bottle of scotch before them, they were drinking and laughing. He appeared relaxed and smiled as I walked over to him. He said, ‘I’m Max and I am sure you have now worked out that you were chatting to me all last night.   Sorry for the deception but I loved your profile photo and just had to meet you.’

It was right –it was the’ lady’ that I talked to the night before. It clocked in my feeble mind and I said, ‘Please give me the keys – I need to get out of here.’

He said, ‘Be that as it may – we have things to talk about and do. Why don’t you have a drink?”

Having a drink was the furthest thing from my mind and I refused but he insisted, ‘It really would be a good idea for you to have a drink – it will go down a lot easier if you do.’

Without my keys or a way to get home what choice did I have so seated myself and had a drink. No sooner had I sat down he started to stroke my leg fondly. I objected immediately and began to get out of my chair when, two more muscular men pushed me forward so that my face was flat against the table. One of the man removed his trench coat, pulled a knife out of his pocket and ordered me to undress fast which I did and I just hoped this was not going to be a sexual experience.

You would not ever contemplate what ensued. As my head was forced onto the table and I slowly removed my trousers Max took my wallet out of my back pocket. He then took my ID out and placed it on the table in front of me and said, ‘I now know who you are and where you live.’ With that he then threw my id next to his own. He said, ‘Now see who I am. I want you to remember it and when or even if you make it home research who I am, always remember I know who you are and where you live.’ I silently prayed this would not become my worst sexual experience. Max, the person I thought would be my new lover and Angel Maxine said all this barely raising his voice but the manner in which he said send cold shivers down my spine. How could this be? Why had this happened to me?


Gay Erotic Story

As my underpants were removed the big man who had me pinned down to the table brought my arms behind my back and placed a pair of handcuffs tightly around my wrist. A padlock with a chain attached was placed on the handcuffs and another man stood on a chair and fed the other end of the chain through an eyelet that was fixed to the roof. This chain was then tightened and my arms were forced upright – the pain in my shoulders was excruciating and forced me to stand upright albeit leaning forward. My manhood and rear was exposed for all to see in this room. I was ambushed, and the other men just watched it all happen. No these men were not just watching they were enjoying it like it was all just part of a show. Max then began to work on me like I was never a thought! It felt like I was a piece of meat to this man as he ran his hand between my legs and then grabbed hold of my balls. Never before had I been touched by another man in this place unless by a doctor or perhaps my father when I was a babe.

This did not feel natural and tears began to stream down my face, across my cheeks dropping on the floor. Max actually began to smile, what a sick and twisted man this must be to seek gratification from another man’s pain, torment and embarrassment. Max again moved his hand between my legs but this time I felt a silky liquid smeared over my anus and then he inserted a finger in it. I cried out in despair begging him to stop. I was a man, a man is not supposed to have another man put things in his ass. My cries brought laughter from Max and his companions. Oh to what depths was this depravity going to reach and as I was about to cry out to God to help me Max’s muscular companion placed a ball gag in my mouth securely tightening it. My muffled screams for help could be heard by no-one except those in this room. What was to become of me in this most bizarre sexual experience.

More men now came over and worked on me like I never thought possible! They were touching me and I closed my eyes. It was embarrassing and I had no control over my body and an erection started to form.  This could not be right, how could I get an erection from other men touching me – was I turning gay – never before had I been touched by a man and now with tears streaming down my cheeks was being touched by many and not able to control my body. Someone placed a cock ring on me to keep my erect as possible. One man I now remember took of his pants and pushed my head further down.  As my arms had been cuffed and chained I was helpless and could not resist.  He walked behind me and rubbed my buttocks whilst other men touched my chest and penis.  I then felt him move his hard erect penis between my butt cheeks.  Why Oh lord was this happening to me?

I had no choice for the following hours, that was the only thing that I would see men do to me and to each other in that club! Touching each other and tormenting me.  But it was only me who was worked on by many men – maybe I was like fresh meat to them like the lions seeing a wounded and injured animal.  They had come to dominate me and subject me to physical torture.

As the hours carried on I realised this must be a common occurrence at this establishment and wondered to myself how it could be allowed to carry on.  Surely the Police or others must have had complaints – others like myself must have come here after being deceived and brutalized. This bizarre sexual experience has since then left me with much agony more than you can ever envision. They did this to me in turns to their satisfaction and it was so painful worse than ever in my life. After they were done with me, and the bondage handcuffs and chains removed I was unable to even sit on a chair but was ordered to do so. The man who was taking the lead in this, the one I thought would be my new love Maxine ordered me to have another drink and when I declined to take it, he slapped me twice on either side of the face.  My cheeks reddened and the pain reverberated in my skull.  He then proceed to give his business card, told me to leave and to email him when I returned home. I put my clothes back on and ran to my car that was now unblocked with the keys in the ignition.

It was difficult for me to sit and drive myself due to the pain I was feeling. However I knew if I were to return into the Club there may be further perils awaiting so slowly I drove home.  It was 3am when I returned and as requested emailed who I now knew to be Max but believed to be Maxine.  I then google searched this man and to my horror found out that he was an underworld figure who was suspected of committing many crimes including murder.  He wanted me to know this so who could I tell?  I am scared for my life if I tell the Police. What am I to do?  Who can I turn to?

It was sad sharing this bizarre sexual experience with you and do not know if I am a full man anymore. Nevertheless, I feel relieved that perhaps the writing of this may warn others of the perils that may await when organizing a blind date online.