My Loving Uncle at Mardi Gras

When I was a 17 year old boy I used to attend the Sydney Mardis Gras LGBTQIA+ pride parade every year and would stay at the house of my 32 year old loving uncle.

I had learned a lot about self-acceptance from attending the Mardis Gras.  And I was not afraid to admit to anyone about who I really was. My uncle was not married so it was just me and him in the house. He used to leave me all by myself in the house while he went to work.

One day as I was going through his adult movie collections and I came across a collection of gay XXX videos with “Sydney Mardis Gras” labeled on them stuck  in-between some magazines.

It was almost the time my uncle would get home.  So I decided to hide them and watch them later after he retired to bed.

My Loving Uncle

After about 30 minutes he walked through the door and sat down next to me on the couch.  He told me to go get him some coffee which I did in a hurry because I always knew he would take a nap after his coffee.

As I was coming back from the kitchen, I noticed my uncle was looking at me in a weird way.  But I brushed off the thought.

I gave him the coffee but instead of taking it, he told me to place it on the table, which I did.

loving uncle
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He continued looking at me for some time before he cleared his throat and said “Harry, you took something that belongs to me, please give it back”.

At the back of my mind I knew exactly what he was talking about.  But I chose to pretend not to know a thing.  I told him I only used some of his whiskey and that was all.

He continued staring at me but this time, he was slowly sipping his coffee.

This time not looking at me but at his fingernails “Harry, did you take porn DVDs from in-between the magazines on the top shelf?”.  This time I did not see any use in denying it and I accepted.

To my surprise, my uncle was not angry at all.  In fact, he was smiling.

He asked me to go get them, and I did.  I blushed as I handed them to him and stood glued to the spot waiting on his next move which was probably a scolding.

That did not happen, instead he told me to play one of them.

At this point I was hesitant but I decided that I deserved the punishment.  He then asked me to join him on the couch so that we could watch them together.

At first, all we did was watch the adult movie.

But after sometime, my uncle started to say how the movie was making him horny.  He then turned to me and asked me if I wanted to feel it.  I didn’t know exactly what he meant by this so I just smiled and continued watching the movie.

My uncle’s eyes were on me but I chose to ignore the feeling.

my loving uncle watching porn
Photo: Men watching an adult movie

By this time, I already had a hard on myself

But all I could do was shake my leg and hope it would go away soon.  My uncle noticed the big bulge in my trousers and whispered in my ear “You feel it too? Do you like it? Come on don’t be shy, it is very normal”.

Then he did something that I did not expect.  He started rubbing the top bulging part of my trouser.  Taking my hand and placed it on his erect dick inside his trouser.

This was all too much for me, it was so arousing at the same time.

He inserted his hand inside my jeans and started stroking my cock.  It felt so good and so wrong at the same time.  I couldn’t hide it anymore and I started stroking his cock too.  Yes, I wanted this as much as he did.

Suddenly, he stood up and pulled down his trousers.

What I saw what was inside it almost made me almost pass out.

His erect cock was the biggest penis I had ever seen in my life.  It stood at a magnificent 8 inches.  He saw the shock on my face and told me that even mine would grow one day.

This I doubted.  He asked me to pull down my jeans which I did but by this time, the blushing has subsided.

We then sat down on the couch again but this time, our knees were touching skin to skin. My cock was just about 6 inches long, which was a considerably big size for a young man my age.

We continued to watch the movie while jerking off each other.

At some point, I almost nutted but my uncle noticed this in time and stopped stroking my cock. He instead concentrated on his own while throwing back his head in pleasure.

I was so into this and I didn’t want it to end.  So this time, I was the one who made the next move by placing his hand on my cock.

This time I wanted to cum and this time, I would not shy away.  It’s like my hot uncle read my mind because he changed his position and knelt down before me.

He placed his mouth on my dick and started sucking my cock.

It was the most ecstatic feeling I had ever experienced.  In no time, I shot my load into his mouth.  He licked his lips and swallowed my load.  To my surprise, this made me horny again.

He then whispered “your turn” and sat back up on the couch.  It’s like I was waiting for the green light because in no time, I was down on him sucking his oversize cock and licking his balls.

To my amazement, my uncle took a lot of time before cumming which made me desire him even more.

“Yes, fuck me! Yeessss! Fuck!” moaned my hot uncle, “You are a natural cock sucker, you are my own cock sucker now, you understand?  Fuck, take it, take all of it!” he continued while rubbing my head.

I sucked to the best of my ability and I could tell that my uncle was really enjoying this from the way he was moving his hips.  All of a sudden, he took my head in both of his hands.

He start moving my head up and down at a very high speed. I almost gagged but he didn’t stop.

He continued thrusting more and went deeper down my throat.

I didn’t know how much more I could take but in no time, I felt a warm fluid flow down my throat.  My uncle gave a soft groan and I knew it was over.  We stayed in this position for some time then my uncle asked me to lick his balls clean.

I licked all the spit and cum that had overflowed from my mouth. “Good, that will do for now.” said my uncle as he stood up and left for the kitchen.

To be honest, I was somehow frustrated as I didn’t want it to end there.  But I knew there would be a next time so I decided to be patient.

After that, our relationship grew even more intense.

Each evening after work, my uncle would come home and suck my cock.  I would do the same.  Sometimes he would make me lay on the couch and pump his cock down my throat.

I found this so hot and I would jerk off while sucking his cock.  He would then let me do the same.  And I would fuck his throat and spray my load all over his mouth and lips.

He seemed to enjoy this just as much as I did.

Slowly but surely, I was falling for my hot uncle.

I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t help it. We would also go to the movie theatres and sit in the very back seats.

We would kiss, jerk each other off and give each other blow jobs.

Unfortunately, the holidays were coming to an end and it was time for me to go back to college.  I have never felt so bad as I did when the day finally came and my dad came to collect me.

My uncle didn’t want me to leave either because that day he stayed home instead of going to work.

I almost cried.

But since my dad was present, I just gave my uncle a quick hug while my dad wasn’t looking and walked away very fast into my dad’s car.

I didn’t want to look back at my uncle as this would surely make me cry.  Don’t know why I had become so emotional.

Just as the holidays had ended, the school days passed just as fast.  I was so happy that I didn’t spend the last day of Mardi Gras at home.

Went straight to Sydney.

I didn’t even wait for my dad to drop me there, I went by bus.  Saying that my uncle was pleased to see me is an understatement.  He was overjoyed.  We hugged for a long time then kissed passionately.

I told him I had to take a bath and he smiled and followed me to the bath.  We continued kissing and caressing in the bath tub.

My uncle had an unexplained effect on me.

I couldn’t think when he was around and I couldn’t feel.  All that mattered was his kiss and touch.  We had a chat and I told him all about my college life.  He was keen and attentive.  Told me about his work and that he had been promoted.

I was honestly happy for him. My birthday was coming up in a few days and my uncle said that he had a surprise for me.  I just knew that I would love the surprise, no matter what it was.

My birthday finally arrived and that day my uncle didn’t go to work.  Instead, he stayed at home and cooked some of my favorite dishes.

Finally, evening came and my uncle said it was time for my surprise.

He told me to go wait in the bedroom, which I did in a hurry because I honestly was looking forward to the surprise.

He followed me upstairs and didn’t waste any time.  In a short time, he was completely naked.  He unbuttoned my shirt and my jeans while kissing and licking my ears.  I loved it when he did that.

After I was completely naked, he pushed me down the bed and knelt with his legs astride my body.

His dick was so hard as usual and I couldn’t resist stroking it.

It was so hot and hard, soon my own cock was hard as a rock. He said “Today I want to show you how much I love you, Harry.  I will show you another way I want us to love each other.”

He beckoned me to turn around and lay on my belly.  I trusted him with my whole life so this was no trouble at all.  He stated kissing my neck and my back. I could feel his warm breath on my skin.

I wanted this so much.

Using his legs, he slowly spread my legs apart and started touching my asshole. This was a new level of sweetness that I had not experienced before and I loved it.

My uncle stopped touching my asshole and instead placed his mouth on it.

He kissed it for a while then started inserting his tongue inside. It felt so warm and nice, I didn’t want it to end.  After sometime, I felt the head of his large cock press against my anus.

He said “Relax and enjoy it, I will be gentle on you”.  I did that and sure enough, he slowly and gently slid his cock deep inside my ass.

It was a little uncomfortable at first but my muscles soon grew accustomed to the feeling.

He then started pumping gently up and down and soon I too picked up the rhythm.  I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but moan softly.

My uncle heard my moans and increased the rhythm.

It was not long before I felt him shoot his load deep in my ass and it felt so good.  He then asked me to do the same to him but to my surprise, his asshole was already gaping open, ready to receive my cock.

We made love the whole night and the days that followed.

Today, we are both members of Sydney Mardis Gras LGBTQIA+ pride parade.  It is the best decision I have made in my entire life because I got the chance to be a part of a larger group of people who accept all sexualities.

I feel like I belong somewhere.


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